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'£ivi«f|'i!cn (Enterprise,
G:0. H. WRIGHT. - - - hditof and Proprietor.
IKKimi. I'AI'KK OK IMKK 1(11 \TV
KlltHl-Hll *1 tile f »-T. .ttî. H ill l.l> lllL Jt"h. M I 'III ,
Congressman elect H îitiimn's plunil
itv in the stale is figured at 19H.
The A vaut Courier of Bozeman, not
withstanding it has just attained Us ma
jority, stiil continues to rank with the
ablest weeklies of the state.
The total capital vote as returned
shows that Helena has tirst place. Ana
couda second, Butte third, and'Bozeman
fourth. The vote is: Anaconda lu, 117.
Boulder 295, Bozeman T.liliti. Bu'te 7,707,
Deer Lodge 983, Great Calls 7>,uôb, Hel
ena 14,0112.
if not "called back'' '1 imothy E. Col
lins of Great Calls may enter the lists as
a candidate for United States senator.
Dispatches from Great Calls announce
that Collins claims to have been sacri
ficed by men in Silver Bow county, and
will take this method of avenging Ins
New York, w inch has not bad a con
stitutional c invention for a quarter of a
century, will have one next year. No
tices have already been sent bv the sec
retary of stale of the holding of a gen
eral state election on Cebruary 14 for
the purpose of electing delegates to a
constitutional convention, which will be
held at Albanv in May next.
It is now Box Elder precinct in Cho
teuu county that is thrown out by a
canvassing board instead of precinct
thirty-four in Silver Bow county. And
the democrats who howled themselves
hoarse over the alleged larceny of the
legislature by the republicans when tiie
Silver Bow precinct was eliminated from
the returns are using every argument at
their command to justify the action of
the Choteau county canvassing board.
The reason is obvious. Box Elder was
a republican precinct and its vote de
feated Hamilton, the democratic candi
date for the house, whose vote is needed
to give the democrats a bare majority of
one upon joint ballot in the legislature.
If the democrats were sincere in their
denunciation cf the precinct thirty-four
proceedings they would refuse to profit
by the action of the Choteau county re
turning board; but they will do nothing
of the kind.
It seems that the democrats who de
nounced the McKinley bill as a robber
tariff law are in no haste to repeal that
measure- In fact they are so much in
doubt about the effect of the tariff that
they not only desire to defer action for
an indefinite period, but are gradually
reaching the conclusion that this dis
tinctively republican principle of gov
ernment is by no means a menace to na
tional prosperity. A consensus of opin
ion of members elect to the fifty-third
congress shows that a majority are op
posed to calling an extra session and
taking immediate steps to repeal the
tariff. Out of 540 members interrogated
188 responded. Of that number 72 de
clared themselves in favor of an extra
session; 78 opposed it and 58 were non
committal. On the question of the tar
iff 75 voted to repeal the McKinley hill;
44 favored it with modifications, 57 were
opposed to any change and 12 were non
Georgia is tile tirst state to anticipate
the plank of the national democratic
platform demanding repeal of the ten
per cent tax on state hank issues. A
hill has been introduce 1 in that state to
allow banks to issue bills. It provides
that the governor, state treasurer and
comptroller shall he a commission to
have engraved and printed in a manner
best calculated to guard against coun
terfeiting, at the expense of the bank is
suing them, such notes as said bank de
sires after said bank deposits as collat
eral state or municipal bonds to an
amount equal to the notes. To protect
the circulation then the state shall in
dorse the notes. The law is to take ef
fect as soon as the governor is notified
that congress has repealed the act levy
ing a tax of 10 per cent on the circulat
ing notes of state banks. The basis up
on which it is proposed to issue these
hank notes is not so objectionable as
that under the former democratic con
trol of national finances, but it is an en
tering wedge for a return to all the evils
that existed during the period of
wild cat money.
The probability of Mr. Dyer being de
feated for the position of county treas
urer is a misfortune for which lie alone
is responsible. The constitution very
properly provides that none but Ameri
can citizens can enjoy the financial ad
vantages or emoluments which are pop
ularly supposed to accrue to persons
holding positions of public trust. And
while we disclaim any desire to secure
political advantage from the present sit
uation of affairs, we unhesitating de
clare our belief that no injustice will lie
done by reversing what appears to nave
been the popular verdict of Park coun
ty's voters on November 8th. We are
impelled to this belief by the fact that a
larger number of voters who still retain
their personal friendship for Mr. Dyer
openly declare that had they been in
|m issession of tLe fact of lus
perfect citi/.ensliip lie never i
lienetitted Ly their votes. It i
an unfavorable commentary upon loy
alty to American institutions for any
foreign born citizen to reside in the
United States a period of nineteen years
without complying with the demands of
Hood government, and until such time
as it becomes necessary to do so in order
to accept a position of public trust and
Hon. C. P. Blakeley of Bozeman has
announced himself as a candidate for
register of the Bozeman land office un
der the democratic administration. Mr.
Blakeley is eminently qualified for the
position and if it must be tilled by the
appointment of a democrat, as it doubt
less will, we know of no better selection
that could be made.
The interstate commerce commission
Tuesday announced a decision in the
case of the merchants union of Spokane
i against the Northern Pacific and Union
Pacific railway companies. The decision
is substantially that farther than rates
are effected by competition from ocean
j carriers these roads will not lie allowed
to discriminate against Spokane and in
favor of Portland or other Pacific coast
i terminals. The Northern Pacific rail
road, notwithstanding certain provisions
j m its charter, is subject, like all other
interstate carriers, to the authority con
ferred by congress in the act to regulate
I commerce.
failure to
mid have
The following are the pluralities of
state officers as shown by figures com
piled by the Helena Herald: Harrison
electors 1,299; Hartman, for congress,
220; Rickards, governor, 547; Botkin,
lieutenant governor, 2,202; Rotwitt, sec
retary of state, 2,702; Wright, treasurer,
1,900; Cook, state auditor, 1,847; Haskell,
attorney general, 1,208; Kteere, superin
tendent of public instruction, 715; l'era
berton, chief justice, 0,088; Webster,
clerk supreme court, 749. This showing
elects the entire republican state ticket
with the exception of chief justice, for
which office the present incumbent had
to contend against the combined vote of |
both populists and democrats.
The reports from the international
monetary conference at Brussels are
meagre ana give but little indication of
the results. The fact that this confer
ence was convened was accepted as a de
sire to make concession to the demands
of the bimetallists, but the feeling seems
to be general that while something may
be done with a view to bimetallism there
is little to hope for in the w ay of definite
Speaking of the conference and
its effect upon silver Bradstreet's says:
"It is worthy of note that the present
week has witnessed a decided
speculative movement in silver in Lon
don. Prices for bars have advanced
sharply in that market, accompanied by
a marked demand for India exchanges.
It is, however, equally if not more re
markable that the quotations for silver
in American markets have merely fol
lowed the movement abroad, which to
all appearance is of a purely speculative
The vast amount of newspaper contro
versy that has arisen in reference to the
characters of the principals in the recent
Cokedale homicide appears to be sadly
out of place. It can certainly have but
little if any influence in determining the
guilt and fixing the penalty of the
woman who committed the crime, as un
der the judicial system of this country
a familiarity with details or circum
stances is almost invariably disqualifica
tion for jury service. The facts alone as
permitted to go before the jury must be
relied upon in any euse for conviction or
acquittal. It is therefore evident that
extended comment upon the characters
of either Mrs. Dowty or the deceased
can only serve the put pose of airing per
sonal prejudices or individual hobbies.
In this case a human life has been sac
rificed in a manner which bears every
evidence of having been a premeditated
and cold blooded murder. If there are
extenuating circumstances, or a lack of
resposibility from any reason upon the
part of the self-constituted executioner,
it will be proper to place the facts liefere
the jury upon the trial of the case. We
do not desire to be understood as pass
ing judgment in this case, but we are
unalterably opposed to the morbid sen
timent that actuates efforts to shield
criminals from a just res|ionsibility for
their offenses, and to which in a great
measure may be charged a growing ten
dency to the perpetration of crime.
The interest manifested as well as the
unanimity of purpose displayed at the j
meeting Monday, held lor the purpose
of furthering the promised legislation in
the interest of railroad transportation
for the rich and extensive mineral dis
trict surrounding Cooke, is highly com
mendable. It demonstrates that the
people of Livingston are, as they have
ever been in the past, alive to every en
terprise calculated to foster or develop
the resources of the city, county and
state. There is little doubt that if the
same degree of enthusiasm for the pro
posed measure is maintained by the peo- j
pie of Park county, as well as other sec
tions of the state interested in the de
velopment of mining industries, the ef
fort will be productive of good results
before the close of the coming session of
congress. lo the accomplishment of i
this end the press of the state is urged |
to second the work begun so auspicious
ly Monday evening, not only that our
! mineral resources may be developed but
that the mine owners of one of the most
promising districts in the state may
reap a just reward for money expended
and yi ars of patient toil. The proposed
change in the Park boundary offers the
only apparently availablesolulion of this
problem of railway construction to that
district. The only route that is feasible
for reaching the camp lies along the nat
ural water courses of the Yellowstone
river and Soda Butte creek. To utilize
them and maintain the present bounda
ries of the Park would necessitate build
ing a road through that reserve after
first securing a right of way by act of
congress. As the hostility and open op
position to any railroad whatever in that
pleasure ground precludes favorable ac
tion in this direction by congress the
only remedy for existing hard
ship is tn a change of the
Park boundary, making it conform to
the Yellowstone river and Soda Butte
creeks, by segregating a small portion of
the northeast corner. This loss in area
of the Park is full recouped by the pro
posed additions upon the east and south,
and the change would possess the fur
ther advantage of establishing a well
defined boundary instead of the imagi
nary line that now illy protects it from
the same invasion that is permitted
upon lie public domain.
| ness.
Of all the democratic papers in Mon
tana the Anaconda Standard stands
conspicuously alone in denouncing the
outrage against, the rights of the voters
of Box Elder precinct, peiqietrated by
the canvassing board of Choteau coun
ty. This steal is so palpably for the pur
pose of securing a democratic majority
in the state legislature that the Stand
ard says:
"The members of the Choteau board
had no shadow of right to go behind the
returns they know perfectly well that
they had not. The issue raised by the
affidavits was one respecting which no
toriously the canvassers had no func
tion. A pair of republican officials were
the conspicuous offenders in this busi
Their conduct appears to be rot
ten all through; and if the Standard
loses the companionship of every demo
crat in Montana and finds itself com
pelled to stand absolutely alone in de
nunciation of this outrage.it will pro
claim its denunciation just the same."'
There is a strong probability that the
Chicago police department w ill be equip
ped with bicycles. Some time ago Cap
tain Shatter mounted two detectives on
wheels and the value of the bicycle in
the service was immediately established.
These detectives did good work in ar
riving at scenes of burglaries, fighte and
tires. Their work has been so much in
advance of the patrol wagon, that it is
expected that the different stations will
be equipped with wheels, and that
horses in the mounted service will give
way to wheels.
The democrats are still piling up theo
ries to show that it will lie impossible to
have an extra session. In the tirst place
they say that it would not be politic to
call an extra session upon the ground
that such action was necessary to enact
a new tariff bill or repeal the present ex
isting laws. It has been asserted several
times that in case the financial condi
tion of the country was such as to make
an excuse for un extra session it then
would do very well for the president to
call an extra session, and while legislat
ing on other subjects the turiff bill could
be prepared and passed. But reasons
are also being piled up why it would be
impracticable for an extra session to be
called on account of the financial neces
sities of the government. In the first
place, they say that it would be neces
sary for an appointment of a secretary of
the treasury, and this secretary would
have to receive official knowledge of the
condition of the treasury before he could
recommend to the president that an ex
tra session be called for the purpose of
legislation on finances. The most ardent
advocate of an extra session are put off
with the statement that congress could
be called together earlier in 1895 than
December if it was found expedient.
Pioneer Press: Senator Vest says l.e
"does not favor a cavalry charge on the
tariff." It seems a regular democratic
weakness to fear the recoil of their own
gun. Experience has taught them it is
a piece of ordnance more dangerous at
the breech than at the muzzle.
Missoulian: George L. Ragley was an
United States messenger on the Chicago
and Rock Island. George needed 8150,
000 and stole two packages from the
safe on his run containing that amount.
v/ii o ID mu uuuiniuiUK umi Hlliount.
He hld it Bafel but was 8rreeted Bnd
confe6eed the crime . * ... n-----------
All of the money
was recovered. It is evident that George
was never designed to be a bold, bad
robber. He should have had starch in
jected into his veins before he commit
ted the deed. It might have stiffened
his backbone. He can never hold a po
sition of trust, is perhaps unfitted for
manual labor, and the best thing he can !
do is to shuffle off his mortal coil.
* *
Inter Mountain: The state institu
lions will be put wherever the people
want to put them. The people are to be
taxed for their support, and they have a
right to designate their location. It
doesn't make any difference how the
Helena Independent or Paris Gibson or
the Anaconda Standard desires them to
be distributed. The question is where ;
do the people of Montana want them
i built? The Inter Mountain is of the
I opinion that they should be distributed
among the central cities of the state.
I And please bear in mind that Butte
wants the school of mines and proposes
to have it. because Butte is the proper
place for such an institution.
j Salt Lake Tribune: A studied and
persistent effort has been made of late
to prove that Messrs. Sheehan and Mur
phy demanded certain pledges of the
president-elect and that he in a most
forcible way declared that he would
make no pledges. Notwithstanding all
that, when Mr. (Jlovelrnd gets into office
and there are appointments to be made
in New York City, they will with one
I exception be made from the Tammany
braves, because that was the bargain
that Mr. Cleveland made last summer.
That is what Tammany worked for him
for; that is what set Senator Hill to
work for him. It is vouched for by the
best men in New York: it is an open
secret in that city, and all this talk
about the president-elect's stern declar
ation that he would make no pledges is
simply clap-trap.
Salt Luke Tribune: The gentleman
selected for president if the interna
tional conference is named Levi. We
have no doubt lie was selected simply
because he was one of the delegates from
Belgium where the conference is being
held. A rose bv any other name would
smell as sweet as Levi, and we are sorry
that that particular rose was selected
sorry simply through ignorance of the
man's capacities and turn of mind. He
may he the best bimetallist on the com
mission, but we judge from bis name
that lie will voice the Rothschild and
Keligman interests, and all those men of
the Semite nice, as a rule, are stubborn
goldites, and no argument can bo made
strong enough to get them to change
their views. However, it may be a hap
py choice, because as chairman of the
conference Ins influence on the floor will
be greatly lessened and his selection may
possibly spare us half a dozen gold
« HIM V TltK lsl UKItsHII'
Tlie Klee I ion tor ill* office to be « on I en led
I |M»n I he täroiiii«lft of I neiiuihilil y
The proceedings in the district court
last Saturday, revealing the fact that at
the recent election the voters of Park
county had selected for the office of
county treasurer a man who was not a
citizen of the United States, was a sur
prise to all except perhaps a few of the
most intimate friends of the succesful
candidate. Upon that day H. \V. Dyer,
with J. A. Mason and George Metcalf as
witnesses, appeared before Judge Henry
and perfected his citizenship after a res
idence in this country of nineteen years.
Under the provision of the constitution
this failure of Mr. Dyer to permanently
renounce his allegiance to the queen of
Great Britain not only disqualified him
for election but also for nomination.
The provision of the constitution which
applies to this case is section seven of
article nine, which is us follows:
"No person shall be elected or nomi
nated to any office in this state, civil or
military, who is not u citizen of the
United States, and who shall not have
resided in this slate at least one year
next before his election or appointment."
In view of this condition we under
stand immediate steps will be taken to
contest the result as shown by the offi
cial returns,and legal proceedings to this
end instituted at once. If, as is coil
tended, Mr. Dyer is ineligible to the
office, it will probably result in electing
his republican opponent, as the ballots
cast for Mr. Dyer being declared illegal
will give Mr. Harvey a majority of all
votes legally cast.
Order of Ituaiiie»» Before ilie County Com
lliiaaionera December Term, 189 «.
First (lay -Dec. 5. Receiving and aud
iting reports of county and township
officers and examining official bonds.
Second day—Dec. 6. Opening bids
for bridges as advertised. Hearing road
petitions and school business.
Third day—Dec. 7. Auditing bills.
Fourth day—Dec. 8. Auditing bills.
Fifth day—Dec. 9. Report, of road
viewers and remonstrance of same. Es
tablishing public highways.
Sixth day—Dec. 10. Comparing ac
counts of jurors and witnesses in district
court and county clerk and warrants is
sued. Cancelling warrants.
Seventh day—Dec. 12. Examining
county treasurer's books and report.
Sixth day —Dec. 15. Miscellaneous.
No accounts will be received for filing
or auditing after the first dav of the
8e88ion - S. Deutsch.
Co. Clerk and Recorder.
the robbers.
Northern Pacific Train Robbery.
The Northern Pacific westbound train
was held up at Hot Springs, Washing
ton, on the night of the 25th. The work
was done by three nmsked men who en
tered the sleeper and confined their op
erations to that car. They requested
passengers to hold up their hands, which
request was promptly complied with,
when they took up an enforced collec-'
tion, the ladies not being molested. The
booty amounted to about eleven h un
dred dollars in cash, besides six gold
watches and considerable jewelry. When
the work was completed the robbers
rang the bell for the train to stop. When
it came to a standstill they signalled for
it to go ahead and jumped from the
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