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in <’HV KC'H.
The last faint echoes cf the hell
HavTeiaeW, and silence interrc nos,
While 1 my worldly thoughts dispel,
The parson from his pulpit leans.
Uis arms outfproad-the heads go down
With rhythmic thump upon each pew,
And then my thoughts By hack to town,
And yon'
Wv eyes close fast; I try in rain
To hear the preacher’s droning words,
Instead. I hear the Summer rain.
The singing of the Summer birds.
The rustle from the solemn seats
Su 'ge -ts the breeze from skies of bine;
A Jain I walk the village streets
With you'
•• \mon” l hear in tones subdued.
The creaking 1 ews and long-drawn sighs.
A pause, and then an Interlude
Of music. My attention dies
A wav, I go again in thought
Across the meadows wet with dew
Where morning exercise I sought
With you!
•• My text, beloved, you will find
lu John—’’ Alas! the final straw
That burdened my afflicted mind'
My comfort's one eternal flaw!
For while you found your text In Jack,
You stole my heart—your Summer due -
A worthless piece f brio-a bac
To joo1 —Tid-Bus.
Tlie IJIflwl Item Penned by the Ex
Keeelrer of iho Chlentto “Times."
“ As we were coming frcm onr
breakfast to onr office abont 9 o'olock
this morning- “ You mean yes
tesday morniDg,” suggested Major
Dennett, “Ob, no: it was this
morning,” said Major Hnrlbut.
“ Yes, but yon should write of it
as yesterday,” explained Major Den
nett, “ for the article will not ap
pear until to-morrow.” "True
enough,” said Major Hurlbut. So
he made the correction and resumed
reading: “ As we were coming from
our breakfast to oar office about 9
o'clock yesterday morning a korsa
belonging to Mr. John LogaD, our
esteemed fellow-townsman, with a
blaze on bis forehead and a white
tail attached to a furniture car in
which there was a piano that had
beon rented by a well-known Prai
rie Avenue belle with carved legs,
became frightened and rushed madly
down tho street where there were
many people scattering alarm and
destruction broadcast. On the cor
ner of State street and Indiana, a
child of Michael Bolivar, Esq., our
esteem ul fellow-townsman, three
yeais old and wears pantalets was
playing on the crowded thorough -
faro. Young, beautiful and inno
cent, this unhappy child was called
by all who knew him Patsy, although
his name is Patrick, was overtaken
by the bitter pill of adversity, for in
tho midst of his childish play tho
pale hand of death stalked in and
bade him go with him to that bourne
from which no traveler returns.”
Major Hurlbut glanced at Major
Dennett and saw he was weeping
softly to himself. It argues volumes
for Major Dennett’s discretion that
no ilnt not volunteer an explanation
why ho wept. “ I flatter myself,'’
observed Major Ilurlbut, “ that no
one could have made a more delicate
allusion to the old profession as
druggist than I have done by men
tioning tbe bitter pill of adversity:
see?’ “The child did not see the
approaching horse,” resumed the
receiver journalist, “ bnt we cried,
‘Will no one save him from the iron
heel of the pale hand of death?’
Alas, it was too late, for ere we
could, interpose the horse was upon
the unfortunate babe, and before be
could evade the cruel fate which
strode after him on swift, but noise
less wings ho fell to the earth and
was picked np au unconscious corpse,
from which condition it has been im
possible to revive him up to the
honr of going to press. We extend
to the family onr deepest sympathy
that no damage was done to the
piano. Truly in the midst of life we
are in death, and let us all be more
careful about letting our children
play in the street where danger lurks
and they are so liable to die without
medical assistance.”—Chioago News.
A Few Secret* Given Away by a
Talkative Tonsorial Artist.
“ A barber has to encourage tbe
vanities and conceits of men more
than any other class of people. For
instance, the use of powder on a
man’s face after shaving is only a
species of vanity. The harmless
chalk or magnesia that is rubbed on
the face is productive of neither
good nor harm, and a few minutes
after leaving the barber's chair the
powder dissappears, either being
blown off by the wind, brushed off
by the hand or dissolved in the per
spiration of the face. In no ease
does tbe powder last five minutes
after a shave, yet people demand its
nse, and we must always bo on tho
lookout for young men who are am
bitions to have beards.
“ It sometimes takes patient coax
ing to develop the first mustache,
bnt once done, your patron is your
everlasting friend and customer.
Wo have to flatter men’s beards,
speak of their soft skin or silky hair.
If we don’t they will go to other
places whore their little conceits will
lie noticed. The most careless peo
ple are particular about their barbers
and tho way their hair is ent or
beard shaved. No wonder the bar
ber is proverbially pleasant, and
spoaks of your family, your growing
fame and attractive personal quali
ties. His trade demands the encour
agement of various potty concerts.
Next to vonr wife, your barber is tho
flattering glass in which you see
your good points and none of your
weaknesses.” — St Louis Globe
D eurocrat __
Anil-Poverty In Prance.
“ My dear friend, how were you
ablo to acquire such an immense
“By a very simple method."
“ What method is that?”
“ When I was poor I made ont
that I was rich, and when I got rich
I made ont that I was poor.” —
Voltaire. _______
l.cnrnliiA by F.x|>erlence.
Some Milwaukee bachelors formed
a club and resolved to “ shnn the
girls.” One of them is now married.
It showed how much easier it is to
pass a resolution than it is to carry
it out.—Philadelphia Inquirer.
Dr. J. J. Leek will take another trip
about October 31. He will go to Wells.
Fort Hal leek, Sprueemont and Cherry
Creek He will be absent about six weeks.
He will visit Cherry Creek first. *
The RiiNf by Wlalrb * ('nnaliag
Aalmnl MnnageU to Koto Its
I tie
“ Just yon watch him, will yon?”
cried the Big Chief across the creek, |
“ Don’t let him get away. Brnno j
has treed a coon.”
They dropped the ’possum at my
feet and rushed back to the more
serious business of the night.
I dismounted and sat down on a
log listening to the cheerful outcry
ou the bank led by the veteran
Bruno. The blue pony pranced
about neighing with delight; the
White Bose stayed across the little
open brake gathering pale dew
I watched the 'p06sam carefully.
Presently he unclosed one eye and
gave a cunning look out of the cor
ner of it. Theu he opened the other
and raised his pointed nose ever so
little, still regarding me warily.
His legs slowly relaxed and a quiver
ran along his back. Now, I knew
perfectly well that I ought to poke
him in the ribs with the stick I had
in my hand. That would have sent
him back at once into bis former
rigid condition. But I couldn't for
the life of me. I returned his wary
look with a benevolent smile, which
he seemed to nnderstand, for he
jumped up, gave himself a shake,
cocked his head jauntily on one side
and sneaked away, not withont, it
seemed to me, a look of gratitude in
his small red eyes.
“ Where's that ’possum?” roared
the Big Chief, striding across tfle
brake and swinging an enormous
coon by the tail.
I was in disgrace, of course. I am
yet, whenever that famous old
'possum, which has baffled the
whole country—men aud dogs for
a dozen years, is mentioned, I sup
pose he himself sits up in bis
hole and chuckles whenever h#
thinks of me; but I am sure if I had
it to do again I never would have the
heart to give him that necessary
poke in the ribs.—Texas Cor. N. O.
A X iff lit Bceuv In a Cafe.
A scene in the barroom of an up
town hotel the other evening, in
which the bouncer of the establish
ment and a young man somewhat tho
worst of liquor figured for two or
three minntes, illustrates some of the
abuses of this practico of always
having a bounoer on hand. The
young man had drank a glass of
beer, and the price of it, which was
quoted to him at 15 cents, seemed to
him rather high. He said so, and
stupidly refused to pay. He wasn't
at all ugly about the matter, and
didn't get into any loud conversa
tion with the barkeeper or with tho
superintendent of the barroom or
the bouncer, who very soon took
part in the proceedings and in the
conversation. The superintendent
of the barroom, it may be men
tioned, used to be a keeper in Sing
Sing prison. He taunted the young
man with the fact of his surprise
over 15 cents as the price of a glass
of beer, and intimated that he must
have been in the habit of imbibing
that ordinary beverage on the Bow
ery, but nothing that he said aroused
tho temper of the youth and ha con
tinued his argument in a very stupid
and drunken way. The scene was
of the qnietest possible description.
In a perfect by deliberate way the
superintendent finally told the boun
cer to do his work. Tho bouncer
took hold of the young man by the
right arm and swung him about like
a teetotum. The man came down on
the marble tiliug of the barroom
with a sonuding whack. Fortu
nately he did not hit on his hoad
or probably he would have broken
it. The bouncer artfully simulated
passion in the matter to give the im
pression to the large crowd which
then filled the place that there was a
struggle, but the young man was al
together too helpless to do any strug
gling. Tho bouncer picked him up
from the floor ran him along the
room nnd bundled him out of the
door. It was just about as cruel and
uncalled for a transaction as can
well be imagined.—Mail and Ex
Baby Klephaiitff.
How the young elephants in a
large herd escape from being crushed
is something of a mystery, as they
are almost continually in motion;
bnt when a herd is alarmed the
young almost immediately disap
pear. A close observer wonld
see that each baby was trotting along
directly beneath its mother, somo
times between her fore legs.
On the march whenalittle elephant
is born in the herd they stop a day
or two to allow it time to exercise its
little limbs and gain strength, and
then they press on, the mother and
the babies in front and the old tusk
ers following in tho rear, bnt ready
to rush forward at the first alarm.
When rocky or billy places are
reached the little ones are helped up
by the mothers, who push them
from behind, and in various ways;
but when a river has to be forded or
swam a comical sight ensues.
The stream may be very rapid and
rough, as the Indian rivers often
are after a rain, and at such a place
tho babies would hardly be able to
keep up with the rest; so the moth
ers and fathers help them. At first
all plunge boldly in—both youDg
and old—and when the elephants
reach deep water, whero they have
to swim, the yonng scramble upon
their backs, sit astride, some
times two being seen in this position.
Bnt tho very young elephunts often
require a little more care and atten
tion, so they are held either upon
the tusks of the father or grasped in
the trunk of the mother, and hold
over or just at the surface of the
water. Suoh a sight is a curious
one, to say the least—the great
olephauls almost hidden beneath the
water, here and there a youug one
seemingly walking on tho water,
resting upon a submerged baok, or
held aloft while the dark waters
roar below.—St. Nicholas.
An Absolute Cure.
The Original Abietine Ointment is only
pat up in large two-onnee tin boxes, and
is an absolute cure for old sores, burns,
wonnds, ohapped hands, and all skin erup
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of
piles. Ask for the Original Abietine Oint
ment. Bold by John B. Capron, druggist,
Main street, Eureka, Nevada, at 25 cents
per box; by mail, 30 cents.
Pnr»M u AiltalakMl riikWMU
Who narrowly Kaew|t*s Belas
Severely Bllleu.
Chased by a ball is an inoident
common to fishermen who frequent
the Brandywine or tbe vicinity of
Limerick, bnt to be obased by a hog
is something new. Isaitb Rambo,
Jr., was one of a number of fisher
men wbo visited Parker Ford and
cast bis line between tbat point and
Limerick. He was on the Mont
gomery side of the Schnylkill, and
while crossing a field on a farm of
Mr. Stauffer was followed by a black
hog the size of a pointer dog. Where
ever Mr. Rambo went the
hog followed, keeping abont
ten paces in the rear. The
animal made no attempt to at
tack him, bnt becoming alarmed at
the persistency of tbe hog to keep
company with him he started on a
rnn. The hog gave a grant and
followed in close pursuit, but Mr.
Rambo succeeding in crossing a
fence beneath which the animal
conld not crawl; and at a farm-house
adjoining was informed that the
porker nad already bitten three
fishermen this season, one of them
very severely.—Reading, Pa., Eagle.
A Do* that Bells Cigars and To
bacco and Sever Makes Mistakes.
There is n dog in the Daily News
cigar store who has more intelli
gence than the average messenger
boy, and whose traits lay the dis
trict boy in the shade. He belongs
to Billy Porter, the well-known ex
clown. The dog answers to the
name of Jumbo. Whenever any of
the salesmen or clerks employed in
the numerous stores on the sonth
side of Chestnnt street wants a cigar
or a piece of tobacco he will stand in
the store door and hold up a piece of
money and immediately Jumbo
knows wbat is wanted and starts off
on a rnsb for the coin. Receiving
bis order be returns and deposits the
money before Billy and asks for his
cigar or tobacco, whichever it may
be. If it be a oigar tbat is wanted
he will refuse to tuke tobacco and
vice versa. If he delivers a cigar,
and the purchaser says, “Jum, I
haven’t a match,” bo will start back
for one and won’t givo up till he gets
one and delivers it. He will make a
purchase for any one in the entire
block from Eighth to Ninth streets,
and has never been known to carry
the wrong article nor tho wrong
change.—Philadelphia News.
HoW Hie filDK of Annam Llro«.
A correspondent of London Society
gives us a glipse of the private life of
the King of Annam. If liis Majesty
Pong Khan has not a good dinner to
sit down to every day, it certainly is
is not for want of cooks, no fewer than
fifty of these artists taking part in the
preparation of each royal repast. The
proverbial danger of too many cooks is
obviated by confining each chef to the
elaboration of a single one of the fifty
plats of which the menu is composed".
The dishes reach the royal dinner
table in rather a roundabout fashion.
They arc taken in the first instance to
the intendent of the household, who
delivers them to the eunuchs for con
veyance to the King’s female body
guard—some thirty of the ladies of the
seraglio, told oil' a tour de role to this
service—who serve the repast and wait
at the table. Pong Khan partakes
sparingly of the delicacies set before
him, plain boiled rice being his favor
ite food. The royal table beverage in
Annam is a particular brew made from
poppy seeds and aromatic plants; but
Pong Khan never touches the tradi
tional concoction, finding a bottle of
old Bordeaux quite good enough for
He Would Soon Learn Ttioiicli.
“ Maria, I wish you were a native
of France,” said Smythe, as he
rolled over in bed at 1 a. m.
“ I would like to know why?”
“ Because I don’t know a word of
329 Market St., San Francisco,
Wire and Everyttini in firs
Flat and round, Iron and steel. Guaranteed
nf the best quality and workmanship.
Batterv Screens s
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Ilf jfQ | f°r telegraph, telephone, baling hay,
¥1IIG (fences, bridges, springs, etc., all
kinds and sizes.
Barbed Wire I lfacturers of 2 and*4
point, regular and thick set. Our customers
are guaranteed against law suits.
Gopher Traps, Bird Cages*
All kinds of traps and cages, avaries, summer
houses, etc.
Wire Cloth and Netting1
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All Kinds of Wire Goods
For ho Miner, Farmer and general public.
NOTE—We defy competition and
"f11 Foil better need* at lea. price
tnnn Eastern Mnnufactiirera.
Cj)C NEW YORK Jlutte
An Independent Newspaper
of Democratic Principles, but
not Controlled by any Set of
Politicians or Manipulators;
Devoted to Collecting and
Publishing all the News of the
Day in a Most Interesting
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d»7r miioKTH for aoemts
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It!g artlclea In the world. Bend two-cant
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An act of the Leswlature, approved
March 20, 1887. provide* that every person
who shall officiate at the birth of a child
shall make a record thereof, and within
three months after such birth shall make
and deliver to the Recorder of Deeds of
the county wherein the birth took jdace, a
certificate ander his hand containing the
facts of such birth. It also provides that
every person who shall officiate at the
burial of any deceased person shall make a
record thereof and within two wet-ks after
such death shall make and deliver, or send
by the due course of mail or express, or by
such other manner as will insure safe
transit, to the Recorder of Doeo.s of the
county wherein such death took place, a
certificate under his hand containing par
ticulars of such death.
All certificates of birth« and deaths shall
be filed and recorded by the Recorder in a
book kept for that purpose, ami the Board
of Commissioners of the several counties
shall provide blanks certificates, to be paid
for by the county, to be furnished to phy
sicians midwives and undertakers, to en
able them to carry out and comply with
the requirements of the act.
Failure to comply with the provisions
of the act is punishable by a fine of not
less than £20 nor more than $50 for each
oflense, and wilfully making a false cer
tificate of any birth or death is punishable
by a fine not exceeding $500, or imprison
meet in the county jail for any period not
exceeding six months.
FIGS in SirrmiL Building. iy^-tf
Ministers, vocalists, public speak
ers and the profession* generally. recom
mend SANTA ABIE a* the beat of all medi
cine* for all diseases of the THROAT, CHEST
and LUNGS. _
Beware of Imitations.
See that the trade mark SANTA ABIE is on
very bottle. Satisfaction puaranced or money
efnnded by JOHN S. CAPRON.
Make No Mistake.
By dispelling the symptoms so often mistaken I
for consumption, SANTA ABIE has brought
gladness to many a household and by promptly
breaking up the Cough and Cold that too often
develops into that fatal disease will yet save
thousands from an untlmoly grave. You make <
no mistake by keeping a bottle of this pleasant
remedy always in the house.
Fob catarrah. gold in the head]
Hay Fever, Ruse Cold, Catarrhal Deaf
ness and Sore Eyes. Restores the the seuae of
ante and amell. removes bad taste and unpleas
ant breath, resulting from Catarrah. Easy and
pleasant to ub©. Follow- directions and a cure
s warranted by all druggists. Send for circu
vllle, Cal. Six months’treatment for $1; sent
by mail for $1 10. For sale by JOHN 8. CA
PRON, Main street, Eureka, Nev. f8-d&w
1 887.
lew York Weekly Herald
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Greatest and Cheapest Family Jonrnal
The Foreign Department
Is unequal ed. Latest and most accurate Oa
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iBfOMlil OB All SBBiOClS'
Add real,
New York City.
John • Chapter. No. I, B. A. M., will bo
hold >« Muonic Holl on tho Saturday next
aucceedlng tho pale of the moon In each
month. B* J REID, H. P.
A. D. Bock Secretary.
0. A. R.
every Fourth Sunday evening of each
month. In Odd Fellow*' nail. Meeting* com.
menca at 7:90 o'clock MAT 80HATZLEIN,
0. B. Bicwkll. Adjutant.
EUREM LODGE NO. 22,1.0.0.F.
The regular meeting op eureka
Lodge No. 22,1. O. O. F., will be held In
Odd Fellows' Hall every Wednesday evening at
7 o’clock.
Members of sister Lodges, and sojourning
brethren in good standing, are invited to at
W. 8. Beard, Secretary. au27
Tie Ha City Bant
(Sucoeaaor to Paxton h Co.)
Capital Stock, : 8100,000
Ban Pranolaco, Hew York, London and
the principal Eutern and European Ottlea.
M. D. FOLEY.President
H. T. HOADLEY.Ouhier
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lining and Other Stocks Bought
•mil Sold on Commlnalon.
Enreka, Much 25.1885. mh38-tf
application Represents the oldest and
best Insurance Companies in the world. All
have compiled with the State law governing
Insurance Companies. BEWARE OF OTHERS.
Triple Neciirlly.
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Great English Remedy
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Murray’s Specific.
A guaranteed care for all nervous die
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Ew „ mVi°“ »*»u‘ work wkloh they can |
?. . iUlv8 ** hom®- that will pay them from
m 8o“® h*T® e,rned over $60
*“ » d*T; Klther sex, young or old. Oapltal
ikn'.u”,'!1, ?ou "® ®t*r‘ed free. Those
JR® ouoe w® absolutely aure of anug
ltttlefortunes. ail I, new. aMm
....DBA IBB IB....
Beneral Merchandise.
North Main Street, Eureka Nevada
Goods for Cash.
Cheaper than Any House in Town.
* *
Snoods Guaranteed and Delivered Free of Charge In the**
^Immediate Neighborhood of Eureka.^;
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Mining Supplies of all Kinds.
On aoconnt of our superior facilities for purchasing goods through onr
Wholesale House in Salt Lake
And onr recent changes here, in rednoing onr expenses
Doing business In Eastern Nersda, and will COMPETE WITII
An; California Houses Doiai Business ia this Martel,
Main Street, Eureka, Nevada,
Second door north of the Postoffice,
Groceries, Provisions, Etc,
Offers special inducements to Customersfor
Poultry, Eggs, Farming Produce
Always on hand.
Fresh Fish, Fresh Oysters,
Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables.
The Finest, Choicest in the Market.
Goods Delivered FREE OF CHARGE at short notice.
Call and examine Prices at LAMBERT’S
Grocery Store. ols
T.°n?0N■. pW»FUMIB8 TO H. M. the
*&*£££** ,"Ten‘ed “d p‘*“ud
Whloh remove, Bmollpox llerke of however
tong standing. The application la simple and
larmleee, oaaeea no Inoonvenlenee and con
tains nothing Injurious. Prloe, $3 60.
Superfluous Hair !
Leon & Co.’s “Depilatory”
Sexaovea Superfluous Hair In a few minutes
without pain or unpleasant sensation, never !
Nieto. Simple and harmless. Full
Alreotloos sar.t by mall. Prloe$1.
GEORGE v. SHAW, General Kent.
210 Tremont street, Boston, Mass si-tf
(Mil t '■
Tug undersigned, agent for th®
CCFH^JS^>ued in nil <•*«»• a AJ. E c0UtI.
will be mailed, eecurely 'btat««
dreee In the United /d A pTTTft r^oilit
for Three Montha ony l X X-ltJ«*Mo
of One Dollar. Llbaral discount allowed 10
Poatmastors, Agents and Cluba. 1 ho 1
SASTon.0/ AIL ED-.0
Illustrated Sporting and Sensational Jnurnii
published on the American T^T> TL1 If J
continent. Apply for terms toJ; •
Biohard K. Fox, Franklin Square,
New York.
>*• 1 nl more money than anything else by
1U I M taking an agency for Ibe boat selling
WW 111 book out. Beginner* ancoeed grand
ly. Mon* fall. Turn* free. Hallux Boos
Oo., Portland, Hats*.

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