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Burghardt & Frary sold yesterday lots
6 and 7 in block 482 and lot 4 in block
The central committees of the two par
ties were around yesterday among the
faithful soliciting financial aid.
Word arrived late last night from Nei
hart that Sidne( ('ulwirt of this city was
dying in that town. of pneumonia.
Walter Dunn yesterday tiled tthat re
eiipt for the northeast quarter of section
it in township IS. north of range a east.
The clerk of the district court ister
day issued a marriage license to iichard
S. Ilain of tilt and Maggie Hlutihinsui
of the same place.
Mary Knowles of (Grafton yesterday
tiled a water right location for iSM) inches
of Lone Tree creek in section 25. town
ship 18, north of range 1t east.
Again last night after midnight tie
art lights were ill out and Egyjptian
darkness prevailed. Something uist be
wrong when this haplaens twie' in i e
un.i" nerewa en: " I.'m at:?!n""I raesrlt ntotdin th ls
publishied elsewhere. It is a girl. lil.
mother and daughter are doing well
.Julius is the happiest nunn in tile' ity".
('. NV. (':nerly,. ' the Late finau .1
lariing. Martin a ('tiIrlp Of Boston. i,
mn the i t %. This i. t he' tirin of wdiet!
Mr. II. N1. Martin. wi use' ad olath \na,
recently rhronieele", in the-s. , "lunp, wase
f.,r nians t--,I :, u". tub"r.
Robemrt Smnith, at on" tie nu nitee
Statrs }h trict attornet for the t "'Frr'i l 1
of Mintan. and at pt ent a lin'
democratic politiei:.m and prnruirwt ot
ti rner of HI IbV na. came i lioit frnim Ire
t In porari l apital ),isteri i i.
Gear,, 1)rewt. aeeuseslof stealinl, ,.on
inals from the Irn.iuiri nl hotel. Iiae
.trought befori " hI1 hinir.il 1 Juei iry
and humid i t r by that oalicial to iai.
he n xti en.tI that ii1,trict -,-art. Mriran
Wi lie - gitinti i itr iiul .nio Ilatnil
F w: J ttn. illey,,. Pensed= f l ipitne h~ira
self tos ý f UnIo' X, at s.wn'su rrign "
ftfore i reifult testertr. oi thek
lhargI i grand laint ulalt radii' otitr
to the aptrirsti t'urt. \s he u s ubi ili st
furnisr t oi l I. tei as itlt iler r t Pn t hili
aount jail.
11 Liao Loftuns. wIin . . uehn.uei .nf
huding on tl wir' w(hile it \hiis reel to
such an extent that hIe ihlihlllin i s Nit re
his ealuilibrimint. was lr(ught bt Cori the
pohen. magistrate y-esterdtay and tinedl :1t
Wit l costs. riving unn blt to rii l the
Va.lii he wls sent to jil.
It w~as reported yesterdlay that work
woulf h ie Nusim on the Paragon proper
and Top HIunl mines about the Ist of
May. These properties are cer% promis
ing wind will attract considelrabrle atten
tion ,luring the cn in~ug season amontg
mining men an} speculators.
r hi pai prs in the following r 'w suits
were tile i with lherk I' i kii ill t esterulat
.Indnat Jagger vs fthnry Jagc."r ,biarrs:
T'homas .lshton c.. Great dulls itre."t
ifailwat" company .lanaies.Ea) ý: Rwl"It,
,risk MleLeoad vs. (ran. N. IDickinson
appeal from .J!,ticeRee Ili 8 court.
The colored sergeant from fort ihawt.
w ho was around town ;I few it sago
iookin, for two ,lese~rters in this li~v an 1
received orders to go to G rman I ork, af
ter the' illiuinents. returnedl ;est,'olav
with tt ,Il. 1ie had th"In art -1 to
witlrorl ,soorete the-il to the Lust in
the afternoon.
.11r. an l 1Mr,. .. K. ('lark wiaec it ph ;s
;ut entertaintaent to a lar~g numbeir rf
friends at their residence on Fourth av
-nt north last evening. (itratls and
musi' was the order of the evening.
and all enjoyed themselves to the fullest
extent. It was in a measure. a christ-n
tu party. in honor of the very youthful
Miss ('lark.
Milwauktl - house arritals: William
Worth. IDonnis Mullane. St. Paul; Mrs.
K. W.Ahion. Mrs. J. E. l)eringer. Barker;
G. i'. Hopkins. Ncihart- )sar .J. ()linger,
S. H. DOnnin. inton: Henrt lhuranyei.
.John Rioitinn. Helena: A. H.I Rose. H.
.J. I. liv. Barker; M. Flood. Btx Elder;
I%. 0. }Farrar. Mail -n: S. M. Emery,
Lake City. Minn.
President Hill of the Great Northern,
accompanied by other prominent rail
road officials, reached Havre yesterday
morning and went out on the extension.
After examining the big trestle at Cut
hank and other recent improvements
they returned to the main line and
started for Great Falls. It was expected
they would reach this city late last night
or early this morning. They will spend
the day looking around here.
Charles Tonguay, a carpenter, well
known in Great Falls, having lived here
three or tour years, died last evening of
congestion of the lungs brought on by a
severe attack of pneumonia. His death
was very sudden. He was taken sick at
the home if John Tabbutt last Monday,
where everything possible was done to
minister to the comfort and care of the
sufferer. He was about :I) years of age
and unmarried. Funeral arrangements
have not yet been completed.
John Doyle yesterday filed his official
btind for the office of city scavenger.
James Ennis is also associated with Mr.
Doyle under the fire name of Doyle &
Ennis. By a perusal of the ordinance
creating this office, which we publish to
day, it is necessary that the occupantsof
stores, dwellings. etc.. shall remove, or
:ausetoberemoved, all garbageor hesub
ject to a fine of not less than 85 or more
than 8.) for every offense. It is unlaw
ful for any tither person than the abtveto
engage in the business of collecting or
hauling garbage.
Joseph C. Taylor of Goodiman Coulee
brought seven coyote and one bob cat
pelts in to the district clerks'of ice yester
day and received the usual bounty
certificate for the same.
The will of James Stone, deceased~was
admitted to probate yesterday and
t'hornas E. Brady was appointed execut
tor. A. F.Imrngeway, William Kirby and
E. W. King were appointed appraisers.
Rev. Frank M. Clondenin, a brother of
Rachard Clendenin of Martinudale, it is
announced, is soon to wed Miss Gabriel
Greeley, daughter of the late Horace
Greeley. founder of the New York 'ri
The members of the H. 0. 0. club In a
body accepted the hopitality ofur
Sue-intendent-Dilckinson of the street rail
way and took a trip over the line to the
power house and returned yesterday af
According to the Chicago Tribune of
a the 0th inst. quite a number of Montana
k people wer stopping then at the big
hotels of that city, including J. H. Mc
Knight of this city,who was registered at
e the Grand Pacifle.
The last earload (if tre shipped from
the Florence mine at Niehart brought
S41,212. There was less ore in this ship
nient and silver lower than at any time
yet the carltad brought more, which
sjeaks well indeed for the property.
u iliibandinan.
Mr. J. M. ttaordman. of this county, is
now taking the invigorating ozone of
I I )eer Litlge, which he finds is ieeuliarly
t dapted to his tonstitution. Ve are in
formed that a long anticipated happy
event in Mr. oanrdmian's life is sixit to le
realize' .- River Press:
Mrs. LTuis Heitman left lrita y last
necompanied by her three d hgliters,
Lila. Helen andt Grace. for helena.
front whence they go to Baltimore for a
three months' visit. The object of the
trip is to take iine of the children to a
hoispital to be treated for throat trouble.
The poll tax required to be collveted
by the assessor is the tax heretofore d
nominated is a tutnn' tax. and every nii
between the ages of 21 atu 14) is liable
for the siunw, and the assessor is re-uired
to -tize anything, even a mat's blttkets,
and sell sire in three hioirs if the
aomountI is not paid o dn sh nod.
The Silver ol1w club of Ilutte was
ftorier-y opt-lii ill their new -quartere
-'ridit -et-nin. auul the rei-eptiin iWAs it
gvrtul atf tir. tlthougtlie ido eicut wheethel r
or not itt am up to the'k. lItu baei club
ret eptiin. If the tilter tltw people
Iant to see sot-l ething line ii n lhi way ol
l (.Jtlu tt tee i w u tl t advise til t long-o ' to
l ;ret t t alls.
irhtrils t1taunq ys. thrd young cartiin
t-r whe iliedi at tire g1il-wo-ukve hoItse
ltriday night. ctt s i uried yesterday aft
!'rnoin sit L' eerb-sk. He had been in
t ireat - -lls for the Ilst three or four
tsear.. and. see far as could be learned.
t tl no relatives i it this lart of the urnt
try. Si-it-Ial iars t-i' kIe worked at his
trade ill ,all [trsoll o lluity i s the vicinity
of \Widdiwc ;tnld 4iregory. 'T'he funeral
teas %,Ill atte~ndele .
('on 1\ light of the tirms of Wright,
Peek ' ('o.. proprietors of tih-1e first
Fu;lls Livery cowpony. his soele his int
tnn'cst ill the stable andt will ;[n nut to
fileti \\ednesday to engag e in the sheep,
Fussiness. ('on was recently muarrie'd.
though lhe kept the atrair so guieet that
none of th." papers learned of it till several
iheve had elapsed. We mention the fact
at this late day to informe the fair ones of
the .Judith basin that he is no longer it
Superintendent IHarris of tilt Butte (
('omnwtreial company received tell-
graphic notification yesterda} afternoon
to the sreect that George Newell who bus
charge of the conspanty's lugging eanspat
Nh,"c1 creek, was dangerously shot by
one of the men on I"riday. Th'entounded
nmn teas taken to W1hite- Nulphe-r Sprinus 1
Where he is receiving thff, est of snwai
e";e assie-tance. Thbe dispatch also stated
that tht( wound height prole Inetal,
thoughe at that times ties ph1sieian wtas
finable to give a careful dliagnosis of tot
case. Newell is well known in this city
and his possible fatal illness is sadhl de.I
ploredi by all We were unable to learnn
the ori::in of the shunting, es tihl telh
-rnun dhi not _ne into detuils.
.11ary knn Phol,, tookt ,lt he~r first pa
p ors wIst-rtlay.
Johnny. tirplhy eae in fraw Ni hart
on last Sunday's train.
Phil Walsh and Steve Pierse of Nie
hart are guests at the iBristol.
Deputy United States Marshal Ter
hune returned utnlay from a businets
trip to Neihart.
There was a new arrival at the home
of T. A. .Jones, the jeweler. Sunday morn
ing. It is a tine twelve-pound Iay.
Mr. Lawler made anne heavy sales in
his mining shares. He has good stock
for sale. See him before yeo buy.
Do not forget to call at the Palace
Lunch Counter for your regular dinner.
The best dinner in town for :e cents.
J. H. McKnight returned yesterday
from an extended eastern trip. He looks
hale and hearty and touch improved in
Carpenters, paper-hangers and painters
have transformed the Bristol into one of
the best appointed and neatest hotels in
the city. Its table is first-class and sup
plied with every delicacy in the market.
Neihart Herald: In '82, J. L. Neihart
traded a half interest in the Fairplay mine
for ten days' work. The property is now
worth $fi ,000 and is not for sale at any
figure. And still the development
amounts to very little. Who says it does
not pay to miner
Baum & Bishop. as attorneys for
Henry P. Berg, tiled suit yesterday
against the Boston & Montan company
for 810,015 damages. Berg was employed
as a common laborer in the Boston &
Montana stone quarry and was badly in
jured by a blast.
Quite a contingent from Waukesha,
Wis., arrived in the city today, headed
y the invincible Great Falls booimer,
. 1. E. Labxor, who is largely inter
ested at this place. With him came F.
C. Park. Clarence Waite. Walter Catlin
and .John Harland, and all expect to he
corbe citizens of Great Falls. Mr. Park
has already made arrangements to locate
an Great lalls and will become in proper
tio.e one of our leading attorneys.
(icorge H. Sewell, the superintendent
of the Sheep Creek camp of the Butte
& Montana Commercial company, who
was shot by a workman and taken to
White Sulphur Springsfor medical treat
ment, an account of which appeared in
last Sunday's Taaaras:x, was resting eas
ier yesterday, If was found that he was
shot three tames once in the arm, mak
ing an ugly flesh wound, once in the
breast, the bullet striking a rib and
glancing off, and once in the side, the
bullet going clean through the man.
How it missed striking a vital point is a
miracle. His ultimate recovery is yet a
matter of serious doubt.
Jedsaejuarters for Fishing Ta-kles at
Calkbax . ook store, Iollins-l.eaply
Democrats Elect Two and the Repub.
licans Two of the City
Jere Leslie and C'. H. ('lark, Democrats,
Elected Attorney and Treas
urer, Respectively.
J. M. Gaunt, Democrat, ('omes in With a
Handsome Majority in the
Third Ward.
The city election passed off quietly and
pleasantly yesterday. From the begin
ning of the campaign to the end it was
conducted fairly and without personali
ties, which is something unusual, con
sidering that the esteemed Leader might
have done otherwise.
The democratic candidates for mayor
and ipiliee umagistrate were defeated. hut
we elected our candidates for city attor
ney and city treasurer by handsome
majorities, which tmay be considered a
fair stand off. While the republicans
elected a majority if the aldermen. the
demlirats may take a good deal of satis
foution in the firt thtthe Third ward,
the stronghold of republicanism elected
itait-nth iliiotri-t in the person of J. I.
(;1111 t.
As to the contest for the axyuraity. it
outy be said that i'apt..Jensen mude a
lelan ntd honorable tight. 1-'rtinm the ie
ginning to the a-lose he had not ai
word to say against his uppo
rt-itt. indl. ulthough defeated, he
can ta-e to himself the satisfaction that
he is heaten by a gusto) citizen utd it gin
ti-noun who will undoubtedly nuke a
good mayor. as would ('apt. Jinsen. bad
he been suciesufil.
The tollowing is the oftiutial result of
yestrrdates balloting:
Iirst War-d.
Fii MRt i ut:.
.Icnten. I). I
Hot hkiss. I).................... . I
t M ur l% I . . . . . . . . . . . lorehous. 1%.. ................ . . 111,
t FOR CITY ATITlaltN1. 1.
Pomtroy. li...... ........... . 11*
Floll lIlY 'iE.tlsit lat.
('lark. ).................... 210
lleldt. I.................... 12
1 Ilt Uni ' i .1AN.
W ren. 1).... .. ........ ... . 1-1
'r ai cy, 1 ... .. ...... .. .... .. . 171
III tND, ANL) \NNX lx tIN.
ltondls. yts............ . .. ...
Ifondse. no. . ... 111
1For annexation . ...... . .... 1I64
* Agatint annexition.. . 27
S eond W~ard.
Jlfltltk. I).. ... . . 41
l'ttItttt kit l. I{....... 11.
% t ltr I;IT .1)I . INII.
, n r oy. i .................. I .. 71
Curriy,1) ....................... 1I
`onI srh us.1%................. . .. 11
FOR CITY TH'i :.ast RER.
Clark. D .........................1)
fl rlit. ....................... .. S4
Burgett. n)t......................... 41;
Carrier, R ......................... 9 8
Bonds, yes .................... .... 108
Bonds, no........................ 9
For annexation ................. ..0,
Against annexation ............. 19
Third Ward.
Jensen, 1). ........... ......... 9
Hlltchkie, R...................... 126
Murphy, D....................... 1 I
Morehous, R.................... 19
Leslie, 1).......... ... 113
Pomeroy, R ....................... 107
Clark, a o.. . ... . ... 102
geldt, Rann xa tio ... .'121
Gaunt, D1....................... 110
Johnson, t..................... 105
BondMur eey . ...................... 150.
Bonds, no ............... 22
For annexation.................... 1107
Against annexation................ 32 I
Fourth ward.
Jensen, D..................... 81 1
Htchkis, R......................
Murphy. D.n t.. 08
Morehous. (short t................ 117
Leslie, r t... ........7. . a
Pomeroy, Ity...................... 68 1
Clark, D........................ 12
Heldt, R ......................... d
Burghart, (long term, R............ 0ry
Merrill, )..g term,) .............. 09
Beach sort term,)R............. 85
Nalba, (short term,) D)......... 77
Mondsous .......................1,09
Murndy, no..:........... ......1
For annexation ... .. .. 111
Agsinet annexation................. 10
IHotchkiss, it ....................... 480t
Jensen, 1) ......................... 'PJ2
Hotchkiss maj ................. 88 s
Morehous Rt......... .... .'o
Murphy, 1)....... .. ... s
Morehous maj. ........ We
Tweslie. D ........................ 485 t
I Pomeroy,R........................ 38
Leslie maj..................... 11
Clark, D .......................... 48
Heldt, R.......................... 42
Clark's maj.................... 3
Majority for the bonda .............53
Majority for annexation............ 44
.e astys the Stories of Unuunal Sitiknee
on the Line of the Great Northern
Extension Are Untrue.
Dr. J. IH. Fairfield, contract surgeot
on the Pacific extension, who returned to
the city yesterday, after an absence o
several months, informs us that the ru
mor started about the prevalence of sick
ness along the line of the new road art
totally false. He says that since tilt
company began construction last Sep
tenther only twelve deaths have been re
corded, which is a remarkably goes
showing, considering the great number
of men constantly employed. No deathi
can be attributed to the lack of propei
medical aid, as one and sometimes twi
physicians have been in the field read3
to attend to any who were unwell. Tltt
doctor further states that a majority of
the deaths were from pneumonia or pre
wailing grip a tdisetse which. during the
past two months. has puzzled the hest
doctors of America. In short. the stories
set afloat concerning the amont of suffer.
ing on the extension are wholly no
founded and deserving of no credence.
The Hook and tadder tinmpntty Meet.
There was a ite ttingg of the Pioneer
Itook and Ladder tompany in the coun
cil clianhe'r last evening. Ernest IHing
wald presided and ttlti following mett
hers were present: if. hiingwald. C. N.
Dickinson. F. J. Pli per, .iumes lurns,
Joseph Herring and I'harlie ('ole.
A motion was made and carried to the
etTect that the city council allow. the tire
department for the lit tit and lailder
truck anti all flte apparatusr and that
tite ttioney so raised he tet aside for
all sick atil disabled tiritetenhilongingto
the Pit neer Hion k ind Ladder omtpany.
The following resolution was pissed:
itesolved. that this campany hereby
nillpt the fire oridinitnct as passeid liv the
enuveil. and to thatt end renounce its in
'ti; h u et character anti rtesolved filr
tu" th,.t this comtpany. will its present
iemtllership and tlliers. tih rehl rear
uniie tunler the same naite, but under
liti initrol and government of the city
of (Griat Falls, prioided iti f ruceding
motion relative to the dislaosal of the
truck adl apparatus he aicedeit ti.
A motion wits put and carried to thIi
effect that the chief tinil his assistant
and the secretary ie iltuuwetrd to con
fer with the city couneil in appraising
the truck and apparatus with full author
ity to act on the same.
It weas further ordered that the sectre
tary be instructed to ise each mititiber
personally and find tut whit still ritiuests
to helong to the hook und Ladder com.
puny. The resignation of F. .1. Piiper
was tecepted andl he wnts formally de
clared elected an honorary menmterof the'
'itnier Hook and Ladder company.
The met-ting then adjourned.
ito.otn x It...tern n tin prove.i'. -mnts.
The two stations at the .4M1 foot level
if the new ewisohnn shaft were tininihed
yesterday afternn nan nd the tirst tinmer
with which they are in he supported wa
sent ion lanist evening. says the Miner
of Thursday. These Stations are the
largent in the state. Each will Ie, after
the timbers are in, thirteen feet in the
clear, nineteen feet in length and twenty
one feet in width, and will nnnntain the
strongest timbers used about mining
properties. The gallows frame is al
ready in place, and standns ifeet in height.
The north station at the 5(K)-foot level
is connected with a straight cross-cut
from the vein 320 feet distant. The vein
at this depth is sixty feet in width, and
is as rich as the ore taken from other
parts of the immense property. After the
timbers for the station are put in place a
sump will he made, following which a
cross-cut will be driven south to inter
sect a vein known to pass east and west
about 200 feet from the shaft. The work
is being done under the supervision of
Cy Gilbert. one of the best miners in
Montana. and when the new hoisting en
gine and Cornish pumn are in working
order tine Boston .º Mointana company
will have cause to congratulate Mr.
Gilbert on his efficiency as a mining
Townsite Company Sates.
While real estate can not he said to be
nooming, yet the following resume of
sales by the Townsite company shows
that there is nothing to complain of.
Considering that the sales were made in
ten days, and during a period of dullness,
the showing may be considered to be re
markably good. With the resumption of
work on the big dam and the Boston and
Montana smelter and the energy dis
played by builders taking advantage of
the favorable weather, we may confi
dently look for a greater record of sales
during the rest of the month:
H. U. Itaassa,,loti 1lnlock 981........S 4Ett
( Aety Delfoy. lat b ock D e..
beart Colo lot t inlock thit . dr.t.n. 1
Victor (iounnislii, Sot i, btc 'k25.t....000
Marsre W. Caonner, lotn 6, blosk ~....N
Frea~k lt.KHersliolotts1and 2 blonck 100. 11
the le Hato arb mJ. e. Jolnern, tot 7,
b. H. Joentsni lot 7 ver; la dimen- 1
Jeremiah J. !'isasasn lots, black t5.9..1,0
arn Th)rotte extont it, btnck unown5 bt
Iot BeDates, lot ti, block 376.. f.. t,00
. quarekWW and wnT. fthnatoh. lot it,
blosk 97........ ki , . 1.00
W.A.p Jobson lot iS oo .. 400
to Ao thLare scaverDiesywsre ould.
lern that the mines whie drifting i
atr, A. textore l one hundk re fet.
squaread twoenty feet highlock9 .. Th b
to ofthLave Cais Dcovered.wt hud
boes wint, thcae sidvesre limge sdipenr
pthyry btiste neninnn explored in udeet.
I President J. J. Hill and Party Stop to
7 Examine the Minneapolis
of the Northwest.
F The Giant Spring Proves a Wonderftl
Attraction to the Foreign
They Examine the great Enterprises
Under Way at the Black
Eagle Falls.
.1..1. Hill. 1).;C. Shepard of St. Paul.
J. Kennedy 'od of New York and three
foreign capitalists arrived in town by
special train early yesterday morning.
During the forenoon the distinguished
party drove about the city. Those who
have been here before were naturally as
tonished at the great improvements that
have been made recently, and so ex
pressed themselves. Afterwards the
party went by train to Sand Coulee and
made a thorough examination of;the
coal mines at that ptlae.
Returning to Great Falls their train
took them to the Montana silver smelter,
which was examined as thoroughly as
time would pi-rmit. The G iant spring
was next visited, and those who were
familiar with this wonder were much
attused at the evident astonishment of
the ierman strangers. whose very abund
ant stock of adjectives was completely
exhausted long before they left the
Taking -arriages. tit- party next drove I
to the Black Eagle falls wahere they in
spected the immninse dam and the vat I
improvements going oti. Crossing the a
river on the suspension tridge. they had t
an oppttrtinity to see the great luntm
and the enrimoaus founhitiotns of the
stuck on the butte. amt the work that
has heen dine on the Biston & Montana
At 4 oitclok p. to. the party left for
Iautte. whence they will protabfy return
to the east. They left iireat Falls with
the expressed belief in the future
greatness of our young city. sev
eral tinies making the remark that
here wits to be the Minneaupolis of the
northwest. Mr. Shepard, who has not
visited the city sine- last suninier. wtis
especially surprised at the marked in.
prive-tent and growth of the town. as
well he might be.
Minoeral 11111 Matteaý.
I). W. Rive is down froun Mine-ral Hill.
where he passeil the winter. The 5now
was so dleep that he t-ull not cone out
on the direct trail front there, but was
obliged to take the cirttitous route bl
Iway ((f Shoup. Snalmn C'ity 111n1d-1 R 1
r Bioik. where lt(- took the oars for homt.
E. E. livers. a Alineral Hi1 [itiner. was
r in town Monday, and is enthusiastic
about the prospeatts of that list ridt this
year. lie says a lialtinatre company
are going to take hold and work in the
lBuckeye. Solid Rock and Venus lode, in
which he is interested.
The wagon road which will be con
structed to Mineral Hill this year will
greatly facilitate the development of the
quartz bearing country. It is said the
Idaho people at Shoup and vicinity are
ready to contribute money and work to
slove the enterprise through. Bitter
Root Bugle.
The Benton Group Again.
We understand that the difliculty over
the Benton group of mines owned by the
Gold, Silver, Platinum and Tellurium
Mining company, has been settled. It
will be remembered that T. E. Collins
and Jerry Collins have long claimed an
interest in these mines and have put up
money regularly to pay for representa
tion. But in the formation of the com
pany they were, owing to some defect in
the record, left out, whereupon T. E.
Collins re-located the whole group. The
members of the company, seeking
to retaliate, re-located numerous other
mines on the same grounds and placed
an armed guard over their own claims.
The shooting scrape that occurred in
consequence of this and the arrest of the
parties has led to the compromise of the
original difficulty.- Husbandman.
Montana Dividends.
Below is given the dividends paid by
Montana mining companies during the
month of March, and the total Mon
tana dividends for the first quarter of the
Paid in Paid sines
BaldBais.... ....... $0.0h0 Jan. 1.ý
Sald B .tte .............e7tae as0.0
Isnaleer .............. ...... d,0a00o 19.00
ptte MountaIn .............r net.000
Heas .....................s.e 16.09 et,0
Helmn and Pi'esee.. 10ee00 30.S00
Helenstand Vior the.di.re r25,000 d .09th
Parrot .............. 18.000 54.000
asten o hatn sentleman's report0
men ountain ............... re21,000
rum Lummox................. 89.t09
Total .....................5 0o$101.0
The Lioe to Thcsume.
Capt. John Plummer recently inspected
the Lorn mine, Oro Pino district, at the
instance of the directors, and upon the
strength of that gentleman's report it
has bean decided to levy another assess.
ment of 1 cent per share and resume
the work of development. The neces
sary arrangements will be perfected and
the work resumed not later than
Wednesdsy, April 15.- Miner.
Fisa /ampsler fromm the Bear Paws.
Hiram Umstott brought in some line
from the Bear Paws. He claim to have
discovered an extensive lode in the Eagle H
Bear district. Chinook Opinion. U
The Orass Delamar.
The sale of the great Delamar ml
Owyhee county, Idaho, to a syndi
English capitalist. has been corn
by the deposit at the Boise City Na
0 bank of *475,000 to the credit oit
Delamar. Besides the $475,00o
Delamar he also holds 28,000 share
stock which, at the present
quotation, are worth $1,090,000. Del
is World'. fair commissioner for I
Two or three citizens of Great Pall1
fortunate stockholders in the I)el
and will le interested in this hit o
A Promising Prospeet.
The Martha, one of last season'" n
ble discoveries at Wolf Butte, in the
mountain region, owned by Win'
Skelton and George Altor, is destinj
create something of a sensation if re,
ports concerning it are to be reli;s
is said to show three feet of esolid
running high in silver. An extensist
the Martha, owned by the Skelton By
also makes a splendid showing Bt
depth of only six feet where a four
ore hoaly is exposed. I1he vein is at
fissure and is easily traceable the l'"t
of several locations.-Miner.
Progress of the Great Northern,
The Coulee City News says: -1
(reat Northern surveyors, under }:r
veer Baldwin, came in last Monday tf
the summit and went into camp arl
eight miles east of here, near Hartil
They will fill the gap between this pIl
and the other preliminary near (ir,
Coulee postolice. When this is c I
pleted a true comparison can be mail ,
each particular route. and the su51p e
that now hangs over so many will I. a
moved and all doubts of the future, ,
tied. t
Tihe FIiore,'ce Mine. t
The shaft on the Florence at Neil :
was down twenty-six feet at last i
counts. and water was coming in at t
rate of about fifty gallons per hour. ,
will require the working of three sh'
in order to keep the water from ameun I
siting, which will send the shaft I.,,
rapidly. Husbandman
Miss Helen (lark Commended.
Miss Helen P. (lark, who has bet,,,
pointed special agent to superintend',
allotment of lands among the Inl;,
left Washington last e ining to e,,!
upnm the duties of her ollice. Miss (t'J
will take up her new work after eq.
encl" that can not but muke her valuial
as a public servant in this new ti,
Maity friends in Montana and the nii
west will take pride in the mmppmmintt i
of one so eapable. Meagher Co(u
.. .... ...
tP From Twentieth to Twenty.
r third streets, and from Second
avenue South to Eighth avenue
r North now on the market and
for sale.
t For prices and plats call at
the office of the Great Falls
Water - Power and Townsite
- Company.
General Agent.
'Stallions -
' For Sale.
Thoroughbred and Grade
Stallions for Sale Cheap.
Cora, Cascade Co.,
uAbsolutely Pr.
A eream of tartar bi:it ,,
flaghest of all in leavening strength.
U. 8. G.wra newn leport, Aug. 17, 1889.

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