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Dividends, $26,054,984 Silver, today, 74 5-8 Cents; a year ago, 75 1-2 Cents
Tonopah's Production, $103,773,508
Tonopah Daily Bonanza
Silver 7
Copper 3041
Lead . Ka
Qulekellver 110
Generally Cloudy Tonight and Sunday
m YVI Nrt 2R7
mm H a S B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
m m m m m m m m 0 0 0
0 0
"It is Essential that the Day be Approached in Thoughtful Apprehension of
its Significance, and that we Accord to it the Honor it Deserves."
(Hr Auiorlalrd Prraa.)
WASHINGTON, May 18 Presi
dent Wllson'B proclamation putting
into effect the Helectlve draft pro
vision of the war army bill, signed
last night, follows:
"A proclamation by the president
of the United State.
"Whereas, congress has enacted
ind the president has on the 18th
day of May, one thousand nine hun
dred and seventeen, approved the law
which contuins the following provi
sions: "Sec. 5. That all male persons be
tween the ages of 21 and 30, both
inclusive, shall be subject to regis
tration In accordance with regula
tions to be prescribed by the presi
dent; and upon proclamation by the
president or other public notice
given by him or by bis direction
stating the time and place of such
registration, It shall be the duty of
ill persons of the designated ages,
except officers and enlisted men of
the regular army, the navy and the
nailonal guards and naval militia,
while in the service of the United
States, to present themselves for and
submit to resist ration under the pro
visions of this act. and every such
person shall be deemed to have no
tice of their requirements of this
act upon the publication of said
proclamation or other notice as af
foresaid given by the president or by
hit direction; and any person who
shall wilfully fail or refuse to pre
sent hlniKelf for registration or to
submit thereto as herein provided.
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and
shall, upon conviction in the district
Court of the United States having
jurisdiction thereof, be punished by
Imprisonment for not more than one
year and shall thereupon bo duly
reentered; provided, that In the cull
of the docket procedure shall be
glvon In courts trying the same, to
the trial of criminal proceedings un
der this act:
Age Limitations
Provided further, that persons
hall be subject to registration as
herein provided who shall have at
tained their twenty first birthday and
who shall not have attained their
thirty-first birthday on or before the
day set for the registration and all
persons so registered shall be and
rffmntn an hiert to draft into the
forces hereby authorized unless ex
cmniwt nr nxcused therefrom as In
this act
states, territories and the District
of Columbia and subdivisions there
of, In the execution of this act, and
ail officers and agents of the United
States and of the several states, ter
ritories, and sub-divisions thereof,
and of the District of Columbia and
all persons designated or appointed
under regulations prescribed by the
president himself or by the governor
or other officers, whether such ap
pointments are made by the president
himself or by the governor or other
officers of any state or territory to
perform any duty In the execution
of this act are hereby required to
perform such duty as the president
shall order or direct, and all such
officers and ngents and persons so
designated or appointed shall hereby
have full authority for all acts done
by them In the execution of this act
by the direction of the president.
Correspondence in the execution of
this act may be carried in penalty
envelopes bearing the frank of the
war department. Any person charg
ed as herein provided with the duty
of carrying Into effect any of the
provisions of this act or the regula
tions made or directions given there
tinder, who shall fail or neglect to
perform such duty, and any person
charged with such duty or having
and exercising any authority under
said act, regulations or directions,
who shall knowingly make or be
a party to the making of any false
or Incorrect registration, physical
examination, exemption, enlistment,
enrollment or muster; and any per
son who shall make or be a party
to the making of any false statement
or certificate as to the fitness or lia
bility of himself or any other person
for service under the provisions of
this act, or regulations made by the
president thereunder, or otherwise
evades or aids another to evade the
requiremnts of this act or of said
requirements of this act or of said
shall fail or neglect fully to perform
any duty requirsd of him In the ex
ecution of this act, shall, if not sub
ject to military law, be guilty of a
misdemeanor and upon conviction in
the district court of the United
States having Jurisdiction thereof, be
punished by imprisonment for not
more than one year, or if subject
to military law, shall be tried by
court martial and suffer such pun
iBhment as a court martial may di
rect. Duties of Governors.
"Now therefore, 'I. Woodrow Wil
son, president of the United States,
do call upon the governor of each
of the several stales and territories,
the board of commissioners of the
District of Columbia, and all offi
cers and agents of the several slates
and territories,, of the District of
Columbia and of the counties and
municipalities therein to perform cer
tain duties In the execution of the
foregoing law, which duties will be
communicated to them directly in
regulations of even date herewith.
"And I further proclaim and give
notice to all persons subject to reg
istration in the several stales and
in the District of Columbia In ac
cordance with the above law that
the time and place of such regis
tration shall be between 7 a. m.
and 9 p. m. on the fifth day of
June, 1917, at the registration place
in the precinct wherein they have
their permanent homes. Those who
shall have attained their 21st birth
day, and who shall not have attain
ed their 31st birthday on or before
the day herein named are required
to register, excepting only officers
and enlisted men of the regular
army, the navy, the marine corps,
and the national guard and naval
militia, while in the service of the
United States and officers In the
officers' reserve corps and enlisted
men in the enlisted reserve corps
while in active service.
"In the territories of Alaska, Ha
waii and Porto Rico a day for reg
istration will be named In a later
proclamation, and I do charge those
who through sickness shall be un
able to present themselves for reg
istration that they apply on or be
fore the day of registration to the
county clerk of the county where
they may be for Instructions aa to
how they may be registered - by
agent. Those who expect to be ab
sent on the day named from the
counties in which they have their
permanent homes may register by
mall, but their mailed registration
cards must reach the places where
they have their permanent homes
by the day named herein. They
should apply as soon as practicable
to the. county clerk of the county
wherein they may be for instructions
as to how they may accomplish
their registration by mall. In case
such persons as through sickness or
absence, may be unable to present
Spain Demands
Future Guarantee
tlly Aafux-lalril Prraa.)
LONDON, May 18. A Madrid
dispatch says the note sent by
the Spanish government to Iler-
lin regarding the sinking of
the Patrlcido demands immedi-
ate satisfaction and guarantees
for the future.
(fty Aaaarlatrd Prraa.)
reElnient of marines commanded by
Provided, further, that ln I Colonel Charles A. Doyan, composed
the case of temporary absence fromof ve(erang of active service in Hay
actual place of legal residence oft, (,,ba gnd gant0 Domingo, win
any person liable to registration as BCronipany the army division to be
provided herein, such registration
may be made by mail, under regula
tions to be prescribed by the presi
dent. Enforcing the Law.
"Section 6. That the president la
hereby authorized to utilize the ser
vice of any or all departments and
any or all officers or agents of the
United Slates and of the several
I M m A 1.J 1'rraa.l
sam h'liANCISCO. May 19. llev.
Alvin Moore, head of the Union Res
cue Mission, was sentenced to three
years In San Quentln today for at
tacking Mrs. Vivian Thompson in a
hotel he conducted.
sent to France under Major General
Pershing. Secretary Daniels announc
ed today that the marine regiments
have about 2600 men equipped the
Bame as army regiments of the ex
peditionary force organization which
will comprise regulars brought home
from the tropics Immediately. The
division will Include approximately
25.00(1 troops.
Registration day is set for June
The regulars are expected to be
in action against the Germans before
September, when the draft will be
called to the colors. General Per
shing and his staff will go to Europe
ahead of the troops, as soon as pos
The American troops may take
their places to buttress little llel
glum's line so tenaciously holding
fnst to a strip on the extreme west-
alt of Iiclgium that escaped the In
In explaining why he did not send
Roosevelt, the president aald the of
fleers the Colonel wanted with hi
division are needed for the "much
-riw mn wkad ir.n - morn pressing necessary muy m
' training regular troops to be put In
Official readings of the ther- 4i France and Iiclgium."
(Ily Aaaorlalrd Prraa.)
President Wilson last night ordered
that a division of regular troops,
commanded by Major General John
Pershing be sent to France at the
earliest practicable date.
This is the answer of America
to France'? plea that the stars and
stripes be carried to the fighting
front without delay to hearten the
soldiers battling there with concrete
evidence that with a powerful ally
has come to their support against
German aggression.
Announcement of the order follow
ed signing of the selective draft war
army bill by the president, and the
issuing of a statement that under
advice of military experts on both
sides of the water he could not em
ploy volunteers or avail himself of
the "fine vigor and enthusiasm of
former President Roosevelt for the
The army law provided for an ul
timate force of approximately 2,000,-
000 men to back up the first troops
to eo to the front. When the bill
had been signed the presidont af
fixed his name to a proclamation
calling upon all men In the country
between the ages of 21 and 30 In
elusive, to register themselves for
Hilary service on June 6th next.
The proclamation sets in motion Im
mediately machinery that will enroll
nd sift 10.u00.000 men and paves
the way for the selection of tne
first 500,000 young, efficient soldiers
IBr Aaanrlaird Prraa.)
MKMl'HIS, May 19.-I.es Darcy Is
seriously 111 with pneumonia. His
manager says his prize ring dnys
re over.
mometer by the United States wj
observer t Tonopah: ;
' 1917 19U
5 a. m 3 '
a m 4f. 42
12 noon 4
p, m fin 49
Maximum lth 49 87
Minimum lath 32 3
arxir l"r.
4A .Scott, the suspended collector of In
ml revenue, and hie brother, fur
S7 mer chief deputy A Clyde Scott. In
today, S& per cent.
ed on a charge of embeairlln
government funds, pleaded not guilt
commerce of the nation or bringing
hardships on those at home.
Even before the bill was signed
the war department announced that
the full strength of the national
guard would be drafted Into the
United States army beginning July
15, and concluding August 5. Or
ders to bring the regiments to full
war strength Immediately accompan
ied the notification sent to all gov
ernors. A minimum of 329,000 fight
ing men will he orougnt w me col
ors under those orders, supplement
ing the 293,000 regulars who will be
under arms by June 15. It is from
these forces that thet first armies
to Join General Pershing at the front
will be drawn to be followed within
a few months with recurring waves
from the selective draft armies, the
first 500,000 of whom will be mobil
ized September 1.
(By Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
VIENNA, May 19. A British cruis
er waajtunk during an engagement
with English, French and Italian
vessels after an Austrian naval de
tachment had made a successful raid
In the strait of Otranto, on the south
ern coast of Italy, according to an
official announcement by the admlr-
alty. Italian destroyers, three mer
chantmen and 20 armed guard ships,
the statement adds "became victims
of the Austrian raid."
A German submarine co-operated
with the Austrian forces which are
said to have returned to port with
with a small loss of life and little
oo o o o
German Papers
Print the Fact
(Hi- Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood, the first
woman admitted to practice before
the United States supreme court, a
pioneer suffragette, and the only
woman ever a candidate for presi
dent of the United States, died today
Ithout 'crippling the Industries or after a long illness, aged
(By Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
Colonel Roosevelt will not be per
mitted to raise his volunteer expe
dition to carry the American flag
against the Germans in France.
On signing the army bill tonight
President Wilson issued a statement
saying that acting under expert ad
vice from both sides of the water,
he would be unable to avail himself
to the present stage of the war of
the authorization to organize volun
teer divisions.
There was talk in army circles
last night . for the possibility that a
way will be found to use the former
(By Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
German papers printed the
news of the arrival of the
American destroyers In Euro-
pean waters under a single
headline. The Lokal Anzeiger
heads the Item "Now the Amer-
(fir Aaaorlatrd Prraa.) uuu.uoo men irom zi io ju years oi
WASHINGTON, I). C, May vj. age to register lor military service
The war army bill as passea py aim atuuns i"
cnirrPHM mid finally reviewed at the tion.
war department went back to the
White House last night ana wa
signed by President ilson. i ne
president's signature set In motion
Immediately machinery designed to
produce within a year's time a nat
ional army of more than a million
trained and equipped men, backed
by adequate reserve of men and sup
plies and by an additional Rno.000
soldiers under training
The war bill was carefully gone
over during the day by Hrtgadter
General Crowdrr. Judge advocate
general and provost marshal general
It remained but to prepare the proc
lama lion tor the, preaidente aina
jtur summoning approximate! 10,-
Indications are that registration
will begin about June 3, to be com
pleted within five- days and to be
followed by the process of selection
which will determine the first 500,
000 men to be called to the colors
about September 1
Meanwhile the war department Is
pushing vigorously its preparations
to mobilize the National Guard which
with the regulars form the first
line army. All existing regiments
of the guard will be ralM Into eer
vice by August S. and officials ea
tim.e that with from a month to
it weeks intensive training thee
troop will be ready to go forward
for tlaal preprmtka Ugla la
fighting lines In Europe for the fight
ing that Is before them.
Regular army regiments already
are In motion northward Iron) the
border, preparatory to the expansion
of the regular service to full war
strength. Of the 183.89S men nec
essary to bring the regulars up to
the 293.000 mark, 74.933 already
have been recruited and the remain
der are expected to come In bfore
June 15.
The national auardsmen will be
drafted Into the federal service in
three Increments on July IS, July
25. and August 5. A a gneral or
der Is Issued by the president draft
ing specific regiments the force will
rraie io be militia and become part
of the armies of the United States
They will be relieved by the litnl
iCoatiaitod o ) towr)
Br Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
FORT SHERIDAN, 111., May 19.
Colonel Wm. Nicholson, commander
of the officers training camp, has
banned the wearing of fraternity
pins on olive drab shirts, using au
tomobiles for trips around the camp
during leisure hours and giving col
lege yells, which he said are not
made for democracy.
themselves personally for registra
tion shall be sojourning in cities
of over 30,000 population, they shall
apply to the city clerk of the city
wherein they may be aojournlug
rather than to the clerk of the coun
ty. The clerks of counties and of
cities over 30,000 population in which
numerous applications from the sick
and from non-residents are expected
are authorized to establish such sub
agencies and to emply and deputize
such clerical force as may be neces
sary to accommodate these applica
Stubborn Facte Cited.
"The power against which we are
arrayed has sought to impose its
will upon the world by force. At
this end It has increased armament
until it has changed the face of
war. In the sense In which we have
been wont to think of .armies there
are no armies in this struggle. There
are entire nations armed. Thus the
men who remain io till the soil and
man the factories are no less a part
of the army than is France, than
the men beneath the battle flags. It
must be so with us. It Is not an
army that we must shape and train
for war; it is a nation. To this end
our people must draw close in one
compact front against a common foe.
But this cannot be if each man pur
sues a private purposes. All must
pursue one purpose. T'je nation
needs all men; It but it needs each
man, not In the field that will most
pleasure him, but in the endeavor
that will best serve the common
good. Thus, through a sharpshooter
pleases to operate a trip hammer for
the forging of great guns and an ex
pert machinist desires to march with
the flag, the nation is being served
only when the sharpshooter marches
and the machinist remains at his
lever. The whole nation must be a
team in which each man shall play
the part for which he is best fitted.
To this end, congress has provided
that the nation must be organized
for war by selection and that each
man shall be classified for service
in the place to which it shall best
serve the general good to call him.
Landmark in Progrese.
"The significance of this cannot
be overstated. It is a new thing in
our history, and a landmark in our
progress. It is a new manner of ac
complishing and vitalizing our duty
to give ourselves with thoughtful
devotion to the common purpose of
us all. It is in no sense a conscrip
tion of the unwilling, it is rather
selection from a nation which has
volunteered its mass. It Is no more
a choosing of those who shall march
with the colors than it Is a selection
of those who shall serve an equally
necessary and devoted principle in
the Industries that lie behind the
battle line. ' -
In One Solid Link.
The day here named is the time
upon which all shall present them
selves for assignment to their tasks.
It is for that reason desired to be
llj Aaanrlatrd Prraa.)
LONIaON. May 19. The British
steamer Highlander Currie was tor
pedoed today without warning. Five
of the crew and three passengers
were killed by the explosion.
(Ilr Aaaorlatrd Prraa.)
The senate approved the budget pro-
i Ision paying reserve officer 100
monthly while In training.
MNDON, Nov. IX. (Delayed by
censor I It Is officially announced
that the transport Cameronia has
been auuk. One hundred and nirty
men or board are missing
but official runiment ea the auhject
aa lacking.
(Continued on page four)
Pauline Frederick In "Nanette:
of the Wilde." Story of the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police. "The;
Mystery of the Double Crei.
Old you hear our new muaiet
Mttinee 1:0 Night 7 and IM0
Admlaeion tOc-ISc i
4jb(or Judge) Dooliag.

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