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it ON
"''te y, Tuesday,
icy , th and 26th of 1May.
ilk about your bargains, why
Thhie never has been anyth in
a comaphred to this sacrifice.
ps-tell , the others are not in
h",. all. amine our goods and
rj iven below and r:
lui nbi SELL. I AS \VWE AD
>e RT
t.h anything you may buy
all.ou tfor any reason, why
back and we will refund
:n ey cheerfully. It is our
i~ p please, and we misrepre
SI inRg in our house We
of elegant striped pants at $1.
.tir of striped eassimere pants
as. t $1.75, worth l3.
. af crlhroy pants; ,one Ilt ,of
Iie·viot ptants; one lot of black
1 JI{t rs.y pntsll at $2, worthl .t.
n of light-colored all wool pants
and plaids, latest spring pat
' a, $8.50, wori t;4.
DOn lot of elegant fanley striped worst
af ll elegantly Inuae and finisheld.
>' 7, worth K7.
one lot of fancy striped ,worsttedI pants,
ihbed s wc all s cIustoim made g(ies, at
5 ma. T'llhse pants are cheap at f8,
d a in I I;r t I'ails or vicinity can
e-l flng to equal thnm ait the price
m sale willlas two days only,
early and gut vyor pick
td., i(I liih rush
treat Falls
WiRouble in Population this
eat Falls
I a1 Estate will Double in
rallih this Year.
. Should Bear This Fact
ml Ind. __
:.y; ou are looking for HIa~niatins,
I on or write
betts, Churchill
Central Avenue.
A Re-zm sTCC S: I
S0 )I\0 1 good all \Vool Suit has been the key that uhae ,pened many a lean, lank purse this season. \We \\ill continue to
. shovel them out at that figure while they last. Thcy are worth not less than 1 5. We have them for short and fat men,
lean and long men and extra large Men. If \y'ou ,"'h to Iend a touch of dash and brilliancy to Hour dress call for
Equal to any custom work at dlouble thle figure. cEverything \-e han.l`l ill be sold a;t Ipricts designed to provel\E
I re · -
The Most Exciting Pugilistic Event
That has Ever Occurred on
the Pacific Coast.
One of the Hardest Fought Battles in
the Anuels of the Prize
Alter Fighting Four Hours th,' Refi lree
Iteclared the Men Could Fight
No L.onger and Iheclaredl
it No Contest.
S(,N JFu' ss, 'S o'. 1a)21. N, pulgilistic
evellnt ever iecurri'ed on the Paeitic coast
that created more interest or excitement
than the great heavy-weight battle be
tween Jiim Corbett of San Francisco and
Peter Jaclimsn of Australia, which was
fought at the gymnasiunn of the Cali
fornia Athletic club tonight. The, points
of the two fighters had been nmatters if
speculation for weeks and evr sillce the
match war nialle and tli men omlll
neenced their training the contest
had been the one topic among
lilt. spurting public. The purse
was a large one, $l],(>tK). 81.73K) of which
went to the loser. The wonderfuldegree
of interest in the. match wasdue not only
to tihe merits and prominencie of the two
principals, but also to the fact that the
contest would open the wad to settling
the question of the champioinshlip of the
world, for it was generally understiasd
the winmir would eventually meet Frank
Slavin or any other man that might comei
forward for championshin p honors.
The condition of the men was all that
could h, desired. They had trained hard
and carefully and it was the opinion that
neither man had iver before been in bet
ter form. Jackson was heavier, but in
every other respect it was generally ad
mnitted that one man poissessed little or
Sno advantage over the other. Both were
, reeoignized as game tighters ,wes·usiln
Swonderful ability and wonderful qlui'ck
ne-ss. Neither beilong(ed to the
'slugguer" type of pugilists. The
colored I a 's ring experience
was ful grnater than ('sbett'. aindI it
was proihallv this flat that as ,much I ts
any other treat mald .Jackson the favor
ite in bett ug luring th week helfiew the
lil.ht at i, Ie lranging from t to Il to s toi
mu. b,,ieense ,onsent waselicited by the
ing tlere was nol real fear iexpressetl
that it wouli gioe hIimIl any troubl dulir
ing the tig ht. .A lirge anltit(i of imoiey
was wageo t'd o411 the 'contest the past two
days. 'The Iitl rot ints and othier sport
ing resorts were crowtdedl anti there
seemed no end ofi ei ither Jackson or C(r
bett mnleity. Th'lle conltestants were re
quired to, Ibe, in the club roomsll at 8
'ttclock, tlihugth the light was set for an
hour later. The California .lub, hlat
night atpointttd (alitnt Utiok referee.
.ic'ksttn was secotnded by Sam Flitzput
rik and iHilly Smuith. Corbett'r seconds
were John Itntaldson, Hilly Delaney and
liarry C'ortt. Th aplpearance of the
(aliforni. Athletic club rooms was the
sallle its on o(tiher occasions when simillar
contests have (eteurred there. The floor
ing within the ring was covered with
padding., over which a heavy, dark-color
ed felt was stretched. A new feature If
this conitst was the 1ii seconds clo'k.,
whichl was calletd into use whenever a.
kntocktldownl occurred. Sotin after i;
o'chock tlthe crowdl etomlnlenced to gathelr.
It waRs asolne ilinutes alfter Ii o'cloick
wheln Jacksonti and Corbitt with their
seconds ientered the ring. Both principals
were received with cheering. I)ur,.tri'
thet few minuttes that followed while tl e
gloves of thlle men were heing adjusted
every eye in the btuillipg was turned on
the men and there was a general ex
pression of .oni',en(ilation at the ex
cellent form they presented. Tilhe weights
ai near as coult be obtained were .Iack
son 197, Corbett 18.5. h hough it wits
claimed by .onle that the difference was
eveln greater than that. After the glove.s
Weire ad(justed the Ilimen atdvancel anIttd
sltittk hands. Tinme was calledt for the
tirst round at 9:301.
First round - Few Iseconds were stpent
in prelitminary sparring. Jackson led
lilghtly anti i clinch followed. The uen
tbroke away slowly, Jackson led with
right and mittsed; another clinch fol
lowted and Corbett seemed loth to, Ibread
away. ('Corbtt touched Jackson lightly
on the jaw alnd as thte round closed he
received ita HIlitr in the rils.
Ste'..nd Itouttl C(rbtt led and in the
clinch which followed he foredd .hI:,klcs.n
against the ropes. When the, m, to'
the center Jackson led twit.l.. hut f'l,,hli
to reach his man very hard. (.orlbe,
made a vicious half-arm swing but .Jack
son jumped away. Corhett then got one
on Jackson's stomach andl a nmontat I
later avoided a body blow by dodlging.
Third Hound Jackson attempted to
tight at close range but Corbett clinched.
Both men were wonderfully active on
their feet; considerable feinting fol
lowed. Corbett led for Jackson's wind
hut missed. Jackson followed Corbett
around the ring, and the Ietter laughed
as the Australian tried to hit him and
Fourth Round The men walked
around each other cautiously for a full
minute. Every time Corbett led he fol
lowed it with a clinch, lie landedII hard
on Jackson's side three or four times alnd
received nothing in return. The tnec
were fighting at very close lqurters.
Flifth Round - Jackson eaught ('orbectt
lightly on the ribs and then played care
ftlly fr lopenings. Corbett foreo'd hili
into hi's corner. hut in the rally which
followed .Jacksoln had the Ibetter of it
hoth men still smiling. C'orlett Ihd
hard for Jackson's stomach, but nmissed.
Sixth Hound Jackson taught his man
lightly on the jaw when the round open
e.l', but nothing was ldone for the next
minute. Jackmon was forcing. but ('or 1
tbtt's dodlging was very clever. He
caught a gosd one in his side and then
landed hard on Jackson's jaw with his
Seventh Round- Bloth men were ex
tremely careful. Corbett jumpll d away
from several of Jackson's straight arm1
leads. Jackson was on the aggressive.
but there was no opening nll'cled that
lihe could take advantage of.
Eighth Round --The round oplened like
the previous ones with Jackson dolingi
the leading. Neither men se5e'nwd at all t
distressed. Corbett forced Jackson toI
the ropes but could 1.i, nothing. li-e sac1n
reached Jtck,.on hard on the ear. how
ever, and the round closed.
Ninth Iound- ('orbett again reached t
Jackson's side, but not1 ard. JaILksn
then lanleld on the other's chin and fol
lowed it up with a hard rap o1n C('rbett's
wind. Jimi gave him a hard one of the
samine kind as the round closetd.
Tenth Il.undl- Jackson reached Cl',r
Ilhtt's neck twice hard. Corlbett drIove
for the other's wind, but missed. ns let
held himself test far bIck wlhen he led.
Eleventh IHund Corbectt continued to,
tight for Jackson's stomach. Ibut the lat
ter warded hint lloff. A sllort rally fIl
lowed ill onll of the corner's but no ldamn
age was done1. Jackson cleverly a\1oided
several hard ones fromt Corbett.
Twelfth l ound Corbectt again landed
twice on Jac(kson's stomach Und juit (.tped
away from a swift drive at his jaw. The
battle uIp to this time had Ietal it decid
edly scientific one antid Ilooked as if it
would continllue so for sole timll. If
there was a differencc ibetween the mnnn
.Jackson was a little thel fresher.
Thirteenth lHoutlnd Jackson Ilade a
short right hand jab and landed on 'lcr
bett's left arm. ('orhett put his ,left
lightly into Jackson's jaw,he then swungf
his left viciously f.r the head but 1.a1k
son jumped away,
next led for the had i but ('.rbeitt
Fifteenth lIuund Neithetr '.imt. ,i n
dirtpositiu to force 1 1at1ers i the1l
anti together ft r this r ound. Liittle ,r
nothintg hwas 1toe durin the whole
S rix.le'ntih IIi gund I (',i'llt hI.ataig
ly for wid but eJackn..t estrped. 'Ti . i
' nI'ex ti t ngid at few lighit blhtts anii
near theeluse Jim caight his nean head
ly uoin tihe jaw twilce which hru .ht t,iti
- grilt tpplause it .
Sventeenth iundl Colrbeltt lalldd
with his left onl thie thrijot iand l ii
s.(verall effort to repItIt it. Jackson. l
3 then iaight Corbett hard on tIhe chest
Sknllckitg hin b.ekwiard. He tIn tIgave
erl-lllteenth C.rriIIlound Corbett illll li
I lha.ldy on ith ider. .lck~lni was evi
Sd .ntlyl trying for is I anlillli'r jltw. Jlinl
Sreachedl thile? neck ratheilr hlard. and :i tihe
r roundlll was abllot to close, he ll ighllJt
SJa;cksol halrd oi the mouthii.
a Ninheteenth IRtl ulndl Jack..ll wi ilg hisi
left with great force, but Corbett ts.iupid
r by ducking. Jackson then reached ol'
Shim la gllll jilb oni tlhe chin.
Twentieth (Sanid Corbeltt Ino·.kid
Jacksolln hack with ia short i .in ,l iin ithe
throat, then forcer) him into it sesrte.
r and the rally which followeIl'orhett had
adecidedly, the Iest of it, giih lilng Jilkson
" several .ery lhard right and lefts ih the
I Twenty-tirs.t iroundl - \Work of the p're
Svilous roundI put Jacklsoln lllon his mittle.
He gtave Cur ellhtt at hard ot: olll tihe jiaw.
I but received ias gtoi it one- in r-turnii. TI..
a llun followled each ll otihr uround theI
rilng during thle reIlainder "of the round.
a but no halrl wlas doune.
a 'T'wentv-S~.ecllndl Roundlltl Jacklsolln worlk
Sedl hIrt) tol l lndl (on r tt' ortt' rib. lbut
I the lattler wasl very quilk land ee.alpetd
Spunillshmellnt. He thenl rieachIed Cor.ltltl a'
jaw lightly. but did no injury.
t Twenty-''hlird 1L.uund Jacksonl lt.t
1 Corbett walking baitkwardl, led mit 1s\v
i eral tilmes, but tCorbett junlmped awil,
I Twenty-Fiftlh IRound autious sprlil
ring was the order.
I Twenly Sixtlh lholliln Corbett ,.ni,,bt
SJackiison a sharp left hanlilder in the sii,,i
It Leaves Death and lDetruction in Its
Pathway Through Northern
Houses Blown to Pier..s, Burying
Whole Families Benc:ith Tinm
hers alnd l),elris.
Eighteen Million Feet of Ioumner
Burned inll Mllinneapolli
Loss 8 17 5.00) .
louomes Blowlr ta |Pileta Iand Men. Worein,
and Chlldren K'" 1 or l.l.llr 1.
MExIco, Mo.. M1sa 21. The cyclone
which passed over the northern portion
of Adrian county yesterday afternoon
killed three p.ersans iand seriously in
jured a score of others, of whom four will
lie. The track of the storm was about
I00) yards wile and passed over twelve
houses of which only a sportion of one
was left standing. The residences of
Alexander Carter, William Powell, Dil
lard brottrs., ialsen ltunkle, George
Crane, William Yoetmnier. T. B. Hall,Val
entine Erdell, S. S. Norris, A. Ahlfeldt,
J. M. Menefee. and .John I)oerger were
blown down and literally torn to pieces.
Italsen Kunkle received injuries fromn
which he died within an hour. His sons
Otto and Henry were severely hurt.
Yoetnmair, wife, and child and Clarence
IHarvey, who was visiting there. were
badly cut andi bruisted. At S. S. Norris'
the scene Iteggars description. The
house was blown to pi.ces and seven
aieltmboers of the famlil who were in tlh
house were all injuredal. Three of them,
Miss Gertie Flehtcher. Mrs. Seal. maotlber
in law, and a little girl can not live.
Close at hand was the house of l John
I)tevrger, which was detmolished. His
six year-old daught.er was killed and the
balance of the family, tiv', in numbetr,
were injured, the nie,-y.a-r old daughter
fatally. All of I)aoerger's stoc.k was
killed. Three lmen,. Mas.tll Ka-erman.
TLhomltas anI Hltlltmr IRogers, seeting the
lstorm. laid tiat on tlt graoulnd alnd clasped
hands. Hlomer, who was in the middle.
was killed, while the other two were un
mic , t,,.,. . .
in the wRstern part of the oiunty the
worst damallllge asi (lone lit thei fiare o(f J.
F'. Hlarrison. His sn wa,.s Ilowin hialf a
nilet and lodgedi in a tree. lBith le.gs
wirei Iroken. At ine stallion was blown
.ds) yards and kill,,. .\ll l the mela brs
of tilt family w.r, injurId. luilindreids
of .attl(, ho.s and sheaf( ,."re killed.
N%(w\ 5tlemntlh9l Line.
lt.+lat n, May 1l. . I3. 'ranlt lair
fax. re.lprn.ntini an t.aiglish ) .sdieate
with $:85.i.ta.a Ielpital. is in the city ar
ranging preliminairies with a view toput
ting oi i a line of steainers to ply bitwi.in
(1iiceiag, and Euroalan ports. It is tih
intention to build ten steel stent'aships,
wihich. at first. will run bet.twi.n ('hicag
anl thlI English (coastt. Itroi.ly to a poart
on the PIristol cihanNltl and itullatelv to
ixtendl th route so as to inctludte llan
burg awl lirenwun. 'Th s naliate is to
be .intlolled hy the (:reat Western rail
way of England and ('arditf )tDock T'rust.
''The line will be diev'otd Iexclusi\vel to
freigiht business. and it is exilected to be
put it ope.ration next year.
Found1l (Guilty.
.. I'\i ., May 21. .\ Iioneer Press
special tfrom Fergus falls says: After
eighteen hours' delt eration the jury
found .Albert I ;otleen guilty of maurderin
the tlist detgree. lbi wais charged with
the inurl.r r of Roa fIriny. whosei frozen
body with a bullet hole in her head was
Ifound in ia snow drift.
N.ATION.l. I,,.o F.
('ineinnati 1, Ne\w 1 ork i;.
Pittsburg 7, Brooklyn I.
Cleveland 2. Iloton Gi.
Chin.o l1), l'hiladlplhia -
.\ M Il.t '.lN .\1 i-ai \'I'TIiN.
Ioston 2. St. Lois 5..
Athltir tl. Cincinnati :1.
Washington 7. Louist ill, ;.
lialtilire . Colu.,iuhsG.
WESTIRN .\m-,o' 1TrI(N
St. Paul 1i. 1)enveir 1.
Mliaopollsi (;. Liinioln 7.
Siouix ('ity 1. Kantsas (it 1 I.
Hig Ilargaina in F'ast BIack Ilose
ait Jo ('totrad's.
.I snt see lour speitialts in D)ress G(;nsls
and see \\ f sIells tht ahleapest. .Ioe ('ti
r td.
v on re eived a Mend fr sample of
RW itteri'kr ,i. ,n ld r ea of
Hh from as STORE CROWDERS n.t r mIldMeeisl Ht
seni usa PoStol Card RIins. TIhey will mur.
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we .. l.JOE CONRAD,. rinn aa.. .
chmayer than any st " i ue e everyu n
in tlh tt. m i .ace.
3 7 and 9,. Central Avene.
Shaw, Charlton & Co.
Are Loaded with all Kinds of
IEcct ~ mm u
This Wholesale and Retail Firm has opened an t'ntirciy t,".w and
extensiVC 4tock of
Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing, Cigars and To
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Fancy Groceries at
30 1 - Central .-Aen- . - 01
)ur method u\ll ix: to carry all goods ilt quaht lit\ ! ',i,untity to,
t suit the largest rc' aiil dealer or smallest c.,,inlsur , so that l ituen v.uI
are .i hicul if a Ii!l If goods you can c'ine l direct ti, us. cet stvturv
1 thing you requirt at the lo west prices and thus he l , ' i tic tilotlhle
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benefit of rates, aml giving the very lowest pritc, ,v' v lui that it \t ill
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our case with the good people of Great Falls fIr a v \' Id,,.rld -hare
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()ur I )ry (Crtsls are s.elected with tare and the piri.,.- v. ill I., fIo,,;.l v.rv 'l.'a,.
Gents' liats of all shalts and styles. but the Stitf flIt is tnt po lul a stylh fto,
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for the benelit of all: No. we will not keep them ,,ot if pries tt il sll then -
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to tbuy (or niot. (;Onits ldelivered anywhere in thle titi.
Shaw, Charlton & Co.,
301 Central Avenue.
9 fl Golids lfgir lar . Ba
General Merchandise
I; : . . Prices always paid for Grain and Country Produ.e

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