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VOL. 2. No. 62.
What Tleu Iniinoie.
A great many la
dies in this part of the
country imagine that,
they cannot get good
goods in Montana un
less they pay exorbit
ant prices for the same
and therefore send east,
paying good prices and
giving themselves a
great deal of extra both
er, whereas, if they
would just examine the
stock of Dress Goods,
especially Black Goods,
they would soon be con
vinced that they could
trade to better advan
tage near home, and at
the same time help an
Great Falls ]ouse,
We have without ex
aggeration as good
goods and low prices
as can be had either
east or west.
Our stock of Black
Goods at present com
prises a fine line of
Cashmeres,Wool Hen
riettas, Silk and wool
Henriettas, Alpacas,
Fey Stripes, Albatross,
We also carry a full
line of warranted Gros
Grain Silks as well as
Faille Francaise, Sat
ins, Armures, Moires,
Send for Samples.
Dry Goods
The Shlugeis in tie Toils!
Sullivan and His Backers Arrested
at Nashville, Tenn.
They Resist-The Officer Warns Them
at the Pistol's Month.
Gov. Foraker Orders the Arrest of
Jake Kilrain.
Kilrain Arrives in St. Louis.
ST. Louts, July 11.-Kilrain and party
arrived here this morning. Kilrain looks
badly, but he is as far front the grave as
before the fight in so far as the injuries
received in the battle are concerned. His
face is badly bruised, both eyes blacken
ed, his lip cut but not seriously and his
jaw gives evidence of some of the tips
thereon, from the brawny fist of Sullivan.
Kilrain walks without assistance but is
far from frisky. He is also badly fright
ened and fears Gov. Lowery more than
Sullivan. He still looks to Mitchell and
obeys orders like a child.
Mitchell opened with the statement
that the fight was lost because Jake was
not in shape. "I knew he was sick and
asked him if he did not feel badly and he
replied by saying no. Now didn't you,
"I felt well enough to do him," growl
ed the fallen idol.
"The whole story in a nut-shell," con
tinued Mitchell, "can be quickly told.
Jake had no time to get fit and the sun
knocked him out. The battle "was fair
and square and we have no complaints to
"But did not Sullivan assist the sun in
knocking out Kilrain?"
'"Yes, Sullivan did get in some damag
ing punches in the third and seventh
rounds, but it is a bloody shame to talk
about dosing," continued Mitchell, "and
about my leaving Jake because he was
defeated. Jake will tell you he was not
drugged and as for leaving him, why I
was looking out that we were not nabbed
by the Governor in Mississippi, and stood
on the front platform to prevent the un
coupling of the train, but Masterson of
D)enver who is charged with 220 lives,
stood by nme and promised to shoot the
first man who touched the coupling pin,
and by the courtesy of the associated
press we finally got into New Orleans on
their special train. It was a forced cour
tesy I know, but we could nothelpit. We
had to get out of Mississippi, quick too."
"The people would prefer your state
ment as to the fight, Jake," suggested an
associated press reporter.
"Well, lie whipped me," replied Jake,
"and lie did it fairly, too. I was not in
condition. The truth is, I had but two
weeks training, the heat assisted but 1
was not drugged. I don't blame anybody
and I acknowledge defeat. I was over
confident, perhaps, but still think I can
whip Sullivan and shall try for another
go at him.
This statement was made in a disheart
ened way, however, and it was clearly
evident Kilrain was not over anxious for
another fall.
"[ felt badly about losing the fight,"
said Kilraiu, "but I ami not suffering very
much physically. It meant fortune to
me if I won. I need not have fought
again. but now I must."
Mitchell says he will challenge Sulli
van for another battle and Pony Moore
stands ready to back his son-in-law for
any amount. The party go direct to
Baltimore via Cincinnati.
Sullivan Arrested.
NAsuvisoL, Tenn., July 11..-John L.
Sullivan was arrested here this morning
upon a requisition from the governor of
Mississippi and is now in the city jail.
Muldoon, Cleary and Charlie Johnson
were also arrested.
When the Louisville and Nashville
train pulled into the city this morning a
crowd surged around the cars to see John
L. Sullivan. A rumor soon obtained cir
culation that he was in the hands of thepo
lice, several of whom had boarded the car.
There was some discussion and finally a
struggle was seen in the car and an offi
cer reached overwith handcuffs and seiz
ing the slugger's arms pulled him out
into the aisle. Sullivan resisted and Mul
doon put his head out of the window and
cried to the crowd: "Gentlemen, I de
mand American protection." IIis patri
otic wail was greeted with a variety of
responses. Some cheered Sullivan and
begged him to knock the copper out,
while others cried,'Hurrah for the Nash
ville police. HIit ihim with your club,"
etc. After a brief struggle Sullivan was
taken from the car and hustled into a
In the scuffle he drew back to knock
down the policeman, when Chief Black
stuck a pistol in his face and told him if
he struck he [Chief Black] would kill
The officers next grabbed Charley
Johnson of Brooklyn, Sullivan's backer.
HIe resisted vigorously but finally began
to cry with pain.
During all this scrimmage :Muldoon
sat quietly by and was unlldisturbed.
Cleary, Sullivan's other backer, hid dur
ing the excitement and one other, named
Lynch, jumped off the train.
Only Sullivan and Johnson were de
tained, though the others were wanted.
The arrest was made by authority of a
telegram from Governor Lowry of Miss
issippi to the Nashville chief of police.
Sullivan freainel ex-Attorney Gener'l
Washington, whlo sgys the officers went
beyond their authority and can nIt hold
the men,
An immediate attempt was made to
get the parties out on a writ of habeas
Governor Lowry's telegram offers a re
ward of $1,000. It is believed if released
Sullivan will be rearrested to secure
time for a requisition to be obtained.
The arrested belligerents are now in
the police station in conference with their
The New Pleasure Resort.
CENTRAL PARK, July 11.-The new
pleasure resort on the Montana Central
road will be opened Sunday next. The
lawns are in beautiful condition. Foun
tains and arbors are scattered everywhere
and the trees have been nicely trimmed
and whitewashed. The lake is well
stocked with trout, having a race course I
of n earlyone mile. For the opening the
boat clubs of Great Falls and Butte are to I
row a race. A carload of rowboats is I
now on the way from St. Paul and will be
here in time. A good band isill discourse
music in the large pavilion for lovers of
the terpsichorean sports. Another at
traction will be a double balloon ascension
and parachute race. There are ample fa
cilities on the grounds to supply visitors
with refreshments, a large dining hall,
bar-room where liquids can be obtained;
in fact, nothing is left undone to enter
tain the public. The park is situated
south of Helena, where the mountains
raise their majestic heads in silence,
where the valley lies basking in the sun
light and where the waters run clear
amidst the foliage of pines and shrub
bery, amid scenic pictures of nature
which art cannot approach.
Montana Wool in Domaind.
BOSTON, July 6.-A wool circular says:
"Our market during the past week has
been steady, buoyant and ranging about
in the same level of value s as last week.
Receipts are increasing rapidly. A fair
demand for territorial wool is reported,
with sales of 259,000 pounds. Prices rule
firm. The Montana markets are excited,
with 21 to 22% cents being paid for the
best wools. Tile quality is reported as
heavier this season than last. The sales
of the week include 125,000 pounds, fine,
medium and uine medium at 20 to25c. per
pound. Good territorial wools are very
scarce and are picked up as fast as open
Tihe Governor Means Business.
CorUMrues, Ohio, July 11.--Gov. Fora
ker received tile following telegram to
day from Jackson, Miss:--"Please direct
the chief of police at Cincinnati to arrest
Jake Kilrain, Charley Mitchell and Pony
Moore, and hold them until arrangements
can reach you. The charge, the crime of
prize fighting in this state." Signed,
ROBE) T LOWERY, Governor.
In reply Gov. Foraker, repeated the
telegram to the chief of police of Cincin
nati and asked that official to act in ac
cordance with Gov. Lowery's requisition.
(jov. Foraker also sent a telegram to Gov.
Lowery, saying: "Your request has been
complied with."
The G. A. B. Encampment.
CIucAo:o, July 11.---The fight between
the Grand army of the republic and the
various railroad companies reached an
acute phase this evening. No surrender
was made by the railroads. This after
noon a committee of the G. A. R. depart
ment commanders decided to abandon
the general encampment and limit the
meeting to delegates, The affair causes
considerable irritation in Milwaukee.
Market Reports
CHrcAGO, July 11.-Cattle-Receipts
12,500. Steady.
Beeves [email protected]; steers [email protected];
stockers and feeders [email protected]; Texas
cattle [email protected].
Sheep-Receipts 6,000; active and
strong. Natives [email protected]. Western
[email protected]. Texas [email protected].
The MississippI Law.
JACKSON, Miss., July 11.-The law im
poses a penalty not exceeding $1,000 nor
less than $500 and imprisonment for
twelve months or both for prize fighting.
The party causing death is guilty of mur
der. Aidersand abetters are subject to a
tine of not less than $1,000 or imprison
ment for six months, or both.
Lawyers Attention.
HEL-ENA, July 11.-The members of
the Montana Bar association are request
ed by Secretary McIntyre to attend a
meeting of the association to be held on
Thursday, the 11th inst., at 8 p. m. A
resolution of great importance to the pro
fession has been set for consideration.
S Railroad Rates.
nrcAur;o, July 11.-A session of the
Inter State Commerce Railway Ass'n was
held today and it was decided to allow
all rail routes between it and the west
and seaboard, to meet any rates made by
the lake rail routes.
Moving Slowly.
OTTuw A, July 11.-The judge's re
port from Winnipeg in regard to the
Burke case has not yet reached this city.
The leading government officials say his
extradition is inevitable.
To Teachers.
From June 30th to July 14th inclusive
the Union Pacific will sell excursion
tickets from 3Montana points to Nashville
and return for $68.40, limited to return
until September 12th. These are good
via the short or via Salt Lake city, Den
yer, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Mem
phis. Chicago, ('incinnati, Louisville or
Salmost any line desired. j2-14
The remainder of beaded capes now at
cost at j20-tf W. B. RATir.Eto & Co.
Nick Kessler of Helena is in town.
J. P. Lewis went to Ft. Benton last '
evening. d
Theo. Gibson and Henry Childs return
ed from Helena yesterday.
John Renner went to Glasgow yester
day to be gone for a few days.
Lewis Hatch, Jr. of Boston, one of the
largest wool buyers in the world,is in the t
W. H. Searles, traveling freight agent r
for the "Boo" line of Minneapolis, is in t
Work on the new store of the Holier
Lumber company is fast nearing com
Maj. E. C. Field, Indian Agent at Fort
Belknap, left the city for home yesterday
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Starke, large sheep
owners, near Deer Lodge, left for home
Messrs. Gerin and Davenport have each
taken up ranches four miles west of the
city, up Sun river.
The engine of the water works is in
working order and the works are fast I
nearing completion.
Phil Gibson wishes to inform the ship
pers that the Burlington pas met the
"Soo" rates to St. Paul, New York and
Mr. and Mrs. Lainie IHiggs of Rough
wood ranch returned from the east yes
terday, having been absent about three
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Catlin,, Mr. Jones,
Miss Jennie Jones and Miss Hattie Pan
coast, are enjoying a week's pleasure trip
to the mountains.
The constitutional convention adjo urn
ed over yesterday until Monday, that the
members might attend the Great Falls
banquet today. Good boys.
The new cellar for the Jones bottling
works is completed and work on the new
building will soon be put under way.
They are receiving orders from far and
near for their popular drinks.
D.R. McGinnis, traveling passenger
agent for the "Manitoba," passed through
the city yesterday on his way to Helena.
lie will return here tonight to be present
at the wool grower's banquet.
Miss Ellise Ream, sister of John Ream,
engineer on the Montana central, of Bed
ford,Ind.,passed through lire on her way
to HIelerd'at whlichsipl'ace e is engaged
to teach in the public schools.
J. T. Lee of Sand Coulee returned
home from Kansas City on Tuesday
bringing Mrs. Lee and chiloren home,
with him. Mrs. Lee spent the winter de
lightfully, visiting friends in Kansas.
They return with increasing relish for
their Montana home.
Among the prominent wool growers
in town yesterday were: E. E. Leach of
oDupuyer, A. J. Cowell, Choteau; W. M.
Smalley, Dupuyer; Wm. Fergus, H. Ma
ginnis, S. C. McDonald, Choteau; Lemn.
Lewis, White Sulphur Springs; (*eo. A.
I Fry, Bynum; J. L. Berch, Ulm; G. J.
e Ryan, Big Sandy; Chas. E. and J.. Sever
ans, Oka.
Dr. Reed swore out a warrant for the
arrest of Ed. Righley, charged with steal
ing money from a sick man in the hos
n pital on the other side of the river. The
prisoner was employed as nurse, and was
found drunk in the Leland House by
City Marshal Lester, who brought him
before Judge Huy, who fined him ten
s dollars and cost, which he could not pay
and was committed to jail for the term
. of ten days.
s Yesterday was a busy day at the wool
warehouse. Up to six o'clock last even
d lng there were 110,000 pounds received
n during the day. C. and J. S. Severans of
Oka are the largest shippers and have
brought in their entire clip of 45,000
pounds. Wool is received from within
forty miles of Bigtimber, on the Ameri
can Fork, and from the Judith Gap.
)r There has been compressed at the war =
house here 700,000 pounds and it is a sav
ing of about $60 per car to the shipper.
A Staunch Republican.
Our citizens will remember the an
nouncement in the LEADEfR, in the spring,
of the presence of John S Miller, Esq.,
of Correctionville. Iowa, and that he had
invested in real estate here with the pur
pose of making Great Falls his future
home. The LEADER stated, a few days
since, that Mr. Miller had returned,
bringing his family with him. We take
pleasure this morning in placing Mr.
Miller's card as a practicing attorney in
our columns. Our citizens will find him
a genial, courteous gentleman and a stu
dious, reliable and competent lawyer.
Referring to his departure for Great
Falls, the Sioux Valley (Iowa) News
John S. Miller and family left Tuesday for
Great Falls, Montana, where they will make their
future home. It is nine years ago last monith
since Miller located in Correctionvllle with noth
ing but twenty-five cents In money. His knowl_
edge of medicine was attested by the diplomas of
two excellent medical universities. His practice
rapidly increasedi and his old school mate, W. F.
McQuitty, became a partner. During the four
years devoted to the practice of medicine he stud
led law and was admitted to the bar. Shortly af
ter this he retired from the medical professioln
and began the practice of law in which he has
been singularly successful. The earnings of his
business have been invested profitably in real
estate and loans and have usade him a snug snms
of money, which he now goes to invest in the more
active fields of speculation in Montana. In poll
ties he is a staunch republican and as a canvas
ser is unsurpassed. The republicans of Montana
will find him willing to do his part.
5, ]10, 15, 20 and 25 cent counters at the
Bee Hive on Central avenue. fltf
At the office of the townsite company
will be displayed today, for the special
delectation of the guests of our citizens, t
specimens of gold, silver, copper, lead
and iron ores, taken from the Belt moun
tain mines by Prof. "Mortson during the
past fifteen years.
We hazard nothing in stating that no
person living has enjoyed better oppor
tunities than Prof. Mortson for gathering
specimens from our mining districts. We
may also safely assert that no other per
son is better acquainted with the charac
ter and extent of the mineral-bearing belt
of this region.
For these re/sos the display, which
the professor has by his own hands hasti
ly improvised for this occasion will pos
sess especial interest and value to our
visiting friends, all of whom, doubtless,
are more or less conversant with Mon
tana's matchless mineral resources.
It would be impossible for us to give a
description of the character and value of -
his extensive mineral cabinet, to say
nothing of his fossil collections, which
are the most complete in the northwest.
We must therefore content ourselves with
the very briefest description of some of
his leading mineral specimens, arranged
under their respective districts;
1-Silver and Lead ore, Higbee & Pierce, Dry
Wolf creek; shows phosphate of lead with car
9-Carbonate, assaying $310 to the ton; from
Mortaon and Woodhurst mine, owned by Messrs.
Vaughn & Gibson.
17-Copper ore from the Red Oxide; owned by
Gibson & Vaughn.
62-Slver Chloride and Sulphuret, assaying from
30 to 900 oz. to the ton, free milling; Sir Walter
Scott Lode; owned by Paris Glbson.
6f--Iron ore, from the Iron Crown mine, yielding
67 per ct. pure iron, It being a specular hemltlte
ore and very free.
78-Sulphuret of Iron and Gold, assay value
from $10 to $350 in gold per ton and 45 per cent
iron; Golden Chariot mine, owned by T. E. Col
lins of this city.
84-Sulphuret of Gold, assaying from $10 to $25
per ton; T. C. Power mine, owned by Tomn Shelby
of Yogo.
92-Magnetic Iron carrying Gold, assaying $110
per ton in gold; Burnham and Aitna mine, owned
by Messrs. Dlckerman & Co.
ll0-Argentiferous Galena, assaying 20 oz. silver
anld 47 per ct. lead per ton-Schoppe and Bismarck
minies, owned by Mr. Schoppe.
150-Argettiferous Galena with Copper; large
body of carbonate ore in limestone formation,
promising excellent results--Ureka, Golddust
and Manitoba, owned by Cascade Mining and
160--Speeular iron lead, assying 67 per et. pure
iron and carrying a trace of gold-recently located
by parties from Butte.
225--Essentially argentiferous galena, assay
value $30 silver and 60 per cent lead -from Barker
mine, owned by parties in Great Falls.
350O-Free carbonate carrying galena, assitying
Into the hundreds--from Silver Belle, Prideof thhi
West, Silver King and other line properties, ownel
by Messrs. Otey, May, Armington & Co.
475-Carbonates in limestone, carrying consider
able copper, yielding high in silver-from ths
Boss, Belt Mountain, Oxide, Moulton, Anna May,
Belle of Highwood, Welcome, Vista and othi r
valuable properties.
700--Carbonates ind galena In granite form::
tion, assaying 65 oz. silver and 55 per et. leiad
froii Queen of the Hills, G(rey Eagle, Wrighllt 1-,i
Edwards, Emerald, Kalloch, Equator and othi r
802-Argentlferous galena, assaying on the suic
face $30 to the ton sliver-from the Huxley, Joe
Van and other aines, owned by Messrs. Nelhart,
Wilson & Co.
910--Sulphuret., at a distance of only 14 feet
fron the surface, assaying $800 to the ton and ex
posing another Immense body of ore greatly osr
passingthe former il richness-from propertlis
owned by Burghart, Wilson & Co.
980-High grade sulphurets, carrying matrices
of wire silver, assaying fromt $50 to $7511 per to:,
from London, Mountain Chief, Mann and other
good clails owned by Capt. D. B. Mcintosh and
1012--Crystalized silver, sulphurets and wire si
ver, specimens assaying as high as $20,000 p I)
ton, from the Florence, owned by Johnson, Henry
& Wight.
1020-Sulphurets of silver, 5 speclmllen Queenl
of the Hills, Neihart & Co. Very rich in silver.
1025-Argentiferous galena--Ghalt mlne-Marlie:
& Co.-assay $40 to $440 in sliver.
1027-Argentlifrous galena-Moulton lode
McCassy andd Co,-sliielols c.urbonates.
1030 to (050- Silicions earbonates-Lizzle, Fri:;
co, Ingersoll, etc.--ownel by Hamilton, Nelhart
& Co.
1051-Argentifrrous galena- South Carolina No.
2--Hamilton & (,o.
1062 to 1080-Montana Belle, Minnehaha, Maud
S., Hidden Treasure, St. Julian, ke.-Messrs.
Hill, Broadwater, Chamberlain & Co.
'he numbers given above correspond
with those of Prof. Mortson's collection.
The collection is as complete as lifteen
years study and prospecting can give and
includes specimens from all the muinlg
camps of the HBlt mountains, showing
the character of ore front each mine as
far as obtainable and demonstrating be
yond all controversy that these mining
districts embrace, in extent and richness,
a mineral bearing region not surpassed
in the northwest.
Our guests will arrivc from Helena by
special train this afternoon at 4 o'clock,
proceeding directly to visit the smelter,
the falls and the Giant spring.
2.---On return from smelter, dinner at
the Park hotel.
3. --lanquet at 9:30 p. m.
4. -Informal recelption at the rooms of
Ilainbow club.
The magnificent Park Theatre band
will discourse selections expressly ar
ranged for the occasion.
All wool-growers and wool-butycrs are
specially invited to the baunquet today,
whether they have received invitations
or not.
An Ex-Uongressnaan Dead.
ST. PAt:t., July 11.--luon. Edmund Rice
Ex-representative in congress, died this
morning at White Bear lake.
tinder this caption notices of "Wanted,"
"To Let," "For Sale," "Lost," "Found,
"'Permsonalt," etc., will be Iuserted at the rcte
of ONE CENT PER WORD for each Inser
tion; but none less than 25 cents.
For Rent---Shop.
Avenue south, Apply at offiee.
JuIl1w AND TowiasIT Co.
For Sale.
Ssouth and 3rd street. Enquire at the Leader
omffce. e.11
For Rent.
Avenue for rent. Apply to
J28ltf W. S. WETZEL.
For Sale.
chamber. Lynman sight. Por'hrthter pa1't e.
o ars call at this office Ins tile afternoon.
Malan and Team
WIANT WORK-good teams and sturdy man--nel
Sther afraid of work. Whoever wants to em
ploy such an outfit please call at the LEADER of
li for further nstructions. Jl2-tm
Job Printing
O F all kinds neatly and promptlyexeusted attbe
LEADER office.
SWILL makLe filings on government landand fur
nish all liecessary lnformationfor One Dollar
ror each quarter section of lan td.
may3-t - H. E. RANDALL.
Agents Wanted.
XPERIENCED Agents wansted for ICascade oun
ty to sell the poputlar book, "Remarks by Bill
Nye." Liberal terms to proper person. Lady
referred. Address with full pIarticlairs, I. I1AM
URGER General Aget, Helena, MotaUl
A purchaser for one of the best claims near Great
Falls-well improved. Enquire at the LEADER
Two Good Ranches for Sale I
W/ITHIN three miles of Great Falls. Both are
nllder fencne, caltlvtion and otherwise in
proved. For further luhforationl inqdre of Jon.
lHamilton, or Gibson Itenlter's real estate ollice.
SO buy it number of young pigs. Inqutilre at thlis
For Sale,
SSCHOLARSHIP Is the Montana Busiabness Col
lege! Enquire at the LnADER office.
Land Blanks.
Pre-emptionu, Homestead, Timber Culture and
other blanks, for nile at the LEAsIsl office at
reasonable rates.
Itanchmsnen an IAll Others
Rlemember that lIhtbert Chandler will furnish
n you with reliable hep at any tlime.
Helena Employnmet Office, Helena, Montana.
ny persons wanting horses brought In from the
range can obtain them by leaving brands and
description for Fred Thurstoiait the postofllce.
For Sale.
1 SCHOLARSHIP for i foull Business Course In
thle Helena Comnlerclal College for sale at the
man that don't take any of his home papers be
Scause there's "nothb' hi 'em,' wholavishes his
money on foreign literature, howls against towRn
site companies aond home enterprise iu general,
comnplains of hard tinmes, and admits that he's i
poor dlevil.-tol un rafts on Salt Riverl Easquire
sit this office. syood Inducemsents to right party.
All persons having assessment blanks left them
by the:Assessor to fill will please return thenm at
olnce to Ills olffice.
If not returned pronmptlythe assesslnent will be
made by the Assessor from the best information
hecanobtaln, and will add 20percent. as provided
by law. R. T. GORHAM, Assessor,
lull Cscado Colinty, Montana.
Until further notice California excursion tickets
will be sold on the 15th of each month from Butte,
Anaconda, Garrison and Helena. These tickets
will be good t6 days going, extreme limilt6months
from date of sale. a
Rates to San Francisco or Los Angeles via Port- e
land, apply via rail or steamer.
Excursion tickets will be sold as follows:
To San Francisco, going via Ogden and re
turning same route ..................... $7500
To San trancisco, going via Ogden, and
returning via Portlhnd, or vice versa.... $90 00
To Son Francisco, going via Portland, and
returnlng same route ........... . $75 00
To Los Angeles vla Ogden altd Sacramento,
and returning same route.............. 90 00
To Los Angeles, going via Ogden and Sac
amelento, and retulrldng via San Francis
co and Ogden, or vice versa ............. $94 (1
To Los Angeles, goling vl.a t)gdlen and Salln
Francisco, returnlng same route........ $9 e
To Los Angeles, gong via Portland and
Sac.amento, and returningl same route. $94 00
To Los Angeles, going via Portlald and
San Francisco, retorning same route... $98 00
To Los Angeles, going via Portland and re
tnrning via Sacralnento ited Ogden, or
vice versa ............................... $109
Gieneral Agent, Butte.
The Leader Job Ofice.
We have lately added a lotof new type
to the LEAu, EIt'S jobbing department and
are now preparcd to do all kinds of job
printing, from a mammoth poaster to a
calling card. Our stock of letterheads,
noteheads, statements, billheads, and fine
card board, is unexcelled for quality in
Montana. 1 Give the LEAplLst olice a call
and lie convinced. Prices reasonable. tf
ISpeial Ial'gallnl.
In nauslin underwear, at the New York
Cash Bazaar. j3Otf
I desire to kindly inform my patrons
and the public in general that within a
few days I will have three car loads of
A No. 1 cedar fence posts that I can sell
for 20 cts apiece. G. II. GoonRill..
Any person desirous of buying a type
writing nmachine should call upon L.A.
Fauquier at the Rocky Mountain Tele
grapli office iand examrine the Crandall
nachine (for which lie is agent) before
purchasigl elsewhere. tf
Just received a large ctnsigienmenlt of
thie celebrated lI,:ttrerichl dress patterns.
Send for fashion sheet. o.IoIL CoxiAiu.
Pllenty still .n hand of those elegant
Muslin Underwear, at Joe Conrad's.
SMessrs. Judd & Devine have opened
SIelightful ice cream phrlors in the house
lately occupied bIy Mrs. Race's music
store, where the inost delicious creams,
fresh California fruits and lunches will
be served. tf
Ladies, don't forget that the oiily place
to get ibargalu in shies is at Joe Con
SIn wrappers ready for mailing, TEN
ct'rsT a copy. Send it to all your friends.
It is the best advertisement of Great
Falls and Cascade County ever published.
Apply at this office.
Parties wishing their washing done in
good style should send it to the Bay
LIaundry. j21-tf
Short time paper cashed a- discount.
-Omcee Dunn Block. Ju 12
Saturday, July. 13.
Return of Montana's favorite actress.
Lottie Wade,
Supported by the great Australian
In their Operatic DIunatie Protean
And the exceedingly funny burletta
Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday
Admission, $1. - Children. 50 Cents.
Reserved Seats, $1.18.
Reserved seats can be secured at Ringwald &
Carrier's Jewelry Store.
Commission lerchant.
Hay. Flour and Feed. Trees.
I am prepared to furnish all kinds of Trees and
Shrubs, such as follows:
Of any Size or Age Desired,
Office Opposite Park Hotel,
B. aqd B. RE8TAUPl
(Late of Chicago, Ill.)
Having purchased the business and goxi will of
tile late proprietors, will assume elUtrge
of this
Popular Restaurant
On this Sundalty morning, Julle 1. i,|81l.
She solicits a contnllulluanee of the forlmer ipaltronsll
iand hopes, by her Charllling ways Itd luxurious
lcuisine to court mllany ew faces to Ihr itble. Jl6t
Gibbons & Maher.
Harness, Saddles and Collars.
Breeching Harness li'omn
$80 to $50.
Whips, Quirts, Currycombs and Brushes.
Stock Saddles a. Slpecilty.
Prompt Attention Given to Re
At Home.
Greatest Novelty Between Ihlb. t*·relam,
At Park Hotel Bath Rooms.
Having secured regular shipet.ltt of gPelnin
salt sea water, we are now preptrlll to regale our
customlllers with the luxury of Ia
The Invigorating and relmedllll elcats of set-bath
ing, when not Indulged in to exc:ss. aie very
whorher recsollnmeyded. To rOc lllo the ait. ti
give tole to the lmlcles, Increse c ill apability
to endurt fatllgue, i lvigoraltl llueblet d Illmll
younlg Wonlllld clhildren or ersnlls with eaih
ietlc t.oilts, tile se bath Is ole ol thie Ilst Ivaill
able knowll remedies.
Here Is presented tll rar4 e r hI'Iallt.y so hBIy
Ing the beneits allt delights o sl.i-!a llllalg wltl.
s eit the necessity of ia residen llce n Ile cEaslt.
Baths at all hours --75 cells.
Conluolln batlh--als isul---;i cenlliS.
J4 A. tli D mIN,
,t ttisadmit.
Chicago, Burlington & Northern
R. R. Time 'lable :
Leaves Great Fails 4:51 p. r. '. r1t. & l ,
Sr y. Arrive y at St. Ito-. a. :i.
0........ Lv. St. Paul ................ ... 7:3( limi
1 lit........Ar. Wlin l..l ................ . 11:15 ,In
13........ " LaCrosse :....... ....... I .)l :ou
lt....... Pr du ChiUl .............. 1:4.... in
258.... . luoe .......e....... :i.t lA i
' ........ " (ilet ........ ........ a lt ai
S@5........ " Savannll .................. SI ::l Ul
892......... Oregon ................... 6 l. b iln
41...... .. " Chicago................... 97) ia
439........ Peoria ................ . 1: pfma
570........' St. LouI. ........ .... 1.. mRu4 Il
Peerless Dining Cars anlld lllPilh 1llll '1 liepers on
all through trols. No challg ,f ilcar tlo i'hlicgo
or St. Louis. For tlckeLts, sltll.llhg elir loces.mlO
diations, Local time tables ild otl.elr iiltorlntlonl,
apply to
Phil Gibson,
0 Freight & Pasllseng r Agt.. Ilczt aiulls,
Or Address W. J. C. KENYON. I;11. i'sSewlnger
Ag.. C, B. N. Hy., St. Paul, Muln

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