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MSfltlLliJi BILLOT, j
Tull Toxt of If evada'a Wew
Election Ii»w.
f'nlr, ourt ««»■ *“ **
Catnre If life Uw l» Ol»»«r*eU
i Approved March 13, 1391.1
The People of the Swt* ol Nevada, «p
resenlod In Senete end Assembly, do en
»ot es lollowe
Sectiow 1. All bellole cast in elections
or pnblio officers within this State shall
ne printed and distribute! at publio ei
peuee. aa bereiaalter provided. lbe
printing ol general tiokote and cards ol
instruction lor tbe electors ol osch oonnly,
and the delivery ol the same to the elec
tion officers, as provided lor iu this Act,
shall be a oouuiy charge, tbe payment ol
whioh shall be provided lor in tbe came
manner aa tbe payment ol other county
expense*, and in oaso o! separate elections
lor oity, town or distrieloffioers, tbe print
ing and delivery ol tickets and oarda ol
instruction shall be oharged upon tbe oity,
town or district in whioh said tickets and
cards are to be used, the payment ol
whioh shall be provided lor in tbe same
manner aa tbe payment ol other city,
oounty or district expenses. ...
Skc. 2. Any convention, as hereinafter
defined, held lor the purpose ol making
nominations lor pnbllc office, and also
elootora to the number herelnalter speci
fied, tusy nominate oaudidalet lor publio
offices, to be filled by eleotion within the
Btatd. A convention within the meaning
of this Aot Is an organized assemblage of
delogatet representing a political party,
whioh, at tho last election, before the
holding of such convention, polled at
loast three per cent of tho entire vote oast
in the State, county, district or other polit
ical division, for whioh the nomination is
made. , . ,
Skc. 3. All nominations made by each
convention ehall be certified as follows:
The certificate of nomination, whioh must
be in writing, shall contain the name of
each person nominated, bis rosidenoe ana
office for which he is nominated, and ehall
designate the party or principle whioh
auoh convention represents. It shall bo
sigued by the Chairman and Secretary of
such convention, who sbal- add to their
sigoaturee their respective places of resi
dence, and make oath before an officer
authorized to administer tho same, that
the matters stated in suoh certificate are
true to tbe best of their knowledge aDd
belief, and a certificate of the said oath
shall be annexed to said certificate of
B! • i. A usuumaw •
may be nominated otherwise than by a
onvention in the manner following' A
ortifioete of nomination oontaining the
name of the candidate to be nominate I,
with the other Information required to be
given in the certificate provided for in sec
tion three of this Act, shall be signed by
electors residing within the distriot or
political division for which candidates are
to be presented, equal in number to at
least three per cent of the entire vote oast
at the last prooeding eleotion in the State,
distriot or political division for which the
nomination is to be made; provided, that
such certificate shall not be valid unless
signed by three voters. Said signatures
need not all be appended to one paper, but
each signer shall add to his signature bis
place of residence. One of the signers of
etoh snoh certificate shall swear that the
statements therein made are trno to the
best of his knowledge and belief, and a cer
tificate of such oath shall be annexed.
Such certificate of nomination shall have
the same effect as a certificate of nomina
tion made by a party convention.
Sec. 5. Certificates of nomination of
candidates for offices to be voted for by
the electors of the entire State, shall be
died with the Secretary of State. Certi
ficates of nomination of candidates for all
other pablic offices shall be filed with the
Clerks of the respective counties wherein
the officers are to bo voted for, and where
a district embraces more than one county,
such certificates shall be filed with the
Clerk of each of said oountles.
Sxc. 6. No certificate of nomination
shall contain the name of more than one
candidate for each office to be filled. No
person shall Join in nominating, undor
the provision of Section 4 of this Act,
more than one nominee for oaoh office to
bo filled, and no person who has voted in
aoonvention, either in person or by proxy,
for or against a candidate for any offioe,
shall join In nominating, in any manner,
any other nominee for that office, and no
person shall accept a nomination to more
than one offioe.
Seo.7. Certificates of nomination re
quired to be filed with the Secretary of
State shall not be filed more than sixty
days nor less than for./ days before the
day of eleotion when the nomination is
made by a convention, and not more than
sixty dsys nor less than thirty days before
the Jay of election when the nomination
is made nnder the provisions of seolion
four of this Act. Should a vacancy occur
from any oause in the list of nominees for
any offioe, inch vaoanoy may be filled at any
time before the day of eleotion by the con
vention, or by a oommlttee to which the
convention has delegated the power to
fill vacancies, or by petitions, as provided
in seotion four of this Aot. Tho Chair
man and Secretary of the convention, or
of snoh oommlttee, or suoh petitioners
shall make and file with the proper officer
a certificate, setting forth the name of the
person nominated to fill suoh vaosney, the
offioe for which he is Dominated, the name
of the person for whom the new nominee is
is lobe substituted,and such further infor
mation as is required to be given in an
original certificate of nomination. When
suoh certificate is filed, the offioer with
whom it is filed shall substitute the name of
the person therein for the original nomi
nee, by printing, if praotiaable, or by writ
ing the name of the person thns substi
Sec. 8. Not less than twenty-five dtys
before sn election to fill any public office
the Secretery of State shall oertify to the
County Clerk of oaob oonnty within the
State the name of each person, and the
name of the office for which be Is nomin
ated. as specified in the oerlificato of
nomination filed with him.
8ec. 9. Not less than ten daya before
an election to fill any public offloe or of
fice*. tbo Oonnty Clerk shall oanse to be
published all tbe nominations certified to
or filed with him. Said nominations shall
be published in a newspaper printed with
iu the oonnty. When no uewspaper ia
printed within the oonnty, tbe pnblioation
shall be made by posting a oopy of tbe
ballot in a public plaoo in each election
preoinot within the connty. one of which
copies shall be posted et the oonrt honse
door. When pnblioation is made bv print
ing io newspapers, at least two pnblioations
by such newspapers shall be required, one
of which shall appear in tbe last regular
Issue of snob paper before election day.
Sec. 10. When a proposed Constitution,
ocnstitutlonal amendment or other qnee
tion Is to be snbmitted for popular vote,
the Secretary of Slate shall oertify tbe
same to the several Connty Clerks,and said
County Clarks shall publish the same as
provided for in section 9 of this Act
Sec. 11. It ahall be the duty of tbe
County Clerk to provide printed ballots
for every election for pnblie officers, in
whioh any voters within tbe connty parti
cipate. and to oanse to be printed In tbe
ballets prescribed herein, tbe name of eaoh
and every candidate whose cams haa been
certified to, or filed with him,as provided in
thU Act. Ballots other than those printed,
as provided in this Aot. shall not be oast,
or oonnted la say election. All ballots
bell be printed on tinted paper, famished
tj the Secretary of Slate. It iball be the
luty of the Secretary of Stele to obletn,
,nd keep on bend, a sufficient supply of
meb paper for ballots, sod to furnish ths
lame in quantities ordered to any County
Jlerk. Said pap r aball be wanr-marhed
»llb a design furnished by the Secretary
if State, in such a manner that Ibe said
eater matt shall be plainly diaoernable on
tbs oulsids of snob ballot ebsn prop
»rly folded. Such design shall be changed
for each general election, and the same de
sign shall not be used at any general
election within the space of eight
years, but at any special or acp
arate looal eleotion paper marked with the
design used el any prerious elaction may
be used. . .
Hro. 1J. Un oaon nauoi a wubwi"*
line shall e»tend from top to bottom, one
balf-iocb from the right hand side of «u#b
ballot, and upon the nalf-iuoh atrip thus
formed there (ball be no writing or print
ing except the number of tbe ballot, which
•ball be npon tbu baok of tbe etrip in such
position that it shall appear on tbe outside
when tbe ballot is folded. The number
on each ballot shall be tbe aame as that on
tbe corresponding stub, and tbe ballots
and stubs shall be numbered oonsecutivily
in each oounty. Where Ibe names <d
candidates are printed in sepcrate columns,
tbe columns shall be separated by heavy
rales, and on all ballots tbe nanus of
candidates shall be separated by a rule ex
tending to tbe extreme right of tbe
eolnmn. All ballots shall contain the
name of each and every candidate whose
nomination for BDy office specified in tbe
ballot bae been certified to and filed ac
cording to tbe provisions of this Ael. and
no other name The names of tbe candi
dates for eech office shall be arraugeJ
under tbe designation of the offioe in al
phabetical order, according to surname,
except tba* tbe name of candidates for
Presidential Eleotors shall be arranged m
groups ae presented in the several eertia
cftt-rflof Domination, ttd the mind* of the
candidates for President and Vice Presiden t
shall precede tbe proper groups of Presi
dential Klee tors; tbe polltioal designation
of each candidate shall be printed opposite
bis name. There shall be left at the end
of the list of candidates for each office
one blank space to be used when substitut
ing names to fill vacancies. There shall
be a msrgln at the right hand side of tbo
names at least one-half inch wide, so th»l
the voter may clearly indicate In tbe w.y
hereinafter described the candidate or
candidates for whom be wishes to vote.
Whenever any question Is to be submitted
to the vote of tbe people, it shall be
printed upon the ballot in such a manner
as to enable tbe eleotoss to vote npou Ibe
question in the manner hereinafter pro
vided. There shall be printed on tbe bal
lots opposite the designation of each
office such words as will aid the voter to
indicate bis ohoice of oaudidatcal nob as
** vote for one," " vote for three," and the
Sec. 13. All ballots, when pnoteu,
shall be bound in stab books of fifty and
one hnndred ballots each. A record of the
number of ballots printed for them shall
bo kept by the respective County Clerks.
Kec. 14. The County Clerks shall pro
vide tor each election precinct in the
county wherein leas than twenty-five voters
are registered fifty ballots, and In all
other precincts one hundred ballots
for each fifty or fraction of fifty voters
registered in the precinct.
Sec. IS. Whenever it shall appear, by
affidavit, that an error or omission has oc
curred in the publication of the name or
deaoriptiou of auy of the candidates
Dominated, or iu the printing of the bal
lots, auy member of the Board of
County Commissioners, upon application
by any voter, shall iasue an order requir
ing the uounty Clerk to oorrect such er
Sec. 16. Before the opening of the
polls, at auy election, the County Clerk
shall eauee to be delivered to the Board of
Eleotion of each election precinct in his
county the proper number of tiokets of
the kind to be used in the election precinct,
Iu case of prevention of au eleotion in any
preoinot by reason of the loss or destruc
tion of the ballots intended lor that pre
oinot, or for any other cause, the Inspec
tor or other election officer for the pre
oinot shall make an affidavit setting forth
the fact and transmit it to the Governor
of the State. Upon receipt oi snch affida
vit, and npon the application of any candi
date for any office to be voted for by the
voters of each preoinot, the Governor
shall order a new eleotion in such pre
Seo. 17. At the same time and in the
same manner as Inspectors and Judges of
Eleotion are now appointed in the Stato,
there shall be appointed two Clerks of
Election, who shall have charge of the bal
lots on election day, and shall tarnish
them to the voters in the manner herein
after provided for. Said Clerks of Elec
tion shall possess the same qualifications,
and reoelve the same compensation as In
spectors of Eleotion. Bald Clerks shall be
seleoted from the political parties whioh
polled the largest and the next largest
votes in the preoinot at the last preceding
genera! eleotion.
Seo. 18. The Board of County Com
missioners Bhall provide, at each polling
plaoe within tho county, a sufficient
number of places, booths or compart
ments, in whioh voters may conveniently
mark their ballots, so that in the marking
thereof they may be sereened from the obs< r
vation of others, and a guard rail shall be
so placed that only snoh persons as are in
side said rail can approach within six
feet of the ballot box, and of snob booths
or oompartmenM. The arrangements
■hall be snoh that neither the ballot box
nor the booths or oomparlments (hall be
hidden from the riew of those jnst oat
side the gaard rail. The number of
such booths or oompartments shall be
not less than one for eaoh fifty or fraction
of fifty roters registered io the preoinct.
Each of said booths or compartments
shall be kept provided with proper sup
plies and conveniences for marking ballots.
No person, other than voters engaged in
receiving, preparing or depositing their
ballots, shall be permitted Inside said
guard rati during the time the polls are
open, except by authority of the Board
of Election, and in that case only for the
purpose of keeping order and enforcing
the law.
8*o. 19. Any person desiring to vote
■ hall give his address to one of the Clerks
of Eleotlon, who shall annonnoe the same,
and il the other Clerk shall find the name
upon the registry list he shall repeat the
name and address. One ballot shall then
be given to the voter, and the number of
the said ballot shall be written by one of
the Clerks of Election upon the registry
list opposite the name of the voter receiv
ing il.
8*o. 20. On receiving his ballot the
voter shall immediately retire alone to one
of the places, booths or compartments.
He shall prepare his ballot by marking a
cross or X after the name of the person
for whom he intends to vote for each of
fice. In oase of a constitutional amend
ment or other questions submitted to the
voters, the cross or X shall be plaoed after
the answer which he desires to give. 8uoh
marking shall be done only with a blaok
leadpcnoil. Before leaving the booth or
compartment the voter shall fold his bal
lot In suoh a mannor that the water-mark
and the nnmber of tbeballot shall appear on
the outside, without exposing tho marks
upon the ballot, and shall keep it so folded
until he has voted. Having folded his ballot,
the voter shall deliver it to the Inspector,
who shall anuounoe the name of the voter
and the number of his ballot. The Clerk
having the registry list in hit charge, if he
finds the number to agree with the number
of the ballot delivered to the voter, shall
repeat the name and number, and shall
mark opposite the name the word "voted."
The Inspector shall then separate the
I strip bearing the number from the ballot,
and shall deposit the ballot in the ballot
box. 8aid strip and number shall be im
mediately deetroyed.
Bsc. 21. But one person shall oooupy
any one booth or compartment at one
time, and no person shall remain in or
occupy a booth or compartment longer than
may be necessary to prepare his ballot, and
in no oase longer than five minutes.
Ssc. 22. An voter who shall accident
ally spoil a ballot may return suet spoiled
ballot to tbe Clerks of Eleouon. and re
mire another in tie place. All the ballots
thas returned shall ba immediately can
celed. by writing the word canceled across
tbe face of the ballot, and, with those not
distributed to the voters shall be returned
with tbe election returns. A roter wbo
d .es not rote tbe ballot delivered to him
shall, before leaving tbe space inside tbe |
guard rail, return such ballot to the Clerks,
wbo shall immediately cancel the same
and return it in the same manner as a (
spoiled ballot. Tbe Clerks of Election
shall account for the ballots delivered to
! them, by returuing a sufficient number of
! unused and spoiled ballot* to make up,
( when added to the number ol official bal
| lots cast, the number ol ballots delivered
. to them.
Sic. 23. A voter who declares unaar
oath, that by reason of pbysioal disability. ;
he is unable to mark his ballot, shall at
Lif request be permitted to receive the
assistance, in such marking, of an elector,
other than any election officer, but no per
son shall be permitted to go inside the
guard rail as an assistant to more than
one voter. ,
Skc. 24. No ballot shall be deposited in
the ballot box unices the water mark, as
hereinbefore previdud, appears thereon,
and unices the slip containing the num
ber of the ballot has been removed there
from by the Inspector.
Sec. 23. The County Clerk shall cause
to be printed, on plaiu white paper, with
ont watt*--mark or indorsements, excep
tbe words " sample ballot," at least three
times as many copies of the form of bal
lot provided for use in each precinct as
there shall be registered voters ia each
precinol. 8uch copies shall be furnished
to registered voters at the office of said
County Clerk daring office hours for five
days preoeding the day of election; pro
vided, that not more than two of such
sample ballots shall be furnished to any
one voter, exoept npon the written order
of a voter, and not more than two of said
sample ballots shall be delivered on auch
order. At least as many sample ballots
• ball be furnished by the County Clerk to
each Board of Election as there shall be
registered voters in the precinct, and on
election day the Board of Election shall
furnish each registered voter, on applica
tion, one such sample ballot. daid
Cocnty Clerk shall also oause to be printed,
in plain type, on cards, instructions for
the guidance of voters for obtainieg and
marking their ballots. He shall furnish
twelve such cards to the Board of Election
of each electiou preoinct in the oounty, at
the same time and in the same manner as
the ballots aud samplo ballots are fur
nished. The Board of Election shall post
at least one of such cards in each booth or
oompartmoot provided for the preparation
of ballots, and not less than three of each
cards at other places in and about the poll
ing places on the day of election. There
•hall be printed on said cards sections
tweoty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine
and tbirt/ of this Aot.
Bkc. 26. In counting the votes an; hal
lo! not bearing the water-mark, as pro
vided in this Aot, shall not be oonnted,
but suob ballot most be preserved and re
turned with the other ballots. When a
voter marks more names than thero are
persons to be eleoted to an office, or if for
any reason It is impossible to determine
the voter's ohoioe for any office, his vote
for such oftioe shall not be oonnted. Aoy
ballot npon whioh appears names, words
or marks written or printed, exoept as in
this Act provided, shall not be oouoted.
3kg. 27. Any person who shall falsely
make or fraudulently deface or destroy any
oertifioate of nomination or any part
thereof, or file any certificate of nomina
tion knowing the same or any part thereof
to be false, or suppress any certificate of
nomination whioh has been duly filed, or
any part thereof, or make nee of, keep or
tarnish to others, exoept as in this Aot pro
vided, aoy paper water-marked in imita
talion of ballot paper, or disclose to any
person not engaged in making, printing or
distribution of ballots or ballot paper
under the direction of the proper officer,
the design of the water-mark to be placed
on the ballot poper, or print or be con
cerned in printing or have in his possession
any imitation of an offioial ballot, or make
any mark or Indorsement on any ballot,
or stab, by which the ballot can be dis
tinguished from other ballots or falsely
swear that be is unable to maria Lis ballot
by reason of physical disability, shall be
deemed guilty of a felony, and open con
viction thereof shall be imprisoned in the
State Prison for a term not less than one
year and not more than five years.
Sko. 28. Any person who shall, daring
an election, remove or destroy any of the
supplies or other conveniences placed in
the booths or compartments, or shall, dur
ing an election, remove, tear, down, or
deface the cards of instruction posted, as
prescribed by this Act, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof
shall be punished by a fine not less than
fifty dollars, and not exceeding five hun
dred dollars, or by imprisonment in the
oanntyjail for a term not less than one
month and not exceeding six months.
8kc. 29. Aoy pnbllo officer, npon
whom any duly is imposed by this Act,
who shall wilfully neglect or refuse to per
form any such duty, shall be deemed
guilty of a felony, and npon oonviotlon
■hereof shall be imprisoned In the State
Prison for a term not less than one year
and not exceeding five years.
Sko, 30. No person exoept a member of
the Board of Election shall receive from
any voter a ballot prepared by such voter.
No person shall examine snoh ballot or
solicit a voter to show the same. No per
son shall remove any ballot from any poll
ing plaoe before the closing of the polls.
No person shall apply for or receive a bal
lot at any election precinct other than the
one on which be is entitled to vote. No
person sball show bis ballot to any person,
after marking It, so as to reveal any of
the names voted for. No person shall ask
another within one bnndrod feet of the
polling place for whom he intends to vote.
N’o voter shall reoeive a ballot from any
:>ther person than one of the Clerks of
Eleotlon, nor sball aoy other person than
i Clerk of Eleotlon deliver snch ballot to
inch voter. No voter shall deliver to the
Board of Election or to any member
thereof any ballot other than the one re
vived from a Clerk of Eleotlon. No voter
snail place any mark upon bis ballot by
wbioh it may afterward! be identified at
the one voted by him. Any person violat
ing any provision of this section shall be
deemed gnilly of a misdemeanor, and
upon oonviollon thereof shall be fined in
a earn not less than fifty dollars and not ex
ceeding five hundred dollars, or by Im
prisonment In the oonnty Jail for a term
not lose than'one month and not exceeding
six months.
la the DlHtrlct Court of the (state
of Nevada, Eureka County.
la the Matter of the Estate of W. W. Niokals,
Wilson, haa filed with the Clerk ol said
rt a petition, praylug for probate of will
and for Letters of Administration, with the
will annexed, of the estate of W. W
Nickels, deceased, and that Saturday, the 8th
of April, 189* at 1 o’clock r. n.. the same be
ta*; a day of the regular session of said Court,
at the Courthouse, and in the Courtroom
thereof, in the town of Eureka, said county
and State, has been set by the Judge for the
bearing of said petition, when and where any
persoa Interested may appear and show cause
why said petition should not be granted.
unto aet my band officially, and
I slab] affixed the seal of oald Court, this
22d day of March, 189S.
County Clerk. Eureka County, Nevada, and
ex-officlo Clark of said Court. ru26-Jt
orrice-DiMTHitr arronxir a
orris e. coi'HTHni'SK,
fe8-tf* Eureka, Kev.
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whom It m*y c-mcwrn: Thot the K’llow^
ibp deecnbed propelty .lluwtw. lylhK wild b»
iiik In the Ooanty of Knrehe. Mwtv
end Meowed to the owtere th. reof. »i'«
nwaiee feepeoHeely ere eet 1 !•].*•!te (hr ae
eoription theroot. hee boeri duty texed
end eweoeeed for the jeef ISOS, for the emoanU
heretnetter mentioned in connection with the
deecrtptlon thereof, thet wed Uim ere d-lln
ouent thet ten per '-»ol on eeid temesend
cwf of edvertlrloK will be rollecte.l In e<ldl
tion to the orliiinnl lex. ell the property wold
foe ell of eeld orl«lnwl tee. penelty eud - ottt.
to Wit
BOWEN, 1*. W. Improvements, frame house,
situated in the town of Sherwood, In Eureka
county, and state of Nevada. Tax, 52 90; pen
altv, ocats. f2. total, 54 75
13EAlii*, W,s. Personal property, lurnttnr*
Poaaeaaury li.tereat in ar.d to lots No* 3 and
10. in block No. 5, of the town of Eureka, an<l
State of Nevada. Improvement*, brick house.
Tax, 51130. penalty, 5113, coat*. 52; total.
515 03.
Bl'TLEB. J L. PosasMory Interest in and
to a tract of land situated east of the
Cotnslta Ranch,on Ailiaou Creek, about 30 utile*
southwesterly from Eureka, In Eureka county,
State of Nevada, known as tha Allison Ranch,
anddanertbed as follows, to wit: Commencing at
the NW corner of horse corml. and running
thence E \ mile, thence H mile, thence n J
mile, thence N H mile to the piece of hesln
nmc contelolhc to ecru,, in Kurehwi ooniy.end
stete of Sereda. Improvement,, wmell wtort
ade house and corral Tax, 5” 10; penalty, #51
coats, 53; total, 5? 61, .
BUZ/.ETTl, a. C. Improvsuu-nt*. frame
houae. situated In the town of kherwaod in
Eureka coanty, sad State of Nevada. Tax.
51 25; penalty, .13; costa, 52. total, |i 37.
BARTONI, JOE Improvement*, frame hou*«
sltuati*! 1b Secret Canyon, it* Euytka county,
and Stab* of Nevada. Tax, |2 55; penalty, .'A
costs, 5-. total. 54 80.
BUTLER, K. J. Possessory Interest *n
and to lot No. 3, in block No. 4. of the t iwn of
Eureka. in Eureka county,and State of Nevada.
Tav. 53 10. penalty,.51;coats, 52; total, 5* 31
CaMPANI, RICCO tChas. Ferrari*, agent).
Possessory Interest in and to lots Noe. 5,6, 7
ami s. in block No. 78, of the town of Eureka,
Eureka county, and State of Nevada. Fax,
#1 40; penalty, .14. coats, 12; total, 53 54.
CAVANAUGH, M. C4. Poasaeeory lnlereat in
and to lota Hoe. 6 and 7. in block No. 38, of the
town of Eureka, in Eureka county, and State
of Nevada. Improvements, frame house. Tax.
$6 30; penalty, .63; coate, 5i: tot*). 5* 33.
CAPKIOLI. A. Personal property. 1 horse, 1
wagon, 9 cow*. Improvement*, frame hous*
In block No. 42. Possessory interest in and to
lot No. 11. in block Nc. 63. lot No. 16. in block
No. 56, of the town of Eureka, In Eureka
connu, and btate of Nevada. Improvement*
small cabin. Tax, 513 3u. penalty. 51 33, coats.
t j total. tl6 03.
GREEK, C. k . Possessory interest u auu ««»
lot No. 6, ta block No. 78. of the town of Eu
reka, In Eureka county, and State of Nevada.
Improvement*, frame house. Tax, $2 80 pen
alty, .28; costa, 82; total, #5 08.
DEL B»>Nl>lO, A. Improvements, frame
house and stable, situated at th* mouth of
New York Canyon, in Eureka county, and 8tafe
of Nevada. Ta*, $2 56; penalty, .25; costa, $2.
total, *4 80.
DUKER. JAMES. Personal property, 2
horses, 1 wagon. Improvements, stockade
bouse, altoatod In the southern part of Spring
Valley. In Eureka county. State of Nevada.
Tax. |3 18; penalty. .31; c.>ats. 82*. total, $5 49
DELANEY, M. Improvements, frame house,
situated west of blopk No. 77, of the town of
Eureka. In Eureka county, and Ntateof Nevada.
Tax. $2 80; penalty, .28, costs. $ . total, $5 'W.
EVANS, JAMES. Personal property, *
horses. Improvements, frame house, situated
In Goodwin Canyon, lo Eureka county, and
state of Nevada. Tax. $2 80. penalty, .2c; * osts,
82. total, $5 08.
FOKWOOD, B B. Personal property.'2 mules.
5 horses. 1 wagon. Fosscssorj Interest in
and to a tract of land situated about 1H miles
easterly from the Raines Ranch, in Pine Valley,
on the road leading to Bullion, known as
the Forwood Ranch, and described as fol
lows, to wit: Commencing at a joint 300
feet ME of dwelling bouse, and running
thence ■* mile 8, thence mile W, thence
* mile N, tbenct mile E to the place f
beginning containing 40 acres. In Kureks
eounty, State of Nevada. Tax, $7 60; penalty,
.75;costs, $2; total, $10 25.
FRECEBO. PETEK. Possessory interest in
and lo lot No. 21. in block No 78. of the
town of Eureka, Eureka county, State of Nevada.
Improvements, small house. Tax, $1 40; pen
alty, .14, cost*. 8*2; total, #3 54.
G«*BMAN, F. O. Possessory interest in and t.«
lots Nos. 3, 4. 5, 6, 7 and 8, In blook No. 81, and
lot No. 8, in block No. 13, of the town of Eu
reka, in Eureka county, and State •{ Nevada.
Improvements, frame bouse. Tax, $7 50; pen
alty, .75; coats.2. total. $10 25.
tereat In and to lot No. 9, In block No. 67, of
the town of Eureka, In Eureka county, and
State of Nevada. Improvements, frame house
Tax, $8 40; penalty, .84; costs, $2; total. $11 24
GOFFIN, ADOLPH. Improvements, frame
house, fciiuate J at the mouth of Goodwin Oau
yon, in Eureka county, and State of
Nevada. Tax, $1 40; |>ena2ty, .14; coats, $2 to
tal, $3 64.
HUTSON, JOHN W. Possessory interest in
and to lot No. 8, in block No. 56, of the town
of Eureka, in Eureka county, and State of Ne
vada. Improvements, frame house. Tax.
$2 80; penal tv, .28; costs, *2; total, $5 08.
HOLT. WM. Poaaessory Interest in and to
lots Nos. 11 and 12, in block No. 25, of the town
of Eureka, in Eureka county, and State of Ne
vada. Improvements small cabin. Tax, $i 40,
l*enalty, .14; costs. $2; total, $3 54.
HORN, C F. Personal pro; erty, furniture.
1 stallion. Possessore Interest lu and to lot
No, 6, In block No. 57. Improvements, frame
house. Possessory interest in and to lot No. 10,
in block No 67, «f the town of Eureka, in Ku
rdba county, and State of Nevada. Improve
ments brick house. Tax, $2d 10; penalty, $2 01;
'oste, $2; total, $ JO 71.
JAuKSON, A. Personal properly, raacninery,
consisting of engine, 2 boilers, 1 rock breaker.
1 blower, 1 bnrr mill, steam pump snd all
other machinery snd fixtures at the Star Bftn
ing and Smelting Company’s furnace, situated
near the town of Sherwood, tn Eureka county,
together with Improvements, frame house and
frame work over furnace, as-ay office, frame
saloon building, boarding nottae, oreblna, frame
water-jacket furnace, all the above being In
Eureka county, and State of Nevada. Tax, $100,
penalty, $10: costs, $2; total, $112.
JONES, D K Improvements, frame house
situated in the town of Sherwood, in Eureka
county, and State of Nevada. Tax, $2 50;
penalty, .25; costs, $2; total, $4 75.
LOWE, MKH. K. Possessory Interest In and
to Lot No. 1, In block No. 39. of the town of
Eareka, in Eareka county, and State of Nevada.
Tax, $2 80; penalty, .28; coats, $2- total, $5 08.
LEE, WIN(». Improvements, frame house,
Bltuated on South Baby Hill, In Eareka county,
and State of Nevada Tax, $128; penalty
.12; costa. $2; total, $3 40.
MARINO, JOHN. Improvements stone cabin,
situated on tha NE corner of the Jackson kiln
ing Company’s block in the town of Eureka, in
Eureka county, and State of Nevada. Tax,
$1 40; penalty. .14; cost, $2; total, $3 54.
MENHE8, JOE. Possessory iuterest In and to
lot No. 6, In block No. 15, of the town of Eu
reka, In Enreka county, and State of Nevada.
Tax, $2 *0; penalty. .28; costs, $2, total, $5 08.
Me ASK ELL, l>. Improvements, frame bouse,
situated on North Ruby Hill, in Eureka
county, State of Nevada. Tax, $2 55; penalty,
.25; costs, $2; total, $4 80.
POTTER, JOHN. Personal property, hoist
ing works and machinery at the Connelly mine
on Prospect Mountain, in Eureka county Pos
sessory interest In and to a tract of land, situ
ated In Silver Canyon, Eureka county, near the
Pinto mill, and described as follows, to wit:
Commencing at slake marked No. 1, In Silver
Canyon, where Krater and Dargen'a cabin bears
8 2s deg E 17.CO chalna and one half milt west
of line between Enreka and White Pine e un
ties, and running thence N 62 deg W 180 chains
to a stake, thence 8 28 deg W 10 chains to a
stake, thence S 62 deg K 160 chains to s
stake, thence N 28 deg E 10 chains, to the place
of beginning, containing 160 acres Improve
meats, frame house near Pinto mill, all of the
above property being tn Eureka county. State
of Nevada. Tax, $30 60; penalty, $3 06; costs, ,
$2; total, $37 66
BOBERTI, PETEK Ac CO. Personal properly.
160 cords of wood on ranch Poaeeesory Inter
cut In end to a tract of lend situated about 4
mllea northeasterly from the Butler Ranch in
Sageheu Canyon, and 47 miles aouthweater'y
from the town of Eureka, and described as fol
lows, to wit Commencing at a point V mile
N from NE corner ef cahln. running thence E
Vi miles, thence B H mile, them e W 1 V» mile*,
thence N 1$ mile, thence E | miles, to the place
of beginning, containing 4*0 acres, in Eureka
countv and .'vtate of Nevada. Improvements,
log cabin. Tax, $7; penalty. .70; costs, $j
totsl.lt 70.
ROBERTS, THOM AH. Improvements, frame
house, situated on Booth Kuhy Hill, In Enreka
county, and Htate of Nevada Tax. il ag,
penalty, .12; costs, $2, total, $4 to.
8KVENTY.SIX MINING CO. Personal prop
erty. machinery Improvements. frame house
situated at the Hev#uty-81x uiiue In New York
Canyon, in Eureka county. Htate of Nevada
Tax,^|30 60; penalty, 63 06, cost $3. total.
MINING COMPANY. Person si property. 7
horses and 6 mules, 6 wagons, t whims, ma
chinery at the Bt. Peter’s Consolidated
G k B M Co, oonsistmg of . ngU r. holl
ers. 10 stamps, 6 concent rater*, ore bins, steam
pumps and other machinery and persons)
property. Improvements, frame bla kemltl
•hop, iron house over the Mhurs Cun mill.
Bg^^rrJttaatsa |
n mm. ... . '
St.l. of N.T..L TO. HUM “ •
"SrvSi tv "r^«-oe> t. —* «•
, i. hjr.lto t h*t .VO 1. !■ bio. k
\.*ft 8 lit* f«*t of lot No. h, ln*bi«nk No. I*.
Ek im?« «Si. •" w« * :«• ■% i*:
olonk Ho. jo. of tl.« town »* Kof k*. In burnt*
Count,. milt Sint* of Nnrndn. Tni. *J l». I»»
,|l , coat*. I.' lotnl. *5 ok- _
SCOT*. MH& niu* punMWfT Inter**!
... *»d to lot NO. 1. "l
»» ui,! r. w f©*i 1,1 w‘ *•
In'block No. 4J. of th* t»w« of >n#r**h^ ,‘n
F,**k. count,. «4 s,.t. d —'j In.
nr»r*m*nt* lr*m* b..n** T*«. •' ™
Etc. 77: co*t*. »1; toul, $1" 47.
StVFKNFV. W. H. I "!»•«•• pn.tmnj,, *>
n.»’*n *3.1 .wit*. I )*ct. l***-°“ ,a
,*.».*, lot* rent In »4 to th* » '»l
|**t of lot So. it. m b>"Ck *7.
lot So. 4. In block No. Tl. of the town cf Knock*.
inF .rek* county, *n,l S»»te "f 7M»4* 1"^
nroToamt*. brtdt h «»* t'o*». *»ry is«*r*.t
In *a4 to • tenet of Unalne l*n l. *ltn*l»ilI in
Con*nk,«*n Canyon, ,bont t mile* w**t of An
MmTi nil*., know n *. lb. Mcf.f i*n<l K*nc h.
*n.l described ** follow*, to wit; Commear
Im: ©t th© 8W roraer of 4lwi*lllnjr hou©*©0«1 TOB*
mil*. lb*nc* K i ni.l. t .c.o*
N l mil©. lb©ao© W J mil \ « llwi
th© pt©c© of h©»ia©lrf. oaaUIntn* !«•) ©cr. «.
In the county of Kurok©, ©nd Hl©tc «‘f *•'•**••
InipfoTomoat©. lotf h< n«*. *t*blo ©nd
T©», |Jd 03; I ©n»lty. $J dO; 0»*4*. toUI.
*31) f3. -
home oa South Huh, Hill. In Eur*b» eousty.
SUte of Noeedi. T»,. 11 M; peooltjr, 1«; coeto,
^WALLArt' STRVe.v ImeoiemehU. from*
houee. ol turned os North Why Hill, Is
county, end Bute of Ncvod* Ton, fl IS; pen
»ily, .12;coet».|J,toUi l» 40.
WKKH. THOMAS (K. K. rhllllpe. Hcent).
I’oeietoory lnleteel In *nd to • plow- ol
lon.l eltnoted In the town ol riilllipehue*.
nod Soocrlbed oe follow* lo wit O.,mroooeind
ml the unp-r oonier of tipper woler Ieoh, end
running thence eoulh S.«> fort, Ibenee *eet
330 feet, thence north »ai feel. Ihenoe reel
330 feet, to the piece of be.lnnln,, id Ibe
oountyof horeke. SUte ol Secede Improve
men te.f rente houee neer itirnoce int|.ror«uienU
wetef ticket fnrnece weler lenk. fretue houee
need for o« e. T»». f it 43; peneliy. »3 *
cnata.lt; total.*St ST.
WITTSN1IKBO. MBS, t. R Poeee«cory in.
t**tt rt in and to a place (.f lend situated In Moca
N, 8? and dearrttied ae f.ll**we to wit
Commencing at tha NW corner of lot
No. 1. In Mock No *2, end running thence
W 4b feat, there* H 78 f*et, than-* Y 40 fact,
thence N 75 feet to tha place of beginning, of
the town of Eureka In Eureka count), and
Slate of Nevada Imrovement*. stone hon«e
Tax. #i 00: penalty, ft*, coat#, #1 *<»tal t* *r>
WEBT, IIENBY. Huaea—ory Intereat In and
to No 8, in block No 1». of tha town af lam*,
in Eureka county, and State of Nevada Tax,
.7"; penalty .7 c-wte. li . total, $2 77.
WHALEN MBS WM Poaseseory intereat
! In and to a tract of land wit anted south
and westerly from Pine Station, in Kur**ka
county and Stats of Nevada, an' described aa
! follows to wit Being the K 4 of NW |. eaction
13 T 21 N K 51 K, containing 80 acre*. E S <*
SW i. eectlon 18 TJ4 N BM I. containing W
teres- MW 1 of HE |. Motion IS, T 24 N B 81 E.
• eorc* i- f NW | -• ’ion *8. T
<4 n k 31 E. containing 80 acres: N ‘ of Ha J
action 24, T 24 N. B 51 B. containing 80 acre*.
W t of NE i. eectlon 24, T 24 N, K 51 E. c*»n
tainlng 80 acres. W J of BE J. taction 24, 1 24
N H 51 K. a ntalnJng 80 acre* W • NE t aac
tl 'ii 25 T 44 N. B 81 E containing m acre* W y
of HE I section 28.T 24 N. B 51 E. e- ntaintng 80
Acres - ■ i of NW J. sec ton 4ft. T 24 N, B 51 E.
containing 80 acres NK i of HW J. section 23
T 24 N, B 81 ft. containing 40 acres, HE £ of HW
1 section 23 T 24 N. B 61 *. containing 40 acres
NE I of NW J, section 35, T 44 S, B 51 E. con
taining 40 acre* . NE J of 3E \ , section 88. T 24
N H 51 E, o ntaintng 4 " acre*. N | of HW $,
section 85, T 24 S, R 51 K, containing 80 acres.
Impr• veuieut* at the Whalen copper uilnee, !•*
1 ringing to the Whalen Consolidated Mining
Company in Eureka count), and state «if Ne
veda. Tax. **4 43. penalty, |3 44. coats. 2.
total, tm$7
Notice la further given that In detault of ths
payment of said sun v. the undersigned as
County Tretenry of saldKur'ka cunty, and
Ex-officio Tax Rc-eivc-r thereof, will, on
Moodsy, the Iftlti Pay of Jaansry.
A. Ik. IHV I,
*4*11 at public auction at the Oourthouee do»«r of
the sal-1 Eureka county, lit the town of
Kuroka. to the highest and best holder f« r
cash, the above described property or a.
much thereof as may be necessary •*» satisfy the
amount of said tax, penalty and coat »f adver
tising, and that »uch sales will be subject to
redumption within six months after the -late ->f
sal by payment of all aaul sunt* with three ;»er
cent per month thereon from date of sale until
P. II. IIJTL, Treasurer,
and e a-officio Tax Ru-e.ver
WM. HPINNER, Oountr Audit-r
Eureka, Nevada, l>ec*mber 12,1883 did Id
Notice to Creditors.
In the District 1'ourl of tli« MUI«
of Nsvsds, Enrekt i entity.
In the Matter of the Estate of Henry Blah >p.
Notice i811iRiBy oivbiv i»y the i n.
uuder»tgned, Administrator of thee# tan of
Henry Bishop, deceased, the nreditore of, and
all persons having da na agalnet eeid da*
canned to exhibit then* with the necas»ary
vouchers within Ore weeks after the first pub
lication *»f this notice to the saol adnilnleira
tor, at hie office In the Kyland building on
Katanian street, between Main and Kiel
streets, In the town of Eureka, count) ol Eu
reka, State of Nevada, the saiud being the
place for the transaction of the bueincss of
■ aid estate, or the name will he forever barred.
Administrator of the Estate of Henry Klshop,
Hated Oct. 9, 1-3V i,
1’ktxk Bbkkm, attorney for administrator
la the District Coarft of the Biol
of Nevada. Baraka (ouoty.
In tha Matter of the Estate of J. W Dtaa.
wboin It may concern, that Flora A.
Mills, Administratrix of the estate of W O.
Mills, deceased, haa Med the Anal a. < oanl of
W. O, Mills, Admlniatrator of the estate of J.
W. Dean, deceased, In tha ('lark's office of said
Court in said county, and that the Judge of
said Court bar appointed Saturday , the 7th day
of October, 1H93, at 11 o'olock a. n. of said
day, at the Courtroom of said Court In ssld
county of Eureka, a the time and place for
the settlement of at! 1 final account, and all
parties Interested In stld estate are hereby no
tlficd to appear at aaid Cm* and place and file
objections, if any they have, to said final ac
count or Ite settlement.
1 . n. HARMON. Clerk.
Eureka. Nev..Sept. 21, 1MM.
Kali. If), 1 MM.
Notice id hereby given that the
following named reltlar liu filed notice
of bla latantioD to make final proof in anpp<>n
of bin claim, ami that e*ld proof will he made
bofora John M-Kamar. 1. B. Circuit Oourt
I'ommiaalouer, at Enret a, Nevada, on Wednee
day, April 11,1104. vis: ,'ercUao Hamerll. U . f
No. 243 for lota 1. 2 and , and the NW. It of BW.
It of aee. 3. townalop 36 N.. B. 67 E., M. D M
Hr name* the follow tug wtlm eeee to prove
hla rontlunoua r-eldenr upon and rnlUvatinn
of said laud, via; Jneeph Tognlnl, of Roby
Vade). Nevada; Holier Hagar. of Roby Val.
ley, Nevada; Giacomo Pinole. i.f Hu liy Valley.
Nevada. Waller R Long, of Eureka. Nevada.
Any paraon who dealt a to pruteat against the
allowance of aucb pr-io*. or who fcuowa of any
aubataatia) reaa n. und. r the law and the regu.
latiooaof the Interior I apartment, why anoh
prviof should not be allowed, will he given an
opportunity at the abov - mentioned time and
place to crnee examine the witnesses nf mid
clatu ant, and to offer a idem e in rebuttal of
that enbmltted by claimant.
D. H. HAUL, Regular
muiB in the corn ,. that received
1 the Wovld'g Pair coa-trhet and wan served
■lttOaivgLY inalda the fair (Irottnda at Chi
BEMlNGTilN, JOHN ON h C0-, AgenU.
Eureka Jan. 19, i«m.
Application for a fat-int
V. 8. Lean urrn i, Ernxga, Nee.
May !4, 1# 0.
Nolle* la hereby glee* thM 81b eon
Wanban. there I'oalofte* addree* le or
iel, Naead*. baa Ibi* day by bla nly
aalbonaad ageol. *• O, Mill*, filed bla
application lor a patent lor lontteeo bon
drad and amity tbrea 11,41*3 • ineer !**l
ut the Ecllpee ulna or eeio baa; log ali -er
and gold. with anrlaca gronod flee ban
dred and eighty eaten 587 laailnwh b,
ailoaled In Corlea Mining Inalr.'l, eou iy
ol Eorak* and Hlalo ol Nrrada. i ad
deelgnated by tb* field notee a-id ol?.' 1*1
plet on Ale in tbl* office a* lot No dl, In
T 2fi north. II 49 E. ol M l> M. .aid lot No
61. being daaertbod aa lollow* I ) wit:
lieglnnmg at a poet marked No 1, V 8
aureay No 61, Ibe aama being lii* orlgli .1
location corner, and poat No I, ol V 8
aoreee No 52. Adjunct lode, abenc*
aoulbeaat corner ol aeetloB 5 T <6 N, It .9
E. M 1> M. bear* 8 20 deg 20 m n W, 2,‘ *4
le*t, and C 8 mineral nionon . nt No I.
bear* 8 7t deg 46 miu W. 2.490 le* *
tbence running 8 AM deg ca*t. C
leet, to poet marked number 2. V
•ureey No 61. and tba origin d locetlct
eorner, Ibenoe N 99 deg W, 10 leel. It*
poet No 3, tb* norlbeeel corner ol C
anreee No 42, Cortex Giant or Comm r
lode 1,49.7 leel. to poet marked No 7, U >
•array No <1. Tbl# poet eta; d* on II
northern boundary ol V 8 enrey No 47
whence pool No 2, the northwiat corner,
ol eaid anreey No 42, beare N 99 deg W ,
97 leal, and tli* ortgioal looailon oorne:
of lnl« oiaim near* t* no or* w, i i*e», »u
the old main iLdl of Iba Cortex Giant o
Oommiaa lode, uaera H 934 1-3 fig W, 311
fuel, Ihenou N 6 1-3 deg W. 87 Ml, lo po*
No 4, tbe *oalb***l corner oil 8 aarvey
No 50, Hnmmll lode 587 f*'l lo pot;
marked No 4, U H anrrey No 61. Tbi*
poat aland* on lb* eaaiern b< nndary o(
aald Hummil aurrey. and 1* po.il No 3, of I
D H anrrey No 53, Adjunct lode, and tbe j
original location corner of tbu olaim, and <
throe* H 89 deg K, 1,493 feel along the J
aontbern boundary of aald *«r'ey No 53. ,
lo poet No 1, the plao* of beginning, ecn- '
talcing 19 95 aorra
Magnallo rarlallon. 17 1 3 E
Tbo location of Ibi* min# la :eoorded It.
tbe Ileoorder'a offioa of Oorlea Mining
Ctatriot Id book C, page 99.
Tb* adjoining claimant* ar* iba Adjunct
mine on lb*north. Iba Hu mm I mine on
tbe weal, and lb* Corlax Giant or Cam- 1
mine on Ibeaoulb.
Any aod all perauna c.aiming adreraeiy
any portion of aald Eollpae mine or aur
face ground ar* required k 61* tin Ir
ad rare* olaim* with lb* il*glat*r
of Called State* Land Office al
Enreka, lo lb* Htal* of No
Nerada during tb* ality dayi period of
publleattoo hereof, or they will b* barred
by rlrloe of the prorieiona nf the Htatnte.
D. H. HALL. Regialer.
11 la baraby ordered that the foregoing
nntio* of application for pal al be pub
llabed for tbe period of alxty daya, i ten
oooaeontlra weak* .In tbe Eure la Hkxtixil
! a weekly newspaper pnbliabad at Eureka,
Nevada. V. 11. HALL, Reglater.
■y 17-10w _
No. 948.
Application for a Patent.
U. 8. Laud Ornct, Km** s Nev.,
August 11, 1H90.
Notice is hereby given that ltichard
Mackintosh, wh* •*•*■ I'nitoffie' address Is
Halt Lake Uity. Utah, has this day by his
duly authorised agent, Charles Head, tiled
his application for a patent foi 1,000 linear
feet of the Hibernia ininc ot vein 1rear
ing gold and silver, with mu;face ground
two hundred feet in width, situated
in Baraka Mi ing District, countv -f
Kureka, and State f Nevadt* and if-sig
nal* d by tbs field notes an<l official |Jat
on tile hi thi* dice as lot nuu ber 311, said
lot number 311 Iwing described as follows,
to wit:
1 loginning at a {eat marked number 1,
U H survey namber 311, the same )>eing
i*o«t numlier 4, of U H survey number 28
1 hamond lode, whence U S mineral monu
ment numlier 12 !>ears S HO deg 7 min. K,
603 6 feet, and the n.*uth f be Mackin
tosh tunnel IwarM north liH ds( 61 min K,
614 feet. This )*«( is at the t riginal loca
tion monument; thence runnirg 1st course
north 49 1-4 deg K, 1,000 b.’t along the
southeastern Iroundary of ar id Diamond
survey to post marked numlier 2, U S sur
vey numlier 311 at the original location
monument and |M>st oumt>er 3 if Maid Dia
mond survey; thence 2d course 8 40 3-4
deg K, 200 feet to post marked numlier 9,
U 8 survey numlier 311 at the original lo
cation corner; thence 9d course 8 49 1-4
d«g W, 060 * feet to the northeastern
Ixuindary of 1 8 survey nan ai 103, ol
A, Morris 1 -de, whence |**»t numlier 3,
the omit northerly corner of '.aid Morris
l«*b bears n« rtf -7 12 bf 10.2 f »-t.
1,000 fast to post marked number 4, Vs
survey numlier 311 at the original location
monument, and thence 4th (purse north
40 3-4 deg W, 200 feet to post number l,
the place of lieginrdng.
8o much of this survey as ci nflict* with
U 8 survey number 169. lot A, Morris lode,
is hereby excluded, Said ot- iflict is de
scribed as follows:
Keginning at post number 3, the most
northerly corner «f said M -rris lode and
running thence 1st course S 47 1-2 deg K,
10 2-10 feet; thence 2d course l| 49 1-4 deg
W, 130.2 feet, and thence 3*1 our** north
16 deg K, 123 feet t< the plaoe of liegin
Total area of survey ,,4.69 acres
Area in conflict with
V 8 survey number
169, lot A, M orris
lode . 0,01 acre
Kemaiuing area ... ..4.68 acres
Mag. etlc variation, 16 L2 dug K.
The location of this mine is recorded ie
the Kecorder's office of K.ursda Mining
District in ho* k Cl, tiage 417.
The adjoining claimants ire on tbu
northwest the Diamond, sc itheast the
Any and ail fwrsons claimin'! adversely
any portion of said llib-trnia mine
or surface ground are required to file their
adverse claim** with the Kegister of the
United States Land Office at Kureka, In
the county of Kureka, State of Nevada,
during the sixty days fieriod of publication
hereof, or they will I** tarred by virtue of
the provisions of the Statute,
J. P. DUNKKK, Kegister.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing
notice of application for patent lie pub
lisln-d for the fieriod of sixty (lays (ten con
secutive weeks), in the Kurek.-t Smntinkl,
a weekly newspafier published at Kureka,
Nevada. J. 1\ DUNKKK, Kegister.
No. #27.
Application for a latent.
U. 8. l.zau Orrtor, Xcuu, N«r.,
May 14, 1*1)0.
Notice ia hereby given that Simeon Wen
han, whnae IV«tertic« addren- 1- Cortez,
Nevada, haa thia day tiled, by Ida duly
authorized agent, W. O. Mille, (d-applica
tion for a patent for fiftee I hundred
linear feet of the Conjunction mine or
vein bearing gold and ailver, with nurface
ground aiz jiundreii (600) feet in width, alt
uatcd in Cortez Mining ld-trict, county
of Kureka, and State of Nevnu-i, and des
ignated by tlie field note* and official plat
on file in tbi* office aa lot number 50,
in townaidp 27 north, range 4k eaat,
of Mount Diablo meridian, -aid lot number
50 being described aa follow*, to wit:
Ib-ginning at a |«,«t market, number 1,
U 8 aurver numl.r 60, the time being
the original location luonumonf. Tliia
riat -tanda on the aaateru bnu idary of U
aurvey number 40, King-jury lotle,
whence poet number 4, tin aouthea-t
eorner of aaitl aurvey number 40 I tear- 8
27 1-2 deg W, 260 feet, tnthecettion corner
common to aectbni* SI and 92, T 27 N, R
4k K, and aectiona 6 and 6, T 26 N, lv 4k
K, Ml! M. I tear- 8, 00 dag 57 min W,
8.527 feet, U 8 mineral monument num- |
ber S at poet number 2, the nor .beaut cor
ner of U 8 eurvey number X , St. I-ouia
lode, bear-north 64 deg 7 min W, 672 feet;
thence running north 27 1-2 ihig K, 1,260
iMh tv poet Dumber f the noitheaat cur
nti of arid Klngebury
l» pf* marked «ab«l^|f*^
nmr bor r« and the ori,in»; u,." ^
met.t| thence 8 62 12 <■„ v m,"**
poet marked number S, U a •'orTj'?'k
an-, wiginal location monum.,,.!^**
27 1-2 deg\V, l,M10fe.t,T^L^«
P""’^ *• U Surrey nur.,u.,»J***
Inal location moantuent, and th—Jr0 w%
112 1-2 deg W, 6CU Irn t MT!"?*
the place of beginning. 1 1
Magnetic variation, 17 l.j a_ .
taming 20. Mi aciee. "**>•».
The location of tbia ulna L iron. .La
the Ka( .rder s otlica .4 lint! , k
trict, ii. booitC, of pege 102. L™* *k
The adjoining claimant- are the ri—
billa mine on the weet.
Any and allirenr.nH dak ^
any portion of uu.1 Co* >* «ii< n *
■iirface ground are raniiired to „|, 22 "
r. rse claim. with the Tegirt- j Z
l lilted -tutu. Land Office at Kur.il ^
the county of Eureka, ,„d Htete ,,(V
inde during the elite da,. r,j,*
Heaton hern.f, or they wi[] |* LarrJu
virtuc of t ie prnrieiune of the Jkatru '
I»- H. HALL.
U ia hereby ordered th -t the fore.,*,
nice of .[plication for intent W*-f
Hulled for the pert,*! of „ir|y ,|ay« fT/,1*’1,
* oo»l*C weel.a). in tlie K ,reka Smn.JJ*'
weekly «<|*ier guiliiehed at r.-i
NovuiU, ft li. H \LL, HrJr.tTr*'
myl7-lftw mmm‘
No. t>43.
Application for a Patent,
P B. Land Orrics, Kr hkka(
Jun* 2»', 1***.
Notice in hereby klven th/4 the Jmu.
A and Clerk Kook Mini, ( ('iimuae
wlioee PuatotBaa addreen ia M a, _
Cal., hae tbla day. by iu duly
ired a*ent, J. It. Kendall filed He ut
ration (or a patent lor thirteen kuajrel
«id five and (our-tentlm linear ,
the Clack Koch Kiten*i«. mint w
la-aria* fold and ellver, with
,-round ei* hundred feek-it width at.
ai'/l in White l’lne V a lug iHatno.
county //( White • ine, and Mute oTh*
vada, and daai*natr/l l/y the held cuta
and olhcial plat on hie in thh oSoe a
lot numl/ei W2, in townahip ;s
f>7 cant, ol Mount l>i«bk> Mt-2
■an. •aid lot n/ir.'.«r '.*2 hein* .1—. i-,
a. (allow. to wit :
Ceginnitg at a poet marred nuwow 1
P S eurv, y nunilwr Vi, 'J,e origioal l»
catioii comer, and u- "t .'under 2, tka
■outi/we.t turner o( U H m rvey nunt*
f>2, Clack U‘*ck lode, i ’.ai. im* oa it*
northern boundary ol P 8 • rvey nia.
*rr m, ucuiuv 4\ wncfkS lh« N*
.loll oiftltf it the south w««t co*n«r of
•ectian 2, T 1ft north, K f>7 K, M D !*
*am S ft 12 deg W, 1,004 feet; mitw*
noti'itnent numb* r 6 *>ear» 8 IS 1-4 fa
N, 917 feet. The Summit .haft oa‘j§
fennie A lode l>ear* S 12 deg W, 223' «t
i nd the mouth of the tunnel tun he &«
i evel ■•pm ent of tide lode l*ar» north' 14
I eg W, 2,»J feet: thence S hi* 2 dtgW,
17.0 feet t« |■••at numUrft of the Jceaii
v surrey and thv original location mono.
T .ent; thence north V) 12 leg W, l,Stfi
f et along the northern boundary of
-nnie A survey to post marked v*unh?j i,
l S survey number 92. the original lx*
ti *n monument an-I poet number 4, oi aaid
.1 m.ie A su vey thence north lTdgE,
ft.* » feet, t > •* -t ’narked numb". 4, C1
h rv«*y nur t*r ‘/2; thence S SO 1 2 d«g L
1, Jft7,l» feet to true! marked nutnl it ft, Cl
*u# .ey number 92 ar d the origin*' lx*fee
v nument; thence north 08 1 2dea E. 3JJ
fe t to poet marked Bomber 0, U 8 many
| n' alter 92, and the original location bs*
ii Mt; thence S 17 deg W, 222 fat U
! (a d number 9. tbs northwest oorrtrf
nil Black Hock survey 000 feet, to pel
nu .iber 1, the plies of beginning.
Magnetic variation, 17 dog K, eoatav
int tft 60-100 oeice
Vhe location of this mine i* recedsdii
th» l(ec"i ler's ofiioe of Whit*' Has D*
tri t, in b..ok A, psge:i 281 and *54.
T he adj< *ni;.g riaitnanls are east tki
B!t“.k Ho. k, south the Jennie A.
/ i > and all (arsons claiming adrsmif
an> portion of .aid Black lb*cL L’**’***
mi . - or surfac ground are rwjuirsi tofcli
the diverse Oaiiua with thelUvijMrd
the 'hdted Stat *s Land (..'ft** at Kursk*,
in f * State of Nevada, during the mil?
dxr» period, of pub ication hereof, orthsf
w»T! be barred by irtue of the proviiijii
of I # Sututc.
V H. HALL, Legists*.
It s hereby ~rd red tliat thv fu^iiig
notlcr of application for (•atent bs |*k
lithe for a period of sixty days (ten «*•
sect., r week^I, in the Sent *il, a wmU?
new . uj-ei published at f ureka, <«vak
J« 2 low D. If. HALL. Ksgistot,
IW nnlng at a po at m/w Xml irnmbw
U Bn rvey number'd!, the sat*. • Ixmgtk
origin* I 1 cation o Trier and j* 4 riuiulsi
1, of 1 H Survey nun»be» 59, Be*»ek Uk
numlxr 1, uf V S survey number* .’u*a*
17, !>• valla lodo, and number 1, of 0*
survey numbers 54 and 51, Morelng W*
whenc the anuthea** corner of sectieih
T 26 n rth, B in K, M l> M, bear* 8 3kg
25 min S, 4.478 feet, ami V S sinera'a*
ument lumber 4 fiears north 75 deg 43 art
W, 1,2 fleet; th*wor running861*1 Afrt
l.f»4A0 fr t, alorv t. « western l Pindar/ «
Maid Be vick survey, to port marad »
lx»r 2, l 8 survey i und>er 66, the sai *
irig the original location monument art
;mist nu ilx*r 4 of said Bewick suirtT
thence *orth 89 dev* W, 000 feet, t PjJ
marked vundier 3, IJ 8 survey nuu*'*L.?J
end tlie riginal loca’ion monument TWJ
:H»st stai Ja on the eastern boundary ^
S survey numlxr 50, Summit lod*,
l*«st our her 4, U S survey number aa
Adjunct lode, hear* 8 6 1-2 v Hg"*,
I feet; the ’ jn north b 1*2 «ieg W, 25 ' »***•<»
I port nui iber 3 of laid Summit hk aja
Im>*t nuu Let 3, of U ? survey nuiaer
Avalanc • lode, 1.600 feet. to ;«rt mjtkrt
number * U S survey neither 6fL and M
original ' xuition monumart. I’n**
standa or the eastern boundary ofsaw
Avalancii. survey, and ia port number j
of said Voieing survey, and t®*11®*
89 deg l JW0 feet, s': ng ♦**- s«utW«
boundary kA said Morelng survey top»|
number 1, die plaoe of beginning, ooniaia*
ing 20.58 a •*#.
Magnet * variation 17 12 ‘leg K.
The loca‘*on of this mine is record'•“ **
the Kecon *r’s office of Cortex Mining
trict, in bo C, of l»age 106.
The adjf dag claimant* are the M‘»ie*ni
mine on * * north, tb« ll#*wick £»*• w.
the ea»t a d Ilia Avalanche and 8*.’®““
mines on t*s went. ,
Any ar J ill peraons claiming •Jvfr*L7
any por'rnn f *aid Pontile* mma
face ground are required to fil® n s*
verse claim, with the Kegietcrof
Land Oflon 4 Eureka, in the State of
vada, da* ing the slxtv day* period of P*
lication I -n’, or the / wHl be *
virtue of »n« jroviaion* of the ‘Statute.
I>. H. lx ALL, Kegister
It is hereby ordered that the
notice of a. idicat^xi for patent tw P
lialied for tl • period of nitty day*
consecutive r aek*) iv. Jbv Knreka t’B*.
nki., a weekly new*)*;*’ published at
reka, Nevada 1) U HALL. Hegistef
in y 24-10 w _
Soljatlflo Awt“*
Oldoet bureau for «ecurtna patenU la *■»"
■very patent take . out by ue la broucbt be
tbepubUebyaao' • i (Iren free of ebanie la
tsar stt 4su&grtt|fi
man ahould be wb jout It. i*aakl» .BiV

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