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Holel by Sacaridcing Politics and t
All State Offices to Gain
thile Capital.
tlverly (olltrl ved S lchemn e (given
- AwaY Meanwhile Another
Minister Starts for
Hils Field.
ins Away the snap Concerning the
Capltal ajuestion.
.,,r.roatN, Nov. i.- J. Kinsley of
,ens. spreme master workman of the I
I . W.. is in Washington to attend
,,ovenltion of that order, which will
t tnomorrow. He is accompanied by
ts Sulivliun, also of Helena, who is
ulitor of Montana. Kinsley is well
Ic, 1 e, litical aftaies in his state. In
nterviewI today he indicated his belief
I Montana woultld have the greatest
tical jamboree in its history next
lI li believes national affairs will
atirely out of sight. The tight will
over the location of the stait capi
and of local officers. According
he 'provisions of the state constitution
ple will vote in a go-as-you-please
ner fr different cities in the race
rapital honors. Two of the cities re
.ing the largest number of votes will
til, for at the next election for per
ett location. He says Helena will
n the second contest, but that an et
is to be made by other cities to
ik helena out of the race next year
attempting to give Helena all the po
al olflics so as to rlise a prejudice
inst that town. On this account. he
. citizeLns of Helena who are mnore
restdi in the business inter
tof the town than in putting
iticians into fat offihes are going to
and prevent any Hel.na politician
running for any otfice. If this
a is carried out Senator Handlers. re
>lican. and (;ov. Toole, democ-ratic,
I b 'etired to political obscurity as
conte of next year's campaign. The
slature chosen next year will elect
ders successor in the United States
ate and the successor to G;ov.
I1e of course will be chosen
the same election. On account
itis state of things Kansley says it is
t to iasposssible to predict which party
win. He says Helena people care
e fer capittal honors than' they do
ut the election for president To a
t extent party lines will not he
wn in next year's canmoaign, he says
ely on account of the capital tight.
A |'reaeher for elens. i
Aiun.x, Wis,, Nov. 9.- The Rev. J.
('rooker, pastor of the Unitarian
rch in this city, has resigned his pas- j
te and will accept the pulpit tender
him at Helena, Mont. He was want
at Philadelphia two years ago, but
sd the position because of the great
lities for study afforded in this city.
field for work in Montana and thet
generally is a large and desirable.
and the inducements offered were
,h as to hasten his acceptance.
All Alarming Itua.
i:.. Nov. 9v. 9. A large number of
tomers of the great banking tirms on
ipzeiger Strass. alarmed by the recent
lures ,f Hirschlilll & Wolff anl
edlaniler & Sommerfeld today visited
ke and withdrew their delposits.
ere wiae a great excitement amnong
pisit ,r and it was found necessary to I
tail ,a ,umber of policenmen for the
oial lmurlpose of keeping the icrowd in
ler. I'hlce was it run ulmn bunks
nervily. All demands were mitt. how
or. and this fact tended in a great
easure to allay the excitement. The
'l<L' is now becoming quieter.
Eunthluasantlo idem)clu ras.
l)th. Moi.el, Nov. 9. - D)emoruits of
I M-Mins and Iowa generally, clle
tted their recent victory here tonight
the (;rand opera house. The principal
-akers were (iov. Boise, Col. Charles
S(lark of Cedar Rapids and F. W.
hman of St. Louls. The meeting was
ll of enthusiasm. The speech of Gov.
else was received with great applause.
A Lightweight iglht.
Coi.IMiuns, O., Nov. -). Ed Gorman of
luilbus. formerly of Buffalo and
onuny Comer of C(incinnati, light
eights, fought a finish tight tonight for
1,tt0 a side and gate receiplts. W E.
ibbs, the Kansas Demon, seconded
rman and Frank McHugh of ('incin
ti Comer. John Murphy of Cincinnati
as referee. A large delegation of sports
me from other cities and there were
nt 800 present. Gorman forced the
hting from the start and landed heavi
on Comer. It was apparent from the
t that Comer was no match for Gor
an. In the second round Comer was
ked and forced down twice and
the third and last round Gorman
short work of his man, knocking
in down twice and in the last Comer
led to come to time and the fight was
ven to Gorman. The performance was
enounced as a lay-down on the part of
omer. He had been drinking andl was,
Sno condition to tight.
Toe Much Liqutr.
Sr. PAtrs, Nov. 9.- A special front Ver
illion South Dakota,says: John Brink
an and A. Sebit, cigar-makers, were
rowned in Vermillion river last night.
ey were out hunting and the boat
k. The coroner's verdict was that
death was from a chill and the effects of
ilquor rather than drowning.
A Eorribles heth.
Sr. PAu., Nov. 9.-A farmer front
Dkkota named Anderson met with a
hOrrible death at White Bear lake sta
on this forenoon. The deceased was
n route to visit a friend at Taylor's Falls
d when the train stopped he left it for
me purpose and stepping to another
was run over by a caboose. death
iltlang almost instantly. The de
* was about fifty-live years of ago.
Jaskson challenpsl Mlain.
CHIcano, Nov. 9.-At the request of *
Peter Jackson "Parson" Davies extended
to Frank P. Slavin the following offer:
"Inasmuch as John L. Sullivan states c
that he will not be in position to arrange
a contest with Frank P. Slavin or any
one else until the expiration of his thea
trical contract next June and as he
would then doubtless need several
months in which to train which would
make it almost a year before a match
could take place between them, I desire
to say that I will light Slavin to a finish
under Marquis of Queensbury rules for
a purse of $10,000, which I understand
the California Athletic club will put up
and I will wager him 82,5(t) that he does
not defeat me, the contest to take place
three or four months from the date of
signing articles. Siavin, I see, claims to
be the heavyweiht champion of Austra
lia, a title which I won, still hold and am
f open to defend against all comers. If he
can defeat me he will honestly he en
titled to what he now claims and be in
better position to meet Sullivan for the
worll's championship when the time I
colmes. 1 trust slinvin will see the force of
what I say and favor nm. with aan early
1 cceptaince of my toffer. ISigmnetl (Charlhe
. I)avis. for 'lPeter .ahckson. '-.k .\rk
street. Saln I'ranllivetr,.
f - -
1 .1aia.a. 11.. tNot. T. ' Two liaaii a
Sstreet t busliness blocks aollalpse.1 at 1:11
,a1 clock this afternoon iaand it is fear.ed
sevaeral persons are hurled in the ruina.
C( )nea of the hlolck was a stone front four
stories high occupied by Iterrica & Son,
erockery jobbers and retailers. The
other was of brick three stories high oc
I cupied by the bakery and confectionery
establishment of B. Lattesty. About
twenty people were in the dining roamns
o in the rear of the bakery. They heard
r the premonitory crash and rushed out of
- the back door, all being saved. In lHer
rick & Son's store were lBaoaker, Carl
e Sumner and several clerks, all of whom
r. juamped through the back windows and
g hars. Sumlners was cut in tIhe heatd but
o otherwise was uninjured. The fronts of
Sboth blocks fell into the street, the heavy
, stone work of the Herrick black crash-!
ing clear to the ground. Several persons
were covered by debris. Francis
Miner was pinned to the ground by
e heavy stone, his right leg being comlt
t pletely crushed from his body just above
s the knee and only the bleeding stump
being left. Walter Stanley was crushedl.
so tlhat his feet will have to be amnpu
it tated. Miss Laura Waltz, a school
is teatcher. ran out of the bakery throughla
ty the front door and right through the
re falling stone and brick and by a miracle
to escaped with only a few scratches. Mrs.
a I)avid Frank of Coply and her daughter
7e Zeedla Frank were hit by flying brick
and knocked down but are not seriously
hurt. l.oth Herrick and ,his son
and S. II. Lalferty say all their ;
clerks who were inside got out }
safely. A bystander who was beyond i
the reach of the falling wreck says two t
or three persons were on the sidewalk
just in front of Herrick's store when the t
crash came and were buried in the t
wreck. The tire department was called
out and heavy stones and other debris
piled up on the walk ten feet deep was
being taken away as rapidly as possible. E
Whoever is buried in the wreck is be
yond human help. .Alma Rush, aged 1;, 1
who was in the bakery, was cut about
the face and was covered with chemicals a
used in the confectionerv manufacture. I
She is not dangerously hurt. The
block occupied by lierrick & Non was
owned by I. Isbell of this city and Henry
('lark of Hartford. Conn. The e one occu
pied by Lafferty was owned by the es
tlate of Dr. E. W'. Hloward. Loss on the
former is 8$5,(l;itl on the latter $14.t.l.
Hlerrick & Hon's lossisnrlI.( ); Lafferty's i
hiss is about $8l.'+tl. The rear walls of
tlth blocks stood intact and the wreck
ag' theIre did not fall to the first i, or as
in tfront, thus giving the occupants ii
thanc' to escape and it was it seemsoi a
mirtacle that a score of lives were not'
Itst. The wall between the two blkoks
hIas been gradually undermined the laLt
eiw days by water washed fromn an oveir
tlowed sewer. The lsbell & 'lark block (
a as pronounced unsafe some time iut I
anti Herrick says he called the attentin I
,1' Isbell on Friday ti the loose brick in
the cellar wall.
A New Diaease.
FluAN KI"roa'', Ind..Nov. 7.- lnformation i
was brought here that an epidemic of ai
now and dreadfully fatal disease has
made its appearance near Kirklin, Ind.
A few days ago one of the clhildren in
the family of John Wyman was attacked
with a peculiar disease that battlled all
wedical skill and in forty-eight hours
the child was dead. One after another
all the children of a family of four conli
tracted the disease and died. Wednes
day the mother, Mrs. Wyman, died.
The father and husband is left a raving
maniac. The description of the dis .~se
is almost too dreadful to real; .
For the tirst few hours t'*
patient is atlHicted with a mi'lu
fever the tongue then becomes itifamed
and assumes huge proportions. The
organ then turns very black in color, de
composition sets in and in paroxysms of
the most intense suffering, death ensues.
Physicians say the disease is known to
them only as it is described in medical
books and that its homeis in Asia where
among the natives it is as fatal as the
cholera. They call it the Asiatic black
tongue and confess their utter inability
to combat its deadly work. Later news
from the affected district says that seven
new (ases are reported all beginning
with the slune synipttolms.
Killed Illinmelf to EI.rlape .iuatiee.
Sr. l'.ati. Nov. . ' T'here were two
gave birth to a child eight days ago
which Sehrastder abelieved to be a pre
mature birth and that he was its father.
Hie learned that the child was fully de
veloped an an as lie had known the girl
only six months it could not be his. The
child lived for live days andi then died
i mysteriously. Scbrtoeder was enraged at
the discovery and threatened to kill both
a the baby and its miother. The baby's
i death occurred Sunday. liHe shot and
r killed the mother yesterday. Of(icers
r have been oni the lookout for the mur
k derer ever since last night. At 5 o'clock
this afternoon Marshal Stroup tof North
St. Paul discovered hebroeder near an
organ factory in that suburb. The man
started to run and the officer pulled his
pistol and ordered him to halt. Schroe
der stopped, drew his own pistol, and
shot himself behind the ear, faulling dead
on the spot.
A Gernnan Nrlllation.
('opyrilghted 1M.L1 by N. Y. Amertiatl PrI's..
BFwr.tN, Nov. 7. A sensation was
caused in financial and s.cial circles
here today by the collapse of thI bank.
ing Institution of l"riedIlaend, i. S om
moertld. This failure is asecinated with
the rjeent su pelnsion ,of the hankers.
Hirschfeld & \\'Wolf. The fact that Fried
lander So,iumnmerlleld were financially
embarrassed and that they would tfid
difficulty in meeting their obligations
was knllown to somee of the operators in
the bourse here early in the day. Large
forced sales were made and this action
vaguely attributed to local financial
troubles. -These sales caused a general
and heavy fall in prices. but the husi
ness of the ilay wua over is.f're the
tragic incilents closing the icar,.-.r of the
bankers ieain'lll ge'nirally klnown.
As the furts in the case dle-veloped.l il
aprieared the fiathr iand su ni t in their
odihe in the hiink elarly 1i Iullrnii.g tan
rlisu-nes-il the crisis in their i llairs.
After talking over the matlhr pro and
vun they .cu.hlhclud that as, they were
hpelessl.. embtirrassed they wouili die.
It is understood this rtiltiun ti htake
itheir n lives wiui in .ll grat lultlas
iei to thei fnet that their nrrists was itn
pending. as 'elik onutnhertiehll. the son.
sad bectl-oe involved in spicuaintions
which were morl e than likely it hmliel to
his arrest on a criiinal charge. Having
arrived at the decision tliht tlenth wvil
ireferable to arrest and dlisgra.e, llth
father and uin sihot themseilves i the
heatd, using rciilvers. VWhien the clerks
in the oltce. ilarinmed it the relports of
the pistols, ran to the private
ioftle they found father and son
still alive. They were conveyed to the
hoslpital in a dying colndition. 'The tirin
has llen in existence for li hliung time
anti held a gIn dl poition in the tinaniiial
I world. It had a solid reputation as a
1 teady-"uiing holuse. Its enustomers, whoi
Sbelonged chielly ito the niddle class,
were scatteried througlihout the empire.
Since the llirschfeldh WVollf failure mainy
of the principal clients of l'riedlander &
9Smnmerfeld, who had beeomine alarmed
regarding the stability of private bank
ilg houses, nimade heavy withdrawals of
ideposits. Herr Suiunerfehd tried to
meet the difficulty by attemnipting to
realize on his investlnents. 'These.
Showever, were lucked uip illI
industrial and other stocks which were
not readily marketable and eventually
Sit was found impossible for the firmn to
Stmeet its engagenemenits.
meeite na engagernlts.
Police have taken charge of the firm s
office and placed seals upon the safes.
The intensity of excitement caused by
the failure was such that it was a cause
for congratulation that the fact of the
suicides was not known until after the
close of business, as it gives the public
tune to reflect before allowing them
selves to give away to a panic. The best
informed members of the bourse say
that they do not expect the failure to
precipitate a period of general disaster.
though it is certain to greatly increase
the alarm among investing classes.
This evening a large crowd
assembled in front of the bank and
threatened to carry the building by
storm and recover their securities. The
police had great difliculty in restraining
the mob from carrying their threats into
execution. Many artisans are infuriated
at the loss of their deposits. Friedlander.
senior and the surviving partner is stay
ing at Mentone. A telegram has been
sent sulmmoning him to return to Ber
lin. Inquiry into the affairs of Hirsch
tielt &. Wolff realizes the worst anticipa
tionn. Tihe firm has been in business for
c; years and had as its chief t'umoner
ziAeturath lierr Wolff, who ot .upied sev
er al other lpositions of trust. lit, was a
I h.did little in a speculative line until
recent yeans when his private textrav
atganlces andt lssts at the gaining tabLle led
to his .iembarrasstint.t lie tried to re
Sup his losses thugh dealings on Paris
and Berlin iuoursts. A.s matter of fact
the firm had been insolvent since 187:l.
I -or a nu uber of years Wo\ltff has been
liv\ing by selling and pawwning the securi
ties of depxtsitors wiorilng in connection
with Banker Joseph L.tipsiger. It is as
scrted that Wolff with all the facts Ie
ing known to Le ipsiger ftated slurious
draits through leipsiger and pawnedl
securities of delsesiltrte amiountingL
in value to 3.000.1(1 imtitarks. IAiplsger
finally went to the wall antd his fullure
Shastened the downfall of IIirsthfell &"
Wolf. Among the numetrous aristocratic
I creditors of the firm are Prince Ilenry of
Prussia, who loses s,0tKi) vtmarks: Prince
G (unther of Schleswieg-Holtstein, a broth
er of the empress of tiermany. whose
loss also anmounts to 5.;0,(tI miarks. anti
Count Iutticben, a prominent leader in
(iernman society. who is out :WK),(01i
marks. Other muembers of the aristoe.
racy who are severely hit are ('ount Zetl
litz Treschler, Count Ilredow Ihiclh
stager (Goldschmidt and (ount I.Eulen
Ierg of the imperial Ihusehold.
and Count Lehndorf, chief of
t the imperial stables. A large
numlber of industrial companies lose
f their deposits. Wolff is confined in Mt
abit prison. Hie says he is unable to
umake any estimate of his liabilities. lle
I has a number of heavy gambling debts.
The emperor designs to cleanse high
as well as low society and his goaii in
t tentions have received an impetus from
r these disclosures. The Wolff clique
H Haunted the demireps in sumptuous rai
i ment in the best boxes of the opera
4 house, ant with their frail emianlm ons
drove in harouches through thit 'Thir
Officers belonging to Berlin andi other
garrisons who are following the same
cife as the Wolff crowd have received
r caution through the colonels of their
e regiments that the emperor will wipe
o them out of the army and will use his in
. fluence to ostracize them in society un
less they mend their ways forthwith.
Rstl Mema on Lse tsaspsage.
rl l):NRa, Nov. 7.--Gov. Routt today
received information from Routt country
d that the Utes had been off their reseva
it tion and were roaming through Lily
h park and along the White and Vanmpa
s rivers conmnitting depredations and wan
id tonly slaughtering game. It is isti
re mated that during the past month they
r- killed 3,000) deer, mostly does and fawns
hk Iides of the deer alone are taken. If the
.h Indians are not soon returned to their
in reservation trouble is liable to ensue.
Silxth Addition
Consider the Location !
From Park Hotel
Corner Lots, $600 and $700
The Great Falls Water-Plower
& Townsite Company will, on
Wednesday morning, November
l ith, 1891, offer for sale lots in
the SIXTH ADDITION on the west side
of the Missouri river. This addi
tion is distant less than one-half
mile from the central business
portion of this city and is readily
reached by the iron wagon bridge,
just opened for free traffic.
The Car Shops. Round Houses
and Supply Depot now being built
by the Great Northern Railway
company will he in full working
blast before Janurry 1st, 1892.
The water mainls to supply this
portion of the city are now being
laid, and a \tell equipped Brick
School Building will be ready for
school service before the first of
the year.
(Quick and substantial develop
mcent of this portion of the city is
assured; accordingly--NOW IS THE
TIME TO INVEST! For price lists
and general particulars call at the
office of the G(reat Falls W\Vater
Powcr & Town1isite Company.
As Taken Fromn the Btourd This Date.
Lowet Highest
kid. Hi.
Iondon. N.lh'rt ............ .15 1.a2J0D
iamond H.. Nelhart........... 1.00 1.211
uneen of tihe Hills, Neihart... 2.00 l.O0
SInoren es. Neihart.............. . .10
Ingersoll. Neihlrt . ........... ! .2
('umberlandi . Neikart....... .00 .10
talt. Neihiart............... . .15
D Monarch. Neihart............. .10 .14
Commonwealtbh, Neihirt....... .06 .075
lit. James. Nelhrt ............0 ,00
WhtlPrýrwill. ('arpenter (reek..0(. .15
Holt Mountain. H larker......... .r, "10
r Ontario, lHarker...... ..... ,l .15
I )ry W' Hakr ..............21 .10
I Mountain Bide. sarker......... . .0,1
Idl Harker .............0... .2 .25
tol. Silver. PlaIinnm Ind
Tollurium. now (Creek ...... . .17 0
('ornuop i, s]now ('reek...... ...6 .40
hJak DimondL now Creek... .10 .14
I. .X. 1..sInow ce ........... .10 .20
leslnsto_, Snow ('reek ........ .10 ...
Jennie Whipple1 Snow Creek. .10
Waerly. Blow(reek........... .10
Brown Qu1sdQn..e B.w 0'rsek .10
oweepet. .. O k 10
araP tlas blocks of treas i.n sOat in
mines no beinl deslo As agoon invest
m. I a.t mca be otIn Mon All corre.
,sondene pron.ptltt.nded to.
(1 1.000 3hsrss of Commonwealth at........ ·.
.00 shar St. James at ................ ... 4 4
S2.000 shares of Ontario at Barkerat....... ....i
H. - G. - [leie's - lining - Exchange,
r Rsferenesa: First National. Dank. Oreat Falls
National Bank IdScs. t Hack. of Great Fall.
For LadiesOnly !
harm wh n thy inl'.-t yalur mloney
in thf
0 Splen~did Bargains
.Which w\v ar, u Inw offlrinlg. It
i. 1111 n y weVll iliV.Isted :Iln.1 will
N. * yiehl y.u hlipr returns.
. 'rThe fullh ,it list :-hogs y)u
"Oh. ll lay!.haV. yo lsl tnItll' s W 'Mt ilfthetllr'fl, . h11 w soi I if i i t- ll ri t ai'r. T'u
hl lllX '?11 htlt lt n N b O llons! ouhln .u tltll'n( . i' llll-'lCl t. is("rl't:i th Ill q ali| % orf.the4 X(e111; "
' NI'lWcy :I r,' 1ur l eI by oflfrelltlll a ;t Dour stole,. Ix Wlilni
A full ..i-inclh Tre.I t, in all tI lotrs. at ............. ... ......... 1 eat
-inch . . ......... . .....................2 t
:Ito incth loaking, half price........ ........... ......... ... +2t.oO
Our line of Dress G tHwl.t is the finest ever brough.t to this ,,ity. It is
only e.lUaled by our stock of Hosilery. IllnderwerII' and Fa111ult'y (.;a1ns. whi'ch is
most .eomuplete.
Ourt Millinery department stands at the head of the 1las. a1nd embrates
all that is new and novel. As we buy feor cash our ctustlomelrtt et the benefit
in at big re:lilution in price·. We call save you Y: wpr 'Hllt Ion your fall pur
c.hases. Cnme and see.
BECKON & AHERNS, Proprietors.
S. .
, w ' . ,
S(, le H
I r w
s C,
Y ,V
Central Avenue. Great Falls. Montana.
The Finest Domestic Cigar in Existence.
"21 and '223 Third st., St. Paul. Ofli.e -;rand t'l tral Ci-iir ,torc
Distributing Agent elhon, h . H. presentati\, for
CementsPlaster _Sce IC Piotooraphs
Fire Brick and Fire Clay
HILTON'S English Portland.
nANOVER German Portland. C. E. Le Munyon,
AKRON "Red Star" brand.
MILWAUKEt CEMENTS. Phti rai artitr the (r.ut
Also Michigan and New York Calcined
Plaster at wholesale and retail by the BUILOINBS, MINES. ETC., A SPECIALTY.
Machinery and Supply Department of
the Great Falls Iron Works.
See the elegant views of the Hiighwood
Notice to Oreditors. Range, The Falls, Mt. Echo and Twe
ste of Martin L. Tolbert ds rd. Medicine Lake now at his
Notice i. hLerby ,tivhen the ander.ianr!
dnataitrator no the estate o Martin L. Tolbert.
elmed to the ereditore of and all p Va'r Studio 13 Park Drive Soutkin
1. . . .. of --~'? , Studio 13 Park Drive South.
foblt w.0thm. ther naoee ry voaechers within
four molthe. ater the bcrt publication of this
notce to the ,id admlnistrator at the law nce
fT. L. KBrd, tBrct FIncl , Montna, the U 5me
b the Dylae f or th. tran.ol ol f the Ima. Stook Sheep for Sale.
nero of sid soto Inthe tcn of C('mcade.
.B. L seT, om,000 to0,C0 head of ine stock shep Oe
Admirist oi Martin L. Tolbert. Deceased. iD.. Vora . c .i lpn eao oordag
Dted, Otobr .ll,1. OtN lS'O'T. Ursatlna.

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