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The Livingston enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1914, July 30, 1892, Image 1

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, v . lli-tor''
Gift ♦
io. NO. 9.
!fj V tof|âtcm öhvlctpttet
. v rri!l)AV,.U;LY30.;i8!)2.
.$a »mi
. 1 50
. 1 oo
% l'"' 'i;M AN,
\*l Tn WN K Y AT-LAW
...... ir». in all Oi** courts, make
i>f Park County,
arle Hotel,
11 » * tT « *
\>'\ aucin^. special attention
and mining law.
1 in huililiuç. corner Main and
rimvi-vawini; and all other legal
111 ,il, attended to. Loans negotiated
Thleialer aiul borrower. Attorney for the
.Iiï; Fraternity Loan and Building Asaocia
uffice in the
sTTEii States Mineral Surveyor.
, „ ; i„,i iin.ir Enterprise Block, Livingston,
Office in Orschel Block,
lit, in Kealtv Imililing, corner Park and See
ls. Office hours, Pa. m. to 8 p. m.
Must be Paid at Office.
lu. Water He__
resident agent
litre in Realty Company's Building, corner of
Park anil Second streets.
PEUATivE Building and Loan
:.U. Emmons. Sec. E. H. Talcott.
Vice-Pres't S. M. Nve.
M. II. Lashohn. Attorney A. J. Campbell
n,w meetings on the fourth Monday even
.jf each month, at W. II. Kedfleld s office
mliir street.
■pedal attention given to the preservation of
■natural teeth. Office in Miles building,
hin M., Livingston.
Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public.
M'iiihv Loaned on long time on real and
|*i>onal property.
Office in Miles Bloc«, Livingston.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Wee .-orner Main and Park streets, over Na
tional Park Bank, Livingston.
-attorney at law.
--Office: Room 2, Realty Building,
Livingston, - - - Montana.
hvlngston, . Montana.
Office at Peterson's Pharmacy.
j*°M uni Silver.. $1 («''copper,.........$J
P»l« ,Mlver.v Lead 2 IS) Coal.............. 3 00
qualitative inaivHis........... « X 00 to $1500
ynutitaUve Analysis............ M)lS)to 8ft 00
Par complete price list7address
Harvey L. Glenn,
___ Livingston, Montana
er Petual Calendar Clocks that show
Diinuto and hour of the day,
®ï "t the week, day of the month,
Btonth of the year, and the proper
1Ine Guy goods from
PRICES LOWKI! than anywhere
Attacked Hy a Heir.
JontiH Helloes of Stillwater, brother of
E. Heiliges of this city, hail an encounter
with a hear while hunting on the Still
water river Sunday which but for his
coolness and ability to endure pain
would no doubt have resulted in his
being killed. As it was he sustained a i
fracture of both hones of the left arm |
and severe Hesh wounds in the right arm !
and thigh. He had started from his'
home in the morning and after proceed
ing a distance of several miles came in
sight of a large grizzly. He tired at the
animal, wounding it, when it started to
retreat. Not being desirous of securing
either the hide or meat of the animal,
Mr. Hedges abandoned pursuit. After
traveling some distance further up the ;
river he became thirsty and, leaving his
gun, descended to the river to procure a
drink. While engaged in dipping up
water with his hat he was suddenly sur
prised by the wounded bear making an
assault upon him from the rear. Being j
disarmed and unprepared to make any
defense and realizing that his life de
pended upon remaining perfectly quiet,
he dropped to the ground. After in
tticting the wounds above stated, bruin
evidently concluded he had dispatched
his antagonist and started to retreat up
the river bank. Mr. Hedges believing ;
that he was at last safe attempted to
rise and secure his gun, but his move-1
ments hud been closely watched by the
hear and it promptly returned to the at-:
tack. Again Mr. Hedges employed his
former tactics and escaped with only
slightly additional injury, when the hear
again concluding its victim was dis
__________ .... ...............
patched, started away. This time Mr.
Hedges determined to give bruin ample
titne to get out of sight before attempt
ing to move and, notwithstanding the
excruciating pain he was suffering, kept
perfectly quiet for nearly a quarter of an
hour. His strategy was rewarded by
seeing the hear disappear from view in
the hushes a considerable distance up
stream when lie succeeded in making
his escape to the nearest ranch, where
he secured a horse and, although suffer
ing acute pain, rode a distance of uhout
ten miles to Stillwater. He came up to
Livingston Monilay where his wounds
were dressed aud his broken arm set by
Dr. R. D. Alton.
Stock Mii|>m«*nt*
The following stock shipments over
the Northern Pacific to eastern markets
are announced, as furnished by J. L.
DeHart, Montana agent for the Minne
sota Transfer company :
.July 29, Towers & Gudgel, Mingus
vilie. (K) enrs.
July 28, J. K. Slack, Dickinson, 9 cars.
July 24, James Converse, Mingusville,
45 cars.
July 30, Keeline & Gesver, Fallon, 10
July 30, Murphy Cattle Co, Fallon, 25
August 5, Berry-Boice Cattle Co.,
Dickinson, 100 cars.
August 0-7, May berg & Carter, Fallon,
45 cars.
July 29, Wm. Ray, Dickinson, 14 cars
July 21, Home Land and Cattle Co.,
Fallon, 20 cars.
July 24, Home Land and Cattle Co.,
Fallon, 20 cars.
Sept. 2-3, Ferdon & Biddle, Miles City,
40 cars.
July 29, J. C. Weeks, Mandan. 1 car.
August 5, C. F. L. & I. Co., Fallon, 10
August 7, C. F. L. & I. Co., Fallon, 10
July 24, Fisher Bros., Dickinson, 2
Sept. 1, Wm. Rea & Sons, Miles Citv,
10 cars.
August 15, Wm. Rea & Sons, Merrill,
12 cars.
October l, Wm. Rea & Sons, Living
ston, 16 cars.
July 26, O. H. Wallop, Miles City, 2
ours. ___
Thin Yeiti'a Hullot.
The editor of the Missoula Gazette
who hus been figuring upon the ticket
to be prepared under the Australian
system for the voters of Montana this
fall, concludes as follows : The official
ballot for the election this fall will be
something of enormous size and consid
erable intricacy, and it will puzzle the
man of ordinary intelligence to vote
just the way he wants to while the
many|voters who are not of ordinary in
telligence will require the most careful
instructions as to how to mark the
ticket if they want to vote at all. The
ticket will contain the names of the
presidential electors of three parties
(democratic, republican and alliance or
people's parties') and also a full state
and county ticket with at least three
candidates for each office. This will
make at least 180 names and in addition
there will be at least ten or fifteen
names of independent candidates. If
printed on a slip as usual, all these
names will necessitate a slip at least six
feet in lenigth, while if printed on a
sheet the sheet will have to he some
thing like eighteen inches square. Vot
ing will indeed he a serious business,
and tiie simple marking of the ballot
will require a long time. It will he nec
essary to take a day off before the elec
i tion 8 i Inply t „ study the ticket and de
| c ide how you want to mark it.
! ___- —m. ..........._
ihk (ïa.mdk pkockns
Tobe I nt ■ otiii ceil lu the Treatment f (ties
al Cooke City.
A lease from the Alice E. Mining com
pany to W. E. Nichols of Cooke and as
signment of same to the Henderson
Mountain Mining and Milling company,
was tiled with the county clerk Monday,
; The property includes the Alice E,
White Pine, Cleveland, Snowbird, (iran
ite Hill and Henderson quartz lode min
ing claims in the New World district.
The term of the lease is three years |
and six months, with a privilege of ex
j tending it for three yea rs additional. 1
The company to whom the lease has
been assigned have organized under the j
laws of the State of Minnesota, with a
capital stock of 8100,000, divided into
1,000 shares of a par value of 8100 each.
The officers are A. Blandou, president.
Fort Dodge, Iowa; H. J. Chittenden,
; vice-president, Cooke ; W. A. Jones, sec- :
rctary, St. Paul ; W. E. Nichols, treas
urer and general manager, Cooke. It is j
the intention of the company to begin \
operations upon the properties leased at
once, treating the output by the McAr
thur-Forrest cyanide process. W. E.
Nichole, the treasurer and general man- [
ager, has just returned from the east '
where he perfected arrangements for the :
necessary machinery which will he
j shipped to Cooke, where it is the purpose
' of the company to have a mill in opera
tion by November 1st.
The construction and operation of the
plant will he under the supervision of A.
Buckley, formerly of the Homestake
mill in the Black Hills country, who, in
company with W. E. Nichols, started for
Cooke Tuesday morning. The inaugu
ration of this enterprise will not only
give employment to a number of miners
but will furnish immediate work for a
limited number of men and teams in
cutting and hauling wood nnd other ma
terial for use at the company's mill.
terial for use at the company's mill.
Folic** Court.
The following cases have been dis
posed of in Magistrate Lepley's court
the past week :
John Emerson, disturbing the peace ;
817.40. Paid.
Mabel Simpson, drunk ; 814.20 ; paid.
Ida White, drunk ; 817:40 ; paid.
James Murray, vagrancy j 817.40 ;
Frank Smith, drunk ; 813.40 ; com
Cornelius Sullivan, drunk ;
com mitted.
John A. C. Emerson, disturbing the
peace ; 817.40 ; paid.
Frank Smith, drunk ; 832.40 ; com
J. Swayne, drunk ; 813.40 ; committed.
Sally Rowe, drunk ; 813.40; paid.
Hattie Bostwick, violation of ordi
nance 18 ; plea of guilty and tine nnd
813.40 ; I
costs of 822.40 ; paid.
Saturday afternoon Fred. Kaiser, a
butcher in the employ of Harvey & Co.,
was the victim of an accidental dis
charge of a rifle which resulted in his
death Wednesday morning. In com
pany with another employe of the firm
he had gone to the slaughter house just
east of the city for the purpose of killing
a beef animal. The rifle employed in
this work was placed in the wagon be
fore starting from the shop, and when
the slaughter house was reached Kaiser
attempted to remove it by taking hold
of the muzzle. In some manner the
hammer of the gun caught and was
raised to permit its falling with suffi
cient force to discharge the weapon, the
bullet ploughing through the palm of
Kaiser's right hand and, striking the
arm just above the elbow, passed entirely
through. The rifle was a 44-caliber and
in addition to the ghastly flesh wound
inflicted, badly shattered the bones of
the arm. The injured man was prompt
ly placed in the wagon and taken to the
drug store of J. A. Brawn & Co., where
Dr. Alton, assisted by Drs. Campbell
and Baxter, temporarily dressed his
wounds, after which he was taken to the
residence of Mr. George on C street,
where he was a lodger. The shock to
Kaiser's nervous system rendered hint
delirious, in which condition he re
mained until Tuesday morning, render
ing amputation of the arm impracti
cable. Tuesday, however, he regained
consciousness and insisted upon ampu
tation, and this was resorted to as the
only means of saving his life, as indica
tions of blood poisoning had already be
come apparent. Little hope was enter
tained that he would sustain the shock
incident to amputation, but the opera
tion was performed Tuesday night, and
Kaiser survived until Wednesday morn
ing at .1 o'clock, when he died shortly
after having again recovered conscious
Deceased was formerly a resident of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his
mother now resides. He had a brother
living in the Moulder mining district,
who was informed of the sad accident
and at once started for Livingston, ar
riving here Monday night. Another
brother resides in Iowa and he was also
notified and started for Livingston,
where he arrived laHt evening. Kaiser
was a member of the I. O. O. F., which
order took charge of the remains, having
them embalmed to await the arrival of
his brother from Iowa before arrange
ments for the funeral were made. The
funeral will take place this afternoon
and the body he buried in the city
cemetery here.
| —
,{ *' M| M, "i Minimi Trmi«rcr».
1 H " r - V R ' Ward et to Chu.de Jones,
' ots "®* ^'°ck O, Riverside addition
j to Livingston-. WOO.
a Henry R. Ward and Adelia Ward to
Albert (i. Jones, lots 29,30, block O, Riv
er8 ' d ^ addition to Livingston ; 8Guo.
United States to Lacy Taylor, north -
eH8t 4 U!,r ter of northeast quarter, the
: souRl Half of the northeast quarter and
nor ^Hwest quarter of southeast quarter
is j 8ecRon township 2, north of range 10
\ <>U8 * ' acres.
at Hnd Ross to P. R.
^ t,we "' OD ®dhtrd interest in Rig Elk
E. ni ' n ' n £ claim, Boulder district ; 82,000.
[ E" 88 to P. R. Lowell, one-third
' inter '' 8t in the Elk quartz lode, Boulder
: tÜHtriot , 81,(M)0.
he >eorge A. Go
George A. Gordon et al. to E. H. Tal
wtt. north one-half of lot 20, block KM,
Riverside addition to Livingston ; 800.
Theodore E. Rice to Sarah Sherrill,
l° t8 r * u, h 1 G, block It), Boulder addiLon
No. 2 to Big 'Timber ; 8100
Northern Pacific R. R. Co. to Julia
Lee, lot 10. block 119, Livingston ; 8125.
Ed Kagel to Orrin Meltcher, one-half
interest in the Boulder Chief quartz
lode, Boulder district ; 83(H).
L. A. Luce and wife to David S.
French, three sixteenths of the Major
PeiiBH, Lancaster, Daisy and Collateral
quartz lode claims, Boulder district;
A Stubblefield and wife to Nancy J.
Fet he, lots 1, 2, 3, block 31. Boulder nd
dit,oil No. 2, Big Timber ; 8150.
Samuel L. Davis and Rebecca M.
Davis to Nancy J. Fertie, lot 9, block 3.
Big Timber ; 8000.
Dan Hogan to Robert McClatchey,
lots 9, 10, block 0, Yellowstone addition
to Big Timber ; 8125.
Christian Patt to Mrs. Mary Hay, lot
24, block 103, Riverside addition to Liv
ingston ; 8100.
Dennis'Tracey to The Livingston Land
; I company, lot 2, block 48, Minnesota ad
dition to Livingston ; 81.
The Livingston Land company to
Dennis Tracy, lot 22, block 48, Minnesota
addition to Livingston ; 875.
Albert Stubblefield to Rebecca M.
Davis, lots 3, 4, block 11, Boulder ad
dilion No. 2, Big Timber ; 82(H).
Thomas J. Gilfeather to P. J. Nolan,
lot 7, block 04, Livingston ; 8385.
Tlie World*« Fuir Company.
Speaking of the World's Fair com
pany which uppenrs at Fowlie's hall this
(Saturday) evening, July 30, the Boulder
Sentinel says:
To say that the company is a good one
is but a mild way of expressing it, as it
was one of the best performances that
we have had this season. The special
ties are particularly worthy of mention,
they being first class in every particular.
The black art mysteries as presented in
the first act are marvelous and held the
audience spell bound from beginning to
end. The song of "MePhelun's trip to
the World's Fuir" is the best thing v e
have heard as rendered by Mr. Lawrence
in the character of Mr. McPhelan. May
Lawrence, as Biddy Malone, did some
splendid work. One of the principal
features of the entertainment was the
musical act by A. W. Stonley and John
Holmes, Mr. Stonley as a black face
comedian stands alone and without a
rival, and judging from the amount of
instruments they perform on it must
have taken a good many years of hard
study to master them. All in all the
World's Fair company is a good one nnd
worthy of all praise.
Coloritrio Silver L^hkii«.
The convention of the Colorado state
silver league met Tuesday with 500 dele
gates present, to nominate a state ticket
and presidential electors. Some favor a
fusion with the peoples party, while
others demand a straight ticket. Presi
dent Slater recommends the convention
nominate electors pledged to cast their
vote for whatever presidential candidate
will declare in favor of the free coinage
of silver. They hope to force either
Harrison or Cleveland to express an
opinion in the expectation of carrying
Colorado, Idaho nnd three of four other
western states. The convention met at
11 a. m. and choose C. I. Thompson
temporary chairman. Thursday morn
ing the convention adjourned in a l>ody
to join the people's party in joint session
to nominate an electoral ticket.
Oril» ed Out of the l-ark.
W. W. Wylie of Bozeman, who lias
been operating a stage line for the trans
portation of tourists through the Park,
came down to Livingston Tuesday eve
ning having been escorted out of the
Park with liis camping cars and teams.
It was reported that all persons carrying
paivate parties through the Park were
to he treated in a similar manner, and
W. S. Dixon of this city went up to
Mammoth Hot Springs Wednesday to
look after outtits he had at Cinnabar
and which he has employed in carrying
parties through Wonderland. From
him we learn that the order was served
by Captain Scott in the absence of
Capt. Anderson, and thut it is only
intended to apply to stage outfits such
as are maintained in the Park without
leases from the interior department. In
addition to establishing stations and
maintaining his stock in the Park, ob
jection was raised to Wylie's camping
cars, which it is alleged occupy so much
roadway that in many places difficulty
is experienced in passing them, espec
ially as many teams are frightened by
the ai pearence of these ears along the
road. So far as we are able to learn
there is no disposition to interfere with
conveyances carrying parties through
the Park hut the object is to prevent
the establishment of regular stage lines
and the maintenance of outtits in op
position to the regular transportation
line without a lease from the interior
DiKtrirt Court
The following cases were disposed of
during the past week :
In the matter of the estate of John W.
■ Q rann i 6t deceased. Decree of distnhu
j tion ttnt j filed.
... P .
sheriff. Motion for new trial overruled.
The State of Montana vs. Thomas
Craig. Case set for trial for first day of
next regular term.
The State of Montana vs. James
George. County attorney dismisses ac
In the matter of the estate of John
Hallorun, deceased. L. A. llulloran ap
pointed administratrix of said estate
upon taking the prescribed oath and
upon her executing a bond in the sum
of 81, .VI). «
In the mutter of the application of
John Allman for a writ of habeas cor
pus. Ordered that petitioner be dis
charged from custody.
The State of Montana vs. Jacob Flesh
man. Convicted of forgery. Sentenced
to one year in the state penitentiary and
costs of prosecution.
Harry Gassert vs. Joseph George. De
fault of defendant entered and judgment
for the sum of 8302.10 * ith interest and
the further sum of 855.10 with interest
and costs of suit.
Frank Bland vs. J. H. Conrad & Co.
Motion for new trial overruled.
In the mutter of the estate of Charles
A. Baker, deceased. E. H. Talcott ap
pointed administrator upon taking the
prescribed oath and of his executing a
bond in the sum of 82,500.
In the matter of the estate of Duncan
J. McDonald, deceased. Order confirm
ing sale of real estate signed and filed.
Julius Gunderson vs. Henry Filing
son. Statement on motion for a new
trial settled and signed and motion for
new trial submitted without urgument
and overruled by the court.
Estella H. Provine vs. A. W. Chad
bourne. Time of tiling and serving
statement on motion for new trial ex
tended to October 1st.
Thomas J. Riste et al. vs. Robert L.
Morton et al. Time for filing and serv
ing statement on motion for new trial
extended to October 1st.
Carrie L. Healay et al. vs. Hidden
Treasure Mining company. Time for
filing and serving statement on motion
for new trial extended to October 1st.
Paul A. Zuber vs. Orosvenor W. Barry
et al. Time for tiling and serving state
ment on motion for new trial extended
to October 1st.
Julius Gunderson vs. Henry Elling
son. Stay of proceedings granted for
one week.
Ornaldo Baker vs. John B. Cook et al.
The court finds that the alleged sale by
Nelson Story of his interest in the part
nership property of John B. Cook & Co.
to the plaintiff, Ornaldo Baker, is fraud
ulent and void as to creditors ; the al
leged levy and attachment by O. P.Tem
pleton, sheriff of Park county, ujK>n the
interest of Nelson McGregory in the
partnership property of John B. Cook &
Co. under an attachment issued in the
case of Henry Elling vs. Nelson McGreg
ory was insufficient to create a lien ; thut
the levy of O. P. Templeton, sheriff of
Park county, under an execution issued
out of the district court of the fifth ju
dicial district of the State of Montana,
in and for the County of Madison, in an
action in which Henry Elling was plain
tiff and Nelson McGregory et al. were
defendants, was sufficient to create a
lien upon one hundred head of cattle de
scribed in the said sheriff's return as set
forth in the answer herein : and the sale
by the sheriff under said execution and
levy of the said one hundred head of
cattle was sufficient to and did divest
Nelson McGregory of any interest there
in, and upon the accounting herein or
dered the referee is directed to charge
up against the interest of Nelson Mc
Gregory in said partnership property the
value of said one hundred head of cattle;
that there remains an unsettled interest
in the partnership affairs of John 11.
Cook Jc Co. to which the plaintiff, Ornal
do Baker, is entitled as against these de
fendants, and that an accounting is nec
essary to determine said interest. De
cree ^appointing John T. Smith referee
to take testimony signed and filed.
Sophia M. Wetzstein et al. vs. Hattie
M. Joy et al. Stay of proceedings grant
ed until August 1st in which to file ap
peal bond.
I From the Picket ]
A party from Boulder passed through
Red Lodge Sunday driving 170 head of
horses through to Dakota for the mar
ket. They intended to go via Dead
Harry Kane and Frank Acklemire,
Cokedale miners, arrived in Red Lodge
Saturday expecting to locate here. Mr.
Acklemire will bring bis family to the
coal.metropolis as soon as he obtains
The Rocky Fork Town & Electric
company has awarded the contract for
the erection of the new hotel to Davitt
it Vreeland of Bozeman. The contract
calls for the completion of the building
by the first of November, and it is ex
pected that work will begin on the
structure in a short time.
Mr. McDonald came in from Wood
river camp Saturday afternoon for the
assay outtit belonging to the'Black hills
party who were mentioned in this paper
last week. He reports that a lead of
quartz was recently struck on Meadow
creek, four miles below Kerwin city,
carrying free milling gold, which lias
created considerable excitement. He is
confident that the camp will be a good
I From tli** Pioneer.]
Paul Vuppieve and family, accom
panied by George H. Morgan and family
of Minneapolis, leave today for a tour of
the National Park.
Miss Mabel Stevens came down from
Swamp creek Fridry where she has been
teaching school and spent the day visit
ing with Mrs. James Vestal, leaving
next day for her home at Livingston.
In the case of the state of Montana
vs. Yellowstone Kelley, charged with
raising u check on Harvey Bliss from
87.73 to 870.73, about six years ago, be
fore the Justice of the Peace Barbour
Wednesday, the prisoner was held to
the district court in the sum of 8100.
H. J. Miller was the prosecuting attor
ney and Burt Marsh plead the cause of
the accused.
It becomes our sad duty this week
to record the death of Mrs. James Vestal
of this town. Last evening she called
upon Mrs. Perrine, her neighbor, and in
company with several other ladies was
laughing and chatting in her usual man
ner when all at once she threw up her
hands exclaiming I am dying. Dr.
Moore was at once summoned and did
all in his power to relieve the dying wo
man, but to no avail, us that dread di
sease, uppolexy, had performed its dead
ly mission. She leaves a husband and
four children besides a very large circle
of friends to mourn her sad aud un
timely death. The bereaved husband
and little children have the heartfelt
sympathy of the entire community in
this, their sad affiictiun.
In Hm<I ('umpaiiy.
A St. Paul dispatch of the 25th to the
Butte Miner says ; Two months ago J.
S. Oglesby and wife, who ^arrived at
Rockford, 111., from Chicago and became
inmates of Schweinfurth's terresterial
heaven, begun suit in the circuit court
for 82,000, which they had handed over
to the pretender upon joining his band
of followers. Schweinfurth sittlxd the
matter before it came into court and Mr.
and Mrs. Oglesby withdrew from the
heaven. They didn't entirely sepurate
themselves from this influence, how
ever, but took up their residence about
a mile from the Schweinfurth dwelling,
living with a farmer inmate of the pre
tender's household. Thursday John
Chapman came from Montana, claiming
to be a brother to Mrs. Oglesby nnd stal
ing his intention of taking her aud her
husband west w ith him. He hired a
livery rig and went down to Schwein
furth's place and has not been seen
Bince. The rig was returned to the
owner all right, but no trace of the man
has been found. When in the city he
expressed himself in very bitter terms
against Schweinfurth and it is feared
that his feelings may have led to some
indiscretion at the pretender's home, to
which is attributed his disappearance.

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