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The weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1891-1894, April 04, 1891, Image 1

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Complete in All Shapes and
Qualities. . We Have Them in All Grades.
mn B. Stetson's Celebrated Soft Hats
in All His Different Styles and Colors.
/e are Sole Agents in Great We Think We Have Alto
or the Celebrated Knox Silk
rby Hats. gether the largest and Prettiest
/e Have His Full Spring Stock of Hats and Caps Ever
ow in Stock, both in Derbys
Lshionable Silks. x X. Shown in Great Falls.
Prices! Picces ! Prices ! Prices~
len it comes to prices--well, we will only say here that there is no house in the city
first-class goods are sold which has ever undersold The Boston What we sell you
_rantee to be as represented and to be as cheap, if not cheaper, than anyone can sell
e same goods for, no matter where you buy.
a't forget the place, next door to the First National Bank on Central avenue.
The Boston Clothing and Shoe House.
First - Class
.usiness -
1W Avenue South.
betts, lirllrlill
>$ Central Avenue.
It hurst with Suddenm Fury at the
.Morewoodl Plant, which Was Ile
rended biy Sixty-Five ( urdols.
S\t en of the Strikers WVere Killed Out
right and Forty hMore
It is Feared the End Is Not Vet, as
the Coke Region iN Wild with
il 'i o r P i 1' .t .nl '. P t.. April 2. tu) i
lolls signll IfI th'i gath,'eringII of a storm in
thi ('oke r,,gions have been ,hbatrv'ed by
experienied astrlkers htere ftor soil- tilt'.
and at . 'tIcl.,k this mlotrning they fo
•used and bhoSt with sudden fury at the
Nitnr-woodi lh t. whitch has proved stqill
a houn of e-otsnttion between the strik
ers a.ni their euiployvrs. The light was
brif ;land d;lly. Two rlunntld ,rf cr'
tridgi s ittri tired I the iand of sixty
tii' .unantds lI toItn oftit th ' chitrging
111 of alrik.rs fll diai. whil alit least
forty oters ,,ri wounml, ed, hi, badly
al noI t be d, linihtly sated, ais th isty here
taken aiiay bi theni companions. Thut
strikjrs kill-d instantly bl O thu- tir i .'u :
reai z it lieri. Italian. of Iarrs. shot
throulgh the breast: John Indora ,of
the Statndard wrk.s..singl,,.s.oht thr ough
the braini; Ant.onii I.hat. PIig1. sisit ingle, of
the Standard works..shot through the
It-nid: Justtb SihuakllHsk,.l. Plo. f 'l'irr's
chat through thli brain. marri.,,], wift' in
Poland: Jameis 1'ri.hte-. Pole. singlh.
of 'T'arr's. Shot through the' he.a1; Val
,ntin' llac ,f I)o nelly, ingl,. shut
througih tlhe jugular vtein: Paul I)lihan
nis of th,. standard w,.orks..hot in the
1tead, sihgle.
lThe attack oil the .M1orewood 1111pa1 ttwas
w ell p lan l ,ed, a nd co n' i, ed a ni ll h ea d ed
,y metn dut- rminted evidently to intiini
la-te the men workitng there once for till,
At 12-,'els'k. small I boldies of strikers
-gal to gathet r il Ithe- hills. .s usutal
during the raid. the. were inltiiwd with
revolver ,r .. itns. iron ba'rs and every
t .ll llltohel t'l,' th ni l 'hlr iiat ii st to( thIii
Standaild woiiriis wt hr they i deliberate. v
dhshtroyed ILoth t,,11 phon and tl 1./raph
wires, .o that wrrdl iof lhei tirn inl. ioul
notl rle. 'snlir ito lII'rew l. While alt aldh
trAyId al thingl m.ov ale tlly mIilht
tinl, tll' str ikers it 'rat(e all thil( noise
it possible frm thei surr ounln ing hills. in
tending to lpprise those of their fellow
striketh ,ris t viinity t ir if ntiention.
toi raidi. Their march to* the Standai rd
Sworks harll lten butw a t hter skelter
affair, ueach lua of tnhe Iiv hunidred in
line nwrely naking all the noisi ii..ossihl
in ordlerl to inicreas theair ntunihter for it
limore dleserat rleaid on IMorei i(, wheire
it was known t'" guards had been placed
with o(rdersl' to tire iii if necessarv.
Soin( timn atiili.er2 o'clock this morning
the guards at Mourew;i hlu teard from
the .Standardi thiat a raid was iii minient.
No'w tihe i'rightenuld u nli left iut Stiiand
lurd had pilul.hIked uip lourg Ie eough to
repaiir thIit ires and the. wrning reached
llithe Mor-w( plani t none to si1(1. .ls
ithe noisy a oif strikelrs, IInow number.
iig full f 1,2i iillme .approahedi tt ' plant,
theuir oultj . eri e( sir .s their drutlli IClls
iwere siler'ced and an ugllu'y crowd gatlihi
ired in a tunch ion the Iack hills ovtr
l.iokinlg the plant1 for a 'lillon nt's parley
before atla'kiuilng the plant they kn to
Ie well guardl lb1y lletermtinelld 1nin.
There was ;I hesitancy. but th i fact that
they wl'Ir twenty to env, o 'lnourlage1 the
strikers x111d they quiitly s4,l.epratel lane
large detachumnt ahiii aitn, on the works
tilui'iji'il lli ll illll II' V li ll i' .ll i ilth lh)lA'.
by tlhe nmi1 oad, whill, the .thlers sat
t'reldt 101. the brow o" th0 . hill and,1
shortly; ftert :ll,'i.l k. t a a ,11. 11. -ig),al.
all ,1 . lt)1 . down on thi' works.
The night was of itky blalkl,.ess. i Iut
th a. g t'a s %%,"r, appried of the 1,)10'
unwnt- of the altaeking party by the con
fused IiUtterings in a fG l inn t '.s i, Aor
stulued orders ,ii ri the (. 'iitiers I. htlir
lorders of 'ithutain L arti the Avirl tihll
\.u0ks. their \\'1)11.inh.r,,- pl)ene ally "-at
rest " Suit hut a fuhri''k wIs AA1ii1i b10
fhie ahdi:nn<' .4 111 toward 1111' I'h 111,$ 11fi
was igu' n. i Iri e ti1n ti i titelh tiou t r it re.
.,ived. was . ihl li'ing )f thre shoIs 11y
hnwmlik r1 of t he' mjilt . wA hii'i h 1 1 hist l', a
1111 ll llolll. 1.1. ) I,) |h1 head ,f thi' filu l s it
sill' gualds, e,;d one o wh11 o11m %a well
drilled andI w1.s simp) l th, 1' 1 to) oby or
After the' shlts tiju11 litri I1i tihe
strikers r l' , ift", urn ll'istjl iii 1 tn rII t otush
toward the sbluh'l ,f 1 h11 il I )ompany.
\W ithout lirinl. a shot thl le lrulnns were
olrderd to foll,,w ;111.1 the olrlnmuld again
gi ,en to the strikrs h) h14ll. Th,,e u1nl
trl' :, t d further 11111111 th' malt s'. l
Again was the l omhuulildge i\llan again
aiIIe till. l )ockinl ' alln0 ll' and tlhel ondlr
to fire(, was giv''n by t'aptain JWar. 'Tihe
volleys from the tl, \\inehes.' r wwell
direted nand bu] t a few roultnds were nee
resury to drill, the frighteneld riolalrs
hback into thlh hills whnre hundreds of
their fellow strikers hal gathered in an
tiipatiotn of assisting in the raid. but
'T'h, liring ,n t,, h sidtls ','llhi.,
hardly th-e, miuhlte.. Thu irhs frit
th,. iuar'lt s had i lrrihhir ettet urn the
u',otulmr't ma1( tf itt tikllers. whih le ht lnt
ter tlludt an attelllllllt to 'retlurn thit' tire
with what few weasaur. they yiass.e,.
hut witlhurt ,ff·ct. 't'he deadt were left
Inug in t h( rund, while the wounded. es
ti,,mted itt hetwe.n fornt tout lrte. were
eithlr tnsistehd or Iodlil' e.irried iawa ill
to th hillI hIy their fell· wi. .\ ll day the
rrntire co.ke rigions tlits preseilted Me .;(IIes
of the wihldet Ix 'it .runit. trhe frureign
,eheme.t e,.).cially has t.'en drive.n
frantic hy this wefiful result to their ian
ti'ipat'dtvit trtioue ruid i n th rin' l'i.k
atirks at Morewo.od. .\ liwlia tlurllllnt,
sullen, and rnaule tl- dllter-att, r,,asures,
they arec not (,til whlit erwed hv the
diath irf se.tral ot their' nutmber. While
th ,y have l il hiseduluir ulru roilrleetlet, in ttheir
io.ietlli three if their nlla\ r ltiil-I. hw were
wu undid ,t tree ar- ntlttl, nito rido tt who
urt woundetl tinti tenth.
Antutheir it loud aiid jleep tht e bettt
Ilrd owiln utevre side altl day. his
.tCi~lll l11llli Ihruir (ltllnl| hlll~~ \iiivt· (iPill
ClUl ll-( I rlll i 1verv tlncidl, a lll (i). \'qll ll ii.
Itiin (e(ntI Ihe" eICret tll'ntIttI aill ller. thilt
regiotitIi that t tl eir t(.ailrudi.eWrs wIre tired
in. aid naiiewet (hialit ty the gtuatirti witit
ttout hril't.: tithn (talnI I· a lattly vlinue~nlnltC
In luhl nlld Illrerr t ienthl-er of till hilld
rl riZ nliti l . hiia ti r sII re tii' ti. 'lTlhis aitll
Ilrnllsil frrr hli llt r)lflrei.l lln.llettll.l
It will Ie. nothied that all the Iimn
killtd lheittr eigi ut(.lliiil.. unl ll it i fat
thilt ilint il ti tll hit l iltal IIr nai tuirtl- lizetI
titiiiti n if this ri, ltllinl~. t I s ilt itl sou
/itIrLed ulliln it ti" he i rIlli ll liill t w re ni, l
reign. it I this .'xljliirIt the hetie re
silltlenti l ntIx ' Ieix r ,tt- ii i it ue f lltrign frliu
in thIt rgl,,liinils ttnigit. ,lelrv ittd Iti n t
gitilitil, \rir', til rrrurt ftrilr, , teli deplui
ties SaitYi itid l.i rlnr wiitii s.ultru itt tIre
trciik. tut ill nI.o t artriiilu. if htillits in th
friu. indiiauir h thr I th r rird tighti.g
tllth i nhitt tiilijrtit tirry lrrpuorer .n'r
T'hirutanri , of in sr-itt-ieik r ;ilI twilr fritituts
rriri' Iii r i t, Irhir l trli iir l t i o I' irtit,
Il rtrio. Itethan utrr lok 'irri Ih uir.l itt
sre. Ar. hun t rlur., t ell trigi t ilil itlll
tir lt' rill tre igrile ure..li u..hrw
rnt lrttuerid Inn it getri Itrfrrr if ihtli
ltiii . . \ttiiitt -Iiiit~l t frr ' rll relilit t iitt Ii.
il elilh lnlili oret iir. rt-itii rr h
t wo liiin eiritre lirier. irrthU Ihtlrr'
itrrg.u-rld ti IIrt' irlfrliow ri les.Thi
li iii i Ioul i ti rt i leii lir ii. liri it 5
know rirtiiI clral - letso Iii tgl,.h -lirukrrg
l, h \ ,r.I ;ili 7liiil fi.' .ii " \ li
Itt ru-i m I lr i n , ht l'.i, il .i . th 'li. r ,; e l ilt.
Ieat l ui irhiir in l ill \ hiat i r' ikni Ioln
hi rl i rr oili ti l irug oI t Ili iic ils
ti'ril i rIr ih\ ittlh' do lit ril, Thi ,ir
lith ,r ull r, . l lioir li re , irii lt ir tirlit i.
Tire gutarrl itl , ir. ler s iiir to',ire t.i kill tin
r'' ii i'rit l l lii sir. lh' tirrl . .uit toitig tti
trurri ull ((ir hth rigitri inruiutte a it-r
fi h lutnsreurr. rIt ier'itru u.lhitir. u .f
-lil ii'l rlli tit e lt i ii e lt lit t ffiit
t~lll iii'l'' i. l .: d, lh .h i lh ,!l ;lt
6,000 Foot is the Size of DRY GOODS,
Rooms Used by us .
for Display of our
Elegant NOTIONS,
Dr. Warner's Corsets ;ire .lli all ouer L-:I IIl'i,; ,,- well ai
thie AM .1 :E I (A',' and their trade i ¢rrowing ni rtniwsly, a govi sign of 1 i:lll '.
You.i at '.'t any .Ihai in WARlN EFiS (')I:IISETh that i : ml!t by iany other firm
and at n all-:l the i * . We are S 1.1: AI;I:NTS fir (,rt I' all fr'thpe.. C, -tet4.
We buy 11I l:t' I' from thi,- malnufa'tur'elrs and a'lare m dl d lemnehlh' profit It ,nit
rea.on w1' I Vi Cl' i uit 'uy. a,- :1 o i -iv.' that nlh h.
Shoes and Gloves ,r , ..: i t'.1: . n, l 'I ,, ti.. ti* i sl,,
nJl imrt to it ll , rhe-- ., 1 , . 1. b 'T ,i.ti, . . ,Th" , ,, i hs 1, 'la e in t !. v , w1hY re von,
all I. ,,ttr ~itui , ",mi, :it ,n M am moth SCIllE. 'Ih'i,, lihtu, , -he, I- rrel1
byl' IIa- ar, ,tl rot lll lth .\ IT ANTI'I .. tolbh . I'A 1l('lI ' 'h iir ,tIi I.E :itn:
'I':A IIN1; 1 i'lA L II-T . \\ a ra. c.rl' , ild,"t ,f bh in,, .,hle.to lit any t,, . 41.
ivw- .ae the, Genuine Foster Goods. t.he miat p',.lalt 1mve- in ti~ tiiiarkt
t nll:,J. A iall-dptio. I. "hr t i y "i:;y, 'o .
Joe Conrad.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
The One Price Clothier,
Our Special Monday Sales :,, I,' n ~ rcat .c; I..
nldl we tin It 11;th a i rintcil!, ,t f I tr ;I l., , ,n , `nudli 1'r, it- i
gun in;.: aL s t , ati,, , ., , \t I , ,I,..'. Ib cauts,, \1 < , t1 , out till pr n 'l.
ni t ionly I i" -,.r - I.. ii -, i, i i i ,,or C tili I,iu.i -- \ ',
w\ un!d raLthT - v ii .1 I,,m ird u , ,: .; t .. 1pruit ,.I " t t::; I\\Cnt\ t,,l
It ý + p rl. t iT ,ll,ut r 1,,.,-,- stic , ta, th . - ] ,,,t
We Sell the Coats,
.\- ik fr ntd i]l b ,lbo,\ c t thi. , r. ,1:,,,1 ic,; , , wh\ ,.-nt
should trade with ;i., clpeciahll tl,, ta t hit l c t;arv I 'ite"r m" ade
cl,thcl. :rod ftour turnll .h, ; at I. l er price., tlrhan am\ ",t llt r h,,u-t , I
.Montana. O "ur '.l , ial .l ;day 'ale on th<t tth ,, .\lril w ill
CoII',i t ,
12 1-2 Cents--()ne lot. tull, regular :mae. fancy knlittted -..ls;
worth ,,.c per pair.
1 2 1 -2 Cents--Oine lot, lull. regular mnu!c, plain .olorcdl uck.;
worth 3.5c per pair.
25 Cents--One lot. iull. regular nadil. black,. xxarrant'tdl not to
crock, socks: worth (I; cent, per piair.
25 Cents--tic lot, full, regular made, solidl -olohltd -,ic,-..; w.orth
65c per pair.
N\,. tldon't forget our metholds of doin i buuin'o.. '1 hey are .u.
different fromn thols in vogue elsexhere. \\e tell the truth in luir ad
vcrtise' ents antd iIIn our store, nul Wi guaranltee clciv article to lbe as
,e represeInt it. o .1. not fail to call on the mn ot reliable and best
clothier in the cit,.
J :." .. ..ý ,ý ý,,4 d.. , ý ex.1:.'
U. .-'. r"I.
LV ii
O , a iA
C03 su·:3
Central Avenue, Great Fall., Montana.
1 ,
W ~
o G
ý iy TL~~~
CentralAvenue Great alls, ontana
we are informed that he Caught the Market Just Right antd has bought quite hearvily. He states,
BLACK UIDERWEAR. "You may look for the Nobbiest Line of Fine Clot1 ,i g ever displutyed in Great Falls. .Qs soon, as they BLACK SILK HAIIDKERCHIEFS.
WHITE TREATET.III I arrive we will mark then upon the btasis of ta ery ' smlill 1rglPl in, (i1ldt will take ino (tdractaC(l eo o i WHITE SHIRTS.
IITEr TREATIBIT. bought below refular Market liTlue. WHITE SHIRTS.

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