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The Livingston enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1914, August 27, 1887, Image 3

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Northern Pacific.
sriuc express, (going west)............1 ;13 p. m
Atlantic express, (going east)........... 2:24 p.m
Freight No. 18, (going west)
Freight No. 14, (going east).
/'aciflo express, (going west)............ J P- m
Ulantic express, (going east)........... P- 1,1
ight No. 18, .going west)............ 6:o0a.rn
i ht No. 11, (going east;.............ll:45p. ni
.6:30 a. m
........ll:80p. m
Minuesota & Northwestern.
Lv. St Pani Ar. St. Paul,
t Louis A Kansas City.....+8:10 am t7.fj0p.in.
r 8:80 a m
8:30 a.m.
J7:05 i> in
■liica^o, Waterloo .fc Du
ami >lph, Northfield, Fari
bault and Waterville accom
111 »dation ..................+4::)0 p.m. til:20am
,,,,].... Center, Rochester,
\,7f.tin and Lyle, accom
modation ..................+4:30 p.m tll:20 a.m.
♦ Daily except Sunday. JUaily except Saturday.
Dail'' '(»xcept Monday.
>1 iuiieapolis Si St. Louis Railway.
Lv. St. Paul. Lv. Minpla
ago Express....... *7 80 a m *8 55 a m
»uj.Moines & Kan C'y Ex *7 3 ) a m *8 55 a m
■rtown Express..... *8 10 a m *8 30 a m
t Louis Through Ex... ftt 35 p m t7 15 p m
, Moines Exi»ress____ *(» 35 i> m *7 15 p m
xcelsior ifc Morton ____ *4 35 p in *5 10 p m
pi ago Fast Express... dtt :15 p m d7 15 p m
il-.ert Lea Accommod'n d3 25 p m d4 05 p m
,1 Daily. »Daily Except Sunday. tExcept Sat
Ticket office St. Paul, 1!« East Third street (cor
, r Sibley) and temporary depot, general office
uilding ' Northern Pacific railroad, Broadway,
)( ,t of Fourth street,
licket office—Minneapolis, No 3 Washington
wnue, under Nicollet House, and New Depot,
,r. 3d street and 4th ave. north.
S. F. BOYD, G. T. Si P. A., Minneapolis, Minn.
Livingston Pohtoftlce.
jjipn week days from 7 a. m. to 7:30 p. in.
,,id iys, Irom 2:30 to 3:30 p. m.
Money order and register business trans
ited from 7 a m. to7:30 p. m.
Mails going west will close at 1:20 p.m
Mails going east will close at 1:20 p. m.
J. J. McBRIDK, Postmaster,
K. C. Thompson is building a substan
iul and imposing residence on C street.
The Knights Templar of this city were
»unquoted at the Albemarle Thursday
J. J. McBride has moved his residence
from the jail lots to the corner of Lewis
»nd C streets.
George Josephs, of Cooke, will shortly
emove to Nye City where lie will open
novelty and notion store.
A pleasant social party was given by
Iiss Hoopes to a number of young
pends at her home on Thursday evening.
Mrs. Gilchrist, wife of Frank L. Gil
lirist, deputy clerk and recorder of this
ounty, died at Bozeman on Friday of
ait week.
The finest catch of trout brought to
his city so far this season were a lot sent
n Tuesday by Arthur Bingham, the re
ult of his piscatorial pursuits on the
oulder. The largest weighed four and
no-half pounds.
The Northern Pacific will make a
ound trip rate to St. Louis, Mo., on the
casion of the assembling there of the
rand Army of the Republic at their an
ual encampment, at the low rate of one
arc for the round trip.
Messrs. Lawson & Benjamin, traveling
hotographers, have stopped in Livingston
or a two weeks' stand. Some of their
•ork as displayed about town is excellent,
nd none of it poor. They are located in
be Smith building, on Main street.
John J. Knickerbocker, William Penn
'ixon, C. I. Peck, Fred. W. Peck, John
Winterbotham and G. E. Gordon of
'liicago, arrived by Monday's Pacific ex
ress, en route for a tour of Wonderland,
iqion their return from the Park, the
arty will go to the Pacific coast.
Chronicle : IL H. Norton is rejoicing
ver the advent of a twelve pound boy.
.About eighty men are employed
t Timberlinc and are prosecuting the
ork of development with great vigor,
t is thought that the main vein will be
ached by tiie approaches in November.
Morris S. Cook, who was sent to the
emtentiary m June, 1884, for larceny,
nnnitted while au officer at this place,
been pardoned by Governor Leslie,
aving served over three of the six years
r which he was sent. His petition was
gned by R. S. Kelly, A. F. Burleigh
d others.
J. F. Wilkin of this city has associated
tnself with H. L. Bishir of Iowa, for
e purpose of dealing in live stock. As
ill he seen by their advertisement which
pears elsewhere in this issue they will
re a consignment of thoroughbred
d high-grade cattle from Iowa about
ptember 2nd.
Two full grown mountain lions were
weired here Saturday by express from
leyenne and consigned to Yic Smith,
icse animals will compose part of a
flection of Rocky Mountain specimens
well Mr. Smith and Chas. Rock are se
dng for a "Wild West'' show which it
dieir intention to shortly put upon the
A card received from Rev. Wm. B.
°mbe, announces that the meeting of
e M. E. conference at Butte closed last
nduy. His many friends will be
cased to learn that he has been reap
inted to occupy the pulpit of the M.
• church in this city for another year,
c will preach at the usual hour to
°rro\v evening.
The hotel at Moreland was destroyed
lire on Friday night of last week, to
iler with nearly all its furniture. The
ilding and furniture, valued at
'500, was insured for $6,000. The ho
was owned by Messrs. D. W. Flowers,
IL Randall and R. H. Sawyer, of the
Ikitin valley, and II. L. Lowndes, of
ls c *ly< who purchased it with other
T'"rty from an English syndicate.
Husbandman: Charley Hill and Ross
0ns l,| ade a rich find in the Castles last
k- It consisted of a four-foot vein of
p. m
P- m
P- 1,1
a. m
a m
galena and carbonate ore. This find is
on the waters of Four-Mile and is above
the heights of eternal snow, the first find
of auy consequence that has been made in
the high mountaians. The theory has
prevailed heretofore that the mineral de
posits were confined to the low foot-hills.
Jas. McCann, who occupies a ranch on
Flathead creek, a tributary of Shields
river, met with a serious accident Tues
day night about 6 o'clock. He was
thrown from his wagon while driving over
a piece of rough road in the Bridger
mountains, breaking his left thigh. Dr.
Robarts, the attending surgeon, reset the
fractured limb and under his skilful care
Mr. McCann will doubtless speedily re
Even in the purchase of trifles the sav
ing to be made by consulting our cata
logue is surprisingly large. Hundreds of
people buy from it every day. If it
pays them will it not pay you? The cat
alogue is sent free to any address, and is
a valuable book to have whether one
cares to buy or not. Weinstock & Lubin,
dry goods, clothing, shoes, hats, house
hold supplies, etc., 400-410 K street,
Sacramento, Cal.
Dr. G. W. Grant, with authority from
E. C. Waters, superintendent of hotel ac
commodations in the Park, went to Yel
lowstone Falls to assume management of
the hotel at that point. C. F. Hamden,
in charge of the hotel, turned it over to
Grant, but because of the former being
thus sammarily discharged the help all
went upon a strike and refused to work
under Giant's management. This result
ed in Mr. Haraden being reinstated as
manager of the hotel, and he is now hold
ing the fort
We are in receipt of a neat card announ
cing the marriage at Billings, last Sunday,
of Dr. A. H. Hersey to Miss Addie
Johnson. The doctor's long residence in
Montana, his genial character, and the
many sketches of western scenes his
graphic pen has portrayed from time to
time, have won for him an almost univer
sal acquaintance in the Yellowstone val
ley, and his many friends will be pleased
to learn of his union with a lady so refined
and accomplished as is the one he has
A. Bentz was arrested and taken before
Justice Hosford Wednesday on a charge
of obtaining goods under false pretenses.
The charge was preferred by Henry Frank
who claims that Bentz secured credit for
a suit of clothes on the representation that
he had money due him from the railway
company to secure the payment of the
account, but an attempt to enforce its col
lection by garnishee revealed the fact that
no money was due him from the company.
The case was tried before a jury and re
sulted in a verdict for defendant.
The Philip Phillips company presented
their entertainment "Around the World
in a Choriot of Song" at the rink on Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday, and were
greeted by large and appreciative audi
ences each evening. The paiutmgs, which
represent the principal points of interest
to be seen on a journey around the world,
are finely colored and far superior to the
ordinary panoramic views, while the sing
ing of Mr. Phillips and son was excellent.
The company went to the Park Thursday,
where they will spend several days in
visiting the many objects of interest there
Des Moines, Iowa, Homestead: Mr.
Herbert Bishir is purchasing choice short
horn bulls and grade dairy cows in Madi
son and Adair counties for shipment to
Yellowstone and Gallatin valleys in Mon
tana. Among his purchases are three
shorthorn bulls from the herd of Wallace
& Vance, of the Homestead farms, and a
draft from the fine herd of John Norris,
Esq., of Madison county. He tells us
that farmers in these valleys who winter
feed and take care of their stock on some
thing like methods in use by the better
farmers in the states are becoming alive
to the importance of "grading up" by
better breeding and better feeding both in
the line of beef and milk.
The ranchmen of the Boulder settle
ment have petitioned the county commis
sioners to make a county road of the
present route between Livingston and
that place. Considerable work has been
done upon the road, and their object is
to secure it against encroachments by
settlers along the line. They are also
desirous of securing a mail route and
post office at some convenient point on
the Boulder. Many of them are obliged
to travel long distances to their nearest
post office, and as a temporary measure
of relief have established a private mail
service by which they are enabled to re
ceive their mail once each week, but at a
greater expense than they desire to be
burdened with. One of the greatest in
conveniences to settlers, remote from the
lines of railroad, is the lack of adequate
mail facilities, and we trust the efforts of
the residents of this section will be suc
cessful in securing a regular service.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Chambers left |
Wednesday for a tour of the Park.
Mrs. Dennis Gordon went east Mon
day on a visit to friends in Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wright are visiting
the territorial capital this week.
Roscoe White, of the Madison valley, is
visiting is brother Frank in this city.
Mrs. Frank Loring and son rctrrncd
Monday from a visit to Grinnell Park.
Attorney J. H. Elder returned y ester
tciday from Helena, where he has been
in attendance at the territorial fair.
Major F. D. Pease has been spending
the past week at the thriving camp ot Nye
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Root, accompanied
by a party of St. Paul friends, are mak
ing a tour of the Park.
E. J. Owenhouse of Bozeman was in the
city this week, looking after the business
of his branch store here.
Mr. B. Tibbey, snperintendent of the
Parrot Smelter at Butte, was a visitor in
Livingston the first of the week.
Mrs. Will Bowen, accompanied by her
little daughter, left Thursday for a visit
to her former home in Wisconsin.
Superintendent Green, of the Missouri
division of the Northern Pacific, went to
the Park in his special car Monday.
Assistant Cashier H. L. Burton, of the
National Park bank, has been attending
the fair at the territorial capital thi;
Messrs. Gaudau and Witticb, accompa
nied by Mrs. Worrcl and Mrs. Merrill, re
turned from their tour of Wonderland
Dr. W. H. Campbell was summoned to
Gardiner yesterday, to attend S. M. Fitz
gerald, who is confined to his bed by se
vere illness.
M. Roth went to Dillon Monday as a
representative of Park Lodge No. 17, I
O. F., at the meeting of the territorial
grand lodge.
J. W. and R. L. Lilly are in town to
day on their way to Nye City, for the
put pose of engaging in business in that
booming camp.
Chas. Moore and D. K. Buchanan
started yesterday for the Boulder to su
perintend work on their mining proper
ties in that district.
Conductor J. E. Marion and wife have
removed to Helena, Mr. Marion having
been assigned to duty on the Helena &
Jefferson county branch.
L. M. Lcpley and wife of this city and
Mr. Van S. Bennett of Rockton, Wiscon
sin, are spending a week over on the
Boulder, hunting and fishing.
J. P. Humphreys, general superintend
ent of the Minneapolis mining and smelt
ing company at Nye City, was in town
Thursday on his way to Gardiner.
T. M. Wheaton, a prominent sheepman
whose ranch is on the Sweetgrass, was in
the city this week purchasing supplies and
attending to various business matters.
Pierce Hoopes, Jr., accompanied by C
W. Hickman, chief clerk of the Yellow
stone division of the Northern Pacific
visited the territorial capital on Saturday
Capt. Jas. H. Mills, editor of the Deer
Lodge New Northwest, accompanied by
his wife, is making a tour of Wonderland.
They went to the Park by Thursday's
George Crooke and Frederick Ü. L
Buck, representing the Liverpool & Lon
don & Globe insurance company, were in
the city yesterday in the interest of that
W. P. Shannon, proprietor of the Lang
ham hotel, New York City, is a guest of
W. F. Sheard. He will spend a couple
of months in the mountains hereabouts
hunting and fishing.
Frank Phiscator, of Gardiner, was in
the city yesterday. He has taken a con
tract for freighting for the Minneapolis
Smelting company at Nyc City, where he
will shortly remove.
Hon. J. K. Toole and delegate Voor
hees, of Washington territory, returned
Tuesday from their visit to the Park and
went to Helena, where Mr. Voorhees will
remain a short time as the guest of Dele
gate Toole.
D. P. Van Horne went to Bozeman
Tuesday to complete the work of trans
cribing the records of Park county, Mr.
Chas. Tappan, who was engaged upon
the task, having been called to Cooke to
look after his interests in that camp.
J. H. Green, formerly a resident of
Livingston but now located at Erie, Ida
ho, was a welcome visitor among old
time friends this week. Mr. Green is en
gaged in the general merchandising busi
ness in Erie, where he has built up a lu
crative trade.
Among Billings citizens who were in
town to witness to ball game last Saturday
were E. B. Camp, president and manager
of the Gazette Publishing company, H.
H. Mund, E. G. Bailey, L. H. Fenske,
Thos. Hanlon, P. H. Smith, M. Hanihan,
H. Terrill, T. Moran and Mr. Coffeen.
A Mall Boute to Castle.
An effort is being made by citizens of
this place and the mine owners and oth
ers of the Castle Mountain district to lo
cate a road and secure the establishment
of a mail route between Livingston and
Castle. In pursuance of this purpose and
to further the objects in view a public
meeting was held at the Albemarle par
lors on Monday, at which a committee
of five, consisting of A. L. Love, W. M.
Wright, F. D. Pease, S. M. Johnson and
J. A. Savage, was appointed to act in
conjunction with a like committee select
ed by the citizens of Castle, for the pur
pose of viewing tiie proposed road. The
balance remaining from the Fourth of
July fund was appropriated to the pay
ment of expenses of the committee, and E.
B. Martin was selected as treasurer of the
fund. A committee to receive the dele
gation from Castle, and empowered to call
a meeting of citizens, was also chosen, as
follows: E. Goughnour, A. Kreiger,
J. S. Thompson, I. Orschel and Geo. T.
Chambers. The delegation from Castle
will arrive to-day and on Monday will re
turn accompanied by the committee from
this place for the purpose of selecting a
route over which to build a road. The
development of the mines of that district
and the consequent rapidly increasing
population demand the establishment of
a postal service to Castle and no reas
onable effort should he spared by our cit
izens to assist in securing the proposed
route, it being the natural outlet from the
The Rase Ball Game.
On Saturday last the Billings base ball
club, accompanied by its manager and
backers, arrived in Livingston for the
purpose of playing a return game with
the Livingston club. As the time for
calling the game approached it became
apparent that the visiting club had come
prepared for a "kick" that would surpass
that of the team that went from here two
weeks previous to play at Billings. In
this particular they made an unqualified
success. They opened the ball by a vig
orous protest against the umpire selected
by the home club, and for no other reason
than an obvious determination to assert
their right to object to every arrange
ment which had been made. This was
followed by a disposition to dictate the
members who should compose the Liv
ingston club, by a positive refusal to play
unless Patrick, the pitcher, was removed
and some one substituted in his place, on
the ground that they had been informed
lie was a resident of Three Forks. The
afteinoon was consumed in useless argu
ments and futile efforts to bring about
the game before it seemed to dawn upon
the Billings management that a failure
to play would leave them to bear their
own expenses, when with a show of re
luctance they consented to accept the
situation and a game was accordingly ar
ranged for the following morning. The
game was called at 9 o'cbck by umpire
Hughes, whose decisions throughout were
characterized by fairness, and gave uni
ersal satisfaction. Both teams evinced
a determination to win, and the game was
therefore the most closely contested and
interesting ever 'played in this city, re
sulting in a victory for the home club by
score of 17 to 10. Following is the
score :
| Outs
4 1
Porter, 2b.........
4 1
McBride. 11»
Wallace, p&ss____
3! OjCannan, c.........
Hill, es&p.........
Bowlen, 2b........
2j 2 Mintie, If
McLaughlin, rf...
3 1
Booth, - 2h..........
27 10
2 — 1 '
Struck out—by Patrick 4; by \Vallace 6; Hill 4.
Death of Col. Clough.
Monday evening last Col. J. B. Clough,
engineer in charge of the Montana
branches ot the Northern Pacific, died at
his rooms in the Cosmopolitan hotel at
Helena, after a brief illness of four days,
aged sixty-four years. Col. Clough be
gan his engineering career in 1849, on
the Mobile & Ohio railroad. In May,
1861, he was appointed constructing
engineer of United States military roads
in Virginia and organized a construction
corps of 640 men, which he commanded
until December, 1864, when he resigned
on account of ill health. He first entered
the service of the Northern Pacific in
1880, being in charge of the Bismarck
bridge, then assistant general engineer of
the Missouri division, and successively
in charge of construe lion on the Yellow
stone National Park and Wisconsin di
visions, and last April was made engi
neer in charge of the branch roads in
Montana. Col. Clough leaves a wife,
two sons and two daughters, resident in
Minneapolis, to which place his remains
were taken for interment.
Nye City Items.
Sunday the 21st was, as stated in my
letter of last week, entirely devoted to
field sports and horse racing. The locally
much-talked-of foot race between Oliver
Credistod and James Stewart came off at
the time appointed and was won easily by
the latter. Following this race 'some im
promptu foot-racing took place and then
an adjournment was made to the race
track. Here some three races were con
tested. The first one, between horses
owned by Sim Roberts and "Red" Jack,
was won by the former owner, after a hard
fought finish, by a short head. The other
two races being of local interest only do
not call for any special mention. The
best of feeling prevailed during the en
tire day, and nothing occurred to mar its
harmony. Purses were easily raised to
produce contests, and the usual exchanges
on wagers made without murmur.
As if by magic Saturday, the 20th inst.,
witnessed the opening of two new saloons.
Quite an addition was made to our popu
lation during the week, it being variously
estimated at between 20 or 80 people.
The arrival of the company's attorney,
Mr. J. D. Emery, accompanied by A. S.
Hovev, surveyor of Helena, has caused
some demand for town lots, their business
being the platting of the townsite, «fcc.
Pending the completion of this work the
refusal of over forty lots has been given
by the townsite agents.
Work at the Minneapolis company's
mines and smelting works is being pushed
ahead rapidly in anticipation of the arrival
of the machinery, it having been all ship
ped from Messrs. Frazer & Chalmers' shops
in Chicago nearly a week ago, and ought
to lie at Stsllwater station about the 1st
ultimo. The other companies in the field
are also making preparations for the usual
representing. Some will do more than
usual. Nn Cm.
Railroad Notes.
The car shops of the Utah & Northern
are to be removed from Eagle Rrick
The Northern Pacific has made arrange
ments with the Pacific Coast steamship
company, by which a route is opened from
Tacoma to San Francisco.
The attorney of the Northern Pacific
railway has filed with the secretary of the
interior an application for a rehearing in
the matter of the revocation of the orders
of withdrawal of its indemnity lands.
The Northern Pacific and the Omaha
road have made a rate of $1.55 per 100
lbs., from Sioux City and Omaha to Hele
na on the following packing house sup
plies: Bacon, grease, lard, hams,
shoulders, canned meats, salted meats,
pig feet, pork and sausage.
River Press: A party of railroad sur
veyors have for some ten days or two
weeks oeen at work in the Judith Basin.
They are very reticent, and no one has
definitely found out what railroad com
pany has them in the field. It is sup
posed, however, that they are a Northern
Pacific party headed for Benton.
Salt Lake Tribune: A mechanic in
& R, G. Western shops is perfecting
an invention which if successful will work
remarkable innovation in locomotive
construction. The scheme is nothing less
than to apply rotary motion to tram pro
pulsion. A cylinder is fitted on each
axle in approximately the same manner
as on the crank shaft of a steam fire
engine, though the valve gear is different.
In passenger engines but one pair of
drivers is used for propulsion, but freight
engines are to have both pair of drivers
equipped, and coupled as at present.
This plan does away with the present
running gear, except the eccentrics, as
well as the counter balances, which it is
claimed damage track by their sledge
hammer blows. An engine so built would
run with great steadiness.
Attention, Companions.
Liyingston Chapter No. 7, R. A. M., will
hold a regular convocation next Thursday
evening. W. C. Fowler, H. P.
Church Matters.
The president of the World's Women's
Christian and Temperance Union, Mrs.
Margaret Bright Lucas, of London. Miss
Francis E. Willard, vice president for the
United States, and Mrs. Hannah Whitall
Smitli, of Philadelphia, secretary, have
sent out a call to Christian •women in every
land and of every denomination who are
interested in temperance reform to ob
serve the lath and 13th of November
next as days of prayer for the success of
the work in which they are engaged.
Preaching in the Methodist Episcopal
church Sunday evening by Rev. Win. B.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the Con
gregational church at 3 o'clock p. m., on
Thursday next. All interested in the work
are invited to attend.
Congregational church—Preaching at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning sub
ject, "The Children of God;" evening
subject, "The Crucifiction."
Governor Leslie has pardoned Harold
P. Schenck, now serving a sentence in
the territorial penitentiary for the killing
of Philip Meson, on Birch creek in
Beaverhead county, about a year ago.
George Walz, sent to the penitentiary from
Missoula county for cattle stealing^ was
also pardoned.
Drunkenness or the Liquor Habit, Posi
tively Cured by administering Dr.
Haines' Golden Specific.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or
tea without the knowledge of the person
taking it, is absolutely harmless and will
effect a permanent and speedy cure,
whether the patient is a moderate
drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thous
ands of drunkards have been made
temperate men who have taken Golden
Specific in their coffee without their
knowledge, and to-day believe they have
quit drinking of their own free will. IT
NEVER FAILS. The system once im
pregnated with the Specific it becomes an
utter impossibility for the liquor appetite
to exist. For full particulars address
St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ice ! Ice ! Ice l
There is nothing like having a nice piece
of clear, crystal ice to put on your butter.
I have got it, and will furnish private fam
ilies during the season at the rate of 1
cent per pound. Don't buy slush ice !
Respectfully, A. Landt.
Buy your groceries at the O. E. Store.
Lawson & Benjamin make only first
class work in the photo, line.
Fit guarnteed in spectacles at Savage's
Drug Store.
Scotch pebble spectacles and eye
glasses, at Savage's Drug Store.
Remember that Lawson & Benjamin,
photographers, remain only two weeks
commencing Saturday, August 27th.
Boston Courier: The mosquito is not
a pertinacious dun. He presents his bill
on the first of June and then he stays to
A large consignment of green fruits just
received at the O. K. Store.
Wanted.— Ranch buttter and eggs, at
at the O. K. store. Highest market
prices given.
Try Lawson & Benjamin for strictly
first-class photographs, located in the
building adjoining Lawrence & Stuff's
old stand, south Main street.
An open question—How to get at the
contents of a bottle without a corkscrew.
Prices for fishing tackle and outfits
have taken a drop. Call at Savage's drug
Buy your goods from us and save your
money. Prices tell.
Savage's Drug Store.
Dealer (to clerk)—What did that young
lady want, James? Clerk—She asked for
anatomical Bussels carpets, and I told her
we hadn't such a thing. Dealer—Great
Scott, James, that young lady is from
Boston ! She wanted body Brussels, and
we've got an overstock of 'em.
To every customer of. two dollars'
worth of goods we will give one solid
handle metallic hair brush.
Savage's Drug Stork.
Fishermen will find it to their advan
tage to price fishing tackle at Savage's
drug store.
Pure Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Druggist's Sundries, Fancy Goods,
Toilet Articles, Window Glass,
Paint Brushes, Faints and Oils,
Imported and Domestic Cigars,
Stationery, Etc., Etc.,
We sell our mixed paint with the guarantee that no better paint is handled
in Livingston. We are willing to prove it at any time.
Our Stock of Spectacle« and Eye Glosse« is the Largest in the Valley,
we Guarantee a Fit.
It is our intention to stay in Livingston and to push ourselves forwatd and
we intend to do so bv selling only first dass goods and at the most reasonable
price. Come one and all and give us a trial; our motto is quick sales and small
C. W. SAVAGE, Agt.
Albemarle Hotel, - - Livingston, M. T.
Agent for Garcia A Co.'s celebrated Havana cigars.
Prescriptions compounded night and day with accuracy and dispatch
by a regular pharmacist.
Orders from the country promptly attended to.
Grocery and
Fruit Store.
A Choice lot of everything in the Grocery line just received,
also Choice California and Oregon Fruits always on hand.
Special prices made on large orders. Ranch Hunters and
Miners' supplies given especial attention. Highest prices paid
for produce. HEFFERLIN BROS.,
_ Main Street, Livingston, Montana.
can be found all the leading Patent Medicines of the day, and as fine a line of
Druggist Sundries ns can be found. Those looking for VVedding and Birthday
Presents would do well to call. Also lias the
St. Paul Paint and Color Co.'s Mixed Paint
considered by all to be the Best, Cheapest and most durable mixed paint made.
Also, White Lead. Oils,Turpentine, Varnish, and the most complete line of Paint
Brushes ever in Livingston.
Prescriptions at All Hours Carefully Compounded.
WM. MITCHELL, Proprietor.
Special Attention given to the Accommodation of the Traveling Public. Central
ly Located, and
Only $2.00 Per Day.
Combination Suits, Cable Cord Ginghams, Scotch Zephyrs,
Figured Batiste, Crinkle Seersuckers, Oriental Lace, Dress
Patterns, Embroidered Bobes, entirely new style of White
Goods, Black and Colored Silks, Fancy Striped Velvets,
an endless variety of Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Kibbons, etc.,
and all the nobby styles of Ladies' Collars and Cuffs, the
Spring shades of Veilings, White and Colored Embroider
ies, Fans and the finest lot of Parasols ever shown outside
the large cities, Ladies', Misses' and ChildrenVTrimmed
and Untrimmed Hats, Infants' Caps, Ladies' Underwear,
new Spring styles of Buttons,
Id Men's doli and Fu rnishing Goods
We are prepared to Offer Great Bargains.
is yerv large and complete,
sewed Shoes in the city.
The only full line of Men's and Women's Hund
Thc very Nobbiest Line of
Gentlemen's Hats-—All Entirely New !
Dry Goods Are Cheaper Than Ever
And buying of us you are sure to get the very
lower price than ever before.
latest novelties and at a much
At Wholesale and Retail. Special Prices Made on Large Orders.
Especial Attention Paid to Ranch, Hunters' and Miners' Supplies.
Corner Main and Calendar Streets.

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