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Igttklj Sentinel.
a rr»u*««o *t*»i ■iTtrmu** »T
,lUlUU«. OM.W.C—IfT
. .inf. »»• y*».** 95
S* .11 month*. 160
irclEI FITEPATKIOK.;.;.»«Py Hill
Ejrj r CUPID. w»rd
f V VuTHEIMKIt .Ploch*
«n.lH TIKHON.Hamilton
I nlK DULY Mills.
mxoLosa. willabbiyk.
It 9 “ | l 9 9
' 3 l % 2 3 f
j “ o § C ^
a. a. r.M m
Mo»d»y«- •■•of r
M'dsys »W •
rnfeyt.. t.fo •
Tuesdays 4. SO ......
Wed‘daya ........ IS
Th'rsdaye 4.90 .
Friday*.. 19
Haturdaye 4 90 .
good ay* .. 13
What a nuisance!
Not seen you aince
That delightful ball;
Now it'a Lent, and
Playtime* w|**nt, and
Conscience haa the “call.”
Now for forty
l>ay« no naughty
Thing or nice for me;
Fasting, praying,
head* a Maying
Upon banded knee;
Lighted taper—
That’* “ the caper H—
Penitence you know
I* “ the racket,”
On that tack it
la “our aet ” all go.
For a weaHon
Joy i* treason,
iMeaaure’a board is bare;
Ilut forfeit or
Fun when Kaater
Cornea, you bet I’m “there!"
—New York tSun.
A Touelalas ■tar/ of ■ Tr»pm
Elder mid Hie Lillie Child.
“ l’ttpa, take me.”
Tlio father bent and took the child
in his arms—his little daughter that
was motherless; and looking up at the
hig consequential fellow standing
near, he said; ” Say, boas, let me off
just for this time? See! she is dying.”
“ Our conditions are absolute,” an
swered the man, sternly. “ Your rid
ing is one of the most attractive fea
tures, aud ‘ business is businessyou
will re|>ort for duty in ten minutes.”
The tra|>czc-rider turned bis bead
humbly away, and a big tear fell U|>on
the tiny, upturned face and the little
dress. lie laid tier gently down and
looked at her a moment, then turned
away and started for his dressing
" Papa, take me.”
He flew hack to the couch, caught
up the little drooping form and
strained it to his breast; then placing
her tenderly back upon the pillow he
pressed the wee white lingers to his
lips and rushed out of the room.
lip, up, higher and higher. Never
I liefore had the trapeze-rider so dis
tinguished himself. People said his
feats were marcelous to-day, and shout
alter shout of upplausc rent the air as
a thousand eves watched the intricate
windings of the intrepid performer.
liut the big drum sounded in his
ears like some huge incarcerated mon
ster heating at the bars of its prison
intent on freedom; the music of the
baud seemed afar off and like a con
glomeration of faint discords; the uir
was faint and misty, and the thou
sand of heads crowded around the
circus ring like so many wooden balls
mixed together, large and small;
while all the time a little loved voice
was pleading, “ Papa, take me.”
Put his face wore its brightest smile
as always, and his graceful acknowl
edgement of each ring of applause
seemed never so gallantly rendered.
At last, it was over. The final and
most difficult had been successfully
accomplished, and he descended and
ran gracefully out of the ring—not for
getting to wave a farewell to the ad
miring multitude.
At the exit door stood the manger, a
smile of approval upon his face.
“ Well done,’’ he said, “ wo could
never have dis|>ensed 'with tliat, and
tiesides ’’—a pause—“ she will be all
right to-morrow.”
But the trapcae-rider only bowed
ami passed on. At the door of her
risjm he paused; the nurse came to
him. “ How is she?" he giuqicd.
Nho looked away, and answered:
"She is dead.”—dinalm Republican.
Ill* to Flint Until.
The general impression is that the
good in California lies in her gold and
silver. Here, however, is an enthu
siastic California editor in rhapsodies
over many tilings tiesiiles gold—honey,
1‘ops, petroleum, flsh, vegetables,
wool, brandy, wine, barlev, wheat and
fruits. According to his figures, which
we give with reserve, the annual yield
to California from these sources is
ninety-one million nine hundred thou
sand dollars. The mines give gold
and silver only to the amount of
twenty-one million dollars.
The people of California havo
learned the lesson that gold is not
alone found in mines—that, in fact, it
niav tie found anywhere, if wo only
dig fpr it.—New York Herald.
A (tort Job.
l’at—Is your father workin, Harney?
Barney—Faith, an' he is.
J*at—l’hat is lie doin’?
Barney—Shov'lin’ snow on the Sus
I’ut—Will he have work all Sum
Barney—He will, plate Uod.
A raunerilrnl Hostelry Whlrh
»hnll«r«l Haililiif.
Hyde Tavern, of Kevolntionary
fame, one of the most aneient and fa
mous resorts in New York, was de
stroyed by fire yesterday morning. It
was situated about five miles north of
this city on the old post road to Hart
ford, the road over which laifayette
and his army passed, and in the «ld
hostelry they dined during the revolu
tionary war. It was a typical old-fash
ioned New England tavern, of which
there are now but few in existence.
There was a large green in front of it,
while big elms, some nearly 100 feet
in bight, entirely surrounded it. The
inn was a straggling, one-story struc
ture, with a low roof and great eaves
protruding and covering the veranda,
which extended the whole length of
the house. When the place was first
built it was painted red, but it had
lately been clianged to white, with
green blinds. The window, were
small, and there were many panes of
glass in each of them. A big barn
stood hack of the place, and wagon
sheds were plentiful.
Washington and his officers, who
visited the place shortly a'tcr the revo
1 ution, ate and drank and danced there,
while celebrities innumerable have sat
at the little oaken tables and sipped
their ale and cracked their jokes. The
bar was in the dance hall, a long nar
row room, its floor worn in hollows by
the feet of many generations of
The tavern gained its name ami its
local notoriety from Jim Hyde, who
was well known all over Eastern Con
necticut as the model landlord about
thirty years ago. At that time and
for a quarter of a century afterward it
was filled to overflowing nightly and
hilarity prevailed. Old Deacon ltuwen
took the place and ran it for a few
years. He was followed by his
nephew, Henry Bowen, who sold out
a year ago to “ Hen ” .Smith.
One ot the features ot me place was
its cider flips, and people came from
far and wide to tickle their palates
with them. An iron rod about two
feet long was put into a fire until it
reached a red heat, it was then put
into a glass of eider, and the bever
age was drank simmering and sizzing.
Kvery one connected w ith the ancient
tavern was an adept at making flips,
and they wore the card of the house
up to the time it was destroyed.—New
York World. _
Ctarsf* •■<! Eadirlai Plnek Make
It is amusing to read the comments
of the Kasteru |«pcrs on the result of
the late prize fight. The annexed,
from the Chicago Mail, is a sample :
“ By the way, upon what was Sulli
van's reputation as a great tighter
based? When did he ever fight a
clean battle with a well man ?
“ His first public exploit was to
‘ knock out ’ a redoubtable braggart by
the name of Uvan, who was even then
no more tit to stand up in a prize ring
than a sick chicken. Kyan was hope
lessly crippled and should have gone
into the ring on crutches.
Since the New Orleans fiasco Sul
livan has been striding through the
country terrifying the • slugging ’ fra
ternity by displays of his herculean
form and brute strength. His reign
of terrorism has been unbroken for
five years.
“ Mitchell was really the first well
man of genuine prowess who ever
met him in the fistic arena. Tie them
together with a short ro|>e and Sulli
van could pound Mitchell to death.
Tie Sullivan and a mule together and
the mule would probably win; yet the
mule would not be considered a cham
pion fighter.
“ Something besides brute strength
and mere physical endurance is nec
essary to make a fighter. It is that
glorious quality, courage, enduring
pluck, that makes heroes of men and
inspires them to valorous perform
ance. Sullivan is as destitute of true
courage as a mule. He is a great,
obstinate, burly brute, ami that is all
—a pugilistic prodigy, if you will—but
no fighter. His bullying days are
“ Now that the lion’s skin has been
stripped away everybody will feel a
justifiable pleasure in tuking a kick at
the jackass. And it's right and proper
tliat the noisy brute should lie roughly
handled. By accident of mere birth
Sullivan is called an American, and
more’s the pity. He is in no sense a
representative of American grit or
science. America is ashamed of
Am lropti<l»n» Honor.
“ Doctor," said the jiatient, ‘‘I be
lieve there is something wrong with
my stomach.” “ Not a bit of it,” re.
plied the doctor promptly. “ Ood
made your stomach, and He knows
how to make them. There is some
thing wrong with the stuff you put
into it. maybe, and something wrong
in the w ay you stud it in and tamp it
dow n, but your stomach is all right.”
And straightway the patient dis
charged him. My, how a man docs
hate to have the doctor tell him the
truth! How he does hate to he told
that he ought to be sick, and dessrves
to be ten times sicker than he is.—
Brooklyn Eagle.
••Only Mum la Vila.”
I do not believe the Creator made
man any more wicked than woman.
Both sexes have the same impulses
and emotions. Women are compelled
to fight against their own weakness
and to combat those of men. Where
ten women are tempted, two only fall.
Where ten men are tempted, two only
stand. And yet wo are called the
weaker sex.—Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
A Sure l ure.
One who has tried it recommends
the following remedy for bunions:
(iet a dims’s worth of saltpeter, and
put it in a bottle with sufficient olive
oil to nearly dissolve it. Shake up
well, and rub the inflamed joints with
the mixture night and morning, and
more frequently if they are painful.
Belief will speedily follow the treat
tllarklut « I.nennaollve anil Nnv
t°* ike l.lfe of a Frlfhlcawl
There ere a good many bear atoriea go
ing the rounds nowadays, but we bare
one which actually occurred in this
parish during the present week. On a
small plantation a mile or two above
Bayon Oonla a black bear was seen to
enter a turnip patch and at once proceed
to help himaelf to aa many turnips aa his
appetite demanded. It is said that a
colored man witnessed the unauthorized
levity of Mr. Bruin determined that he
would enter the place and drive the in
vader out. Acting upon the impulse, he
immediately entered the inolosure and
started in bruin's direction. As soon aa
the man’s presence became known to the
bear he discontinued his vegetable repast
with the evident intention of embellish
ing it with meat, and with ear* thrown
back and head erect, he atarted toward
the son of Ham with the apparent inten
tion of testing the qualities of hi* make
up. The darkey saw him coming, and at
once decided that he did not wish to
drive hia bearahip from the field, and
rather than attempt it he would leave
the field himself. So he graciously
turned hia face iu the opposite direction,
and made for the railroad. The bear ap
peared to be socially inclined and will
ingly followed hia visitor, accelerating
hia speed as he traveled. Sambo imitated
him and quickened his pace. And thus
they had it for some time straight up the
railroad; run bear, run man, and the
devil take the hindmost. Suddenly the
colored man heard a rumbling noise down
the track, and knew at once that the
night express train waa coming. In a
abort time it hove in sight, running at
the rate of thirty-five mile* an hour.
When the train came in sight the col
ored man jumped from the track and
continued hia wild flight on the aide
of it. The bear also heard the noise and
looking around saw the iron horse, with
its red lights and terrible weezing and
pulling, rushing madly upon him. Ho
seemed to lose all thought of the man,
and turned hia attention to the new foe
which threatened him. Rearing defiantly
upon hia haunches, with hia forefeet ex
tended, heanarlingly awaited the oncom
ing train. He hadn't long to wait, and
the ponderous engine, with its heavy
laden train, struck old bruin amidships,
and in a jiffy sent him to the happy hunt
ing grounds to join the members of his
family which have preceded him there.
He waa ak in ned on the spot—by piecemeal,
we suppose—and the colored man who
had been racing with him enjoyed a slice
of hapless bruin for supper.—Iberville
Hant Sweigerfurst it a genial, round
faced Corman, recently from the Kast
and more recently from the southern
citrus belt. He was met by a Stockton
Mail reporter Monday just on his arrival,
and being evidently full of an alleged
grievance, uuboaotned himself thus feely
to his iuterlocutor: "Oat vaa vat you
galls glunate, don’t it ? I vaa in Los
Angeles und San Bernardino alreaty.
Und vat you dinks? Oott in Himmell,
it vaa goldcr dere as in New York. You
sold you glorious glimate pretty quick,
or you vill lose money oo it. Vat->—
- lies dem real esdate men tell in
der East, anyvays. I don't care if it is a
gold snap, vat you gall. I come out ex
pecting some Summer, und mein nose be
freeze. I goes to-morrow mit Sacra
mento, where a brewery keeps mine brud
der. I been glad mine frau staid mit
New York. I)is gold snap vaa too much
for vimmeus.”
Uentle sail I.ovlnff.
Frank O. Hall, who is under sentence
of death in 1'hiladelpbia, is described by
a newspaper in that city as being of a kind
disposition and passionately fond of flow
ers. His gentle nature was shown in the
tender care he exhibited for a poor, little
half starved mouse that wandered into his
cell. He gave it part of his pie. Char
itable ladies take a great deal of inter
est in Hall and think it is a cruel and
brutal thing that he should have been
sentenced to die. His offense was a very
trivial one. He enticed a woman away
from her husband, broke up her home,
beat her nearly to death twice, and then
showed his gentle and affectionate nature
by cutting her throat from ear to ear'
while she pleaded piteously for life.— N.
I Y. Star. _ ^_
A Or eat Boar.
The individual described in the fol
owing from tho Record-Union may be
found in other localities besides Sacra
mento: Many years ago there lived in
this city a insu who was known as "Gassy
Alec." lie was eternally blowing and
talking about himself. He claimed
credit for everything that was going. No
one ever told a story that he did not
claim was a "chestnut," for there was
nothing new under the sun that did not
originate with him. He was forever puf
fing aud blowing and poising before the
public, and it was not long before the
public camo to know him as the biggest
liar on the top of the earth. "Gassy
Alec ” is dead, but some of his kind still
live in Saoraineuto.
Tbs Hartford Teat of Lndjiblp.
An elegaut attired woman got out of a
car at Twenty-third street yesterday
afternoon, aud on reaching the sidewalk
this conversation between her and a
little female street gamin was heard:
" Please buy some pins, lady."
The elegant dressed one's gruff response
WS8 " No."
The little one persisted. " Please give
ine a penny."
The same reply, and the girl said: 11 If
you was a lady you would give me a
The well-dressed woman turned with a
snarl on the ragged gamin, and said:
" If I wasn't a lady, I’d smack you
over the snoot."—Hartford Journal.
For delicacies .T. W. Lambert's store has
become famous, and nothing that is in sea
son is neglected at this establishment. By
train to-day he will receive a fins lot of
fresh fish and oysters, cauliflower, celery,
vegetables of all kinds, anti a tine assort
ment of California fresh fruit. X
Joe Hausmann is selling off his en
tire stock of goods for cash at lower
figures than were ever heard of in
this caiup, as he intends leaving for
the east in about a month to purchase
au entire new stock of goods. *
State Convention
Omci op )
Republican State (CentralCommittee, ).
Virginia City, Nev„ March IB, 1888. )
At m meeting of the Republican State
Central Committee of Nevada, held thie
day, it waa ordered that a
Republican State Caneitioi
TUESDAY. MAY 15. 1888.
At 1 o’clock p. m., for the purpose of
To repreaent the Republican Party of Ne
vada in the
CHICAGO. ILL., JUNE 19. 1888,
And for the purpose of nominating
(Two for a four years’ term, and one fer a
two years’ term), the appointment of a
State Central Committee.
And the transaction of such other business
as msv projierly come before the Conven
tion, the apportionment of the number of
Delegates from each county to said Con
vention being as follows:
Churchill county.... 9 Lyon county. 7
Do us las county. 4 Nye county. 4
Elko county.14 Ormsby county.11
Esmeralda county. .11 Storey county.. .... 30
Karcka county.IS Washoe county. 16
Humboldt county. . 8 White Pins county.. 8
Lander county.11 —
Lincoln county. 4 144
The several Republican County Ceutral
Committees are hereby instructed to call a
Primary Election
Of tho people on
fur the purpose of electing Delegstes to
the said State Convention, the Primary
Elections to be carried out in compliance
with the laws of the State and the instruc
tions of this committee.
The following test will be required of
each and every voter at the said Primary
I mu a cl time a „r this mate, aud
will ■import the ssailasw of the
Kepubllcau party.”
The Republican electors in this State and
voters, without regard to past political af
filiations. difference w action, who believe
in the American principle of a protec
tive tariff for the defense and develop
ment of home labur, who would reduce
the national tases and prevent the accu
mulation of a surplus in the Treasury, in
harmony with this priuciple; who are op
posed to the attempt now more openly
avowed than ever befoie, to establish a
{rolicy which would strike down Ameri
can falmr to the level of the underpaid
ami oppressed workers of foreign lands;
who favor naval and cosst defeoces.
which will enable the United States to
conduct international negotiations with
self-respect; who gratefully cherish the
defenders of our country; who condemn
and resent continued and unjust exclusion
of rapidly growing Territories, which
have an indisputable title to admission to
the sisterhood of States; who favor free
schools and popular education, a free and
honest ballot and a fair count; the pro
tection of every citizen of the United
States in his legal rights at home and
abroad; a foreign policy that shall extend
our trade and commerce to every land
and clime and properly support the dig
nity of the nation and the promotion of
friendly and harmonious relations and in
tercourse between all the States, “and
in favor of the absolute exclusion of all
Asiatics, paupers, insane, criminals and
persous known as Communists, Nihilists
•r Anarchists, mid limiting all further
immigration, and a revision of our natu
ralization and land lawe, the excessive
liberality of which causes the undesirable
addition to our surplus labor,” are cor
dially invited to unite under this call in
the formation of a national ticket.
K. D. BOYLE, Chairman.
T. C. Lo*i>, Secretary. mhSl-td
[NO. 8*8.1
Application Jor a Patent.
Subsea. Nevada, Not. 25, 18*7. I
Eugene N. Robinson, whose P»stoflce ad
dress is Sehgiaan, Nevada, baa thta day filed bis
application for a patent for fifteen hundred
linear feet of the Pursell mine or vein, bearing
silver, with surface ground six hundred feet in
width, situated in Whits Pins Mining Dis
trict, eountr of Wffite Pins, snd 8tate of Ne
vada, and designated by the field-notes and
official plat on (Tie in this office as lot No. 77, in
Township 10 north, range 57 east, of Mount
Diablo meridian. The exterior boundaries of
aaid lot No. 77 being as follows:
Beginning at a post marked No. 1, U. S. sur
vey No. 77, the seme being Identical with the
original location corner, whenoe section comer
common t-» sectlous 9, 10, 15 snd 16, township 16
N., raoge 57 E., Mount Diablo merld'au, bears
8. 83 deg. 48 min. W„ 9,776 feet, and the
mouth of tunnel No. 1 on this lode bean N. 59
deg. W , 841 feet; thenoe running first course
8., 61| deg. W., 600 feet, to a p wt marked No. 2,
U. 8. survey No. 77, the same being the original
location corner; thence second course N., 28}
deg. W., 1,500 feet, to poet marked No. 3, U. 8.
surrey No. 77, the same being Identical with
the original location corner; thence third course
N., 61} deg. E., 690 foot, to post marked No. 4.
U. 8 surrey No. 77, and identical With the orig
inal location corner, and thenoe fourth course
8., 38} deg. E.. 1.590 feet, to post Mo. 1, the
place of beginning.
Magnetic varlstion 16| deg. east, containing
SO 66 100 acres.
The location of this mine is recorded in the
Recorder’s office of White Pine Mining District,
in Book A of psge 58.
The edjelning claimants are on the north the
Crusader, on the south the Pursell No. 9.
Any and all per-ons claiming adversely any
portion of said Pursell mine or surface
ground are required to file their adverse claims
with the Register of the United States Land
Office at Eurska, in the State of Nevada, during
the sixty days’ period of publication hereof, or
they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of
the Statute.
D. II. HALL, Register.
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
of application for patent be published for the
period of sixty days (tea consecutive weeks), In
the Eureka SurrniXL, a weekly newspaper
published at Eureka, Eureka county, Nevada.
d3-fi0d D. H. HALL, Register.
[NO 869. J
Application for a Patent.
Kursk.*, Nevad ♦. Nov. 25. 1887. )
8 Eugene N. Robinson, whose Postofflce
dress is Seligman, Nevada, has this day filed
tila application for a patent for fifteen hundred
linear feet of the Pursell No. 2 mine or vein,
bearing silver, with surface ground six hundred
Feet in width, situated In White Pine Mining
District, county of White Pine, and State of Ne
vada, and designated hy the field-notes and offi
cial plat on file in this office as lot No. 78, in
rownship 16 north, range 57 east of Meant
Diablo meridian. The exterior boundaries of
•aid lot No. 78 being aa follows:
Beginning at a poet marked No. 1, U. S. sur
rey No. 78.tbeeame being post No. 1 of U. 8.
lurrey No. 77, Pursell lode, and the original
location corner of this claim whence the sec
tion corner common to sections 8, 10,15 and 16,
township 18 north, range 57 east. Mount Dl
sblo meridian, hears S. 83 deg. 48 min. W.,
2.776 (eel. and the mouth of tunnel N*. 1, on
the Pursell lode, hears north 59 deg. W.,841
feet; thence running first course S., 28$ deg.
B. ,417 feet, to poet marked No. 2, U S. survey
No. 78. the same being identical with the orig
inal location corner; thence second course B.,
12} deg. E., 1,081 feet, to poet marked No. 3, U.
S. survey No. 78, the same being identical with
the original location corner ; thence 3d course
8.. 611 deg. W., 623 8-10 ieet, to post marked No.
4, U. 8. survey Ne. 78, and identical with the
original location corner;thence fourth coarse N.,
12} deg. W., 1,169 feet, to post marked No. 5, U.
B. survey No. 78, and identical with the original
location corner; thence fifth course N.
28} deg. W , 333 feet, to post marked No. 8, U.
B. survey No. 78, ami identical with the original
location corner, the same being post No. 2 of
U. 8. survey No. 77, Pursell lode, and thence
sixth coarse N., 61} deg. E , 600 feet, along U.
S. survey No. 77, Pureell lode, to poet No. 1, the
place of beginning.
Maguetic variation, 16} deg. east, containing
20 66-100 acres.
The location of this mine is records 1 in the
Recorder's office of White Pine Mining District,
In book A of page 59.
The adjoining claimants are on the north the
Pursell, on the south the Dead Broke.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Purcell No. 2 rniue or surface
gr und are required to fiie their adverse claims
with the Register of the United States Land
Office at Eureka, in the State of Nevada, dur
ing the sixty days’ period of publication hereof,
or they will be barred hy virtue of the provis
ions of the Statute.
D. H. HALL, Register.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
of application for patent be published for the
period of sixty deys (ten consecutive weeks), in
the Eureka ‘Skntinil, a weekly newspaper
published at Eureka, Eureka county, Nevada.
d3-«0d I>, H. HALL. Register.
[NO. 170.]
Application for a Patent.
Euuii, Nevada, Nov 25, 1887.)
Notice is hereby given that
Eugene N. Robinson, whose Poatoffice
address la Seligman, Nevada, has this day
filed his application for a patent for fifteen
hundred linear fast of the Reef mine or v*in,
bearing silver, with surface ground GOO feet
In width, situated in White Pine Mining Dis
trict, county of White Pine, and State of Ne
vada, and geelgnated by the field-notes and
official plat el file tn this office as lot No 79,
in Towas'hJp lfl north, rang* 6T R., of Mount
Diablo meridian. The exterior boundaries at
■aid lot No. 79 being as follows:
Beginning at a poet marked Ne. 1, U.
8. survey No. T9, the same being identical with
the original location corner, whence the section
corner common to sections 9, 10, 15 end 16,
township 10 N.. range 67 E., Mount Diablo
meridian, bears N. 24) deg. W., 2,270 feet, and
the mouth of the southwest tunnel on this lode
besre 8 36) deg F... 764 feet; thence ruufilug
first couree 8. 63) deg, E.. 1.500 feet, to a post
marked No. 2, U. 8. survey. No 79. the same be
ing the original location orner; thence second
course 8.26| deg. W., 600 feet, to poet marked
No. 3. U. 8. eurvey No. 79. the same being the
original location corner; thence third couree
N. 63) deg. W„ 1,600 feet, to a post marked No.
4, U. 8. survey No. 79, the same being the orig
inal location corner, and thence fourth couree
N. 26) deg. E.. 600 feet, to poet No. 1. the place
uf beginning.
Magnetie variation 16) deg. east, coutalniug
20 66 100 scree.
The location of this mine la recorded in the
Recorder’s office of White Pine Mining Dis
trict, in Book A of page 119.
The adjoining claimant* are on the south
Eugene N. Robinson's claim upon the Spring
Any and all peraons claiming adversely any
portion of said Reef mine or surface
ground are required to file their Advene
claims with tke Register of the United Slates
Land Office at Eureka, lu the state of Nevada,
daring thealxty daya’ period of publication
hareof, or they will be barred by virtue of the
nrovUiona of the Statute.
II. XI. xlAnx,, xxegisrer.
It ta hereby ordered that the foregoing no
tlce of application for patent be published for
the period of elity deye (leu eonaecutive
weeke), In the Enreke Sistimi,. * weekly
newspaper published at Enreke, Eureka
county, Nevada. D. H. HALL, Register.
IDs Erta County M.
(Successor to Paxton A Oo.)
Capital Stock, : 8100,000
Ban Francleoo, New York, London and
the principal Eastern and European 01 ties.
M. D. FOLEY.President
■IstlsaX »“«• Olhrr Alecks Bought
•■4 Hold on t'sinmlsslen.
Baraka, January 11, ltM. )all-U
Eureka and Palisade
On and after March 9, ’85,
for Pawenfem, Halls, Kipress
aad frslffhl
Will laart Baraka on MONDAYS. WBDHBS
<Oa Pacific Standard lima)
aa follows.
Laava Baraka at.. IODO^a. m .
Arrlra at Pallaada at.ADO r. u.
Making connection with
Vast and WmI Bonnd Trains of lha
Central Pacific Ballraad.
Returning, will tears Palisade on TURBDAY8,
Lear# Pallaada at.10DO a.m.
Arrlra at Baraka at..... .„4DO r. if.
And all point* •oath, by teams, with cere
and dispatch, and at the lowest rates.
B. OILMAN, General Snp’t.
Carrying (J. 8. Halls and Wells,
Fargo A Co.'s Express.
Stages leave SmreksMondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays for Hamilton, Taylor, Brletol and
Ploehe, making oloae connection with Stage#
fcr Oherry Greek, Ward, Osceola, and
Fares i
Eureka to Hamilton........ $8 00
Return Ticket......13 00
Eureka to Taylor....^... 19 00
Return Ticket... ............... 80 00
Eureka to Ploehe... 88 00
Return Ticket.. 60 00
Thirty pounde of Baggage allowed each
Return Tloketa go for 30 daya.
Positively ne ret/Ste allowed cornu*-ilal
travelers on Round Trip rates.
Mallroad Freight and Transporta
tion due.
Teams of the above line will deliver Freight
at Taylor and points South, leaving Bureka
svery 13 days, or as often as tha business de
mands it.
Estate of J. D. McDOWELL, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that j.
Ahern has been duly appointed the Ad
minlstiator of the e tate of J. D McDowell,
deceased, an > all parties holding claims against
the estate of J. D. McDowell, deoeased, are
hereby notified to present the same to J. Ahern
at tils place of business In the town of Eureka,
Eureka county, Nevada, duly certified aa re
quired by law within ten mouths from the date
of the first publication of this notice, or the
said claims will thereafter he hatred and cease
to be a charge against the said estate.
First publication, March 17, 1888.
mill7-10w J. AHERN. Administrator.
n A If T>T 1^*1.OO for IK weeks,
ij A 111 I li fjTI** **«* lee Uexette
will be mailed, securely wrapped, to any ad
dress lu the United / 1/\ I > 1 States
for 'fibre* Mouths onv_> \ J I JL receipt
of One Dollar. Liberal discount allowed to
P -stniaaters. Agents and Clubs The Police
Gaxettk of New If ATI T?T^York
U the only leglulfj. ^ 1 Ij|jA/mste
Illustrated Sporting and Sensational Journal
published on the American f
conlineut. Apply for terms toX. I\X\lXj •
Richard K. Fox, Franklin Square,
Mew York.
Life Benewer.
BELT with Electric
Buspeusory, guaran
teed the most power
able and perfect Ch in Bat
the world. Cure*, without
Medi cine,Nervous Debility, Pain in the Back,
Kidney Diaeaae, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism.
Weakness of Bexual Organs. Call or send
stamp for Pamphlet. No. 2, MAGNETIC ELAS
TIC TBUaS OO.. 704 Sacramento street, Ben
Francisco, Cal., or 304 N Sixth street, Bt. Louis.
Mo. d3-ly
For the
r f .1 Wtak.Nerv
Free Treatise 4-?^:
or Nervous and Mental dlaeases. TRIAL SENT.
Address, DB. J W. BATE A OO..
283 S Clark streo.
dAw Chicago
Best brands of tea and coffee only at
The subscriber offers bis yalua
ble ranch fur sale, situate at the l aw of
Jeff Davit Peak in Snake Valley, White Pine
county, Nevada, containing
Of choice Meadow and arable Land, and is well
watered bj a never-falling spring, sufficient to
Irrigate f-00 acre*. The ranch !■ well fenced by
six miles of fencing, and is conveniently sub
divided into Hav Meadow*. Pasture*, Orchards
and Cultivated Fields. There is s fine
Of different Fruits on the piece, one hundred
of which are now bearing, and the reet will
soon be. The Ranch is well supplied with out
buildings, comprising
Stables, Blacksmith Shop, t'arpsa
ter Shop, Batcher Shop,
And is also well equipped with an abundant
supply of the best corrals. It Is one of the
finest Dairy Ranches in this section of the
country, and has s good
Rock Milk House,
With all the nereeeary equipments, including a
Churn run by water-powor.
The reason for aelling ie: The proprietor
wishes to mors to his other ranch, situated at
the mouth of Lehman’s Cave, one and one-half
miles distant, which requires his whole and un
divided attention.
Terms and price given on application to the
undersigned at the atrfrve ranch, or by latter ad
dressed to him at Osceola, Nevada.
Snake Valley, White Pine county, Nevada,
October 16, 1887. oW-Sw
E. M, BAUM.Proprietor
Having again taken charge of
the above named Hotel, 1 wlah to tay to
my old patrona and the traveling public that I
have refitted and refurnished the honae with
everything new.
Rooms, single er in suites, with the comforts
of a stove in each room.
Travelers have no trouble with baggage, as It
la moved to and from the depot free of charge.
Is supplied with the very best the market af
BSBAZiS Only SO Cents.
In fact. It has more accommotations for a
small amount of money than any house on the
line of the road.
Connected with the house is a first-class
Where none but the finest brands of Wines,
- Liquors and Cigars are dispensed.
Palisade, Nev. Dec. 1,1887. dlO-lm
To The Front!
Adjoining Mrs. Brown's Restaurant, Bast Bide
of North Main street,
House in Eureka. Constantly increas
ing stock of
Crocerles, Hardware, Crockery
and Classware.
Keeps a full line of the best manufacturers
of Cutlery, Furnishing Goods. Notions, etc.
His Sporting Emporium is replete with Shot
guns, Rifles, Pistols, Powder, Shot and Car
tridges of all descriptions at the lowest flg
Specialty in fresh butter and Eggs. Fruit
and Vegetables, Nuts and Candles.
New Goods received by every train. Call
and get prices.
Eureka, Nevada, June 4, 1887. J5-tf
District Cirj Suds.
lu the District Court of the State
of Nevada, Eureka County.
X ing to Wm. McCuen and Kate McCuon, his
You are hereby required to appear in an ac.
tion commenced against you as defendant by
Michael M rds, as plaintiff, in the District Court
or the State of Nevada, Eureka county, at the
town of Eureka, and answer the complaint
therein, which is on file with the Clerk of said
Court, within ten days after the service on you
of this Summons (exclusive of the day of
rervire), if served in said county, or twenty
days if served out of asid county, but within
this District, and in all other cages forty days;
or judgment by default will be taken against
you, according to the prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought to recover judg
ment against you. the said defendants, for tho
sum of $140, with interest at the rate of 8 per
cent per month from April 18, 1886, balance al
leged to be due upon a certain promissory note
made by you on September 22, 18S4, for $200,
and inte.est at said rate, payable t>0 days after
date to the order of the plaintiff herein; and
aloo for a decree declaring a certain quit claim
deed made by you on said September 27, 1884,
to be a mortgage given to secure the payment of
said note ana interest, and that the real prop,
erty described in said deed be decreed to bo
sold and the proceeds applied in p&\ meat c2
the amount due to the plaintiff, and that you,
the said defend&nta, be forec'ostd of all equity
of redemption or other interest in said real
property, ana judgment you, wie saia
William McCuen for any difieieucy remaining
aft or applying the wwiidl of said sale to the
satisfaction of s&ld judgement, and also for
2f>. amount of premium of Insurance paid by
pi lint id on said premises, and for ersts of snit.
All of which more fully appears by reference
to the compUint herein on file with the Clerk of
this Court.
And you are hereby notified that, If you fail
to appear and answer the said icruplaiut as
above required, lh - said plaintiff will ap
ply to thu Court for the relief demanded therein.
have hereunto s-'t my hand officially,
[skal J and affixed the seal of said Court this
29th day of Feb. A. D. 1888.
County Clerk and ex officio Clerk of the District
Conrt of the Btatoof Nevada, Eureka Countv.
Alkxamjx* Wilson, Attorney for Plaintiff.
oughly furnished; also, bath room, three
closets and" woodahed. The spacious yard is
inclosed by s picket fence. Various kit ds of
fruit trees are set cut. Water in kitchen. In
fact, the premises are provided with everything
suitable for a comfortable borne, and any one
desiring snch a place cau obtain a bargain by
! applying immediately. The house is eligibly
situated, being in the rear of the Catholic
Church, on Nob Hill. Full particulars can
he ascertained regarding terms of sale, ate., by
visiting the premise*.
mhlOlm MRS. J. C. MOORE.
TMTTTT5 Wuuders exist in thoua
JJ JjJuA ands of forms, but are »urpassed by
| the marvels of invention. Those who aro in
neetl of profitable work that can be done whila
living at home should at ooco send their ad
dress to Hallett A Co., 1‘ortland. Maine, and
receive free full information how either sex, of
all ages, can earn from $5 to $25 p r day and
upward* wherever they live. Y »n are start d
free. Capital not required Some have made
over $5o in a single day at this work. All
Fresh sweet apple cider for luiuce meat,
and the choicest apples in the market,
ch**p, at Berg’s. t

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