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Airplane Plunges to Ground
From Height of 75 Feet.—
Pilot Not Injured
The only real thrill experience by
Vegas as the result of the visit of
the airplanes on Thanksgiving, was
a mishap to the small exhibition
plane "Poison,” which left the ground
and reached a height of abmt 75
feet. Then the motor stopped and
Poison poked her nose into the ground
with considerable force, doing some
damage to the machine. Mr. C. O.
Prest, owner and pilot of the plane,
escaped with a slight shaking up.
There were some skeptics who
were sure that Poison would not fly.
The machine proved otherwise by
leaving the ground in nice shape.
The stoppage of the motor was caus
ed by the fact that castor oil used
for lubricating the rotary engine with
which the plarb is equipped, was
carelessly put in the gasoline tank.
Naturally, when the motor began to
call for gas, It got castor oil and
there was nothing further doing. The
damage to the plane consists of same
damage to the anding gear and
small damage to one of the wings.
The propellor was not broken.
Mr. Prest is now considering as to
whether he shajl repair Poison, or
use the motor and other parts In con
structing a small monoplane for ex
hibition flights. He is thinking seri
ously of doing the latter, building the
plane in Vegas.
Mr. C. O. Prest, who has establish
ed a reputation as one of the most
successful pilots in the country, in
voicing his impression of Las Vegas,
made the following statement:
“Las Vegas possesses remarkable
natural attributes to make It as good,
or even a better flying country than
Southern California.
“The cimate here is wonderful. The
air is good and storms are few and
well heralded before they break.
Then for miles and miles around the
country is flat and a anding, if neces
sary, could be made almost any place.
The altitude, of course, has some ef
fect on a ship, but not enough so
that it makes a great deal of differ
“We would like to see this aviation
proposition backed by every citizen
of Las Vegas and the surrounding
country. You have done a wonder
ful thing to have taken it this far,
but now is just the time to either
make It or break it.
“Bringing machines here is only a
question of permanently establishing
a field. If that is here the machines
will come.
"Commercially, the establishing of
a field here would benefit Las Vegas.
It will be only a matter of a short
time before Uncle Sam will have his
mall planes bound from Salt Lake to
Los Angeles, and then Las Vegas, if
it has a good field to offer, will no
doubt be put on the route.
“A plane here will also bring such
towns as Goodsprings, Searchlight,
Goldfield, Tonopah, Carson City, Re
no, St. George and Mo^pa Valley into
close communication with Las Vegas.
This would be a valuable business
The population of Nevada’s peni-!
tentiary now is ninety-four convicts,
which is likely to be cut slightly by
the action of the present session of
the pardon board, but which undoubt
edly will be boosted to the century
mark by coming terms of court in
various counties, is he opinion of R.
B. Henrichs, warden of the prison,
who is spending Thanksgiving in Re-1
The present mark is not the lowest;
the prison has had. About a year ago
the number of inmates was eighty-six
which is the lowest number on rec
ord within recent years. The prison
population has enjoyed a steady de- j
cline since the prohibition law went
into effect.—Reno Gazette.
ZINZUN: In'this city, Tuesday,
November 23, 1920, to Mr. and Mrs.
Genaro Zinzun, a daugher, Miss
Ruth. Dr. Mildren reports that all
are doin*, nicely.
Mrs. A. J. Feetham, who has been
employed as housekeeper and office
assistant for the Las Vegas Land &
Water Company at the rooming
house, was taken to the Los Angeles
Hospital the first of the week seri
ously ill. Although she is reported
much better, she will not return to
Vegas, but under advice of her phy
sician, will remain in Los Angeles.
Gus Pendleton and Jas. S. Abbott
of Bunkerville were in this city early
in the week.
Levy Syphus and Wm. H. Sellers
of St. Thomas were in Vegas yester
Sir Oliver Lodge says dying is as
easy as discarding an old pair of
pants. Wih a lot of us in Las Vegas
it’s easier.
James McCoy, a former resident of
Vegas but now residing in Los Ange
les, is here for a few days stay. Mr.
McCoy when here was part owner of
the Manganese Association.
IN ill5628
Oddie Defeated Henderson Bv
1148 Votes.—Arentz Won
Bv 4432 Votes
CARSON, Nov. 23.—United States
Senator Tasker L. Oddie was elected
over the Incumbent Charles B. Hen
derson, by exactly 1148 votes at the
general election on November 2 and
Samuel S. Arentz secured 4432 more
votes than his nearest rival, the pres
ent congressman, Chas. R. Evans, ac
cording to figures compiled by Secre
tary Brodigan from returns of elec
tion received from the various coun
ty clerks of the state. The figures are
from duplicates of abstracts of votes
which will be canvassed by the su
preme court justices in this city on
December 20.
Miss Boyd Leads
Delle B. Boyd, Louis G. Campbell
and H. V. Moorehouse, Republican
presidential electors, are shown to
have received 5G2S, 5565, and 5551
more votes respectively than their
nearest rival, William Forman, who
headed the list of Democratic presi
dential electors in the matter of votes
Ben W. Coeman, Non-Partisan, re
tains his position as justice of the
supreme court by virtue of a majori
ty of 4892 over J. Emmet Wash,
Non-Partisan and George F. Talbot,
Non-Partisan for ten-year term of
regent of the university, defeated A.
E. Cheney, Non-Partisan, for the
same office by 611. B. F. Culrer, who
had no opposition as Non-Partisan
candidate for two-year regent of the
university, received 17,467 votes.
Curiosity of Vote
Although the total vote ror unitea
States senator, the highest total vote
for any office, was 1864 higher than
the vote for the same office in 1918,
Henderson received 1795 votes less
than he received two years ago. Od
die ran 295 behind the figure he re
ceived at the 1918 election when he
was a candidate against Emmet D.
Boyle for governor. Anne Martin
polled 4981 votes, 378 more than she
received for the same office a the
previous general election.
The proposed amendments to the
state constitution, giving the supreme
court jurisdiction in appeals in crim
inal cases where the offense charged
is within the original jurisdiction of
the district court and allowing the
governor to call district judges to
sit on the supreme bench in place
of disabled or disqualified justices,
was carried by a majority of 8800
Most Votes for Senator
The returns show that the highest
number of votes cast in the entire
state was for United States senator,
27,427 persons voting for the four
senatorial candidates, 27,093 voted
for President and 27,320 for congress
For senator, Henderson carried
Elko, Clark, Humboldt, Lincoln and
White Pine counties, the others be
ing carried by Oddie. Arentz car
ried fifteen counties, tieing Evans in
Humboldt. Evans carried Clark only.
Anne Martin, independent candi
date for senator, polled her highest
votes in Washoe, Nye and White
Pine counties. In Esmeralda county
she ran twenty votes ahead of Hen
Washoe Polls Most Votes
Washoe county led the state in the
number of votes cast with 6924, Nye
polled 2879, and Elko 2542. The small
est vote recorded was in Eureka
where the total vote was 508.
The total Socialist vote in the state
was 1858.—Reno Gazette.
Ray Jarman was held to answer
before the district court on a charge
of burglarizing a Pullman sleeper up
on completion of his preliminary hear
ing before Judge Lillis today. His
bond is fixed at $2,000. Frank A.
Stevens, acting district attorney, ap
peared for the state and Richard
Busteed for the defendant.
The charge against Jarman is that
he took a hand bag from under the
berth in which Miss Wanda Smith
was sleeping, on fij-st No. 1, in the
earv morning of November 5th. That
he took it to the lavatory and opened
it, taking $16 in bills therefrom. The
evidence on behalf of the state was
to a certain extent circumstantial,
but the defense waived making a
Testimony was given by Miss
Smith, Sammons, the sleeping car
porter, Mr. Roach, a fellow traveler
on the train, George A. Goodwin, con
ductor and others.
At a meeting of the Board of Trus
tees of the Las Vegas Grammar
Schools held November 23rd, a re
quest from the teachers that salaries
be advanced, was considered. The
reason for asking the raise were
summed up as: Increased rates for
travel to and from their homes. In
crease in room rents and increas in
costs of foodstuffs and clothing.
In view of the fact that contracts
are in effect with all teachers, the
board decided to gratn a bonus of 12
per cent on present salaries to be
paid to all teachers fullfllling their
contracts for the year’s work.
I f
Igl K 2
OB £
3 it 2
. 3 B
1 • i - <?
William Forman. (Democrat) ....
Sarah J. George, (Democrat) .
Robert W. Hesson, (Democrat) ...
Delle E. Boyd, (Republican) ...
Louis G. Campbell, (Republican)..
H. V. Moorehouse, (Republican)..
Al. Emerick, (Socialist) .
J. L. Russell, (Socialist) .
Joseph York, (Socialist) .
Charles B. Henderson, (Democrat^
James Jepson, (Socialist) .
Anne Martin, (Independent) .
Tasker L. Oddie, (Republican) ...
Samuel S. Arentz, (Reupblican) ..
Jerry Donovan, (Socialist) .
• Charles R. Evans, (Democrat) ...
Paul Jones, (Independent) .
Ben W. Coleman. (Non-Partisan).
J. Emmet Walsh, (Non-Partisan).
(Ten Year Term)
A. E. Cheney, (Non-Partisan) ....
George P. Talbot, (Non-Partisan).
(Two Year Term)
B. P. Curler, (Non-Partisan).
Yes ...
No .
50R 620f 147 1029 347 157'532*254'366 344 209 1007 413 389 272*2357 902! 9851 -
504 622 146 10241344jl57(531 253 365 344 208; 986 411(386 269(2338 895 9783 -
502 618 146 1032 343 1571531 252 365 343 208 979 413 386 270 2335 895( 9775 -
873 589 503 1369466 313(660 416 373 945 374 1576 692 563(324(4189 1354 15479 5628
871 585 499 1366 462 3131662 418 373 939 372 1669 595 l>62 324(4153 1353(15416 5566
868 581 497 1358 460 313(660|415 372 939 373 1567 595 563 325(4160 1356 15402 5551
237j 1111 6 123(127 21 92 39 44119 46 316 19 44 21 319 180 1864 -
235 111! 5 123 127 21 94 39 42 118 46 319 19 45! 21 317 179 1861 -
235 109 5| 123jl27 21 92 38 43 117 46 314j 19 44 21 317 178 1849 -
560 770*200*1463 276 194 511 268 351 320 171 933(417 369*231 2374 994 10402 -
84" 35| 1 33: 16 9j 24 5 15 42, 9 66 15 7 3, 81. 49 494 ....
267 185! 60: 299:296 104 280142 193 2641161 686, 37(241 1261075 5751 4981
702 346 404) 747(353j2011485|297|235j76C(293 1212(556;402!298j3394j 859 11550 1148
774 534 485 1161 397 263 560'28413701846'277 1360 577^12 312*3278 1159 13599 4432
191 75j 4 87i• 64 16, 71 241 42|100 29 195| 18: 22 27, 131 109. 1205 -
482 643 143 987 376!169j560;226i244 311 191 1094,360 289:249 1819 924 9167 -
89! 28| 18| 2041109 47; 85 164, 15,134[l24 246, 67|141j 54:1602 232; 3349 -
r it ti r nr r r i i
869^590 395 1376:3301330!6141417|462 724 233 1450 629 793 261|3538 1928; 14939:4892
420;545j228! 854 556,139 5S3|236|284j564 364 1188 39l|l50|363 2787 395|l0047|....
570 399 232 671 299 209542 219:195 501 210 975 330 465 192 3677^ 955 10641 -
540!5841330 1362j390 194!482'347150115011256 1342 521,343!316;2180,1063; 112521 611
957 867 420 1598 547 322863 437j564^6891380 1975 676 647|371 494611208j 17467!
— I I I I | j | I j
670 736:24311082 505 213'549 3241406 601 315 1130[427 459 272 2877 1251 jl2060 8800
168| 96| 711 254:133 140:205 771 53,100: 80| 460, 93|142| 92j 844| 252; 3260:
Now that we are fast approaching
the Christmas season it is but fitting
to call the attention of Las Vegas
people to the advisability of making
it just as happy for those nearest
home as we possibly can. And in
this respect there are many ways of
shedding sunshine right around home
that a lot of people are unacquainted
Take the matter of the Christmas
present itself. Had you realized that
the Christmas gift bought right here
at home brings out more happiness
than the one purchased in a distant
city? The gift itself is just as good
if purchased here, and the one who
receives it will be just as well pleas
ed with it. But when it is bought
here at home the clerk who sold it
is made happy, and the merchant in
Whose store you purchased it—and
he is your neighbor—has additional
cause for wishing you and your fam
ily a merry Christmas.
From now on to Christmas this pa
per will contain announcements of
those merchants who are in position
to sell you Christmas goods that are
just as pretty, just as servicable and
lust as reasonably priced as you can
get elsewhere. If the thing you want
is not in stock they will quickly get
it for you. So why rush to some dis
tant city and buy that which you can
get at home, and hand your money to
someone you will never see again
and from whom you couldn’t get a
favor no matter how badly you might
need it? Think it over—and then
watch closely the columns of this pa
per. Watch them for the ads of your
neighbors—your friends—and read
those ads with profit to yourself.
Dr. R. F. O’Brien and A. W. Ham
took a little spin this afternoon in
the Pacific-Standard plane with Em
ery H. Rogers as pilot. The round
trip was made in one hour, quite a
contrast with the mode of travel in
vogue in this region 20 years ago.
The Nevada public service com
mission has ordered the Southern
Pacific, Western Pacific and Los An
geles and Salt Lake railways to show
cause why they should not put in ef
fect in Nevada the basic passenger
fare of 3.6 cents per mile charged for
intrastate traffic in other states. The
present rates charged by the lines
named varies from four to seven
cents per mile in Nevada. Dining car
charges are also involved in the case.
The matter has been set for hearing
in Carson City December 15th.—Car
son City News.
The board of parole recently grant
ed paroles to prisoners from Clark
county as follows:
Harry L. Daugherty, burglary, ef
fective when he has served 5t& years
with credits; Frank Johnson, forg
ery, effective immeiately; Leo F.
Rivard, issuing fictitious check, ef
fective when the Oregon authorities
call for him or when he has served
three years with credits.
Munro Brown is spending a few
days in Los Angeles on business.
Mrs. C. E. Burdick of Searchlight
is spending a few days in this city.
Advertising pays in the everything
except telling the reading public your
The Las Vegas man who argues
that all men are thieves will gener
ally bear watching.

Las Vegas people seem to have had
ample reason for being thankful this
Thanksgiving Day. There were a
large number of pleasant family gath
! erings and plenty of turkey for all.
Among the pleasant affairs which
i have come to our notice, are the fol
l lowing:
Mrs. Dora Lee entertained Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. Eglington, Miss Gardner
and Miss Casey at Thanksgiving din
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McGovern en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Harmon
and family.
• Judge and Mrs. Wbl Orr had as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nun
i gesser, R. H. Cabell and S. W. War
! ing of Searchlight.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe McQuade enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ireland
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Potts.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ronnow had a
family dinner, their guests being Mr.
and Mrs. A. S. Henderson, Wanda and
Alice Henderson, Mrs. A. H. Norris,
Eva and Thelma Norpis, Estella and
Gerald Crow, and Ed. W. Clark.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bracken, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Ferron, Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. Copper, were guests at the Will
Beckley home.
Mrs. Lela Hicks entertained her
son and family, of Arden, and her
daughter from the East, who is her
guest, at dinner Thanksgiving even
Mr. and Mrs. Leo McNamee had as
dinner guests Mrs. Isabella McChrys
tal and daughter, Bobbie, and Mr. W.
H. Pike.
Messrs. Harry Anderson and Rob
ert Hausler were hosts at a Thanks
giving dinner served at the Railway
Eating House. The affair was in hon
or of visiting aviators. Those pres
ent were Emery H. Rogers, C. O.
Prest, H. T. Hill, R. F. O’Brien, A. W.
Ham, C. S. Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Cookey, Harry Anderson, Miss Sher
wood, Bob Hausler, Miss Brown,
Clarence Stocker, L. W. Stocker, Har
ry Cressman and Jack Fagan.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Ball and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hudson were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Al. Moser.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Price and Mr.
and Mrs. R. F. O’Brien entertained
at dinner at the Price home, their
guests being Mr. and Mrt. Harry
Blanding, Mr. and Mrs. John Light
foot, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pembroke,
and A. W. Ham.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ullom and Mrs.
Henrietta Brockman dined at the
Geo. Ullom home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ullom and Jack
McGruder were guests a the home of
Mrs. Coughlin.
Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Bulette had as
their guests at Thanksgiving, Mr.
and Mrs. B. F. Whitmire, Mr. Evans,!
and Dr. Neame, Mrs. Bulette’s sister.!
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Sullivan enter
tained with a family dinner, their
guests being Mrs. Sullivan’s aunt,
Mrs. Peterson, of Upland, Calif., and
a sister, Miss Bertha Hojris, of Den
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Schuyler had
as their guests. Misses Kipp, Clongh
and Wolff, and Messrs Boyer and Ed.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira MacFarland, Dr.
and Mrs. R. Wr. Martin and family,
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Mildren, Mr.
and Mrs. N. E. Williams and daugh
ter, Mrs. Florence Doherty and fam
ily, Mrs. Mary Anderson, and Hugh
Welk were guests at the C. P.
Squires home.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frehner of
St. Thomas and Mr. Frehner’s broth
er of Littlefield, spent Thanksgiving
with Mr. and Mrs. Stowell Whitney
at the Clark ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hurd entertain
ed Mrs. Lillian Colton, the Misses
Colton and Roderick Colton at a de
licious dinner Thanksgiving.
Misses Coen and Andruss had Miss
Basket Ball Games and Boxing
and Wrestling Matches Af
ford Good Sport
The Thanksgiving Day athletic
events were held in the High School
Auditorium and were well patronized.
In the Basket ball game, Bunker
ville vs. Clark County High School,
the Bunkerville boys were earfiijr vic
tors with a score of 53 to 24. The
members of the two teams were:
Bunkerville—Leavitt, Leavitt, Cox,
Graft, Waite, Leavitt, Pulsipher.
C. C. H. S.—Noblitt, Schuyler, Mor
rison, Tracht, Jones.
The game played by Bunkerville
vs. Big Five also resulted in a vic
tory for Bunkerville, the score being
50 to 27. In this game the players
Bunkerville—Hunt, Hardy, can
non, Graft, Cox.
Big Five—Wilson, Rich, Vaughn,
Mudgett, Earl, Stacy, Bailey.
The Shop Boys Team came off vic
torious by a narrow margin in their
game against Bunkerville, the score
standing 27 to 23. The teams lined
up as follows:
Shop—Westlake, Silk, Lee, Kramer,
Fahey, Harnandez.
Bunkerville-—Ralston, Cox, Cannon,
Hardy, Graft.
The program arranged by the New
Las Vegas Athletic Club opened with
a four rounds bout between Young
Valencia and Battling Tony. The de
cision was a draw, although Valen
cia appeared to have his opponent
W. Duncan and Ernest Kessler fol
lowed with a wrestling bout in which
Kessler was far outclassed, Duncan
getting the first fall in 4 minutes and
the second in three minutes.
Johnnie Silk won from N. Y. Kid in
their four round boxing bout, which
was fast and clever. The enthusiast
ic crowd rained silver on the stage
and the winner gathered up $12.20.
Ray Jarman and Mickie Mailin
then went on for four rounds, which
furnished the fans with a lot of fun,
and everyone went home well pleas
Mr. Leavitt, of Ogden, Utah, who
at present holds the light weight
championship of his home town,
challenged anyone of his weight for
the next meet, and Mickie Mailin of
this city accepted.
The Athletic Clob boys wish,
through the Age, to thank the school
board, teachers and the Grammar
School Band for their support and
The dinner given by the ladies of
the Episcopal Guild was a most grati
fying success, a sum in excess of
$300 being cleared for the church.
Mrs. C. E. Bulette, chairman of the
| committee, had charge of the affair
and its success is largely due to her
indefatigable efforts. The ladies all
worked with vigor and are entitled
to thanks for the splendid home
cooked meals they enabled the com
munity to enjoy.
Lucile Potter as their guest at din
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conklin en
tertained a company, consisting of
Mrs. Elizabeth Conklin. Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Turner, and Messrs. C. J.
Black. H. D. Black and Archie Mc
Prof, and Mrs. J. F. Mayes had
Prof. Raitt as their Thanksgiving
dinner guest.
Pacific Standard Plane Makes
Successful Flight From
Pacific Coast
Mr. Emery H. Rogers, manager of
the Pacific Standard Alrpane and Sup
ply Company, drove a Pacific Stand
ard Model 0X5 plane from Venice
to Las Vegas Tuesday the 23rd. the
flying time being 4 hours and 40 min
utes. Mr. Rogers was accompanied
i bl Mr. H. T. Hill as mechanician.
The start was made at Venice at
11:30 a. m., and Yermo was reached
at 1:20 p. m. Here a stop was made
for gas. The plane left Yermo at
2:00 and arrived in Vegas at 4:50.
making a perfect landing on the field
south of Vegas.
Speaking of his trip, this being the
first time a plane has flown from the
coast to Las Vegas, Mr. Rogers said:
"This is a wonderful country to
fly over, the air is so clear, and the
view so extensive. The coloring of
the mountains is ever changing and
has remarkable beauty and attraction
for the traveler. Then, because of
the numerous dry lake beds, a land
ing can be picked anywhere with per
fect safety in case of emergency.
"The maximum altitude reached on
the trip was 7,000 feet.
“We met with a great reception at
the field estabished by the energy of
Mr. Hausler and the progressive peo
ple of Las Vegas.
“The Plane used was a Pacific
Standard Model OX5 three passenger
job, the most economical and safe
plane on the market. This plane
sells for only $3,850. and yet it will
do the work of a $9,000 eastern plane.
Las Vegas should seize this oppor
tunity to Install planes in her new
field to hold the interest of the peo
ple and to show the government that
they mean business and want the
aerial mail to come this way.
we are the largest aircraft house
in the west and can give that class
of service on all planes which we
sell, that you expect from a. good au
tomobile house. The time to secure
a plane here, at this ideal location
is now.
“The total cost for oil and gas on
the trip from the coast to Las Vegas
was $12.25, carrying two people and
all baggage.”
Numerous flights were made by
Mr. Rogers with passengers. Thanks
giving Day and there was a general
expression of a feeling of security
while driving through the air which
was entirely unexpected by the Inex
perienced. It may be of some in
terest to know that per mile of trav
el. fewer passengers are injured or
killed by airplane accidens than in
automobile accidents. The science
of air navigation has made immense
strides lately and the airplane as a
means of transportation has taken a
place as one of the safest methods
known. The old fear which was
nurtured during the early experimen
tal days of flying by the numerous
mishapk, has gradually passed. Great
planes are making three trips each
day between London and Paris in the
worst climate in the world for flying,
without accident. Mr. Rogers states
that during the year he was in
charge of Chaplin field at Los An
geles, they carried over 3,000 passen
gers without the slightest injury to
any or any damage whatever to the
Mr. Rogers is still here but expects
to fly back to Venice within the next
day or two.
Edmon G. Bennett, formerly of the
firm of Breeze and Bennett of this
city, but recently practicing law in
Los Angeles, has formed a partner
ship with Earl Rogers, the famous
criminal trial lawyer. The office is
in the Washington building, Los An
The announcement of the partner
ship states that other lawyers will
be soon associated with the firm and
permanent offices opened.
major McCarthy now ~
Maj. C. E. McCarthy is now sta
tioned at Douglas, Arizona, with the
48th U. S. Infantry. During and since
the war. he was attached to the gen
eral staff at Washington.
Maj. McCarthy was for some time
prior to the war county assessor of
Clark county.
The Christmas vacation of the Las
Vegas Grammar Schools will begin
December 23 and last until January
3, when school will open. This will
give the teachers a chance to go
home for the holiday if they wish.
The shelving is being put in the
Levy buiding foj* the Las Vegas
Cooperative store. It is hoped to
have the stock in place and the store
open for business about the middle of
They are advocating jails for pro
fiteers again, but for some reason
they never get any further than ad

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