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The Livingston enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1914, October 12, 1889, Image 2

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fCivintj.-rt(fntc rpvinr,
GEO. H. WRIGHT, - - - Editor and
Entered at tin- postofiVa* in Uv.' W ■
ft9 ftdCOB'Lcl&fl* 4 mail iUifittCJ .
Minneapolis Tribune: The republi
can congressmen Iront the nett v.ab.
will take their seats in a oh > '«l .. < ■
Perhaps this will afford ground.-, ;<
contest by their deli sted oppone.-Us.
During the present wirk >iu ti<
ur)' department has purcha- 1 ! at -'«•>•'•
factory prices 41*1.000 ounces of silver
for coinage into standard dollars. Of
this amount 7./,(X)0 ounces is to bo
livert'd at the New Orleans mint.
(XX) ounces to the Carson City mint, and
301,0m ounces to the Philadelphia mint.
There is a possibility that Cannon,
the republican candidate ioi superin
tendent of public instruction, may have
been defeated by the carelessness of the
clerk of Fergus county in failing to
have the names of candidates for this
office placed upon the tickets of that
count'«. It will deprive him of a ma
jority that he would surely have re
ceived there, and as liussell, the demo
cratic candidate, secured a majority of
over duo in Silver How county it is pos
sible that he. may have been elected.
Major I'owell, chief of the United
States geological survey, who has been
in Montana during the summer in the
interests of irrigation as proposed by
Senator Stewart, has returned to \\ ash
ington and has been interviewed as to
the work of the senate commission, lie
savs the arid lands can be irrigated am!
made productive in the states and ter
ritories visited to the amount oi o' er
100,000,000 acres. The work of the com
mittee will he to submit a report upon
the advisability of congressional appro
priations for surveys in arid districts.
iat. from
state ad
s as
1 tin
0 the
ad or
1 give
u y of
i and
Herald: The fact is noted t!
1702 down to the admission of
in 1801, there was not a singh
mitted except under democrat
pices. Even such republican si
Ohio, Illinois, Maine, Michigan,
sota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Califor
Oregon all began their career as
cratic states. Democracy is ti
old thing that it used to be, but
progressive, independent eienu
the old party are now in the rep
organization, which also include
youth, enterprise and vigor cl
In view of the fact that TO u
voters at Anaconda marched up t
judges of election with a placard
which jvas printed, "I cannot n
write the English language and 1
to vote the straight democratic ti<
the Inter-Mountain is impelled to
utterance to the following: "It v
be interesting to know how m<
the noble 400 at Anaconda sum
for the esteemed Standard. In;
each of these unfortunate men wa
Into the Standard counting rmm
skinning down in trout of the suc
tion clerk the following printed notice:
'lean neither read nor write Hierin
glish language, but 1 desire to subscribe
for the Anaconda Standard.' And yet
these are the men who have'vindicated
the democratic partv from the a. sauit s
of the republican press!"
The dispatches indicate that Serna
tary Wiudoin will not reverse the li-/us
ury ruling on lead imported from .Mex
ico. That is, it, will be permitted to
come into the United States free of duty
where the silver value of the ore is
greater than that of lead. The frauds
that have been perpetrated in shipment
.of almost pure lead with a sprinkling
of high grade ore on top will be pre
vented in future, but further than this
the secretary will not go. There is no
reason for even permitting high grade
silver-lead ore to come in free of duty,
and if the manufacturers of the east
are to be protected from European
cheap labor the miners of the west are
entitled- to the same protection from
Mexican peon labor. We trust that
such a pressure may yet be brought to
bear upon the treasury department that
our lead producers will receive the pro
tection to which they are entitled.
Commissioner Groff of the general
laud office rendered his first decision
Thursday. It was the case of'.Johannes
Frederick vs. Fred Ilanselin, on appeal
from the decision of the local land ol
fice, Fort lksuson, Minn. The decision
appealed from holds that Ilanselin
failed to comply with the letter of the
homestead law; that he did not estab
lish an actual residence upon the land
within six months alter entry, only
digging a cellar and building a founda
tion. The entry was accordingly can
celled. Commissioner Groff overrules
the decision, and ina review of the case
finds that Ilanselin, who was a poor
man, was getting along as rapidly with
the improvement of the land and the
construction of the house as possible.
The commissioner adds that the six
mouths' rule is not to be insisted upon
where the entryinan's good faith to
ward the government is sufficiently
shown, or where his acts are not incon
sistent with an honest purpose to com
ply with the law. lie sees no bad 'aith
in this ease. The decision is regarded
as important, as indicating the policy
of the general land office, with respect
to this class of claims.
The promoters of the national silver
convention at St. Louis arc working
earnestly to make it a successful gath
ering. The convention is iu the inter
ests of the free coinage of silver and its
restoration to the position it occupied
before the passage of the demonetiza
tion act. This is urged not alone to
benefit the mining industries of the
silver producing states and territories,
but as a matter of supreme moment to
the welfare of the people of the whole
country. It will not only aim to bring
about the free and unrestricted coinage
of this metal, but will insist that until
this desired legislation is effected that
the maximum, amount of ÿi.OOüJAX)
.«worth of bullion, as now provided by
law, shall be coined every month. To
attain these objects the governors of
c&cb state and territory are empowered
to appoint as delegates to this couveu
! lion twenty tlelt
gates a i
i Liles, Hr..;*
n; itiMOraffie tu
the pie;;.:- ■■
v.matcU. TUN ....
n. after < . . r
ordinary inqi.riui
ue, to the i ; ■
i it( - ; '
ru»'iitaija, an« I . L
■will IV' ••;■'* e
at,a prompt attcnt
i .'ii in-iii o;:r
X <*CU
V vsîur»!:n l> -1:t
• of let* I > a î I.
V !>:
I TEHPRISi: cl -i II
e first month
of i s
! c xi.Vtx-ucL*. The vx
périment ofiu
ing our readers \\ i'
h a daily editk
n has
: proved far more
surcu.-sl'ul tha
t oui
ItiUf ^'- V 'î
us !<»
anticipait . The
;aii. y Enter
• eau ti;!*r?lon- U* ek
,sm d among th
• per
' U.'iîjUlii iii:-8liuitiul
? of this city
, ami
in pr v< ■ . nls in ti
e news servit
t* ami
will be made as
: feclcd. Yi this con
■« p'-im-.m wn
1' l ~
in* to
extend thanks to l
io.se uf our ei
who by their pain i
age have mate
assisted in making
tin* venture a
cess, financially a
id otherwise.
the convenience O'
ihuse dcsirir
g to
take tho dailvandd
isc*.>ritiut* the w
we will transfer t!
a* names, witi
credits to their a
«•counts, from
wc(*kiv to the daily
subscrijdioii h
This will enable
city sul.srribi
rs to
avail themselves
if tiu* daily.
should largely increase the subscription
list to that edition.
! The democrats are already threaten
ing the country with obstruction tac
tics to be employed in the Fifty-lust
congress. Congressman Mills, who is
in Washington, is credited with the fol
lowing: "Though in the minority, the
democrats are fully conscious of their
power, and wo do not propose that the
I republican majority will pass a single I
measure without oar consent. For iu
i stance, you may depend upon it that j
I the rules of he house will not be
I changed bv th - republican majority in |
any essential feature. We do not pro-1
nose to permit them to he changed, as
I is desired bv Mr. Heed ami others, in
any particular. Nor will we permit
anv nf the proposed legislation locking
to a control by congress of the elec
tions, for we see very plainly wluit the
purpose of that is. Tin* same can be

i. ■■watiHi'l rctmwct:
j MaginniH, I).
j Toole, i).....
j Cor.rad, 1 )..
i Rickards, li..
Hi own. li...
Ihstwitt, K...
j Haskell. R...
IVmberton. !
3 1
. -i -■ d-m... !
Kiciii'y, U ......
Gannun, R.......
: u\
Russell, D......
_ p* • «£. - * r : " •- -T ^ Z ft «£ J? r. ÿ r' A ÿ 7 j
Blake, R.........
:> |
-s -eq-u-l
De Wolfe, D......
! r
DeWitt, 1?.
Armstrong, D.
Ilarwood, R.
' field, D.
|;£S ;
Thompson, Il..........
jj c i
Eaton, lt..............
L ;
r-.g: rt-Z
Hatch, D..............
oc j
_ 1 Y ---?
Myers, D.............
! ll
. J (r x g
Stebbine, R............
, gl
Cope, D................
Ü c 1
— Ï
Kennedy, R............
. . — ; K *- ^
t. c: -- (i 2 a: x Lt P £ : : i
Henry, I!..............
j :] j
• j ■ r:
Liddell, D.............
1 g !
_ 7 = ;-.
-G.v?: J ir. - - a. -
ë -i
Bailev, D ..............
i u g i
: a r i? S ü " ÿ r î ä , 1'2
Emmons, R...........
j s|
Bullard, D.............
|| gj
J , tj. : „ ijr
Connell, D.............
1 gj
|l !:l
xæ :

Lamport, R............
i| il
in: • _ ^
oç — U X ■£ zc J i l Z. — i 1 çr tr
May ne, D..............
1 ! il
0 -
Wright, R.............
; X 5î i
Jf 3,
Joy, R................
h ? !
Kelly, D...............
li .. j
.,£2 1
-,-ri U-g
tZ T.
Deutsch, R............
jl SÀ 1
Ä « g M ^ ( — ^ ^ K Ä. ^
Van Horne, D ........
McCauley, D..........
- " j
Templeton, R.........
II' 8 !
„ a ;
Lee, D.................
i ^ t
r c.
Wright, R.............
: j- 'î j
•Y î» r b 5 K " Jv . c - -l f- ç:
Clifford, K.............
..;.Y ...-v
X O*
McDonald, I)..........
£ i
Carter, R......,
>? i
ujçr-Jttrïuji j Tappan, R...
S« indlehurst, I).......I Wö' |
11 lake, R ............... J U, i
Hnnter, D.........I £k ;
.■oc*«=öHl5(-nI-rSSS;»s i Urnor > D ..............I ?
There is now no doubt that Ihe re
publicans have secured control of the
state senate, as there will be eight dem
ocrats and eight republicans compris
ing that body, leaving the casting vote
with the lieutenant governor, who is a
republican. With a democratic major
ity in the house, as is now apparent
there will be.no partisan legislation can
be enacted inimical to the welfare of
the people. It will ensure the perpetu
ity of the Australian system of voting
and the registration law. which it is
demonstrated are beneficial enactments,
and this is cause for congratulation
s id of the contest eases that will come
up . for * congress. We do not propose
• » ;et the republican majority be further
. ; creased, ad libitum, by throwing out
■ /•mocratie members, as seems to be the
purpose. Iu other words, we propose
to (-xerci.se control of the house just as
j meek as though we were still in the
; majority, because we know our ininor
! ity is strong enough to make us the
[virtual rulers. - ' The voters of the
j country have set their seal of coudem
I nation upon the proposed tariff tinker
1 dig of Mills and his followers, and they
will not be slow to emphasize this vt-r
I diet at future elections if the demo
jcrats persist in obstructing proposed
legislation in the interests of good gov
; eminent.
The state officers who were elected
last week will assume the responsibili
ties of office upon the admission of the
territory as a state, which admission
v ill lie by virtue of the president's
proclamation about the loth of Novem
her. The chief justice will hold his
office until 181)2, one of his associates
until 181*1 and the other until 1800. In
1892 a chief justice will be elected and
a supreme court judge will be elected
every two years thereafter. The terms
of the county officers (except treasurer)
will begin upon the date of the terri
tory's admission, and end on the first
.Monday in January, 1892, except that
of county commissioners, which will be
four years. The county treasurer will
assume his office on the first Monday of
March, 1890.
The Inter-Mountain has improved
the card furnished the dago voters at
Anaconda. Its suggested change is as
follows: "I can neither read nor write
the English language, and therefore I
wish to vote the democratic ticket."
Flections will be held in ten of the
states on November 5. Ohio, Iowa,
Virginia, New .Jersey, Massachusetts
ami Mississippi elect governors; New
York, Pennsylvania and Nebraska
choose minor state officers. Special
elections will be held on the same day
r representatives in congress to suc
ceed ( Ox or
New York and Laird of
! The first election in Tennessee nnder
the Australian system of voting occur
red at Chattanooga Tuesday. The
j system is reported to have worked sat
! isfaetorily and resulted in the quietest
I election ever held in that city. There
was less illegal voting than at any
previous election. John A. Hart, re
I publican, was elected mayor and ten
! republican eouncilnjen out of sixteen
1 were elected, with two couneilrnen à
tie. The Australian system has evi
dently come to stay.
The State Senate.
From returns received it is now ap
parent that the slat** senate will be a tie
politically, giving Lieutenant Governor
Rickards the deciding vote. Following
are the members who will compose that
Beaverhead L. A. Brown, R.
Cascade—J. T, Armington, R.
Choteau—Joseph A. Baker, D.
Custer- R. G. Redd, D.
Dawson W. S. Becker, D.
Deer Lodge- W. M. Thornton, D
Fergus -J. C. McNamara, D.
Gallatin C. AY. Hoffman, D.
Jefferson- Robert Fisher, R.
Lewis and Clarke -Cornelius Hedges,
Madison -Loren B. Olds, R.
Meagher --"Win. Parberry, D.
Missoula—M. E. Rutherford, R.
Park—James E. Thompson, R.
Silver Bow D. J. Hennessy, D.
Yellowstone—A. L. Babcock, E.
IlijT Timber Letter.
T. K. Lee returned home from St.
Paul yesterday. He and the railroad
company came to an amicable under
standing concerning the recent loss of
the car load of bucks which were de
stroyed by tire.
A car load of cattle were burned last
week. It seems that the Rocky Fork
coal is a great spark producer.
Tho' rather late I hope I'm in time
to chronicle the marriage of Geo. H.
Simpson to Mamie Fell. The ceremony
was performed on the 1st inst. at 11 a. in
at the homo of the bride's parents.
Mrs. Ellis has organized a class for in
struction in singing. The class is quite
large and met last night for the first
AY. AAA Beasley is in town. Mr. B.
is buying everything that goes on four
feet and paying market prices for the
R. B. Briggs left yesterday for New
York. Rastcs.
Cry for
Health and Sleep without
"Castoria is so well adapted to children timt
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." li. A. Archer, M. 1).
Si* Portland \ve., Brooklyn, N. Y.
I ns«* Castoria in my practice, and find it
specially adapted to affections of children.'
Ai.ex. Robertson, M. I).,
Iüö7 2d Ave., New York.
Tiif. Centaur Co., 1S2 Fulton 1 st., N'. Y.
— ON —
Improved Ranch Property.
$ ! 00,000
Livingston. Montana.
Cnra» »G
..-UM Stricture.
I y Vj ttio
yiivsaa C±»sical Ce.
lilrr G has given univer
sal satisfaction in tho
cure of Gonorrhoea and
Gleet. I prescribe it and
feel safe in recommend
ing it to all sufferers.
A. J. STONER, H J).,
Decatur, III.
Sold by Druggists.
12 miles east of Livingston, M. T.
Finest herd of
Holstein Friesian Cattle !
in the Territory.
Young Stock For Sale !
Certificates of registry furnished with each ani
mal. Old stock was "all imported, Cicsar hred in
Plenum, t-'riesland, winner of three prizes it the
head of herd. Call at ranch or write to
Livingston, Montana.
Four New States.
South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana,
On February 22nd, 188!*, the President signed
the bill creating South Dakota, North Dakota,
Montana, and Washington states of the Fnion.
South Dakota. —The «.treat Prairie State, to
which the St. Paul, Minneapolis ci Manitoba
Railway has three main lines, reaching Eilen
dale, Abe. ideen, Huron, Watertown, ami Sioux
Falls. Go to South Dakota via the St. Paul,
Minneapolis A Manitoba ltmlway and pass
through St. Paul and Minneapolis en route.
North Dakota.— Where is known the No. 1
Hard Scotch Fife Wheat : whose healthful
climate nurtures the most vigorous and brainy
civilization on earth : where single cotrnties
raise more wheat, oats and barley than entire
states ; the soil oi. whose fertile prairies are
richer than the valley of the Nile: whore the
Turtle Mountain, Minot ami Devils Lake land
districts invite the home seeker to secure a free
home. Magnificent daily train service to Fargo,
Grand Forks, Grafton, Devils Lake, Bottineau,
ami all other important points.
Montana the Goldes. —Treasures in her
mines of precious metals; wealth in her 4,000,000
head of live stock : profit in her fertile fields,
producing a larger yield of crops than any other
state or territory : the richest country per
inhabitant on earth; where prosperity is uni
versal; which lias the best paid labor in the
world; a balmy winter climate, caused by warm
winds from tlie Pacific. The St. Paul Minnea
polis & Manitoba Railway is the only railroad
passing through a continuous agricultural coun
try from St. Paul and Minneapolis to the Rocky
Mountains. It runs through the Great Reserva
tion of 18,000,000 acres of land, free to settlers,
in the Milk River Valley. Wood, water, and coal
in abundance; no irrigation required: the only
iine passing through Great Falls, with its 1,000,UÙ)
horse-power cataracts ; immense coal veins, and
surrounding farming country of free land,
through Helena the capital city and commercial
centre of Montana, and Butte, the richest mining
camp on earth, to San Francisco by the Colum
bia River Valiev, Portland and Shasta Route, or
Ogden, Ftah, to California points. Remember
this is the only line running dining cars, sleep
ing ears and free colonist sleepers of its own
from St. Paul and Minneapolis to Great Falls,
Helena and Butte. It is also the shortest iine to
Washington —The country of tall timber, in
dented by Puget Sound, the Mediterranean of the
Pacific. Do not forget that the St. Pan., Minnea
polis A Manitoba Railw ay is (be only line w hich
offers a choice oi theee routes to the Pacific Coast.
The Manitoba-Pacific route is the only line by
which passengers en route for Tacoma,"Portland
and San Francisco can pass through i'ort Town
send and Seattle. Fiee colonist sleepers run
through without change or delay. Distance to the
Pacific Coast is same as by other lines, bat prices
of tickets are five and ten dollars less. Take the
Seattle route.
For farther information, maps, rates and
publications in regard to the resources of the four
new states, write or apply to F. I. Whitney,
Gen i Pass and Tkt. Agi-, S. p. M, fc M. i!y.,
St. Paul, Minn.
General Blacksmithing.
Ala has Wagon Shop in connection and is prepar
ed to do fill kiitds of W oo4 Work.
folebrated French Cure,
to cure a n y
form of i h*i vous
disease, or any
disorder of the
generative or
gans of eithi-:
sex whether iu
ising from tin?
.'Stimulants, T«>l.>a
or through youthful indiscretion, over in lu!g
! eucc, »fcc., such as Loss of Brain Bower, Wa'u iul
j ness, Bearing down Bains in the Back. Seminal
I W enkness, Hysteria.Nervous Prostration Nix-turn
i ul Emissions, Leucorrliten, Dizziness, Weak Mem
■ ory, Lossof Power nnd Impotence, which if ne
j (Hooted often lead to prcniatnreold nuennd insan
ity. Price Î 1.00 a box. 6 boxes for $5.UÜ Sont bv
mail on receipt of price.
A W RITTEN G L A It ANTED for every »5 Of
onier. to refund the money if a Permanent
cure is not effected Thousands of testimonial*
from old and young, of both sexes, permanently
cured bv AritRODlTiNK. Circular free. Address
Sole Agents, - - Livingston, Montana.
or opium
owing to competition in trade, advertisements are as a rule so WINDY that it ie policy to
prove the truth when you state the same in public.
This week consists of
Saxony Shetland Midnight Germantown
Spanish Zephyrs and German Knitting.
THIS Is TRUE. By calling you will see them in our stock. -Mso a line in
Ladies' and Children's Underwear !
Made ot as many different grades Of Worsteds. A line in
Fascinate;u, Hoods, Toboggans, Mittens and Hosiery, made of Zephyr, Saxony a rid Germantown.
itüst Styles, and at prices to compete w ith any point in the United States,
call. We will «gladly assist you in fitting them on.
by th*
Dav m
Baled Hay
and Grain
on hand.
Fina Carriages, Oentle Teams and Saddle Horses furnished the Traveling Public at Reasonabia Rates
Wm. Losekamp
-Will sell at—
Ills the ecu?
aSbräea* aoloto
to On
£ch Um
All Summer Underwear, straw
Hats, Summer Clothing,
Base Ball and Lawn
Tennis Shoes.
Making Room For Fall Goods,
Main Street, Livingston, M. T.
T AKEN UP— Two young black mares, or.e
branded S oa lef* bip and other S on left
flank: one yearling g blit: -, dark brown, with
brand. Above stock 1. i.< been at ray ranch on
Chicken creek since August 1st. Owner will
please call for stock, pav charges and take same
awav. MRS. M. E. BOUGI1TON.
Livingston, M. T.. Oct. 12, 1SKU. oetl2-4t
■wtoTICF, is hereby gi\en that tbe copartner
ship heretofore existing between the under
signed. Alton N. Sherman and Erie Sherman,
under the firm name of A. N. and E Sherman,
Iihï» tli i r* dav been di^eolved by mutual consent.
E. Sherman will hereafter conduct the business
of said firm on bis own separate account, and
will collect all bills due said firm and pay all in
debtedness of the firm.
Dated October Mh. 1K89. oct!2-4t
S HERIFF'S SALE— -T. L. Gonghnour and E.
Gouglinonr, copartners as E. Gonghnour ,fc
Son, plaintiffs, against W. T. McGregor, defend
ant To bu sold at sheriff's sale, at the front
door of the court house in Livingston, in Park
county, Montana, on Saturday, the 2d day of No
vember, 1 S 8 H, at 2 o'clock p m. of said day. all
the right, title and interest of said defendant in
and to the following described property, situate
in Big Timber, Park county, Montana, viz: A
certain one-story building used as a blacksmith
shop, and lot numbered 5, in block numbered 4.
of said town of Big Timber, together w ith all and
singular the tenements, hereditaments and ap
purtenances thereunto belonging or in any wiss
appertaining. O. P. TEMPLETON,
Shi'riff of Park County, Montana.
Dated October 12th, IKS!). oct!2 3t
I; % H
Li Xv
A v, k
ancy ^oocis,
Pure Drugs, Pa/i£Ut.
Druggist's Sundries.
Toilet Articles and A rfeists' Materials
Paint Brushes and Pishing Tackle
Imported and Domestic Cigars,
Stationery, Etc., Etc.,
Our Stock of Spectacles ard Kye Glasses is the Largest in the Valley,
We Guarantee a lit.
It is our intention to soiv i!
we intend to do so liv selim . ■> •)> «•' •
price. Conn* one ttnil off •'•' ; -
profits. Those who co'i! 1 ' <n;cc " 1:i com
j to 1111 > i î onr.-rivos fonv.-u (] a
«•> i - nod at I In* most reasoiiaj,'
•)"• " otto is quick sales aiiUsnia.
Albemarle Hotel, - - Livingston. M.
Agent for the Créât English Remedies.
Prescriptions compounded night and day with accuracy and dispatc
by a regular pharmacist of 2Ö years experience.
Orders from the country promptly attended to.
Come and sec* the I a rires t assortment of
Ever in the city.
« A '

Our fourth car of Bain Wagons just received.
Why you should examine their stock:
Because they have the Newest Goods !
Because they have the Largest Stock !
Because they have the Lowest Prices
R2ew Dress Goods!
Henriettas, Broadcloths, Tricots, Dress I'ianneis, Fancy Plaid Flannels, Clear Lake Flat»
Buffalo Flannels, Jersey Flannels, Eider-down Flannels, Cotton Flannels.
We have Ö0 pieces of one kind, the loggest bargain in
town, for 12>. cents.
New Dress Trimmings !
Psrisian Bands, Silk and Jet Ornaments and Passamentrie, black and colors.
Rouchings, Silk Scarfs and Silk Handkerchiefs.
Ribbons, la*'
New Underwear !
Ladies', Men's and Children's Flannels, Muslin Underwear, Normal Wool Underwar, Do
Chested and Double Seated Underwear, Knit and Flannel Overshirts,
toboggan i ups, floods, Combination and Jersey Suits,
fi.oiy Knit Shirts, Skirts and Shirtings, ' 11
Wool Hosiery, Wool and
Silk mitts.
New Stock Cloaks!
Ladies', misses' and Children's Wraps, Jersey Jackets, Newmarkets, Plush Cloaks. Sliepht
Cloaks, Childrens Plush Cloaks, Large Lnu of Sample Shawls. We have*
double the stock in this line ever before shown in the city.
_______________ !
Men's, Youth's, Bovs'and Children's Stitts, Kilted Suits, Overcoats, Fur-Trimmed Overt!
1 . n intim! a Coats and Vests, Leather and Canvas Coats and Vests, Slickers,
California and North Star Blankets and Quilts
we claim to be Headquarter* on these lines. All New 1'atterns apd Style»
PTulk is cheap, but seeing is believing."
»Mew Stock Boots, Shoes and Rubber Goods !
French I\ul, Dorigola, Pebbled Goat and Calf Shoe-. Kid Slippers, Wi-wams. Big stock uf I*'
felt Shoes and Slippers, t ew patterns this Fall. Men's French Calf, Kangaroo,
liock Bottom, Milwaukee <»raiu and miners»* shoe*. An
immune- line of Children's Kim* A School Shoes.*
07 DOZEN New Fine Shirts, all Linen B
Adi » oke, and made of best New Y
-O', aim Iiliui»,! OI cesi .New It
'-A Perfect Skirt for SI.
■k mills
. man iv a CELEBRATED I'
sent post paid on receipt of
price. They are the liest.
-Our new
Calif'na. Canned &> Evaporated Fruits & Vegetable
are now in and we propose to sell them at Guopxn Floor Price?.
Gnaranteed to be the Best Flour in the World and made in a mill larger than any other h" 1
m the l nited States. Our Stock of
to complete in all lines, which, together with the new pack of canned goods we are recelé'
offer at the very closest margins.

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