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Short Separation May
Ca'm Matr monial Sea
The difficulties that wreck domestic
happiness and bring husbands and
wives to divorce courts have been
discussed by Hubert S, Howe. SI. D.,
In Good Housekeeping. The sane
way to save marriage, he says. Is by
thoroughly understanding the hazards
that threaten It, and preventing as
many ns you can, by common sense.
"If an actual clash has occurred,"
he advises, "It may help you both to
separate for a short time, (to to quiet
spots where you can think tilings
out. In the interim let each of you
call up every fine trait of the man or
woman you married, his or her diffi
culties, and the courage and patience
with which they have been met. I.et
your thoughts dwell on the good
times you have had together.
"Don't go where you will run Into
temptation—an unscrupulous man or
woman who wants to create a tri
angle, or a mother who eggs on the
conflict. Stay apart only long enough
to regain poise. Then come hack—to
each other, to the home that belongs
to you both, to the love that Is there.
If you will recognize it—always wait
ing." »
Youngsters' Good Work
Children In the Kaikato district of
New Zealand recently destroyed in a
few weeks 100,000 butterflies. The
butterflies had been a serious pest In
the country, and a prize was offered
to the children who collected the
largest number of them in a specified
Appetite gone?
V tired
then don't gamble with your bedy
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You will find S.S.S. a great, scien
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jllie blood to enable you to "carry on."
Unless your case is exceptional, you
'should soon enjoy again tlie satisfac
tion of appetizing food and good di
gestion ... sound sleep ,.. and renewed
strength. So many say, "S.S.S. makes
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Y ou have a
right to insist
that S.S.S. bo
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request. Its
long years of
preference is
your guarantee
of satisfaction.
Makes you
feel like
i yourself
L again À
Spurs to Action
Emotions are far nearer to the
springs of action than are thoughts.
M IF «
III .VI l.\(i
Reduce your ironing time one-third ...
your labor one-half I Iron any place with
the Coleman. It'« entirely self-heating.
No cords or wires. No wesry, endless
trips between a hot stove and the iron
ing board.
The Coleman makes and bams its own
gas. Lights instantly *- no pre-heating.
Operating cost only Vit an hour. Perfect
balance and right weigh, make ironing
Just an easy, guiding, gliding motion.
See y oar local hardware or honse
fomishtng dealer. If he does not handle,
write ns.
The Coleman Lamp fr Stove Company
Dept. WU809, WbhiU, Kara.; Chi
Los Angeles, Csllf.;
, 111 .;
njkna.: i.mcmgo,
Philadelphia, l*a. ;
Ontario, Canada
I for Pay
9 A college education in business
will enable you to live as you would
like to live and to earn what you
may like to earn.
9 Develop your character and build
earning power Into your make-up
through a good course at—
Billings Business College
"Where the Instruction I* Better"
Mrs. Ruby Bloomquist of
519 We Ellsworth Avr,
Denver, Colo., raid : *'I
ite thin a few years
y appetite was not
and I buficifd (cun
{H^^Hstomach distress, iiclclung
gas caused nie quite a
bit of annoyance. I felt
weak, became tired very
quickly. Dr, Pierce'» Guld
en Medical Discovery entirely rid me of
the stomach distress. I regained my weight
and strength and was able to eat."
New sue, tablet» SO eta., liquid 11.00.
. j
Peler B. Kync
Copyright by Bell Syndicat«
WNU Servie«,
Theodore Gatlin adopts a baby, which
h* names "Penelope." in a final effort
to »olve hia matrimonial troubles. But
hit wife has never wanted her, and
their affairs end In the divorce court.
Ten-year-old Penelope Is given Into the
keeping of Mrs. Gatlin. At a baseball
game a ball atrikes Penelope on the
nose. Mrs. Gatlin spirits the child to
Europe Gatlin retires from business,
«villa Penelope all his money, and is
about to begin a search for his daugh
ter when a motor accident ends his life.
•Some ten years later, in San Francisco,
Stephen Iturt, rising young psychi
atrist. Is presented by Dan McNamara,
•hlef of police, with a new patient—
Nance Beiden, a girl with a dual per
sonality, for which her "saddle nose"
is in part responsible. McNamara does
not think she is a criminal and obtains
Burt's testimony in court. Lanny, the
doctor's office nurse, is also won over
Vance's criminal record outweighs Doc
tor Burt's explanation of her case and
-he is sent to San Quentin penitentiary
t-anny visits her and Nance persuades
tier to smuggle out a letter which a
-onfederate of Nance steals.
CHAPTER IV—Continued
For a moment she considered Tele
phoning Dan McNamara, then decided
the worthy fellow might prove an em
harrassment. So she got a pistol from
Ter bureau drawer—because she was
a practical soul and dwelt alone. She
had purchased the pistol as a precau
tlon—and went to the door. She cocked
the pistol, took a long breath, threw
■«pen the door suddenly and raised her
"But 'em up," she commanded
"Don't be silly, Lanny dear," a soft
voice entreated her wearily. "It's
only me."
"Nancy Beiden— you little devil,''
Lanny almost shouted. "Come in hero
this Instant."
Nance Beiden reeled In and Lanny
closed the door behind her, turned
the bolt, switched on the hall light—
and screamed.
"Pipe down," Nance commanded, in
that queer, faint, weary voice. "I'm
not a corpse, but I'll tell the world 1
came mighty close to being one Just
before lock-up time this afternoon,
l.anny, dear, I crashed the gate."
"Well, you'll crash out of here In
a split second, you little hellion," Lanny
:rled sharply. "Wet as a dishrag and
pour hair like a witch's, and covered
with blood. Where are you hurt?"
"Bullet through my left arm, high
op near the shoulder. That guard
could shoot, and he did! If my boy
friend hadn't shot back at him and
made him hunt his hole I'd be flshbalt
this minute."
"You've got to get out of here,
Nance," Lanny was terrified. "How
many visitors have you had since
you've been In San Quentin?"
"Just you, Lenny."
'The authorities will look me up and
They'll come here. Understand? They'll
come here—there, they're on the tele
phone now. Oh, my good lord, what
have I done to deserve this?"
She dashed Into her kitchen and
cook down the telephone receiver. And
tgain a masculine voice said:
"Miss Rebecca Banning?"
Lanny controlled herself. "Yes," she
vald calmly. "Who's speaking?"
"Dan McNamara."
"Oh, heIJo, Dun. How are you?"
"Fine, Lanny. How's yourself?"
"Well, I might be dead for all the
interest you've taken In me since you
swallowed that good highball you
grafted off me the day you came to
Doctor Burt's office with that Nance
Beiden girl." She added archly—"you
egg !"
Dun McNamara laughed. "Can 1
come out now?"
"The very Idea. Of course not It's
almost ten o'clock and I'm Just about
to retire!"
"This Is business, Lanny. I've got to
see you at once."
"I didn't know the police were alter
"The police aren't, but the chief Is
Lanny, that Nance Beiden escaped
from San Quentin late this afternoon.
She got to San Francisco all right. We
know that because we found the speed
boat she crossed the hay In tied up In
the yacht harbor at the Marina. There
was blood all over the cockpit and bul
let holes In the hull."
"All of which proves. Dan, that God's
In his heaven and all's well with the
Are you seriously trying to re
cover the girl and send her back to the
"I'm not. I'd give two of my big
buck teeth to see her make a clean get
You know that. But the war
It seems you visited
Nance two weeks ago and smuggled a
letter out for her and mailed It.
"Dun, 1 give you my word of honor
I neither mailed a letter for her nor
passed It to somebody else to mall
Nor did the girl discuss with me any
plans for escape. If she had I would
have told the warden, In order to pre
vent her escape. It wouldn't have been
kind not to do so. The girl Is mentally
Irresponsible and It would have oc
curred to me that. In any mad attempt
to escape, a guard might shoot at her."
"Well a guard did, and he hit her.
too. But he didn't stop her. Her out
side gang opened on him with a Tom
my gun from a speedboat off the point,
and made him hunt his hole,
swam out to the boat under cover of
their protective fire; they hauled her
in and beat It forty-five miles an hour
across San Bablo bay and headed up
toward Carquinez straits, while day
light lasted. After dark they doused
their lights and sneaked back. The
warden telephoned Central office here
and gave the alarm. 1 wasn't on hand,
but of course the captain on duty had
the water front covered at once. He
had two men at the St. Francis Yacht
club and they saw a speed-boat aueak
in and across the little harbor to a
vacant berth on the Marina side. Be
fore the cops could hurry across, the
people In the boat Jumped out and to
a waiting cur. The cops followed In
police car as soon as they could, but
one of Nance's friends riddled their
front tires with machine gun bullets
and the trail was lost."
"How exciting, Dun !"
"Yes, and It will be more exciting
for you, Launy. I got home about two
minutes ago and my phone was ring
ing. It was central office trying to re
port to me. They're Just starting
couple of dicks out In a cruiser to
watch and see If Nance tries to make
your house. You're a trained nurse.
The warden's found out that much
matter of looking you up In the San
Francisco directory. So he thinks that
she'll head for your house to receive
medical attention. She got hit, you
know. And you must he a friend of
hers—otherwise why did you call npon
"Dan," said Lanny desperately, "she's
here now !"
"Into your car with her. Lanny, and
heat It out to my house with her."
He gave her the address. "That's the
last place on earth the devil himself
would hunt for an escaped convict."
"I've just heard a thump and a
crash In my living room, Dan. I think
she's fainted. Telephone Doctor Burt
to come to your home—that he will
have to probe a bullet wound and dress
it. Tell him to bring some whisky and
two or three hot-water bags, and be on
■ ■
" V ■
T .—

Dan McNamara Reached Into the Car, Lifted Nance Beiden Out, Ran Up the
Stair* and On to a Rear Bedroom. Lanny Jerked a Small Rug Off the Floor
and Threw It on the Bed.
band yourself to let me ln. I can't
leave here until I've mopped up any
bloodstains she may have left on the
sidewalk and my front steps. Good-by."
Lanny was right. Nance Beiden lay
on the floor of the living room In a
faint She picked the girl up In her
strong arms and carried her down a
short flight of stairs that led from her
kitchen to the garage below. She
heaved her Into the car. ran back up
stairs, got a wet mop, and by the light
of the electric lamp over the front en
trance searched for drops of blood.
She found a few and followed them to
the sidewalk, eradicating them with
vigorous sweeps of the mop, then
dashed back Into the house, Jammed
on her hat and coat, ran outside again,
threw open the garage door and backed
her car out. She paused again, to
shut It, then swung up the street ns the
half-red lamps of a police cruising car
turned the corner. She swung wide
to give It a clear berth, turned the first
corner and spurted. She followed a
zig-zag course until she felt sure she
had thrown the police car off her trail
—provided they had become suspicious
and started to follow her; she turned
up a residence street that she felt
reasonably certain would not he
patrolled by traffic officers at that hour
of the night, »nd sjteeded up.
Dan McNamara was standing on the
sidewalk In front of his house when
she drew up. He reached Into her car.
lifted Nance Beiden out and ran with
her down an alley alongside the house
to the basement entrance, which he
kicked open. Lanny followed. Bp the
stairs to the kitchen the big chief ran,
through the kitchen and on to a rear
bedroom. Lanny Jerked a small rug
off the floor and threw It on the tied
"l>et her bleed on that for a while,"
she commanded. "No sense In messing
this nice clean bed all up. There must
be blood In my car, Dan. Take a wet
towel and go out and clean It thorough
ly. please, while I'm undressing this
poor lamb. Get me one of your wife's
clean nightgowns."
"Ain't got no wife, Lanny. Use
one of mine."
"Just as good ns any. Get it. Who
lakes care of you here?"
"My mother."
"Can she be-trusted?"
"I've sent her to the country for a
month," he evaded. "I'm sleeping here
and eating downtown.
"God bless our home, Dan. Clear
out—and watch for Stevie and tot
him In."
She ran to the kltcher. turned on
the hot water and set an enameled
skillet under the faucet ; then re
turned, undressed the girl. In an ad
joining bathroom she found clean
towels and placed a cold one on her
head. When she returned to the
kitchen, the enameled skillet was sit
ting In the midst of a cloud of steam,
so she knew It had been thoroughly dis
infected: she filled It with warm wa
ter, carried It Into the room and with
a wet towel mopped the tiro holes In
Nance's arm and examined the wound.
"Missed the bone," she decided.
•'Bled like a stuck pig, of course, pleca
of her dress probably carried Into the
In the medicine closet. Lanny dis
covered a small bottle of Iodine. So
she doused the wound with It, wrapped
a cold towel around the girl's shoulder
and tucked her Into bed.
In the living room she found a brass
box with cigarettes In It, so she lit one
and sat down beside Nance, with her
capable fingers on the girl's pulse. Evi
dently the count was satisfactory, for
l.anny scowled at the girl and growled:
"You little devil! And T crashed the
gate,' says she proudly. Well, If you
aren't the little hell-bender! «You've
got the nerve of a lion-tamer!"
She found a comb and brush In Dan
McNamara's bureau and combed and
smoothed the dank, straggly black bob,
and when that was done she unbent
long enough to Implant a kiss on the
white brow. "Boor lamb!" she mur
mured. "Nobody's poor lost darling !"
The girl's eyelids flickered.
"Is that you, Lanny?" the girl mur
mured faintly.
"Yes, dearie. And you're all right,
so don't worry. Nobody's going to take
you back to San Quentin."
"The cops chased us at the boat land
ing, l.anny. Are you sure we shook
them off?"
"Of course you did—the big boobs!
Now, listen, dearie. I'm going to tell
you something, but don't let It disturb
you. Take my word for It you're safe.
Do you remember Dan McNamara, the
chief of police?"
"Of course. Old Daniel's my boy
"Well, you're In his bed. The cops
were on your trail, dearie. They sus
pected you might come to my house, so
Dan tipped me off they were coming
and to beat It with you out to his
Terror shone In the girl's dark eyes.
"I'd never trust a cop that far," she
wailed. "Oh, Lanny, you've let him
make a sucker out of you." She began
to weep hysterically.
"if you don't stop that," Lanny prom
ised. "I'll bat you over the head with
this skillet," and she picked that home
ly utensil up and shook It at Nancet.
"Dan McNamara's your friend."
"Yes, and chief of police, too. Lanny,
I'll die If they take me back. They'll
put me in the dungeon—I'm afraid of
the dark."
"Shut up. You're wot afraid of any
thing. You've got your little^red badge
of courage, you scaramouche! You
afraid? My foot! Didn't you crash the
gate and swim for that speedboat un
der fire?"
"Machine-gun fire, aT that," Dan Me
Namara supplemented, from the door
way. "They opened on her and the
boat from the towers." He came to the
side of the bed and grinned down at
the terrified girl. "Don't you worry,
Nance. You're safe. I'm a cop, but
I'm not without «orne sporting blood—
your getaway earns three rousing
cheers from old Dan McNamara." His
big hand strayed over her face.
"You're a good old hunk of cheese,"
she assured him.
She turned her head toward Lanny.
"Am 1 going to die, Lanny?" she asked.
"Not unless I kill you—which I'm
liable to do if you don't buck np and
believe what I tell you. You've bees
shot but it doesn't amount to much.
You'll be all right in a week or two."
"Then I'll be good, Lanny." The
tired eyes closed and while Lannj
stood by, wondering what to say next,
Nanee sank Into a sleep of profound
"Let her alone until Stevie comes,"
|,antiy suggested. "The wound has
stopped bleeding. Come out Into the
living room and If you're as crooked a
cop as you ought to be you've got
liquor In the house and I've got to have
a drink of It." Her middle-aged face
was very serious.
White I* Reflector
Flat white paint will reflect more
light than any other color.
Give Flavor of
Maple to Apple
Variation in Serving This
Fruit of Universal
Maple sirup and maple sugar have
always been favorite edibles and In
gredients of cooking. With cool days
our appetites demand richer foods.
The most popular use of maple sirup,
of course. Is with hot griddle cakes
for breakfast. Maple sugar Is used
In many home-made candy recipes.
But there are many other Interest
ing dishes which Include maple fla
A delicious variation from the
usual style of baked apples Is to use
maple sirup Instead of white sugar
for the sweetening. Try this and see
if It isn't delicious:
Bare and core ns many apples ns
will stand In an ordinary baking dish.
1 cup maple sugar
H cup cold water
1 thin slice of butter for each
Mix the water with the maple
sirup and pour over the apples.
Blace one of the lilts of butter over
the top hole of each apple. While
the slice 1s thin, the surface should
be large enough to cover the open
ing. Then ns the butter melts under
the oven heat the rich liquid will
drip down over the outside and the
Inside of the apple. Baste the apples
frequently with the sirup and water
and bake until the apples are soft
when pierced with a fork, but not
so tender that they become shapeless.
Serve hot or cold In the same dish.
Or If preferred transfer the apples
to Individual glass sauce dishes and
pour over each apple some of the
amber liquid.
Apples baked in maple sirup have
a peculiarly delicate quality. There
Is no decided taste of the maple
sirup, but the blending of the apple
Juice and sweet sap supplies an un
usually delicious and different flavor.
The buttery surface of the apples
will make them have a suggestion of
brownness If the oven Is hot after
the apples are left uncovered In the
©. Bell Syndicate—WNU Servie«.
Week's Supply of Postum Free
Read tlie offer made by the Bostum
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per. They will send a full week's sup
ply of health giving Bostum free to
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Nature's Puzzle
An apple mystery was revealed
at a recent meeting of the British
Association of Refrigeration when
It was discovered that "elderly" aj*
ples give out emanations which
have the effect of quickly ripening
bananas and also unripe apples.
The emanations exercise a still
more startling Influence on pota
toes. Those vegetables, if placed in
tlie stream of air coming from the
elderly apples, either do not sprout
at all, or produce sprouts which are
like warts. Investigations are be
Ing made into the nature of these
mysterious emanations, but so far
the scientists have not been able to
track them down.—London Tit-Bits.
To keep clean and healthy
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, They regulate
liver, bowele and stomach.—Adv.
take Dr.
Irish Centenarian
Mrs. Ned McHugh, who died In
Tullynaha, Ireland, at the age of one
hundred and two, remembered the
potato famine and the night of the
"Big Wind," which devastated many
areas. She never bad traveled by
train or automobile. A teetotaller,
she ascribed her longevity to mod
eration In everything and freedom
from sorrow.
Egypt ian Advancement
With the Improvement of roads In
the Interior of Egypt the natives are
using the bicycle In place of the
faithful donkey, which long has been
the only means of communication in
that country.
<k-\v :
Nothin« helps to start the day with
a smile like s cup of «ood coffee
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rich, full-bodied, yet low in cost.
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r r
\ N ?
The kindergarten provides the help
that children need In making the ad
justment between the Individual at
mosphere of the home and the group
life of the elementary school. The suc
cessful kindergarten provides the
children with a well-balanced emo
tional life and with abundant up
portuniiy for physical ami Intellect
ual development.—It. T. Congdon,
principal state normal school, Pots
dam, New York.
The National Kindergarten associa
tion, 8 West Fortieth street, New
York city, will be glad to aid anyone
wishing to secure the establishment
of a kindergarten In a public school.
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Why So Many People
Past 40
Feel That They're Slipping
Losing Their"Grip" onThings

Many people 'round 40 think they're
"growing old." They feel tired a lot
. . . "weak." Have headaches, dizzi
ness, stomach upsets.
Well, scientists say the cause of all
this, in a great many cases, is simply
an acid condition of the stomach.
Nothing more.
All you have to do is to neutralize
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l SKIN .
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