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orld ias been compared ton stage, and
inly have to dress for the parts we niay
An actor whoa I not properly attired flr
cananot expect to win popular approval.
retty sure to ind out that h a in makaln a
manmuerade of the pertfrmamce.an l lane
. iimsel to blame If tia' anrtamn is
dtly rant down upon i n. It in veur
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consiatent with tire talt you ,la' in it
pertnrmanae ia ilikaly t lhm a aailhlre.
aryour part may la. w-' can suitabily at.
afor I. and you will be in no d.a.gar . f
thecurtain rang uown lumyn yon whpe
wearing one of mour elgalnt uml..k or
n ('utway ult.mtea Spring (ivmreml nalnd
o oar aelylsh llahoa, etc., etc.
in in Spring Clothing are naw ar.
daily and wil[l oom INeuAlu fmr irmAlK.m
We know we arm n-mt examacaratilm imllen
that aur atmck of (mlothiing. Finm Furnilh.
a. latest nvmelliea in Hlat and (I el.
and Slhoes and Tnrnk Hand Valise.a will
larges il Northern Montana, an well m.a
Wat in pinse.
Il soon upen the spring stylas in Derby.,
and Soft Hast. Of coarse every one
tlattbe Knox Hat isthe finest in the
rthing & Shoe House.
~ok This Up.
Week Onlg
twvothousand feet from
# he lands of the Great
Falls & Canada Rail
road; at a price that
Snsures the Investor
J0 to 100 per cent in
he next 90 days.
Tibbettls, Churchill
I &Co.
b 8 Central Avenue.
The Most Memorable Canvass in
the History of the Do
The Conservatives Seem to Have the
Best of It as Far as Heard
The Policy of Sir John A. Macr
donald s ustained in All
(OTT.1 wA, (Ot., March 5--The mobt
memorable canovas in the history of the
dolnltinio has ibteie bIroutght to a close,
the last speech made, and today the Issle
was decided at the polls. Party organs
tired their last guns this morning and
plied the party whip with vigor. At Ip
tn. the vote stands: Ontari., 210 conserva
trves, 24 lilerals; Quebec, 8 conervatives,
II liberals; New Brunswick, 7 couservw
tives; Nova Scotia, 8 conservatives, 5 lib
erals; British Columbtia, 2 conservatives:
latlitotta, 1 conservaltiv.; Northwest ter
ritory, 4 conservatives. T ,tal 50 conserv
atives, 40 liberals. Ctonservative majotrity
so far, 10. luigh Macdontali (itiuserva
tivet, son of Sir John Macdon.ndhi, elected
ill Winnipeg; Jamunes Trw, it proninentlll
liberaI, elected in South Perth; Matken
zie Rowell, minister of customs, elec.eid
for North Hlastings by 200 Inajirity: Sir
Adolph Caron, minister of militia, electetd
for tIimouski; John Ellis (liberal), editor
of St. Johns (Globe, who was
running for St. John cily.
is defeated by 400 majority. William
Paterson, a prominent liberal, is elected
in Louth Brant by a large mnjority. llon.
J. A. ('hapleau, secretary of state, is
elected for Terrebonne, Que., bIy a large
majority. J. C. Patterson, conservative
organizer for Ontario dluring the last cam
paign, whd was running for North
Essex, has been defeated. John ,llag
izert, postmaster general, Is elected for
Bouth Lanark by 500 majority. The con
servatlves have a large majority it the
city of Hwalifa and will undoubtedly
carry the county. The city of Ottawa
has elected two conservatives. Toronto
has elected three conservatives. Sir
*Joiln Macdonald has been elected for
Kingston by about 250 majority. lilard
county has returned a reformer. London
has elected Hyman, liberal, over John
Carling. Hlyman's majority is not
yet known. Hamilton has returned
two conservatives, giving each
about 300 majority. Sir Hector
Fangerin, minester of public works, has
been elected for Richelieu. lion J. A.
Quintet, ex-speaker of the house of com
muons is elected. Hon. David Mills, min
ister of Interior in the Mackenzie govern
ment is elected for Bothwell, by 2 major
ity. OGorge Landerkin, leading liberal,
is elected for South Creg, P. B. Casgrain,
leading liberal, is defeated in Lislaw
province of Quebec. J. B. Edgar, prom
inent liberal, is elected by over 500 ma
j.,rlty for Western Ontario. lion. Alex
ander Mackinzle, ex-premier is elected in
East York. Hon. Peter Mitchell one of
the leaders of the opposition, defeated in
Northumberland, lion. C. II. Tupper,
minilster of mnarine and fiuances, ias beten
elected for Picton. Hln. Sir .John T'hoallp
son. Ininilter of justice, has lbetit rieected
for At tigonish. Sir l)Donald Smith (cons)
has Iteen elected for Montreal centre,
Dalton Mac(!arty, leading conservative
is elected in North Siulcoe, Sir Richard
C(lrtwriht, a prominent liberal, is elected
in Soith Oxford by oyer 3110 majority.
\'illitn Mulr.sk, liberal leader, is elected
inl North York by a large mtjority. (. (.
Colby', president of the privy council,
who was running for Stanstead, Qiue., i
beaten. At lr:J30 p. im. the vote for entire
dominion by provinces stands its follows:
atives. iiberal.
Ontario ................... 41 4t
Qellt.-c ..................24 3II
Nova Sco'in................ 14 5
New llrunnwick.............10
Prince Edward Island...... 2 1
alanitobin ......... ..... ...
Northwest Territmivy....... I
British ('olumbia ...........
'fetal.. ....... i ia i
''he muajority for the conservatives is S.
Sithl twenty-Dve consttituenilies to hear
frono. .John CostiBan, minister of inland
revenue, Is elected for Victoria, N. II.,
(;ierge E. Foster, minister of tinance, is
defeat- d in Kings county, New Ilruns
wick. and Mr. )onmvalle, who was minis
ter of inarlt.e in McKenzie's government,
is elected in his place. Ilon. E. I)ewd
nty, minister of the Interior, is elected in
Assinnibuia, N. W. T.
C(ot,,ervatives Victorioua*.
1 ISNii't:t, March 5.-The hottest po
litical buittle ever fought in the north
west ended at 5o'click tonight, For Win
nipeg, Hugh J. Macdonald, son of the
premier, is elected b) 500 majority. This
was a big surprise to the lihberals, who
thought Campbell was sure of election.
In Selkirk, a better fight was fought. At
torney-General Martlu was the liberal
candidate, and l)aly the tory, Daily is
elected as far as heard from. Watson.
liberal, for Marquette, Leads with Ilo0)d,
conservative, close up. lloss, conservative,
elected in Lisgar. In East Assihtba,iie,
lion. Mr. I)ewdny, minister of the interi
or, is elected by four hundred. Dl)avi
and Meed, both conservative candidates
in West Assinabolie, Davis is elected by
100. McDowell, conservative, elected
from nraskatchewan as far as heard. Poe.
ling places in this constitue cy and Al
herta cannot be reached for several days
owing to the large territory. Manitotna
delegation stands: conservatives 8, lib
erals 1.
Toronto Excited.
TOONTwo, 1jIatch 5 --Te interest taken
in the result of elections is probably un
precedented. People beran to crowd
upon the streets about it o'clock, and by
8 o'clock all newsper offices were sur
rounded by great crowds. The Olobe,
Empire, Telegram and News published
cartoons and stereoptic views on canvass
in front of their respective oflices. The
first news that came in was from Halifax
and New Brunswick, shiowing conserv-a
tire victories. These were posted al
most before the crowl had gathered aind
attracted less attention in 'ons,.qutente.
Iteturns bet'an to cmenic n bout half
pIst 6 o'clock. The eany defeats of Slow:at
in West Toronto andi IWheeler in E-t
Toronto had been expected, but Kerr'
run in Cenltrtl Toronto wa-s much less than
had been cuntiently expected. Returns
from Londtlon, ling~ston and Haltllton
were in by (i o'cthwk. Sir .hn,l'is amajority
was londly cheerled and (ut lin its tdefeat
was Ilteally ha ith chteered nitti roatiied.
IReturnsi fruom time country constituenciestli
Ishowing large liibral gains clreted a
ttood dll-lll of etlth tusillin s itioutd the
blehn oflice, but were nmtch '"roamed ai
the Emipire aind Teelegr:iam illeis. A
eveningi wore on, the crtowd tibelanme
greater and the exct-itelnolt molilre ailt
molre intense its thecontrt gave evitence
of being very close.
Latest fromll Torointo.
ToltiiN'ci, .larIh 3. --At nildnight tihe
vote stands as follws: 11it conservalltive,
94 lilertils. tMajtiity ftr cooservtltives,
17. There tire 215 c n.itittiencies in tihe
i)Dminiou whihl return '1"i members to
the hitouse oif commiiioins. f theise, 2113
have lit en heard Iruiti. The genertl coiu.
victin is that the governmenllt hins se
curedl ia fair working mtajority. There
tire 13 ctlhlillet iministers, ten of whomli
have been elected andl tlhree tdefeated.
Conservatives Elected.
ViiroTIII.t, I. C'. 3inrcih 5.-The returns
so far give .Prior and Earn, conservative
candidates, a Ibig mlajrity in all the di
visions, and it is now certain thlit Tell
ileman and Merchant, liberals, will lose.
There was great excitement in the city du
ring the day and tonight the streets are
thronged with anxious people who arte
eagerly scanning the reports the nmoment
they are reported.
CongresIsmen Fl.aihinig ,p. .
WAtbntNoToSN, March 5.- -The members
of the flitty-first congress, who are still in
Washington, are putting in an exceed
ingly quiet day. The greater number are
worn out by the hard work of the past
few days. A large number have left, but
the majority still remain to close the de
partment and other important work.
C(omstock is the only northwertern mem
ber that has yet departed. Congressmen
Hall, Lind and Dunnell will leave Satur
day. Dakota congressmen will spend
sonme little time in the east. Senator
Pierce has decided to remain here ten
days. All the members from the north
west will have closed up their work at
the end of the week, except the new nem
hers, who will remain for several rea-ons.
Castle and Hall, membners from Minne.
cots, remain to take part in the prol,,sr ,,
national conference of the demnocr.,a:
Approximalte Amount of Appropriations.
WAssINw-roN, March 5 ---The follow ilg
as an approximante s.tatement of the Ip
prol'riatlons miade at both seseions of the
fifty first congress, prepared hit the clerk
of the senate connmmittee on alppopria
tions: Amount of reaular bill, iniclud
ing deficitentles antd lLi.ttellaneots ip
propriations, for the Ilrt sessi... :t1i1.
700,000; atllaount of re.guilr rill. itclud.
iug defilviencie- andl kla-thlaaeuol' . appr.,
prlation. for the second alll ccs·io, 4tll,,0al11ll.
tItl0 ; peral'l tenlt alaropriabl'ta os r the
lirst w h--inl ll ullt l l t ,0ll|.t,0tlltl , itd p'er
altent a ppropral tions l for I .12, --I1
I lat ll' at '11":' lt(n ll t ll s''h:. mIak''- '
ranl i total (l llt] .'la),lllllt. ' talllllr .1
liaon ebla t'II' tto 1t I::'o at detailb i ,i""
tive .utliell elt ft 'he.- a nItll r l ,.
'oalpliaiteda ill l few ai1'-.
aaaneraa aa a th, ai-:- s-naa.a 11t atr
\\ 1-ni ,'roa , .$ tir h 1 ,. 'l'h- tl ne, ,Il
,al'ice'ts over the rtmailtll al 4 . 10,'l
llearst, who dija hloast ,a'"lurday i
were hehl tat his lte r'esidence N iN
ilanphlre aVenll at aiauals todv adil
were of a brief and .-implecharaatlur. 'Th.'
tasket will be remlloved froma tie l~ -i i
deucate Saturdlay evenini.g ld will ...i
here onAt a spelic trait , saver tle I'r .-l
vania road at 7:30 ifor San I"'rant'i-t',' :,"
co.mpanled by Mrs. Hearst, ihr linl. an11d
a congreesionail coamtittee.
She Muast Have Her otnre.
(iiTIaaIaIF, O. T., March 5. In the ,-a
test case between thle old county altliial
(relpublicans and newly-eleeted a;fica:l-i
and farmers alliance, Judalge tGren d'
tided the old oflitials Should turn a aer
their offices, booka and papers, to the
new. Miss Cora l)ieht, electedl by the
faralers allianlce to be register of det da
called with her friendlas Illilpo the c'thllh
commissioners and delmandedtl Iher ,Iit a,
together with the records, etc. 'IThe rut
utisasiolers on a technicality refl'ued to r
Ider tile pres-ent register to cotmply . :th
her denlzands. Mli hts I)itfa-t'a friends I.
ama tilla' ltdig;iant and onllae oa f thea alll a lhi
for a rople. All her Irend(s ageeedt lthvr,.
muight ae a hanging if she were kept on,
of oltiae. The c'ma tim-iin,'rs pollm,'.
tao dal whatit waa l' ll dtll and Ih eait a-ealitI
s.ulidted. 'Theire swil betluhle if al
l)iaat is not permaitted to take her ,, 'a'.
Work Was Rushed All Day but Still a
Good Many Bills Failed for
LaIk of Time.
Power Did All tie Could to Defeat It
Polftich.l Iteasons the Cause
of Its Failure.
The lniversity and Agricultural Col
lege Bill Snugly Tabled in
the liousue.
IIfHi,.ENs., M:atch 5.--(Special to Tuit
Tttlinsl-.I- -There was fast ai.d effective
work done today. The Teton counlty bill
was indefinitely positponed in the senate
by a vote f t0 to J. Gibson worked hard
for ,1. Power ia ninist it. Political consid
eratioins dlefe:ated the mellslre.
The Valley imolty bill was swamped
in the house. The estray hill became a
law. The county swalary iassed the sen
ste as it caIll' ft. in the house by a vote of
8 to7. The lar tiakes effect in 1892. The
county auditor, bill tl ,,id. The bill
takes in all countlies with assessable pro
p arty over 8>,000.,(O00.
U'niversi;) iad alticultural college
hills sleep, the sleep, of death on the
title of the hI li-. lThe bill reunlatting
coal nuliting in the sate pa-sed both
hiuse-. Many good bills will fall for
wait of time.
laial Shouotlig Amiry.
Auii,.IANI. W~I., lMarch 5.--A fatal
shooting affray occulrredl here today, the
victim being Gavin M. Steele, a Idruggist.
W. G. Frennch is the man whocoimmitted
the crime. Steele is a mant about 50 years
of age and is it brother-in-law of the man
who shlit him. The shooting occurred in
Steele's drug store at 12:30. French gave
himself up immediately and was taken to
the county jail. lie was much excited
when asked to tell how the shooting oc
curred, but finally calmned down enough
to tell his st,)ry. He said: "Steele catime
between ime anmi my lhome and I shot himn
for it. Ile made a contiglant of my wife
tand iade her believe I was not capable
of takihig care of my affairs. I went home
about lnoon my wife had gone. I went
to the drug store where I found her.
Steele had some money of mine that my
wife had turned over for him to keep. I
demanded this money of Steele. He re
fused and I shot him two or three times."
The ti st shot struck Steele in the left
breast, piercing hisheart, second shot took
effect in the right breast, about four In
ches from the first. The murdered man
walked about 20 feet and dropped to the
floor with a groan, dy.ng instantly. The
murderer's wife was in the store at the
time and witnessed the shooting. French
and Steele are both highly connected
The WIssconain Legislalure.
MADiSoN, Wis., March 5.--l'etitions are
rolling in from every quarter of the
state protesting against a change In the
manller of conlducting the farmers' inlti
tutes. The scheme to consIlidate the
dairy and food commission with farmers'
institutes does not imet with facvor with
tihe farmners, because the duties of these
Illlards are of entirelvy different nature.
The fat me.r..' institute is ia branch of the
university, and its functions are educa
tion:cl, while thoce of thle dairy commis
.ioui are purely administrative
Ilc the senate the tIllowing hiles were
psa-ed: Aienilctne c'htlai.-rs of cities of
Ashlllcan, Cudomberltd tlland ('illllluitt-;
lorovclting that no txelntilonl cof juldgmentilc
-hll itcce before t fxationsif costs there
ii. in thIe citnl ly I letesolution W1as in
tIrodl 'iuced prI)l'VIhne for a l o 'lltitllollil:l
elii' Iltlc forblc licnc th. illtroullctinlu i
:, I bill c durini the . .- -i n 1 lg I i-1
tirI1 Iut requiring tlhil ln i it I to (c' ill tlh,
1,', l- ,I the er'l1'cictli'i of stat- by I -1)
e .l er 15, prior to the cil vll in. I c I ,I rtIe
.Meet fI.r the IiiU l-i-t-.
II It-,. , i. 1), 3 arch l: A rllit , II I nI t
i r[' 1h-k II c11I'-hle to furlil i-Ih :ltil- 1I
iti- c'urity wilt seed s-ullici'en to I11tl ill
Irop, -ir tilhe Jr,. ct .-c ."T . "hi estli
iil;te ll.de d the icouny 'iii i llltii rs'
i for 5,000 bu-hels of w heat, 74I bushtlel,
of Mnilhet, (1UO bu.chilc of barlet, :2,U00
ioublc of outs, and 10l0 bushel.. of corn.
I lie o.t Iof providing the above w ill fall
a little below $t9,bt00. 'rhi. is small (c'ni
lpgtred with what was furllishell la-t year.
;id ,tl- the salnillt that miislit be pro.
vided tio furiters in other coun'ties.
ilm Authority Ignored.
ALc.iA , IMacrch 5. llequcsitions wac
pre-entred to (int. 11111 today signed by
Morgan I.. 13,lkely, governor, hr' the re
tulrn of John T. ('ulhtcrl, accused of horse
theft commnitted at Ianbury, Conn., and
now iceld in joit at 't(rtel, N. Y. Gov.
Hill again rc.tuced to honor Ibulkely's
-igcincllllte :cs .,cvcri lioron the groullnd t!hat
ililkely was l.not the Itproper executive Iu
thliity to is-tu, the writ.
I tl n i ui llerl' r.
Sic'ci.lllo, itnR th 5.--Fire thi.: noc
tot ill) destioiy-d a houise of ill-famce i,'
\\ inter stretc. 'Tw o of the inicatics ec
,ie ll unhurt, i llt lf ir were sericllcc Vi Iv
in , ll, o e i'-ltctid fatilily. All li ,e
, ei reoi ed to St.l l I'rancis hio.lital. Ti:,
t Iil- of It , lit',' it Is mystery. The, l -
t -ti 'lted It St,1O10.
A Modern,
A place where you can find a Stock of
Gooitl that in Second to very few in the
state: a place where you can find every
thling new, novel and most desirlable in
the I)ry go(;o and HosIlle Ful'nitshing
line. anld at prices that aciknowli tlgs
no compeil'titionl. Ve nwii have one of
the h'largest Iand most compllelte iiyv
GiotnIt establishlltents in the State'. andii
we n ill save 'llyou monel y on ill kindst of
Dry (oodal, Carpets land iouse FiL'
iliashings of lsaitle qillity lsuch' as we
otler. Invesltigate with illutlligtence'
or ask th le who have alr'eatldy doiteit
so. We don't expect every eiller tol
bluy. Coe('tl right in anti look Ialtul
you at the maniiny lltbargain.wlle ril'e if
Joe Conrad.
Silk . Soft . and . Derby. Hats
Although the thermom-ter registers 840 below ,,ro, and we may ap
pear to be rushing the s"nason, we nevertheless desire to call the at
t-ntion of the public to the fact that Mr. Nv.TIutN's purchases of
Spring Goods in the east are now rapidly arriving, and we will take
great pleasure in showing them tih very latest thing in Spring t, ods.
We particularly call your attention to our new and ELEGANT ASSORT
MENT OF PIRING OVEIIRCATS, all of which are the newest and latest
designs in the market, and can he excelled by none and equalled by
but few clothiers in Mo-ntan. They include the finest of Meltons and
English Kerseys, also Worsted and I)iagonals of exquisite designs
that will please the most fastidious and satisfy the niost stylish.
Soliciting an early call from all whio wish to splnd a pleasant hour
with us, we remain respectfully,
The One-Price Clothier.
222 Central Avenue, Great Falls, Mont
Great "all, 21Jortt
Henry & Hanson,
Office in Crutcher Building.
Oentral Avenue, - - Great Falls, Mont.
No Eastern
Or Western
Of three times the sir.a of (reat
Falls can boast of a Dry Goods
store equal to the establishment of
Joe Conrad
And everyblnly knows that a IbiA Dry
Golods establlishmrenlt like his keeips
everything in the Dry (Hnols lia e for
Ile. anld e'verl botldy knows that where
s.nch an enormou'llls stok is carri'ed, ai.
ithe do.s, hle cn anlld (dW nmllke lohtwer
prices thl (a11 Ilm folluld ant , where
rlae. HPe have ,just opened our fllst
thipmi-int of New Spring S cotch Zep
hyr G(;ighalas, which are ienutiful in
designs andull csolorilt.g. See dispilay in
SJoew wiCodras.
Joe Conrad.

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