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The Clothier,
Gives special attention to m g the
wants of
an Miners.
) N EXPEIfENCE of twelve years in
.the cl, hing business in northern
Montana wfants him in saying he
knows whati wanted by the trade and
is prepared to furnish it.
Weekly Special Sales
Are very popular.
Mail ,orders will receive pronlpt attn
tio; ..
(;.l ' IALIS4. 't
~~ S~attaNT
Great Fals Stables
Cor. Second Ave. S & Third St. Tele
phone 126.
E. W. PECK, Prop.
Great Falls, Mont.
We have now a large amount of Brick ready
for the Market and at Reasonable Prices.
Yard, In band Coulee Valley.
oreat Falls.
Merchant Tailoring
A Full and Complete Line of
Foreign and Domestic Suit
ings for Spring and
Summer Wear.
Perfect Fit Guaranteed.
Third str,.. bet. Central and First Ave. South.
i-i n- -- s It'sa matter of regret to HAdoIS' (omnmuencing today. 'lTues-HAI S' ,, Our h.ationy is . l iAi) '
Conditions of our business us to leave Great Falls. the "L lay. J·une kld and continas an in the' it.
necessitates a discontinu- U l city we love so well and ing until our shelves, coun Those desiring the rotm and
ance of our Store at Great whiwch we have been identi- ters and tables are cleared Iixtures will consult their i
Falls, which will take placetied with, more or less, since of everything, we otffeurour own interest by not delaying
within the next sixty (00) its conception; but, as here- entire stock at purchase the matter. It is all in a
days, during which time weo f tofre stated, conditions of price. or. in other words, at nice comhplete and clean
owil offer our entire Stock of - . our business necessitates S .Ls first eastern cost. It is use S L shape, and with but little S E
Clothing, Hats and Furnish- - this move upon our part. less for us to name prices in changes in the storn fixtures
inembraces at s good a line of d a ha e been thrown We prefer converting our goods into cash in preference to detail. Come and see for yourself and satisfy yourselves can be made available for almost any kind of merchan
embraces a good We want to convert the into cash and boxing them up, and our Closing Out. Quitting Sale will that this sale is bona tide. Everything must go, not- dise. As rooms for business purposes in Great Falls
upon the market. We and n many ntn ill disregard certainly prove a great beefit to the masses, even if it does withstanding the sacrifice, and nothing will be held are scarce, please take notice and govern yourself accord
pidly altogether. not an adverti dodge, as we work a temporary hardship upon our competitors. Conme in reserve! Lease, fixtures and store furniture for sale. ingly. Nothing booked. It must he spot ca' l I
mean every word. WE QUIT SURE. only talks while the assortment ib complete. No goods booked to Cash only goes during this sale. It is HARRIS, the forget that this great sale of sales is to be our ( " ig"i
mean every word WE Q riend nor foe. Clothier, who is now talking. BALEI
during, Sash, Door esetc.
S.&hand. All kinads of i.r1b ,
They Nominate the Winning Ticket
Amid the Most Enthusiastie
A Stirring Set of Renolutione Whichl
are Adopted Without a Dia
* nenting Vote.
Iowa I)enmocrata Sound on the Silive
Question-They Favor High
They lPas aRIngtag Set of Resolutuons and
Favor Free Coinage of Iltver.
Orr)'MWA, June 24. --The democratic
state convention was held here today.
After the organization Col. Charles Clark
nominated Gov. Boles for the head of
the ticket. It was at the conclusion of
Col. Clark's brilliant address that the
most enthusiastic incident of the day oc
curred. Just as the final words were
uttered a visible device from behind the
scenes was touched and a huge banner
suddenly dropped into sight displaying
the portrait and familiar features of Gov.
Boles. The effect was instantane
ous. From the audience one
mighty cheer arose, and as
Col. Clark turned with graceful gesture
to the portrait and said. "D)eocrats.
salute your chief,' the enthusiasm was
almost without bounds.
Mayor Ficke of ])avenport seconded
the nomination of Gov. Boles and in al
luding to the Iowa leader as one who was
destined to a place on the national ticket.
again aroused the deafening enthusiasm
of the convention. Senator .1. II. Shields
of Dubuque, who liha. the honor of nom
inating Boles for the govetrnorship two
years ago, also seconded the nuinamtion.
"'T'here will be t presidential tileltion in
it182." said he, in conclusion. "land who
is there to say that lie whito iha carried
his f,llo1wr,. to I.,itIe, Ii , pIroni
ised l iun ma.l li: then -ill ri) t fiollowi
era Intt II, ill i ,ut it li, iltl know
.Jh i1.liii. ll, t ' ItI' ' to ,' l tl, ttint niu
the r feet, aind laidtes n, ilhe b.axes
caught the eithlttsiaiit Itby rihing and
wie ing their fis andl hnt i ilrchil':.
T'lhe hiial truak lupl. ulld Lani Si ,1'
snill tihe a ouil u tlicei n,ill it' the l ita iiiii
ttillu ta t lithiste I i ltlt lllm i nliU iiliiei
of the wonhvhntiohn was lnever hiard mnnhl
tht chenerts which the il ttitiar in ludt
c-ll'd forth.
The ticket was conilh teldI with aitin
ut-I ,lestow if Chiliiritn for lieutenaitl
goverlr L. l.. K 1inne otf Tolan tcutll
for iu preine juidgtp J. . Knmpler, super
intendient of public instruction, and i'e
tel A. I)ey for railroad commnissioner.
An attempt was made to apspoint six
state central comutitteenien at large, but
the resolution was laid on the table.
The greatest interest was manifested iin
the report of the comnuittee on resolu
tions that the platform as finally presen
te I contained the silver clause of last
year and was unanimouslyadopted with
out discussion. The platform is as fol
As the signal illustration of the public
good to he secured by letting the office
seek the man; we congratulate the peo
ple of Iowa upon the pure, able and fear
less administration of our present dis
tinguished chief executive, 11. P. Boles.
We demand the repeal of the prohibi
tory liquor law, and in the interests of
true temperance we we favor the passage of
a carefully graded license tax law which
shall provide for the issuance of licenses
in towns, townships, and municipal cor
porations, and which shall provide that
ror each license an annual tax of $tin
be paid into the county treasury, and
such further tax as the town, township,
or municipal corporation shall provide,
the proceeds thereof to go to the use of
such municipalities.
Third- We favor such changes in our
laws as will insure full otit.' equal taxa
Fourth-We favor the Australian sys
tem for voting; wo denounc the reolpib
lican party for the dereat of this salu
tory refo a in the 23rd general assembly.
Fifth e reaffirmn our adherence to
the doct re of the comtrol and regula
tion of r Iroads as now enacted into law
and we vor such changes as experience
may shi to be necessary.
Sixth We denounce till trusts, pools
and cot ines and we favor such action,
stuate d national, its will forfeit to the
public !1 franchises anti property made
up a ir by corporations or others to
*fore' sts to the injury antd spoilation
oif thp sople. The democratic party de
clares that in division of the prodluct of
labor and capital. labor does not receive
its fair proportion.
Seventh--On behalf of our laboring
and producing masses we renew that de
votion to their interests and rights
which has always been the fundamental
doctrine and practice of the democratic
Eighth We are in favor of the elec
tion of United States senators by a di
rect vote of the people.
Ninth- We reiterate our demand of
one year ago for the free coinageof silver.
Tenth We declare in favor of a just,
liberal and equitable pension laws for all
invalid and dependent soldiers and sail
ors, their widows and orphans.
Eleventh We denounce the McKin
ley bill, the motives of its authors and
defenders and the theory under which
it is submitted for approval of the Amer
ican people.
Twelfth We denounce the wasteful
and lavish appropriations of the last con
Thirteenth We itare unalteraily op
posed to non-resident alien ownership of
lands and of foreign syndicate owner
ship of our industries, and we also de
mand that all unearned railroad land
grants be reclaimed and held for actual
Fourteenth- We tender to the Irish
people our profound sympathy in their
struggle for home rule.
Fifteenth Resolved, That we are in
hearty sympathy with the efforts being
put forth to make a creditable exhibit at
the World's fair and favor a liberal ap
propriation for it.
Coria Grnowuig at the Rate ofI Flve Inlches
in 'i.I HoIurs.
W.vcm :uito, Iowa. June 24. Today
has been the hottest of the season. 92
degrees in the shade at noon. The sun
llas been obscured by clouds most of the
time. the excessive temperature being
due to the hot wind which has prevailed
all day. leavLes on trees mI-te .ulriig lup
and the grlase is ladltl Setlled in plta-est.
It is thought the hot winds will ni, tl do
niuch dalllage to cirops. owing ito "
moist condition of tlhe ground f~onI II,
recent rains. Corn l\ -.Itun! , ,w ,
mernt grtew o\ver t ,Ir in Lh. lan,. l
experts say tonight wIv -t I ,t ,,r twt
A Nihgara-Like Torre'IIt ( aI .i'" .IlTllt iundl
I)alitrllttllll I. Lit " I ..
('IIn nIiii : l i\,. .I, · . 2 . . 'I I ter
rors of the .Jiohns, t ;I,,, , 'l iin great
ipairt repeiattedt in tI a .':. tiif . Sev
enty-tivte hoi use , . u r'il out
or sight in Ithe r : ....
mially lives have 1,,. Hi , , ,- I, i ,t
ter of ulncetrti el ls l
ne to have Pt .
Ith'l. l \ t i it iiit' i
ialeter, with i ' ,
lt " t ao l1 :: l p '. ." ' 'i
the ditil ru1 tion of te i
oily the ivu\r. restltiug ri Iep I
h.Itfrom the :.rl sieti ' I " I
wnest,s or the tlo cihll I .ii . I
tmallefct tht isize of thie towi, r.ntl
Most of the dosiru'tit, in .
witought by'rt ithe extrusrdinar llrl'i
cirosx riedt riesultir and rit tl. I,,
dontuld hwn rr of f ter ftroe.tle
wulic ithea ofi the iiinltlensity ..ppi ld
nn of the rior. od l b ith ttnferredtt frm at
the fet that it carried fti f itlcarently
without effort the big trust bridge on
which the Illiniois ('Centrntal rai lroad
crossed the river and with the bridge
went four huilindred feet of tlretle on
which the b onllany'i trha ks ii a piprot lhed
the river. lTni rilt the is ottle nux s ait
the hitlghest istage ever known.
The best ienrnatini indticntei that
the Illinotis entrl rails are under wateil r
ontinuously fr many miles on t Ihia i ie On
awa branch and that havoc. Ioth to the
Cntrdway and bridges, is slmething eo l
dom paralleled in railroad history. .Id
vices have been rceiewed stating that
Vice-president Harahan and a majority
of the other high otlicials of the Illinois
Central company are already en route
for the stricken territory. Many datys
will probablly elapse Iefore tratlic, either
passenger or freight, is in anything like
a normial condition. O)rilrs halve bleen
issu.ed to receivei nio more freight until
further orders for alny point Ibeyond .Au
relia. Every effoirl is heinig malie to
night to bring oil.,er iout of icllios, liut tihei
absence of ilueuitlit inforlllalio iill
and paralysis of trlnslortlltiun iia llost
nullities progre . (iaings of workliei
and several railroad i tel grilliiers hIld
reachedl this Insilt tonight but c.oiilul get
no further and coull hio ut little if iill
thing here as yet. It iiiy Ih a week
or more lieforit lthe full exitent of
thie disster is known. Olther
railroadls besides thie Illinois ('entral
can sarl'cly have esttiped lgreat lllliltge,
iparticularly the Chiiago i A N\orithwesteiln
and the Chicago. Miwllukee o. St. 'Paul.
As nlear as can be learned thel. area of the
stornm as given has beien, if iianything.
undetrestimnatedl. According tol the latest
advices the storml falls little shrti of lthe
great tri-staitle aliction. iii ting not
only a huige streth if cunltry in laiwa.
but large piirtiilns i.lsll f .hlinesotl i and
Insure your wool with Phil I iibson.
Whlch'fettles the (onflieting ('laims ~0
to Granted Lands in Favor 110
of the N. P.
Cotlumlll 1 ,ist the Favorites--Y&ale P
a:d Ilnivalrd. and Breaks w
,/the Record.
A I t' . of 1.istmrutive Waters in
.Q nesota --A Burning Sun
in Iowa.
Whict Atllbets Lands Lying Within the
Grants of Two Great Roads.
ST. PIr., June 4.- The mandate of
the United States supreme court was
filed today in the office of the circuit
court afftirming the judgment of the lat
ter court in the case of the St. Paul and
Pacific railroad company et al. against
the Northern Pacific railroad company.
By the .lecision of Treasurer Sawyer ,of
the Great Northern that road must turn
over to the Northern Pacific road the
funds received by him as the price of
lands un arded to the Northern Pacific
road. 'The lands are those that lie with
in the limits of both railroad grants
where they cross near (ilyndon, and the
lands directly involved comprise about
'8,(x) aticres, and much more will be af
rfected by the decision being those which
:ie within the contlicting limits of the
grants. The lands are all in the state of
The Northern Pacific commenced suit
in 1875 against the St. Paul & Pacific.
Afterwards the court allowed the St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba road to
tile a cross bill. In addition to the lands
I affected by the cross suit there are some
:3.,tJ00 acres also involved which were
placed in the hands of Mr. Sawyer as
commissioner for the purpose of keeping
t them tn the market. The case was eli
missed without prejudice as to these :15.
t (t) acres and under the decision now
tiled tlu Nerthern Pa'ific ha-c to begin
another suit against tihe Manlitohbn coi
laniy to trecver ti.e nilllov re ived for
'this land. ''The . eead b.ehve--, it is en
t all tih 't,1le Ivine . thin the
. i.. 'ily' ta ",v t'i , I a ,, tr'-d ts. 'TiLhe
i-all of ili(e linds
nliliie 'hi ih ,'"n' e- ','th!, lloin the l
gr,1i t of lti; St. ..aLl A I'.i, : railr ald
I rt'iliily ill tllhis tUesiiue will Itw st
thl ,ii iin l re l tl t -,f1 th, s c t..
I '\\· |Jt~ ri) I) 1·; iI, q ll o ,tl t ('el~nr :l1, |il,'
a:ile three evantC(·'l(..I eight-oa 're'd trac
.\,on ('olu h .bia ahle ill IIrr(tau I
resit.ei(' crews was ro te this inoon on
Ic 'lllnes rivler over the coursell frotl
he ni avy yard to thel railrhiad Itidge and
vita won by Columbia by thrtee lengtlis,
alde second and Harvard third, ,tin
ength behind Yale. The time was: ('il
tinbia 9:41, Yale 9:.i'nZ, Harvard :.:5.
'olumltia's time is now the best on ree
The result of the race is a big surprise
i nearly every one who has watched the
iractice work of the three crews. Hlar
ard was generally picked as the winner.
with Yale pushing her closely, while
'olumbia was almost counted out of the
'act. All the morning a stiffbreeze
hew down the river and the waves
brteatened to swamp any shell that ven
ursxl out. Toward noon, however.
he wind died away andl the
alter cahlted down so that it
was decided to start. Water and wind
'vtred the crews most decidedly. there
wing a strong tide running out and tlhe
wind blowing with the crews. This ac
:olrnts largely for tihe ftast timet Imuth lby
ll the crews.
The rlefere sent the t(c'rews. sWtl\ tin it
iagged start. Ior the lirst half-.ilh it
r:s a very preltty and texitilLng rlct'. the'
:,ree cr'ews hing well ,ulcthed. Collllit
i;l having it slight advantiage' otver Yahl
ind Ilarvard ltut a lengtlI hehindl. 1I
he seeonl half-idle ('tbiluhlia and Y'uale
rruwi away frtom lt rvarutrl. slhowing near
y three lengths of thlear water. 'l'The
inish was hardly moret than a grand
ramible iiin whi.h. scientific rowing'i was
it a dlisjounit.
-iltc^C.eo, June 21. ('ittle Steadý
it yesterday's prices: ,primn, to cxtrastee'rs
smtiG.3.; .'5.to)bt 5.ik0; others, 85.IX)# ",.0;".
mraaiers, it.nlr 4.75;: T''extns, r2..5: cows.
.I250tO:,iO; Sheep irregular natives,
4.t10ti 5.215; '1'exans. 84.25St -.L3.:westernts.
t.45(g14.9i; lambls, 84..9; I;.
Old Hermitage Whisky at Kennedy's
l22,1 Central avenue.
Ole pencil, one Dos- A PREPARATORY We carry only rell
tal card, one mlte ii able goods, on Which
is all tat is repalred FOURTH OF JULY SALEI our prices are oe
to let samples of dry i rock. We ir
lrock. we Ilie bea
Goods Iron Ike tbest The Lowest Prices Garanteed, tee satistactios.
hoose In mie coTnthy ic.[ .
Where Muslin Originated. White Dress Goods
Mosul, like many cities in Central
Asia. arneal for itrll a poutbtion of old Have been laced on our slauhtcr
for the bsuty ofitgold-wroush av been placed on our slaughter
textiles. ('oton lrw ll around in table. We intend to sell a big lot of
,plenty; the Inhabitants, epeo.islly the
women were lifted with surn quick feel- them before the 4th. The goods
in oftner tat the could spin thread will speak for themselves and the
from thie cotton of more than hair~like
ineness. Cotton with them took the prices will be genuine pleasers to all.
place of silk in the loom, and gold wae
not forgotten in the weaving. Their
work, not on. becaut ws so moth Dress Trimmings and Dress Goods
cheaper, but from its own peculiar bIa.o
ty and comeline.s, won for itself a Iih.
place in common estimation, and the Must ':o; we want to make room,
name of the town where it was wrought
insuh perfectionwas given to it s its and room we will have. Our stock
distinctive name. Hente, whether wov
en with orwithout gold, we call this rot- Of both is of the finest and wllat we
n toni. w nsin. trou the Aseatic oily can not show in both lines is not
worth showing. \Ve invite a close
JOE CON AD, inspection. If you live out of town
. ]. .. , send for samples.
317-.31 ---Central Avc.---317-31 Carpets.
lGreat Falls, Mont. We are making a big drive in Tapestry
TI-I E LARGEST Carpets. Our stock is very complete.
DRY GOODS HOUSE Our Order Depasrtment
t- Is fully equipped anti under the charge of
d IN MONTANA. an experienced and perfectly reliable man.
Wholesale and Retail. Try us. We are prompt.
tc -- e n a
lt I
he ,E
d6 . I .~ 3
Central Avenue. Great Fails Montana.
o SUALLY the finest fnrniture costs nuch m.rc than people ,f
In E .LY good furniture can he bought i\,ndert ily cheap, how
ver. See Phi! Kessler and lea n.
S hil K ,ros. r is
IE glad. f cIrsORS AND CIGARS. u.
INGING \odsCentral Avenue Greant Falls. - Montana\
buying rich furniture.
Sbuht the ir rnite costs mch e tan people
r that h modr t e has bcan iafford. u
. Ause may GREAT FALLSnished,, eMONT
In Pi r wl is
h b their i41 ii
E II lt C X is caurteouu6 ly feruea . N o + L) toii
dl Nl IIi t ii

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