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tEfT. M
For President of the United State
of Illinois.
For Vice President,
. of
A. J. Wkwooi . . .. si Empire
Par A i iMpMf,
Jacob Tobriner. of Canon
W. D. Keyser. of Canon
i. b. Lynian of Empire
; Far SfcexUtV W .
S. T. Swift.' of Canon
For Coamtx Clerk,
T. J. Edwards. of Canon
H. S. Mason..
.of Canon
S. D. King, Sr....-.
.....of Canon
..of Canon
J. P. 'Winnie ..
. Far Sanrveyawv
HuHochholser.......... ... of
Far 8anst PatbHe Seaman,
L. S. Greenlaw of Canon
Fwr PatbUe Adnaialstrator.
J. O. Pierce ,.,..-aw .... -of Canon
. Far Casl fcmmm rtsatoaera.
B. H. Meder (for If-ig term) of Canon
James jioita (lor anon Km 01 unpire
Far Jautlee af the Prace.
('. A. WithereD (Canon Township) ... .of Canon
J. A. Hoover (Empire Township) of Empire
Far Caaatablea,
L. Stesrn (Canon Township) of Canon
Lang (Empire Township) of Empire
Fitr tirhnl Tiltiti. aMaf. Na. a.
C. C. Allii lkm.:.r......... of Canon
C. F. Colton of Canon
J. A. LoTejoy of Canon
incurring the risk of being thus maligned
by very blackguard who can gain access to
the columns of a newspaper? Moreover,
"ij let ns ask: Are thaxriends of Governor
Ay to continue to receive these delug-
mgs of viUi&cation at the hands of the
conductors and correspondents of the
mis-styled " Independent " press whose
columns, mean while, seem , to - be
always suspiciously tavorable to John
Jones? Are the partisans of that oentle-
man willing to have it made to seem
if there were no honest or trustworthy
Republicans save those who have profess
ed a preference for him? We will not
disguise our reason for asking these ques
tions. It is In the following" jgingedy
mention of Mr. Jones the concluding
paragraph of the purported communica
tion, from which we have- excerpted as
J. P. Jones has carried the primaries under the
belief of the people that ha is antagonistic to the
rings:' shonld hia fatuirctmme prow this fact
BFvuipnrnDijDe i niiea states senator: nut
one thing is certain, he has to show and main
tain a record as clear as holy writ to win.
And bow let us say that we have long
since discovered such a leaning in Jones'
favor upon the part of the self-styled
Liberal Republicans of this neighbor
hood and their representatives and or
gans as to make us half suspect that they
are warranted. i so far as) himself or his
managers may give them warrant, in thus
heaping abuse upon the Nye men, while.
at the same -time, they fire 'particularly
tender of Mr-- Jones and his perform
ances. If our suspicions are not well
founded; if there is, in genuineearnest.
wo much of pure and unselfish love in the
Coauarr Central Conusdtte.
xr t w
X. D. Chmberuiii."!I"!I!I!I.'. ".'.of canon ( heart of any Democrat or Republican de-
j . rjenion
S. E. Jones
Frank HcCullough
..of Carson
.of Empire
..of Empire
of a cood rrnzEX.
-. v. "3 &.'fi
' A Plea far its Abatement.
There is in the Reno (Yesrrttf of the
21st inst. the greater i part of a column
of printed matter -purporting to be an
anonymous letter from Carsoa - City
wherein much venomous abuse is flung
upon those- friends of Senator Nye who
participated in" the primary election which
took place here on the 14th inst. ' This
printed matter taken as a whole, is the
most shamelessly untruthful account of
that event that a mendacious ingenuity
could daviaf j-fc T1wnpri8oaUaf that
very decently conducted affiur to the po-
serter as to gush thus voluntarily for
the man who now seems to be t he only
formidable R-pub&cm aspirant to Ac Sen
ate, we shall regret having used that gen-.
tlemaa . a nam m connection- -with this
matter. . If. n the contrarv, he places a
value 'upon Radical Republican
support than upon the faint praise of
himself which" can be distilled, by impli
cation, from Copperhead and Liberal
abuse of the minority of his party, he is
prepared to pursue a course which in the
end, may seriously injure his own stand
ing and impair . the harmony of the party
by whose favor alone he has any right to
expect an elevation to the place of his
ambition ; We say this from the' Wry beat
mt jnotives, no less a motive, in fact, than
the inducing of a formal and early repu
diation by himself of these slanderers,
litical nerfonnances of the Five Points is
one of those insfaire of roWerl And wan- f wn- DT aDnsln8 taring false wit
ness against Nye and his- friends,1 and
ton villification which betray the premed
itated malignitv of, their authors;, and
the general tenor of the account is so ex
travagantly raise and so much in viola
tion of the rules which govern respecta-
gystematicaUy following such abuses by
some contrasted compliments to Mr,
Jones would sutn ta ha attwiiptiiar;to in
jure the one with coarse abuse and stab
hooded or salted away inia scrap book.
By the way, in the foregoing you sect
o'jab us in the short ribs for republishing
the puffs of us. Now we never did that
before, Forbes; apologised for it in ad
vance, when we did do it; and we have
pretty much sworn off from ever doing it
again. Bat it is business, my boy! Bon
ner got rich by it; and even Tom Bat-
teue buys em. We owe yon one for that
center shot on The LrmnuT. Bepcbli-
caxs. Do so some more.
New To-day. T
New To-day,
. Through the kindness of Hon. Lewis
Doron we have been furnished with the
following list of the nominations made
by the Republican Convention in Esmer
alda county: For the Senate (long term).
J. 6. McClinton; short term, Frank
Campbell. Assembly: Gallagher, of Ma
son's Valley; McCalL of Smith's Val
ley; Bruno, of Pine Grove, and W. H.
Carpenter, of Columbus (Eaton's millV
For Sheriff, P. G. Fellows; Recorder. G.
C. White; Clerk, D. S. Lewis; District
Attorney, at. A. Uurphv; Assessor, Phil-
lipi; Superintendent of Public Schools.
A. B. Smith; Surveyor, C. . Baldwin;
Public Administrator, Young; County
Commissioners. G. A. Green. V. B. San
ders: county Central Committee. S. B.
Smith, M. A. Murphv. David Cooper.
. Jellison, H. D.Gelatt, B. Dickenson,
a. i. snreeve, 1). wheeler, C A. tireen.
W. Butler, A. G. McAffee, Jacob Fox and
trade seeps tnem employed in repienismng
their stork and supplying the wants of their nu
merous customers with
FreBta, Ooocli
White I'ixk LEOLSLAnvr Ticket. I
The following is the Republican Legisla
tive ticket in White Pine county: For
Assembfy. W. J. Smith. Owen Lons.
Thomas Robinson, O. H. Grey, . Steb
bins. The Senators are both hold-overs
by common 'consent hence no nomi
nations for that office. The above
named nominees were instructed for
m ,
LaXDEB Conor Republican Lkgkla-
tivb Txckit. The Republicans of Lan
der county have nominated the following
Legislative ticket: For the Senate, John
O. D arrow: Assemblv. R. I- Hnrtnn.
Wm. A.. Seaton. .-srv.- . Blackfan. J
au are rnsiructea lor Jones. Jones
seems to be running for something.
HciraWtawrCbejrTY' Delegatios. The
Humboldt delegation to the Republican
State Convention consists of the following
namea gentlemen : j. e. varum, At. .
Thompson.. T. G., Niru.Ak:it wVise:
They are ail fur Lewis Jor Smtwema 1
California Lime !
which they offer at Teas ntes than ever before
i son in Larson.
I fori
We journalism as to be absolutely shame- J thc,ath? io' f L a-
a cuukh consent inai so prominent
and influential a Repubfican should thus
be made use ol to cast a fire brand jotm
the jranks 4f -Tfiif-paTty. It&aWae
sanction for any Repnblioan, mt to be an
object of Democratic assault. The taint
of the implied friendship of the Copper
heads and soreheads is more than any
sound Radical will, endure-The com
mon cause of Republicanism demands
that we shall stand shoulder to shoulder
when meeting the shock of, battle with
our now half disguised enemies; and that
when the struggle is at its height there
should be no lagging factions '-fu- our
ranks; no rivalries; no receiving of cheer
and comfort from the foe; nothing but
courage, determination, mutual trustings
and -closed ranks. This cannot be if
those who hold high places in the' party
are silent when the good of the cause de
mands that they should tell the world
tint there is nothing- less impassable be
tween themselves and. the supporters of
Greeley and Brown than the deep gulf
upon whose banks must ever be fought
the irrepressible conflict between Republi
ism and Democracy.
full; but OHfrrsariia .as Uda portionof
the purported communication js, it is far
surpassed by the'eoaise and '"libeTloiis
slaudirs which follow, andrwhsoh are
meant to cast aspersions upon Mr. H. F.
Rice, the well known and mta& respected
Larson i-Agent oi neus, rargo tu. i
Express and the 'Superintendent of the
Carson --Btto'eh lfintr' In-order that it
may be known what' the character-thief
who wrote this real or pretended commn
nication has, bein guilty of, we herewith
defile our r?oloinnsJ with an extract from
the body of his gratuitons slanderings;
Oh. it would cave heea a treat eonld yon have
seen the aunntiaMiini at that aanaMe aat attach
npt-rW indrtiitaj,-H. F. Kir." Curses not
1 ud but deep were pompd forth as he walked
the streets, and on- jjiajihu t i niaiia isail hli
raid on all unfortunate debtors to the arm of
Wells. Fargo Jc Co. He would sneak up to an
rafurtunate credit ar wiiohad worked against
Ja. W. and with hstedibreath, hiss in fan ear:
Call at the oaloB forthwith; at the same time
he aeemrd to be lonfettiK all over the body of the
'QVBder as if selecting the most eligible locality
from which to take his nound of flesh. SoAeof
iae aeit-atea camtWatM and deaagaara felloasid
mit; every tittle account aniast aanatatn laimi
bers of the party was hunted up and payawnt
u-mwura win ouyioa icrocity.
ThiU this is a most mean, unwarranted
and deliberately concocted lie no man
that knows Mr. Ri- e will need be told.
There is not the slightest foundation for
such a statement; and there can be no
excuse offered for h1htij jf.. , ir,
Rice is one of the oldest and most res
pectable citizens of Carson; is recognized
&s such by the Directors of the Banking
and Express Company whose agent he
is and by the business community by
whom he is surrounded; and he has
never allowed politics to interfere with
or give shape or influence to his business;
and he needs no vindication at our hands
from the foul and false-tongned scoun
drel who has thus dared to traduce his
character and motives; and while this
which we have said upon tne' subject is
not meant to be given or accepted in the
light of such vindication, we do mean it
us in denunciation of the author and will
ing publisher of this most ootrageons
And now let us ask: Has it come to
this, that no respectable gentleman may
iaka aw active part in politics without
Tm Kew Affeal. Higbrls's paper has
reached number 7, and he is engaged in repro
ducing the press notines of his enterprise. It is
provoking: we thought Hairy had outgrown such
vsnitiea, and did not for a moment imagine we
wera competing for a pnniinm corner in hia es
teem, else we'd have written a much better no
tice of the new paper. As it is, we await in
dread the reproduction of our feeble but well
meant indorsement. Wmitt tne Xrwt.
Sorry we didn't see it Forbes ;but, pon
honor, we didn't. We recollect with no
little gratitude the kindly send-off yon
were good enough to give ns when we
were self-deluded into the notion that we
could prepare for a green old age in " the
prosperous northwest," and went a har
rowing after the Btrange gods of Minne
sota. We recollect that, and know that
we had better carry sail so as. to steer
clear f the humbug-pricking point of
four impartial and merciless lead pencil;
and so we are sorry that your, notice of
us ( if it was calculated to tickle our van
ity), failed to come to our table. If it
the sort of thing we hops it was, you
may be sore it would cot have been un-
PEasoira desirous of renting rooms in private
residences are requested to 1st the Ma) be
known to Ladd t Xeixt, as there la continu
ally a demand for the same.
Pending the building of the Onnatar Hoi
aTTlred BrooksC the well-known and popular
dealer in booka, stationery, musical instruments,
gams, lushing tackle, toys, cigars, tobacco, jew
elry And fancy goods, has removed to Xillard's
store, next door to Bail's hardware store, oppo
site to his old stand, r rrz J all .
: . : . ..-:- v. ..l . j - - i'
Jfew To-day.
xsn-tz ULDV k KEIXY.
1 1 ' '
in pursuance of the order of the District
tfcmrt of the Second Judicial District of the
State uf Nevada, in and for Oram by County,
made and entered on the tweaty-nrst dav of 8eav-
teuiber, Mri, ' la the -matter of the astate and
guardianship of Frank A. Garrett, minor, the
undersigned, guardian of ssid minor, will sell at
private sale, in three several uarcels. aa harem-
after deseribea, for cash, and subject to couarrn
ation by said District Court, on Tuesday, the
fifteenth day of October, 1M72. at twelve o'clock
aaeridimn. at the front door of the Court House
of said Court, in Carson City, Nevada, all the
lUht, title, interest and estate of said Frank A.
Garrett, minor, of, in and to those certain pieaea
of land in said Oonsby CMnV, stats of Ksvada,
oescnoeu as roiiows, to wit:
All the right, title, interest and estate of ssid
Frank A. Garrett, minor (same being an undi
vided one-third), in and to that certain piece of
land in tne town of Carson City, railed and
known as and being block twanty-one Ml ) of Phil
lips' addition to said town.
Also: All the right, title. Interest and estate of
asut Frank A. Garrett, minor (same beine about
one undivided one twelfth (1-M; be the same
more or less), in and to tne east nan and north
west quarter of the southwest quarter of section
seven (T), in township fifteen (15) north of range
twenty-one (21) east. Monte Diablo base and me-
naian, according to the United States Public
Liana surveys, containing one hundred and twen
ty acres of land.
Also: All the estate, ria-ht. title sad interest of
ssid Frank A. Garrett, minor, (same being an
unaivmen one-third) of, in and to the following
described land and real estate, (saving, excepting
and reserving therefrom that certain piece of
land m said Carson Citv. called and known as.
and being block three (3) of PhilBpa' addition to
said town, the same being 170 feet north and
south, by 181 feet east and wad), to wit: com
mencing at a point on the west line of Pine
street in said town, opposite the centre of Spear
street, running tbence east along the centre of
said Spear street 283 feet: thence south 3U3 feet:
thence eat, along the north line of Telegraph
street, ta feet: thence south 236 feet, to the
north line of Proctor street; tbence east along
the north line mt Proctor street, 214 feet, to the
centre of Phillips street; thence north along the
centre of said Phillips street, 612 feet to the cen
tre of King street; thence west along the centre
of said King street, 7 feet; and thence north
along the west line of Pine street to the place of
beginning. Embracing part of what is known
aa Phillips' Addition to said town.
. stoma ib oar new
anal Coskdltaasis mt Bales
CASH Ten pir cent, of the purchase money
ta he paid to the undersigned on ths day of sale,
bahmiw on confirmation of sale by said District
Court. Deed at expense of purchaser.
iuux hki.u ...
Guardian of EaasWof FSasc A. Gaumtt, Minor.
Iron jUagaziiic,
And 60.000 Feet Fuse.
This Powder was shipped at car-load rates and
will tie sold at Atitrn s ruicts.
datis Jit enxso,
long lelt the want of a .
This want we have supplied by placing la poet-
- uon opposite our store one ox
capable of wr irfiinc 20.000 pounds. ' Trot out
your f sst stock and bring along your beef cattle
and loaded wagons, snd get them weighed, so
iusi we caa get some returns ror tne nesvy out
lay that we have been to in aupplying this public
623. tf
Canon, Havada, Sept. , Wl - - as-td .
u-i ' ii-;..

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