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The Great Falls leader. (Great Falls, Mont.) 1888-1900, October 21, 1888, Morning, Image 4

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Jack Frot has bele in town this week.
,Do~ t forget the LEADsa when you
have jobyrork
a.linarictU mill has been running
i.ght~ad day for some timesat.
T°he Montana Wool Grower takes a
irm 6rd 5as regards proteleum.
,. Monday morning the first snow
ihS taf the seaon made their appear
NOfitmes the month of Korember in
*oana is the most delilghitf month of
te year.
'The kreent diminution in the price of
cel is very acceptable and beneficial to
the people.
Serenal democrats from Great Falls at
tended the meeting in Benton last Moo
4day evenng
J. M. cKanight has placed on eahibl-.,
t.ax1ins his establishment on Centnral
saenue, a Perkins windmill.
:The Helena Record ce out last Sun
dyiljýu a fine p,.,ite.th trdle
ate to congrs rhom... Carter.
the damocrats' recea n ade wodid c
;~ rtain-have been an ztaemely io~i- a
allaii one without the HelMa codtin- c
H. tallch, mmrchant aylor, is open
hig fine estabhshment lp the Boadman
Ad block on 8eoodJ steet between
Oi d First avenuenorth. I
MritzI .T Day, agent fog Gilcbrist Bros. c
d&3 lumber dealer asys that not- .
withatnding the recent ltclealmnt eath- I'
er, the lumber business is dourishing. -
lstray-Bay horse, wdight about 80 E
pounds. Mane rubbed ..by collar, ls
white spot on tight slde g ssal .rope el
abosteck. Address celbmua ationsto e
'Chhas Ida decisi
in the land suit o
against Robert Ford, Mai s, et al.
The judge sustains made c
by the defendants. e ti
Mr. Jan. Farnsworth, of 'ieo, Iowa, co
enin the city a few dapal week. It
purchase d .t property to
> came in a ahortet e before hi
he city and soubcui :for the ls
Luanan.a - w
ond blew so impetuisaly last
the streets were cleared of
An occasional lsitation of
Ssteis a good thio 4 4pensing
aA 1 is calls the ie of a
it lpubllis a the
Sand Sun Riverthe Speak
SHelena and ° will
, theissuesof th
Aare:numiat'' boys in the
lu tmade utive
a r oed .dmuch
to br t,so far s opois
He's l.tle, but fmy, he's
r-ch, they sayi
Mr. Burghanirt, of torm of Chmowen
areh e Lis las
` o - dayo moraig. A sitetlie beforee i
be't"r ' brandedeese ithdishe"D" on the hpe.
E dl,. Snol was closd Tuesday on ac- e i
uo.eot of the obseqies,
' he busti.if Sand Coulee sandstone
is : dstined to contributeh lgely to thei
. ol;: 1 -r a !sort tOm befrel
b etonoe. u erun a ofby
e ohfthe nd bli oue sandstone, weighing
S un.rleds of tons, ae visible in the vicin.
In ofGreat Falls.
With th iotsthinfu qf the dilly L EADE
M. T.d enhama has taken the foreman
ship of the mechanical department of the
of1ee. Mr. Benham set up and put in '
Wsatisfctory running orderournew Camp- '
bell power press, and to him is due the '
redit to s he npeat typographical appear
ance of the tADnan.
Hamilton & Eaton lost a span of work
hors laist Sunday night. They were
branded with a dash "D" on the left hip.
Mr. Eaton thinks there is something
crooked , aoi.t theli; diyapp gelce, as e
they I thav eer soityed blore Bridng
them bick straitway and be rewarded.
Governor Lesle has offered $1,000 re
ward for the apprehension of the assassin
of Lewis Sweet, late atsenor of Yellow
Stone county, who was murdered by an
unknown hand October dth. But little is -
known of the mysterious stair and there b
is no ue to to e vil.n n who perpetrated
The , nttietofd e ta orat'till Co. Ra
in Introducing an excellent quality of B
seed wheat into this section of Montana,
is conduelveaof good results tothe farmer
anid hence is calculated to quicken the
commercial pulsations in this city. The P
LEAnnr is pleased to chronicle the fact I
that to such enterprise will, be due the
material prosperity of Great Fails
A party of prominent republicans left d
town Friday afternoon to visit Belt, Kib
bey and Clendenin. Among them, were a
Judge Race, C. M. Webster, C. H. Ben- W
ton, . C. Ray, Judge Rolfe, David a
Churchill and E. D. Hastle. They a
will addresw'the citizens of Belt Friday
night, Kibbey Saturday night and Clen
dinen Monday night, returning to Great ,
'alla the first of the week.
There iwas a large attendance during L
the iorguizlon of the republican club g
Monday night 'Constitution and by-laws p
were read by Judge Race and accepted. g
Judge Race was elected president, C. M. h,
Webster vice-presIdent, Will Ranks sec
retary, and A. E. Dickerinani treasurer' is
O H. Benton, Dr. Fairfield and Ed. Sims a
were appointed b, thekbair as the: exec- c
utiv cominittee.` A. E. Dickermau, te
Prank Coemns and C. P. Downing will in
ict as Sluahce committee. Short speeches of
were made by Judges iae, Bentqp, Ray
and Rolfe; Dr. Fairfield, Mr. Clinton and
Sotheres. Much enthusiasm was" demon
s"trated during the meeting.
lst evelga change in the t weather.
Send in your order- for job printing
sk early and avoid the rush.
-ou The business of the Rocky Mountain
Telegraph Co. at this place is increasing.
ung The LJ.ezer has a fine job stock on
hand, embracing bill heads, letter heads,
Sa card, etc.. etc. Call and see for yourself.
Early risers Thursday morning were
ow surprised to see the earth covered with a
r.- mantle of snow; but it soon disappeared.
A fine discovery of afraction claim,
in between the Mann, London, Owrike,
o Huxley and Monarch claimswere recent
ly made. The rein is over 30 feet wide,
of with ore from the surface. Mr. Phil
to Burns made the discovery.
The water works project, which creat
ed so much interest some time ago, if
consummated, would materially benefit
the citizens of Great Falls. The inade
1- quate supply of water is very inconven
lent, and might. in case of fire, prove
The citizens of Great Falls will have
reason to feel proud of the handsome
public school building now in course of
d costruction. The specifications call for
g- a strictly frst-class job, with a view to
In- comfort, convenience, durability and
architetural beauty.
a Gaend Leodg A. F. A.
n Mthe meeting of the Grand Lodge A.
F. &A. M.of Montana, at Misoula re
. cently, the following offices for the en
i. suing year were elected: Moat worship
h- ful deputy, A. C. Logan, of Helena;
grand master, Brother John Anderson,
of Misoula; deputy grandmaster, Broth
er R. O. Hickman, of Virginia City; jun.
S]for grand warden, Brother H. M. Par
c chen, of Helena; grand treasurer, Broth
!er C. Hedges, of Helena, grand secretary.
Ui That Weeool Oatesla,
-ot mwan evenings ago, it will be re
- membered, the wool warehouse in this
e city was full of democrats. If the mul
tiloquence of those free trade fellows
a, could have had the desred effect upon i
L their auditors, and their mendacious
y tenetswere heeded, alas! the wool ware.
e house might be used for political pur
e poses alone for all time to come. It
would never be filled with wooL But
K thanks, owing to the republicans, 'twill a
i not be thus. It will be a good *
f place for the obsequies of the dem
g ocratic party In Montana ad Cascade
county In November.,.
S Oar Austalla Weoo Trade.
J. N. McArthur, an extensive wool
grower of Victoria, Australia, recently at
Chicago, says the agents of American a
firms are now in the habit of buying d
e Australian wool on the ground instead of I
going to London to purchase it. He has t
h been spending four months In England
andands a great deal of dissatisfaction
's among Englishmen because of this action
of American merchants. Mr. McArthur y
says, if the United States should take off
t the duty on wool the American market
Swoldb he the heaviest purchaser and the
N V nor m n
-#' , Wº rP er4ie- Uaatte Simas.
ea '1i4Amiei cn'18ttiucai AssociatIon is
d authority for tihe statement that in 1888
e in this country there was a total water
1 ower used for manufacturing purposes
" was equal to 1,25,879 horse-power; this
being 85.9 per cent. of the total power
thus employed in the states. The annual
e value of the water-power thus utilized is
e set down at $24,000,000. The New
Re Egland states alone use 84.5 per cent, of
a the whole water-power, of the country,
f and altogether the Atlantic states use
over three-fourths of the whole.
They are Cominag.
Information regarding the truly meri
torious advantages of Great Falls and the
illimitable recources of the country con
tiguous, has been disseminated broad
cast throughout the land. A great influx
of people in the spring will be the result.
We learn from different sources that the
projects tobe put on foot and consum
mated next spring and summer will be
commensurated with the expectations of
the most sanguine. The development of
our vast available water power in itself
will attract universal attention and awak
,en Interest throughout the Union. It is
not extravagant to say that, for natural
advantages and resources, Great Falls is
The Minneapolis House.
The Minneapolis House is a arst-class estab
lishment. It Is situated on Second avenue South,
between Fourth and Fifth streets. Mrs. A. D.
Wellinton, proprietress, Is zsealous in her en
deaves to make aoemmodatos sood In every
respe and she r tfuly sits a share or
the Iblie patrsnage ay heard per weeek.
Board and room Sa
The New Livery Stable.
The Eblipse stable has been moved to the corn
ner of Third street and Second avenue South, op
posite the Pence livery stable, and ocupies the
handsome new structure which has occasioned
mushl favorable comment. The stable is sup
pied with all of the aeessories necessary
for a first-class livery stable. The building has
been constructed with a view of comfort and con
venience. It Is lighted by the electric light. The
proprietor, F. M. Morgan, Is now ln a position to
accommodate the public In the true sense of the
word. He has studiously observed the needs of a
frst-class livery stable, and Is now In shape to
show his patrons the result of his observations.
Churchill & Webster.
The popular establishment of the above
mentioned firm is located on Central
avenue between Second and Third streets.
Light and heavy groceries, drugs, drug
gists' sundries and all commodities ap
pertaining to well regulated stocks of
groceries and drugs are constantly on
hand. Messrs. Churchill & Webster are
particularly desirious of announcing the
fact that they have ordered a complete
and nicely assorted line of holiday goods,
comprising plush goods, toilet articles,
toys, etc., etc., and in fact have left noth
ing of materiality in an excellent display
of holiday goods unordered.
The LEADER for job work. .
Subscribe for the LADEIn.
Sem k Qatas O naamemee
Apropos of NaLntucket, one hears soame
rather odd sayings and of some quaint
n there.
se, weare somewhat out of the
swy," said one of the islanders; "so
a tmps seldom trouble, aand it is only
when or summer visitors come that we
fthink of lockin our doors at night"
Lst fall a man was tried for petty lar
e ceny, and senteced by the judge to
three months in jail. A few days after
the trial the judge, accompanied by the
sheria, was on his way to the Boton
boat when they pised a man srawing
j wood.
The sawyer stopped his work, touched
his hat and said: "Good morning,
L The judge looked at him a moment,
passed on a short distance, then turned
to glance backward, with the question:
'"Why, aheru isn't that the man I sen
Stenced to three months in jail?"
t "e," replied the heri hesitatingly,
"yes, that's the man; but youe-you see,
judge, we-we haven't any one in jal
now, and we thought it a uaselei expine
to hire somebody to keep the jail for
three months just for this one man; so I
gave him the jail key, and told him that
It be'd sleep there nights it would be all
ri ght"-. A. Marr in Harper's aga
Nat a Peasssa nasset.
When an invalid goes to the Carlbdd
8ps or cmure, in Germany, he is informed
lnhis arrival that the spa is not a
ple resortThere are rules habit
and diet that must be observed. All
adtsd the sp must are at a certain
hor in the morning. At 6 a. m. there
sa grand prmenadeconcert. Full dnes
is requied upon this occasion. One hour
and a half later is t the breakfast hour.
SThe are i the simplest. Should a
ptin grow restlems comnsequent upon the
meagerne of the men, anad indulge in
forbidden luxuries, the physicians of the
cure flatly refuse to longer treat him. He
i practically banished from the sqp. The
whole thing is, of cumoe, under govern
ment control. A most careful diagnoais
i made o eacharriving patient. so
be it that his ailment s notone to be
benefited by the waters, the patient is
toldso. I can recall an nstanceof a St.
Louis ain merchant who went toCarls
d. Wetheexamining physician got
through with him, he said: ' canreoom
mend but one place that will do you good;
it t the Hot Spaings of Arkansa."-Dr.
Bono Sander in Globe-Democrat.
Wesen'! Be Peinar Teday.
"Macaulay," sid a talker whose con
versation ranged over three generations,
"did not talk, he lectured. He chose his
subject, it mattered little what, and be
delivered a discourse on it; poured out
masses of efacts, or arguments, of his
torial llustration. He was not witty,
he had no humor, he was not a critic, as
he hlmsalf confessed, he was devoid of
Imaginative or poetio faculty. Bathe
had the mast prodigious memory ever
posemed by a human being, and on this
he drew, without stint and without end."
People in those days listened to him, his
authority was established, his audience
docile, nobody interrupted, controversy
was out of the question. "Now," con.
tinued the witnes., "no dinner table
would stand it; he would be topped,
contradicted, his long stories vetoed; no
monopoly or monopolist is tolerated. If
you wanted to know about Queen Anne
yoe could go home and read a cyclo
pedia."-Londmo Co. New York 'tib.
o DW.Re, ateDy a.,
Theaster wegothe to
go. We go as fast inf toi day
as our forefathes went hin tor -gh,
and yet railroad traveling is so and
Is such a waste oftime. It is onlyaques.
S tion of time, however, when railroaed
r- trainswillcary soa u fat that
Srensible folks will takto ge riding
s ýto e oti. of the world they
live in. Time is really not so much of
an object a people believe. We don't
1 save much time byall our modern appli
is anee after all, for we get there so early
w we have to waste it in some other way.
-x The o°ly gp. who really gain bpcable
arn sare youngsters who are
o. courting. Husbands don't want to get
e home, and even the young fellow in love
stops to have another drink because the
cars go every two minutes. We get
everywhere so easily now that there is
no fun n golnir anywhere.--l n 1_..
Japaneso Zroe ofr 1werm.,
I- The love for flowers is innate in every
x Japanes, and the poor coolie, who draws
Soneformilesjia ticklba, is as en
Sthulastlo and as deeply stirred over a
slower show as one ofe upper claes.
Instead of stopping to rest aftera long
e run to one of these suburban flower
I shows, the coolie spends all of his time
f admiring, exclaim ng over and talking
f about the flower., and my particular
cooloe the other day made me go here
and there to see this and that mar
vel, and walk back and forth to com
I pare and review the superb flower.
There was no doubtbut that he under.
stood, appreciated and felt the beauty
and sentiment of the exquisite peonies
far more than we did, and it seemed
cruel that such a really refined, eethetio
soul should have to run like a pony in
the shafts of a jinrickisha.-New Or
leans Times-Democrat.
Beles of the Seashore.
The relics of a sea washed beach are a
strange study, Here you pick up a bot
tie-there a can-here a basket-there a
box-here an old hat or cap-there a boot
or sho-here a great spike-there a bit
of rpe-here a piece of cabin gilding
there a bit of stout planking. The sea
never rests. It brings inand it carries
out. The beach one day is shelving. The
next run of the tide cuts it full of runs
andravines. One tidebrings in a splin
tered spar-the next carries it far out to
sea. Wherthere is a great bed of oyster
and clam shells to prevent you bathing
today, there may be only smooth hard
packed sand to-morrow.--Atlantic City
A movement is on foot in Indiana to
erect a monument to Jonathan Jennings,
the first governor of the state.
A necklace of human knucklebones
was the gift received by a missionary
from a partial chief.
.'To Doeed Vle 4,.N
Noodletop-I haven't seen Puffy inyour
Many lately, Kanoh; whart's become of
Kanob-Ah, we-aw-don't twain to.
gethr now.
N.-What is the matter? Have you
K.-No. I-aw-was obliged to cut
the fellah, you knaw; he was too doocid
..-Yas. I acompanied him to his
talor's, where he was to be measured for
ap alhof twousers, and he asked to be
teaere m or po wnts-yaas,sctually asked
m emsmrl for pawnts.--Buota Cou
A. Nathan,
The Largest Wholesale and Retail
In Northern Montana.
/I I- I -.
- 00
Gilchrist Bros.& Edgra,
Pine and Cedar Corner Blocks,
regon a Pine a Specialty
YARD-Ninth Avenue North aid Twelfth Street. CITY OFFICE-Central Avenue, Be
tween part Pdve and Seeond street
CHAS. T. DAY, Agt.
Ih. Grent Fulls
Book & Job
New Type.
We are now Prepared to Execute o
Every Description of
In the Highest Style of the Art. T
City Meat Market,
Dealer in Fresh Meats.
Attention Given to Mail Orders.
Will J. Kennedy, Prop'r.
Wagon No. 8.
Charges Reasonable. Gaeat Falls, Mont.
F. KRAMBECK, Proprietor.
Second st, between Central ave. and First ave. S.
Mover of Light
Orders promptly attended to. Prices reasonable.
STABLES-On First Avenue South,
Great Falls, Montana. O
Sipgs PaiNdll i asy Design.
(raining and Paper Hanging. Kalsominlng and
itlaizing. Gilding on Glass,
Third St. S., between First and Second Ave. S.
C. A. BROADWATER, Presldennt. C.. WEBSTE. SeereA
Water-Power and Townsiti
The Chief Industrial Cit,
TaxCmow GuFA havng the most stupendous availle ter-Power on the hmaI
cftlunet,''ý - aid to bemusie the I-e-eDmaL Crr oft the Northwest The Montana Smelt
Compn Is erecting and has in ra opeaton th e most extsive and complete works for I
The City of Great Falls
Is ared the Terminus of three railroads; to wit, the ST. PAUL, MINEAPOLIS MANITO
MOUNTAIN RAILWAY, onnecting our City with the rich and Inexhaustible deposita of (G
Slver, Copper, Lead and Iron, found In the Mining Districts nd Camps of Nelhart, Wolf Cre
Barker, Togo Middle Fork and ether Mining localities, is under construction. The great NORI
ERNPACIFIJ RAILWAY also has a survey In progress by which Its connectlon with our C.t.;
ha secured. GREAT FALLS is
Of NORTHERN MONTANA. It has a presentpopulation of about 3.00 and growing rapidly.
terprises now under way and to be Inaugurated will more than double the ippnIutlon this yea,
No tewn In the Rocky Mountain region offers greater Inducements to the settler or investor.
all such are respeotfaly Invited to come and see for themselves.
s. For Information regarding GREAT FALLS and surrounding country. addresss
Charles M. Webster, Secretary,
Furniture and House Furnishings
Book Cases, Parlor Desks, Wall Paper,
Window Shades, Curtain Poles,
Folding Beds, Picture Frames,
Pier Mirrors, Office Desks,
Baby Carriages,
Bedding, Lounges, Parlor Suits,
Bedroom Suits, Chairs,
Reclining chairs, etc.
In factany thing you want in the Furniture Line at Reduced Prices
President. Vice-President.' See. & Trens.
Cataract MillCompan
Merchant Millers.
Mantfacturers of the following Brands of High-Grade Flour:
Gold Dust, Silver Leaf
Diamond, Cataract.
OFFICE--Central Avenue, near Park Drive. MILl-F00oot of Central Avenllue,
Belt, Montana.

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