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vînt]:. ton (I'nti'vpriof.
■'EO. H. WRIGHT. - Publisher,
v \ I I ' I! I >.\ Y . o< ToliKIî 12, IKsit.
...................$3 IK1
.................... 1 50
.............i on
............... 10
•' ..'iïoRNKV AT LAW,
Money to Loan.
•:,i I, val Estât**. Sole Agent for
||i\fi-iili 1 Town Lots.
\, i* liiiilroad Lots and
Y I*. Railroad Lands
! - L.nri (illio Imt-iiieHM a »!)«•< ialtj .
« ; ; ; s !. ! : AL INSURANCE AGENT,
in ri-ar uf I'li-fiulii ■■ Building,
I ,s rn.N, MONTANA.
J. '
r.M.v at Law su Notary I'i iii.ic.
\|, ; , I ,ii.i ini on Inn g t inn* on resil ami
\V. '* s,mvK ' -
• ■ Montana.
n r
,,!ir,itl> a
: F ,as
! I :i..- in all Courts of die Territory.—
,,-,if National Park Hank, Livingston.
K I-1.1. V,
III' -ill». Calenilar street, la-tween Main
ami Sn oml streets.
Ll\ 1M.STON, M. T
s . 1,1:1 TSC
l.ivisosToN, Pauk Co., M. T
r. COL1.INS, M. D.,
I'll V Si cl AN AND Sl'ROKON.
uiliri a iil resilience I'ooniS éS ami 59 Alliemarle
Hotel, Mam Street,
Livin'.- roX, - - - Montana.
fNiiiiiates fnrnlslied on all kinds of work
i|!i • Kvn iJ'insi. Ilnilding, corner of Park and
Second Street».
1). ALTON, M. D.
I.. h, II,,. National Park Hank building,
ini'T Main and Palk streets.
I a,..,.ri niorv of Music, Stuttgart,Germany.
IKT» and
Ta iu:i
A(Iym nc**il Suii'jIarB
W c
tlilll riv( .
11 to ill'' pr 'senatioii uf :
1 r. ill 'I f.'( 1 t,
■th (Mil
♦* in kriuuGT iniildm^,
Main st
.1011N A I.IK'K.
M i a. i.i t i:,
Bozeman, - - - Montana.
If-Will Mttenil til.' Courts of Purk » 'minty.
L iv,n, ' st °n
<•'-'> 1 * 1 : 1 ; vil \ I : Building and Loan
Asm X'lATlON
hot. J.i« Mt'N aui.HToX, Sec K. H. Talcott.
Vire l'res't O. Emmons.
ir a- A . W Milks. Attorney A. R. Jot.
,-tings on the fourth Monday even
noiitli, at Dodson Building, Main
'Mi l'll. M, D.,
, ixi.stos, Montana.
I. mal Park Bank Building, corner
nick te harrt,
Barbers and Hair Dressers
il-tferlin Bloc.i, Main Street.
national Part Bask
CAPITAL, - - $50,000.
SURPLUS. $15,000.
M. WRIGHT, President.
1- S. THOMPSON, Vico Pres.
C. H. STEBBINS, Cashier.
e - H. TALCOTT, Asst. Cashier.
•1- C. VILAS, Ass't Cashier.
" A'UK.HT, k. goughnour.
mhegku. A. w. miles.
w. I). ELLIS.
liauge oi, : ,p the principal cities of the
■united States and Europe.
•Tfcam Allowed on TIME DKPOH1T8.
JLLEcfiusa Promptly Attended to.
Tlie direct line between
And all points In
Minnesota, Dakota, Montana,
Idaho, Washington Territory,
Uritish Columbia. Puget Sound and
Exjireas Trains Daily, to which are attached
ST. PA U L an,, PO RT LA N D
On any class of 'Lit Lots.
The only all rail line to the
Full information in regard to tine Northern Pa
rifle lines can be obtained free bv addressing
( HAS. S. FEE,
General Passenger Agent. St. Paul, Minr
Hold and Silver.. SI 50 Iron ............. S :i 00
Silver............. 100 Nickel............ 5 00
Lead.............. 1 (N) Arsenic........... 5 00
Copper........ goo Antimony........ 5 00
(Qualitative Analysis..............S •'> oo to §15 00
(Quantitative Analysis............. 10 00 to 25 oo
PHIL. E. LAWRENCE. Liviugstou. Mont.
Dealer in
Feed Stable in Connection.
Tourist Trade Solicited.
A Full list of all tlie leading Daily Papers, Illus
trated Periodicals and Magazines.
California Fruits,
» , %r ,* I T» 1 T T * ..I
Vino National Park V lews
and Specimens.
All kinds uf repairing done neatly and promptly
to order. Special attention given to
Horseshoeing and Making Stock Brands.
Shop, lower Main Street near Billy Miles JfcBro.
Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars.
Main Street, Orp. I'ostc.ffice.
Elegant liar and Fixtures, supplied with the
Most Select Goods to be bail.
Fancy Decoctions a Specialty.
Park street,
Next Door to Merchants Hotel,
Livingston, Montana.
Wines,Whiskies &> Cigars
Always on band.
When the order amourib foa specified sum-al
prices guaranteed LOWER, than any other
Jh ouse in the U.S.. /)
Send for 4*.%>
Semi-Annual Fashion i
Catalogue, published |
Sept rath, end mailed free |
upon application ; listing and
illustrating with over 2,000 j
lithographs and wood
cuts, everything needed fort
I adics.Gents and Children's!
Wear and adornment; House-1
keeping Goods, Curtains, Upholstery, etc , etc.
"K0CB £00. Specialty of
and do the largest and most reliable Af ail Order
T rade in the country- Their Fashion Cata
logue is indispensable to parties prevented by
distance from doing their own shopping m
6th Ave. L 20th St, NEW YORK CITY.
Makes many lives miserable, and often lead« to
■ elf destruction. Distress after eating, 6lck head*
ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental depres
sion, etc., are caused by this very common and
Increasing disease. Howl's Sarsaparilla tones the
stomach, creates an appetite, promotes healthy
digestion, relieves sick headache, clears the
mind, and cures the most obstinate cases of dys
pepsia. Head the following:
" I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I had
but little appetite, and what I did eat distressed
me, or did me little good. In an hour after eating
I would experience a faintness or tired, alhgone
feeling, as though I had not eaten anything.
Hood's Sarsaparilla did me an immense amount
of good. It gava ma an appetite, and my food
relished and satisfied the craving I had previously
experienced. It relieved me of that faint, tired,
all-gone feeling-. I have felt so much better since
I took Hood's Sarsaparilla, that I am happy to
recommend U." G. A. Page, Watertown, Mast.
N. B. Be suro to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. gl; six for 5$. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD A CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar
For a Good, Square Meal cull ut the
J. H. PRESTON, Propr.
One of tlie Neatest Eating Houses in tlie City.
Tables constantly supplied with all tlie
Delicacies of the Season.
oi——— :o
J. W. NELSON, Prop.
Having just completed our new building on Main
Street, and furnished the same with every
tiling appertaining to a first class
bar, we are prepared to
greet all our old friends and is
many new ones as will favor us with a call.
The Best Brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars Constantly on hand.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work. Brick
work a specialty.
Manufacture Brick,
and will contract to supply; quantity
to suit purchasers, cr will lay
them in wall as may be
desii ed.
Cooke Transportation Line
A. T. FRENCH, Proprietor,
Passengers and merchandise carried between
Cinnabar and Cooke at reason
able rates.
Teams and Saddle Horses furnished to parties
desiring the same at satisfactory prices.
Livingston Candy Factory
F. C. REED, Proprietor.
Wholesale and retail dealer in
Lower Main Street,
GU*" Harry a Complete line of Groceries and
A large assortment of
Jewelry and Watches.
Repairing a Specialty.
Main Street, : Gardiner, M. T»
Livingston, Montana.
CAPITAL, - - - $50,000.
C. A. BROADWATER, President.
A. W. MILES, Vice President
GEO. L. CARET Cashier,
A MACONOCHIE, Aea't Cashier.
0. A. Broadwater. A. W. Mq.Ee.
\V. K. Thom 1-son . J. A- SAVAflB,
O. KuqoiEii, W. A, Smith.
Geo, L. Caret.
OATS for salelijr tlie pound or
Best ol care given to all Stock placed in niy
care. Price* Reasonable
K OK P.—Meet» every Friday evening in
• Thompson'» Hall. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to visiting brothers.
.1. J. BEKKY, C. C
v:ib,wstoL £ LmK-ê U No R iM d ivin^ion, M. T .
P auk" lodge no. n, L O O. f.
Meet» in Thompson Hall every Monday
evening. Sojourning brothers cordially invited
to attend. w. o. ATKIN*-on. N. u.
11)1. WOOLsEY, Secretary.
iof one buck-'
.'row brand on
rigid, hip, white strip on face
sep 21-it* WITTK'II BHOS.
t&TT /\/"Y REWARD for return •
tn»).(tU skin mare, branded t'r
K . .... ,
ASCII AND 1IA\ FOR SALE.—Fifty tons of
good hay and the ranch on which is located
the McLeod postottice is for sale. There is three
miles of fencing on the place, an abundance of
good water, good range, good frame house, ont
building»,corrals, etc. Prefer to sell both ranch
and hay at one sale, but will sell bay and lease
ranch to purchaser. A good bargain can be bad.
Address GEO. \v. BAKE».
8-30-tf McLeod, Mont,
-------- ------ —I
S T ^^oc^ui>n^wHi £ jîâ(v* l tbiVfaü' V wventv- , five
young mild, cow sand live young high grade bulls
for sale,or will trade them for ctrj cows or steers,
provided they are delivered at Mammoth Hot
springe very soon. Stock will be ready for de
livering about October 5th. Apple or address
E C. W ATE its,
General Manager, Mammoth Hot Springs, Wy
oming. M-14
D ISSOLUTION NOTICE—Notice is hereby
given that the copartnership heretofore ex
isting between Charles II. Mohr and Otto Lenk,
under the firm name of Mohr A Liuk, li«a lm-n
dissolved by mutual consent. The business in
future w ill' be conducted by C. II. Mohr, who
will collect all bills due said (inn.
CI1AS. 11. MOHR,
Sept. 14, 1889. sep 14-41
J^OTICE is hereby
n that sealed proposals
_ . will be received at the office the city clerk of
the city of Livingston, in J'ark county, Montana
territorv, until 12 o'clock in., of November 4, A.
I). ISSU, for furnishing tin- city of Livingston
with electric lights, in number not less than three
nor more than ten, and fur such period of time
not exceeding ten years as may be agreed upon. I
The successful bidder will lie required to have
the lights ready for use in said city by the 1st day
of January A. D. 1890. The city reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
By order of tlie'citv council.
12t3 M. D. KELLY, City Clerk,
N OTICE TO CO-OWNER.— To the adminis
trator and heirs of the estate of Joseph
Fischer, deceased: You are hereby notified that
the undersigned have expended in labor and im
provements the amount required by law upon tlie
Germania quart/, lode mining claim, situated in
tlie Sheepeater (unorganized) district, for the
year isss, and that unless you contribute your I
proportion, to-wil, one-fourth of said expend
itiire. together w ith interest and cost of publish
ing this notice, within ninety days after the com
plice publication thereof, your interest will be
come the property of the undersigned, under tlie
provisions of section 2324 of the revised statutes
of the United .Slates. VOGEL & BUCHLKK.
July 13, 1889.
N OTICE TO CO-OWNEK.-To a. a. Deem:—
You are hereby notified that the undersigned
John 1*. Allen has, in accoidance with section
2324 revised statutes of the United States, ex
pended in labor and improvements upon the
"Wide Awake'' quartz lode mining claim, which
is situated in tin- New World mining district, in
Park county, Montana territory, seventy-live dol
lars to repressnt said quartz lode claim for the
year A. I). 1888. That unless you, as a co-owner
w ith me in said quartz claim, pay me your pro
portion of said expenses, according to your re
spective interest-one eighth interest—twelve and
50-100 dollars, besides the cost of the publication
of this notice, within ninetv davs after the Coin
pletc publication thereof, vour interest in tin* i
said claim will become niv property under said j
section 2324 of the law g of tlie l nited Mates. j
Dated August ^ JOIIN P. ( AI.I.EN. ;
T REASURY Department, Office of the Comp-!
troiier of the Currency, Washington, Sep-j
teniber lith, 1889. Whereas, by satisfactory evi- ;
dence presented to th" undersigned, it bus been
made to appear that the "Livingston National j
Bank," in the city of Livingston, in the county of !
Park, and territory of Montana, has complied 1
witli all the provisions of the Revised Statmes of
the United States, required to be complied with
liefore an association sliull be authorized to com
mence the iiiisiness of hanking.
Now, therefore, I, Edw ard S. Lacey, comptrol
ler of the currency, do hereby certify that Hie
"Livingston National Rank, ' in the city of Liv
ingston. in the county of Park, and territory of
Montana, is authorized to commence the business
of banking as provided in Section fifty, one hun
dred and sixty-nine of the Revised Statutes of
tlie United States.
In testimony whereof- witness my
band and seal of office, this 11th day
of September, 1889.
seal ] E.S. LACEY,
Comptroller of the Currency.
Sept 20 lot_ I No. 4117) __
TWTOTICE OF HEARING—Probate court of
Irl i allatin county, Montana Territory, in the
matter of the estate of George A. Huston, de
ceased. Notice is hereby given that by an order
of said probate ccurt, made this day, Wednesday,
the 23d day of September, 1889, at 10 o'clock a.
m. of said day, being a day of tlie September
term, 1889, at the probate judge's office in Boze
man, in said county of Gallatin, has been ap
pointed as the time and place for bearing the pe-1
tit il in uf Joseph M. Wells, fur an order that ,
William M. Wright, the administrator of said es- i
cate.be required to make a conveyance to said j
Joseph M. Wells of an undivided one-fourth in
tercet in tlie "Cache ot Ore quartz loue mining }
claim, situate in the New World Mining district, j
in Park county, Montana Territory, in comnli
tith a contract made by said deceased dur- J
wlfenand'where'aU ^rso^s^nWrested tbi^'n:
may appear and contest the same, and tile their
objections in writing, to said petition.
A. I>. Mcl'flERR 80 N, Probate Judge.
Dated September 20th, 1889. sepg8-tiw
N OTICE TO CO-OWNER —To j. P. Bowman,
J. C. Patterson, O. II. Griffith, Theodore J.
Lynrfe Co., J. P. Altoffer, Michael Lamb, John
Schweitzer, Theobald Schweitzer, John A.
Schweitzer, Judson P. Bowman, T. J. Lynde and
to all persons claiming under von and each of
you: Von are hereby notified that the under
signed, Thomas Melveever, has in accordance
with section 2324, revised statutes of the United
States, expended in iaborand improvements upon
the "Ella " quartz lode claim, which is situated
in the New World mining district, in Park county,
Montana territory, one hundred dollars to repre
sent said quartz lode claim for the year A. D
1888. That unless you and each of yon, as co
owners with me in said quartz lode claim, pay to
me vour proportion of said expenditure, accord
ing to yoqr and each of your respective interests
in sald quafta lode, besides cost uf the publica
tion of this notice, within ninety days after the
complete publication thereof, your interest in
said claim will become my property under said
section 2324 of the laws of the United States.
Dated August 24,1889.
(let pnb. Aug. 24, 1889.)
Bozeman, Monntana, Aug. 31, 1889. Notici
is hereby given that the following-named settler
has filed' notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of lqs claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Judge of the Third .Judi
cial District Court, or, in his absence, before the
Clerk of said Coart, ut Livingston, Montana, on
October 15, 1889, viz: Walter D. Storey, P. E.
No. 1091, for the s'* of nw' 4 and n'. of sw> 4 ,
section 10, township 5 s., range 9 e. He names
the following witnesses to prove his continuous
residence np'un and cultivation of said land, viz:
Samuel H, Forney, of Chico, Park county, Mon
tana: Samuel Nesbitt, Henry Nier and David P.
Rankin, of Livingston, Park county, Montana.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows any sub
stantia) reason, under tlie law and regulations of
the Interior Department, why such proof should
not be allowed, will be given an opportunity at
the above mentioned time and place to cross-ex
amine the witnesses of said claimant, and to offer
idence in rebuttal of that submitted by claimant.
E. F. FERRIS, Register.
(1st pnb Sept 6 18891
at Bozeman, Montana, Ang. 27, 1889.—No
tice is hereby given that the following-named
settler lias filed'notice of hie intention to make
final proof in support of his ciuim, and that said
proof will lie made before the register and receiv
er at Bozeman, Montana, on October 7th, 1889,
fiz: Robert M. Ferguson, P. E. D. S. 887, for
tlie seq of nw> 4 , e' j of sw> 4 , and lot 7, section 8,
township 1 n., range 10 e. lie names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuons residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz : Abraham
J. Kinney, Robert D. Kinney, Mansf. irrt Bennett,
and John Woodall, all of Clyde Park, Montana.
Any person who desires (a protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any
substantia) reason, under the law and tlie regula
tions of filé Interior Department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at the above mentioned time and place to
cross examine the witnesses of said claimant,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted
by claimant. E. F. FERRIS, Register.
(First publication aug 31, 1889—B-)
at Helena, Montana, Anglist 23, 1889.—Notice
is herein- given that the following named settler
lias filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
w ill be made before thejndge of the Third ju
dicial district court, or, in his alisence. before the
clerk of said court, at Livingston. Montana, on
October 5th, 1889, via : Charles J. Potter, who
made homestead application No. 3229 for the
northwest q section 28, township 5 north, range
8 east. He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuons residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Ellery Crosby, Riley
Deadmond and Samuel K. Elwell of Myersburg,
Montana: Albert Brackett, of White Sulphur
Springs, Montana.
Any person who desires to protest against the
aliow'ance of such proof, or w ho knows of any
substantial reason, under the law and the regula
tions of the Interior Department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at the above mentioned time and place to
cross-examine the witnesses of saiu claimant,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of tliat submit
ted bv claimant.
8. W. LANGHORNE, Register.
I died Sunday at New Bedford, Mass.. af
j ter • lingering illness.
at St. Paul Thursday night of Bright's
j ,. TT *
disease. He was (54 years of age.
Madame Albertine, the blind actress.
Ex-Congressman John (J. Averill died
The steam pipe in the Gallery Hour
mill at Minneapolis burst and suffocated
Frank Banks, assistant engineer, and
_ *
Joseph rbvans, foreman,
I . •
t A j*ISSenger and freight train collided
____vr„... v'___l. r. tj _______l_____......i
on New York <&, Pennsylvania road
| near Corrv. Pa., and most of the passen
. . ;
! gers were injured, but none fatallv.
i ....... „ , . , , , ,
The strike of 5,000 wmdowglass blow
i ers at Baltimore, which began last June,
j haH bo en nettled and a contract for a
. .
year Signed with an advance of -) per
one to pieces and fatally injuring the
A collision occurred Thursday at Lass
witz Posen, Germany, between a pas
senger and freight train. Four railroad
officials were killed and many passengers
Money in the New York stock ex
change continues stringent. Ten per
cent per annum is paid by the majority
of borrowers for the use of money until
While thi •ee children were playing
with matches in a powder house at Cay
uga, Ont., the powder exploded, tearing
other two.
The Earl of Galloway was arraign
ed in Dumfries charged with indecent
behavior toward a little girl named Gib
son. He plead not guilty and his trial
was set for October 14.
The regular meeting of the cabinet
was resumed Thursday afternoon. All
members were present except Secretary
Proctor. It is understood that the va
cancy in the pension office is one of the
topics considered.
A steam threshing engine exploded
on the farm of W. C. Andress, t vo miles
west of Thomas, Dakota. Edward Mc
Caffrey, owner: William Paul, engineer,
and Charles Frazer were killed, and R.
P. Dailey was fatally injured.
While crossing the Chicago, Burling
ton & Quincy railroad track in a buggy
at Sandwich, Illinois. Mrs. C. Cook and
Mrs. Samuel Abbey were struck by a
train. Both ladies Mere badly mangled
ann Jived blit a few moments,
o, application of the state's attorney,
the ease against Frank Woodruff, for
, * ,-» n , /iu 1
the murder of Dr. Cronin at Chicago,
has been continued to the next term,
The attorney also withdrew bis applica
. , . . 1, . •
tion for release for the time being,
The wedding of 'Mjss Louise Sharon
of Boston, and William C. Endicott, jr.,
son of the ex-secretary of war, took place
Thursday at Boston. Mrs. Cleveland
was present, as were the Whitneys and
otlieï social leaders of Washington.
The base ball league season closed
Saturday night with New York winner
of the national league jiennant. The
other clubs were in the following order
in the race: Boston, Chicago. Philadel
phia, Pittsburg. Cleveland. Indianapo
lis, Washington.
It is rejiorted that Miss Margaret
Blaine, the second daughter of Secre
tarv Blaine, is eng.tged to be morried to
\\ alter I. Domrosch, the noted musician.
„ ..... . .....n..,. no in fori
The young couple become acquainted
(J ur i nt r Mr. Blaine's coaching trip in the
highlands last year.
A SpPClîll from th© City of M6X1CO SHVS!
"Blaine's address at the opening of the
International ConjfroBS of American na
tions was well received here. Comments
heard on the streetB to-day place it as
the strongest utterance of that class
ever enunciated by an American."
Dilman P. Robinson, the only son of
ex-President E. P. Robinson of Brown
university at Providence, R. I., is an em
bezzler and fugitive. He has been reg
ister of the university for years. The
amount of his shortage is unknown. He
kept two sets of books, one false and one
It is understood that the Swiss gov
ernment has made an apology to United
States Minister Washburne for the in
dignity offered to Charles E. Coates of
Baltimore, who, while traveling in
Switzerland last summer, was arrested
and confined in a filthy and dark cell,
without any charge having been prefer
red against him.
The Omaha Bee publishes an agree
ment signed by the joint committee of
locomotive engineers, firemen, Knights
of Labor, Switchmen's Mutual Aid As
sociation, Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers and Brotherhood of Rail
road Brakemen. The articles of
agreement are to he submitted to the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
at its meeting in Denver on October 16.
Advertisements have been issued from
the navy department for material re
quired for use in construction of machi
nery to be built at the New Y ork navy
yarn for two 3000-ton cruisers, to be con
structed by the government. The bids
will he opened on November 6, at the
navy department, and notice is given
that each bid must he accompanied by
a check for five per cent of the amount
of the bid.
An Albert Lea dispatch says: A great
peat fire is burning near Geneva, this
county. It is estimated that 55,000 acres
are burned over and 6.000 tons of hay
destroyed. Over 170 loads in stack,
owned by L. T. Bell, were burned Tues
day and every day some farmer loses
more or less. There is no means of sav
ing the hay, as fire is in the peat under
the surface, and it is unsafe to drive a
team near it. Experts estimate the
value of despoiled land at 8150,000, and
and the damage by the burning of hay
at 830,000.
Reballots were taken throughout
Prance Sunday in the districts in which
the recent elections were without defi
nite result. The weather was fine and
hosts of electors presented themselves
at the polls. The followers of Boulanger
are deserting him. M. I»guerre and
other former Boulangists have ceased to
mention the general's name, styling
themselves only revisionists. It is esti-1
j mated that two-thirds of the 183 con
stitueneies which balloted Sunday have i
I gone republican. !
! In the United States supreme court
! at Pittsburg, Justice Bradley of the
1 United States supreme court, handed
J down the opinion dismissing the famous
I electric light case of the Westinghouse ;
i interests against the McKeesjiort or Ed
! ison Electric Light company, to restrain
the defendants from using a fibrous car- i
bon or incandescent conductor in an air-.
tight globe. The court holds that the
clatm to priority of the invention of the
fibrous carbon filament is not valid, as j
Edison had accomplished the result be
fore Sawyer, Mann or Westinghouse.
Iu the Cronin murder trial at Chicago,
State's Attorney Longnecker disclosed.
at the request of the defendants' attor- !
neys. the name of one more witnesses to |
he used for the prosecution. The name ;
was that of Edward Spellman of Peoria, !
a district officer of the Clan-na-Gael. It j
is stated that a missing record of the
proceedings of Camp 20 is now in the I
hands of the state's attorney. Tlie rec
ord contains full details of the appoint -1
ment of a secret committee by Senior I
Guardian Beggs for the trial of Cronin.
This record also shows that permission ;
i 0 h
to try Cronin was given bv Spellman.
while Spellman denies having given
such permission.
, . . . , t
Ihe grand juev of San Joaquin conn-:.
, ., c 1 . [
tv, California, presented its final report !
concerning the ease of deputy United
States Marshal Nagle. The report says
the facts show the killing of the late
Judge Terry was intentional nnd delib
erate, and that while the constitution
and laws of the state require that crime
against its laws should ho tried there un- j
less the accused was taken from the
power of the state by a pro jess eminat
ing from the United States circuit court, i
The report continues that the United !
States circuit court has decided that
Nagle cannot lie tried by the state court j
essentially for a like want of jurisdic
tion. from which it is fair to conclude
that he cannot be tried in any court. j
-------- j
Council I'roceciiinifs- j
The city council met in regular ses- ;
sion Monday, Mayor Miles presiding. :
Present Aldermen Willard, White, !
Nye, Sehlbrede. Absent -Aldermen
Carroll and Nelson. i
The minutes of the last meeting were
road and approved.
A contract between the the city and
F. A. Krieger, George T. Chambers and ■
Isaac Orschel, pertaining to electric j
lights, was read and approved, all pres-,
eat voting aye. j
Monthly reports of city marshal, treas-j
urer and police magistrate submitted !
and approved.
The city clerk was instructed to ad- ;
vertise for bids for the building of a |
bridge at the junction of Clark and G 1
streets, about 60 feet in length. 1
It was ordered that the treasurer
keep a separate account of all moneys j
received on account of special assess- j
ments levied for the building of side
The city clerk was instructed to ad
vertise for bids for the construction of
all street crossings required by January
1. the street commissioner to designate
where such crossings are required.
The matter of the location of the cis
tern of the Livingston Water Works
company was discussed, the question
having been raised as to whether the ;
company were complying with the con- ;
ditionsofthegranthy constructing the ,
same upon a branch of the river and j
not along the main channel. A com-;
... ... , », ..„l
mittee, consisting of Nye, white and
, „ , • * 1 4 _____ 1
Sehlbrede, was appointed to confer with
. . ., „ , _____■ ...
members of the company and report at
, !
next meeting.
Ordered that a sidewalk be con
structed, beginning at the intersection
of Front and Third streets and running
thence west to west side of Yellowstone
street, thenco along west side of Yellow
stone to Chinook street. .
The following accounts were audited |
and the clerk instructed to draw war- '
rants for the same:
j. A. Savage grading Calendar street
25 no
75 9<>
50 00
Tit no
75 u! '
75 [jo j
1 00
24 no 1
j J*
3 00
33 on
50 io ;
30 u»
133 33 1
*u !
343 80
"itroady" Must Flop. '
Herald: Before election Col. Broad
water and Clarence Kinna made a novel
bet, the conditions being that if Carter's
majority were larger than Toole's Broad-,
water would vote the republican ticket !
at the next election, but if Toole's ma - 1
jority were larger than Carter's. Kinna '
would vote the democratic ticket at the !
next election. Col. Broadwater has ac
knowledged that he has lost the bet. and ;
we expect to see the colonel keep his 1
word. We suggest that at the next
election Col. Broadwater he marched up ,
to the polls hearing a card inscribed: '
"I can't read or write the republican j
language, but I want to vote the straight
Win. Mitchell, salary as night»atclnnan
j. E. Swinillenurst, salary as city treas
urer ....................................
S. Iiosford, salary as city magistrate —
8. Iiosford, re:.t of office................
M. D. Kelly, salary as clerk and attorney
J. Skillm, salary às policeman...........
Geo. T. Young, 'salary as marshal........
C. E. Mlizzie, draying...................
R. M. Parcher, work on streets..........
Geo. H. Wright, printing and station
Geo' T, Young, coai......................
C. W. Slade, work on streets.............
Leo Kahn, watchman at opera house rire.
Leo Kahn, German interpreter in court..
Geo. T. Young, tlam hire................
Carver Mercantile Co., stationery........
Babcock & Miles, stove and pipe.........
A. W. Miles, rent of office................
E. A. Smith, team hire...................
C. W. Slade, work on streets.............
Thompson Bros., use of blankets at tire
J. F. Lawrence, clerk at city election —
Geo. Keifer, grading Calendar street.....
C. W. Slade, work on street crossings...
L. C. LaBarre, building crossings........
L. C. LaBarre. " " .......
Nick IIoiTman, team hire...............
J. L. Morris, constructing sidewalks ....
republican ticket." And we hope the
judges of election will see that the col
onel's ticket is properly marked.
A new process for burning coal with
out smoke has lately been discovered.
It consists in sprinkling water contain
ing a special preparation of resin over
the coal, and the result is that there is |
no smoke and the glow is as intense as j
coke. An English company is to be j
formed to work the new patent. An au- '
thority vouches for the fact that it.
works admirably, and in its fire is a re- j
markable improvement on coke. [
The supreme court is in session at
The Blue Bird mine at Butte has shut
down pending the litigation between
James A. Murray and that company.
Mail messenger service has been es
tablished at Clarence, Jefferson county,
from Montana Central railroad route No.
Charles M sturgen, a hrakeman who
wag run over by a freight car at , Helena
Wednesday had his right arm ampu
tated Thursday. His condition is criti
ca j
George Stull, a workman at one of the
mills in Nixon, Missoula county, was
run over bv a train on the Northern
Pacific and instantly killed. He v
drunk and lay down upon the track,
An imkn0 wn man was run over and
killed at Evarw Saturday bv a Norther n
Pacitic tra i n . He was stealing a ride on
the trucks of a car. hut had not got ee
curely ßeated when the train started
and be was tbroH - n under the wheds.
Robert Law has resigned his position
on the Montana Union, and has been
succeeded in the position by W. H. Bald
win. Mr. Baldwin was formerly general
agent of the Union Pacific at Butte. Mr.
T , .
.Law declines to discuss his plans for the
, A 1
Gazette: A mail pouch was received
m Billings from the north ihursdav
, • , , . .
winch was lost from a stage coach over
a year ago. Among the contents was a
registered letter containing 860. The
matter contained in the pouch was all
in an excellent state of preservation.
Ike Boyer, propiotor of the I. X. L.
^ azar ^• < ^ ona ' ma, ^ e an assignment
Saturday. Charles Bancks, Lookkeejier
^ WI ^ ire< -'nhood. Boh in & Co., is theas
s 4f nee - Ihe Helena creditors are pre
^ errec ^' am * ^ * s understood that Mr.
;B°} ers embarrassment is only tempo
r,lr * '
Fitzpatrick, the Northern Pacific
roadmaster who was arrested at Missou-
hi hist spring for disposing of railroad
coal, has been taken to Bear Lake county,
Idaho, on a requisition. He is charged
"'ith extensive forgeries committed
there while roadmaster on a line in that
The Carbonate Mining company of
Cascade county, has filed articles of in
corporation with the territorial secre
tarv. The capital stock is 81,01X1,000 in
85 shares, and the incorporators are Jno.
E. Williams, John Sutherland, Ernest
A. Ringwald, John Horst, George B.
Lockhart, L. U. Colbath. Principal
place of business, Great Falls.
Missoulian: There can now he no
dou bt left regarding the earnestness of
the railroads in building new lines
through Missoula county. The North
ern p a cific anil Montana eomuanv ves
terday let the contract to Wood & Lar
sen for the construction of the new
br tmch line which is to connect Missoula
directly with the mineral belt of the
Cieur d'Alene country,
The case of W. B. Webb, charged with
embezzling government funds while
territorial secretary, came up for pre
liminary examination before United
States Commissioner Connelly Friday.
By agreement of counsel the hearing
was continued until to-day. Mr. Webb
lias been urged to waive the examina
tion and give bail to appear when the
district W)Urt nieets< but it is under
gtood hp wffl not do 8() and will stand an
examination The hearing will proba blv
be held in the district court roora at
thp ( . ourt house
,, „ , Tr ,, ... . ..
Herald: Mr. H. M. \V uson, chief of the
, . , . ' ,
U. S. geological survev in Montana, was
. b *• * . . , '
in the citv vesterdav giving hotel men
• • ' " „ n
and others pointers on one H. S. Bi
pointers on one H. S. Brady,
formerly in his employ, who was dis
charged from his party near Augusta
for drunkenness and gambling. Since
his discharge Mr. Wilson learns he has
obtained credit by representing himself
as still in the employ of the geological
_ .
surv ^ and \ n ehar * e of a government
expeGihion about to go to Alaska. Mr
\Y uson knows of no expedition and
wishes to warn people that Brady is not
connected with the geological survey
any longer.
Miner: Work on the Northern Pacific
and Montana is progressing much more
rapidly than the general public seems to
he aware. Trains are now running on
both ends and all supplies necessary for
building purposes are delivered at
almost all points by construction trains.
On the east end thirty-six miles of the
t ra °k have been ironed, from the Canyon
house, at which point the road connects
with the main line, towards the Jetfer
son. From this end a little over four
miles of iron have been laid and hut a
very short time will elapse before the
track is completed as far as the tunnel.
The latter, it is thought, will he finished
in about four weeks after which the re
mainder of the work yet to be done will
he comparatively light. The prediction
that the entire road would be completed
and ready to he turned over to the op
erating department by December 15th
seems in a fair way of being verified,
The semi-annual session of the Terri
torial Board of Medical examiners was
concluded Thursday at Helenr. The
meetings were held in the city
ba jj w Jth the following members
p reaen t: J. B. Atkinson, president;
Earnest Crutcher, secretary; F. S.
Hedger, treasurer; R. M. White
foot and yj m. Bullard, of Wickes. The
ma tter of issuing certificates to several
Chinese practitioners in Helena came
up for consideration and two of them
were examined and rejected for incom
petency. Certificates were granted to
the following practitioners: Jos. Pie
dalue, Frenchtown; W. P. Mills, Missou
la: W. A. Moore, Big Timber: Wm. Par
berry, White Sulphur Springs; J. L.
Tam: Butte: J. Hill Montill, Missoula;
q Cranston, Gold Creek; J. R. Smith,
Livingston; E. Small, Granite; L. C.
Ford, Allerdice; C. B. Cooper, Butte;
j. h. Miller, Sr., J. H. Miller, Jr., S. E.
Wavne, C. E. Nichols, C. B. Miller, Mrs.
Holden, C. I. Perrine, O. H. Dogge. Hele
qh; F. W. Jones, Horr, John W. Mc
Gowan. Deer Lodge; Carl Schultz,Butte;
E. J. Leonard. Miles City; Geo. Phillip*,
Hig Timber Letter.
Several dollars are tied up in thi®
town waiting for a decision as to who
will he our next governor.
W 111 . Bader, under sheriff of Meagher
county, was here yesterday. Mr. Rader
was looking after a man charged with
running off mortgaged property. He cap
tured the individual here and left in the
afternoon for White Sulphur Springs.
The town has been somewhat quiet
since election day. Everyone expresse*
great satisfaction at the working of the
new law. I heard one man remark that
he could ascertain how a man voted
even if he followed the law exactly. To
use his own words he had the "«inch où
the man" just as before. He is a gentle»
man not given to rash promises and the
question will hear investigation.
Ben Williams has been spending à
week or two in the Boulder camp.
The stamp mill purchased by Ander
son & Co. has not arrived yet. The pur
chase money has been paid some tiroa
and the hoys are looking anxiously for
its arrival.
A young couple from Livingston who-,
owing to immaturity could not obtain
a license, went down to the Crow reser
vation and were married by a clergyman
from their own town. This occurred
several days ago and I have been listen»
ing for something to drop. It hasn't
fallen yet, but that minister had better
go slow or a dull, sickening thud will be
all that is left of him.
AssrKumrnt for 1880.
The following table shows the assess
ment for this year as returned by
Assessor McDonald. The valuation on
land was reduced by the county com»
missioners about 850,(MX) from the figure*
shown below. As will he seen every
item shows an increase as compared
with the valuation of last year. The
numlier of cattle lias largely increased,
hut the valuation is hut little more than
last year, owing*to the fact that the as
sessed valuation was reduced from 820
per head last year to 815 on this year'*
1HS8 I 1889 ' 1888
Land—....... '.KO,
Land—lot»........| .
Mercliandi»*-......j ..
Horse»............ 1 8,
Sheep.............f 87,
Cattle............. ! 25,
Moneys and credit!..
Watches..........1 ..
Furniture_________J ..
Stock» Mml share» ..
Machinery........ j ..
Other property...j ..
Total........... t ..
.TM ;527,(M)' $7D9,4S): $783,i«l
....I...... 4t:i,.vtt 51 W,son
. .. 1..... ! 120,985
852; 7,9871 241,385; 383,8*1
771 84 3,980! 3,228
,3M3!l33,!HO: 174,710, 2BH,7lfl
,788. 36,305 531,455) 575,71»
117 225! 1,084 1,51«
57«; so.imr 22,440
.....I 92,445 118,070
•"* 4,855' 3,8(10
3,210' '
775i 830
.. j 3,8001 4,l«l
..! 1,280 38,750
..! 300, 10,000
... 58,07rtj 148,500
.. 2,379,983':#» *4,28*
I nder the Wheels.
Just after last Friday night's east
bound freight had pulled into the yard*
the attention of several railroad men
were attracted by cries of distress in ther
vicinity of the freight depot, and upon
reaching that locality discovered a man
lying beside tlie track with his right
leg mashed just below the knee. As.
sistance was procured and the injured
man was carried to the baggage room of
the passenger depot, where he gave hi*
name as Joseph Noble, and claimed to
hail from New Y'ork city. According to
his story lie, in company with three
companions, was beating his way ovef
the road and had reached this oity on
the freight train upon which he met
with the accident. When the train
stopped in the yard he got off of the oil
tank car on which he had been riding
and was arrested by the night yard
watchman, but succeeded in regaining
his liberty and attempted to make hi*
escape by jumping over the bumpers
between the cars of the moving train,
when he slipped and fell to the track.
He was not discovered until the train
had passed its entire length over him.
His leg was terribly mangled from the
knee down to the ankle. He was taken
in charge by the county and removed
to the New York house, where Dr.
Shawk, the county physician, amputated
his leg above the knee. At last account*
he was resting comfortably nnd the pros
pects are that he will survive tin* shock
and recover with the loss of his leg.
In commenting upon the recent elec
tion in this state, the Salt Lake Tribune
says: "Left to themselves, the voters
of Montana would cast a republican
majority of about 5,(XM). But there are
four democrats in that territory who
employ some i),000 workingmen. Not
only do they employ men enough to
make an army corps, but they are broad
gauge men who back a hundred inter
ests outside of their regular business,
who, when a public house is to lie
built, a public work forwarded or a case
of private distress to lie relievetl, are
always relied upon. It would not lie
strange if four such men could influ
ence more than 2,5(X) voters to change
their vote. It is charged that huildox
ing and IxxxUe have lieen relied upon
by these men in the late campaign.
We know nothing of the facts, but sus
pect there is something in the state
ment, because it seems to us that the
democratic vote would have lieen larger
had a simple appeal lieen made to the
judgment, the sense of justice and grat
itude of the men who toil, leaving to
the voters a free choice to vote for
whom they might please. Tom Couch
told the men in the employ of the com
pany over whose works he is superin
tendent, that he would sooner burn the
works than have any man in the em
ploy of the company lie influenced
through fear of losing his place by vot
ing a ticket in opposition to the wishes
of his employers. YVe believe that hod
his example been followed by other
companies it would have lieen more ef
fective than any other plan. As it is.
no matter what the final mtnlt may Ik.»,
we believe that the outcome will denn
onstrate that a simple appeal would
have been worth all the money that,
may have been, expended in the cauv

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