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Tonopah bonanza. [volume] (Butler City [i.e. Butler], Nev.) 1901-1909, December 13, 1902, Image 6

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Miiuli Kt-nion cluck
Is vlilllj;
lit II i: ill Salt Lake.
Tin- hit" .1 r 1 1 t W. Mackcy
.'t an
.-tat.' vahird at JtMMl(l.fHtil.
Tin- Southern I'uciiir contractors
iv liaviiiif considerable trouble with
a sink lii ilt; on tin' iii'W J.'fa.li' near
At Carson, on the Sth inst., a tire
destroyed tin- Toubin block, op
posite tbe Federal luiiMiiij;. Loss
almut WlMMI.
The Southern l'acilic company has
ordered an1 hundred vcstihtiled chair
ears, to he used on the regular over
land passenger trains.
The Reno Chamher of Commerce
rooms will inelude an elahorate dis
play of Nevada mineral and agricul
tural products in its equipment.
fiovernor Jelm Sparks has been
elected President of tin' American
Hereford Castle liieeders Associa
tion, now in session at Chicago.
A shrinkage of 27."),(MI(l,mM) in cop
per stocks is squeezing 1 ins ton, but it
will be able to jjet its breath
a'ain. It has been squeezed before.
The San Pedro road has a survey
party camped above John Kiernun's.
It is reported that they are relocat
ing the line from Calientes to tin' Cal
ifornia line. Pioche ftecord.
A number of Nevada papers will
have trouble in explaining to their
readers why silver remains low sev
eral days after Newlands is ajjaiu in
session at Washington.
There is a balance of 1, (172,1 ID.'ilt
in the State treasury, of w hich 152,
(119.52 is coin. There won't be so
much shortly after the legislature
begins to j;et its work in.
A new safe of immense, proportions
passed through Carson Friday even
ing, en route for Tonopah and will be
used in the bank of the State Hunk
and Trust company of that place.
A ppeul.
Alf Charts in his weekly letter to
the Gardnerville Courier admonishes
Cursonites that there is more than
talk behind the project of mown"; the
State orphans' home to Reno.
After an experience of about forty
years fihtinjf fire without anything
of the kind, Carson city has begun to
liegin to commence to think about
L'ettin" some ladders for her fire
Elko is to have n large fire-proof
warehouse. Messrs. Elmore & Mul
lincx have contracted for the erec
tion and it will be of brick and large
enough to accommodate the business
of that section of the State.
The early closing movement is
spreading in this State. It prevails
in Virginia and Reno and now the
Carson clerks are agitating the same
idea, with the result that most of the
businessmen have acquiesced.
Fonntair, the stage driver, whoa
few days ago received three bullets,
has returned to the Mountain House
and is again engaged with the lines.
His assailant fired five shots and
then escaped to California.
John J. Williams stabbed James
(lunston in the abdomen at Search
light, November 30, without provo
cation. Gunston's condition was crit
ical at first, but at last accounts he
was improving. Williams' record is
bad. It is said that Gunston is the
fourth man lie has knifed.
R. L. Fulton has been appointed to
the vacancy created by the promo
tion of Division Agent Prentice to a
position in California. Mr. Fulton
will have charge of the territory
west of Corinue to and including Col
fax, and also the Carson & Colorado.
It is said that Reno is like a great
overgrown girl j she is vigorous and
strong, but lacks finish and her
clothes don't lit her. Rut just wait !
She is innde of good material and
when she puts on long dresses, rounds
out and puts on corsets, she will cut
a dash. Eureka Sentinel.
Fred Stone shot and instantly
killed Charles It. Conley at Skelton,
Elko county, December 1. The
weapon used was a revolver, while
Conley was armed with a Winchester
riHe. The shooting was the outcome
of a quarrel between Stone and his
victim two weeks ago. stone is m
jail on charge of murder, but sets up
a plea of self-defense.
Wuuoii Itoml to T ipali.
Some locul thoiiel.t is lieing given
to the advisability ami feasibility of
constructing a wagon road across the
White mountains somewhere opposite
this place, for the purpose of more
readily reaching Tonopah, Silver
Peak, and other camp, present unci
prospective, lying across the range.
There is one factor to be reckoned
with from the lirst, and that is the
effect the possible extension of the
Carson it Colorado to Tonopah would
have on the use for such a road.
Aside from this, the only matter de
serving serious consideration would
be tbe cost, for the use and advan
tage it would be there is no question.
The distance would be materially re
duced. The shortest route now used
requires, from here, approximately
1110 miles of travel possibly more.
The part-rail route still leaves some
thing; like lit) miles of teaming to be
done. Those familhar with tbe in
tervening country tell us that a road
from here to Tonopah need not be
over 100 miles long. Tonopah is, we
understand, in section 2, township 2
north, range 42 east. Hishop is in
sections ii and 7, township 7 south,
range H3 east. Thus by the section
lines the ciinip is 47 miles east and
54 miles north of this point. This
total of 111 miles would probably be
much reduced by a carefully survey
ed wagon road, for the air line dis
tance is less than eighty miles. Our
information is that the shortest route
would be through Silver canyon, just
east of Laws, while the easiest and
cheapest would be through HIack
can von. some seven miles further
south. Whichever were chosen it is j
apparent that much distance could be j
saved. For present use. call the j
probable distance 100 miles. The j
building of such a road would ut oncej
make this a teaming center, and a
business center as well, of the first!
comparative importance. While!
benefitting the teamster und the con
sumer at the other end of the line, it
would fully double the business that'
the camp now does in this valley.
Figures are not needed to show of
what consequence such a result would
be. Nor is it Tonopah alone that is t
to be considered. All those eastern i
ranges are full of men seeking and
developing mines. The marvelous,
success of Tonopah has been an in-.
s pi ration to investors who had come:
to lose faith in mining opperations in
this intennountain country. The
prospectors are out, hoping to find
another Tonopah and some of them
will uncover riches now unknown.
Such a road as that mentioned would
insure business from all such discov
eries. The man after supplies, as
well as the capitalist who was look
ing over his property, would find in
this pleasant valley an attractive
stopping place for business or pleas
sure. Inyo Register.
Tonopali's Speclul Car.
The people of Tonopah are a pro
gressive lot, and t.i their enterprise
and push can be credited much of the
success of that thriving city. They
know they have the mines to make a
great camp, and they propose to let
the people of the East know about it.
It is reported the latest move in this
line which they are to undertake is
the sending of a special car of speci
mens through all the Southern and
Eastern States. This car will be ac
companied by some of the leading
business and mining men of the dis
trict, and as each prominent city in
the section visited is reached a free
exhibition will be given. A move of
this kind will not only be a big adver
tisement for Tonopah, but will also
add greatly in attracting the atten
tion of outside capitalists to the many
other resources of the State in gen
eral. Reno Gazette.
The Roosvelt Oil company, operat
ing near Haiwui, has 13,000 feet of
lumber at Keeler, Which will be used
in erecting eleven more oil derricks.
The present well is down nearly 1.0(H)
feet and unless oil is struck before it
will be continued to a depth of 1,500
feet. Oil shale has been rnsPd
through and the formation at the!
bottom Is blue granite, which the
management believes to be a cap
ping. Inyo Independent.
The Vermont woman who choked a
wild cat to death would probably
have gone into hysterics at the sight
of a mouse.
No. PIS.
UlllOit till,
iriuiN-i I'm ii. if-
, Aiflilth M IniriK I'lmiiiiiuy "f I ..luipali,
Nevuilu. Iiv I'ri Malroni t ui li. i Is in t. .1 iit-y in
fiti't wliiise Mjs!imri' itil'tri-ss is T'"ii'j'.wi. Nv
Cmitity. S line il Ni'VuiU. hits 1I1.V llii-il tl'
appliratloti t"f sit kl Ari'llilh Mill, lit.- I "in
puny of l'miopuh, Nevada it i-oruumt lim ortiuii-Izi-iUntl
1'xlstlnK imtliT unit iiy turn-- "f ii;
lawaoftho SOU" "I S"W i'-'-'y. '" !' '
for tllli-fii biluilretl linear tt'i'I t ' """
strlnir " mine or vein, lie.irintr Kulil ii'nl si It it.
und (ilhi-r prt'cloiiM melitlM. with sin li.i-i tinmt.il
nix hiuidrid frnt in v. iilth, sitM flu " mi'
siluuti'tl in Ti pith Mlliinw Distiu-l. t .unity of
Nve, Statu of Nevautt. tintl tlesiKiuiti-il b the
Beiil miles anil oltlrlal plat on tile in tins 1 rtk-e
as Lot No- 3WS. In Township .1 North. Hiiwn
Knsl, M. I). II. anil M., suiil Lot No. am and
Mtiil milium claim bcitiK ili-st-rihoil lis follow,
lo-wlt :
Description of Shoestring Lode.
survey No. aret.
HeKinninif at rorner No. I. a iiasau stone jtx,
X7 inches sel IH inehes in the iiromi'l. chiseled
X-l- JilS, hlcntteiil with the N. V. corner of I lie
location, whence the N. W. I'ornerof Sec. . T
No. S N.. R. No. 11 K.. M. I). M , hears N. l-H'
W. SOU feet; tlience S. I in K. Sl fii-t; loca
tion nut lee hears N. 77(l' K. T.-m feet: :.' feet
intersect south side line US Favorite lisle
(unBtirveved S. u" W W. T71..1 feet from l-orm;r
No. I; ftwi.y feet corner No. 2. w-henee lite S. W.
corner of the location hears S. if lie K. .Vi.l
feet. Thence N. ".1 1 1' K VMM feet corner .No. .1.
Tlience N. 77 W' K. M4 f't wirner No. 1. 1-len-lical
with S. K. corner of the Iik'uIIoii. T'hetice
N. I" IW W. ff.s feet corner No. h, whence the
N. K. corner of the location liear N. i: In' W.
Ml (eet. Thence S. T," 41' W. "I n feet curlier No.
. Thence N. 1 !' W. MI.K feet wirner No. 7.
Thehoe .S. 77 II' W. twn.4 feet twirner No. H,
whetice the discovery shart hears S. -ilM'V.
:4ny.7 feet; U.1I.S feel intersect line Kavorile
lode; S. 44 Ml' VV. aS.t feet fnim corner No. I.
141-M feet comer No. I and place of hetilnnlriK.
Magnetic variation kl all the comers in Ifr'
W K.
f'oiilitlninn an area of 11' acreH
Less area In ctinfllct with the Favor
ite Lode utiMlrveyed I lls acren
I.eavlnit a net urea of ls.1l acres
which Is claimed hy the survey Hud ts-lnit sit
uatp In the N. W. ti of Seel Ion .HI, ill Tow nship
No. a N., K. No. 42 K. M. D. M.
Expressly excluding all that portion of the
Favorite hide cotnliix In conHict will) this sur
vey, which connict of survey No. t with said
Favorite lode unsurveyislj la as follows:
lleirlnnlnif at corner No. I nurvey No. 9H.1.
thence S. l'i 111' F,. ttln.A feet Intersection line
l-S-.S Favorite l.tlei:a. Thence N. 4-1" 5K' K.Mx i
feet Intersect line 7-s-l survev No, art't. Thenc
S. 77 41' W. 477 n feet lo corner No I and place
of iM.'KlniilnH, contaitiiiiK an urea of I tls acres.
The certificate of location nf said Shoestring
lode nilnllilt claim Is of record lu the office of the
County Recorder of Nye County. Slate of Nev
ada. In Hook "F"ot Minimi IjneatliHU at pane
50-ul. NyutVtunly. Nevada, Records.
The names of adjoining claim an shown hy
the plat of survev are- tin the north the HIack
bird nusurveyeii. The Mlsepah F.xtenmon (m-
fany. claimant. On th north and west, the
'av'orlte unsurveyedj, T. L. Oddle ot al. claim
ants. On the south, the llclmont iinsurveyedt,
Tonopah Fraction Minlfifr Ctimpany. claimant;
the Ohio unsurvoyedi, The Acenlth Mininif
Company of Tooopah. Nevada, claimant. On
the east, the F.aifle and HlueJay hides (holn
unsurveyed. The Mipah Kxlenslon Company,
claimants of both.
Any and all pernorm claiming adversely any
portion of said Shoestring mining claim or sur
face ground are reiinlred to llle their adverse
claims with the Rmtlster of the I'nited Slawn
Laud Office at ('arson City, in the Stale of
Nevada, during the sixty days perils! of publi
cation hereof, or they will lie barred by virtue
of the provlsiuna of the Statutes.
Hi'K later.
It ! herehy ordered, that the foreynlnK Notlee
of Applleation for Patent he puollnhed for the
perloflof ten ronaeeutive weekn In the "Tono
pah lioNAiu," i weekly newMpaper publiwhcd
at Tonopah., In tbe County ot Nye, State of
U. Ii. UALLI't',
Date of find publication, October 18, IW).
Law Attorney for Applicant, Tooopah. Nev.
& Saloon
Main Street, J J P.P. Gilbert,
Belmont, Proprietor
Only the cbolceat fronds are dlnpenaed over
the bar. When you drink, drink at the Cosmo
politan bar and be aervea wun fine
When In Belmont give tin a call, Oourteoui.
treanmnnt exteuuea to vmitoni.
We Sell Whisky,
Wholcial Liquor Merchant!,
810 Front Street, Ban Franclieo.
Best Whisky la the World to Drink
No. 1U.
DclolH-r l, 1W.
Nt'vinin, hy I'ri MaU-om I'urliH, ItHHttnnii y In
facr, wIjun' iwtht-nrtti uilill'CM in Tiili"ll-ih. Nyi'
) 'outil.V. Stun nf N hus this liny tWtfi Hie
iilipltt;H(i'iii at saU Tilt' At-miilti Mining O.ni
imiiv of Ttinnpit- Nt-vitilu, 11 t'ltirpuntt lm uvtiiu
ici lunl t-xivtinvt iintl'T iiiul hy vntufttf t lit'
hiwsnr Die Slut. ttf .NVw ,linty. U'T M mrtMit
for ttrii'in ImiJtlriil lim-itr fft't of the 11
iMimU'" nifnt'tr vein. In hi m yoU iiiul ntlv'-r.
und oihiT pr'fttu uiftul-, iiti Hiirfm't irmuii'l
nix humlrfil fft't in width, mid rluim IwiiiK
Hitmiii-d in Tunupith Mining llrlet. Cniimy tit
Nvt'. Stmt- tf Ni-viiilu. 4 1 nl dcsiiviitifd hy the
lu lil rinttif and omcial pint (in til' in thisonli-cuH
I ot No '.tCH. in Tmiiihiii 3 Nuilh, limiK 41'
KiiM. M. II. l hinl M . Kitnl Lot Nti 4tf4 imd ild
niinlitiV I'lii.m ln-liiy dftirrlhed ah IoIIowk. ttj-wit :
Description of Del Monte Lode.
H.'KVKY No. arm
H-'U'lmiim; ut Cor No. 1, a tuhi.U Mono, tiul'i
x4 iiirht'H. .ti If uifhi'H in irminiii, clilwltui a i
JiW, IdftitU'til wilh tht- K VV. comer uf iht
iocatimt, w In-net Hu-S. W. for. Svv. W, T. No. ,1
N. U. Si. I-,' K. M. I) M . t'-nrs s. AT IH VV.
JiNi fi'ct. Tht-hi-f S. ! E. HTt-'t t'ur. N.
t Hin vt'y 'it'W, lridrntul lmt 71, f"( fnriHT
Nil. 'i, H I'ttKHll htOll' sflKn IIIClirH Wl l UUTIC
In wnnnid, cliiwifd X 2 Js'M Idmntctil with for.
Nn i nf Hit lin-jit ion. 1M'.4 ft'ft lornt-r No. II u
hiisiill hIoiic .Slixlltx! Hut wt l Ini'hfH in fcfnund.
i-htseltsl a-vjm. id.'iiltrHl with thf S. E. Corner
if 1 1 if loi'iit Ion. MtH'tii'H thf diMi-ovi'ry nliuft
hfMirs H. : M' VV. 446.fi ff t. A hft 4x1. K ft-H
ilMp hi'iti-H N. .fjir !' W., 4KH f('tt, Tlo'iirn N . ft"
(IT' VV.. :n frt. A kIiiiM Ixrt. Ill ret di'ep )M-rn
N. THlrt' W. MA ft ft.. TIip lin'Blloii nollco iM-itrw
N.Tul' VV. iii'rect. A hiiHiiit Htone :txldxi('(
Iik'Ikh Ni't IM iiu-hi'M In ground, HifsHt'd l.f,
Jim. fft't Cor. No. 4, hiiMutt fclotit? vfTxx4
i nrhrn Ml. in iiu-htti in Krmihd. chl-.i'lt'd X I -AtU,
Idfitili'iil wlili lln N. K. rorm-r of hn'ttiloii.
Thciife N. TH II' W. Tn.tf feet corner No. 6, ft
tm.:ilt Mtulie JxHxH (lirht-K 'l IH liu'hf In
irnitiiid. rhU'lfd XVJimi, idt-ntk'nl with mnitr
No. hut tit Iwiitlon. Illi M fot't I'oniiT No. fl. h
iiHMi.lt Mom' --ilx-isl Itirhrx. wi l Inrhtw In
umiind. chiHi'ltHi X KH, i mi the wunh wide
It in of the hrlmotit lmlt MinMurvt'Vfd f. Tlo'iu-f
I S. 77' 47' VV. :u.i ffi-l ivrnf N(. 7, a (mm It
Htonr Wxilxrt itifhctt'-ft H itu-liHh In Mniniia chut
flttl X 7-JtH. Itlriitirit. with thf IniiTwrt um
I Htnne of linn 4-4 nurvfy No. 'JWI. Stiver Si Hid
lint ititiu.rvft'd,, wlih ih wmth lMiiitiilry
line of Ihe IWdiitont uriMir vt-yt'd t, wlwnn- i he
N. VV. (VirnrT of the lorntloti hi-nrw N. W 117' W.
t.S7.wre''t. Them'i' S. fV' ill' E. 41. I U-ft rorm-r
No. 1 und phtfeof iH'trinnliii;. MuRnelle vnn
I fun al till Ihti cornert Im lt" hp K.
CoiiiHinlnir un nn-t of lv.(M i'rm.
And lr'iii wlUittlcd In thn S. W.of ,Hc. U -'W.
T. No. n S., K. Nu. 41' E.. M. 1). M.
The eprtitlfttte of ItK-atlon nf taid Ip1 Mmte
mltitdK etulin in of record In the ofrli- of thn
(Vmrity Ktvirilfr of NBi)unty, Hint) irf Nv
Hda ) Hook ' K" of MtiiiiiK iM'ttllotm nt pHtftm
3h7, 'JWt and 'Mi, Nye County, Nevuda, KeintnlH.
Ttinnunien of adjolnlnif ollmn n nhown hy
the pint of mirvey are: On the north, th IVd
nioiit loile (uiiHiirveyedf, the TtHMijmh Frnrtloit
Mining Cimminv elalnumtii; the TeMin lode (un
Mirvevedt, The Aeenith M inliiir V.mpany el aim
ant: the Oh to lode, The Arenith M IniriK Company
clainiunt; on the wmtb. the Eula lode luiotur
viyedt, A. t. HtidireiiM. et al. rlulnibnU; the
Ori'tdental loile. Survey No. the Tonopah
Tunnel and Mlnlntr Company claimant, on the
eat, the North Stur No. I linle. Clyde. Jaekaitn
et al claimant!; iue Halifax, No. S Uh iiirmur
veyed), Oavld Kellh et al clalnianta. (Hi the
went, the Silver State lode, Survey No. iHtSI,
Tonopah Tuiuiul and Xinlntf tkmipatiy clalui-
Anr and all pnm claiming- advmwly any
xirtlon of aatrt IH-I Monte minimi claim or aur
at' irrounil are r'qulr1 to rite their advirae
rlaluiH with the Kftflttu-rof the 1'nlUd State
hand Office at I'imhi CUT. in the Stale of
Nfvaila. durlnir thH Nlxtv davH uerlod r intitii-
cation hereof, or thfy will be barn'd by virtue
of the p'.wiKloim of the Statutes
of Application for i'aient he puhliwud for
the p4irtKi 01 ten oonaecutive weeaa in tnc
'Tonopah Honanza." a week I v newMtmper
tmhllHhed at Tonopah, in the County of Nye,
State of Nevada.
Ken later.
Date of flrt puhllcatlon, October 18, itxnl.
Law Attorney for Applicant., Tonopah, Nev.
General Merchandise
Groceries, Dry Goods
Gents' Famishing Goods
Boots, Shoes, Etc
Next Door to Valley View Hotel
Gallery: One door below the
Drug Store Main street, Ton
opah. Call and examine work.
No. J'JO.
I AltMiN .'n v. NKVAIi
(h-tobiT H, V.Hri, )
Tonopnti Kractiou Minimi Cortiiuu. t.y
I'ri U. Curl ih. lit aitornr-y in tact. h Ihim M(si
ntbc' alln- iHTouopah. Nyi ( uiiuty, Siu of
Nfvaila, Iiuk t It Ik day tlli'il Ihu appl it'ul in ii'
nil id T-lli;ih Ff HCt mu MinitiR CiiiijihIi , t-oi -poratUiu
iHKatitXMd ari'i I'XiNtlitK ij)nitr ami hy
vlrlue of thtt Imwn of w Siulf nf New .Iitm',
fur a patent for nni-tn huniirtnl lim-ur tn-i j
thf "Curth" tiilnn or vein, tnutrhii vmIi uit
Hlhr, w Ith Niirfat'e niunU alx tuindnnl ti-ct in
wiillh. said rlaim IwIdk HiluiiU'd In Tuti'tpui:
MinhiK IlWirii'l, Coiiulyof Nye. Slate nf N-.
ada. and dfhiKiiatiHl hy the th'hl iioii-h ami
ulTlcial platoi) ttleln I Ills nttcv uk Lot No. '$H-.
iiiTowuHhtpa North. Hart iff it Kant. M. It. Ii.
and M . nui'i lM No. -AiU, anil nhIiI rnintiit'
ttluitn tti iuK di'M i lhtnl a fulloWH, tu m it:
Description of Curtis Lode.
SrilVEY No. H1
lt'(itmln at corner No. I. a pine pot ('. t- i
imj(. 4 incli.-h wjuare, m-t IM liu-hf In tti"
if round, m-rllied I whenee the ime-fiuarh-:'
Mi'i'lioii cnnuT on th- S. iMiiiiidurv of Stn No ;is
T No 11 N . It. No. K... M. Ii. M bt-ai-h S. N
' K. W t U't
Them e S H6I' K. W.t fnt lo S Hide cor
No. Ti. Intl.-' fei't Int'Ttt'M'l line i S-4 Siirv.-v N...
imfioft.he Wanrtfriinf Hoy hwle. M 4r' irt' W
VirtN U1 from Cor. No. 4; UHT.fl fci to Cor.
No. H, UU'Utkal with the S. K. wrio-r of tli
loiattou. Thence N. I1C VV. miOfeet to (r. No. 4. tih-n
Ileal with the S. K. corner of location, wiiiiiii"
tlieS. VV. (Htmerof a atone cellar heart N. Mir
K 7ft. I ffet.
Thence S. Hftl' W. Ht? fl r-'t to Cor, No h,
Identical with the N. VV. corner of the I.mh
Tticniw S 81 9' K. Ull feet to Cor. No. t
place of rffylnniiiir. uifiiHininir IT. 07 acr-
jrxclutdve of Survey No. at), YVutuWItiir Hv
lode, and tturvey No. U-J, Valh'y Viov
lotlcj. and formltiK a Mrtloti of the S. K' arid S
W. oui-uartt rH of Swtlon W, T. No. .1 N., K
No. U K.. M II M
The nmtfiiftlc variatlfWi at all the eonicrx of
thculaim la W W K.
That the (HTtiflcate of focal ton of Maid CurtU
mitiinit claim In of ntmrd tn the omce of th
Count v Heeorder of wald Nye County, In Htmk
K" of Minlnif locattoim, at pajftw l"H and 1X4
Ny Coiifitv, Nevada KH-rU. at IHmoal, ir
IhelVninty of Nye, ami State aforenald.
The tiatuefiof all adjoinlnif and all cmflictlni;
clalrtw. aK nhowu hy Ihu plat of tmrvt?, arr: Vm!
cy Vlrw hwic on the no th awl -aKt, Wardt-rlmr
Itoy lode (Hi the nouth and eaat, f.aNt 'tiHiic
Itxle ( nnurv'yed j on the aoiilh. Quarry PIhcit
iiitNiirvcyiML on the wewt, aixl Kureka lode
utiMiirvt yi ), on the north.
Any and all pero claiming adviirwl an'r
portion of nald urtta nttnlnir claim or har(a-'
K round are rtHjiilnnl tn hie their adverwe claimt
with the KirlHier of the Culled Stat hand
Office at CarnoD CMty, In the State uf Nevad.
diirinir the nIxiv daa perlml ot publication
hTwif. or they Will lie t tarred hy viriutt of tin
proviakona uf ihu Statute
U H OAl.M'P,
Tt In herehy ontertil. that the fne iriilmr Notice
of Appltralton for 1'atent he polillMhetl for the
period of ten consecutive weekn In tbe "Tofco
pah IIunawka,' a weekly n'-wtrnwimr puhliH!:e.l
at Tonopah. In the County of Nye, Slate nl
O. H. OALl-CH.
Ui-lf mtcr.
Date of rlrat puhllcatlon, Ortolirr 1, IWi.
Law Attorney for Applicant, Tonopah, Nev
T. R. Hofer,
Of N OT NtW 0H
Roprespntintf the oldest
intcrnationul life insur
ance company in the
Me B. Baptlett
Contractor and
Builder.,.. .
Tonopah, J J INwvada.
Plant and miilmatca made nn bulldiiiK"
without oont. Only A No. I work done by nw.
If you are irolnir to build oodhuII m.
Alonzo L. Hudgens,
Well Equipped Office on V Street,
Tonopah, INvda
817 ormente St , Ban Franoieoo, Cal
Sold by All the Leading Snloon In Tononah.

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