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The weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1891-1894, March 05, 1892, Morning, Image 1

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Igit lDir IrDll. JECWH1ELERI
SLL T RI B UNG. N12 CnI ,1. InIB
1+', X. 1 ý'ý `" '" " ''.! 1 1,ý,O NTANA. SA URDAY M011N1NY, Mi A R,~ I~1('II fJ, 183.\'UM 1:1
L,( /
·, I'
.s~(rr I'~ IltI· (l ·.cro t I crLlcd
Ill iC. iii4t11 r i n iiatL t rr
a iiwdl tt rtLlie Jt ru'ialein
sultaI Sljtdtlr e frot the
r of tiic in fiilei,, hut 'aladin
them back.
Stilt MoskiiI's valor and
Iry,thc Chri.~in king openly
the mins cordial all
I yual good laim t ).Oil
display mm 1iir "1"" ur IalI,1c;
of tilt.' chloiet's~t iiiilicrrtc ·l
s madle ull in stylish 1()\ cr
and Fr'loc~k is well as~~;;~ack
f Mecn's Slho··s.
lotbing and Shoe House.
& Co:
holesale Grocers.
e buy from the same facto,
s and houses that the ca.st
jobbers do, and in much
ger quantities than some
the so-called jobbers who
Cest this country with their
ip and sell by sample.
bject to inspection, and
e just as we represent them.
e are
e can meet uay legitimate
Shle H ill Give the Itublie All 11i'
ILove , Iettprs Inlh,.. Illhmtine
ItuH·s Heir .lestiCee.
Alti-. ilvl'r I'lnetorats I rging ie
pIHllli'l a ol i in Th'll. n in
Their Fight.
.. Ihy,.'i.ictn I hnInugedl Wilith ur hder
in-i Ili- Mother-in-iI air tir
Iher Money.
relat ion ltot topen 11.. wlt: ,l. wrt r (l
Ill'.. M, ltlrc'h .i, S wu, - [l, 1iih
gelit uttlhtrcuilt, ll w , gio.1' l cu'lll ., IJltl"
litla Iv Mrs. ,\i;i o \.- in,, n il, hiiihl- ll
rlhltoi ii mil hl,l- ,nim t-,i tl ,rs li. xritl, li i
eiatriit ry il HI tli-t . Mtrs. IB l ilotl waM a iin
SlhicagoI n riutll I tl New 1 irk. im'lenI
Ipanih-m Iby her little sin. ~hilh was palm,.
but stateld that exceipt fr til ih nervous l
strain by the events Iof the past year herI
health was gosl. I iegardilng hier letter.
Mrs. Ilaine said: "I illoiwed ll im htl ll
days in which to tell the whole truth
sabut the treat- i:ent given nsil i by leis
family andll to retract the slatemenut that
it was I, andl not his oIII, who hillm l neli
til.e olurtinl liefore ouir Inirrigli. BIlaine
gave to the publil garbled t extrauts fromi
ilmy hetitrn to his slii., Thiese i.iinvliy an
untruthful, unjust ilde rlespVl,ting mie.('
If Ilhlune lot-s not withill l ltn ihiys ipu
lish the full text ofi my ltiirs I will givel
to thel public thl,, litters wlhi.h his s.,I
wrote Ilto me befirei ,itr mllilirriiagln ll.n
which will provie emi,,lumiveily whom wil,
the wmer. tlriant is N.rl'i'ar Iilrinem is
hie e lnnolit lnl will not i- ilmllo,,i .l. ti.
masperse lily eharaetier with iiimpunlity iiil
witihout a re.-jindelr ion mily it. If he
Inrsists ill his itltaiks in timt I will teachi
him to rimgrrit it. Il sets iup his lve ior
Iis igrmlilsonili as the excnls.i for ;i11 at
iteiullt toi hesnniret mlie. I l.v. [hat ihd
ias liltli son llquite as u h is ilihli. ine ia
l ie ism his ra tliisunll liI I l iio that
ras.i it is imy) iult tl r. t int his
mother domemi it rest unihrm fuml---l-hmarge
t wlliiiisW er a i i..
i Tit t Il 1 1' 1 1 i.i %111..
it,.lluhli l.. If t.. r v Ill Ill t h . m ttt m1Thtt'
Iight 'i .1 " , l.vh % h .t
\" " illM , I m., r e l' , i i. "lia ." i lre
b iunim ll t I h, lii h n as ti i l tim' ill
p oi l. ahe fUr e t.e, vtm l , .nih, i r : ,hi tiif l
tixin- a he tin forii the .i i -;h Iut hmi i if
thei lltur, hilil. TI" u li li ilv' im ,1ml.
mals, heih,nd by .\ liri'v,,", l'.\ ill and
W illiams of liitu.il'hl eills and 1),\ 'ili.
SI\ lr'lllnlr nidit {.ilorlc r of N i wr o1,i rk. art,
itu'rging ull i t he srgu Intr uiy iul bri
taI bear to urge the repn'l lil'ns tit atl'rte
to assist thliln in th uitr light but thus f ir
th ieir eftf rts have not h le n is ll rnsful.
T'hle events of the day we'rt, not encour
lagin.tg to ltit ntLi-tsilvtlr l eIii ime it was
I fioundl tlhat smn ofe tlhi sdi lijuerait whomii
thiey huadl ountedl (il us fav rallm ito the
isl tpiiieiluint weire weakening lltnl idil
not wish toi be remoriedil as ciatinig iI vote
which might li einstruedl its uI stile to
silver. Ilu-presenti.tive I'ierce ofi Tien
issiei hai caused telegriamcs to ihe sent
to every idel.I irat lbelived to iit' favor
able to silvier uirging' themn to be presenth t
when the votle is taken i Milonday. '1 ie.
anti silver dimoimimats are also iuuviig to
have mall their forces ipresenlt.
a 'i Imt ilt li.tV ; -i AllAliu:.
A loatti.inent I'Shy. tesan ,a .sed ofrt l Mlur-.
Ide ring hill l thil a o lr-i-.ll.aiW
'tII ,Iito. Al arch .l It is anti ll iil
thing to say of i ,l t w1III ho h 'up.·h w u;It
aiaiial lsjitioI that ahe iiuirh.iered his
IIImotheIr-ini-law folr hr Imoney. A11 )'t
this in whait FI. II. )lllnto)ll. a e ll gillti
weIalthy gentlemanti who live's tll 222 \l
dine Sglire. seeIuses 1)r. 11. M. SMtmlhhr
(f having iam .. ,.ata. l.r marriel ;t,
adopted aiiu hitit r i fI Dnittit. w nat fee
ble wife hlad t ii.rge furin lll in a tllll l at
right whiIh, up to it ('few days t(foeti' lt
tilt of helr dilthl. Fh, hull p'rpel. id to
leave to so1' blo d relaltithves, but whihti
at the luitl i mtli nt tis ll la } in h el it i t
half laonatious of what hrie was ilt ag. sn
lherhubnalgr u esso wlas h it i.1or to
sign over to Sutdder .a wir e. i)ll I'er
ary .1 another physiciia atla hstlily
staitnl iodil tl her bldii h ait, l ftIun l i her I
expiring with otiniii wis a uitt4 in her
headi.týl prhled bly at fll lt frt tier chair
ans ailt was sitting ip that day. Samai
dtr saays:
As SHtniddr wais the last iat n sit t.
tive l.ttken t lher, and itiis hIi miAhl ant
satilsfactrily aitaout for the wlll ou1s.
suspilion fell o haim lan tl rtd a warrantl
was issued for his arrest by lunton ) "tt s
terday, and i.s hi is ill he is liting gunrd-i
ed ait his h.til.i ly lolieitten. ' iaudahiar
was alonelt with my wife previotius to heIr
deatth,' at thti hoe gentlemnan in justilli
tation aif his courrse. o"Thne wuIds on
her head were not theire lIeforte hle cattll
nor was his explanation tf the way in
Iwhich they were causetd satisfactory to
me. Mtore than this slae had lattly at
tared her will in favor of Studder's wife.
Putting tlhai. things togethear I am con
vinted the young lan murdereda t ny wife
toget her mone.y."
The by tf Mrs. )ntMon wat buried
in Janesville. Wais. t'i'lday it was ex
humed and two philysitcians are making a
minute examtinatitn of the skull and
other parts which were taierated in ma
strange a fashion. Dfir. Scudtder is the
son of the eaminent liev. I)r.'pisuddar.
The latter and his wife, aplatread Isifore
Judge Seoles today in the county court
and applied to have their sta.l alnaltitted
to the detention hospital for examtinati sn
as to his sanity. Dunton is the proprtri
tor of a horse paper. "The Spirit of the
THE iItI rrl-: ill i tE Ift 1llci II:
A Li.-c ,f Invil ei c .l . itis cc. 1, hIll i t i
.lllcNcItcnl yi II l 1 ,'. !
It;lerK:, Mlarch :.L I,.ipviai it, tihe
'.nt nuant...J 'T'ht scl'(i;l ,'i1un. ing the
Mikado Opera company o f Itliitt.'c lccl
talent frim Bluttte to (iranit ifails will
leave' herc Saturdaiy nmorning at o'cltck
and reacch (Ircact I'Falls about 2::1 I p. cn.
The fo,llowing is a list of invlitd guests
wht, will clcancp)nLy the tro ,u,: .Jullclg,
1Peclberto)l. Mr. andr Mrs JInis 11. Ii
I Montcath, MIr. acni Mrs. A..I. IDavi.s,
I I)ctor antl .Mrs. .. S. Ilccaccnccd. Mi.ss
I ouise. Ilfcunondrl, Mr. aind Mrrs. I. S.
Wihltl. Mr. ti l Mrs. I I. Fl. Ilmn, Mr.
antl Mrs. II. F. hItlkiuis, rIn. Th.l mi ),son
(' nlcphi ll, i's. .I| li l l. I I. 'li-.s, Ityrcin
('tck alndl m lther. r.Irni. J. ( hauvin. Mrcs.
EI . . i·' srdonl, MIss .le'lfri,,s. Mrs.
I.tuch.,cc Mcc . L, ihollaln , Mr. Ilnd Mriis. ir.
W-ritih. Nirsi. Ila''rry ' csrilug, Mr.iuld Mr.,
W\Vcls- arthli. lita,'stit [Lcyso-. ,1, i. I. Shr
sIllaln1, P. f. ast. Miss h a; m Itaki.r.,I. i..
('lark a, rI Sr-,e. Miss Ihirds. . y M, ir. a. hI
MicR. I :. I). l,'* atill. I ,t)lor 'i " l).anrI t1. Ic('I.
II. II. 11 c , ) i i.. lis-c l-ranlki.I liorst.
\ o . ill.4 .i l t If ii llcl:.
1 ic' tlf-irnltc Icllnlk I'rccl.tivent II. IIHis
'r.lll e'.i ; 111·n IIth II. l. .
S" I, Fu c ictio, MarchcI :1. Sholrtly
after t coc lon k this aftcerncoon the cmc.n
,I nunity waii lectrilcled by ti' rcl)-Irt that
.1. W. :olline, pre(sident of tl(he dtfunct
C('lifornia National hunk, had just shot
himiself. (Crowds gath-red ,c cn the street
fand hurriet d t tI ith ltHutel Ilrc-wstcr wlhere
i(ollins lls Ibeen reisiding fr thi' p;acst
ight o, r lten mollintchs. It ssocn Iecu'ce
known tha tI llins, (icn. EI. II. Murray
and Attorney I Ictnercl HIart had blein at
lunch togethlr ut tihie Irwcter. i clincs
lookecd veri y pale but i ,chattied pleasantly.
Ih. wacs cuked how Ihe wiasI fce'lingc, cdl
r-pliedl : "I iun ) aboiiiut .sc ',i ll uci c-cI t ll it'
I x--',, ,tct-l." In a few cminutes i(. ' Icl-ft tllI
ithlic ind went cdiret to his rmooc. .
cinutc later a rleport of a pistol was I
Shird land when the doo(l r ,f the fliteal
Iwas opcci'ei (ccilliinsi. c fclcl c lyinlg ilr
the, lfioor wiih bloh d stric i cc'c )cs' Itvtcr hici
and tht pistol in his handi. iii -.pir'e
lcii st ii nc diatll iIH ly, notII livin g I ll il~;
in, 'i I ,Ic to st l-alk I'to niy cc,, . Th c,. hie-d I
'a.is Inot wholly nI ptclll(xl , d. Iii . I vi
I dIltly hci as hiin htcl criig ulnc (-r .greatil
c ic*irvocl straicn and c nIclhd illpc-rcs.iiic fior
.setiec tici-. .\tutl twic ycar agoc his iI t
tir, family wer. cihrownccd in th, biat cin
nt tihat hi' vc- i cc l ac iai hi'-lly rc i lcd cii i
witvli t h ci chcrge . -clc-,zz.lt- I h i -gin
i.c"I hil c it Is i th gitl hi' was hIrc lichti
hI ; i p i lt w ii ' ih i cicoiii'h ld i t i ,c!
'lhi t icfric a:i N i icci N it i tl ik cove-ic t
itl.- c i-s Nun. 11th. It was cncc sidert-c
ul ti c I c. s tlr -nglt,.l i i i tici, .ini, titiani
p clat. iu i-hiiic c c aIiillcornia. It haid a
p:,l l ip c pic al of c i If ia miilimi a: id ;t
'u l + ciii ra a hu d iird ti -ns .iln. l Iliec rs
o iiti.- bank plaic c ile r-cpenccicic was
c-ccli d by i hle S+i hrinkageicic nci1 ci iiip ti aid
Stecipi.i'ry icacbility tic ri-lccasci icts ciltei
iiand in e iu))1. T'cile- N Iol I hl anck liii
Pialin ' f Lo .\ciicngl's Wac appcinted
rt-ct-civcr l.y the treauciry thucirtciihnti. .As
Slih- result of thicc latter'i s cinvc'stigaltions ai
wairrant wasil sworn ouit fcr Tiulliis' crrest
f i i u cnk's funds andi it wit alsoc
sihown thact tlilte dl-positur were Icciig dei
e.ivi(Id cip to thel time of .iclcsci!g lithe
dh.rc . It is undi tcai thact ('oillin.
was f have le cicc ttici o c I, c,\ngt-lesh
todlhay for tricl.
tI Ih111l14. Illllrrlll I~lirll l sll I rflltilll I:
1 ,11 11 J111 iill' 1111 IrII l t I II I In call I'n III
r or Their NgrKiatll ioll.ti .l
1,.ll I.va ;'I.. * ma r. .1. ( ngrRssm. n .
n)ixo,, ham intr,.h 'ti l a ,ll to Iprovihde 1
SIfor tie e tIiullinltlilo ;II ;lassitif l tin ofI
El ish,l. 'his bili is an ilnd plii.'ati, on o
the hills heetufore introdu.ed fronu fiml i,
i, tnlin'i , in xa inr t is l .il st iry ill inl- If
S('nIPII | IIt l .d grants ofr 1)1(' ,h ,r h,,rn 1
Pertii ; Ia ult Ithe hill prepareld ani d intro I
ldingrl by .~lu1 n )ix. i on tlinrs ,liin ra
Sl llu, s :aIs th.'y dtl',e nil t. r bern di11 llll'Jd
h .fo tr in irl'\io ti MT rt. h, t sl -ttle ' l,,. e
Simport;ht u.atAlrs by A e .,i a lWion.
Il this hill mi in rral l ad, rich a.i .d ."r
fil ii 1n in the tll Iort ln l. il1"e 11,a 1 Ie
kilwlled Wtl uil h o.llied Is d lhre ,. till
clissllhu rh, appoitlled to II .lllnled 111 11wll
work :iollt ill 'o 1in IlI' o If tIe r i.nni is
sly lm usie11ual tii i praetial minr ai t ill
L rtr.iihtll tillh•r ol f Whl (. MontIl na.lillil
Thi i( t lnna(Il tsio ners shall i" ll l .d toi
SIhir work an d shall , .rei now t r111 ,1111
Jthan . C i per d ia illn adilioin to tlh il
lth ds ilo prl o"c dure fo t lillr t llilda
pured uion thor is .iujt.
Th t:n Ilt hll, n M hi "r ¥ 1.o t 1'cll. .lll.
W.llarrcs, March : r. Th , sent?:
( n'Ill llthtl o n lnilitary l'f air t liy .,i
dircl da fitaorable report nn th, i hill ap I
pro lpri ti ,g ri I0 1 ,i}1N) to el tablish i , m il,
tury post at Hlelena, Montana. .\ similh"
bill a now blforel the house t omml. t''
o n m i ita ry ullt irm. T h e h il h it is u.,,l , I
toati, hm the endoremennt of ti'erelltaiy
SIlkins, tion. Schofield and (,le. Miles
and is in ac;cordlncu with the pIliry of
the war department to abolish smsall nut
lying psuta and concentrato troops.
All Aboul a Woman.
John Calvin. a Mluthodiat preacher in
(;reen county, this morning toltl uinLI
killed Wlalliam lrtly, a deacon in thll
church, and fatally wounhded l viil
Slmith, a brother in-law or lIerdy. lher
dy suspected Calvin of being ItimaIte
with hie (lerdly'AI wife andl ttulkl'l
him with a cant wheln (alvin tlreN is
pistol and fired live lshots with tlh IIao\ iu.
rteult. Ca;lvin in in jail.
SHchal lBooks at Driver t Bra llrthuy'
Book Store.
But I lii+ I'hy·*i ieial* have (lopes He1
Mtl. I 4iuIei'. Print.' Miisti 4er o~f F~rance.
y l tll i tile' 41 o e' r nm l'
The 14 N44~l'aio114" 11 1111. ti N. ir
Rereitri ed ('oolly by- thei
It 14'. t'ritl.'4.a... ae 1..1,1"n At.' *':ui."r,4,ln,',I
liI. Will1 310444..
\M4I''4 a ' Ns Mrrslil :Mi. At mliIgight
the condlition44 of (XICgr4'44se4lsmit Slpringer'
is unchit ngieitig. if indeed there is not a
slight ile jr44'4444't. ThIait 14e' is no
worse' is sutli44'4'4t to give' renewed hope
to t hi frienils. its the nature of his m11141
4414 is suchil tIlhlt every IllhUr he1 sUcceeds
in Iblttlinlg aiway ildeath m444'ns4 thaut lie
antd no~t 4 i4404444e is the galine'r. 'lThe
erysipelas o! the face andi head, while it
4410s positively not yet Ipenetralted to the
Ibra4in, h144 cci tainly se'ri4 usly disturbed
the condition 14 thlt org'n. it is thie
bIllief. of physicians that if no 4llangle for
t444. worse tatkes place44 bleflore tomorrIow
noo there will lie reason44 14 hope for his
recolvery. Inadblity to. telecp enl tile
nervoues de~sire fr the patient4 to tal1k with
anyone within r4'414I4 are- regurllr el as but
iedications o4if tlhc herrassel and rI' l'44
cllnliitioln LIf ihisi IrlIje 1h441 j14'1 ph1ys 4ian
now 1ind in this inabiliy ti, tallkl' 14444os4
I 11h44 grl'late4t I4'I4l4444 t1o hi life'.
'I'll Ie N 1u' I'll:\1'11 ME 31 KVr6.
II H'a .w 11. til!nclurcileý /'eII crn i.'ll 1' .
l 'olsrr , unoel she. It iie.
S. )I\· Y14 '1 :l.1 .t opning 11 4'" '1i."
f11i~ of lilt- chamb er 'or deput ies lily 1111
Prlrc)ilo h . · ini YIer L lubll and ther ,nn1)
44 'rc .4f t1h44 414''.'.' 414inIo 1'444 i4" .I 11h4'
r4144444r1 41 tIan toilk t1h'ir w1-',. 1ii. 1.ou4
I ribune and rtrr \~o r fill- orllllnititi ll, of mil
01444' 44441 r';.dI nl.': lrl 14444I If. 444114·rl cr· il~
i."14'4'11 4 1pol1i'cy. III- r4'f4'4'4'4 I h," 444 11i44 l l4
414'4'tlI.'4~ )\'I4411 .14441 I~ 144.4'' 114 1 1''' 1)114'1
1 uItIII. of the 1x1.1; lI·cl llll .iui;Ilills had till i
I' 4'4'4444414. 44? the i ll '41441t14' 14444 1'l
Ill'' l1ie il '1444.144'i l"-1 tti" ,. lll 4ti" ' 441444
4144444' 44 1114' h144.4'. 'I'lu' 44r4441144 be 44 t''
1144' def' t.y' of 11ll 14444 441 tIll 44444414111
eqalt a441d l'414c'ation. 44h114'h wor' 1144'
444'el (if all n44141 a 141 pir4t44it a1441 111e
ti auntill g4414'444t4y 44 l4444'y I' 441'
4.4144144 114e relit inks4- 1444'I exist ag in III
Prance!4 b444 ee 44444 4444' urch4 and44 elate
11ave4 given'1 riHI', M1. LI4441I4t c'441t11444'41 44
4 uly 4111)i (444 e'1ts 41144 t44 ,'riedl discussiojns44.
I lerly ing 14rin4ciple1s. WeI haIvI' e44 light
enou41gh4 a45 )lt as t44 1114 prinlciples ill
41414444 to4 444144 044 ill this4 144tte'r. B14t
is it n441 ou4r dut11, to cons44ide4r whe4(thler
we41 arl' n41t 4!1lled' I po 44 p444;repa44r1 11h
way) for 1441 sepJara1tion1 4f 1444urcih itnd
st44l" even1 thou4gh4 we1 n4444y 414t bel4ievt-4
th44t t144i4t exists in t1414 4.4 un(try Ia ma~ljor
ilv favo'4rable4 t4414 444414)1rrying 4 n it f s4141
is 441''414414"o It is re'44ogn4ized', of! co44rse4,
it) 144 our4 dluty' 14o ma1intainl lImnt) till'
t41 wh'1j4'1 444 s414441 144ply i1 till' truel
r spirit 4f its rqII'4411'4144'144. 4'4414'444 4its
clI'rg.Z.'. It t144 s444444 lila it44 4 moe oil~t'511
them whateve144144r lilir ra444k (Ilay its', 444'
tans st ric't 4444114(11144114. '114')'- 14in1 44441'
4414'' 4414'414'44'4 1'.t 441441444'1 114144 bt ur'
niui-tryI~ 1nd4 I44 k4'4'14 a11444f frulil pa1rty'
,.lt.44"4 ill 4w4. We4 1144ll 4414144'44141 iIgly ri
'4444'.' fro til the 411 414 44111'4'.111''f 111454'
oath1 sti4111'j4444 444w444 144 i'nf4,r'4' 44u44h fl1
or 11t44444'e."
A~lrnun replied t,. t144'l4l4 14444 44114' m al tioi
ii '4444'rI444'41re' 411444 1'' 144 4141'.144444 b4. e
444t 41 gr 4' 4(44g14'I'n444144'4 ; 14444 4114'
a 1144'414ing 11 4' 4444 r im i4414'44t 444'4411 4144441Iiui
1' .1' 414' eterna4':l .44444.1 , 44 as4 4444'' '1441.I 14. a4
" .4t4' 44f :011 t44 :41 T14h44 moif-biyl.' l "14414'
4.41.144 14n44 it is 144nd .l 14 a 444444'
'4'4414444i11441. It 44s 4~a'4''.'44141 ;s.:41 41;1y44
inl on ihe aI- ait$i'cI ,I Il'lili.ih rail
Si;culcwdlcr Ialls. no.t far fIr. thin eilty.
The train lift Y,,rk, IP . al 1.1, pi. it. tt
Ilay. Neari thei hi: gh trieli' iriItge hich
nspiJs the Little I liupwdir tht. biagga.ge
c.iar jumlpeIll the tricuk, draggang with it
fromn the rails the engine, trinder and
siklllcing .I)H Ieb. iThes. mscIu toppledt
iover on their siulues. 'The cuasualtics were
ius follows:
Killed Henry Itasb, engineer.
Injured K.IL. Ilughesu. mil iage-t;
A. C. Ilawden, express mnessonger; David
Evans of Philadelphia, passenger. l'if
teien plasengors in the sneoker at the
tine It was overturned got a severe
shaking and were badly frightened. The
engine andt car are miuch dalmaged.
osater Is 5.unlmoa.
Imi N aN. March :1. lion. ilatri T.
Iincoln. Unitedl Stteats minister. I- lIed
upon Hon. Charles I'oster, sHeeretaIy of
the treasury, tloday and with hili pro
creded to tile house of comnones, whIre
they listened to a debate. Feaster will
go to Itrightou tomorrow and ,atcirday
het will start for Paris.
Hlisilry- anl II$IItw ea+ -
We have just received a large lot or
Summer Hosiery and Underwear in Ladies.
Misses' and Children's sizes. Call and ex
amine these goods and get prices.
Has decided to give his customers the bene
fit of his Special Sale in Corsets and Gloves for the
balance of this week --- Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, AT COST.
We carry the largest and best assorted
stock of Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Shoes
Gentlemen can save money by coming to us
for boots and shoes as we are closing them
out at cost.
504-596-508 Central Avenue. REALTY ANNEX
W illich l ill open in the King.bury v tluc . on b .tbo tit h ' I ;th
of M1arclih % ith onec of the largest and firinet stocks ofl 'i.n.ns, I ..;:n-.
Muiical Mcrchaznlioe, Sheet Mu ic, etc.. ever seen in Montarit.
ceryt in new and fres 1 castnr!l I. rfIti n '. ,nllltd ,I
l '.. 0 which bid detiiance to c uti I1)l tition.
U \\ º .l K i ,t) . I' nol.
A. II. IIOLTIII. I'rw.lnn.lt . 1. II()l Er:It. Vier-I'resident. ALFREDI) IA))HEI I(. .l'. I
Eolter Lumber Co.
Incorporated. Capital. $100.000.
-Dealer in
Lumber, FlorinD, Siding, Shigles, Lath, Windows,
Charles Wegner, Manager.

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