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1 William T.
an.! Frank
A work train an.l a force of me
a t work ballasting the Park branck
just west of town.
Gardiner precinct elo
Scott as justice of the p
Hussen u ns constable.
The Ladies' Guild of the Episcopal
gocicty will meet with Mrs. Geo. f.
Clou a hern next Wednesday afternoon.
j m ('ovan lias purchased the stock
,,f -r. >aeries and is now conducting the
irinerlv occupied by Ilelfer 1 in
land office for
, and Osnum 1
ceived at the
Jesse Stiff, II.
Varnev, JI. E
< ' A.
imnienesd cxesivat
id*- of Main street,
tone store building
pted a !
Northern Pacific rail
night clerk in the |
freight on the Park I
eight down four carloads of
id a numl or of cars of coal and
imored that Judge M.J.Lid
ic.ite in this city for the prac
,v at flu- expiration of his term
rt judge.
intendent J. I). Finn is having
■h, - td house on west Park street j
arid fitted up preparatory j
mi '"thereto
Kippur' or Day of Atone
as observed in this city by sev- :
, , • , , . ' , •
t he Jewish merchants closing i
KM'S Ol IlllSllK'SS, I
Tim Livingston Electric Light com
ijv have purchased lots nineteen and
-,v.• i,t> in block It ft). The deed was filed
i t i I the county clerk Thursday.
Company M. Montana militia, passed
i , i igh on the Pacific express Mon
l aV from Billings, en route to the
annual encampment at Fort Ellis.
T'.vo U*n-y«ke bull teams came in
SmiJ; y from Castle with a consignment
,f H i,m. and to day loaded back with
•okc for the smelter at that place.
'it the election at Cooke R. E. Cutler
ad J. !'. Connell wore elected justices
f the peace and James West and M.
Mvcstcr constables for that precinct.
A new laundry has been fitted up in !
ie alley in the rear of the Park restau -
nit. It will be conducted by John
mes upon strictly American methods.
Judge Savage is the possessor of a
imdsoino gold and silver mounted oak
me. the wood of which came from a
nrsliip built at Sacketts Harbor in
Probate Judge Clifford Tuesday
sued a marriage license to Frank B.
olhurst of this city aud Miss Maud
eat rice Boright, a teacher in the upper
'rebate Judge Clifford Friday issued
marriage license to A. K. Shoonmaker j
flip Carver Mercantile'company are
-tip.ra new store building at Coke-,
•jlxOO foot, which when completed
this city and Jessie Pease, win
red from Minneapolis by to-day's Pa
rte express.
The firm of A. N. &. E. Sherman has
on dissolved, A. N. Sherman retiring,
•realtor the business of the firm will
■ conducted by Erie Sherman on his
'at, separate account.
In- stocked with a complete assort
it of general merchandise,
lurry Harris lias purchased the inter
uf 'us partner, Nick Imo, in the ton
ial establishment in Hefferlin block,
I will in future conduct the business
liisown individual account.
'ho party arrested and whose trial
• BOt for Friday last before Justice
limns for "holding up" Old Brigham
.'inuibar, made his escape tho provi
niglit and lias not yet been recap
he territorial convention of the
nan's Christian Temperance Union
.•files in Missoula October 23 and 24.
. Kugene Williams and Mrs. H. E.
mon are delegates from the local
ie Seaman building, west side of
n street, recently vacated by August ^
leol, has been fitted up and will be j
i pied by I). Short with a complete
■ J crockery, glassware, tinware and
in assessed valuation of city prop
as returned to City Clerk and At
ey M. I >. Kelly, is 880(1,428. The tax
as fixed bv the city council is seven
iy the city council is seven
which will produce a total city tax
ii Bye of Melville appeared before
rt Clerk Bailey Saturday and made
iroof of his desert claim. He was
ipanied by B. O. Forsyth and Peter
who testified to his complete re
tinii of the land.
.'jih Noble, the man who was run
n the yards last week and lost his
leg, is rapidly recovering and his
• an. Dr. Shawk, believes he will
e to be around next week by the
mre of crutches.
Nightingale, who was wounded
y evening by the accidental dis
p of a shotgun is reported better
:i prosjiect for speedy re
■ unless some unfavorable symp
manifest themselves,
iry Sanderson and Miss Hannah
ren were joined in bonds hyrne
i the probate court room in this
Tuesday, Judge Clifford olli
g. Both parties reside at Coke
I'lie Enterprise extends congrat
nty Clerk I) P. Van Horn, Probate
Clifford, and Wm. Wright, chair
f the board of county commission
et in the county clerk's office
esday afternoon to engage in
>sing the vote cast in this county
recent election.
; . Riley, formerly of this city, pase
rough Livingston Tuesday with
ment of 135 head of cattle. They
shipped from Gallatin and will
iloaded at Huntley, from which
they will
to Wyoming.
Huntley, from wind,
he driven »er«* the
U yonnn *
• W. Reitz will remove Monday
quarters, northeast corner of
md B streets. The building
■ fitted up in convenient and
ible shape with five bath rooms
tobt»!" U| ' 1 ' , "'' an
! The Carver Mercantile company are
I removing their stock of dry goods to the
ne a store room fronting on Main street.
; When the slock is arranged and display
ed upon the shelving as proposed it will
make t'.ieir dry gooes department one of
the handsomest stores in Montana.
! A plate glass front will be put into
'the building occupied by ('. A. Burg.
When this is done and the new bar lix
tures whicli Mr. Burg has just pur
chased at Miles City arrive and are
placed in position, it will make it one of
tiie finest sample rooms in Montana.
At a meeting of the city council W ed
;il il Ui LI.K5 v 1L > C-JUii* a
nesday County Assessor T. P. McDou
aid presented a bill for P2Ö0 for making
out and returning to the council the
amount of city property subject to tax
ation. The amount was allowed and
the clerk instructed draw a warrant for
the same.
Engineer Bundock has completed the
surveys for the Electric Light company
;in ,i located the lino of their poles
throughout the city. Work will shortly
p*. begun upon tho plant of the company
and it is the intention to have the
works in running order before winter.
Road master James Schofield, who re
tired from active service on account of ill
health last spring, has again taken
charge of this division. John Hogan,
who lias held the position here dnrin
the summer has returned to Helena, and
taken charge of the. west division as
nadm aster.
Company A, 1st cavalry, under corn
mand of Captain Bonds, passed th rougi i
Monday en route to Fort Maginnie.
They have been located in the National
i>iirk ' lurin S tho BU . inmcr t0 aSS .' 8t Cap '
tain Boutelle and his company in mam
1,1111 „ , .
Gaining an offensive system of espoinage
. . ,* i i
over tourists to the national pleasure
Vellowstono Journal: John Carter
Yellowstone Journal: jonn wanei n.i>
, , , .... , .
sold Ins handsome bar outfit to Clias. A.
, , i r
Berg of Livingston and tho work ol
h , , .
packing the same for shipment was com
monced yesterday. This is one of the
most elaborate bar outfits in the west
and will lay away over anything that
mav be seen in the windy city for many
a day.
The contract for sinking the cistern
for the Livingston Water Works com
puny has been lot to William Swanson,
who now has a force of men at work
upon it. The cistern will be 21 feet in
diameter and sunk to a sufficient depth
to secure an amnle sunnh of water
business on his
an ample supply
is located on the river bank, near Gough
nour's planing mill.
J. C. Callahan, late manager of one of
the Park association hotels, has entered
into an agreement with C. W. Savage
for the management of the Albemarle
hotel in this city this winter. He will
take charge in a day or two and continue
in charge until Park travel opens next
summer, when he will again assume the
management of one of the Park hotels.
W. H. Duke has purchased the har
ness and saddlery stock of E. J. Owen
house and will hereafter conduct the
own account. Mr. Duke
has had the management of the business
since its establishment here and as he
has by close application to business and
courteous treatment of patrons made it
a success, he will be enabled to be
equally successful as proprietor.
The brick work of Mayor Miles' tliree
story building is now nearly completed
and ready for the galvanized iron cor
nice that will surmount it. The corner
office, to bo occupied by the Livingston
Ll ______l 1 .. 1 . ; . Kitirwr lJnutArOll
national bank, is being plastered and
will be ready for occupancy oy Novem
ber 1st. The vault is completed and die
bank's safe placed therein, where it was
used for the first time Wednesday.
Tho report of the National Park bank
appears in this issue. As compared
, (
with previous reports it shows an in
creased and favorable condition of the
affairs ofthat institution. This showing
is not only a source of congratulation
to the business interests of our city but
is flattering to the management of the
bank as indicating the confidence re
posed in it by our merchants and stock
J. B. Hooper met with a painful acci
dent last Friday. In company with C.
T. Busha lie was passing along Main
street in front of the new Miles building
when his foot caught in the debris, trap
ping and precipitating him into a pile of
loose stones. In falling his face struck
against a sharp point of a rock, cutting
an ugly gasli on the left side of bis chin.
Dr. Shawk dressed the wound and the
injured man is resting comfortably.
From Mrs. Berry, who has just re
turned from Minnesota, wo learn that
ß ^ Blan( .hard, formerly a dispatcher
^ ^ office at thi8 place . but who dur
ing tho past two years has held a simi
lar jiosition at Brainerd, met with a se
rious injury to his foot by tripping on
the sidewalk in that city. The accident
occurred about two months ago, and
culminated in tho loss of the foot, which
was amputated about two weeks since.
Husbandman: B. R. Sherman is put
ting up a whim house on the Grasshop
per mine at Castle, preparatory to work
ing all winter. The main shaft on this
lead is down to a depth of 105 feet and
levels are being run. Ore in paying
quantities has already been found in
this mine, and the chief beauty of it is
that it is of a very high grade and will
pay well for wagon transportation to the
railroad. The mine now rates next to
the Cumberland and Judge in point of
development and quantity of ore in
A trip to the great coke camp of Coko
dalo will well repay the ^visitor. Nearly
tho entire plant of eighty ovens is now
in successful operation and turning out
large shipments of the product every
dav. The washer is now in operation
anil does good work in removing the im
purities from the coal. Several ovens
are charged with the coal treated
are emu»-........... ............
bv this concentrator and satisfactory re
suits are anticipated. It is expected
that by this improvement to the compa
. „.Qj-ks coal hitherto unfit for coke
•• _ ur ' s will bo utilized and tho
i .,11 the coke produced will bo
quality of all the cose i
materially improved.
The Liviiwston Co. ' ^ |
p»ny „ÜI oncrei*, it. pUn« I J
dltlOD ° f th ? 1 oî!!r i»l is arriving
The be^egun at once and
und the ^ r ^^ l T let > n T he Coke
prosecuted t pgciflc Wlll
daffi spur of h N ^ roceQtly
also be exten about two
mU^further up Ihr gulch. Th.cokc
industry of P
county is rapidly
3 coming 1
cue of the crrcifi.
est industries
a and of itself w
•ill make Ifiv
igst'Hi un
e of tho princip::
.1 cities of the
re ai 8tat
of Montana.
The Cas
tie smelter is sill
1 successfully
.inning a:
'■< 1 is t urning out
more bullion
îan ever
before. All the :
freight teams
n:t- an
1 out
1 busy in transport
is city, and regular
shipments are being made to trie reduc
tion works at Aurora, 111. Notwith
standing the large quantity of bullion so
far produced the ore used shows no
diminution of the mine's supply, but
i sight thaï
I ever.
The jury in the case of J. A. Danfortb
against Henry Frank, for unlawful de
miner, on
,-ourt Thu!
ml. This
. .
! apparent \ t.iue is moH
badly bruising the ankle. He was taken
j to his home, where Dr. W. T. Collins re
rial in Justice Rodfield's
ay. found for the defend
Labiislu s Mr. Frank's claim
join he occupies on Main
1 street, under the lease executed by
Ceperloy .v Ayrault in 188b, and gives
him the privilege of retaining it until
September 15,1801, upon the same terms
as those at present enjoyed by him.
Tommy, the live-year-old son of City
: Marshal George T. Young, was run over
by a freight wagon on Main street Friday
forenoon and severely injured. The
wheel of the vehicle passed over his left
it. breaking a bone in the instep and
LU HUS UUU1U 9 lUltilD I • »» • -»- • v vilillo l. v/ .
duced the fracture, and tho little fellow ;
is resting comfortably, but it will be
sonic time before he will be around
E. Dodson has leased his lime works
to Messrs. Everett à Benjamin, two
young men from the east, for a term of
two years. The new proprietors are en
ergetic and capable young business men
and will conduct this enterprise success
fully. Mr. Dodson will shortly start for
i Philadelphia m response to an announcc
j , . . ... » >
1 ment of tho serious illness of a son and
, ........ „ ... , ,,
daughter in that city. He will probably
they will have one of the most complete
remain during the winter, but will re
turn in the spring to look after his in
terests hero.
An effort is being made by parties in
tere. ted in the large canal to be con
structed from the Yellowstone to the
reservoir north of town, to secure a
right of way for a distance of tour or
Jive blocks along Chinook street, com
mencing on the west at Yellowstone
street. The matter '■.ill probably come
up before the city council at a special
meeting within a few days. The bene
fits that will accrue to the city by the
com j ilet ion of this canal will be urged as
a reason for granting the proposed right
of way.
After this week trains on the Park
branch will be run tri-weekly instead of
duiiv, as at present. The tourist season
ill close on the 1- 5th, and
longer be a necessity for
But few touri-ts are now
kirk, and the season may
have virtually closed, al
wdl be kept open for
The travel ha-- been
greater this year than any previous year,
notwithstanding the absence of large ex
cursion parties that heretofore nave
made up a large per cent, of the tourists
to Wonderland.
Gordon Bros, are now located in their
new quarters just south of the freight
depot. They have eight lots fenced in
as a yard, winch is well stocked with a,
complete assortment of lumber. Their
office is of brick, finished ui Georgia*
pine, j making a commodious and hand
some place for the transaction of their j
business. It is the intention to secure
the construction of a spur from the
Northern Pacific tracks to enable them
to conveniently handle their shipments
of lumber. When this addition is made
in the Park ■
there will n >
daily trains,
going to the Pari
be said to hav
though the hotel
some time yet.
lumber yards in Montan
Charley Middlecoff, a cowboy employed
by Myers Bros, on Shields river, came
to town Monday with the intention of
returning to his home in Iowa. He
started to take in the sights of the city,
and after imbibing freely was corraled
by some rounder and relieved of a check
for 886 and 820 in currency. He re
ported his loss to Sheriff Templeton yes
terday and that officer instituted an in
vestigation, but was unable to detect
the guilty party or parties. Payment
was stopped upon the check, and Mid
dlecoff will fortunately lose only the 820
in currency.
Jim Somm, the Chinaman who was
tried by a jury in Justice Redfiekl's
court Tuesday afternoon on a charge
of assault and battery, was acquitted
and the costs assessed against Gim, the
prosecuting witness. The case of Gim,
arraigned on a charge of carrying con
cealed weapons, contrary to the provis
ions of the statute, was continued until
this forenoon, when he entered a plea of
guilty and was assessed a fine of 810 and
costs. He paid tho amount, together
with the costs of prosecuting Jim Somm,
and was jiermittod to depart a poorer
but it is hoped a wiser celestial.
J. R. Nightingale met with a serious
accident at his residence just east of
town, last Friday. While passing from
one room to another his foot caught
against a loaded shot gun which was
thrown to the floor and discharged in
such a position that the entire charge of
No. 5 bird shot took effect in his right
thigh. Drs. Alton and Smith were sum
moned and dressed tho wound, which is
not only extremely painful but may prove
fatal. At last accounts tho wounded
man was resting comfortably, however,
and unless some unfavorable conditions
appear he will recover from tho effects
of his injuries.
C. II. Stebbins, one of the heavy stock
holders and an official of the Park Coal
and Coke company, returned \V ednes
day from a trip to the company's works
at Horr. He reports work progressing
favorably upon the twenty additional
ovens in course of erection. Aside frun
the production of coko the company
have a large order for coal from the
Butte Gas company, that will tax their
output to its utmost. Every available
miner that can be secured is being put
to work in the mines, and tho indications
T)reso nt a
time during ft. «tüten«,
^ detoin6r WM bc .
gun in Justice Redfield's court Tuesday.
against Henry Frank. The action was
brought by A. K. Joy, as attorney for
j. A . Danforth, to secure possession of ,
- he store building occupied by Mr.
Frank as a clothing and merchant tail-1
oru« «teblü,hm«t,.ud which he hold, i
under a
3 the
y wer.
;> at
•ting as
* The
ihnal leas
<1 in
138u, a
it is elai'.r
; three
: vea
rs wi
till a
* more
. Th
e ease
s set for
: Tue?'
î eont ini
, next
Sclav <
it 10
> a. in.
lease from Ceperly & Ayrault
agents for
so was ex
ied run for
b or three
10 o'clock
led until
ived by Wil
: Moss, and written by the physician at
j Warm Springs, we learn that George
: Lewis, the colored man familiarly known
! as "Commodore," died about one week
after having been sent to the asylum at
1 that place. As he was adjudg, 1 insane
! on September 7th, this would place the
j dato of his death at about September
11th. Lewis had for a number of years
I been a familiar personage around Liv
j ingston, and his death will be regretted
; by many who had hoped with careful
I treatment at the asylum he would re
i cover. The same letter conveys the in
I formation that Mary Keller, sent from
here at the same time as "Commodore,"
! is improving and hopes are entertained
! of her recovery.
The official canvass of the vote cast in
! Park countv, completed Thursday,
shows majorities for all the republican
candidates with the exception of Mrs.
Eva M. Hunter, for the office of county
superintendent of schools. Following
are the majorities: Power 178, Carter
330, Rickards 2xo, Rotwitt 308, Haskell
295, Hickman 320, Kinney *232, Gannon
288, Blake 319, Do Witt 292, Harwood
229, Kennedy 335, Henry 333, Thompson
155, Eaton 178, Ste.bbins 100, Emmons
4, Lamport 171, Wright 180, Hoppe 72,
Joy 178, Deutsch 84, Templeton 636,
Wright 509, Clifford 17, Carter 263, Hun
ter 133, Tappan 285. The vote on the
constitution was 1,053for and GO against.
Prof. G. C. Swallow of Helena, the ter
ritorial mine inspector, returned Wed
nesdav from a two week's sojourn at
Cooke, where he lias been looking over
tho mining prop, rties of that district
with a view to making a careful and ac
curate review of them in his forthcom
ing annual report to be published about
the first of Juno next. Mr. Swallow is
favorably impressed with the extent
ici mess of the de
d dist riet, and as !
;• of mineralogy
l y of Missouri, c<
practical ex peril
rendered him pr
crs. his fnvorabi.
an d richness of the deposits of the New
his position as pro
n the State uni
îpled with exten
1 CÖ in Montana,
ficient in mining
pini -n will prove
advantageous to the camp in bringing it
to the attention of outside capitalists.
Carl T. Peterson has tendered his res
ignation as postmaster at this place, to
take effect as soon as Ins successor can
be appointed. In view of this action of
Mr. Peterson, the friends of Stiles M.
Parks have urged his i
flee and secured the
Congressman-elect Car
which will bo equivalent to his
mont. The numerous friends
Parks in this city will bo pi
iaiins ■ to the of
endorsement of
or in his favor.
of Mr.
used to
rn of this m
n of
s faithful
vice as assist
::mt in
i'e during
past six yea
:rs, as v
oil as
loyalty to
the :
in party.
. re is no .be
it ter qi
person to
the position,
, and a
» the
! Ol'
Bee is no
sinecure but one that requires efficient
and prompt service, the people of Li v
ingston can also be congratulated upon
the selection of Mr. Parks as our future
A special meeting of the city council
was held Wounesday in
visabiiity of granting
along Chinook street fo
that it is proposed by
or.-, to construct to tl
northeast of town. Mayor . files and
Aldermen Nye, Sehlbrede, V isite and
Nelson were present. The object of the
company is to avoid following the pres
ent line of survey through the blocks
north of Chinook street, by changing
the survey to carry the water along and
through that street, a distance of live or
six blocks. Several {impositions were
discussed, but no definite action taken.
The proposition that seemed to meet
with the most favor was one providing j
that the company should cover their ca- j
nal the entire distance along the street i
with four-inch plank, making it passa - 1
ble for teams at any point on the line of
the street. This proposition will be
submitted to Messrs. Hauser & Co.,
when the matter will again be eonsid
A slight ripple was created in the d. -
mestic relations of James Lackey Fri
day morning. Lackey is a tonsorial
artist who came to this city several
months ago and has since been domi
ciled in rooms over the Donnelly build
ing with a woman who, to all appear
ances, was his wife. This apparent re
lation was successfully maintained until
yesterday morning, when another woman
appeared upon the scene and claimed to
be a lawful wife of Lackey. She hailed
from San Francisco and at once pro
ceeded to establish the priority of her
claim to his divided affections. V ith
this object in view she took rooms at the
Albemarle and sent for Lackey who,
while avowing he had been released by
divorce proceedings, responded to the
invitation of wife No. 2. The result of
this consultation was that wife No. 1
packed her effects and took the early
morning train for the east, and wife No.
2 took possession of the erring husband
and started by the Pacific express for San
Francisco. Rumor says that Lackey has
several aliases and other wives, one of
whom resides in Denver. The truth of
this latter statement cannot be vouched
for, but true it is that his erstwhile 'am
il v circle is broken and Livingstons
population is numerically smaller by
just two souls.
consider the ad
a right of way
the large canal
lausor and otii
Gr.inL ranch,
Miss Austa Bowers is visiting friends
in Glendive.
Miss Lilly Taylor of Glendive is visit
ing with Mrs. J. D. Finn of this city.
J. L. DeHart is sojourning in Custer
county looking after business interests
D. G. Ross, who has been in town for
several days, returned to Cooke City
Swan Kedlund, a tailor in the employ
of Henry Frank, has gone to St. Paul to
visit his father.
Mrs. George O. Eaton, who has been
visiting relatives in the east, has re
turned to Helena.
Meutar Wet zstein returned Friday
from a two months visit to Racine,
Chicago and other eastern cities.
J. L. Dobell, who has been iu the law
office of Luce & Luce at Bozeman the
last two Vmr3. has located hi Livingston
and taken a oositmn in the office of
Judge Savage.
Mrs. Berry, mother of Mrs. W. W,
Bingham, returned Thursday from
Minneapolis where she has been visiting
: her daughter during the past year.
Husbandman: Charles lace and Burt
. Bradley, of Cottonwood, Park county,
I were in town Monday en route to the
j Musselshell. Mr. Rice is much pleased
j with his new location.
: Prof. Swallow, the territorial mine in
j specter, who has been looking over the
; mines at Cook during tho past ten days,
will return this week overland in Com
pany with Wm. McKee.
A. II. Barrett of Butte is in the city
1 and will probably remain several days.
He is hero for the purpose of making;
heavy purchases of coal and arranging
for its shipment to Butte,
j F. A. Carle, late of the Pioneer Press,
j has accepted the editorial management
j of the Portland Oregonian, and is en
route to Portland, Oregon, to assume
he duties of that position.
| County Clerk-elect Deutsch. Engineer
| J- J. Dempsey, S. Bundock and Frank
I White went down to Hunter's Hot
| Springs Thursday to spend several
j days at that popular pleasure resort.
j R. E. Cutler is preparing to remove
j liis wife and sister to Livingston for the
winter, and will occupy a residence in
Riverside addition. As soon as they are
comfortably domiciled he will return to
Frank Freeman, who has been holding
a position for the past few months in the
office of J. A. Savage, started Thursday
j for a trip to tho Pacific coast. Ho
wifi probably return to Livingston next
J summer.
C. B. Mendenhall, proprietor of the
Hunter's Hot Springs pleasure resort
i aud sanitarium, accompanied by Mrs.
i Menden hull, came up from that place
last Saturdayon a business trip to Liv
1 ingston.
I Yellowstone Journal: Andy Voiglit re
i turned from a week's trip to Livingston
: and Castle, where he has been on busi
; ness, looking after a mining claim, which
lie soon intends to organize into a stock
i company.
C. H. Stebbin
Park baik and i
! Coal and Coke i
Hoir Wednesday
ering to the Butti
j shipment of coal.
Chris Hohenschuh, who has been in
1 tho National Park during the summer
; in the employ of the Transportation
company, came down
train and will spend tin
ne of Horr was in tli
cashier of the National
director of the Park
company, went up to
f to arrange for deliv
eonipany a large
by Tuesday 5
winter in Liv
ing ii" v
it til:
and will no u<
uibt make
a 8UC
cess c>f hi
s new venture
i, as ho is a
lar and 01
nergetio landli
s I'll.
Hon. J,
ison W. St-rovi
file of Mile;
s City
is among
visitors in L
Ho is
one of t in
1 leading repu
blicans of t
mnty and i
i m pie to vict
i 'a; is in the <
Henri J. ,
highly pleased with the
•v achieved by the rcjiub
'ction of the entire countv
il of the St::
the first
nf 'Monta
it to
up from <
ilondive Tm
sday and w
attend to
he business
of C 0111 . y .
toraey Joy,
who will Ink
s. an outing
several days
on a hunti
ug trip in t
tinging cti
this mornin.i
pleasant i
his brief :
1 fi
at Norwalk, Ohio,
wife, was in the city
,vay to the National
■ Ex rEKi'KixF. acknowledges a
ill from the gentleman during
ay in Livingston.
H. Barret, president of the Butte
Gas company, came down from Horr
Wednesday and on Thursday returned
home. He was successful in arranging
for the delivery to the Butte Gas com
pany of 1,000 tons of coal to de furnisned
by the Park Coal and Coke company.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Croouquist returned
Friday morning from Connecticut and
other eastern states, where they have
boou visiting relatives during the
ia Uiirriso:
of M
Croouquist, ace at. • ;>
remain for some taue ,n the city.
Mrs. Samuel Schott an.l Master
Arthur returned Friday morning from a
two months' a isit with relatives and
friends in Michigan anti New Turk
state. They were accompanied by Miss
Lottie Schott of East Saginaw, Michi
gan, a niece of Mrs. Schott, who came to
make a protracted visit in Livingston.
William Hanley, who has had charge
of the tonsorial department at the Mam
moth Hot Springs hotel and also at
Gardiner, where he suffered a total loss
by the recent lire, came down by
Monday's Park train. He will secure a
residence and remove his family to this
city and engage in business here during
the winter.
Judge William Douglass of Great
Falls is sojourning in Livingston this
week. He still retains some property
interests in this city and expresses sur
prise and satisfaction at its rapid growth
during the past year. He is stall loyal
to Great Falls, however, and predicts
that within one year it will be the third
largest city in Montana.
Henry Johnson, a banker of Saliman
ca, New York, returned Saturday even
ing from a trip to Cooke City and yester
day morning started for his home. Mr.
Johnson's mission was to look over that
mining camp with a view of making in
vestments. He purchased several lots
at Cooke, among the number one from
Hamilton Kearns. He is impressed with
the rich mining prospects at that place,
and believes, as does everyone who vis
its the cam j », that it only needs trans
portation facilities to make it the great
est mining camp on earth.
° 1 1
Courier: Lawrence Dobell, who for j
i i
the past t\VO years has oeen studying j
i ii e t o. t v»«« I
law With the hrin of Luce 00 Luce, lias j
accepted an offer from Judge Savage at
^ . . j
Livingston, where he will assist the j
i • i* xx* „ i.. .,„,1
judge in his office business and other j
wise prepare himself for early admission i
to the bar. Mr. Dobell is a 'bright and !
companionable young man. and is de^
tined to make his mark in the legal pro
fession. While regretting his departure
from Bozeman, wo commend him to the
confidence a ad friendship of the good
citizens of Livingston and Park county
Card of Thanks.
Ltvtv.ston. Mont.. Oct. 7,1889.
To the voters of Park court.'. :
Gf.nti.i me:>: Permit me, sirs, to take
this opportunity o! expressing my grate
ful appreciation of your helpful interest ;
in my behalf during the campaign, and ■
of the official In nor and personal cour
tesy you have extended to me. With I
high regard. I am
Yours very respectfully,
Eva M. Hunter, j
Co. Supt. of Schools.
Church Matters.
Episcopal: Services Sunday at 11 a.
m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school at 3 p. m.
Baptist: The Sabbath school will
meet at 12 in. in Judge Redfiekl's office.
The church has called Rev. J. G. Pull
iam to be pastor.
Ils Excellent Ouulitie*
Commend to public approval the Cali
fornia liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs.
It is pleasing to tho eye and to the taste,
and by gently acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels it cleanses the system
effectually, thereby promoting the health
and comfort of till who use it.
A new lot of Fargo't
shoes at Mayne'i
Swiss and Limburger cheese and Hol
land herring at Krieger & Co's.
Leave your orders with A. Mayne for
Allan R. Joy advertises some special
bargains in real estate. Call and investi
A. Mayne is selling ehallies at 4 cents
a yard.
Shoes to work in, shoes to walk in and
shoes to wed in, at Mavne's.
The best lime is furnished by the Liv
ingston Lime Works. O. Mattson.
•Just received a mammoth lot of sample
gloves at Mai ne's.
Satines 12 1 ., cents a yard at Maine's;
former price 18 cents.
Choice coffees and teas a specialty at
Krieger & Co's.
Just received a new invoice of ladies'
and gents' furnishings at Mayne'».
The attention of property owners is
invited to the fist of star: lard tire iusur
ance companies represented by A. R. Joy.
Glass by tbe car load plain, em
bossed. colored, cathedral, Venetian and
plate. Order from Gordon Bros. Lib
eral discount to dealers.
Wanted A boy to strip tobacco and
learn to make cigars. Apply at the fac
tory of Charles Gamier.
Mrs. M. J. McClatchy desires to call
the attention of the ladies of Livingston
and vicinity tc the large and complete
stock of fall and -,vinter millinary now
on exhibition at her emporium on Main
street. Those desiring goods in this
line are requested to call and examine
before purchasingelsewhere.
'It is
that Hood''
Sarsaparilla ch
1 other diseases
state or low coii
s that feeling
Lives to
Absolutely s
than the nrhii: ay hi nln, and ciinmit lie enld in
competition with the multitude of !mv test, short
weight, alum or ph mpinte powilere. Sola only
in curs. KOVAL Ji.VKINli POWDER CO., 10ti
Wall St., N. V.
-jyr uTIC {. : FOI; publication.—L and Office
Ta at Bozeman, Mimtana, Oct 8tti, 188U.—No
1 ticc* is hercoy 'riven that the following-named
j ««'tier has mril mué > of hi-intention to make
i final proof m support of his claim, and that eaid
j proof will he milde before the judge of the Third
I district court, or in hie absence b fore the clerk
j of said court, at Livinjston, Montana, on Novem
her Fth, is^-h, viz: v.'iiiiam 11. carter, P. n. s.
j lOoti, tor the lotâ, section 12. townshipsIs., range
j 9 east. He names tin* following witnesses to
j tioa of, said land, viz.: Andrew L/ftll, Elsworth
i Meins, Thomas C. Heese, Thomas O. Carter, all
! ,,f Montana. ..........
Forty-five tona of wild upland hay
for sat' . Will either sell on the
ground or feed oat to parties wishing
to feed cattle.
i-ntv of water for
t'1,00 Ea.cli per i^onth
For particulars address
CTI AS. C. Cl, A V. Big Timber, Mont.
Any perso:, who desires to protest against the
allowance of each proof, or who knows of any
substantial reason, under (he law aud the regula
tions of the interior Department, why such proof
should not lie allowed, will lie given an opportu
nity at the above mentioned time and place to
cross examine the witnesses o: said claimant,
and to oiFr tr> ideate in rebuttal of that submitted
bv claimant. E. F. FEBIJIS, Register,
(first publ^cqUe» «et. B} 18 ^»- B )
Carver Mercantile Company,
Old Reliable House
Livingston, Montana.
Our whole attention in this Department is now given to Closing Ont at Cost Prims AH
Summer Goods, »<> make room for the Immens* Steak mt
Fall Goods we have on the road.
Sateens, 10 cents per yard,
Lawns, 8 cents per yard,
Challies, 5 cents per yetri,
Ami a Big Line of Summer Worsteds at 12 1*2 oents per yard« the bsm
prlca being 25 and 30 oents per yard.
Boots and Shoes.
Tin* Lines we carry In All Limta and Hwpb:
La Cross« Shoe Co. Harrisburg Shoe Os.
Hathaway, Soule & Harrington.
Hats and Caps.
Every Block made, in ail qualities and prices from $ 1.39
to $i2.00 each.
*3 ?
tint '
'WS W i
Mil >V1 il.'F
Vu: t
!'• I.
o 1
.i ut*
1:lt* iv
G! 1
y, 3 : 1.1 ffi* :r\ 1
,s ».Jiitîtirwf «r
*:i >\r
Irom tint tJiieapcst fo the* Bost.
Rubber Goods.
We take particular pride in tins line, haring always in
stock everything from the Heavy, Tap Sole, Min
er's Hip Hoot, to the latest and prettiest
Novelty in Ladies' Sandals. Also
a Complete Line of
Rubber Coats. Slickers. Gossamers, Ere. Etc.
Particular attention is called to our stock of Groceriee.
To those who purchase in large quantities we would
say, Call, examine stock, and get prices.
We are sole agents for the following Celebrated Brands ef Klenr:
orange: blossom,
We also carry inÿtock MONTANA FLOUR.
Sole Apis for M (Mr for the Safety Nitn-fiwler Ceqaiy.

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