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personal notes.
fawnenti of Men and Women
Here and Eleewhere.
pr [rfek, the dentist, is expected here
• t fe«r
It begin* to J,M,k ,ike Gherman Ia the
Jlj* man »»< **•*•*
TJent'nsnt Governor Davis is now the
irtifig Governor of Nevada.
„ Sheridan's mother died last Toes
st Somers-1. Ohio.
Mr, H Crosaan and .Toe Lindsay came
Jr.;,, Mineral Hill last Tuesday.
Our latest advices sav that there vas no
Hiang* 1" General Sheridan’s condition.
Mien G. Thurman, the Democratic
nuiuinee for Vice President, is 74 years of
Mins Bell Knnor, who has Been visiting
Xr«.M. D. Holey, left for home lart Mon
J|r, and Mrs -T. I,. Wines took a trip to
Paisa1 le yesterday ami will return home
I t"-1*!
j(,, diaries deary, mother of Mrs.
jlartn Matrren, arrived here from Califor
nia Isat Thursday.
j,,h,1 Pascoe, Joe Stevens and Andrew
Mel lling. old Ituhy Hill miners, left for
gdigntsti during the week.
We are glad to announce that Mi.s So
die Be g, who has Been seriously ill for
JTnal days with erysy|sdast is mucli Iwt
J,«eph \. Keeley, agent of >> ells, Fargo
at Pi *che, arrived her** last Tuesday
from S.»It Lake City, and will remain lo re
iffw days.
.!. W. English, the well-known mining
rt«>r is **x]iected her** from Pan Fran
this afternoon an«l to leave for Tybo
! p^incrrov.
J»* Mackey, th* little hoy who faHured
kb skull by falling from his horse several
Aysagn, is getting well ami aide to l*
wound to a n.
Mrs. Wendell departed for San Fran
eken last Monday to attend the school va
cation, accompanied i*y her youngest
daughter. Miss I >ai-y.
The San Francisco Examiner is justly
proud of the fact that it started the Thur
■um boom which gave the “Old Roman”
the Vice Presidential nomination.
We acknowledge an invitation to the
Tenth Annual Onnmencement of the
Sacied Heart Academy at Union Hall
Sdt Lake City, Utah, Friday, June 22,
Miss Minnie Blackwell arrived here la«t
Tuesday from Carlin, where she has been
visiting tome of her friends, ami will leave
on Monday next for her parents' ranch on
Currant Creek.
C >unty Recorder W. 8. Beard loft la«t
Monday to visit his mother in the Kast,
and will also attend the Nat ional Republi
can Convention. He exacts to return
home in about two weeks.
John Stehhins, a sbeepherder la* 4* in
the employ of .1. tl. Ford k Co., died io
the County Hospital last Sunday, of con
traption. The deceased was a native of
th«* State of Virginia, aged 43 years.
The funeral of K. J. Snargn, who was
killed last Friday morning ny falling down
the Eureka Con. shaft, was largely at
tended, the hearse being preceded by
nearly every miner on the hill af**ot.
Hon. M. I). Foley left here la-t Mon
day a-* a delegate to the National Republi
can Convention, which convenes next
Tuesday. He was accompanied by his
wife, who will visit frien Is in the East.
A. (’alien, the head clerk at Morris &
Levy's dry goods store, was a passenger on
last Monday's train for San. Francisco,
win* *• he has gone to attend his brother's
wedding and to take a two weeks’ holiday.
We received a pleasant call from Cob
Jerry R. Moore of Ruby Valley, who wa
in town th** early part of the week on bnsi
ness, this being bis first visit to Eureka j»
•ix years. He left for his ranch last Tues
Wm. l*ove, Ks*p, late District Attorney
of White Pin**, which position he has re
turned, arrive*! here last Sunday by the
Whit.? Pine stage and departed by train
Monday for Elko, where hi will practice
his profession.
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of
Ma»nm »f the State ul N.vatU convened
at Virginia City last Tnceday, Crend
Ma-Ur A. L. Fltigcrnld of Knreka pre
aiiiiny. The Iaal^e will hold daily Muioita
for two or three day..
Kvan William, received a di»l*atch from
Senator Stewart Friday that lie ha. se
cured room, for the Nevada delegation at
til.' Sherman Hntiao. Thin i. Chicago’*
bn «In tel, and mean, that Nevada will
have all the itylo that le lying around
loose. •
Mi** Giisde Manheiiu "ill open ft pri
tate school in the public schoolboune next
Monday. The young lady ha* had con
sidenvhle experience a« a school teacher,
and in very well liked by the young f"lk*.
%e will have quite a number of pupil* to
■tart w ith.
The Berrymans of Secret Canyon re
turn d home from their pro*|»ecung trip
last Saturday, not greatly encouraged w ith
the result. We presume that it wa* the
fault «*f the Country, not their*, a- their
reputation a* miner* and prospector* i*
sway above par...
Paul Douthett, who ha* lately l»een at
tending a course of lecture* in a St. Lord*.
Mo., law college, arrived here last Friday,
and wa* welcomed by a large number of
his friend*. He will teinain h**re a few
day* longer and then proceed to San Di
ego to visit hi father.
('barley Ferrari* and hi* wife left here
for New York last Monday. Mr*. Fer*
n»*u will go from there to Italy, (-barley
will r»'inatn in New York alxtut a month
attending to buMiness connected with the
estate « f the late John Comait*, of which
he is the administrator.
James William* and Win. Harris, *on of
Sam Harris, shift ho** at the Puisell mine
at Seligman, came over from that place
last Thursday and will return there on
Monday accompanied by Alfred, a eon of
Sam Ilarii-, and Glia*. Thomas, a nephew
of Billy Sampson, two young men who ar
rived h< r© from Kr.glaml la*t Thursday.
Mr*. F. J. Schneider left la*t Wednes*
day to M|*eod the Summer with her tlau^h
ter. Mr*. Glendenning, in Mound Valley,
Klko county, and was accompanied by her
daughter, Sir*. Chest, r S. Batchelder, and
her friend Mr*. A. M. Moore wf Detroit.
The latter will remain in Mound Valley
about a week and then leav* for her home.
Dan H. McDonald received the sad in
telligence a few day* avo that hi* mother
hud died May 15 at her home in Westvllle,
Nova Scotia. Although the old lady had
lived more than the allotted three score
»ud ten year , her demise bring* sorrow t<
her bereaved children, to whom we offer
®nr sincere sympathy and condolence. She
leave* to mourn her three non* and one
The remain* of John A. Paxton, an oM
re-i»l,.|,t 0f Nevada, who died on a steamer
h‘,und fr<»m New York to Liverpool, May
10, were temporarily interred at Heald*
hl'rg, Gal., where he resided, last Sunday.
*®e permanent resting place of the de
Jcased will probably be in Mountain View
Gemetery, Oakland. He wa* aged 59
y**n- Hi* estate is estimated at two
nnllion dollar*. He wa* a member ot tf.e
skiciety of California Pioneers.
Or* Nhl|Mil**ita.
The following number of ton* of or*
were shipped from the mine* of the di«
“ict to the furnacea during the week:
Ihiuilerburg mine, 68 ton*; Ferrell, 6}
™"*; Allen, 3 ton*; White Fine, 6J ton*;
I immick, 20) ton*; FI Dorado, 5 ton*;
'oodchopper, 201, ton*; and Silver Lick,
- ton*. From tho Bowman, 3 ton* and
“'Ivor Lick 9 ton*.
Comity Scrip.
'lighcat price paid for Eureka couutj
C,iP bJ w. HjJBtowell, *
I-Ja V*1'* 1*®" an almmlanco of ami
which he will *ell lower than
on* el*e in the market.
Matter* of Lively Interect to the
General Reader.
Interview Joe Butler on hi* well boring
Austin is moving for a Fourth of July
Our warm weather has put iu an ap
pearance at last.
Ice cresm every Saturday and Sunday at
Mrs. Brown's restaurant.
The Republican National Convention
will meet at Chicago next Tuesday.
The usual religions services will lie held
to-morrow in the Kpjscopal Church.
Tin* log cabin in whh'h General Grant
was born i* on exhi* itio.t in Cincinnati.
t 1’reaching at the Methodist Church,
Kureka, to-morrow evening at 7:o0 o’clock.
The Trustees at Dayton, W. T., have
fixed the saloon li'ense tax at ♦1,000 a
A M tenderfoot ” prospector left Tomb
stone, Arizona, last week with four tons of
The Fourth of Jr.ly celebration at Win
neinncca will have a burlesque depart
The election for Town Trustees at Red
Bluff, Cal., resulted in n temperance
Mis* Alta Cheney will commence teach
ing in the public school building on Mon
day next.
The American party holds a Convention
in Hun Francisco on July 4, to nominate a
full State ticket.
The Auburn, Cal., eight-year-old Imy
burglar an 1 l.is mother and sister have
be* n held for trial.
Silver wa* quoted in New York on the
13th instant at 021, and domestic lead at
3fl5 with an easier market.
The Republican National Convention
will probably l*e in session several days l»e
fore the nominations are made.
Re cue Hom Company will give a grand
ball at the Kureka Opera H< use on the
evening of the Fourth of July.
B bu rnt Courier: The Ma. Alta mine
Iti mining fM I" I'l^at Tybo have Wen
dee Jed to I). Nathan of Kureka.
A saddle w*vs found last Sunday, which
the owner can get by making application
at the Bowman Company’s mine.
Will anything be done this year in Ku
reka to celebrate the Fourth of July?
Have the patriots deserted the camp?
The present epidemic of pneumonia on
the Con stock is undoubtedly caused by the
cold, damp and unseasonable weather.
The Ttiscarora Times-Review has en
tered upon its twenty-first volume. It ha*
our be-t wishes for long-continued success.
Col. Fret! N. Dow wouldn’t vote for his
father, Neal Dow, when he ran for Mayor
«f Portland, Me., but supported the Re
publican candidate.
Twentp-one tons of ore per day is con
centrated in one small concentrator from
ten tamps at the Barcelona niino at
Spanish Belt, Nye county.
A number of Indians came up on the
train from Palisade to attend the fandango
which took place near the Odd Fellows’
Cemetery last Thursday night.
Last Wednesday was a Chinese holiday,
and their national banner, a blue dragon
oti a yellow ground, was Hung to the
breeze in Chinatown on that day.
A Comstock pa|»er says: Hank Don
nelly, Su[»erintenderit of the F.ureka Con
solidated. writes that the total product of
tlis mine this month will be between $*iO.OOO
ami $0>,000.
It will be seen by advesrttsement in an
other column that the liquor firm of
Knight Bros, hm been dissolved The bus!
ness will henceforth he conducted by
Hank Knight.
“ Grandpa,” said Teddy, as the old
gentleman w >ke up from a loud-sounding
after dinner nap, “ if you’d give your nose a
spoonful of paregoric don’t you think you
could put it to sleep toot**
Me sen. Remington, Johnson 8l Co.,
have received a new patent cyphon, in
vented to be attached to coil oil cans for
the purpose of filling lamp*. It is a very
ingenious and useful article.
We are in receipt of a letter from
Messrs. Ball k Beady of Belmont, Nye
county, in which those gentlemen say that
Mi. Severance, the lessee of the Barcelona
mine, wants about 15 miners.
A Missouri fanner produced the follow
in* memorandum at the grocery store:
“ Caroaene, hearpins, sally ratus and
•huger, muzzlin and hog rnedsiii, razins
and a bottle of Jew Nipper corjal.
Bast Sunday at Ruby Hill Nick Barlow,
while trying to hold a restive horse, was
thrown down by the animal and dragged
nauie distance. His face was somewhat
lacerated, but fortunately he was not
otherwise hurt.
The surveyors of the Salt I«ake & Is*s
Vrgeles railroad have Wen at work at
Pahranagat Valley, Lincoln oounty. They
have found several practical routes for the
road, but are determined to discover the
very Wat Wfore permanently locating the
To-morrow Father Nattini will have an
early mas* for communicants at 8 o’clock
in the morning, and high mass at 11 o'clock;
Sunday school as usual ami evening service
at 7:30. To-morrow week, June 24, dur
ing Father Nattini’* absence, no service
will lie held, but the Sunday hcW» »1 w ill be
taught as usual
A “wild turkey,” that was shot by
Felix Maginni a few days ago, turned out
to be a turkey buzzard, ami was handed
»ver to the Chinamen who run the
t estaurant at the lower end of town. The
Chinamen think that the bird will make
good eating for a Sunday dinner, but their
customers can safely reason that the buz*
rani is tough ami will take at least a week
to cook it. “ Be still my heart, be still”
N|»*cl»lty Nnlf.
A grand opportunity is offered to
the ladies of Fureka for the next 30
days. Morris & levy's po|>ular dry
goods and ear|)ot house will he thrown
open for Uieir regular semi-annual
specialty sale. A general line of
goods suitable for our great national
holiday, the Fourth of July, will be
otic red at special low prices, l’arusols,
ladies’ hosiery, wash goods, embroi
deries, millinery ami gents' furnishing
goods will t>e dispensed at such spe
cially low prices as w ill surprise every
body. Call early, ladies, and make
votir selections from the mast com
plete assortment of dry goods ever of
fered in Fun ka. There is no mistake,
you cannot fail to save money hv re
ferring to Morris A Levy’s new adver
tisement and then going to their store
and making your selections.
A rreiu "irike.
Bob Northy, the Greenwood brothers,
and others have lately licen internet, d in
two tribute pitches in the Silver Lick mine
at A damn Hill, one adjoining the other.
Several days ago one party sturck ore
close on the boundary line of the two
pitches, and rather than quarrel the parties
agreed to all work together under an agree
ment among themselves. They are down
in a deposit of ore about ten feet, and so
»ar It shows up about five feet thick, ami
they have ore all around them. We learn
that they took out five tons in a half shift
and it made only a comparatively small
hole in the de|x»«it, the extent of which is
not yet known, but it is said to be the l*e*t
thing uncovered in that locality for some
time !*•>(.
Bullion fclilpuieuta.
Webs, Fargo k Co. shipped during the
week eight bar* of Richmon 1 bullion,
valued at 914,925 79; ten bars Fureka
Con. bullion valued at 20,60(1 and eight
bars of passing bullion, valued at $5,000.
Big money .made by patronizing Berg.
The I'nncrnl Miwoale and Krlls
l»n«,Klln — Peculiar « mnnalri
-niMpiralainti ol llnngrp In
I>a.st 1' riday I>oi Chung, a prom in
ent Chinaman of Knrcka, died of con
sumption. He was a merchant and
partner in (lie Chinese store of Tang
^ non A Co., a Chinese Free Mason,
and said hy his countrymen to have
lieen " holly lilegce ” (very religious).
The funeral took place mi Sunday, ami
as 65 or 70 out of u possible 100
Chines*' residents of Kureka are Free
Masons, the Celestials turned out in
full force to give the dead Mongolian a
good seml otT on entering upon his
flight to the “celestial” heaven.
I Shortly after midday the clang of cym
bals drew quite a crowd to Chinatown.
The ooriise in a fine casket, had been
brought into tiie street, and sat on
stools surmounted with a largo China
red and white flag l<earing an in
scription in Chinese cymbals. Tables
were set with a large roast pig,
chickens, fancy viands prepared in
lard and sugar,and a variety of nuts anil
preserves mat were eagerly watclicil
by a number of juvenifo whites.
('andles were lighted uml ptink was
burnt in abundance, the vile strench
from which was well calculated to
drive away his stanic majesty as was
intended. Mats were laid along the
street from the foot of the coffin, and
tiie mourners and pall liearers, tlie
latter wearing long white “ dilos ”
(tunica) and mourning streamers flow
ing from their hats, kneeled on them
tiowing, marched in out and around
them, and performed |ieeuliarreligious
ceremonies. A priest kneeled at tlie
foot of the casket, having in front of
him throe diminutive cu|m into w hich
be |ioured tea from time to time du*
ing two hours of prayer to the celes
tial god for the entrance of the spirit
of the departed into heaven. Mean
while another Chinaman chanted a
dismal, lay constantly gesticulating
and going through peculiar move
ments specially deputed to him. The
services concluded, the remains were
taken to the grave near the old
cemetery proceeded by Chinese
musicians clanging cymbals, heating
gongs and timbrels, ets., the din of
which reminded one of the combined
noises from a dockyard boiler maker's
shop, and tumbling about of a num
ber of old tin cans. Small flags and
banners in red, white, blue, yellow
uml black were carried by Chinamen
in the procession, in which were also
three or four carriages witli male and
female mourners. There was a short
ceremony at the grave, where the
liedding, clothing, pajiers and account
tiooks of the dead Chinaman were set
fire to uml burnt up. The dead man's
mouth had been filled witli silver
coins, and as the remains were
lowered into the grave, several dimes,
and a lot of candies and trinkets were
strewn on the coffin. The roast pig,
which is usually taken to the grave
for the lienefit of the departed, or as it
is laid to feed the dead, was much to
tiie chagrin of a number of hungry
Indians who usually follow the
Chinese remains to the graves and
steal tiie delicious morsel after the
mourners have dispersed, was left in
Chinatown. A lot of punk was
burned over the grave, several liands
ftil of inscribed red and brow n paper
were then strewed over the coifin, and
the cold mold was throw n in on it, and
ended (lie formalities of the funeral.
A tithe of the viands were left at the
grave,and the mourners then diapered
hi Chinatown where the pigwasdivided
among the sorrowing friends of the
dead man, and so terminated what to
the white heathen, appeared to lie
more of a gala day than tiie
solemn rites performed over the re
mains of a dead brother.
Score of llio Itnbjr Hill dim Club
l ast Sunday.
The Kuby llill Gun Club met at
their grounds in the Hat near that
place hint Sunday and shot ten diskn
each, eighteen yards’ rise. The score
was as follows:
J North*-). 0011 1 1010 0-5
T. Brya.j.. 1 0 0 0 11 1 0 0 1—5
J. Fine . 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0-5
J. WcNarghton... 01 1 1 1 1 ICO 1—7
C. 8. Grew .wo*ni.1 (1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
J. Jury.0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0-tt
W. J. Hooper. 0 10 110 10 0 1—5
K. Morriah. 1111011)00 1-5
S. Preaion. 0000 1 1 1 000-3
K. Northey. 1 0 1 1 1 0 l 1 0 1—7
W- Harm. 1 I 1011010 1—7
W. Harr la, Jr. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0-3
W. Bryant .0 0 110 5 0 11 1—6
J. Greenwood.. 000000000 0-0
The club will meet for another Jay’s
sport to-morrow and will be glad to
see their friends from Eureka on the
' - ■ '■ - -
Our Urauil Noutlny Nale.
Morris & Levy, the leading dry goods
and carpet house, will stll on Monday,
Juno 18, 10 dozen fancy tidie towels at 15
cents each. They are very handsome and
the price so fabulously low that you must
not miss the chance snd get tome, lie
member, ladies, this sale will take place
Monday, June 18, and for (me day only. *
Remaining in the poutoffioe at
Eureka. Nev., os the 15th day of June,
lKSS Persona calling for any of theae
letters will pleaae any “Advertised June 10.
Lnillea' E.l»t:
Deck Alee M. C’uen Mrs Win
Ueullemru'a I.ImI :
Ballich M
l.eimon L
liiiu-»rro P
Pink P
( rjfCE 2
Daly A
IMtuue A
FU-rot tin Win
OuD(J«n»uii A
Oiort'i A
Luther R C
Ah Liudaii P
l/LK>nOcll P W
Richard* T
Ttdar K II
I hl V
Watson A K
Willu>m» D R
torrlgu I.lell
! Pereouecelllhi! for »uy ef the** Irllrrn will
pl«.»»e»»y. •• Foreign, Advi rlleed:-*
Cameron (ieo
Connell J W
Holm Pete
McTUo Aid
King Jo; li
Kogantini (>iac
Sheriff's Sale.
In Ihe District Court of the Ntnte
or Nevada, Knreka County.
II. Haulier. Tlulntltr,
The htar Mluluir aia«l Naueltlnir
Coaiipuuy, llereiiiliul.
The talc of the real and person il projH rty of
the defendant in the alcove entitled action ad
vertised to 1h* nold on Wednesday, June 0, l.vfG,
Is h* rehy post}ionel until FttU>AY, July G, 13S8,
at the aarne time and places
W H. 8WEEH1Y, Sheriff.
By Q. T. Kivan. Deputy Sheriff.
After trying Tan ail I'm Punch ft-cent
cigar, you will smoke no other. Get them
at the Eureka Drug Store.
Celery, cauliflower and cranberries at
Mk t
For the next sixty days I will sell
my elegant stock of Men's, Youths’ and
Furnishing Goods, and Boots and
Shoes at greatly Reduced Prices.
Riveted Overalls 75c. a pair; regular
value $1.
10 pairs Shaker Socks for $1; regular
value, $1 25.
5 pairs British Hose for $1 ; regular
value, $1 25.
A fine Oassimere Suit $8; regular value,
Pique, Worsted, Corkscrew and Cassi
mere Suits very low.
Fine Derby Hats, all shades, $2 50 each.
Regular price, $4.
Stylish Cassimere Pants $1 50 a pair ;
formerly $4.
Without regard to cost from May 12 to
July 12.
A Large Stock of Blankets and Quilts
At a tremendous sacrifice. '
‘20 dozen Mission Flannel Undershirts and Drawers at $1 apiece.
Drawers $1 apiece. Fine Percale Shirts $1 25 ; for
merly $1 75 and $2. White Shirts 75c. apiece ;
regular value, $125. Five dozen Navy
I Hue Overshirts at $1 50 apiece.
Heavy Canton Flannel Under
wear at 50c. apiece ; for
merly $1. Five dozen
Linen Dusters
$1 25 ; regu
lar price $2.
Tlx© Balance of My stools.
Reduced to onr tlilnl of former pricee. Country ordure, whether large or email, will receive
prompt autl cartful attention.
Main 8t., Eureka, Nov., Next to Eureka County Bank.
In Eureka, June 12,1888, to tha wife of A. E.
Obeli, y, Esq., a son.
In Eureka, June 12, 1888, to the wife of John
Cobb, a a*>ii.
In Reno, June 9, 1888. John DslSsil, e na
tive of Canada, aged (IT years end 4 mouths.
At the County liospitsl, Eureka, June 10,1888,
John Btebblns, a native of Vlrgluia, aged 48
At Westvills, Nova Beotia, May 15.1988. Mrs.
Jessie McDonald, relict of the late Alexander
McDonald, of that place, a d mother o/ Dan H.
McDonald of Eur«ka, aged 74 years.
The bescue hose company will give
its sixteenth Annua! Bail
.AT TUB......
Eureka Opera House,
Committee of Arrangement. :
H M Boait.v, J a Lacey,
M IS Bartlett, John A I'rager,
V L HregorlctL
lualtatlou t'ommtttee:
All Member, of tbe Eureka Fire Department.
Here|>tloa Committee:
Louie Wedekind, A Vauulna,
Will Wetbered, P J Stanton,
Malt Scbatlleiu. Wm Mulick.
Floor Mnungera:
L A Dunkle, A P Hallway,
W II Strain, Dare MeL me,
Pat Mctlroy.
Floor Director.K. M. BEATTY.
TICKETS (admitting Oeut and Ladiee)....|4 00
To be obtained ol Membere of the Company.
Mueic will be fumlelied
1 By Riegcinalli’s Fall String Baai.
The Pioneer Jeweler,
in general, that owing to
great improvement* made of
late in watch work that never
waa done heretofore, viz: that
a Swire or Englifh key i
winder Watch could never b«
put to a atem winder, I am'
prepared to do am-h work at
the following coat;
Silver, Swiss, or English Watches for...910
Gold, Swiss or English Watches for. 17
Also, American Watches in Silver for. 5
la Gold for. 10
4 Iso, Watches re-cngraved and re newed for. 6
Done at short notice, as usual.
Sold at San Francisco prices.
Three doors aouth of Mrs. Brown'S ReetauraLt,
on Main street.
P. PARONI,:: Prop’r.
On and after Juno 1. 1SH8. 1 will be prepared to
furnish the people of Eureka at uiy place
ot buidneas, amt
od bati a large aaaort
men! of
BBK r,
Will lake oril**r« ami dshv. r the **nic in any
l*rl ol Kurska ami Buby Hill. A slmr* ol ih»
public patronage ia aolicitad. m'AC if^
Fifty Men Wanted.
miB. Apply to A. JACKSON,
rnJU At the Jackson House, Kureka.
YiimiucAitiNt-uTin mua
last maim >1 the gaaeisai. office
Encourage home industry anil buy your
goods of Berg. t
mums 4 nit.
Will commence their Semi-Annually
....ON ...
And Continue the Same for Thirty
Days I
For Children, Misses and Ladies,
in all shades and styles, at 25c.
and upwards.
Our Large Stock of Hosiery
Will be sold at special low prices.
Ladies’ Lisle Thread Hose, in
black and all other colors,
at 25c. per pair.
Such as Nainsooks, Piques, Organ
dies, Lawns, Swisses, Satines,
etc., we will sell at special
Low Prices.
An Immense Assortment of
In White, Red, Navy Blue, Pink and
Light Blue, with Allover, Insertion
and Flouncing to match.
Tie Great National Half t
At Special Low Prices;
Ladies, and Children’s Lace Silk
Mitts at 25c. per pair.
Ribbons in all Shades and Widths
at Special Low Prices.
A beautiful line of Children’s Lace
and Embroidery Collars.
Ladies’ Walking Jackets at $2 50
apiece. Come and see them.
Carpets and Wall Paper, the Largest
assortment, at Lowest Prices.
Millinery at Special Low Prices.
The Finest Selection of
In the State at special Low Figures.
LADIES : Be sure to take advantage of our spe
cialty sale. Call as early as possible while the assort
ment is complete.
Bole Agents (or the Domestic Pattern*.
Very BespectXulK, _

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