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Tonopah bonanza. [volume] (Butler City [i.e. Butler], Nev.) 1901-1909, June 15, 1901, Image 1

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'Sis. 1 .:
VOL 1.
NO, 1.
Attorney at Law.
w til rs-( U-t lu nil Slulcuml rV. i-rul I'lilirU.
Atldri; Tnuiipnli ur Alltiu, Nt'Vlnlu.
(eiiirilcr ami Kv-ollieo Auditor ol
Nye County, Nevada.
AlMrBct 4,f it,. fut-trully pri-picvil. Arkniiw-
ti'iltfiui'au lukt'ii
Atliltvw,; Ifa'lninut, Ni'vailH.
AMorurv at law.
ill prui-tlrr !a all S'nte ami KedvU r-iu'tv
ilitrt".,; Hawthorn". Nevada.
lustier 4l 1 IVmci,
ArkiiiittliHliitlli'Ut lltki'U.
iMtre; Tniiupah. Nevada.
Altoriie.v lit Imw hiiiI Notary
U III 'Hi'tk'i III u 1 1 Htllti' mill K''il..iiHiiirts
A-UIh'.; Tiitinptih ur lli'lmiint.
HoriHM ut Law and Nitur
V ill pntrtfce in utl State and Ki.ini i'-hp-i-;.
A lilrcvt: Tiihopttli, Nt'vmlu.
Slirrill' mill Assessor of .e
. Comity, Neiula.
imucc: Ifc'luimit. Nevuilu.
Attorney at Ijiw.
U III p, ui lli'i' lu nil HI air mill K 'Ui rlll I'.iurln.
A'ldri'ts: I 'iinitt'lHt-U. Ncvailii
j Silver
& Bend
Livery Stable
Mwlmont, V5 Jaka Clow,
.Nov. v Prop.
This Kiiulur anil well known stalilo.
estahlished in IHTli. still riinliniii's
to do liusitioss ut the old stand.
( (lily horses that art' accustomed
to tin- mountain tnivi'l. strong rij.'s
anil i'Xm rt drivers ure sent fiiim
these studios. I'urtii's cuiiiin
from Tono)iiti to tlx1 County S'at
and cut rusting tlii'ir stiK k to mo
will Im' satisfied with tin- treat
ment. Sinyli' inul itnulilr rll null hiiiIiIIi' tmi-".. rut) In
hud ul ull lnnir ThUNmi uptiiilii'r .-itHlili'.
Lt live. SODAVt LLC
on arrH ut ul I ' A '. K
It. truiu from Haw-
tlKllUt! I'VtTV
miiriiiliK HI
Tin proprietors of tills well equipped
staife line have spared no expense in
the ptiivhase of eoiumoilious eoaehes
and first -class stock.
Unralul Orlvara aii'l
Qulwk 8rvk.
Hare Way $7 IX)
Ht'Mr'I'X KrtHKK. t'nipili-tor
t V IM i V 'iV VrMllMlllllllU lo tin-
I UJl.tHj.M fi BONANZA null UiiK
Ihmi-, t-liiipn fvi'ry pei-Min lu Inuti will Hti'p
up tn llii'tntivc and Utuiiih m MiliM'rilH'r. HHi
'i'Mi.vu inul tlu t'lwu liy mi iliitmr, s riiiiir on
iv. inul Kin' all a Im
A Cutliiitf A 11 ray,
On Saturday nitfht. John. O'Neil
and ThoniuH Uishop had u serious
fiffht in the Tonopah .saloon. Both
men were partially under the influ
ence of liquor. Bishop started the
row and after a niuyh and tumble
fist fijfht O'Neil ifot the worst of it
and went outside. In ten minutes kit
returned with an open knife in his
hand. They went at it ajain and
O'Neil started to stall Bishop. He
cut him in the face and arm and re
alizing that he (Bishop) was iM'iny
carved started for the door but be
fore reaching and passing through it
the unfortunate miin received four
more cuts in the shoulder and back.
Sheriff Lilian immediately placed
O Neil under arrest. Bishop went
straight to Dr. Allinham who
stopped the flow of blood and sewed
up the wound-.. Undoubtedly the
wounded man would have bled to
death if he had not received treat
ment at once, as the arterv was cut
and the superficial nerve was
The I'll!' was brought liefore Jus.
lice of the I'eaee. Clay Peters, for
heariui; the next day. The Slate
was represented by T. L. Oddie.
District Attorney for Nye County,
who brought the charge of assuult
with intent to kill. O'Neil was de
fended by Daniel Holland. ex-District
Attorney of Ksineralda County.
Judge Peters after hearing ull the
evidence hound O'Neil ov er to appear
before the grand jury.
O'Neil escaped from the sheriff'
.Monday night and started south, but
Sheriff Logan was mkiii on his trail
and in h.t pursuit, he was sixm cap
tured. Wednesday he was taken to
Belmont and placed in juil. O'Neil
will now have to face the charge of
escape from arrest as well as the
other almve mentioned. He was un
doubtedly assisted hi making his
A number of our citizens are labor
ing under the mistaken idea that u
man can assist one who is under ar
rest for a felony in escaping from
the officer who has him in charge.
If they will refer to section 4St().
Compiled Laws, they will see that
the crime will subject the one who
eseupes to u term of from one to ten
years in the State prison. Any one
who aids in the escap. f guilty of
the same crime as the one who es
capes. Where We nought II.
The type, presses, etc., of the
Tonopah Bonanza were purchased
of the .well known printers supply
house. ' the Pacific States Type
Foundry. .'ilH Clay street. San Fran
cisco. This establishment deserves
more 1 1 in it praise, it should have
everlasting success, for it is the only
printers supply house on the Pacific
Coast that has not entered the trust
combine. They stand alone fighting
capital anil have, and always will lie
the poor typo's friend. Their type
is on the point system, a type always
perferred by the typographical
craft. For beautiful materia! and
honest and square dealings there is
no type foundry in San Francisco
that can compare with them. To
deal with the Pacific is a pleasure,
and that their matt-rial is a gem is
left to the reader to surmise.
Trib is a liniment.
Stockmen report feed plentiful.
We are having winter weather.
Main street should lie cleaned up.
Now is the time to do assessment
Let us have a rousing Fourth of
July celebration.
Ikixnuid two hearts will throb as
one here very shortly.
All of the stages arrive loaded
down with passengers.
local com i:ntiati:s.
Subscribe with this issue.
Flour costs i a suck, fifty isiunds.
Potatoes. 4 cents a jHuud.
About twenty new faces are seen
upon our streets daily.
We now have a post 'office here,
the name of it is Butler.
The Phcby Bros, and T. L. Oddie,
have lxiught the Case & Leidy lease.
Trib is a liniment tried and true.
Maybe its just the riJit thing for you.
Harry Stimler will keep his eating
house open hereafter night and day.
Tonopah is a healthy town. Four
barrels of whisky ure drank every
Peter Rico, and old-time Belnion
ite. came in from that place last
Mr. Shirley, of Silver Peak, is
erecting a saloon building on Main
Mr. Turner, the mining export of
firass Valley, will return here alniut
the 2."th hist.
This is the best camp on the Pa
cific const to-day. There are no
knockers in it.
L. Leidy has sold his interest in
thoCarr & Leidy lease to B. F. Ed
wards, of Candeluriii.
Cutting & Edwards will ' have
erected a large stone store building
to be occupied by them.
The large store building of J.
Turner is Hearing completion and
will be ready for occupancy next
Roger Steiison. a prominent Elk
and business man of firass Valley.
Oal.. is looking over the situation in
Tonopah this week.
Miss filadys Stevens, of the State
University, arrived on Tuesdays
stage. She will spend vacation with
her folks in Tonopah. ,
Maddison Mcfiinnis arriv ed in town
Thursday. He brings in material
I for the new blacksmith shop, in which
he has a half interest.
W. H. Pearson, a prominent bu.-i-ness
man of Virginia City, arrived on
Tuesday's stage. He is looking over
the business ground.
R. M. Norris. of Walker Lake res
ervation, was in town Tuesday and
Wednesday. He contemplates en
gaging in business here.
( barley I arr. one ol our promi
; nent citizens, who has been visiting
his mother in San Francisco for the
j past month, returned Tuesday,
t For the honclit of parties locating
, claims the time for recording the
J same is: mill site. Hit dayv placer
claim, (ill days; niinin.' location. !M(
j days.
I We have labored under many dilli
jcultiesin presenting the first man
lier of the Tonoi'A H Bonanza to the
public. Si kinillv overlook any mis
takes. Trib is a clean, convenient, eco
n imical. mild yet powerful and nuist
effective liniment for sprains and
bruises, burns and bites. Six ounces
for fifty cents.
Humphrey ix Essserhave increased
their stage service from twice to
three times a week. Leaving Snla
ville Monday. Wednesday and Friday
on arrival of the train from Haw
thorne. Frankrtilden. the brewer, jeweler
and leaser, arrived fn Mil Carson Tues
day. Frank and Bob ! I offer ure in -teresti'd
in one of the richest leases
in Tonopah anil can surely be counted
lucky Itoys.
The Chloride, under the able man
agement of W. S. (S otty) Dicker
sou, was opened to the public Wed
nesday,! night,, . F. very luajy . was
pleased at the hospitality extended.
Phil .Mitchell U chief mixologM.
Livery, Feed and
mmm Sale Stables.
KTHKKT, v.y.'j
BUTLER & O'BRIEN, Proprietor
Fine Carriage and Buggy Turnouts
ul ftuy hour of the (lay ur nk'ht
Saddla Horaea Furnished at all Times
Hpectul uttfutiiin pulil ti truusfi'tit xliii'k.
Hy fand llrwln O Job VVmfon
(ur O town work
Water delivered to any part of the
tnwti 'Q fi"iintlt,,M ' Hf- w n,,v
IU W II jjinr sijft Npniiaf Wilt it.
Free Corral to
I I'lirtlcsilfsirfu.f lo pnwiM-ft tin- surr.mml'uif
j country cull pmcim tenuis ut siM-t ial n, !!.
i All tmsiiu'Hs promptly nth-uilftl to i ml the
pat mu ttKf of tlit community Mic.fttl Kit ft
and Mjuuri' dculiutf our motto.
i i
BROI'fiHER BROS.. Pimps.
t This lai-tii-. ti-iv inul I'linciinl'inu i'" ii ! I'll j
jlll IN-ITI HlM'llftl III I III pilM il' '.Vil'-lV iili.Ili
1 linn- tuny In' fintuil t 'i' !
: Choicest of I
Wines, j
11 lector." j
milt Glgura
Ice Cold Ecer cn Di aught, j
Tiie 'Mipah" will I ton ml ii ifiilci pit: f to
j uwuy an hour. All th It-ain pcricullcal.-i
an ou tlic rradluu lulilcs nt litis lioti c. A j
j '-tfctitlt tiKHr" can alwuy Im fotttM in tin chili ;
nKH. (live u cull.
Main Street . .
Mr. Jt Mr. M xll it olirr,
Tin pi'iipi'irliit's uf tills Willi Iiiiiiwu n'stuil - j
am liavi- muih uiikiv lmpitivruiiits in Umi c -tulil
I.shuii'ut ihivri'liy nuiKiuK II u tl.' .t .-lies j
lmiw. Tlif lalilr wlM Im' siiitii'il ivilliull l..i-
Delicacies of the Season. I
: In t'liti'iTiiii.' tn Hii- pnlil - tiniy 11 t-s; -. tru p - !
j ViHitlllS Will lH' pilit'lia I'll itllll .I'lV ll. I..MHI1
clean i'ihiU" i.iitiln,vi'U. 1
! I
; Board by the Day, Week or Month. Meals 50c
Board by the Week $7 50.
Ttiiwtt tU'MriliK iOmkI iii'-uts will tin wt-II to pit'-;
ruutM' this house. j
R. F. Gilberts W. BrouUer j
ilf Saloon
j Main Street. , Brougher & Gilbert,
j Belmont. Proprietor.!.
! "
I tiilytln" choicest iHitli aiSw dUp'U t'd ntr
j the I tar. Wli;-!i yon t i j l. 1inU ir . t ii" ( v tu
. ptilitnn b;i'- nii1 iv .vi vi-il v it.i Hiti
! VVines,Liciuopsgand
! Cigars.
j WIumi in IMtiMlil iz'wr , call, t ourism-.
ti'istiiiiit'iit HXIfintftl to i ,i irv
C. F. Fogg,
I'. K. O'llrlxn
Tonopah, - Nevada.
The A C08y
Kendall Se Carey Props.,
Tim U'St or fvervlhliw lu the wuy nf lliiliil n;
fri'shniHUI. c-mi Ik-fouliil ul tills pnpiilar s(Kirt
Iiiium'. Only nr-tt-i'lasN iii-llrlpB f
and Clgara
Nice Cool Laser Beer.
"Tin' Tuuiipuh" Ik im up to-dute cuIikiii in
very mtpftt-t. l?rU tahliw for Invent ( whisi.
nilo and otlii'r kiidi"s
AKriille TIUBK in eluli nim
A hIiuiv of the pnlilli- patmniiKP is MilU-itrit.
I'liuriiMins in-iiiuti-m fxti-uiled to viHltnm.
BonTon H
Hotel If
MOXKV Jfc (it I.KK CI !! r
iT..pne.rK 5odavilIe, Nev
This new. commodious und ele
jfantly furnished hotel, is now
ireared to receive guests. In
addition to first-class hotel ac
commodations, there is a first
class bath house, and also a feed
stable for the convenience of
travelers by team. The thirsty
may appease their appetites at
the bar which is stocked ut ull
times with the finest liquors anil
cigars. The proprietors strive
to make the Bon-Ton the lead
ing house of the mininjr center.
A tonsorial parlor is run in connec
tion with the house. A share of the
putronu?!- is solicited.
Main Street, Belmont.
W. Brougher, Prop, j
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Xow urrivinjf. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Ramsey's Saloon
W m ii Struct.
, Prop.
L. Wms,
Kuril quiet time ni- uso'iul "uip"
tilts cosy resort is just the place tti
drop iu t.u. The proprietor will at
all times conduct nu oitlerly turn e
where at ull tttnvs nmy lw had (he
iM'St Of
Wines, Liquors and Imported Cigars.
All of the celelttateU bl'HUUs nf cu-e Mood
w ill Ik- kt-pT in stuck Win n you waut a nice
lrop Into Ramsey's place. Omrleou treat-iiH-nt
to ull (iive me a trial.
Tonsorial Parlors,
W. E. SPERKY, Prop,
SHavlnif, Shampooing,
Malr Cutting.
Only skilled artNt ; t-mplojeu i:i t his .-In p -!,tr.
Mt.pali Uu:Mia'.
' s,

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