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I esbaiv Uto thih iryb(,,Nthingtt cold la,~u
f thor from the truth. l$itoi~e tiworidlognti
r ,tot~pover tweiiontwn eactly alike. antd
'r o I io mtu sh i litllrenrt inat. t rtttier.'
UUOO si Tetin'ru ewtl i blolier croinlwtif
ohbio ager. ont III( julsr if poIl I l n'tP. It
hil)lmuau to dino'rr lii whit direcitot Ill,
lest gpgtttr yri f rnote. i- fiowiuthe n rit
UvfIUII tint ir crttin to ttiartet tall ittil.
00 eiii makitng oil, our stritnt Motk Ai
roomalip, ttut )ott will tiltoit that we hle
oma ooetotttnl In tittiri atittu ttr desire if
a will call and 1ok attour t arl iour'an,,
-Oeiboad Satk Suitl,. Our ri oe.',i"w" .
woavtlzint thown it th 'it'.
First - (lass
- locations
-- (JN-
Fhist Avenue South.
Iheap For Cash
tibbetts, Churehill
& Co.
908 Central Avenue.
"I am Sorry that I did not see Your Stock Before!"
We have heard this remark upon several occasions this season by those who have bee n i! l ( to Clothe their Bodies IIs Ihere. \We handle but Three lakes of Men 0 l thisn:. and
they are the productions of the Best Wholesale Tailors in the United States.
They must be the best made, the best cut, the best shape, the best trimmed, the best htting. or we have no use for them. I)o y ou want to be ap'pI priatelys'.sitably, superbly and correctly
dressed? Then make no mistake, but look for
We are Waiting for you. Come! H A R R I S T H E CLOTH I E R.
.1Ih)HI V H 1
Seeretary Ilaline's lieply Rleivees At
tention in the Chaumbier of
I peut lee.
Strife Bletween the Board of IiiIdMan
agers andl41 the Executive Cuomn
fuittei of the World's
'Iihe Secretary of the Butard Thinks
Th r it i omeig l litieal l iri -
I'niliný Rehind thei
Unitul .\lnil Id. 'the reply ..1 1t"."r
tarl Blaine I.t""iv~est attentionl in ths
chaml..lr of ti eiptttics tilttt)'. itivat ins
in ret'.;i too it uern raitevl ht tarioi.
ow-niiirs. P I iier It li ii. il t rtvinU.
cuti that lie Italiti gtrtitttu il had
not %1At 1--l-i da flainin s 11.44. If- %% s
n te p tiirutejt to make af tue lnitt etaie
n., nt to lie e haln11." of t hs timetu and
pteil et. - i r thij jitiie cit fitu ttilth n et
htatiul hot utliilutllit reetitg-I .rtit jntl h tfulls
-:tl sou l m" n 11l"r, l I In.ti, t ". Il
;thi ith1.1 t Ital tuee Ate a
1t 1it 11ti tel t it ur u tr . it e f iitib 1 ix ee
uchl t f i l it reI e eital ttie itre t 11t1i t : t
cit it e1 tr !, t .e hig l; ilf, thI l trie. tlh
u tfut pl rtiei s tutu r tlt "jetil.hjie ti ibt i:.
I;unwhel. th.I,1e fiurthe a dluty ofl nl;;il- esoni-u 114
reel if fultiti ittiiiet tte tit lt . thi
were T1.1ilia ýubjectr'. Itatlt .tu tl no.t ;Id
11uit th:t1 lthe ( n~it1"l Stat""1 1nwo nwntlleu
tl not tttee rernsitility fur tihi critne iurin
fnittei iiti n the jut ri ictiotri. il intititiN
mil states. 'This phase of tht" present
Ititplie. tii n was, ii his opinitntt one
wthicl intclrested nut only" stalls but :1ll
the ý.m. rrninntts of slhe civilized)woM
114 felt untitilent. however, the matter
wouuhib esettled without ereatingp..litical
.lillitultlies bettwe."n Italt and .hne.rica.
But he e..uli nut refrain from exloress
inlg a f, tling tuf t"r i rt it iiw t overlu wnt
of a count1ry su highly eiv~ilizret as the
I nlitedt states should not fulfill duties of
justiee a11.l morality. If, conclusion. Mar
spais Ili IRualiui gurae ."xpressiun I., the
hope that nutwtithstanding the owenr
rinft of wmwn ineidlents which hero
;reatly to he regrottedl in the enmtratrrs%
betweent Italy andn .hne.rica. h the ons
of euan"lliation, honornlhb* to buth coun
tries. %would be founml. Th'14 premti.r's
watt s wtlte Ilhatenal to with rlose atton
tiont. aral thell he resumnet his s."at 11h.
wh hol ."hamber. irtrespecitis of arti-s.
Chc-rid tignrlls 1.
"if 1; 184911 IB Til F: 1 til9 .
Trlir litetwn tc \ eth 4 t IIr ittd of La tlat
uocl. itd fik e Ii iw e tive4 Cs 1n4t(it$e 1
r I 1 44 Helrlt's Ihlll4Fair,
s .tructll April to . T41h14 ttri tohliter. nie
ooiss ih eroe ('tuoins. sj4cr tary of the
lu1u1d ~Ii lily ml11angers of the worih's
fair t r tie t ltll 1cutitve 1 committee of that
b 'dy. ha- taken a newf ph4se. When she
reached her otiive door this mrn4ing she
fount) it litked and the jfnitor of the
buibling informed her he had ltn in
structed not to allow her to enter. t r i 4s
ý'ouxrins thereupon took possession of the
adIjoining r1101n and announced that she
woul4 lai possrehson of it day ant night
until thitrolble iasn4tled. Sheelntinues
to holI the fort.l nd this afternoon sWnt
out for l41ncheon. During the day sit(.
received a telegram from St. Louis say
ing arth ige0i ants were being made for
hofling t maen meeting of radies to pro
test against the course of the executive
eonurnittee, and a deputation of Iadies
waited on her in her catle here and d
eided to call a preliminary meeting for
tnieghit to mlake similar arrangements
for if inus meeting here.
The Reulluly n Candidate for Mager of
Chisngu Gets a elurallty of Abutl
1.3104 Votes.
OmAI4IIo(. Aprils 10. The o1. icih 1un
vasI 11 the election returnsaftrus yorlwl s
prnatically completed today. in twenty
nine of the thirty-four wards in the city.
Tuking the i unicial count in these it.
wards and the city hall uncttlcinl returns
for the remaining wards, the result is it
1plurality of 1,30.1 for Hamnpstead Wash
)urn. republican, over the denow~ratie
incumbent, Cregier. In the offeicia can
vass, the figures in the several wards are
still subject to revision, but it is believed
there will be little or no change from the
plurality now given.
Wisconsin L~egislatore.
MADISON, Wis., April 16. The house
today passed the anti-trust bill and
passed to a third reading the democratic
congressional reapportionment hill, the
republicans voting solidly against it.
The fart)' *.)tIes WVith n t".,rd*i~ Resell1
IIIiMINiIiAM. .Ala..Apiril 1 t'hi i
hour trip rovir the ( hiorgiai Paiiiiti ri~,it
froni Atuntai tio thiii city. Thei slp~iiil
ienginle pirvidniei wats il iiiilititly covvired
with tiigis and Iiunting. and displatii ii in
tho f'riont wats it large. Isirtitilt of the
uningliiiuu wais the tiroineiint itispjihii of
Anw'riian ii lirs ini ill til- stat ins. A
pamtrioitii disiplahy of ttiisiwas ip ;iirtiriualirli
nii ititiiitli' ut 'LI'i llla oisli. lciii iii in thIisi
'Ilrn il S ii" h -cll I l, it Iil"1 iiei. li nii li
capito lhl isnetdIii'jt 'iltlltltl al ait 'il
Itt Irslitdlit it IldlS l lmit itiio tiii~llthi
'Illatlllpo- I'll' IrwnllS fliS llt. I;1 ill ll
t tll tillm lilhlli til~l and I l,1111
llf ititli i ll tIu in p.'kl
1111II I tl till-p e ie t t ttl 'tll , t wl~lis iii ,"-ri iý
I II pI: , I~~ 11:1. -i Is l ilt~ l ihlitl-. '11
The C, u mt... tel.'.' nei t.-eelu5 s enc ft, iLe a
K~tý is ('t . April 1td. In't5rest it
the western states contnareial congress
tow centers in lit report of the man'i it
tee cni resolutions. The ioniaittr ccti
pliteiea its work this afteiinoiii 1w.1 the
r IporI will the chctitted toiaorroi. h'ie
ac tion if the- eontuinitte wstm not unauni
moit idi th I wi itrill bt t it minoritt re
purl. Themaiiujority anii hinurity reports
agree in all respects. hlcviwecr. iexclting
oh h%.) reiolutl ions. its fulint s:
I. Iatiring the issue if ltual ticair
holes redleemabhle it, gild ;,1d :.Ilver n,
yfnilit u ty sit Iicieni It, du 11., b silless if
the euuntru.
l" cr. i l'rtg it thrii I l fit cc ine ola .
Ijpin thtise two pra positiois the iluint
hrs of the i ccniijiitje could it at agree.
The auijority favored the propositions
tunu the minority opponted tihem. \When
it aine to it vote is to whether thit
shotatli be incluled in, the report the i iti
st cc eleven fur and iight against. Tiih
minority will present it report ixpressiiie
if their view tin the subject. The other
riesiliticns, which wtill tei inclueha in
enth rcairts. praise Secretary Itusk for
his conlutct of atfairs of the agrieclturli
departiment, anti favor the imiproveicnt
by the fIderal govmrnient of the Mis
sissippi river. irrigation by the niti nal
gotiernitni t of uil laiands: the consuni
iation of treities of recipr c'ity with
countries with whivhlt the ntiittid States
exehuinges proiciits: the construction by
tlii federal iovcei:cuent of ia deep- atier
harlcir on the I iif of M1cii
Vatal Teran aleutii.e ao Vi es. ls Itost.
('nstl:ca t, Wyo., April 1W. lii in tight
between tuncis Mielrincc ittld To
Mutihchn last Tuesday in tig IHorl bicsin.
Mel trniact's four year iold in ieas ui d
by his father c a ilshieli and was fatally
wctuiled. Mil )erisaatt and his wife haut
it violent quarrel ianl the wcin c ied to
Matihle's ranit fir protection. Nlue uias
followed cr her enraged husband, curm)
ing his little snc. Phil. Whlait he twtact
sighted Mactlen went iui raid attempted
to parley with the angry iauns. M.rI t
anott iinuediitcly began firing on Mad
den. Wiahei Maddlen returned ttc tire
Mel)ernictt pressed his scala to his heart
for a shiei. Maddet's bullet struck the
boy's skull killing hie, and glancing
struck Mceilrccott in the faiec;ic l faulcaIy
WOunded ihini.
Terrible Gam Explosion.
Ti.s iuiIA, Pa., April 16. A tirritlesx
plusiin of gas and iint damp neirr-d at
No. ic colliery of tie Lehigh Valley ('ial
cocmpany, a few miles east of this place
today, by which three nien were killed
and thie seriously injured. The dleal arc
Jiinsi Haggerty, Win. Plcrnas cnd John
The (Great C(oke Region Stri e Nearing
thr End--to the ()pIrators
Thousanud of Dollars 1D1stributed
Among the Strikers and Theii
The Labor Lenders Think Enough
Money inl then I'll id (lilt Ito
I nrry iiin the Strike
yet i',ii Weeks.
Sti s ints... I'a...April 11; Nun' work
ago tniiit. the eiiii rguiol wias pluiged
into idleness by tiht strike, but it look,
as tIhIdIIt it niadd Final 1di01. Thlt
muih priimised ti inui--itiriizilidi lhiseii
ing when.lauses, Jl. Itrido. the inent rep
restint iti le -Ih i i has bi en in ionfirhni -
with the exventite eounoilsiof ti-i- iEh
I tion of dil l thi- i ''i- il- u- it Mneils li
Wiurkeiir. il fi-- trdoI ('alubus twiith a
-arke umi of rilief money. l ri-r1ini
labor hadiuart i1 he a\a l lbeieged by
lith, rornuintte's from n':arly t-viry plant
in ith t ru ,ioll! nrd1er11l ihusand tlai"
V tliiisY iiii itiyi bi-iddrICd. iihi Labre
elli teiis s ll. the It i recutiah- ts dtflrlunt
to carry ol lith- t rik,' ' Iral weeks. T'he
opliri tllrs inh tinu e 1 thiditlr ii tnidl on tilel
stnkers. iaik. falui:dx tli Fd-ilitld Si
panty i tart'd ttllir MInh ulit ida it with
thirty twn. TLdiiei itwras id thiiirduperat
ing fore, , at Kyle. where tw,"nty eig'ht
evenis wort- tred. anti at Liisonring. No
d.here 1ii0 wt n at work nuld Iiti ifnviiii
4-harg1ed. They ul:"o rl"port reeruits in the
stnrk i ig flur si at .liiil iidell . ir tir awl
.\t taiiiod fan ' d i as an ini r si-lir.
This elrnun bidpp about 11ii iari of
rake to lay. Th'l- I ;slunw't pl-ant. near
N11sunoth. wa:s r~esunwdl to, ay. bult the
nnumber of men.1 at w~ork could not It
le~arned. Thet .11e('lure eonmp'ny report
113 muen at work at the Painter pinstl.
whieh was startedl Mondaty. The Whit
nt"y plant hail more wnen it work than
yestlerdayv ;ilt shipped roke' in large
'1 anitities. LUughlin's T yrone plant was
reported full. It is statted that etfortts
will be wade to start more plinnts in the
mor'ninlg. Twenty six Italians urr ile it
the summit miner tiachl, whert, they ore
It, 91 I.. work in the nnorning. More are
expecttl". A1 hatb of 'mii Italians wore
alsto shipped itto W\hitney. Tht-y will be
used to break tlh strike and labor 1l'x,
ur, :111 nil % ailsng th1"mt ill the holpt of
inflinancig ihlwnl to :lharman their int."n
Lions. F'ive1 fanilies wetre ocltedl by
Ileput% ,4h1 rift's it 110r~unn s anti Sunmmt
today. .1 la"rgoe rowsnit of sunputhizers
eongrogated. but offeured no interfer-nre.
'I'e 1"littion nattive1s t Moirewood will
1'xpir," Sunday and as a numberour famti
lies hat, this far bieen unable to secure
houses. the Libor ur",aniztion will en
ganue tenuts funr thtem.
A 4 aith wNh itrik. n.
i si(o trw1 . Pt.. Apil hi. Si., rill l Mc
('arniiel andl his handful of deputies
t'hudtIi with the strikers at the Trotter
wtrks. near Connellsille. this aftt'rnittn
and at riot ensued. lIe errived there
albot n.oon and ht {tan the work of evic
tion and the truuble arose from that.
)tit-n arrest wnts ntd'. serints tr tiile
is ftur-d.
The lureat Ne.rlhern Waeuus a teheariag.
N rw Yolk. April lIt; It is stated to
dly that the Mlanitabha e.onsplun will up
plp to the supremne tnurt fora relerRintg oi
eertait points in the suit to decide title
to A1:nn'sota ituk and.dued it >:,(ONl,tNN).
which was decidett in the L nited Stittes
supreie court in rai-ir o the Northern
Iritic it month ago. Teit Manitoh t
here made in regard to Eaece that .wo1eua
materit.ly atiter the detisitrn and limit
the reetpaertl tha euch lees ameteit.
Ite t enerable at etiodint t ee.
1155 ux 1II~unant , l1ich.. u . pril 11.
itt ir Atkins.n, At ho. Bishop lt itt Win-I
says. is the ohlest :Methodist prencher in
the I agited titeies. died at his home here
restardar efter. Jutn. he e as e ears
The P"resthlrunted Prty ILeave~ Atl1anta.
r.1cs..r.i, (,a., April ]r. The presi
dential party left at Itt ocIhwk this morn
ing. A. great crowd cheered them otf
and applauded the speechteshy the presi
dent and Wanarnaker.
The Winn.ers.
Ali sieis, April 16. Five sepet win
nor1: Maggie Itehus. Verge D'( )r. Ethel
1 ray. Farmer, John Sherman.
Dress Silks, s
N ' Drapery Silks,
Black Dress Goods,
Ruchings, Colored Dress Goods, Jackets and Wraps,
Gloves, Scotch and French Plain and Fancy Ribbons' N
S No lions, Glngbaons, ,White Dress Gooir,
Scissors, Table Linens, Embroideries,
0 EHosiery, HousekeepIng Fur- Perfumery.
Underwear. nishings, Soaps,
Fence Goods, Carpets and Draperies Corsets,
Dress Trimmings. Window Shades. Combs ;9
-o Linolluis and Oil-s
o Boots and Shoes.
We GJuarantee satisfaction.
The Greatest Sale of all
Our Special Sales
Will take place at A. Nathan's on
Monday and Tuesday Next,
AL.pril 2 O and 2 1st,
When we will have a Genuine Slaughter
Sale of Boys' Clothing, which has
never been equalled in the
r tiir l o v. (I thing D. pal)Lj ltmenilt I, tiL I .,rg t, kui l -
I.luipil. I ill th CLrt If tia ( if lhe Iuntr I and ,ll Of Our i d .i u L n
dce'ully 'Ili"ri''r to tit ;e h imd in ordinary <tab~llishr41 ts. W,
know Ih ilv hard IL clihi bo ) ' yi Lit LI are a t IL t il ml nt 'tier lLll !'e
ni e if suibsta tial lat L ric' Lnt1 t ill Ltand the roui ghLL ,t I. in IId i niai
Yo 11l aplaccialtt the durabhilit\ I nd the boy~ : ttin fmnd "ob t n
our LLoiods.
\\e particul;Irly invite thus H'lard to plea,: Mather, Nh(
gencrally seid to Ltrger citiet fir t Iir (l hhlrI.n. \pparel. \\'
have just what '.u iLwalt right here in (rent Fall Hine a- Ci I
please and chea[er than anLwherr else.
All the ;liLtLI I C ffer are oLLIrth douible tILL ,ti lL poi e tC c d -
verti- eth nt I r. amid everILLine k y 0 t le MC sell i \%L ( adtertie.
Belolw we muntiLon a few of the hiargains t( olfftr ind in lite
the inspection of nIl the parentI in (reat F;0!, anti t isiity .nd L ay
to all, ciLmea ndbl le LCiiniimical and piLrchaSe clothing for tlt little
ones. Tht.e hatrgaiti ,LIic incLuLes Suil' of all iues from Kilt, i r the
wee little Lll' tILL SLILul Shitl for Iboys tip it 1- v ar. A\I cCLI.
Children and Boys' Suits.
I LitCth('ild's .Jersv Sits, all wiiiil............. ....... t th t
I Loti l iilsirr( thIiis. ...... . .. 1Si
I Lit floy 'a Liglit Stripy ( ussimotr(". all 1'111. . .. .G a (t "'n I. I
1 l,0it Hllya Ilurk \oiritiiid Silts. irý drs .r i.0 s;t.
1 Lit Iiy's hark iInnl it . ......... 7.1
I la li i I legant ('i ts. imr. I.is Ill. q 1 tIL .tii
1 lw t lai; ht ('iloreld P'lubil, . .. . . .
Boys' 3-Piece School Suits.
I lae All Wt iil Ilurk ('LL,*uiInires.... ... i ; 1.iN .III
I Lot All Woiiil itripiid (Cassiii,'reu ........ .. .......a.
1 Lit Elt"1ant ('atttiulnre and \Worste I Suits. . .. . t 1:r. man
I L(It Light ('oliored Plaid I'llei4It. satch ( d 5;loll .. .. tI11
I Lit Elegan t I urk Wirstitd I'laiuii . ... .. ..... :,.(L ;'.NI .
I Lit if Kilt Suitt, in Flannels lund l'htainte;. .. I .n 4
A Tetrapterous Twirl or Ball and Bat Given to
Every Purchaser of a Boy's Suit.

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