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Tonopah bonanza. [volume] (Butler City [i.e. Butler], Nev.) 1901-1909, July 27, 1901, Image 2

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Published by the Tonopah Publish
ing: Company.
W. W. BOOTH, Manage ... editor.
One year i lu Hilvaniwi It mi
Six month jt (io
ThrtH- monttiH 1 75
Hlnifle uoplPH . , K)
ikjnimeri'liil atvertilni; to So per so.iiHif Mi
IIiiom noDpurpll- ptr month.
Liii'Sl rearilnir oollt-im 45 e(.it u linn wh
rardMuf tlimikN at 'utK a IIik-
Tueoarora's Postmaster Innocent.
The Journal sfjif that District At
torney Suinmei-field has received a
dispatch stating that, mion full hi
ves titration, at Jhc department in
Washington, it is shown that the jjnv
erntnent is indebted to Snider in the
sum of t'.l. If this is true, it .vould
seem that some one ouijht to be made
to sweat for t he indignities that have
lieen put 11)1011 Postmaster Snider.
He has leen under 'arrest sexeral
weeks on a charjfc of havinj.' em-
tezzled ahout $201111 of the postoflice
funds, and now it turns out that in
stead of ow;nr the ffovernincnt. gov
ernment owes him. Jt was a serious
blunder and if Snider neither jiies
ytnininj; or lieirins u suit for daiinijres,
he is more than human.
hie of the most remarkable eras of
jjeneral prosperity which Nevada has
ever experienced is iiperntiiifr a t the
present time. Within (he past month
four larife iimiiiijr sains- havrf .hfteu
made in various parts of the State,
one for $175. (MHI, one for fcilili. (Mill,
(Tonopah). one for t&'iO.IMHI and one
for $200,000, in all amounting to near
ly one million dollars. Uesidc this a
lartfe number of siiiallm- sales have
been made which will a'rei;ate a
larjje sum in themselves, and anv
number of bonds have been laken on
promising prospeets.
Almost every mining eamp in the
State is beinjf overrun with represen
tatives anxious to purchase ifood min
ing property. Carson News.
It is a little dinii ult.to see how I lie
salt trust experts to control all avail
able sources of supply. Ortainly. I badly spraining and bruisiyt; my left
they cannot get theocean into their' knee, when we reached Hobart. the
organization, while the apparatus for j instrfp of Mrs. (iordou's right foot wrt
making salt by evaporation is so in- j also much weakened by the severe ex
expensive that aim ist any one can yo ertion i eccsary on the mountain
into business. Down on the desert ' road. 1 1 seemed as if we could g.( ni
ton ure thousands of ai res of salt j further. There was just one Imiv
land which 'cftn tie'" (ii'vi'Toped if the j of the liniment. Trili. in the p;-.-.
trusts get tin) greedy. Esmeralda ; We Ixmght it and applied it thoroogh
eountv lias enough of salt and can ; I.V thai night and the next m init!..
produce a quantity that would sup-' mid were thus enabled to pn e.i
ply the Pacific coast easillv and without delay. Contiuu-
'-' ' ' Mng it- use. in three days reair-
The editor of a Wamego(Kan.)'pa- ; our destination, both knee ami in
per recently attended church fair, j step completely cirvd and fr in,,
where he parted with must of the con- ; that muscular stiffness and sor.-u.-
tents o' his purse. 1 "TTie next imirniur
he retaliated by priiitinj; the following
paragraph. 'V church fair is a func
tion where a man spends more money
than he can afford, for things he iloes
not want, to please people he does
not like, the hem-tit. of the heathen,
who are liettcr off left (done.
" -"- i have made it at all.
We have a ijreat. many orders fori MRS. P. H. (i( HIIH .
job work and will j;et them out as Air and Mr-, (i.inlon are now re
soon us possible. We have Hily twoisidiiiL' at O.ert.iu, California.
hands with which to write up each !
edition, set it up m type, work the
press, pack the papers around town, j
and square every one's trouble in the
camp. There is only one of we'uns j
and we are doini; the In-st we can. j
Don't howl or growl if you have to
w ait a few days.
Southern California 5$ conrratulat
iug itself upon the anrioiniceinent that
it is to have a ".Kipper refinery, a
wire-pulling plant and u thread fac
tory " For a goYid many years that
part of the country has had a wire
pulliiiif plant in operation tliHt has
done wonders. The person who
doubts this is respectfully invited to
the next State con veil tit in. '
It appears that the annual stripend i
of the Rishop of Lend m. which is I
some f.Ml.lMMI. is cut dnwu by taxes
and one thhiif ami unother, to $42.
51 Ml. The pwr man. what a per
fectly awful time he must have mak
ing both ends meet, and getting ready
each month for the visit of the huid
'lonl. Really, our heart bleeds for
the tmpetious fellow.
Inyo ranchers can sell all the pro
duce they can haul into thrtcamp pro-
vided they pack it right and nut
bring it in like they would a load of
wood. There is a demand hew for
all the chickens they can haul in. It
remains to be seen whether they will
continue to cry hard times or en
deavor by a little labor to make an
h mest dollar.
The Eureka Sentinel in publishing
the names of the bidders on the K. &
P. railroad, which was sold lust week
at auction fails to mention that of Dr.
Dixon, or Dixon the horseman, who
is now in town. The Dr. out bid fiov
ernor Sadler by f.VlMMI. Sadler bid-
ding 20.0llO
In at least one particular Nevada
leads the l.'nion. It has more saloons
in proportion to population than any
other Sate. Itevenue Collector Hlake
slee says that there are between ;Vi0
and 000 places in the commonwealth
where liquor is sold --journal.
There is a wicked and unabashed
newspaper man in the east who after
careful observation, says a "woman
can spend as much '-n a bathing suit
as on an opera clonk, but she can show
a good deal more for her money. "
The I'. X. A C. vs. I.:. & C. R l.
Co., the San I'edro. Los Angeles and
Salt Lake Kailmad Co. on trial before
Judge Haw ley of the t'nitcd Sates
Supreme Court at Carson a decision
in favor of the plaintiff was rendered
Thursday morning.'
Sheriff Logan has posted notices
throughout the town notifying people
that tliev must keep their premises
clean. Tin sheriff mean.- what he
says and any one found maintaining a
nui-ance will be arrested.
A .Vie hot tie of t rib liniment in the
house prevent much suffering, saves
much time and s( me money.
One hundred car loads of lumber,
could be sold in Tohopah in 24 hours
if the iumlier was here. As it is there
is not a stick to he had.
The day vc started on our trip ac
cross the mountains, from 'Carson.
Xevada. while wheeln; down the
i;ratle toward Lake Tahoe. I went
over a hiirh emlmnkment. fulliiiif and
which too often mars an online
is the I'reatest thins; on earth
a liniment is necd,-d
r. ti. fioiiixtx
I will also add a word if you pica-e
Without Trili. all tin- pleasure of a
most interest inj; journey would have
been ile-it roved, if. indeed, w e could
Not bait, But bugar,
Tin fnMt tvlitlf V rv miUi'Hd
uunr )K tl el In i'u 'nu
It is tj : n.'i-i'SHi. y in w u, -in-m
frfort' itMhiji. Tl''r- h)wu rrmly.
t- tlit'p itnil oI'iit n'rw i will n
y.it tn. y "No" If (he ilil r otTits you
n y uthir tn-urnl
i t
Wholesale (Grocers
Sncraiiieiile, -
Ni-Klly rxM-iiint :c iiim.,(tc.' Try ii.. T'p In
li--lht. ii.-i'i'iii,'
To haul between Ton
opah and Sodaville.
Hretifht both wnyn. !
per ton to ioclavlllw and
$IS to $20 pr ton to Tono
pah. Dlotanuu ) mile.
Good road. Come ut iincu.
Work for 'twenty more
teams, . .
O A 'I I l(KH. I'n-MUt lil.
H. K. KIlWAHIlS Vlie. I'n;
H. C. f I'TTISii. ( asliier.
Do a Genera! Banking Business.
Huy tiuil sell i xi-liiiie nn ill the prliti-jjint
oltisiif tli wiHil.
Stocks and Bonds Bought and Sold on
e receive sulijeet In rhei'k the ui'i'iMllilii uf
j MriiH mill liHtiviilMiils. Wh lilm to irlve mioIk.
; fuel Inn.
The "OWL"
Restaurant & Bakery
Lower Main Street,
Mr. and Mm. Wm. Kllpatrlck.
The manat'enieiit have spared no
expense in fittinj; up the "(ll''
restaurant and bakery that it may
meet with public approval The
l.ou-e will lie run on the
SHOUT OWDtiR ll.A.7s
Meal- ."Wi cents and up Every Sun
day fi
Chicken dinner will be served
l'ie- and Ut a:e n n all
u'lL'tit i-'r-f ru:
Savvle &
i:timnti . ciiv-en . i-u.
Cabinet Work in all its Branches.,
Meat Market
Mineral st
W- itii-ii t'loM- iriprtiim I our iu..nl. Null
hit rt prinn- tix-r vtii . ,!,. (ini, ti,,. ni.t
Beef, Pork, Veal and Sausage
Always kept
for cash only.
in stock.
No credit.
i ild
jonh turner, j.
1 J
n W il tt rl t
offers the low round trip ratxs:
On Sale
August 20-21
Round Trip I
Louisville, - 77.50 !
August 22-23 I
Buffalo, 87.00
September 4-6
September '' 'i
Oeveland, 8-V0
Tht'tt ry (mm lipply flLIli t 'Hlifnritli llliilli WUf '
Mints. Mituy inilf tlurl'.i trin huMo Ihhi
I'tst - Hnt'si '!!' ry ihnii- tf niiiu-- limtirU
Iruln- fMTsfitutth cimitiictt il U'tirist oiriir
I-', fr". linller
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
kk Tonopah.
BUTLER & O'BRIEN. Prupriotora
Fine Cama-we and Buxry TurnouU
til liny hour nl II.)' iluv .M' li-.'llt
Saddle Borss t'urninhud at all Times
Si.-i'IhI ml.-nlfi.u p.ml tn lPHii,;.-ni KhMk.
H- tnJ i. Irwin O ilnh Vui(m
lor.SiiItt t f O '"'tim nwiirk
Water delivered to anv part of the
tAU 11 ' M'Wt''ff t" Wi wit -.lily
Free Corral to
Ir: jrs itfHlrttiv' Tn pri".li-rt Iht iir....M,.I n
iittintry i-tiii n-ni- i.-i tu ii i st T mic
Vtt tiH'tt' promptly Mtfinl-l In nmi tur
pHlmtmtft- nf lUr o.iitin.tiily .ltrtf.il Kiur
wri'l Mjiuin' ti-mintr tiiir iii.it in
Ufir Mnln am! Ilmuuhur
HKoriltlKK 1IHOS . Iko.s
This 1IV'. Iiftf ilhil ruUiili'Ntioli- rt-snri (in
just lH'n I'pi-ii.Ml In On- itil.!!i- i'.-r. ';ill
tllllfH niHV In fmiil.1 1I-
Choicest llf
iit.i OtjjrfirM
Ice Cold Beer cn Draught.
Tin- M:imh" will l" l.iiinil ;t ipiii.t ,lu,-. lt
Wllr iiwity tP ti'iur II thr l.-iitl li ii.rliMlti')tl-ri-
i'ti Hi-- n-uilliiL' iMlitf- tt, lie- li.-u-i-
"ir'-lil!- tut-r" i'uii Httt;,v. It. i.itui 1 ut iljr ,hil
ri.ilii. I II. i- iik ii r;i II.
Main Street jt j
; Tonopah,
. i". mMiis,
' I'l'i- iiniprii-ti.r .ir On. known ivhihki
lllll tlHVf IliM'll-Illllll.v llllpi-iivi-lll. nil. til till- -f-'
lHlillshiiii.nl llireieto mnklliii It u llr.l .-Hiss
' hmiw. Tin-ml, ti. wilt . mini, in. I wii i
Delicacies of the Sea;(in.
' In I'Hh'iirlinr hi Hi- 1 1 I , , ,m i ,i..,,.. .. .
i vIslniiB ivlll lie pici-i.M it . , v.-.l l.-,,.i
i-lril'l i'tHilts t',ii!nyt-(l
Board by the Day.We-k or Month. MmU 50i'
Riar by the WeV $7 50.
i 1'lin.i' ilH.lriiw triNiil in. ill , wll.i.. wi'H ;,, .,,;
; ii llNi- lh' hni i
Notice to the Public.
, yiTH'K S HKIIKIIV iiii: -I'M at u
n" '"'J "I tl. i, r,l,i.,.,l
p1"''' "' '"' '"' :' l"'r '"""Hi; iiy in.-
iny! '1.1: iliiKlt-nii'Hii,riiic,.ti,.
'1 lie n-umiu of i.. ml In U,u,,l n ,,,
!,,ril In-lKhl rl.K tu iiiK M, niiri, r,. j
ii inp- ii.ii I,, ,i ,i, m ,(r ,.M, 1Mir l,,,,,,,.
i-m Tns
l.l'l l'I.K Kl l(i;i -ii , I
AlllHK Mi'AI-'KK !
Hl'-MI.K,; . y
l'll.iIIV . -l lltf I.I )'N l
lull! Hirer!.
1. S. DickersHo, Prop
j : Tliur li. Mln- .'lush of KikmIs ill m.v lillH for
I wlitcli tlie ili'iuiml never ilwre' ami llial U
' "Tin-Ifc'M" 11 Ik thin i'Iiik.. Itiat I Kuiirantee to
! ni. iiiini I Inive upawil u" expeuw In m
'tlnirnpa rlrst cIhhh pluie for my n inn-.
'shall k"ep i-i.n-iiiuilv on lnmit Al
Ice cold hiKer and steam lner on
;drau;ht. A cooliiii.' U'Verajfe this
lime of tin- vcar Try it
In Ut: ttimi .l.uiii'ii il yiiti" pultt-nuJ I oka
-.hurt- for Tt.- 'ilm-ulf " Ur-nn-nitwT ih' mini
1 lnr unit (t H'iM
Mining Tax Notice.
yTM'h IS llKi:KH lilVKN in AM.
Mliotii il Miii. 'uii'"im Oiiil HIh'i- uiiA mi lit. I
rtS'-.. ti !(! afi't .1 '- n il U('Hi 111- pi-rMMiK fd
in iitt in i hi . ft tit n t foi1 (jiLirtft fiHlltt.'
M urh 30. 1901.
A t .lit. itrtl !tuilt' :tint Ihui ll.v u in
rt lHiluli hi i!,i- fnlli'ftluii ut tin- Mtmt Mill It
inciv nfiim-il KM in's tl'ir for uiil
llllllli'l' Il It'll MMlf IHlHl V i 1 1 If .ll'lllli)l-tl'
Second Monday iu Jiliih, 1001.
A (t. r 'hi-Ji t !h' 'fk'tl ' (it'iliiit! fur Hull Hl'-til
All! Ir i fd.rrill
v-mii iif Y'''""tit N'i-xihIh
Ib-lMt .III MM' .'Ii M. I'.OII
SodaviIlet Nevmla.
At Rtiilro.ul a a Kobert Slrwart,
Dpot. ww Piop.
uy u-. line i tt- iHrt'iiiift-nn nt ..Mill-illtiin-
nntl -ll kn.mh tn-f;. rv hihI tin'
ir;n I .hull r.il'illU'l Itir viil'M-nil mt tip in
tnu- pluti T.'- 1;tlli' 1- iipj-lif1 wlit!
The Very Ikst in Iht Harktt
T'lf l-iii t i! i, iii,i-I fiU ti..ii-ri.ti.l i a l n)l
! iliu 11 - pM i Itili- ii, 1m- TM-it Vt I tli flu ilft
WmCS, "Whiskies and Cigars,
Entri)riB Lnnr B-ior on Draught.
Ill .MIiJllPM-! l.itl Wltll t'.. h'lH1 is. tin fjHIIi'li-
IPtD lilt Hmtiivtin.- li'it Sprfi.' T.-.i WMti r .
Mn' litnu'il ft.r tlK-lr tji- ! ii' i iim l 'ulnt.- MiiTIih
ut all t('iir
Fottler's pJ'
Stage Line,.
Tonopah and Sodiivllle
iih-- l.i.( .ScMiinilii. .-.-n Mi.tii'-Mla.
Hi-tin if. .n ;ii-IvhI i.( trii'n In.fn Hi. w 1 1
Vi'-- i . i fn i .'ill
Fare one way $7; Pcund Trip
$12 00.
I'lirtit's 'j.i.iij.' in f (u.1. tt ,.. I,,,,.. i
.SmIh (Mr l,y trli-ii i,jliirly i h . pnilini'tor Tri.tli
ll'iw Ihniii- )v ..,. i.. , Hrr,,,, fn, l
iil-.i-iifi r. ii-.-iii.j,,t !,,, y ,,,. ,,, ,1,..
llllsl (..U fnr Klmllt-r' slttii'.
Tonsorial Parlors,
W. K. 8PEBRV. P i ,
lnivinK, 4S-in-i-ip00lnj,
Hilr Cutting.
llnlj sklil.-U ui-il-i, , i,iili.Mil ,i, i,. .,u
I,"'. ,Vli.in , i.i v.
Pheby Bros.
- . V . i 1 ft "V
AMuytsi-M and ClmmUlM
Ay. ut liiniil I'owder (' panv.
lO'll.'.-: Mn;iiMtrr,-l ',.i,.,.N,.v,11, .
l IJM,SS Mo MAX K SKTI l.l.ll ON Tll.
tt.M Ku.) ,.ii'h will t- h ttl(,
' fit1' J.lUl 4 ' i
' 'n. 'ntjiV' tV I .rti .
i' pit' . I - L ).4
iilirt- ntN-ity

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