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The weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1891-1894, December 05, 1891, Morning, Image 1

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Rook lemtorioal 46
I Nathall,
i Agent in Great Falls
all roods bearing the trade
i Manhattan Shirts are unexeelled
unlit ant make and none others ap
ch IhIn in fit, in fact they lead ii
I lint jol as hats bearing the trade
n the hat line. But other niu.ufac
ra iui only try to imitate.
)ur Fall Stock
ci'wplete in every respect wiil better
I ever hefrre. Wie have been striv
to get the heat gimuli of the heft
vs and have succeeded in ivert' de
ment. In nearly every instanie have
red cole control in treat ialls of the
is of manufacturers that recoguiie
n mp-titor.
all, examine our stick and he ena
IlRempetifully yours,
L22 t'entral Ave
rs. Mary Mackie's Hotel
!here you ian always get the best
1and bed to be had in the cump.
I Rol'klI"Ti 1s.
erchant Tailors
=Gents Furnishers
On F"riday the 90th inst.. We place on
hibitiin the latest fidi int in Trolus
and Huitings. Thy iure the tineit
HlIS made and are imi sorted directly by
from English and *ri nh uinufnc
in (ianta h''urniwhing I s ni1 it4ok
iipriwue the newest designs in Neck
ar, MutHlers, (Moves, Ilosiery. I(i-t -
ar, Negliege hiirts, etc.. ite.
Ahai a fine asnrtnuient of WVilsoiuii
he Manhattan,
V the Way. What do - - - -
-- -- - -You think of it?
I & SullIvin's Auction, CDommission
And 2nd 3li sign,
Or. Third eve. nd uFourth t. south--No it len't
Inuawetor Sackett T'akes the Witrnes 11
Stand - Il3s Evidence the
float Direct Brought ii
(O ut.
Mri. Barnum Undergoes a fligid a
Cross-Examination Her
Testimony Not
Shaken. '1
The ('losing Arguntints Will Ito
Maude Before the .lacy
TI: he 1 i teran not on ul litn," t
''IN1 o)I.S 0hii hthl
ye"Fterday a 171rg;, 1art of fihl t,-:ti nony 1t
for the prosecutino nd ,hu *ent.,.e a,
submiitltd. it
Inspector suckltd's etitbtnes is the,'
Imost dire "t sit far bro-ught sat by the
prosecutiin. Ili was on ti ItinllI yes a
terduy morning ndmiit'Niiiintl 71 'tt soui'
of the paints thout which hli- testillied n Tl
'JTueatlay. 1Mr. liantmo ii I ret'~tI tilts I
who does the cros. iyestioni n for the t
defense, took the witness in hanI snoi
put prohing nuestions to hin a it I, if ll
on the opening dity. His testittiny %i ; is I
substantially as tirst givro. inte of hlii
witnltesses for the proseeutitm pester~liy.
forenoon was William Lee. the postnius
terat Kibbey, a station tn tht mail rott,
hotween Aritington and Mti tiilr. Kit
hey and Main are the only postitillies
between theset points. Li t's testimony
was corroboritiv i of Stckett's testimony
shout the registered Iett r pissig
through hils oiijet atier it wtis tutilml at
Arnmingtun by inspector Stil't. TIls f
Kihbbey ptstnumster eons, d lie, first i
ainsemteit of the trial. Ill rlplying to Ii
citeiititoling with "That't strltiglt ltn.(ttl
r A1ftr weveral of these deelarations \1r.
- linuin. ill his courteous Imanner. asked: t
t .-What do )-o,1 mnean by straight ~nods'"
\", ll, it 9 so~n1 dillg that pis p ", d,"1 n t
e Iget tanglde up in. It's the trothI."
oTet exL"plunatlin of tin, w itn," s seemed
t' to lit tre ry sif:wi-ftorty ani iriseid
ui nih.
2 nlm. tiliri lij. t1 11 ileif 1 i ht. ens ihe
first wit ines itullil by 1r. ltinis. Shl*i
was lots the otand Itn toi g t lot t ilt l iy
and undierweirt a rigul coss enaitnnl
tion byl the golvrrlnment 8l attorney. .\t
tint'. it-1 th i q stioni mall :ulv rs. tuta
the lbjectiins of hsr laiyeri. :.aus so
ithilt nal ust that the lidy stu niurapli
ers piiuil fairly Iluw uvir tlih paper.
Mrs. uarumin is it Iriglit wumnui and
was ant at all eiinfusdii by tohe crIins-'
examiner's qulstiofns. It subisItn uin hit' 1
titiiinuny was in thu lini i-f thu iu ipening
statement mane by her sualns ii to the
jury on 'Enursilay that l ilnspir11y ex-I
inted to ruin the drfendant anul resultedl
in her indietment by the I nitel Sates
grandijury ' mr mail rihilry. The theory
of the defense is that the mails halu
been iyiiteiatically robbed prior it
.Augurt 214 last. The iiefense ilo nut
charge this to the li a1nns. wilii
hai the jamuttllce at Miun before Mrs.
tlariumu wits aii L inted i s the lost miu
tress. Mrs. Iarnum told iitiit the
stranger who came to the plait. uni1
stopped over night at the time the
marked $t bill or Inspector iu-kiett ills
iipujiared from the regi-tere-m pRacluge.
In the morning, after breukfiiit, the
stranger paid for his lidging and meals
with a *2 bill. 'This the individual who
is suppmueid by the defense to have taken
the money from the registered puacki4u.
itWhenever the prmt icuting attorneys have
iu-aisiin to refur in the stranger wlho
stipped at the ilarnuni runch lie is char
acterized as "this nystierious iunilviduiil."
Mrs. Itarnum's demuenor in the stand
and her ready answers seiniuid to create
a favorable impression.
A neighbor it h nit ha murouni fuitily wis
the next witness. lie is James iuuimp
bell, who gave his answers in it drawling
way. the said Mrs. iarnuim had tolt
hini to tell Johnusin to say nothing but
the truth. Jimhnwsm and ii run miian
niied tlarr are the witnesses who
ated a sensution at I;reat Pulls un the
preliminary hturing of Ed Iuirnum, one
if the anus now auliting I rial for anid
robbery. 't'hesie two men testili-il at
great talls that thu-y enthrd into a n(ii
spirney with ia lri nuii for the puriai
of diverting suspiciin iriiii his miotitir.
Shiey iiid they. ageiriI to ;in out in the
hills and wii ti-ht a iu:i rtimii.n iiail sn-k.
I'hia pe~rno Si as .,u1pipo el to 11 e Pool l Sir
,Iuhlt iDudiey lInhosw loll the jury
bth lation or the rouims in the
Iurniuii house at ttuin. lii did nut
thet na, tlntuni" medis rilsk the Mnail
narks withoil t siioi nil iit lot tlhi lmiiiil
l.untui of it.
Mlr , nrnuin lts il vear- 411 dautghtir.
Muabll, testified in beh-alf, of her Suitth r.
I'he little girl is pretty iiai was wail l
ihr-Htz.... She boolkwd straiight at th h just
men, muast of wihl"! ure faltherr . 'Iubhl
was sen!uvliai iniill at tirs~ ht s
fillt lit haim fnuu r the kluiul' y ii u'I iioniug
.. hlr. i-,iug she ru-u ti~nhered till
HI ringer ttho "o1,lnd usert iht~t~ at thw
noui s. atin that .. " auti-,. 11ir i iotih'i i t "$
uin's goi l i nr l.lutiet oit it ti ntiall
and t it tur metlllul liail in uinnetiii.
.1.11. McKnight.Ma"lnied.' list trailer al
Port Shiw, siut It'u, i tliex, client
reput gtio. i t..1. t i ita-it. 'i uperitieri ient
of the eontar rma thus wiiipanyi i.aid that I
Mrs. Unrnxut fat still it, tl Mnrtiiuy of
his mimptingany ias agentr t ttuatiu. The iui
perintendlent testitled that iheineducted
the utrairs of the" icompany in It
thorough loud business like manner and
that her reptutaitio wits 1toal. The traln
was coneluded for the day b\I .r. Itatum
rending a number of unklhavits from
leading cutizons of Sunk itadiia. Minn..
where the ltarnuiis reided tbefire ruin
ing to Montana. iiwoiitf thI ittoIt
who signed the atlida-its have known
Mrs. Barnum for tiwilv years and all
united in giving her iaul the ftinily an
excellent reputation
During thet proceeldings ýesterdlay 11r.
hiarnuni and his two conta a i-c taken 'I
from the county jail anit allowed the
freedom of 'l nrshaI l'iuraiy's oijlteual
joining the court roonm. The father is
middle-aged. lie looks like a hardwork
ing ranehman. Ihis nns are bright
looking young men.
The attorneys expient to tinisi the '
trial today. By consent the jnry wire
alloiwed to separate last night.
Ni New Fichr Eiirlitic.
1It ti..N A. Ihe. :. Ijhpecial t. tit
't'tiilt Ni; . IerC arnu .Jothntn wierlt cO
aniined today ill ributittl fti- the de 1
finet restlt. hi govor mtent atte-ipted
to show by thii that Mrs. liatt1iorni to a.
11wore If the ennspirney betwoon 11. h :ot l
ad tail the ttt ranchintt. 'ItTt att tt
suslicion; from Mlrs. l~'iarma thes 101.
the ".1ntn1 st'.ry ;e at l,-the pr litninary 1"t
lninli ."o :t Mt reat (Folk. it er if i
itit.i w ai- titer to tt. tA t I1ottwd.e
Butt M1t. Uirirunt kitii w ut." traniie
twon w1hiel thev l6;14 with h111.r sn.
Neveral a .nntpts tiers ma-:,- by the
prrnr liten to tistabli itb tit but the
touit -ie ustainial thit biiitt- n-' .iIir.
Vi ulti. liot tl t tit' wti ,ws here t
inpjeut-tit to ai lit- 11nratI ir tirt etuittir.
".ITarr said he" hil innele the nea~si iou toI
it rpti ftirin n to gkets -eueity ii hI. Its
romhis l~v 1 k1n 1l.-11o:i silent noonitor also . na1,:' hint
tlro iudb . Tihe attorneyi ttitt k t. :. ill
titi ti- eir t losi - ti-iiwiil iii lit- lii l- Ii l
tonlorr, h . %I [. ltuit rnIu- l testiti il uI be
ni.htf of hiswirathis nornini al orrob
-oratelt her i-stim.oy me ruing the
stranger who r lpped at then' hcuste
tt ben thlt markedt s' 1.1ll waso st"Ib r .
tlrenlnonw 1I f,,r1".to Moor 11.e FExportl'
BShe-t rIll rum Nanth 59oho.et.1
U nue14s. N. I).. f ee.:t. .1 S1.4-v ul trainl
!ar'rivrld over the (treat Northern )ester.
play. stringing to this city th 7nerail F. pt.
Case usnd Division Supt. I. \\. Itynn
t"from tit. Paun. These penti"o11 ow ail.e
}the trip oter their road for thl.* purpose
of p."rsonall) in1{uirin;, into I' th ' r it rled
;w theatt blrtlantle 1,nd1 .Otin:! :tl th1, Ill
formation rissible r1 lative to t iitmeto'It
usnd the furtlhtiei at hade f..: ..trimg f"r
til-h ail) n. t"aptod wlttat it tiht t lwitlr
$1t1 otio on th1eir" road in this par-t -it t;14
t slai. hanrp, nuinhernto emits) 11r". ;u.
eoalnl;; i.1 fronm t11. east toll ttheat is I
oi u: uulh all :II 11 astllibb pin lý cal ti ]
S rat .
I. II. N , Il,: ;.s f 'f* If' ll.Bh o i
I nit :'l :itut'f Nfht 11in' (1i11 fub. iMtf
his iNtfu ul reporI to S7 fr.t4: i i'. sft'r.
Thr oflitnirif rifvfiults of the gu{f-ii
lu nt tii fl i p ist tieni lt y Iur f{ r' ..tl2.
f orf : ll t Sifl. r 1 7: ilie4. sl)lituo M &f'vl'f i ff1t
WId thil- a lft i plf iW l inrplf if5. ils till
honds, pur:r ha;s'.ivit.i 114 .:17211i.f . i u in
rroats:, of ^-70;1:17.1:18. tiurphlu revienues
{ecru thuf rut dow n from illi ijloGt.ill tt' l.
ro,2I'.7P.w ichlas Mnlaitner wa p
plitif t., t'hff Irf1uc1tionll of th I pubbfd,.tf i II.
'ontalsl r- venut'$ auns tedl'. to N"[email protected] ;'.700.10
un, l ''cp'nhiiturls', $72.14:7.' 1 ).f I ini
crfafi If filout 11,114 if oIf If n ii i' i Fmflst.
Ithe ri'iletlfln ef'tf'teIf df uri i the yfar
in the ifrinfifi fit ti1, fboflffl 1hutf
1 fnf circulating fitltes wtihit 'un
not he reisusu4.d mouiniedl to f ils:.
1;41.27:1, unfd rffuirld 11ff ei ndilftiire
of $I2i4ft15..1ttli. incluf ing fireIikilif fill
handhs purchunrd. This saum {wis (mae
ui ii tskirfg litl;7f1.7:ti from tiff r
Lir ' o in the treas'ury ill ushlition1 to the
surplff re'en'u' f toif' yelr. The vitaf
f'ju'nt 'educ tion in tiil' ifnual intl'ret' F
charge :cus P,:.:2'2.51"'. .lecordlitry t the
rIevisel tilgllluen the u1n.1uif t of ass ifv ill
tiff' .ountry nn dune :..,w I f'\uf'if of
Iertrti itftff in circulatioin fir ffhifth tiff'
tl'fsl ry heif ldepf iti, if u I Ni .1:,11,, .1. If
(if which 81M0.1i f,11l11t Iff''llig I t thl.
trnasury andl 1 , t'118 i ilial I : i if ;14 11. 1
lation. TIhere wast a not low of m.a :.il.
Iti of fi g ldffad a nft gain of upwlrd of
n810f,tltlt.fJil in ti'er Iifnif *il an f if a1e
finft c'ntrfction of mIi . f0ff.*l If
the whale volume.
''h in usurer ' omputflt' tlls frif
thel psunt olan watrs there halt bLoc u
a'1'iige incrf ise of I'l 2,' ' k" f lftf' in thi
e~nd of .June to IN eomeuir i1, thI- :uuount
of fn' e y a'tually in ci' r ulfatifi. I i,'fii ff1l
by filn i {'1ave 1 ffg r is f fl i t.fll'
Ithe end of Ilesembe~r to thl( lemi ..f un.114.
Tihl inerruse rsialized in the al w)'. 1.
hats in-( ncearly douubl* thin ma .t ,d
!i:18,IN,001N01 and in the h.-t Itw', i4.ar
the uverages+ hive h,',n ,l,
h)y 1:{.ixo.4N11P. I, In itually l, ht
amountust of note, of :mill it ,ne
inllion" hows bee"n usest o t I~ th,
wevt and nuntl tsiu4.4 the lirat .f .1111
rhirlly fur dlepossil in th4. ash,,(, -
\4.1{ Fork. The agtgregul-allu to I :,"-l
talc of' Nsovesher r4.neehel d it awar ~t : "B.
(M)O.,(kt),a sh ;i1H 1,npt .i th, ltk.a tft.ci ho'tulnh
proeeding year. Meuamiral; hI 1* ,i. o
impro1v."nant in thlt-usjlditiml ot n g
partis nlarly Filrer hsas h4.,", oliveted,
nearly~eIwl~lndos of uncurrn't i
Ithe treasury ha ving, been rt"Kt, I',
1ff i ft. .1"4 th iff' Iffif of iIt l' if
1ffferial 4.f 1,ftlff in f'irli fftifl. " i:
tiff t ff infr''a'ltio 'l! 1i l it f tI ;f
'trif s ifrf iflf' s rf'f'f n.f li/li . ii
.Joi er s ef r silf'f'fir.fsf ecfii i l t I f
liiis' In refg vei t. It i' 14, . .. but
for the. prIjuihIli *, gains tf nilf .. iit''
inn, ail fi Iffiri i iin it e Ii i if i ,,', 1 uf l
lung rlnce hail'. besn relite{4, sI ', 000
pillftif of its 'Io l lf frnet'l , l ii l
The tro lsur ir oint' out r t:' tithi
prijt' lit in thf f caf e of 'f if'f ,r rf,"'" i i l
oIf ethJef r grI unli lef, IincIkl i ( tif. It' w
their furr . Mcy. no fffirfafiif . 1 uF
froil tll. stif p il tf e ff il Iiiis i i " ,
feivf'f l f ti the I rf u ui iry for f' lt ''ii' iii
lung us the r stfumf p f an if i'i'ugfif f n I.
provided the loan of oct'' i' F u. to
nutursi wour. Nunrly Mt .1hv,itakin uate"
if bank nf ots hf ve W1*i 1 'ii IN' i . i
umount mut h f bove tfif l avlrai 11
dkiifinitis of new IIrents eI"essi itb
draiw'lii of ld bndi, :nt i there ffafi . 1
iwsue of new mutes amonuntiug lto 01111
$7 ,01 0. ' iii fill I
Thei Canuadiani Pacifticl Steametr lars
knteounteri4 Very Stormny
Nigrht l;v ress 1ilt' ; Big
7114' .liit~t~avmtn Cio~t.l
a- lo - I il i ; i. st iiiiii t-urt vimitir
ilaiy wiithli . mil lvgiii arg ut b," Mri. I "lark
op iii h fr II". "...iinn iii t. 'I'ls e I
lviii liming.attlilt-r liv Iton tstijtiI lritis
Ior or 111ii lb Ii'iti'h states for thli sntt
'vii *lktri.t ill Now Xiirk it, tfavor if tlaic,
, (' Ii'i; irliji-i iii' rr t hel f iii liti ty. o
flwIiiiiinthtit liii neiit-iimurt.T tointi of
m irt p mlit. b hi'st in-lion. .1io withr
iat inthS whuetictirv thi hnil hi s tit-i
not mmmii U.nith miki- himw itorkmi irtt
ntiim iiinta lit i- jmrneei. lirny toso ~tn-um
iliti ilmmt than nyer iby wtrehonm hmiii irot
,ti-ilii ioii. "b outt7 ilthw
` N.' . il1 .: I tj. 1'.. 1)4'. .. 1. 'lilt' l*:tisi
dim ('441*i1i' 4.4 44444nr l44'I'4444e fiojCin
Ir'r4'.'.l t.i'l'b, 11544.444 eltl 144I444hi44544
\ 'ii'de 1'I flu' 44444.44 144441 *4454
sto4r44y p'i'.i;'4''i %%iS 311514441 4144414444 of
1544rr4'44444 f-i11 45 .441 444+ r44in 444444454444
si-h11 ICe sIFr ilt Ii' A114441utin iilslsihl4 4
444'r his' 14I's htti ii' e14.14, tIlt' 4111t1'r 11131i
44.4 4o1444 flt-h fnlni 'It aiiol g~raltings, 44 -
'imis;4ui44444 thet hir'. 44 44444444' 4fithe
1444's4444'4'44. 'L'tlt' ml~ii 1444t41%5544 4',.r.is'i
si~r t1("'414444444 shil pl"tl','h Ivy fsirs', if thn'
siii. She' 1111i't~l 444 the 4iir44 1irsIu'i'Iy
m444 144444'I"4 poii4 14)44 ti451% 44a ul li
liiil 4.t1141114' .14.4.444' . 444 Niii'i'wiii1
2'.1 ( aes W'i\. (.4444 It'ii ('Ii-i'i'ioii liii,1
mul 1 i r I 44 ' ie 1414' I 44 4 114.
It14 't a4 11 lljam4441.
jul'44 4'4444I444 '. it i4 4444)' iilti'iI. H~ilI 14i4e4
I414444411 47344444 by~ li rilliery .'tif l li'
I44' 'r. M44414 4444u Iih ep s r41i 44444k'4 44,''ale
o 14. 44144ry 4lgh 14)4t six 4 masked1 u4444
4t. I ac ute 444.114 $41414.14443'. 4444 the4 414144
1144-N 1441,e1 t44 itisI. a4443 tr'44e 44? th4-44.,
444444' I444flt~41 4'4'44 444 41444.44
S, n, I )'.s'4. 4 . le. .1. '1e1i4 fItt141d4
black-bi. r'444 44 expedition4 441 thet Irit;
1-414414 th ltPsi'14.4f Ssbis~tl 44414 r4'po4rted4
ysedy,.444454 4.4 54'54'44ill 14445r444444 15445ts
til44'l s';' :, 44444451' 414411144' and .isimpsie'
444' 1i,'.gl 444444t'.
1 1 1 1 ,". '41 - lif' i= isis, 144441,l' 3 a4 14444
11.14.44 44'4 in Ie is 4444'ard144'4 's444i444441 44
444. h 1 '14 ,1ii l~aiiti'oI t4fll 415's''ort fair
srI, 4i t 441p~~ I'4'r'.444441 441 1144 114444
s!. :111 Ie o 1-;I,, 11431. 144 t144 4't?4'4
Mlal t144 i4'144 Oder. 4144'4'4'4 t144' 41441k
I'rout4 I''i'44'44i4 4w1144 411 ,1tl 1144 bri444 l
tlii 4'444tl41'54't 4sf 4l4' 444'44444'44'4 4f thi.
144ler. 1 1 is l-s ins' I 11111" la' that44 til't41
(I11s''ll1.- 1 441.44, swel the44 tu44 4144 .14'
4444lt '. 1.1o th4441 liti' Iti~lsi I
4.44.1l 41144it 1- 4111'" ''41 o 44 is u siy
Ills.' re~4ili '14 I'ui4Ie'r 14444444144' 4444444
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.4 44444, 1m 1 .. ...- :-. 41 444or " fats' 444
44, 1n 1. 4i. 4,.'
1.11,' ,4s :1.'. - I 'i'i 4 '. 14
'' ; i 4iii 4.4"' r4 '.444' . Ii1, . ,
41t4 t44. t,4.4.''h444I 44 4~4
;."4 111 11 1, 44i4 :I "l o 1' 441 iii.-.
I ,I 1 1e I: ~b t 1:1,"!, till 1114114 1 te r-e
4,44'I ratit 4-u 1'.'1''i' 4444s444l444 Ileiu44
m.1 4.1 4444444 441e4
;1 .11,i"i...!44
1. 11.4 .4t ii'i ii '. 444' "4414.4 Lii It
l Si' 4',: 44'''" 444 114'114 111 44.144
. 1 ."4 444444 4. I 4 I . 1 1. it 44)44' :11111 1I'1.4r
4444. 144444. I '4 11. I t.'" ' 44141.' ,m
4444444414 44 41'ie I)1i44444444, i434441444.4 il 4,
4] i~at'4444f4 444 ''1,f111jt44 444 111i,''44
14444444 -nI '. n"1i~lleuý"rIhl
P. T. BARN UM I'SM)'I' SAN 'l' no <atl;AT 'AME~TI(AN
people enjoy being humbugged. Nevertheless he gaov a goidl show for the
almision fee. Some of our iniitators evidently believe that the people like to
befifiled. judging fron the )rn.ii Sumi;ani, ('nruarva 's they are throwing out as
Si'Ei',iiu. II lilnI;e.1 a thing they never heard of till they cors.., from us. But
where we offer First Class Seasonable Goods they throw out something
they could not sell otherwise. Now read our liargains and then see what they
will throw out and compare prices and qualities. We ihan up with 50 I))%EN
Ladies' Fine Silk Handkerchiefs. hem stitched, some with fancy borders while
others are plain white; they usually sell at 75 cents each, but as we bought them
cheap we will sell them cheap. Just think, only 45c. Each for a Fine Silk
Handkerchief! lead it again. 45c. Each. You evidently read about our
SHOES the past few weeks and took our word for what we said. judging froan the
large tradei we hal and are having. We are going to change ilt and give you
something Lower, lower in cut and prices. What do you think of a Ladies'
Opera or Common Sense Slipper worth $1.75 for $1 . 10. If you
don't neel th'n now. a uy theni for future use: it wall he hi good investiient.
(l ENTIS a. well ran buy cheap. We are offering Gents' Goat Opera
Slippers that we usually sill at $1.75 for $ 1 .10 p0 r pair. 'they lr .iione
uer.iinvlv., .. ,,, 1.1o Sb lippers ii:(d will mnake aigesl (ihritfas prieslt. Huck
Towels are not only the most servicable towels )uol ciw ley. IiM they mle the
most plnplar at pri'int. We are olutring this week a :12xl H inein luiennef IIPuck
'ouwel. wiurrarintel All Linen. at 25c. Each. 'IThi y are ele ua at 'lil. fiat we
are ipllin, tfh'ni at Z'e, eaci. Ladies' Natural Wool Ribbed Vests at
85c. Each. 'hlisin ii greriit gairentifir the ioi.: they rt' male by the
Nuithutie.ti u iil ittin.1 Mills of .11inue lin . iiv ra s 'rt' ufnati '''i of a tir t 'lass
arti l. I su'i turd art thefi. lie.'elh. We ilvlr tirf oi telling pi.ple of
our eif'.ilt lint of blauik l)ren ( ;tutu ani Silks. No other hiim cart tfuch uil
in reli'tilntyu i f thit fi gotdi wi tnary'. the i iornfent or the prices. Kid Gloves
nteff I ir pate' wi ilinih trade on a,: we make a point of only arising the lest
goodils usil yoe w il alw s tiv Hod olir flitve to run even anii not in three or four
dititrent wv i'cht of kit o tien li sii llove. \\i ifrfaw voir sphiift afttention to the
Fowl' r Iran in llacktfl. T'Iuin tuil ;rays at $1.50 per pair. Yoiiu will find
thleu, Oullilit i n}'y r" {losie in the state. We also htve ia very a*leglit lile of
('I'uniing SfI iles in the popular funglti.. Our stfik of Blankets is varied.
i ..ie art showing vilil very sptciul tilains g i ditfaere rt'lars. Corsets ts
wfiuire we ilo tla in all iup. We make it speniaty of Dr. Warner's Corsets hl
all stt efs I nl we aan give them to you train 60c. Each Up. Our Black
Coraline at $ .00 is a lenuty. Now Ladies and ;enllftiii'. there are at
nuolbr if emt ii in the city carrying the sane class if ilial, i we do. 'Ta.y all
auak' tflu'e iii iuiis if selling tilli cheapest. giving ifilTeient reasons as the cause.
W\lhlit is ait: is this. Coim' and sei our gooics. coapaurf fiu gaiis and pricow
with other plies. ;il then buy where il' aun do the beet.
'"tion Iru" JOE CONRAD.
'Io:. wi twiae IlookI tluighl or 'in,- of Children's, Misses' anA
Ladies' HIOSE til :U n tidgi iith n fii r iuperior to any liar in this cit),
ad :,< :u; iiinreennt it those who hnt not se-1n ilw ;, q m ial otT) rinN
t., our m.n~y fl i.n.ds andl p:*trons wv wtill mlcer for un,- tr.ek only FIFI TY 1)U EN
Nitite. holi . )anhh Nole. mnt 1)ubl I t b.
\\. nuarale l thei to hr is good as any Stockingi oilered in this city at
rents. V a, It, oti -ring it go t n..ill-uot L l)IE.1 S P A MiLE:S HIO E at :M.
An iispeitiin of our Motik till ttvinte yiou that 'nr 4ti 4thIi) N,; W )4L
1101 W from 1. colts up are uAe IGuHlh. W & bau. sonw .f Co.r .SPEIAL
N.\LEI" of Inst weekol left. windrl we will .-Inse mil it rman price.
Butte & Montana Commercial Company.
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
plt i.0 ,ltt'.0 i'll I-il,"1 11, h- eep work l t, Il u to he rf ul l hun ns ,,
Telephone No. 141---oflice and Mill foot of Ninth Street, Great Falls, Mont.
.\1<i InI tA;k' a 11d: -vt or a lA t
b. aý v ..; a." iit* - t. > <l, u ul }1t
,ý ~ ~ ~ l 'n1 1!"ht h ýtt .slt t; 1 ,t: .h 1 0< t
IL I T it. Ili
tI. t1 Iu -TI! u :uk u
it Sc i t lisl still. al ourý ,lr . Thl
is, III 1 11
To Arrive Monday, One Solid Cai~oad oi
I RESI'EICT 11111,

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