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The weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1891-1894, May 30, 1891, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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; 'MONTANA, ,ATURI).1Y, MAY :30, 1891. NL'MBER 90
ihne.rs of it |'tlarty of beaintr
. from Thio l(ity to thei
;IenI -f AlberIta.
4I oudo,ubltdly Take Plac( at
Sy, June 1st, '91,
. w.ill ofller to t1, Ipopl, a lino
"t £at our usual, or ratheir u .iia.
leies. E1ver)oe knw. that wi
adl vrtise, and w gualittlie
Ag$ re is Iot at silngle lon of th," lines
that is nit worth nearly doull,.
p,,;]y price. 1V, call spl ial att,.,
ýo~i to t h elegant Iblk Santeen 'hilhi t
ve oier for 1. Ts hi o q ilty has nevr
t .een sold in ( l,.at PI1.s tat hess than ='"'.
°'tla the bteautirnl I t u eX~lilsih" silk
l4d ihirts we offer at $t. '1hy r,
ey worth $i autnd have never iivin usol
'or am An investigation will prove i
.ineanse d1ecolemoainy ,to you. l.nk at tlt'se
1 Oe lti tf (; inghllu. HPersuIh kr and
.l- to Shirts at :'.: worthi -.
SOne ti. tof triped Ch.iot , 1ad I'lul
Snelett_ hirti i t i.).; t i ,wor th 1.
One lot rof ti, Inthw'k ,atvn Slhir'. at
$1. easdly worth r2. 'Thesi, vo..s at,
SrwtUnted not tto ,.,,,k.
SOne lot or 'le.antl Iii ht Strip. I'.ra
•hnelsat$I: N,ortl, 8'.
tOne Ih t iof t n itson, ichkd Silk
an'lr nett h ixt s tes t *1; w.,oth r-*
Onelot of 1"a,( .. Pl', at,,,l 1 nI' t M ",.s
worth $.:.,. .
One, lot ,t I ,i- t 'trip. ,tn I o, a ',th
. Shlrt pn, - hrine;b,i, . at -S: .%orthll . - i .
One lot o1 h ,,,,ison,, Sllk stripl,,
Shirts in I'autif'ul ulil , r luisihe pat
terns and , I .. t y iiuishied at -:"t ,; h.
Never w "ere ',o l for ht-o than "1. '11 h4.
am be uith I )t8 ': m ie.n l I "th . .
This r,,, will 11't ,Ji l l 11. -n.1,,
dayJun, I. I n l"fil h,;to:aul'n, Ir
of this (,,' i'1iInot1 . i ll, x til l n i,.I
ha.a chO e :, ' liiI.
Great Falls
Will Double in Population this
Great Falls
Real Estate will Double in
Value this Year.
You Should Bear This Fact
In Mind.
If you arc lokini flr lBargains,
call on or write
Tibbetts, Churchill
$*8 Central Avenue.
WCe \ill return tlhwm after we have w hispered our little sohng. We have struck sledge-hammer blows upon the
We are selling a line ,t .uits for fame and glory at Sio c\ven. Walk pric' of Fine lantaloons this spring and our competitors say we are
up and down ,which in time will be the mightiest street in the west) pfoiling the profits of the clothing trade. The good old times of a
Central avenue and you will find these great leaders at not less than ioo icr cent is last in Montana nl tli sooner realized the better.
$15. Ve won't boast of what we can do; we simply beg the favor of e
your call anlld the opportunity of placing before you a line of goodse er are afkin e Pants at $5 that our hih tariff, ar
front conmmon to fine grades that for prices no merchant il Great time clothicrs are askil( $7 Ior. \e have on the paint, and ar
Falls will duplicate. It doesn't cost you anything to test this and linging the war club of destruction to high prices. Comeic and put
the comparing of prices of other firms is certainly a satisfaction. us to the test on all we say and we will prove that
lIt Pays to Trade With HARRIS, the Clothier.
much for the "scenery" on the line of
the Great Falls & Canada railway.
The train stoppied at Piegan for dinner
where it well cookel. , substantial ueal
aiwaited the exlcursionists. At :1 io'cloki
it reaihe.l the, houndltry line, 1:12., iil.es
from (nrelat Fills. IIThere Inany fir l1e I
lirst time tradl Iritishi sil awl u ooked fir
the first tilme upon the uniform ,of theI
Tith (I11111y Old Warrior Sirrorunded
by Spetaltors WlIho Are Anxious
to Securllle Ili- .utograplhl.
Peter Ilart, a I)ynamite-Shooter, lDrop
1t Cal of tlhe Explosive iIand Is
BIlown to Atoms.
Thell amiltoi IlubbelhIr 'ompllliai.. ill tll
11:11itls it lReeiverl' -'illentl'l lh11
Io l I l'rs~llst itj oh1111Vl .
muh~ rl·i nlot |. '11(ntinued 1unl 111iI l·vit1.
lull.r. fiiti.,r tiith. priis ,( r. til'l'lt H''
broil ht iI. lTh ' d.l.iiy 11111i itHl]. t ilh 1i
In'll.h 'llJrr 'tli. i f nw t i Pii , lthirt e t,
ne,..r+ him. Th" tl,,t" u,.-e off',l',d to) c, p
iit- I it ''. L, .' vil'r l I if this t rir.ll.i
ticl wouhl aidiit the' t,'.lhiusan o, ('tult.
1,.ew11 tll n o t i' il ('it ,, it 11 '1111 I .( Il atl
th, fo rIr tr(11. 111 hi. wII P I, th i ,llS'S t
th,, lh,. l 1"i1oner had t hl him,, thatlt (';t..+'y
( n't !.l'+ .. oln . Tlh,' pros,.,utinli t . .agr ',
i, , hii'. i' lhi, af111 i't 'ir )11l |Ill' lii 1'rt
\1r, ', 1i 1, juryii tl l'' ihi hl ii l. .r t
nilt iin " "llt;" lrt'i . iii ,1i ii hI
,+11,. a l id h, i . )l.r .'t 'ii ' it
Tlh,, ('he.y,.ue, ,.,.+, t. \\hit,' ?,l,,,, . il1
l,.niltd Psu 'icih* h,'r',.at ni,,,i Ib su bl
hini hi.mself i thi i 1 i.' 11i i' i'.
hi '. , ,11 f I ht.l ,i lltriiitid' t ti thlI 'ht
lll il' rmhs.l I i ll. IlI enl h r il h I.l'.
ill'i:" 1l id i kt did ,, ,,.h , .. i( ni ,I ,hble a ll .
IiI' illt 1,1 r Al it ni fri lltleill lir. Nti
:11 I I 111(1 tRlll~r P111 115Al l(I I1~1" 1 ti (1111111
It (Alin fthlI I'. o 1.un u ft
111111 li'l ll ',' l t 111111l ti l iii Jill 11 II' for
cl'cl'l'R 3"'l'lrH.
lith illH elSt' R r lir il 1'.il+ . It l. lli ' h'll't
in Jlillllll.I I r'h3' Il . Iill M 'O lMiVl ' ili l:
"lrltl'uHt. IE i.Q'llr I, rl:llk A. Mllhllrlll.
lI-rI i llR , o ,f ti ll ' il 'llt i ili ,111 il ( il'
c~itt Hr (1 It~wlARRIRII JIrIM iitl·lt it I ftllc' 'trc~ll
Hi,- 1 .,11.1 I r ll fhI, i .Rll i H S Il' J.llI iIr
I-: 'l~th,, n, , i, ,',I-ti , whet nce t atc n"h,
I,,i 111, i3 'll, Ni i ,.t ll 'ttllllllr i ,1 1ll' I' l
iIIC! ,t t II' ('l1i ll ili.lill.lR illl'lllI'Il' tlll'
,l0 i - ti, i 0 Mi, - : . ..lff +a i t\; i',il ,.\ l t. lli
,,l +,r < ,,,'iii <l hei+ -bo,,,l hl,; l~<
\thi,+h .\llto'lney Port.r w+ith bot+niilil
1f,.. hI.1 hi+ ..till siiib t ai l and mil o,,ii st~rai
li,+ Hlitil to his hot,,l where,", IPh,+t\
lgri'i' foi r h'yi' standlllhr'.. Th'il t,'.tiloiiii
!.Xgiv I,) Ct'.,. ISlwinvil alhe of (We,,.
+\lih'..wvtiian II1 pilortianl frellil in ion
tabiihlinhh, thein.hll.rl~lltan it ft ii. to war.
I1,. mrilii wiih al~l the oilhicial Ipl'r. of
th,' ei1 ihr d ii'llilint lhi,;rinig ulponl thl,
viriltiiilastllltcl. prlleiouils to iinl at t hl
timli, ofl ('wifa.'.l det,!lh anld aillthough thll
,t,, iuniwnill ha il y bll]\ offer el]'~lld biy thie
shlfuin.i iiud th,.ir w'hn~issionl hiid niot .,.l
bi,, dcidedhht by th,, tcuri. Tlh,. ,'iI
Itii i'+ own'l tes.timiinli wast~ of. thi. sillll
Illownl Il Ato)Jlu+
idiliuimanl. |il.. Miiy 7"H. Peter Iliar!.
the wlell know\,'l glylelalinie 1hooiteri. w\'ai
iliitaintly) kilh~ tl il o;,'qcho.k thi+ ieveniiing..
Ih, hiil horln enigaitged ili shoolthing i w,,ll
oin Hairrilsbirg runll anld tdr'opplodi I trlil
cningll~l/ ti tlerrihh exploiiioli. IIll't w.aill
tellve~n yo'r, lIli
1 Itublwr Ciiimpiauy Goes I'p.
'Jli.\Tue.vr .s +. ,.., +laly-H. Thi, llJiii
iltonl Itubber c.ompianyi) wenlt rinto the,
hanlds. ofr at recelivir todaty. It h+ iin ltrust
wvith the Stari Ilublb'r 'omlipany aiid
olthiem'. Li.hlliltiesl, ..l00it0ll, neritlyulli
in ]plomiiisor1y nioti,+, i lnltatni+ly .,ingl to
pr-tet<.. fx Miiyor I,'r'iuk .\. iA~lugowili,
lproinenl~lt of) theTr'Jl',ltonl llnlhh.r e.ili
punyl), hiia. beenq tppintedil |~ receliverl
( liv'tr (). li~~niluin, lpre,1hhid t oif the Tlreni
tenl Terral'l (Cottii worki., waithis morn+inig'lii
Winin.iiteiI rece.live~r fori thu. ,.turi iRubtbtr
Ti':l;.'l'(,., N. J., Mli) +ill. The secrt~tr
inwetiin7 +,h hin this etyil hInt nlight Ib
the ('entiial H~ulbbr truist waiil tli+,dvlv.
bI\ th,. naionii ,f the. tcomllpniiei- ifcllmlpu
ii17 it. 'i hl. cosi nuilltiohn ilntludhes thu
mployI id in workitig thei in..,
I Io wltit-r ill ti' minet to sple-ak
11 t'ase up as alry anld sound a,' =- -
.ttit diwn. From th li, olint ti
uiak tiit. inclinil t rltt I new -
Itlf miih diistant. Mu.
rnl I..vl Iri,.r t, MONTANA
71111ll)U ri)(L| Illil'
I'c unnu enlui'
l get .it"
S '. utit isl ll i.arged thalt a fi,\ ui~ii it
tll tllh-ir 1wn1 iiw il\iltil. \\ill li , I l. he,'
luliforinl . 11111h till IIhunt i I iMttr
iitl.r11 I, lhJl h til l It lil Oii l. It i
i , tllt i'll llll'lr o ,rntl " l , ti. 1' h i
w11.. ll le11,. i,3 )1I 11, ll 331 l. L 11 33t U 13, 113 i Ill.
h.11.111.'1 thu di.*dilifm d' l. II iil ,t ,lll'iiii.
KtnldeH 4 f 3llir IIesil orif .f 3th lI
out lll .b "Ty l lik x ni r (i l're l I.hur in
Irnli I tll i ll ke itllrill I nllllltl t l M' Ilt alkh
rll·tI l :nl:tl ulti1 11411. ti ll Ilt. lI I. e itI.
t n ltt \\lll'l nIgI II, |ii " '.,1. ]tltill it'il i
tilIW il1i 111. ll r .l ' 111i til~l)ril'i 11i l li1111
Itlril. tl h nIl llltllrillt. u lII.~l iil3. W ill.ll'
rmisll~in r t l b 1 il ainild g ill tin W mi llnt intwlrl
, u thl. n ( ' tlltl ii fl tr K ll,1,v .ll tattrill
tIlltilI tiih fiiil hfl [i . I I lllirhl l ht i '1111 kt.
i iltI, l'il tl l ll t t ll w it. , hIuri gl t i llrn
1i1nI1. Cillll llli ll lillllr t ll deClill lll ttil
11i111ir 1l iii l ll ttiltk' f iii 11. Ii .ni till
tIllw t t itt i ve a hll ri ng 111 lt Il.tr
. nn 11 c i .rr ther a p L II ilialt l lt nlld
firedlihl u, l tf. Fr an.cis.~ K\ nnuly a t,. i'
t I" 11I s1, ftht\\ ll. iilltit nr elnty, I tlit Vl' ll
m y fo11111 depo .11it.rs when t kn1
i lll ., a iltIIi . 1 ,1 il I i h hI. 1IIi
I H Ill, ii t. |ll lItIt ' ' t. alit 1il 1li llat l' i
t l ii rl . I ni tig n, ll' I it. .i' ti ir t litl'a It
Ihay and ilt o.f the n[ilhtin*' anil unavili
lll.il l l il I 't1ll iL it lllllt ' 4i lll.. iv.1 1
it I fl, t ll. tii Ir ifdr I.l llllllVn I ·1ti nl'
lt tii I.ll hi t .t.\. tI , h l milill I tili
1111hr tin11 ill tlr h ffir Ol f ill SIrt. ill
(Jun.ll n hIulk it ii llh vii ntlr tell w\.helin, th)
i i Il~llllti, Lii~li·l.l n
Ifll td Ih ol.( aIf 1th hun I litL t n m.nli it1
1lIl illtitti illI. lit ii i ;h,
i1'111,.11 1111. .il I. (' I·t1911
tiilili l i f'i rl rlihlilt ilt thar .o il It lteii
(il i li ii iVi" ittli )'iill ttli '.tiik I i tll tiltI
fuli l 'l'Olli l.l .lt l .lt-lu ir Wii.i i tI'.ll 111. Iii
11t11 bmi k . lii IIi hrlilts.i l i l
ito t fill. lei'ii Ii. ly Ito. ii uili'it
1"111 tIh ll i f ll. | Itl.,o al Wt < illtr.
,i i r , I t a Ius'. I l r . lllli ir I , a lll Ir l · l
r.hs.uil su . I r. .li\ic In.lineIrii o h .l i·pljl al
ti3ltii i (titlirt ilj til Nit'1 il'ti li11 li nIIt
ilii I i , i l. MHiii w on il ligtll . i.tt Itllittg
11,11['1 llil tilkl'l . U~.lrilti l..Bi 11 \viii~ al,wl'
till.I iii llhi I iib.lil l ilr ht*'l tllla'l' illl.l.l~
(~l'\'l'l~l lli .'l' ill':. ;I'i lll Ihll·lll. ill '.. i'il II.
"r lti atii g t() w l an.\ 'llllil .lb itlLil Ilill ll
Iliht th, r l ~shl;h the ! a th ll'il r tifll.. Illti ih
culnllt , )" ' lr w l tl il. l '.i Illll ilO llll .llf \i.
theh otherl fo dr l rivll tha i u ,1" ih,. Iby a,
i J lryl ~""l .,ii t , f bald (. I. ll...i 'tr I l,.i,.l'l. ,.lid
I' r ill' ~ lhehi i h h r l i . .11uy'b. T s Ilplli
t,·cc.k 1(ili lil, l,l'1 .d.(,,lw. ..ii,,i'., li i.llh
Ihlil liiiif 'l i~f IlthJ i llg li Rnto .i h hk i. n r.lil,
ii Illiili'i i1.(1 i 1ii lii tVil Ihild, 1)1..l hlil11'.hr
I..il. l~3lllllit, 13 )1 illl l ),| lli~ l (i. J1,.. ll' illlill
rlali h,.. linl·i ill, ti i it ll- ino lh)i Ilu l.l " icl
IIiid bu.iii] li ke. .l e -ilIlrti u suly rihp.,h l...
1.11t4g I~ ilv ,.iiriilll.', I..llllri(D(I liil I. iv!i
by ll~lil. \illt h.o i th k'e \Illlt'n ,'I. ,ian I hllin
lil th b al Ihirii lili . : 1]l ' .', l ~tli' tht* .lh*
lliHIii \\.li~lll, 1' (Ii.1 l('lll' .~ 1~ 1,i ( ~i':.( 1 t~ll li.iil
t.!ln l.\ill lR lli\ t lii ,an . 'l't n,, T hel ,
\I'iI' ' illa I( i'st i te)nnowl 1 ' t k a!ll lli
bit . .0 .l .t l'iil iht \H ,l ' il bii )| 'inl,,th
(,1 ltll' Sil I.,lhii' ,. :li( l il l mlht lli
. I 'lit mY 'l I. r p . .i n ' mb , lh
% .I , in ish ',lvis , i,: . i b t I ,; b iris
II f~* plit.,i'lidin i : i li ,,'t.ith ll.'l
liil. '11, co milllili hi -i I,,,i~l e, i'i
Sil'lnloii. ..hnn.y~il UN f 11h . G.\ r.h . 1ll ,r i
howh len.t~i chneier ofllll~lv tihe weqe i n|~'lill
gtv,, nlotlie thli gia~ilt linmen woubt iintro
,li. .,uli a ill .1,s cll.. whh'h w utlllI anniilh
the quii ntotl . pr.,hib~it hritiish .iibjectsl
I'l n ali itch.|ill7 n. ai in lilchrililg ..al fr li
peial'~ the. i.xte.t at1 w.hic'h will b.. ,talt
.1w il the. bill I,. bt,'.ilght fai \aird.
Sltll Thaey strikel.
.Ni.w Y'.'ls.11sy 21'. Tlh.' i'lplorit thia
1.ulliw olf Ii,' lillibler dl,:lh~.r .\.ilub open~i
their ynni rda ~hy lind thiil lh.y hwl, I .
evale|nt f'lril tin-ir or'igiiiil ;iff'teeillwlt \wii
e.iilh tienth ill) slenihd thi,. ninirisint7 at ']i
Shanldlinlalters o ith l h umbellil r I).,alqr.. u,.
..w~in hion. It i. .liowVn b,) tai .,ii.lls Ilbut
rth.. i'unii npii on.l od' liilbe.r iii the, bibil
ing ti'adl' wa\' i n celltld toolir' h' wee.k ,of
the t r like' abouit so) i.r ce.tii iill thl,
l.,etemlil wiee.k iibouii lit p.r iclnti. Thl.
et~silliltle lolsle i01 \waiges biy thel workmlliei
* heinl7 thro~wli unti if iemphd,yliiwni ihurinig
( ih il" "ft~.I thr 1] st.rik., iiiiitilll~ tio
week to ablouii 6i.'i.i4ilil. .liloiil thie
I trike, oni nuiiiil0 uniiil ni!.t wAiek it is abii
fully "- IMIiii lii.,l wiltl b thil'ownl .ut ofl
eniplenl)iinlt by thii lstopplinig ofl bilihliii7
aleratioiiinis. The tie uip i4 allol b,,hn_ v,
vlerely flt~l iii .\lbanyi, Ihuill'lo iaind 'looi
wanii.[i. whe~rl, i ]ll'rge hilliiibel ofl i allli
iiIll'l it l)'ilig illh'.
.l niinl in hir Tllil.
|'lNlIl, M a~ly .'.1. Till lotoial~lsll I';ill:
lhsh wiillili, IE.vel' ni l'ill. hili Ib'i' 14'i
I tenl'e' ill Ihi.. I'ity t ,ix nilath- bi,1 ii;
olnniwnli. Shit wails ienliig d ill ,.w'imilinl.
l n riialg'llIe. bi whi'h 14he, secutrald nluallilh
lprolitl. fromil her v'~ictim..
l~llictrls 011 ii1(. ~ji ;l' I .arle'd·n huank
Il~lC( Islet A trlitl RA I , IlitIIii Ioi*
'i~rll lll~ l \(jlijj C1 11\tri~rm eut.~ t
II(.f;tsi l Ijirll-kellcl titlge of' ~·(tH. Lititil
(lilit Il 1(4.: i~(lll (1IIII (t l~ti (111 4.· T~i(llr l.IC.1)(
lIst ·(11114 1.I'lll ill~\ r(ll1i t)III rIgil.ls (·((II tl
11141 ( t -1 tIC li tilli~ Ili111 tri l~t 111(1~\ ~ lu1
111111 14 Ill ' 114111 III!! ill ill Ill~lt.ljll·i ft (
H-sc~ 111-14 li i 011,11,1 lund )IIIIII.( 114 It (.I
jl(14llljlll ll ii 1141( 1114 l:l'il~ l ill tll 1 11,1.
1111114 111111Illn lIIiI. Illl ll\ll1114 lIt~ l
1 ,1 8 l:3, IN' 'l'1l1": II ItNISS. I:ss
, h al g e1, 1. Il II I L l l l l l l Ill . s'` ,a . u s e :, u % I i Im
t l ilkltl( ., a al el Ih.
I t. c il, . Ili\ " . .Jt ,!lg I;r, i-k.ll i
|It' t .ii l ' ii t;ur'e. tItv i t I,' l niPrIt'l ir i
Ii t is1.1 N IINluti-2to , n1 i i l i-t - '1
' 'IIi . tIti.zi i',lll inlsittl t lei;t I for isl
:tl ir ', ti-i.t liri; , r ii i ,l- iltti lll vi.itt iu it f
il hug15: It ti ' ii git-I t l ul" I 'sI j i_ tk Ill'· -
iti, t llh l't . tI tinbl ust, il I' IIII' i li " i tl
u ri. , ti aeý:e lu b ly e n , a g e ir ,hv ,
t, w'l-N .. t. lf.. lat J .. AT h ,i - i ul th
I ti t tlt 'ui t irrl i r . t' i l th' itt ll `i li Il il jo ur, t ed
at ln,,in ift'r lhast i Itdlt ig ttid i pltan i
pll n l.wll n . .1 o.oilliu itt.i t l."nsisting of
\igh.hl n ni n \,lc T .il lh\.m r , t I. ll l i f r o t c h ij u d it l ll
distril .nil i twou- It lt ., ,a t l h\ n ' ) .l(' -{eet.e
hu I'urthi .r th \' interests of South I)D uk t lt
at .iw u W Irl's fair. 'rhe commission still
r.","ui,.t the goinv rnll to roll it special
..ssion of the l. gilature for the purpose
of appropr'iating .: l0.l4i9) to ti, vote to
loth I)ltakot='s ihibit. hn ease the
l.:i- latuiri refuses to alpprlpriati that
Sant or fails to make l nily apprllr intiol
till n,,r lhmisslinh' is to raiisi tilt, 5u.u 1 lilt.k
The mnn.,i. sion ,,f i'i thte.n will look
ofher Nouth l)akolti's iht'ri,,sts through
.,lt. The gvi e\,nor amnt quite ni nlU lber
IfI' stale h llhiials were prceaent.
et.iiIr ce l)eferreld llrhgll; lneral iii il %lelike.
llSi.lml K. N. I).. ,lay '_ . it.u n.c,',
wal t a,.ly deferred until uinle 1: in thil
rais of BIoI lihl.,rts, tonvitte, .If us.ault
\with ti dln~,'rillus liou l .in ('Cluurlh
\\hilt.. I," n ling a de.ision on ,,otion in t
a i, w trial.
,.,lv\'l ly five 14n,. ,ngagi'i l it ti e
Northern I' u'ltie I-ridgI here strut It this
morninlg fur high.er wasages. 'lin. ar,.
flutw rieeig.ll ..1.:13 midI wan\ t ý I.7, .
1 u1i. t bi' at,.-,l a Ir h. lhau n e , tii untlile
itatilt d.
•1 Iul-t.. \ is.. Mlax "S. .\ ('hi,.a €o .
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in ii i ftrlllr" li named Ludwig u und family.
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We are the Pioneer Dry Goods Store of Great Falls!
We were the first to Mark Goods to something like Eastern Prices!
We carry at least $25,000 worth of Goods more than any other House!
We occupy twice the room that any other store In the city does in one Branch!
317 and 319 Central Avenue, Creat Palls, Mont.
The Leading Store!
0.998 in Gnrat Fa!l .\cknot,.ledgc L" th ( rn.
New Goods Arriving Daily. Every Day We
Throw Out New Attractions.
' I:\ry fa l, .:, ol tr tle \ l it h the Store. the
God1 and the uni\ vral Low P'rice they find. Aie ints for Butter
ick' I'atterni;, Ii ster'st Genuine Kid Gloves,. Dr. \Varnn r's C,,rsets
P. 1). Cor'ets. 'tc , Etc. Setn l for Sanirple, and Gou,. VWe keep at
first-class ner to look after vyour traide. \Ve quarait t to k;i\ first
class satisfaction. Try is.
C nr l A e u. G et, Fa, , , ls . Mo t n. U ;.:I. . .
Two D),uble Corrners ()n Eighth Avenue
North an(d One Doublei Corncr on Ninth
Avenue South.
5,0()( Shares Commonwealth Stock for sahe
at a Sacrifice.
X'Ml' I;,ston Fir,' (',munnitte'k ]H,,i.rt: Brick th,, o)n'y Fire Pr',.f .Mat, ri:G
Br'iek, Tile, TraCoataand BuildingCo.
The company are now prepared [to book orders
for all kinds of brick,
W t!
Central Avenue. Great Falls. Montara
Two I)ouble Corners~ on Eig.hth Avcnue
North and One Double Corner on Ninth
Avenue South.
5,00() Shares LCommnonwveallth Stock for sale
at a Sacrifice.
id,' liston~l Iire' (~ii cii t14 "" Iir'rt1t: }Bicik il~t O iv ~ t I '~r i N li P r-f Ž
t'i Urr hi ri'l~nl f tin~htrirlgl which Iilatoni"tw i.y n h's. u--i1 h .w, i th I..wi
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