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Daily :Boi
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VOL. II NO. 1f.'
Fair Thursday.
Directors of the Amalgamat
ed Vote to Reduce the Pro
duction of Cooper 50 Per
By Associated Press. ; ' V; i : i ;
NEW YORK, Sept. 18. The directors ol the subsidiary Compan
ies of the Amalgamated Copper Company at a meeting In this
city today voted to curtail the output ol these companies by 50
per cent or more of the normal output. This action will take
effect immediately. The companies represented were the Ana
conda, the Butte and Boston, Boston and Montana, and Parrett
Mining Company. " .- -
18. A. W. Marksheffel. private
chauffeur and automobile racer,
was arrested tonight on a charge
Of. manslaughter, as the, result
of a verdict of the coroner's
jury which held an inquest ovei
the body of W. H. Ralston, kill-
od with others in an automobile
accident here yesterday morn-
ing. Evidence shows that all
of the parties had been drinking
in the red-light district of Col-
orado Springs, and Marksheffel
admitted that his speed, when
he struck the fatal hill, was
thirty-five miles -an hour and
that it w as physically impossible
for him to make the curve- in
the hill.
Arthur Doggett, a stock broker( has
been missing from this city for
week, and It Is said that he left his
business affairs in a badly tangled
shape. Several persons are Bald to
have suffered from Doggett's method
of doing business. Among those who
are complaining are Clem W. Rog
ers, Doggett's business associate, and
another man who claims to have
hin Hnfrauded of several hundred
dollars by Doggett.
It is reported that about ten days
asio Doggett secured $560 from
client upon the statement that he had
". purchased Red Hills mining stock for
the client. When this man after
ward asked for the mining itCCk it is
said that Doggett was unable to de
liver the stock or refund the money.
Then, it is said, Doggett appealed
to Rodgers to assist him. Rodgers
did not come to his assistance- Dog
gett then visited his rooms, hurriedly
packing his things, and stated that he
was irolng to Santa Cruz for a week.
sin Mint tlmn nothing has been
heard of the missing man.
LEXINGTON. Sept. 18. The Ken
tucky Racing association today adopt
ed the following resolution: , ,;i
"Any person who owns, wholly, ln
part, or Is interested directly or indi-
.. i. hnnlr morin on races at
"any meeting which is licensed by this
.i,n lin nwmitted.
i euUllllIBBlvu ouaib w - r
I while being Interested in such book,
tn race, train or ride any horse upon
Yv track so licensed, and for any
Ration of this rule the guilty party
be ruled off.
Kington was denied four addi-
dates, and Louisville was ai-
txteen days, from October 16
nber 2, luclusive.'begliinlng
. Latonla.
A. JL.
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18. The
northern section of the city had ltd
first scare this afternoon when flames
broke out among a colony of frame
structures in the 1800 block on
Stockton street. Firemen succeeded
in checking the fire after three flat
buildings had been destroyed. The
Are was caused by an explosion of a
plumber's gasoline pot. The total
loss was 135,000.
BRUSSELS, Sept. 18. Dr. Henry
I. Colt of Newark, N. J., at the Inter
national Milk , Congress yesterday,
announced that pasteurized milk,
prepared and supplied in large quan
tities, Is unsafe unless kept at a tem
perature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit,
and consumed within twenty-four
. By Associated Press.
VANCOUVER, B. C, Sept. 18.
Thirty-eight thousand Japanese have
been given permission by the mika
do's government to come immediately
to British Columbia. They will cross
the Pacific just as rapidly as steam
ers can be secured to bring them
The news that Vancouver will see an
immigration hitherto unprecedented
was received here today by tlui
steamer Woolwich , which brought
.230 of the brown men. The steamer
Indiana is overdue now from Hono
lulu with 300.
, Best informed circles declare that
the dominion government will do
nothing at all to prevent the further
influx of Japanese, despite the pro
tests of v Vancouver. The demand for
labor is so great in the Interior of
British Columbia and on the prairies
of the northwest that as many Jap
anese as wish to come will be' allow.
ed to do so. On the other hand, of
ficial statements come from Ottawa
that Premier Laurler and Delegate
Ishii will confer tomorrow and ar
range a nominal limit.' Nobody in
Vancouver believes that even if this
limit is declared it will he adhered to.
- There was no demonstration today
on the arrival of the Japanese on the
steamer Woolwich.
ANTWERP, Sept. 18. The Mari
time Federation today presented
proposal which was accepted by the
striking dock laborers and others,
calling for an unconditional return to
work and the appointment of a mixed
commission with powers to examine
and determine upon the question of
wages. '
PARIS, Sept. 18. Louis Water
lin, th$ painter, is dead.
H -
.mm l
Is Second to None
Weeks New Fire
The combination engine and hose
wagon for the Tonopah Fire Depart
ment is on the way. The apparatus
was shipped from New York on Aug
ust 31st, and should be here not later
that the first of the month. Chief
of the -Fire Department Jack Mac
kenzie is impatiently waiting for the
arrival of the machine, and is getting
the great team in fine fettle for its
CHICAGO, Sept. 18. Today's ses
sion of the National Prison Congress
was held at tne cnicago university
and the principal feature was an ad
dress by Attorney General Bonaparte
on "Funisnment ana raraon. Bona
parte spoke of the value of discipline
as having "miraculous power to radi
cally change human nature," and the
necessity of insuring obedience to
sovereign will by the pnlshment of
disobedience. The efficacy of any
form of punishment, however, he
said, must be judged by its results
to the community in the diminution
of crime. Its effects on lawbreakers
themselves, while worthy, are not,
he said, of vastly less moment. Bona
parte said he had seen no reason to
repent of his suggestion, made in a
magazine article some years ago, that
an attempt to commit capital crime
ought, to be made itself capital, and
further the commission of a major
crime should render the offender
liable at the discretion of the court
to the-death penalty. .
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. Mrs
Carrie Nation was today arrested and
locked up to answer to a charge in
the police court tomorrow of disor
derly conduct. ; v
Mrs. Nation refused when request
ed by an officer to stop lecturing to
200 men from the' steps of the post
office department. .
LONDON, Sept. 17. After years
of striving, Miss Maxine Elliott has
achieved a distinct personal success
in London. She appeared in the Ly
ric theater In H. V. Esmond's play,
'Under the Greenwood Tree," and
the audience was generous in its ap
: The play Is full of witty lines, has
many comedy situations which amus
ed the spectators, even though Brit
ish. Throughout the four acts Miss
Elliott' and her company repeatedly
won enthusiastic curtain calls.
Miss Elliott impersonated a mil
lionaire girl who, tired of luxurious
life, seeks the simple existence of
gypsy. A band of bold, bad gypsies
attack her Van. The lord of the
manor rescues the heroine, whose
companion and secretary also finds
a soul affinity in the baron who Is de
voted to the heroine. .
vNew Fire
in the West Should
House About Ready for Occupancy.
' The machine was constructed by
the American La France Fire Engine
Company of Elmira, New York, and
is known as the Holloway combina
tion chemical and hose wagon. It
is a sixty-gallon single tank machino
and is said to be the most modern
and perfect of the kind in use. Los
Angeles has three of them in its de
partment and Goldfleld is going to
order one. It is all steel and weighs
13460 pounds.
By Associated Press.
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Company, which controls all street
car lins of this city, was held today.
Annual reports- submitted by Presi
dent Parsons showed a deficit from
the year's operations of $364,048,
compared with a surplus of $303,996
in the preceding twelve months. The
gross earnings exceeded $18,000,000,
the largest In the company's history.
President Parsons, in his report.
stated that in the last two months
$1,217,396 was paid out in payment
of claims, an increase of $263,666
over the previous year. The percent
age of earnings required for this pur
pose has increased in ten years from
2 Xr 3 to about 7, or equivalent
to a dividend of $2 per share on the
stock. ' This increase Parsons attrib
utes to the activity of a certain class
of lawyers who, aided by physicians,
work up damage suits from accidents
to passengers on the company's lines,
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 18. The
Star today -says: The Brotherhood
of Engineers in Kansas City assert
that as a result of a vote recently
taken, 97 per cent of their men ov
the Missouri Pacific railway favor a
stnlke because of the company's re
fusal to make -certain concessions in
volving the roundhousing of loco mo
lives at the end of the runs. ' It was
said by railroad engineers that a
strike of the engineers on the Mis
souri Pacific railway .system would
also involves the engineers on all the
Gold lines, including the Iron Moun
tain, the Denver and Rio Grande, the
Wabash, the Texas Pacific and the
International and Great Northern.
There are 1200 engineers employed
by the Missouri Pacific and the Iron
Mountain alone.
Representatives .of the firemen
were in Kansas City yesterday can
vassing the situation with a view to
joining with the engineers in the pro
posed strike. A conference of the en
gineers' order and the railway of
ficials will be held in St. Louis this
"week. -
SAN FRANCI8CO, Sept. 18. The
following are the scores for today's
games: Los Angeles 3, Portland 2
Oakland 10, San Francisco 0.
1 i
be Here in a Few
By the time the new wagon arrives
here the fire house on the hill will
be ready for occupancy, and there
will be a thousand feet of new hose
here. A test will be made of the
wagon before it is accepted by the
department, and if it proves to bs
all right Tonopah will .have a de
partment in which it can well take
By Associated Press.
OKLAHOMA, Sept. 18. Returns
from yesterday's election that arriv
ed today and tonight continue- to be
of the same tenor, that the constitu
tion has been adopted and that pro
hibition has carried by at least 30,
000; that the whole Democratic
State ticket, headed by Charles N,
Haskell of Muskogee, has been elect
ed by a majority of more than 20,-
000. In the congressional elections
the Democrats seem to have chosen
four of the five representatives, ac
cording to returns received tonight.
The legislature Is Democratic by
large majority and will elect United
States Senators Robert L. Owens,
Cherokee Indian, and T. P. Gore, ttap
famous blind orator. They were
nominated by primaries in June.
Haskell, the Democratic candidate
for Governor, declares that his ma
jority will reach 40,000. He says
that if the people have voted for pro
hibition he will see that the law is
enforced. ,
By Associated Press.
, CLEVELAND, Sept. 18. M. Czol
goloz and his wife, parents of the
assassin of -President McKlnley,' havo
applied to the city charity depart
ment for assistance. Czolgoloz is 83
years old and his wife is 75 years
old. ' . '- -
Crank Wants a Ship Run as Jesus
Would Rum It.
! NEW YORK. Sept. 21. "I believe
that It Is possible and that it, would
be profitable to run an ocean steam
ship as Christ would run one," said
the Rev. Charles M. Sheldon of To
peka, Kansas, author of "In His
Steps," and editor of a paper in his
home town, which he conducted
along highly ethical lines, accoi din;,
to a local newspaper.
-jay trip," ne said, "taught ue
that a vessel run without liquor or
gambling attachments would - be
crowded from stem to stern. -
"The space that is now nsed as a
smoking room could be better util
ized as a place in which to hold-re
llgious services. The line that first
puts - on a steamship run as Christ
would run one will find -treasure
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO.'Sept. 18. At a
meeting of the health board today,
Health Officer Gunn reported on the
bubonic plague as follows: Total
number. of cases to date, 32; deaths,
19; suspects under observation, 19.
Dr. Gunn said that the bacteriological
work done by Dr. Wherey showed
that practically all of the infected
rats have come from the Italian quar
ter in the North Beach district. Su
pervisor Payot attended a session of
the board. He objected to a proposal
by Dr. Huntington to address a cir
cular letter to every wholesaler,
warehouse man, liveryman and res-
tauranteur in the city relative to the
necessity of killing rats. Payot
thought the purpose could - be best
served by addressing a letter to the
press. The board Instructed the
health officer to append such notice
to an advertisement he is about to
insert offering the board's ten-cent
bounty on rats.
Drs. Huntington and Tait, consti
tuting a committee, reported that
they are ascertaining what accommo
dations can be afforded by various
hospitals to the 750 uninfected pa
tients soon to be moved from the
City and County hospital. '
By Associated Press. .
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 18. James
lngersoll of Pocatello, Idaho, presi
dent of the Uncle Sam Oil Company,
testified today that he knew abso
lutely nothing of the working of the
company. "I jiever have been a
stockholder, and never put any
money into it," he said. "I never
acted in any official capacity as pres
ident. ' I do not know how much the
company owes and how much stock
has been issued. I did not even know
I was president until two years after
my first election, which I am told oc
curred In 1905. This I did not know'
sntll I came to Kansas City, from
Pocatello, Idaho, this summer," In
gersoll's testimony was a surprise
sprung by the commercial creditors
of the Uncle Sam Oil Company on
the newly elected board of directors
at a hearing before Judge Hazen,
referee In bankruptcy. . " '
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18. Walk
ing leisurely up crowded Broadway
this afternoon and pinching every
good looking woman be met, Andrew
Loin, a! well-known hotel broker,
created a reign of terror among fem
inine shoppers. Many of his victims
screamed, but he always evaded men
whose attention was attracted, until
nearly a hundred women had been
nipped. Finally he began squeezing
ladies and a patrolman caught him.
Loin was locked up on a charge of
disturbing the peace and will be tried
tomorrow. Ke was not intoxicated
and made no denial nor attempt to
explain his emulation of Caruso In
New . York. A woman who watched
him while he pinched thirty or more
and tried to call men to her assist
ance, says it seemed to delight him to
see his victims jump when he pinched
them severely.
BRUSSELS, Sept. 18 From infor
mation received by the correspondent
it is evident that many merchants in
Antwerp are on the verge of bank
ruptcy on account of the : dockers'
strike. Corn exporters are especially
heavy losers, many millions of, bus
hels of Indian corn remaning un
handled on the quays. The National
Bank of Belgium Is rushing money to
aid the Antwerp merchants.

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