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A tGang of Alleged Mining Stock
Svindlers Rounded Up in
The Victims of the Swindle Were All
Wealthy and Presumably
Crecatuo, Dec. 18--The Tribune says: r
Through the fleecing of a Dearborn e
street real estate broker, who proved r
willing to expose his own discomfiture in
order to bring to justice the offenders, a
gang of alleged mining stock swindlers
has been run to earth by a detective v
agency, and three men will have to stand e
trial in this city on indictments charg- a
ing forgery, conspiracy to obtain mone?
under false pretenses and a contidence
game. A.\. . Cornell, alias "Orrie Fox," c
alias "Red Horse Jack," has been placed d
under bonds to stand trial, and William c
McNutt. alias "; ",rge tI. Lynn," of re- .
pvrted wie' tapping achievements, was II
arrested 1,y l eu ty Sheriff Lyon on a b
capias in Jud.'e I,,tcr's court, where he
uppeared in cr's'ection with another
case. :xtr3.hltil: papers are Ibing pre- I c
pared to tirg . third tuenhber of 1
the g, g. r,,n .- . C. Lvaens, from I
Hutte, 3nL.:tina. l -lder various guist
as ore ir kts, :.i ir'. xport. gold p
mtinng :.. , ' 1. rp ratio
otficials. i :- .u . is at.,'.s have
,rred on, it is chiarged, suc eseful
traditic ir frat . : p'pcr. tsalng g
<l. ' . s' t o~ i n -, :ir t"':. ' i h' t ti
effort, not n ,: t xe: ' i : h'uro'us cx- . o:
peri, aces. Inn r tig'ation thus far tends ei
to honw that A. S. Laei,, a real estate tt
dealer at No. 170 Dearbor, street, was 't'
d:frauded cf '.. s Iet on umnth. Mrs. at
1 arriet . 'arren .t IN, :"':i" Dearborn as
street. it is said, fu' 1 herself a victim 1'
to the extent of a dish:, astdrnft,thrown la
out of c Butte o,dr.:, ctaling for 11,770. aI
The An.erit:: N::t;,,lral tf Kansas City, '
accordirg to the story, was also nipped c'
for .1O00, which it advanced to cover a Pl
margin, securirg, a:c it suppoeed, aquic'r sie
deal in n ici. c.t for the Chicago and fe
hKa".s .a .'its Coui:'i-' ion C'a. It is Ln. itth
lieved I the victius. detectives anu Ti
rep-,talib n::iig oi.:cials ai t Butte. that I' l
the g"ang tL ad. t s by the at
se.-re ,over the country. but nas so
tar I .n. at., it a'.:id e:g "ure, be'cause
of the "ap:rre::tlv rie(, ects',t way i
lit t '
31in :.;,taI " t a"
iat _ ": oi t !: o! ro:ia tions- h
ft~r t. :. . tim i . 'd- . . ' up r i
wit rn itar i:: a 'r ,ap t a' r.is ar c
la o t t
laft e 't:-: tra.. fiu s ; r tL- OrCb ,; d -ur
rarc s f.. a .: ,1"t hi"~r ,, : u i, ner. that unr
lry of. ': O t r .t tla-n 'h, i. t i I
It .iusc " r. .uir o r,, W ys ro rc
tion and itr,, tis tir ,r0 e tfare the uictimr'
real :.i . tr. dibJ t io 1. ,
1..)"~~~~~~~ ~~~~ 1,1- !u-..; 2il..1÷il;t
, :r . ' - ; a ve fa iled.i
,) . .:.t-_ .._ e .- "-_t. rs . t' tri.e a:'.ount
-. " - ;:.. r , i- ! i to b e d u e
S. . .:Cg company.
at 'ir iiaa. and in to
- r- the f rn are i. fr
t -. : .t: .. 1 , u: . -o , J r ., is t h.r fI
. L, r.'1 m.anager, tnd '
ac. i.a t ir i cii ýI
glno = f i , in thLaw ai of Prhi Iur
Gci-c ,. tt ir e ay of the otpany i, at
si tel i , lralite e'rr aty, .\lnor t anay , d
Fras.:r I. ,a,±c-r . Chi'acg'r, who !,;ad nr
sO ',: t : '" .,J E ;r . : ,, y m a-y . in r r . , d t
made.: d ruar , for pay mea. t, failed to ca
get it , n a tin: by it.h r. Thu e m
pan . liii ePitt e'ri(I(i in . • c lping
t.c rrpurtt el e.: rt eigsed, /neia- tti
tior.a. ,e, ,',,pum a.t are - spected. 1:,
to C .r it rr'lcr. "i. , 'ut m ere of _
Frty wi: f" . gri~.dra. ril t ali 'no A(
no fr ...ea at a in the operations of thno . a
pride w hich dpter t.paiy owf riobrbtana, I
anelec tionat is ither i Early nor anyonei I
therlse will d lt anthing by it. The com- pi
anfirst had pesa t clothi in dufelropin
the pr iperty and neeked 8l10,(.'1 more
to rck;te it rem uner 'ti,:e, but the prop.
erty whwstf great vwllue a ornad wuld no
dout net ion' e y prhtel withcoa in a Wool
short time. ' ar
Anothler Enterriz.
T .uat a., -:.,, W Va:d., , D ec. 18.- T he CU .. :,
of the consummation of anot},:- ,rat.".
prise which depended o:, the Novemb,,r
election is announced. Early in January If
there will be establihed in Tacoma the Ht
first wholesale clothing manufactory in
the northwest. It will be managed in 1
connection *with the Tacoma Woolen
mills. Chicago business men are behind
the project.
Let Them Rush.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18.-The wool
men are interested in the large ship
ments of wool brought from Australia by
recent steamers. Thirty thousand balee
are expected from Sydney by the next
steamer from Australia. The importers
are rushing in wool, anticipating a
higher tariff after next March.
Senate for Cuba.
W\V.srIcT'roN, Dec. 18.-The Cameron
resolution, as modified and agreed upon
by the foreign relations committee, is as
"Resolved, By the senate and house of
representatives of America, in congress
assembled, that the independence of the
republic of Cuba be and the same is
hereby acknowledged by the United
States of America.
"Resolved, That the United States
will use its friendly otlices with the gov
ernment of Spain to bring to a close the
was between Spain and Cuba."
Hlutte Oets a lluiulIing.
W.ASIIIs.TroN, Dec. 18.-The house
committee on public buildings voted to
day to report and place on the house
calendar a large number of public build
ing bills, which it had practically agreed
last session to report. The list includes
bills providing for buildings in the fol
!owing cities:
Boise, Idaho; ieno, Nev.: Santa Rosa,
Cal ; Salt Lake, I'tah; Alameda, Cal.`
iTacoma, Wash.; Stockton, Cal.; Wood
land, Cal.; ('heyenue, Wyo.; San Diego,
Cal; 'Fresno, Cal: )eadwcoJ. 1);
Hutt,. Mont,
\litho )\. Ti,i. 'onltry "
:Ir it a ,ry, I ,ttier known os ' ,
tru;t, hac clo:ed , deal for '. "
of the i; ce!: . Sioe cropanr .i
city. being ,l!even-eigbteenths of it.? to
tal stocik. Tie price to be paid is l1,2(li.
C0Ut). The story of this gigantic trans
action is an interesting one. Some time
ago tie Arbuckles, the coffee kings,
branched out into the eucar business. A
large retinery was built in New York
and theretb the .\rbuckles became the
Ulompetitor- of the American Hefining
companyv. Tie latter was not at all
pleased at wlit it considered an intru
sion. .\t first the retiring company of
Ifred to buy o::t the .\rbuckle plant, so
the story .ue:. but the latter refused,
Then ti.e retining compalny concluded to
hlank the movement of the Arbuckles,
and hence this deal.
7 li tsii. Wool 31arhet.
B' ..., I )ec. 1--'l'he Bouon ('Com
mererm al HIIlletin wil is:y to iorrow: ti i
w,, us rket e is fat and deprl ''eld. ine
house u o d , ,.U', .,ends of '. ; .n
(1a[D 1 | l m-- .o .' th. or* F.. U , r
, f ,rei c:'n " , t s'u i, to arrive
u :.ti '.. c ,, at , t r ill d und
t: I t! . J ,. : e tha lv e b e' : r n o , th e r
Stl n,, . 'tiu o f . ' Irt~nr e. Al'Oi Omediumll
iwo _- ~r," :r::". .p1,cial!y h ret=r wook .
fa or. Tl - i . lO f olo l ufllti r
ere fur the i'rt t1 months of IU5 sht.'
a d: crease of .' '' 0.0 ) from the l,rolr
freal import: tar the name 10 monh',
l.0 It will take .fsoa e time to fill tlhi
cap aind thIere is a ietter feeling as to
the r:irning opi.:ing '.of now heavy weight
Ig.ilee in Janur y
T.e .des of the week are 1.2l1Ul
i ro iund of domuestic anrd 1.27U,00U poundi
of frei:'n, against 1.1o5,5t00 pounds of
t:, =,tic ald 5-1.~"S.' pi unds of flri(ign
Slast wi--k. ani 2,17C.,,OI pounds of di,
i uesti5 nII'd 1 Il,eL,L.Oll pounds for the same lt
weI wek last y.:.
Ther sa.:- a, date show a decrloase of
id13,2dl pou"'l of dmuoestic and 32,
I110,70 flrignr from the sale to the
samre date in i2itGi. Toe rel''pts tI late
show a de"reaee oIf 14u,12 b.ales of do
me tic arid i2,.'1 btales of foreign.
Three Pardous.
I uvernor Rickards has granted a par
Iln to Il, nr" J. Seymour, who pleaded
gutt:I J.une , la-t, in f,-Ie, I county,
to r1bz1''an:g several hunllrltd dJillors
from ti, /',inger vSewing Machine VCl
for 4.,tlet1 s be w. abgent, n111 was
se1 nil 'd to im.pri onment for one year.
After embr"zzhing the money, which he
emu;a, :.w ;ay. ;OI mour ttd toSi,,kane,
O'ehr'lf I w1l -r anr:l County Attorhley
Ir :, an S;al t ,I him , '.'ent after inn,
and got him, The hoard of pardons will
act ill the ca' e Jan. 1.
Eamuu I1 HIs, who stole sows cattle
on Box L El t r crerek, La also btl. cpar
doned and the stale board will act in ll s
ca ,'t on New 1 ear's (lay, lie was se it
up I)ec. I, 1t llI, for three years. HIe it;
a toiugh customer and it is not his fault
that hae did ,not add the louraor of an of.
liver to his crimes.
Hattie Shaw, .t box rustler in Mollie
Thompson's joint, "worked" James Sei
fredof Belt out of 125 and has evident
Vy captivated the governor. Shtel was
:11ti . jed of grand isarceny April i13, last,
and consigned to Deer Lodge for a year,
hut his excellhncy has asked the stats
board of pardons to give her her free
don) r e New ',ears gift. She will then
perha,, turn 1,o1er sevcral new leaves.
'arry Til- Girl ulick.
I saw ie your pa: , : ; year-old bIoy
made 81 .25 the nt, o t lo:' .I w'corked el.ih
ing the Perfection M' tai! Tip Lampwik.
I ol-l 'rI,,r a i alrl p'' t' v,.' nt to work
ans tt rst w 'et . I ;,,rI t. tl sel
,,r.. . , t ,. I , l,,arted : I , ! r r es":t to run
,, w , ' : it; t , near future, as
., flrfialn Metal Tip iampwick
a-:, ,.:t ' b,. ful white light and
leo,.., v . at, ,nrky chim n and
S a.d ', for ;erd t- €,il, it ir.n P , t, r, 11.
If you wi-ht to try it ten1n Ii to' ', I' .t
stamps to Miss A. M. Iritz. ,t' A,
St. Louis, Mo., llnd , w ,' -1,.i )y','
sam ple Outfit. T'1'! ", , t uodl '. y to
make morey rs ,u.''.,
M.,' T. W.
Secretary of State Olney Gives an In.
s terview Concerning the Cam
eron Resolution
Congress' Action Will Be Merely
Advisory to tile President-A
WAsmIN;TON, Dec. 1.--The Cameron
Cuban resolution, if pressed to its final
passage in both houses, will constitute a
direct and formidable issue between the
executive and legislative branches of the
government. This is clearly indicated
by the following interview given out by
Secretary Olney today:
Secretary Olney, being asked his
opinion as to the nature and effect of
the proposed resolution recognizing the
independence of the republic of Cuba,
''I have no objection to stating my
own view of the resolution respecting
the independence of the so-called repub
lic of Cuba, which, it is reported, is to
be laid before the senate on Monday.
Indeed, as there is likely to be serious
mnisapprehensions regarding such reso
lutions, both in this country and abrun d
and as such apprtehensions inal have in
jurious results of a grave character, it is
perhaps my duty to point out that the
-colution, if passed by the senate, can
, a.bahly bie regarded only ea an expres.
-iun of opinion by the emiunt i gent!l
-in who vote for it in t .e senate, and if
passed by the house of repro.:retatives
lan only be :egarded an aither ex
pression of opinion by tha eminent gen
tlemen who vote for it in the house. The
power to recognize the so-called repub
lic of Cuba as no independent state
rests exclusively wilh the executive. A
resolution on the subject by the sonate
or by the house, or by both bodies or by
one, whether concurrent or joint, is in
operative as legislation and is iumportant
only as advice of great weight, volunta
rily tendered to the exeicutive r. .,rding
the manner in which he et a:! ex .rcisc
his constitutional functirni . 'r'1l, oper
ation and effect of the pro.,,:.i r.,silu
tin., therefore, even if pal::- d ,i bioth
houses o( congress, even by :: t,,-, thirds
vote, are perfectly plain. It n:iy raise
expectations in some iqu;: :r;_0 w hich can
never be realized. 1. mi'y iilamue
populatr pati o ne b,,L.I, in -this
n Ico i.ntry anmd O +tti .:b ,+i n. 1 ia"y
thus put it, prIl 'i iii- a.l
propert-, (f .1Xn rii -n e- ilc :, who ae r
rl - ide,' ti r a i , , ;i t-id will
tx;,ri-ept in t;.["- W : W y: ",. i IN, " th, ',
vi ,e e0mbo~di-J -.i the :, ut u l mail
,a1 the c en tli·- . c ... . - ,. tiu.
ci .a: a ieady ri.acheld i I t il ally ide
clare-i, thJe recslluuion ,.li h, without
elffl t ailcnd will lha e u; il·trl "thl ; atti- i
ti-: uf t .hi g'virnmuict triva i ;e two
- c diti.i lir-ioc- in 4u b i
1 etl. N. J , today ue.t .,u d :0 t.uildiu;ge.
erntaintge a lu e of ,20(1,(1(1. IcMlianus
Ilro ., furniture dealers, occupied six
Etores. on First street. An .gr other
Christmas displays in one of tI.u shoh.w
eindows was a toy steam g::ine which
exploded, setting fire to i quantity of
inflammablo matelial. In i !c.:untnt
the store was ablat eand :eh.p·;o :d were
co:lpeiled to wake a hurried exit. Jl a
shurt tinme the entire building was a
mass of flomes, which e pread quickly to
the adjoining and opoubite ouil,.iigt.
(lie of the fier to go ..am tl, building
frontington Front and Fi i-t Jerssy eteetr
occupied by the Eaghle S:,re Store com
pary. The lire then detroyetd F'ish
baugh' extensive lish mark't and the
millinery store of Mlrt. riarvel and then
started ta burn in te lu :itctino of
Front street. The lire C:, Ihei got
under control, after it i. -i I utnc ,i the
entire blick on l'irat t: Ih tween
IEast Jerr- y and Living:tni r!etite. It
had burneld lercely fium 3 ,elichk p. tn,
until about i o'c.c'. Tlie CIhancohor
hotel was iistroyi., It- loa- being
d,000ltO; )dd Feillows' hal! cant dariagod
to the extent of 8i,-,t; Adaru :~aner,
who owned moeet of the buillitng, eti
mnates his lose at over $10I,0u0, Mc:
Manus Bros. say their logs will be about
~T3,00(UU on ::tock and building, with $.0,
000 insurance. A number of small
dealers were horned out wi l,n, lnsiit
amount to several thousund idollars
l.c i Fire in St. t1'iil.
S'T. 'ait.,, Dec. 10.--This mrorning's
fire doetroyed about halt the block
bounded by.Sixth, Seventh, lHulert and
.Ja;lktnsn strinets, the buildings dsetroyed
being a portion of the Ilyan annex andt
the entire Schutte building, with the
contents of a dozen stores, tho Northern
Exchange bank, saltoni, drug store and a
large number of otlices. Two firemten
were injurel, but n,,t fatally, and the
few who roonmed in the building got out
tafely. The ltee aggregates $287,000,
w ith ir:eurance otf 112',00(0.
The tire was brought under control
about 5 o'clock, ha ing been burning
nearly three hours. The ftlaoa flret
broke out in an unknown manner in the
Cordosee Furniture store room and
spread rapidly. The Ryan hotel is on
the corner of Sixth and Robert streets,
but the flames went in the other direc
tion and the fireman guarded the hotel
so well that it was uninjured. Some of
the guests, however, were considerably
frightened by the eight of a fire so near.
Boller Explosion.
PROVrI)NCE, R. I., Dec. 19.-Two I
boilers in the Kent wooled mill at Cen- I
terville exploded today, killing four per- E
sons outright and fatally injuring an
other. The dead are Nilvanua lraul, 3
fireman in charge of the boilers; Mrs. a
Braul, who had just brought her hus- 7
band's breakfast; a 16-year-old dye house e
employe, and D. L. Baker, a washer t
tender. t
The fire department was called out .
and when the engines reached the mills, a
ladders were raised by means of which 9
the panic stricken operatives were res- t
cued. The firemen then instituted a I
search for the bodies of the victims. s
The cause of the explosion is a mystery.
It is said the boilers were inspected a I
month ago and found in excellent con- l
dition. They had been in usa only two
years. e
Strike Will Continue.
IlhMlnulnr, Dec. 19.-The ballot taken v
by striking dockers at tive different a
meetings held today has resulted in
7,265 votes being cast in favor of a con
tinuance of the strike and 3,071 votes a
being cast against the strike continuing.
Sharkey (iets the Ioudle.
S.AN FIae.ascii o, D1)(. 18. -Tom
-' arkey, the pu-glist, is today jingling a
,x.:500, the proceed . of the puree awarded n
iiln after he was knocked out by Fitz- I
nimmons. Sharioky ania his backer, D)an
1 ynch, went to thtl Anglo California
Iank today with a c:'tillcate of deposit
for O1,0(00. ]l0 wo': i,:form:,r that at
tchments aggregating $1,)00 had been i
i:led a ilainst his certificate. 'All right,' g
s.aid Sharkey, "give Ime the balance," l
v. hich he received, Sharikey says he t
now wants another ight, preferably a
with Maher.
The grand jury has decided to tbring e
re indictments against Sharkey Fitz-le
Simnmons or their bak-hers for infringe
mc-it of the Etate law against prize Tight
ing, believing no convictions could be
o taintd.
North ankota.
13 .t1.1.c0i,. Dec. 1S.-The ollicial re
tunis of North I)akote: o lcKliity,. u
lxactr, - M itr 1 I' e ul.
CiN'i 1 I, Dec. 1 .---\ ep.'ial to the
C(Lcalrcil-d Triliul'e from Jacksouvill, t
llorida. a si : In a e Iter r,' lved today
by C'l. J. A. IHuau, Florida's relrosent,-i
tiv, of th1- New 0York 1bn 01"eti1n,
tie iit of at1t-1 w,1 s c l irmIetl . The V
writer i.s a ma1 l up in the ;iui ,il:s of the '
Cu11 ;n pt iyi inI rirt, s,. IH', t, - t
night, and . kno1 s 1a- . 1 i 1s really i
d,1,0 , WJI-,ile all 'be f t, - ,t t. Ve `,ut rutt
toe lirth, yet sti!I thI ",, i: nr l ,oul 1t of tl. tI
nain ata truth. \ , n :,l1 11 truth is
nowa, the r-tory as thi:at told of !panir1t
trfeahery wall foundi to tbe mainly t
founld, toIuetl Cula:: rare s-king t,
carefully fIr burial with lh ,,re, tl
A ,s, t,, rnstllin ateld.
[rse unii:,, Ib., I)r:t. 1) --The whole
sale imnpleruent house of H]andaul, Slby
\ Bell assigned her'e today. Liabilities
are` over $1UU(0)00, with uneetimated
assets. 13. :. Elbert was made assignee.
The principal creditore are easterm farm
ilplement houess. The failure was due
to elow co!].ctions.
( iiigv Ifave.
C(wlINtI ii, lieu. 10.- 'the headqiuar
tors of the Anieris'an Iederatinn of La
Ior has been changed fromt Indlianapolie
to Washington, I). C. The only competi
tor was (hicago.
wV uLgnhor i1-, t ll¢.s.
Mr. William \Vaghorn and bride, nee
ia is Joie Staples, urriveil Saturday
from Lethbridge, where th ? uwere ruar
nred last \Vcounedy afternio, at 31
o'Ihnk, the past ,r of the Metholist
Eipiscopal church of that town lficiating
art a f -w intimate fri.n. being prescnt.
Mi-s Iliarche Lu:,; of Porda weeas
brides aid and Mr. Ilui, 3lbNulty of
Letlhbridgcy i I, h-at Inan,
After tl, weddling awl :ri.;nt dinert,
was partak r: of by the v,,ldug ,iprty
an-d lator 1I i I:ride and ger'loun, recein,-l
a ]irg nunler of fr-ical:I
M r, and Mrs. V', thtor,, will be it horne
at theie h:i l ue uafter Jan. 1.
De'el wVant to Disarm.
P'ais, D)ec. 1:.--M.t Io Jcatote, in the
charnber of deputiie:- today, offered a
nmotion that the governtielt sutlonon en
intrl,ntioili conferter., of the powers,
,ith a vi, w of Igt: li disrl. imaent and:
demandedc urgency for it. Tte urgency
motion was opposed by the premier, lM.
Meline, and vwas de:feated by a cvte of
-1i0 to 35.
The New hlotk NSpoon Free to All.
I read in the C(hristian Standard that
Miss A. M. Frite, Station A, St. I-ouie,
Mo, wuuldl gi\v an elegant plated hook
spoon to tnyon s,-ntlit g her ten I-cent
s-tamps. I sent for one and found it so
useful that I showed it to my friends.
and made $13 00 in two hours, taking or
ioers for the epoon. The hook spoon is a
houeohu)ld necessity. It cannot slip in
to the dieh or cooking \reael, bring held
in the plihu. by a hook on the back.
The ripoon il eorcething that house
keepers hiave rteedled ever since spoions
were tirst invwnted. Anyone can get a
satples s)oon by sendling ten 2 cent
stamps to Mien 'lFritz. This is a isp!ondicl
way to mlake money around home.
Very truly, JEANNLi'rII S.
Will Resume Operations Next Month
About the Moulton-New Sampling
F. M. Smith, superintendent of the
silver smelter, returned Thursday last
from the east, where he has been for
some time visiting in several eastern
cities. To a TRIBUNE reporter he stated
Saturday that the silver smelter here is
preparing to start up again. The com
pany has been running several roasters
since they shut down and have had
30 or 40 men at work in this department,
although the smelter was shut down.
They have now accumulated a sufficient
supply of ore ahead to keep one stack
busy for five or six months, and expect
to start the furnaces some time between
Jan. 1 and Jan. 15. This will give
about 70 additional men employment.
The company feels pretty confident that
the increased production of ore at Nei
hart will prove sufficient to keep the
smelter steadily in operation hereafter.
A stockholder interested in the Diamond
R Mining company stated Saturday to a
Tia.rlsu: reporter that the recent news
paper articles published at Neihart and
elsewhere regarding the starting
up of the Moulton mine contained this
much truth: That the stockholders here
were anxious to construct a concentrator
at Neihart to reduce the low grade ore
and start up the mine. Mr. Maclay is
now in St. Louis to consult Mr. Mc
Clure, who is the largest owner in the
company, and whatever action is taken
will depend largely on him,. There is
nothing positive decided on as yet. The
mine has now boon lying idle for some
time and is filled with water. It is not
likely that the company will commence
operations unless arrangements can be
made to concentrate the ore, as much of
it can not be mined and shipped at a
profit at the present price of silver. The
Ioston & Mlontana coimpiny have well
under way the construction of a sam
pling plant at their works. It is ilented
j.st labove the new ore bine. When it
is completed it is said to l-a the
purpose of the company to purchaset
gold, silver and copper ores. The conm
pany will not be in the market for cue
toni work, but will purchase such ores
as serve their iurpose outright, The
addition of this feature to their business
will prove an important matter to min
ers in this section, as it will give them
competition in the sale of their product
anti will le certain to stimulate the miln
ing i f ores in this vicinity.
IN Tille I)l~THICT COI'tiT.
Volete, Iom iOne Prcilnct ,evounted to
the Ell.- I ,ou Cnlltetst.
%\\1hin the district court convened Sat
urdayi morning for thi fourth day of
the trit otf the clection contest of D)ick
tirman i 3vs Gsthorpe. the consideration
vf ialct· from t!he First Ward precinct
to which tlijoution Ifi L.-on entered
was begun. This, with tio evicdenlceo o
two jutlls of elictii,, tcosumied tlie
noreing c. nin,
Ti- i t I m itt u l.i riPi l in th, ';: itsi
W ard piecsin t sho..' ; lhP. I'lh: , to
pubita.; , 1:;5: slyver r.publiciaj, 1];
total. I17 ; ie ts ti, n rit' I, : ;
,,ly iU l,;i- I, iA u . t,l ui ito
the cut vv i'nlg boardl gave the vote of
t -is t irt.ct: I )it-ktk rn. , i . . T75; i- r i
t'in - -lei, t -li i ti hutn t ii'co ; t
.,J ,i " i I5li 'ihit t J l rl ntirln -(; " ti h ri. , itii
Ib llh i: t I- ~..i n m rd t a r e t
itn f i:inf; t f",:' ont It : o p Inli fO
t.a i, (tvid ptntn ten .rdIl t'v ihow thti
11 .", i a t b oe en ; mny irreg u larity or n ,i-.
take ito thi precil vt, eontoriing that it
tui:i i tb't. iou prli a fani, that ti,
count had I,'i-,n rrto cone or that the
jutlg.'s 1 .., beten guilty of rtis.tilndu.:t
lit for0 lei rte; unt cu u II.i h',e d. .Jtu+g,:
lienton v,\, rrul d the ,Lotion, h a., i:g
thiit i ..' l,:ioh wer, tI he be.f t ei vil,-ci
ofi.i'd'f l i u.lj . i'f itl tLcti
't'he cou tnt 1 t "Io tlan, ILd wht' I'ou rt
alIjournid it 5 p. i. to 1l . i. Molnl. ,
al! btalk t- except about 50, to which oh
jicýtilu lod been miaue, I ai been
h'l('e I'utte rand Montania ('oroniurcial
Co. yeteird,;y ;istitut'id suit agaCi-t I.
Luuts I)ahnr to fuore'loCI a iI t fur :;N 30
on 10i acres in section i, townuship 1s
ni'rth, riah".n I ast.
T. 1' BIradl is plaintitf's attorury
i'rr the first tune, the nantlt of a Cl inm
loan wai yesterday entr.rr upon the
('DIscae county register of ati i!
the dit-trict court a:s n p,:ul til, lru;
iuain i, ,titutiro. suit . air rst the MoU n
taLnia (' !; Ii:. a:iny i tort itn) 1 -
coc t ".' l,0 h) d; ag: for l:t. Cr d prr.
.otdod ir juri,..
I !:int;fl' i, : r:,no J r d w 1,t it i,.". t,
onI dfutla.ta' train which was wrecked
nrar Ila'ut ., onL t+, N' ihlart brPO ;nd,
larwh.i i; hi s uit by ,\-:, , Ch(..'hiha;men
ol I]l,,or.h .
, .. UI, r.nt rint J. C. h tutoon are
plaintift" al t'rnoy s
Nihotil IIr Il.
All trt II es ioeipt IepuIth were pr1e.
eait at atuirdiay evoning'S ieltin , of
the Hctool board.
The board f. rrln~tly accept,,d a propa.
Hti'n fr)i ,I 'I" iiu l:An ihangs No -
tional baink of Chicago to pay the dis
trict :,(O, neUt, pIrovided that the board
0houhl dismisi the suit against tile bank
to recover i8,500, the amount tlepoiiited
by the district in order to secure the
s'hO,I)Ol bonds whi:ch were seized by thil
C(i:cago }hauk on clairm agahist thi. Mer
cha,:te' Natioi ,il banh of (treat Ftlls,
which was negotiatitintg the t.ind. as
agent. Noi.i:vsirry resolutions were
adopted, cliir hing the agreonuint.
Misi; Mary A. (;. Mitchell titdered
her resignation a5 toe.her on neiounit of
ill health, the resignation to take uetfert
I ee. 21. Action was deferroe.
'l'hie board tie0, adjottrnod.
W ilLintiroi, I e. Itt.-ftharle; it.
Crisp of Georgia, Eiln and succeLHIor of
the late ex-Spouker Criisp, waee sworn in
as imembtler of the house whentc the s5o
sion opened today.
Dranleas or Wolen AND OHnrlan.
Olio: Sutite 7, Dunn Block.
prest Falls, Mlont.
el -----..
The Star Mining and Milling Cionpan) y
Great Falls, Mont
There are delinquent aupon the following d.
a scribed stock on account of aeessment leid
Sect. lf, 180l1, the several amounts .set oPDositu
the names of the respective ehareholders:
g No. No.
Name. Ctf. Shares Amti
SFula ..a .......... 2 10 000 3a
ItBok, J. N ................ 1 10,000 8I:,
Strodbeck, C'....... ..4 5,000 1 t0
c)ott, Charles...............10 1,000 :(
Wight, f.it............ C ....I 4,000 1 40
Mare, Jas................1...1 1.000 l 7
Seterson.A. M.............. 18 1.00
Bh o'ts,2 1... ........... ,' 2 5,000 070
,t Snott, John......... ..2... 2 3 ,000 1l0 V
cott, c(hrietina............. 4 10,000
, Scott, Bose..................20 2,200 h
Scott, Nettle. . . 1*2.. 8H a,1.00
illerman T.A..........4 1,000
.wanson. aggie L........ 1,000
iowers, katie.t...........o 5.00 1o
Qullsm ....Sum .. ......... 1 1,25
ongers. )en ............. 1;
l ingers, DauF . 27 250 r
logers, Dan F........0. 2 07 17
logers, Dan F...... ..... 2 2 00 17
lingrs.riaDen F . 0 r70
longers, DanF.... . ..S, 29 (
logers, Dan F...2........... 0r.0 h
B ligers, DIen F..............03 520 i÷
logere, Dan F..............I t2 50 10
;()opre, ))an F ..............8 .IW 500
ligers, Dan F ........5... 35 500
S4 0.
lilts. LI. ifoo............ .... 4 5,000 i;1
J. Thompson lrown & Co.. ,15 2,
hIay lrnb.................... 167,.I00 7,1 ,
o *Nncertificate issued.
A nd in accordance with law and an ordr of
the hoard of dircntore mande on the 1l1th drsy f
eytoptohor., 214, so niany sheres of edah Iore.Il
of stock as otay be neceesary will he sold st tl,.
otlieo of F. B, Wilo,.x, 105 0'entral avenne, (G4oa
salls, Mont on the 23d day of Novenh,br. 1.- ,,
at 3 p. mn of sech day to pay Ielinqnent anss,..:
0 ments thereon, together with costs of adverti,.
iun and. expenses of sclror
F. i). WIL~('OS, t.ecrot:.ry,
S ~reot Folls, Mont., Nov. 2, 1277.
lHy irdnr sf the trustees of th.a Star li,
inc & Oliiin coan¥Isoy tise abt(o e dvcrtjin.,i
sali, is I(1reby po)n.07 t,.ed till Dec;- 14, Ii-mi, at
0 p. nst tIh aonilon piece.
F. 1*. WIL('OX, Secretary,
No. 105 (:cntral avenuo, (4reet Pallse, lont.
JudiN:iJl ;listril't of th5 t2.Bte Tf iOi,.t 1;., lii
s~ld folr t h* clnny i,, ( lsc ii.
Iiobtirt i k'ord, Mrti,,er l Hlir rti, Mai~try 37,
} lWl m tkeot~aol, I. 517.rg, '..)I.
I)nvios. 5l1lrtha E. Nriblh. 2.7. loini,-ke. 'Ilo.,,.v,
-. I. t'vower. T. F. Iltely, Jobin 4't,.nt', r. dlbl .1.
inrocli, end lihomvto, l',n:h. pbinlils , ogo.in..
Williao, Ii. Slorke, J.J.linnly. lJo,,11y 'ntto ,tr,.
(1.8S. 21,,it),1 'deInnin, 52. tl. l'lhnrchiii, .
Sli.ec; VIiu.,,hn, dlefeno~dants. Action No ,
The State of M1ont na sends Sreeting to tie
shove n'lnl(dl defsnthontl, villtt I1 (l ('Il (If tithen.
Yln na ~·rt. h,.r.b HI:ll~lll~ll d I lnrlW r )I (, clrlll.
pliint in 1,is Inctiol. whiclh is fil,.d in, tin t. .l,
,Of thlo cirk (,f thin corol-, i .opy) if 'vlhicih iv
0 7nlloltbL .e-v,,'1d h1,On 701(1 and to fib,0 S.)lit 1lr1
nx,,t i ani [onv a (,(,,py thi~reof 1,01 a t .. ]ikl-.
til!'n alt()rtltco witi' w, 0nty ,y I tt ( ro ,, , .
enewir, jfld.lll-,,e will bi0 tskO-n II)v:nl )I II, ! ,
dl,,fvnli, for tii,, rteli,'f ,lvi-aln7,.t ii ile iloti,
SIoI aliliol he t)i,)n).l to Illtn,,,,inl ocrt,'
Rr isi th,. '',l ri.ior ,llt·q, " al,¢l1 t!,." w.,ttrT ri,;.,*
Si . lti·llia ii llt t i, ,,].,nt tilt. l,) t. ,, i1¢,.i,7 ,1 .
!,i>rskl jll. f rockit It theo, .., i, t
eltto nint ,) I, . l I o,, n,' vuf liii '1,), .1 t"0,7,1 I ,I:
i(to , lt-in . tof h( .¢. o a.i, , t' (ll)[ ];
XWitn.v~,0-n,y han ;,rI ti,,l O f si If l 01 (,1 1111
11 5,.A l 'l7. \V. 71, I') lock ;1 , (hrl:
i tlv,, . In 'loo ny ,, [)(,l,rti,- Ionii,nr t
I ,,t!k \t,,,b , ..\ "r ,,y lv 1,,r l'tit lf ,
I N T IF IHSF]' i i" ()LT F
I tt.tu titf 'I ith tI nt ftI t
trltll 1i, :rl·ll- iitri, l fJ'tL'r. l~ty 1!d Ii,; T I..-v'td.
Iita'tlnt 't F F r.n F ' " ' i' i ..
iF~ t''rtt F tiit
J hv, Nicl~t+ i cr|,qllall nl.clcl,ll ti,. iri~g!r ). l,i:t I..
r ll i t 1 T;, , ' " ' ( l d, .
f Ft itill it. ' itt1 lt l r, Jit ,, It ' I ' Fi]
]h ul l tutur ifhfrti' F ,,ro'E l rh ,
'+liCir t ,f(r the t t r-elief dumb d irn ,, l, co,,
nlre'f } nf ' itt i t ,it fwri t h '
winn i -i in t ,ilitI ttttIi''. t tI'l.r it. If tf" r (I':,,,
Fi'rittitnrtt Irtrt ut liii I F''
)wi~li,,rdt il ttt it. r t, I trtil' 'r f hut itt' It tit F',
i'trF'ii ltn nh e !it liiatEtFi t E nt
•l ' l .t'ir n F au,,n F t'i u n l tlt ,F i 't 'F; i F. ' Ft ir
'I''1,, f r t . li'r. ti. ' )itIFSi F it t h( i l 1, l . .
ll itFutw Fcltt trtF nll r itin trl' hJ l
I t,.i t ti nr. r y. ,, ,, , I , , r i thi,
wh'r.,* wirlb+)r ,l , ,.u ion u yntr
t Vla~ ,"I' ', t nti++ :, ,I+v+ i l,', ·:+'id d), ,,I' ++ tl .( ,tl
nli I nli yl of aclopr. 1:·
I Kt'. E h . Ie ( hii F. lr-.F Fl l] thI
I 'll ' I 1ir.tt r£ i tInI., or I fit r. tilfe
ht~vo Btl 1,O(1 Wltllftl~ly jlln~lq ,tlr to il a+ir,,l,n( ,+r'
Irtvil ii thin f 'rL i ino nt tl itld f 'h d y o),m
fl rthtitt l t tii'i'ttl' wli, e o n i1t e, ntri l 'i',ii'
h iF''fttti , Fi dy ~l.r ii''' ittlitif d titr r]i tn
tion. I),( uliIlyl 1t41 kill. said lllll. ll t 1 .·1:) L Il
.lF o ilc r h~l n ltuf Zu r i, l il t itt t
fltll tir nU'ill y F".w ir irthtita Il ''Ft(it it 't ' 'in .f.r
)+q i(d Jl+ saidl l)hIil wili~llU a0 ,iI>IIIK t,+111· l.hHP
itttll'l nftiti ' ar t t lt it fit ] wiu. (t.tI(l '(l tum~n --ti(tI zt+
xiii.'it~ nting ritw ti iii 'ibt nplaif tif u'riu,
iittttiu'iteiitiF trai tIiti" Nat
"::Znht."na""" ':Ti
(i 1. + t trn * . - n d. )an d ant h , ,at o f th ,,, lnit
trill ou ra ut t.. t:h Juiiii nail'l m iF iht
Wi n'iat,, ir)tyam initi tad fl-r ittlm it].> itta in'.+
,)'tbq htP lll., ];. <, dtl+)elt~nr i~ll I t,+ y ,a '
tF. I t)lir dayyIIt lt it r ltl htr rF fa,''
t tE *t I W. +FF.F(+OI'KFl'lLl,. Clerk.
Fl] V..Fit'ntT'F',t''F:. Firpntyl'ih'tk,
It 'ir t i 'ttb i on 80pt . I, 1- ++L
FitTI' lF.tn k (,IiiFiin tt.F . (( l.'' " r(iF ilJ
J'iihtiit J~~it ii fl glittrFiei 'if litt, lS'i'Ft,, ,I").
Mitie't i i. Fl irthtt . ii't t hif F ithinrnu't,%
tlitti'Friiiir Lo'if F. Iiut. pluintiflitt wF.hit iof.
Fvi'title nf " Jt ititni,. n n r i a Uitiy.i
ttit k, F it l'ttrtt'iotn tflittl ln y ir in ti the
itrtrt nft i-t lit 'tur i twit lilt ,,h' f t' e :l :
Miir uvilii 'Fli iiitr tr a tiC the I 'tt iiht r buFitnItt
it u Itry I iDitii' t h Fit frn' iai 'l wit ate thert
tuht tittiasriin ist Fripirrl t be in ' n d i
it ,Otter hltynitit r,.itti.t.d I+ .''(t)
tttF it , 2'rtn day af tNive't er 1r fl rt.

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