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Nate Wertheim SPRING NECK WEAR! Park Hotel Bloc
-- We can Suit the Most Fastidious.
The Proprietor of the N.,torious Sweet
Grsnu Saloon Taken to Ilenton.
Sheriff O'Neil of Choteau county ar
rived from Sweet Grass on the Canadian
line late Wednesday evening, haviing in
his custody a man named McKay, a hi
si accused of running a disorderly house
there. lie was taken to itenton yester
day afternoon.
McKay ran a place called the Sweet
grass saloon, which has been referred to
in the T'nii N.E its tbeing a nuislan(e and
a menace to the authorities of b1th
sountries. A letter was also pullished
in these columns a few weeks ugo fromn
McKay, in which he claimed that there
was no truth in the repoirt that he wras
k eping a disreputable place and that
the while matter was the work of parties
who had a prejudice against him. The
mlatter will now tbe investigated
by the Choteau county autlhorities
and if McKay is the much aihusid lIr
sun he says he has now a splendild oppr
tunity to set hiumself right.
It is reported by a trustworthy gentle.
man from the vicinity of Sweet Grass
that the saloon McKay ran had causel
mo small amount of trouble among thi
smounted police who frequently visited it
and on several occasions went back to
their barracks in a beastly state of intox
ication. Two non-commissioned ofliers
are said to have been reduced to the
rank of privates anti ieverely reprimand
ed because of some trouble they were
implicated in as a result of frequenting
the saloon and getting drunk.
C liOUIT IIta I; C.
"erltif.ats ,If lluri rpliratio n ite, ritcrded
Final Prouof Msalde iral I'aperu
Gr anellld.
The following instruln-luts wiere tiled
for reco.rd yesterday:
Townslte coImpany to, Edlw;n IF. Ilhok
Cr. thll- ast 1.rty feet of lot 12, blik 245.
Edwin F. hlikier t, .Jamies PI. Stan.
f.., I..i • 'aut forty feet or lot 12. bilck
245 1,9J00.
lllil.,te company to t'. L. Ilehrzag. t
lot 4. bll Ik l,!i.. wi".
.loseplhus IlIlmiltin to, tlhe Securitlv
Lank, she-riffa's deld for the west half tf
the northeiast quarter antl the north hall
,of the northwest quarter of section I,.l
twnshipl 211 north, range :1 e.as it. 2J"2. I
IParis Iiison .IL. P. Itlfe adli Charles
I). Wilt. tertititate of iinc rporatiin of ,
the ( irit Falls Ilmprlveim.nlt cotmipaiy.
capital stock i2".is.. in shares ,of iS~ t
acti. T'he complany is fiioriil four the I
purplosle of purchasing, holding awl sell
ing real estate, tikiling anil selling n
houses, tt('c.
I)I,'I'It i 't o n l t" IZT. I
state of Montana vs. Charlies Carlson, a
writ of haleas corpus denied; the die.
fendant's hail was reduced to $.A).
Robert Richter, a native of Germany,
was granted his tfrst citizenshlip papers.
John ('. Bundy of Iticevillo made final I
proof before W. M. (rockrill. clerk of the Ic
district court, on the east half of the C
aorthwest quarter and the east half of ti
the southwest quarter of section 5, I
township 17 north, range 7 east. prm- al
emption. ti
Terrible Explosion. ti
IAiu.vw., Texas, March :3. Four re
men were killed and six wounded by a
boiler explosion in L. C. F'arrel's saw
mill. Heavy pieces of iron and wooden
timbers weighing hundreds of tounds co
were hurled over a hundred yards. The to
concussion broke windows and stopped l1
clocks for miles around the scene.
The explosion was heard ftfteen miles 11
away. The explosion occurred at 7::31 11
this morning just after the mlien had
gone on duty. andt the killed are: Keei. L
IBerry. Churchill. l'lowers andl Sluire bi
Giillingham. '1'ITh latter is an old cititzen
of this place. All are white and the six m
men wounded are all negroes.
. Itrewery JIurned.
."r. PArl., March :. A tire started in
the drying room of Martin Bruggerman's
brewery in West St. Paul a little after 9
o'clock tonight and soon consumed the
building, causing a loss of 611,0(K). No
insurance. The storage vaults are tin
tder the bluff and no beer was destroyed.
Itse Ihall Matters.
NI.w YouK, March :. -'l'he ationa l
base ball league schedule was adopted
today. The convention closed at 5 p. m.
The championship season is divided into
two seasons in consequence of the in
creased number of clubs in the new or
ganization. Each division contains sev
Pnty-seven games. The winner of each
series will play together at the end of the
season for the championship. The sea
son opens on April 12.
Cazonoo, Mar. 3.-Cattle Active;
strong to shade higher.
Uood to choice steers......... 4.6004.95
Others .......... ... .. 3.504.35
eeders...................... [email protected]
Stockers .................... 2.00f2.85
Cows ......... ...... ..... [email protected]
Fairly active; lower.
Ewe ....................64.00p4.65
Mixed ..................... 4.7505.00
Wether ................... [email protected]
Westerns ........ ....... 5.155.70
Yearlinga.. .................. 5.005.6 0
Lambs .................... 5fi.6.75
Dress your neck properly. The latest
novelties In Neckwear and Furnishing
(oods at the Manhattan.
et Thell Ialllrl . Illow Opeln h.. tir- Sl alnd
let $10,000
r- (',`m.w.vwr.ma, Mi ih.. March :1. 'ihe
Croldw;ter National bank was robbed
lust night. The estimated less is 20,(t,
i0(). The robbers drilled the aouter door
of thel vault and with a punch broke the,
lock off. The maiddle door wais secured
with a padlock. This was probahly
blarken with a sledge. Inside the vault
t contained one burglar proof combination
tl lock and also a steel safe with it time
Slock. These were drilled and charged
it is thought with dynamite. The doors
aof both safes were blown completely off,
knocking both safaes dhowr and leaving
i nothing but the shell of each. The con
t cussion shattered thile wooden thelves in
5 sike the vault and scattered the contents
i of the safes andt shelving about the floor.
t 'L'here was no one sleeping in the bank.
S'The discovery was ladle lby one of the'
r- employe.s on olp:niag the hank this amolrn
ing. No one heard the explmsion. 'lTher.'
is no clue to t the rbber.4. The bIank
olticers offer .A00 reward and thle slherilf
i5A) addlitional for tlhe apprehension anad
a conviction of the thieves. It is the most
t daring robbery that has ever been com
nmitted in this city. The thieves gained
a entrance to the bank builling by prying
open the outside window. It is learned
that there were two exploeions heard by
I people living a short distance from the.
bank. This toaok place between 2:3:)and
:1 o'clock a. nl. There was a number of
special deolssits in the vault consisting
of watches and diamonds valued at about
$I,(tW). .\bout a-(M) in gold that was
hadly mutilated anld bent out of shape
andt also a large quantity of silverware
were left by tile robbers.
A L rrI llfus Alladent.ll,.
I Ia. tlaaal. Mar. 1. .\ s.rious an,' itesnt
accurrdl tis lorning at tllhe scene of
last night's tire. A few minutes a:fter 1(1
,'clock, while' lieutenanta .Jon ( rostly
and Piipenana William I)ungaeroa. ('has.
Vice and ()scar IRiddell were standing on
the fourth tlaor of th( burned ,buildling
the tlars sudldenly gaavae way and all fell
to aae' ground. 1ll ware badlly injureal.
l .5 l'.,o pl.'s I'aarly Itow.
Sr. l.aots, Mar. 3. The receftt xlaaa
ure of the m ethods ahlaptal by tIllaa la'
pla,s party men to a 'ntrol tlahe industrial
c onference helda here ,has stirr,' up
aroubale. ''il,. vaarioasa organl"a izations in
that acnferena'e'' art- now. if ltters re
'eived in tlaia city are to l,. abelia.'ed .
united in tle desire t t turn ,towi the a
amen who run the conferenace. The labol r
organizations, espeaially. araIe hpreparing
ta g to Omaha tn .July Ith to take a
action, entirely gnoringt the mpeotaln' wlhaa
won the people's party victory and thtan
spoiled it by telling how they didal it.
IHarrison Cl'arraes Ilndlana. t
INma.t..4'eali, March :1. Throughaout
Indiana today the republican district
conventions were held to selact delegates
to the Minneapolis convention. In every
district Harrison delegates were chosen
and instructed for the renaunnation of
the president. In the twelftih (Fort
Wayne), Allen county. the delegates left
the convention andt adopted res.alutiins
repudiating its action.
Ponst'nstlr, Appolinted.
WASlrINcToN,. March 3. Frank Lie
comb, postmaster at Brandenburg. Mon
tana, resigned and recommends Mrs. A.
Hi. Ferrett.
It. T. Brett, postmasruter at liery.
1)., has resigned and reconimonds Ii. JI
Slohpkins. Postmasters appointed:
South Dakota E. N. Flanders. Cleiar
Lake, I)euel county; E. C. F"lyt., 1', no
broke. Potter county.
Montana i). W. S( Chauquelotte. I),
Inrsville. Missoula county.
l)uholi hs eatd.
WVA.NsuTrIN. r March :1. At :1. p. n.
the debate on the Idaho contested elec
tion case was closed and the voting be
gun. and by a vote of nays .5 a, ii yeas 7
the senate decided that Cl aggett is not
entitled to his seat, and by a vote of "5
to 5 confirmed I)ulsis' election.
Mexlcan News NotIe.
Cirr or Me:xu.c, March 3. Advices
received from (Guatemala say: "It is re
ported nuimber of persons who placed
themselves in opposition to the policy of
President iarillas were taken into the
interior and executed in the military
"The rumor that (Gen. Ieynau IIrrios
was poisoned by order of the president
is denied."
01a Lata Clartllag lealt.
The late la.euted Jeames Yellow.
plush in his happiest moments never
surpassed a touch which we find in a
recent description of a funeral in New
York. Among those present was a
gentleman who is not in any sense a
public mans nor a seeker of newspaper
notoriety. He is a very rich man, how
ever, and this fact evidently filled the
observant Jeames' bossum with awe and
"The young man," says Jeames, with
bated breath, "whose wealth is com.
puted at over fifty millions, stood an
attentive, devout and sad participant in
the obsequies," his "pale face, fringed
just beneath the ears with tufts of black
whiskers, wore a melancholy expression.
He was attired in a neat fitting suit of
black, black gloves and tie. He stood
when the congregation rose, knelt when
it knelt and at when it sat. Through
out the lone service he remained with
set. saddened tWae, and mnost or enu tuti
with bowed head. Never once did he
" glance around to sme who was there and
not once did 1he exchange words with his
Spew comnpanion."
Je Jeatnes was overcome. A gentleiman
behaved likto a gentleman, and yet.
r trange to nay. he is computed to be
worth fifty millions of dollars! Evi
dently the awe stricken Jeames sup
poses thalt a nan so rich might be nat
nrally esl.s.ted to weal a red coat and
t yellow breiches at a funeral, to rise
when the congregation Hat down, to sit
down when it rose and to dance a jig
when it knElt. That a rich man should
condostlc.all to be a gentlemnan evidently
imlazes .l:ui.;es, and with trembling fin
gers he records the wondrous fact.
which is then placed within the posses
sion of every friend of hnmanity for the
insignificant snm of two cents. These
are the things that inspire respect and I
admiration for a free tand independent
pre.es.--larper's Weekly.
I.ost in an Abandoned Mine.
An old gold mine near Georgetown.
Cal., long since deserted by its owners,
is still visit,.l by miners who take out
an occ.asional grub stake.
Henry Fraser. an old Georgetown
miner, went into the mine ten days ago
to work a claim about a mile under
ground. Ho lost his candle and matches.
and was unable to find his way among
the hundred.s of pas~sages.
For tell dlays he was without fold,
water or light, and suffered untold
agonies. His friends grew anxious at
his long absence and started. out in
search of him. They immediately re
paired to the mine alnd found hien more
dead than alive. iabout a mile from the
month of the tunnel.
The Illine is under an old rivet chan
nel, alnd vanes froml 25 to 100 feet inl
width. This has ilen a ll wrked out.
leaving an irregular chlnber from 10 tl
t1 feet in height. tilled with rocks and
gravel. To lreac Ihis channel Fraser
had to lpass tlhrllngl i tulnnlel 700 feet ill
length. It wasE only aifter tiresomlr
search thalt Ihis friends I,+nnd him.--CEr.
Chic.iagE Inter-O(cean.
Cainedh the Itoniis In a& Ilag.
Stlate Tresurer hlolleter left St. Plulll
Monday for Ncw York. There was
nothliing leslE itally inlteresting inl this
single s-ltlllEliEnllt. nllld only two or three
attic.hes of the caplitol and Ea vigilaint re
porter knew 1htt the liitle yi l ellow grijp
whis.h thie t l lrlesurr carrilEl in his hand
contalinled shl,2tls.linl in Il1nds duly
attested El1and signed by the governor anlll
secrltulry of the 5talle of MinneJota, lndll
fohlled in iL snliall ljkl:kiagu aboult the size
(of an ordinary law hook. Rather than a
trust to the uncertainly of 11 express I
companluy in this age wheni the train J
robber is abroad s!ee-king whom he nimay
touch. Colonel liobleter concluded to
convey the precious package to its
destination, where it will be used to
liquidate other lnmds of a like sum, the
advantage of the transfer lying in thei.
fact that those issued will bear only :3;
per cent. while the old ones bore tit,.- a
St. Paul Globe.
The Puturn of Natural Gas.
For three years the territory from
which natural gas has been drawn has
not been sensibly enlarged, and except
in the now fields its general use for
manufacturing has steadily diminished.
There certainly need be no fears that
coal mining will becomo a lost art. But
we are inclined to think that the pres
ent tendency is mainly a halt or reac
tion andl that natural gas has come to
stay. Just now its uses are merely sug
gestive of the future.
It brings to us fuel in the most con
venienlt form--the relfined essence freed
from drurs, weight, impurity: self trans
porting. anuokel."s,. an invisible potent
agent that o,rn·e possessed of we cannot
well part with. If nature cannot be do
pended upon to furnish it ready made
we must undertake to make it or some
thing nearly identical out of coal or oil.
The well-known Christy llat has no
superior for quality and finish. The
Manhattan, sole agents.
Our First (Congrrs.
On the first day of March, 1789!, the first
Congress of the United States of Ameri
ca began its first session. Though we
ometiumes date our national existence
from ,July 4th, 1776, when the Declaration
of Independence was promulgated to
the world, that was really only the es
tablishment of a confederacy of inde
pendent states, for the single purpose
of freeing themselves from the domina
tion of the British Crown. Under this
compact the Revolutionary War was
fought, but after peace was gained, the
paticular interest of the separate states
began to clash, and it was evident that
the General Government needed larger
powers if the country was to amount to
anything among the peoples of the
earth. Our existence as a consolidated
and powerful nation may therefore pro
perly he said to have begun in 1780.
The history of no nation can show such
a growth in 100 years. And but a small
part of our 06,000,000 people would be
here were it not for railroads, for the
center of the continent could not be
populous without them, and the bulk of
the population is in the central portion
of the country. Foremost among these
transportation systems is The Burling
ton which gives the Northw'stern people
quick and easy communications with
the east, south and southwest. For
tickets, time tables, maps, etc., call on
your nearest ticket seent, or address
W.J. C. Kenyon, Gen. Pass. Agent, St
Paul, Minn.
Guaranteed Cure.
We authorize our advertised druggist
to sell Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs.and Colds upon this
condition. If you are afflicted with a
Cough, Cold, or any Lung, Throat, or
Chest trouble and will use this remedy
us directed, giving it a fair trial. and ex
perience no benefit, you may return the
bottle and have your money refunded.
We could not make this offer did we not
know that D)r. King's New I)iscovery
could be relied on. It never disup
points. Trial bottles fren at Lapeyre
ltros.' drug store. Large size .M cents
tand $1.
Attention, Workingmen, Attlention!
A new series of stock will be issued
March 7th by the People's Building- &
Loan association of (treat Falls. Secure
some of this stock, it is the best way to
save your money and get big interest.
II. J. M;a,. See.
W. II. Babcock & Co., fine Orunges and
Lemons, (iruoceries of all kinds fresh.
Lettuce, Onions, New Cabbage, Mince
Meat, lOc per pound. Everything
cheaper than the cheapest. Try us and
see for yourselves.
Conrad is selling all winter gants and
garments out at less than cost.
Examine the Bargain Counter at ('en
ra l's Shoe Department.
C., St. P., M. & O. Ily.
The Northwestern Line. Short line to
('hicago and only line making connec
tions with the (Great Northern railway
at St. Paul every day in the year for Chi
cago and the south.
Leave Butte ................ 7::10 a. me.
Leave IHelena ...............I11:10 a. in.
LE.AvE: (aL:.vT FAi.ls......... 2:'a p. m.
Arrive Mint ................10:.0 a. m.
Arrive (;urald "Forks ..........(:25 p. m.
Arrive St. Paul ... ......... ;:,5 a. m.
Leave St. Pu'i via "Norithwestern
Line'" ' t......... 7:54) a. in. anti ;:ll p. nl.
Arrive M iliwukek.... 7:5. p. n.. 7:5 a. m.
Arrive' ('hicago..... ::5 p. in., ;:tlk a. m.
Se-cure your tickets over 'T1he North
weltern Line" and bee essired e.',nne..
tions at Chicago.
Ioint. located on the Wisconsin Cerntral
line ait the(l gateway to the vast foirest
region which extends north to lake
Superior, in iatance oif 2i mliles with
out it break. ,on account of its vast luil
her interests. 'I'he Wisconsin river, to
which the luniherniln have given tihe
fuliliar anrd somiiewhat Hafectiitiate title
of "Ohi Wi's.ouii," not alone iets ai. u
lumber feeder to the city y fuiirnishinll
thrlough its nulerous tributaries an
outlet for lthousands of acres of pine in
the uppellr country. ilnt it furnishl e it
walter power thalt is se(ilnd only to that
of Neenah andl Miiehiusbai. which cities
are also lohated (ion the "( enitral." Mil
liots of feet if lumber llare cut every
yuear. givin enmploymenlivllt t o huniireids (of
men. In addtition t the lumber trade
it has numnerlous other Inanufactories. It
is here where the large car shops of the
Wisconsin Central lines are located.
For tickets, mnaps. pani1hlets and full
information apply to ti. F. McNeil. ('. P.
& ' T. A.. Minneapolis. Minn., or to James
C. Pond, general passenger and ticket
agent,[Chicago, Ill.
Our of ts
Our stck of fats can't be hasten.
Cheap Lots for Everybody!
Fifth and Sixth Additionsnon the West Side.
Near the New School House, and
Near the New Railway Shops,
A Splendid Opportunity for the Poor- -
* As well as the Rich to get a Home.
Great Falls Water-Power & Townsite Co.
To the City of
Great Falls, Montana.
The industrial center of Great Falls. Lots s0 by 110 feet.
Near the Smelters and Rlack Easle Dam. Reasonable prices. Easy terms.
Rapid transit by Electrio Street Cars. Comfortable houses sold on inst.almlm,,
Two routes to the (reat Northern It. Station. ~90 feet above the Missouri river. C
Cheap Fares to residents of this addition. Oneshalf miletfrom Black E*Ie Is'.
City Water n ow in houses and Fire Hidrants. Good Drainage.
It is the desire of the Boston & Great Falls Land Comla
to make this addition the attractive and desirable part of the cit1
Telephones, Electric Lights and Shade Trees will soon be addet
Their plans are meeting with hearty approval and co-oplratior
For full information call on
OfficetUnder Park Hotel.
Or to any established Real Estate dealerm
Men's r Laa :die
Boys' M iisse
Youths' *., sd \Chidrcnis
Fine Custom Wurk a Specialty--Repairing Neatly Done
Contractor - and- Builder.
Dealer in Lime and Cement,
Red or Fire Brick.
Building Stone in any Quantity.
Telephone 174. - Great Falls, Mont.

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