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Entered at the postoffice in Livingston,
•a secoocl-class mail matter.
M. T.
I P^siflent krtïâiràs prewiring his last
mcBSOg«- which ..meet .s on
next Mond ay. _
The Rochester Democrat and Chroni
!; cle publishes a letter from Whitelaw
Reid, in which he positively refuses to
be a candidate for United States Senator.
James L. Pugh was re-elected to the
United States Senate from Alabama on
the 25th, by the unanimous vote of the
house, and with but one dissenting vote
in the senate.
The Governor of Rhode Island has ap
pointed William P. Sheffield to fill the
vacancy occasioned by the death of Sen
ator Anthony until the meeting of the
legislatur e in January. _
The Republicans in some parts of
Pennsylvania are talking of Blaine as
Cameron's successor in the United States
senate. It is reported that a movement
is on foot among Blaine's active friends
to secure pledges from representatives
to support him for that position.
An organized movement is on foot to
have the state election in Ohio occur
in November instead of October, this
obviating the necessity of holding two
elections in one year. A petition with
this object in view has been signed by
Gov. Hoadly, ex-governor Foster, Sen
ator Payne and the judges of the supreme
court and others. There is little doubt
that the change will be made.
The governor of Washington Terri
tory in his annual report states that the
value of the assessed property of the
territory is .350,513,852. The territory is
entirely out of debt, and July 1,1884, it
had a balance of 34",901 in the treasury.
The population of the territory is esti
mated at 150,000. The governor in con
clusion presents a number of reasons to
support the claim of Washington Ter
ritory for admission into the Union as a
State. __
If there is any person who is receiv
ing a greater share of republican abuse
than St. John, it is the Rev. Burchard
who a few days before election stated
that he was in favor of Blaine because
he was opposed to "Rum, Romanism
and Rebellion." The republicans should
not be so uncharitable towards the rev
erend gentleman for giving public ex
pression to a sentiment which they have
ever insisted was the position of the re
publican party towards these institu
tions, simply because it had the eifect
of driving a few voters back to the
democrats whom Blaine had succeeded
in deluding by his talk about a strong
foreign policy.
During the canvass the cry was raised,
and with considerable effect in some lo
calités, against the republican party for
its policy of hoarding over 3400,000,000
in the public treasury. Even Hugh
McCulloch, the new secretary of the
treasury, has given notice that in his
forthcoming report he will advocate a
reduction of the tariff. It does certain
ly seem like gross injustice to burden
the mass of the people of the country
with unnecessary taxes and lock the
money in the treasury for the sole pur
pose of fostering the manufacturers.
The tariff should not exceed, at most,
the needs of the government under an
economical administration.
The report of the director of the mint
shows that the mints have turned out
during the year over 25,000,000 of stand
ard silver dollars to add to the millions
of those coins already in the treasury
vaults. The production of precious
metals for tne present year is estimated
at—gold, 329,000,000: and silver, at its
coining rate, 348,000-,CO. Mr. Brrchard
estimates the coin circulation of the
United States at the close of the last
fiscal year to have been about 3765,000,
000, of which 3537,000,000 was gold, and
3228,000,000 silver. Upon the same
basis the coin circulation on July 12th
last was 3802,000,000, of which 3250,000,
000 was silver and 3552,COO, CC0 gold.
The annual report of the first assist
ant postmaster general shows the num
ber of postoffices established during the
year to be 3,414, an increase of 161 over
the preceding year; number discontin
ued, 1,260; a decrease of 461 ; net increase,
522. The whole number of postoffices
on June 30,1884, was 50,017, an increase
of 2,154; number filled by presiden
tial appointment, 323; number filled by
appointment of the postmaster general,
47,694. During the year 11,953 postmast
ers were appointed. The net increase of
postoffices during the year was much
larger than any increase for several
yean past. He also recommends that the
free delivery system be extended to
places of 10.0C0 inhabitants, provided
the postal revenues amount to 310,000
yearly. The attention of congress is
invited to the importance of erecting
buildings for postoffices in all cities of
20,000 inhabitants and upward.
President-elect Cleveland has been in
terviewed regarding the policy to be
pursued by the incoming administration,
and in reply he is credited with the fol- i
lowing sensible remarks, which will
commend themselves to all:
No Harm shall come to any business
interest as the result of administrative
policy so long as I am president. I in
laid to surround myself with the best
and broadest minds in tfie party, and
then bend all my energies toward mak
, , . , . .. ... ....... .
ing an administration that shall at least
Mf-every element that a transfer of
executive control from one party to an- •
other does not. inean any ^rious dis
akfijst Äc§fübiefih^»er^hciildfie
anfefcigif u&rtmjy
tome futtplso far as Wé rdsultM wit
recent eletfim is concerned. Those who
are to succeed to power by the will of
the people, as recently expressed, are as
much interested in the future of the
United States as those who yield it.
They also have an equal stake in the
prosperity and advancement of the
country. They are as thoroughly com
mitted to a maintainance of values and
as earnestly anxious for a sterling busi
ness prosperity as their opponents. Nat
urally they will be careful about pro
nouncing for a policy inimical to the
interests of the very class which more
than any other has thus honored us
with its confidence. Coming into power
after so long an absence, the party ought
and will, so far as the executive is con
cerned, bring liberal views and good im
pulses into lhe control of the govern
ment. It would be unnatural for the
party not to be actuated Dy a desire to
continue in power by demonstrating
that it deserved the highest confidence
of the people. This it cannot do if it
w ould unsetttle business and make fac
tious war upon well conceived plans of
government. This is the view I take of
the proper position for a party just as
suming the control of the country in a
crisis like this, and the standard by
which I shall be guided w hile in the
presidential office. If I follow 7 it I hope
for and expect a fair and honest response
from the republicans with whom I may
have relations, as well as the hearty
support of my own party. I feel, of
course, that I have great responsibili
ties, and approach them with feelings of
more or less anxiety. While I know
that there is no reason whatever for
this feeling of restlessness. North or
South, I cannot but realize that all
minds do not see things in the same
light. What may seem o<' no moment
to one may be of great consequence to
another. The democratic party and its
servants are as much committed to a
careful policy upon economic questions
as their opponents, and they w ill be as
careful to act for the best interests of
the country as the republicans would
had they been successful. I assume,
therefore, that whatever ef nervousness
there is now apparent, comes simply
from the disturbance of a long lease of
power, and that when the irritation
grow ing out of defeat has passed off
there will be a better feeling all around,
and a willingness to give the new men
a fair and honest count. That is all
that is desired, and less w ould not be
fair to the incoming administration.
Montana in the Cattlemen's Convention.
Among the representatives at the cattle
men's convention at St. Louis Montana is
credited with the following: Thomas J.
Bryan, J. W. Strevell, Capt. Win. Harmon,
E. H.. Newman, H. E. Fletcher, and Matt.
Ryan, of the Eastern Live Stock Associa
tion; also, R. B. Harrison, S. R. Huntley
L. R. Walker, R. C. Ford, Henry Tusler,
Conrad Kohrs, W. H. Raymond, D. A. G.
Flowerree, P. II. Poindexter, J. N. Holt,
Granville Stuart, W. J. McCormack, and
Nick Bielenberg, of the Montana Stock
Growers' Association.
Northern Pacific Cattle Shipments.
On Saturday last thirty five car loads of
cattle arrived at the Minnesota Transfer
over the Northern Pacific. This, in all
probability, will be the last of the North
ern Pacific shipments for the season. It
is estimated that upward of four thous
and car loads, or eighty thousand head of
cattle, have been shipped to eastern mar
kets from Montana and points in western
Dakota during the season. This is an
increase over last year's shipments of more
than 100 per cent. The west bound
business aggregated 2,500 car loads, or
about 93,000 head, agaiust less than 20,
000 head last season. The Northern
Pacific are already making preparations
for next years business, which they
ex|>ect will greatly exceed the business of
the season just closed.
Repudiates Blaine.
Henry W. Atwood, die colored republi
can leader of Louisiana, and U. S. Consul
to San Domingo, repudiates the sentiments
of Mr. Blaine's Augusta speech. "Color
ed people in the south," he says, ''have
been deserted by the party since 1876,
and are not depressed by Mr. Blaine's de
feat. They do not like him because he
opposed the force bill. His speech is ail
liosh. The statement that the colored
]>eople in the south were not allowed to
vote is untrue. There ia some intimida
tion in the country districts but very little
iu the cities. Certainly Mr. Blaine has no
cause to complain. In the Third Louisiana
district he got 5,000 majority while Kel
logg was defeated. The colored people
vote as they please. Look at Bisbee's
district in Florida, for instance. Bisbee
was defeated by republican votes. We
form fusion in the south and make trades.
The colored people are not generally co
erced. In some country districts where
the white people are as ignorant as the
colored, there are conflicts, but they grow
out of ignorance on both sides. The
south was not made solid by the demo
crats this time. Blaine lost every south
ern state because the colored people are
stalwarts and supporters of Conkling,
Grant and Arthur. We are nearly all
,, ... , .. , .
Omklmg men, sad the slighter of Folger
hurt Blaine as much in the south as it did
in New York. The colored people of the
south aife goiqg to try to have Arthur and
Lincoln nominated in 1888. Then some
of the southern states will go republican.
The Statistics of the stock industry of
the west gathered by the committee of
the national bureau show there are 23,
QOO^OOO head of cattle in the country
west of the Mississippi, a gain of 90 per
cent since 1890.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Pure Kentucky Whiskies!
And the Best Brands of Cigars.
A most elegantly appointed Sample Room in rear of the store room, where nothing b
Special Brands ot Liquors and Cigars are retailed to, the trade, Also Fine Reading
Room equipped with upholstered furniture, in connection. A place where gentlemen
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Frank White's
Billiard and Pool Parlor!
Brick Block under Enterprise office
Park Street.
Having Purchased direct from the East an entirely new outfit, consistingofthe
Finest Black Walnut Bar, Glass and Fixtures west of St. Paul, and new Billiard and Pool
Tablr-s I would respectfully solicit patronage from till* public in general, (gentlemanly
treatment to all, ana none but first class goods will be dealt out * r1 '
vate Rooms in connection. Come and see me. MiAaK n nllfi._
Mineral and Soda Water Works !
A. LANDT, Prop.
Keg and Bottled Beer Always on Hand.
All kinds ol Mineral Water, Soda Water Ginger Ale, Birch Beer, Champagne Cider anc
'Everything in this line manufactured and sold at this place.
Bafbcocls: cSs 2xÆiles,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Barbed. "Wire
By the Pound or Car Load.
Special attention givent to Sheet-iron and Copper work; also Tin Roofing.
The Livingston Hotel
The Largest and Most Commodious, accommodating double the number o
guests of any otlier'botel in the town. An excellent cuisine; the table sup
plied with all the luxuries of the season. Parlors and Rooms fitted lip with
all the comforts of a home, w ith polite and courteous attendants. Special at
tention given to Tourists and Travelers, and information freely given relative
to the innumerable wonders, and different routes through the Great National
A Free Bus attends the arrival and departure of all Trains.
Choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars at the Bar in connection with the House
J. IF». ISTOLtA-ISr. Prora
"Tla.e Hea.d.q.'u.sirters'
Billiard Parlor,
Fine Bar, supplied with nothii g but the BEST brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars, both
Imported and Domestic. Private rooms in connection.
Game in Season,
Vegetates, Batter, Eggs, Etc.
Orders called for daily and delivered.
Brunswick Hotel !
M. C. MURPHY, Propr.
This elegantly appointed and carefully managed hotel is now ready for the reception o
guests Travelers :.eKing neat and comfortable rooms and a well supplied table will find
Jhrm»t the BKUV8tyICf ; opposite pamngtr depot, Uvinfivton, Montant
r1 '
keep W-Ajfum:.
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Stock of Heating Shoves, and if you
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Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Ph. Best Brewing Co. Milwaukee Beer.
Agents for Cahn & Bergmna, Mer
chant Tailors, and Wilson Bro.,
Shirtmakers, Chicago.
I. Orschel & Bro..
Miles City and Livingst M. T.
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i "d
And Vegetables ot all Kinds.
thos. p. McDonald
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I would respectfully announce to the peosle of Livingston and surrounding country,
tat I now have in stock and am constantly receiving the finest stock of Eastern and Native
Lumber ever kept in the Yellowstone Valiev, consisting of
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f#ce op Second Street* £. GOUQflJfOUft.
In the District Court of the First fli
trict of the Territory of Montana, in and for h«
! County of Gallatin. <• tor the
Chaules A. Baker, Receiver of the First
j National Bank of Livingston, Plaintiff. |
Against r
i Frank C. Howe. Defendant,
j Action brought in the district court of the first
! judicial distri. t «.f the Territory o Montana.in and
tor the County of Gallatin, and the complaint
tiled in said County of Gallatin, in the office
the clerk of said district, court.
The people of the Territory of Montana, send
greeting to Frank C. llowe, the above named de
Y" it are hereby required to appear in an action
brought against veu by the above named plaintiff
in the district court of the first judicial district of
the Territory of Montana, in and for the said
County of Gallatin, and to answer the complaint
filed therein, within ten days [exclusive of the
day of service] after the service on you of thi*
summons- if served within this county: or if
served out of this county, but in this district, then
within twenty days; otherwise within forty day»
—or judgment by default will be taken again»
you according to the prayer of said complaint.
Rkl he said ac tion is brought to recover the sum of
One 1 housaud. Forty and Eighty -Onehundredths
mV.i i 0 ISi04ii.Siij with interest thereon from the
Joth day of February, A. D. 1884, at the rate of
pne and one-half per cent, per month, alleged to
be due on a certain promissory note, and for costs
of suit, as will more futiv appear bv reference to
the complaint on file herein.
And you are hereby notified that if yon fail to
appear auo answer the said complaint! as above
required, the said plaintiff will take judgment
against you by default for said sum of $ 1040 .So,
with interest as aforesaid and costs of suit.
Given under my hand and the
seal of the district court of the
first judicial district of the Terri
seal. tory of Montana, in and for the
said County of Gallatin, this Sid
day of October, in the year of our
Lo'rd, one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-four.
By E. M. GARDNER, Deputy Clerk.
Frank Henrt, Plaintiff s Attorney.
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years, such as loss of
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