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Metten of Lively Internet to the
General Bender.
Hoa. Thomu Wren left yesterday for
San Franciaoo.
Attention la called to County Treasurer
Hjal's tax notioe ia another column.
The asual religious aerrioea will be held
at the Catbolie Churob to-morrow.
California baa shipped 9,000,000 gallons
of wine this year. It sold for (3,500,000.
By trying to smother the silver question
tbs Republicans hope to be suoceaaful in
Superintendent Read of the Diamond
Company left laet Monday for Salt Lake
Those who hare failed to procure tbeir
Winter’s wood are now in a bad row of
Mrs, Stephen Qage, wife of tbo well
known Central PaciHo railroad man, died
last week.
It la estimated that 1,000 men and GOO
teams are engaged in railroad construction
at Stockton.
The Independent says an electric light
plant is among the possibilities for Elko
in tbe near future.
Four inches of enow fell in Virginia City
last Sunday night, and about an inch and
one half In Careon.
The Fro* Press declaroe that Shasta
oounty mines will employ 20,000 men in
leee than Are years.
The silver advocates want a long cam
paign. Certainly they can loee nothing
by publio disouseion.
A meeting of St. John's Chapter No. 5,
It. A. M , takes place this (Saturday)
evening at 7 o’clock.
President Cleveland lias issued a procla
mation designating Thursday, Nov. 2tHh,
as Thanksgiving Day.
Under the new Utah State constitution
all patented mining claims will be assessed
at the rate of SO per acre.
0. H. Hubbard was elected Mayor of
Sacramento last Tuesday on wbat was
known as tbs Citizens’ tioket.
A venire for 75 trial jurors to try the
Mint cases has been issued from the United
States District Court at Carton.
People from Buckeye and Pino Nat say
that location stakes are to tbiok that it is
unsafe to walk about the district at night.
The eioknesa at DcLatnur Is abating
somewhat, and no one siok at present is
reported to be dangerously to.
Corbett says be will pay no more atten
tion to Fitzsimmons, and contemplates a
final retirement from the ring.
The latest New York quotation of silver
it 67 tie; Lead—New York Metal Exchange,
13 35; New York Brokers, 13 25.
Jack Dempsey, the well-known pugilist,
died at bit residence in Portland, Oregon,
of oonsumption, on the let inst.
A Georgia editor banter* any one wbo
want* to gel bb name in print “ to bring
lo bi* oflioe a peck of *woel potatooa.”
At a meeting of tbe Hoard of Iiegent* it
wa* decided to rebuild tbe Unlvereity
mecbanical building,recently destroyed by
In Europe Denmark i* called tbe " Col
Tereal Hennery.” The export* of egg*
from that oountry average 111,000,000 an
with potato** at SO eenl* per 100- pound
lack on tbe dook, It look! a* though a Han
Franoboo etarcb faotory ought to be a
paying Induitry.
A pair of pugilbt* and a pair of murder
er! have monopolized tbe apace of tbe ma
jority of tbe newapapere lo the oountry for
tb* tael few daye.
Tb* Aral enow of the Winter eeaeoo com
menced falling here leal Hunday neon and
ooullnued through the night, and fell te
I depth of eight lncbei.
Tb* railroad ihope at Baoramento are to
be run on ebort boure. Ae wage* are re
dooed, a* well a* tbe hour*, tbe men are
not In favor of tbe reduotion.
All elgn* iadioate that tber* will be a
■plendld ohanoe for live men to make mo
ney In Nevada during tbe next few year*.
—Ex. Of courie there will I
An Iowa man waa held up and relieved
of bit pooketbook by three women a few
day* ago, but be managed to bold all
three women until tbe police arrived.
Judge Cheney of Reno bu consented to
deliver e oouree of three or more leeluree
et the University in the near future on
" The Elements of tbe Common Law."
Leat Monday night wee tbe coldest this
season. The thermometer down et tbe
depot, the ooldeet pleoe in town, Is report
ed to have marked four degrees below zero.
Yesterday a week ego tbe boys were play
ing marbles on tbe streets, end yesterday
tbe seme boye were coasting down* the
hills on their sleds. Orset country Ibis.
8. F. Star : If we were eocused of orime,
end Colonel Dickinson were appointed to
defend ns, we would plead guilty, to escape
the terrible punishmeut of listening to
0. B. Young, who was formerly Princi
pal of our publio sobool, has been ap
pointed Superintendent of 1’nblic Schools
In San Franoieoo by the Board of Super
Tbe silverware belonging to Queen Vic
toria's table would keep her from starva
tion for the remainder of her life it the
worst came to tbe worst. It is valued at
The trial of the Mint cases will begin in
tbs United States District Court at Carson
next Monday. The lleney case is the first
oaths oelendar, and tbe Jones case is set
ihrn days later.
When the news that tbe Republicans bad
been successful in the elections which look
place in the several Slates last Tuesday
was received in Eureka, no apparent cn.
thusiaam was manifested.
The young people of Ruby Hill had a
splendid time at the social dance at Min
ers’ Union Hall on tbe evenlog of tbe 1st
insl. It was given under tbe auspices of
the Ruby Hill Young l'eople'a Club and
was largely atleuded.
Peter I’edrioini was oonvicted of assault
with inteut to kill Jobu Canta, alias Tbos.
Burke, at Reno last week. I’edrioini stab
bed Canta on tbe night of the 20th of Sep
tember in a drunken row. Canta has since
died. Pedrloini has received a five-years’
sentence in the State prison.
Miss Maggie Kavaoaugb, of Ruby Hill,
Ml last Monday to take up her residence
with an aunt In San Francisco, for the
Pupoee of attending a normal school. Bhe
Proposes to make herself proficient in
^wtia, with the view of studying medieiue.
liar many friends wish her unqualified
success in her laudable aims.
IaMk*d up la h sell at police headqaar
ten in New York city le a atately woruan
of 46, with ailvery hair, who for the peat
two weeka baa been masquerading aa Mra.
Ooilia P. Huntington, wife of the railroad
magnate. On the atrengtb of tbeae repre
aentationa ahe baa awiodled aeveral dry
good a atorea out of many bundrada of dol
iara worth of gooda.
We regret to learn, aaya the Elko Inde
pendent, that Webster Doraey la lying in
a preoarioua condition In Hi. Luke’a hoe
pi tal, Ran Franelaoo. Be recovered anffl
clently from bia Ural illness to be taken
home, but about a week ago be waa taken
to the hoepilal. An abscess baa formed on
one of bia riba and hia pbyalciana aay the
rib mual be removed, and it la doubtful
whether Mr. Doraey will a tend the opera
tion. _
ril'KlUISS IS THI M All..
First Assistant Postmaster General
Jones says that the Poeloffice Depart
ment has already begun to experience
some indications of the approach of
the holidays in the matter of packages
containing presents, these being pack
ages sent abroad thus early in order to
reach their destination in ample time.
As the time gets nearer he says that
the dead letter office will have a large
number of these packages which have
been missent. Mr. Jones, who appro
dates the sentiment contained in a
Christmas gift, hopes by a circular he
has issued to lessen the number of
packages that go estray each year.
The circular urges persons who mail
such packages to be careful and see
that the proper amount of postage has
been paid and that the article has been
properly addressed. He has just had
occasion to address a letter to a person
in South Africa, telling him that a cer
tain package is held for postage. The
package had been sealed or there would
be enough postage to pay its way. As
it is, the man in South Africa can, by
remitting a dollar and a half, receive
by mail a 50-cent necktie. There was
in the I’ostofllce not long ago a pack
age of photographs. They were un
sealed, and without writing the post
age wguld have been eleven cents, but
the age of a child was written on one,
and it was over two dollars. Another
instance recalled by Mr. Jones is the
case of a package in tin addressed to
a man in Ireland. The postage was
over three dollars. It was a can of
cranberries. Mr. Jones says he scarce
ly ho|>eB to educate the people, but he
hopes his circulars may save some
packages and presents from going es
tray, and for that reason he sent them
out to be posted in every office, asking
people to look more carefully into the
regulations relating to postage, and see
that their parcels are properly mailed.
Nu|i«rltilen<l«nrB Krporl,
In the 2t>th annual report of the Ku.
reka Consolidated Mining Company,
wo find the following statement of the
Ki reka, Nev., Oct. 2d, 1895.
To the President and Trustees of the
Kureka Consolidated Mining Com
pany, San Francisco, Cal.:
Ce.vti.emen—During the year ending
September doth, 1895, we have ship
ped to the Oermania Lead Works, Salt
Lake, 1,500 tons of ore and 11 24-100
tons of jigging8 from the furnace
dumps, extracted on the tribute sys
tem, all the work in the mine having
been performed by tributers except
the timbering, tracking, etc., that was
necossarv to keep the main levels and
shaft in condition. Two-thirds of the
ore was taken from the west side of
the hill or *' Lava t>eds,” w here as most
of the work is on the surface the men
have been greatly retarded by the un
usually severe wind storms all sum
mer. Wre have 33 tributers now work
ing. The men at furnace dumps are
still working, and will continue while
weather |>ermits, but the dumps have
been pretty well worked over and their
product will be small. Respectfully,
H. C. McTersey, Superintendent.
Mill Bogus Bullion.
The Hank of California at Virginia
City came near being victimized by a
bogus bullion swindle a few days ago.
It bought a bar of bullion from a Por
tuguese named Itoeas for $1,000, the
bar being stain pod by a reputable
Comstock assayer as containing (1,088.
OS of gold and silver. The office after
ward found it worth only (3 36. In
the meantime a man wearing a very
apparent disguise had been arrested
by the officers, and tools for marking
bullion bars were found upon him. He
gave the name of McDonald. A fur
ther investigation showed that Iiosas
had sold the bullion to the bank for
McDonald, and possibly did not know
of its spurious nature. The scheme
was a clever one and only miscarried
by accident._^
A rortnue Awaltlug.
A communication was received by
the Virginia Chronicle last week from
the Harry N. Morse detective agency
asking for information concerning the
whereabouts of ono Edward McArdle,
or if dead, any lawful heirs of said per
son. The party above named was a
miner at Hamilton, Nevada, in the
year 1871. When last heard from he
was in the White Pine country in 1873.
He is said to have been at Virginia
City at ono time. The reason for this
inquiry is that a sum of money is on
hand ready to be paid over to said
iierson or his lawful heirs upon proper
Mrs. John Tassell, whose maiden
name was McArdle, has a cousin by
the name of Edward McArdle some
where in this part of the world, but
has not heard from him in many years.
Moll or Honor.
Following ia the roll of honor of the
(ierald public school: Nannie ltaine,
'.IS per cent; Lillie Walker, 97; Chris
tie Walker, 94; Charlie Walker, 97;
Joseph Walker, 95; Shelton Kaine,
94. The si>elling match reaulted in a
tie between Nancy Kaine and Lillie
Walker. Sadi* E. Tavlob, Teacher.
The famine that decimated Ireland
fifty years ago was caused by the
blighting of the potatoes—then the
staple food of the peasantry. The blight
literally walked in darkness, though
the sickness destroyed at noonday.
Hays Francis Power Cobbe in her
I happen to be able to recall pre
cisely the day, almost the hour, when
the blight fell on the potatoes and
caused the great calamity. A party of
us were driving to a 7 o’clock dinner.
As we passed a remarkably fine field
of potatoes in blossom, the scent come
through the open windows of the car
riage and we remarked to one another
how splendid was the crop.
Three or four hours later, as we re
turned home in the dark, a dreadful
odor came from the same field, and we
exclaimed, " something has happened
to those potatoes! They don’t smell as
they did when we passed them on our
way out.”
Next morning there was a wail from
one end of Ireland to the other. Every
field was black, and every root ren
dered unfit for human food. And there
were nearly eight millions of people
depending principally upon those po
tatoes for existence.
No Looter ■ Now(S) Woman.
May 17, 1802, we dropped the rattan
and the primer, left the schoolroom,
and boldly (though blindly) jumped
over into the next field—the field of
journalism. The venture was regarded
by many as being intensely rash, and
not a few predicted that the News
would not survive a month; but,
thanks to a kind public, a liberal pat
ronage enabled it to exist, not only
the six months but seven times six
months, and barring the general de
pression that has affected every branch
of business, it has been prosperous.
With this issue we sever our connec
tion with this paper and retire to pri
vate life. There are many phases of
newspaper life that are very agreeable
and these we leave with regret. Other
features are not so pleasant and we
part from them without a sigh. To
the scores of friends who have extend
ed encouragement and aid we are
deeply and sincerely thankful, and
their kindness can never be effaced
from the tablets of our memory. We
hope that our successors may receive
a fair proportion of the public patron
age, and to them we delliver up the
editorial pen, the pastepot and the
scissors. Miss Annie Martin.
TralulDK m Locomotive.
It may not be generally known that
locomotives intended for express trains
require as much training, in their way,
for fast running as do race horses.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
builds its own engines, and those built
for express trains arejenown as class
P. They are very large and built, with
slight variations, after the pattern of
the big English engine imported into
this country several years ago, and
which at that time was a curiosity in
its way. When one of these big en
gines is taken out of the shops to be
placed on the road, instead of putting
it to the work it is intended for at once
it is run for two or three weeks on some
one of the local branches in order to
train it, so to speak, for faster running.
By this means all the bearings and
journals connected with the running
gear become settled to their work, for
should anything about the new ma
chine not work harmoniously there is
ample time to adjust the defect. Usu
ally the new engine proves trouble
some on account of its propensity to
make fast time, and at almost every
station the train is found to be a little
ahead of schedule time and must wait
for from ten seconds to a minute.—
Philadelphia Record.
A ('nltrralij Hulldluir Burned.
Last Saturday afternoon, during a
heavy wind, emoke was seen issuing
from the roof of the mechanical build
ing of the State University, says the
Reno Gazette, and in less than an hour
it was entirely consumed together with
its fine equipment of lathes, black
smiths tools, and about 60 sets of car
penters tools. Several students, who
had rooms in the upper part of the
building, lost about half their books
and clothing. The little mill and
smelter used for testing ores in con
nection with the mining department
was also burned. The loss on the me
chanical building will be about $10,
000, with an insurance on the building
and machinery of $4,000.
The Hiller A Lux Properly.
Henry Miller, the cattle king, was
presented with an agreement last week
providing for the distribution of the
vast property of the firm of Miller A
Lux. He declined to sign it until it
had been examined by his attorneys.
The agreement provides for the ap
pointment of a commissioner by each
side, the two commissioners to select
a third. They shall proceed to divide
the Miller A Lux property, giving half
to each side. In his testimony last
week Miller said the firm owned 150,
000 head of cattle, 125,000 sheep, 10,
000 hogs and 5,000 or tt.COO horses.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Giles, and
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas II. Williams,
desire to return their heartfelt thanks
to their neighbors and friends for the
many kind services and attentions, as
well as for the sympathy and condo
lence extended on the occasion of the
illness and demise of their late beloved
son and brother, George W. Tingley.
A. A. Smith, charged with attempt
ing to poison Edward Ixinl, Monico
Echeverria and three Indians, near
Pyramid I.ako by putting strychnine
in their salt, has been bound over by
Judge Lynn ol lieno with bonds fixed
at (1,500.
The correct time comes into Phila
delphia every day at noon by telegraph
from the United States time observa
tory at Washington, where the "drop
ball" makes an electric contact that
sends the signal all over the country.
The first clock in the city communi
cating with the observatory wire is at
the Maritime Kxchange. At 50 min
utes to 11 the hands of the clock auto
matically click into place by the action
of the magnet and the little train of
wheels attached to it. Thus the Wash
ington time ball becomes at once the
authority for all clocks and an infal
lible adjuster. The statehouse clock
is wound and regulated weekly by an
expert chronometer maker, who sets
hia own watch by Washington com
municated time and carries it immedi
ately to Independence Hall. Many
large manufacturers and business
places where it is necessary on account
of the number of men employed to
have strictly conscientious time em
ploy a man to wind, keep in order and
regulate their clocks the year round.
Clocks kept closely to the mark in this
way are very seldom in need of exten
sive repairs, and like intelligently reg
ulated watches have less tendency to
go wrong.
The Washington observatory clock
runs for years together and has never
varied more than six seconds for any
one year.
It is kept true by continual quadrant
observations on the altitude of the sun
at its meridian. As the earth’s revo
lutions become slower only by the
fraction of a second in a thousand years
it may be said that we are nnable to
take advantage of the natural means
afforded for absolute time regulations
in spite of the care that has been ex
ercised in the making of timepieces.
For 26,000 years, since the first record
ed mention of any instrument to meas
ure time, in Isaiah xxxvii, 8, men
have been at work constructing appli
ances of all descriptions, all of them
more or less faulty, to tell them when
to eat, sleep and get np again. Is
there no one to invent a fin de siecle
watch that shall be able to keep up
with the earth in point of exactitude?
—Philadelphia Times.
Might Oct m I.Irking.
The Williamsburg (Mias.) Watch
man gives a glowing lesson in news
paper etiquette when it says: Some
people think that an editor should be
all nose and put his proboscis into
every man’s afTaiis. Because a man
edits a paper is no reason why he should
inquire into the family history of every
man in his community. It’s not our
province as a newspaper man to go to
a stranger when he comes to town and
ask him if he has ever been in the
asylum or if he is crazy. We might
get a licking if we did such things. It’s
not our business to take up every ru
mor and give it dignity by publishing
it. It’s not our profession to feed the
public on sensational rot of a debased
and degraded nature.
Signs In lbs Desert.
Signs in the desert, indicating the
trails and giving directions to the near
est springs and wells of fresh water,
are to be erected by Arisona and Cali
fornia in the desolate regions on either
side of the Colorado river, where so
many tragedies have occurred through
miners and others losing their way or
dying from thirst. The signs are high
posts of gas pipe, with big squares of
sheet iron at the top, and are painted
red, as that is the color that can be
Been the greatest distance in that re
gion. The lettering will tell the dis
tance from point to point and the lo
cation of the nearest water holes.
Broken (be Beeonl.
Fort Deposit, Alabama, baa broken
the record on babies, three mothers
having given birth to ten children
within a week. Just a week ago Mrs.
Latimer, wife of a merchant, became
the mother of two boys and a girl. The
next day her neighbor, Mrs. Hunter,
whose husband is a prominent farmer,
followed suit with three babies. The
next day Mrs. Champion proved her
self the champion in fact as well as in
name by capping the climax with four
children at a birth. All the babies are
well formed and healthy and the mo
thers are doing well.
Durrani OulUy.
On Friday afternoon oi last week
the jury in the Durrant case went out
at 3 ;30 o’clock, on the conclusion of
Judge Murphy’* charge, whfch occu
pied one hour and thirty minutes in
its delivery. Attorney Dickinson, for
the defendant, took exception to the
entire charge. The jury in twenty min
utes returned a verdict of guilty as
charged in the indictment. As a large
number of exceptions were taken by
defendant's counsel during the trial,
the case will be appealed to the Su
preme Court.___
Womru Mpottera
During the last two months six wo
men have been traveling on the South
ern Pacific passenger trains as spot
ters. As a result of their labors the
Sacramento Bee says the heads of 11
prominent conductors have been drop
ped into the official basket, simply be
cause they show a disposition to ap
propriate a portion of Collis P. Hunt
ington's revenue.
Quirk Bxrenllok.
One of the quickest elocutions that
ever took place at San Quentin was
that of William Young last week. At 2
o’clock sharp Young was taken from
his cell, with Warden Hale, Bev. Mr.
Drahms and Staff Captain Mclntire in
the lead. Young was escorted by
Guards Miller and Ambrogast, Capt.
Jamison in the rear. Death was an
nounced in 16Q minutes. He was
buried at San Quentin.
Item* >f Intermit I'llpped lr*m the
While Pie* Mews ef Me*. M.
Coyote* are more numerous this
season than for several yean.
Several cases of fever have developed
among the childern here.
Some high gTade ore is being taken
out of the 80-foot shaft of the " Hid
den Treasure. ”
There is a reported movement on
foot to present a petition to the rail
road for a reduction of freight charge*.
If this movement is properly conducted
it is believed by those best acquainted
with the railroad company that the
desired result may be obtained.
A fine development of carbonate sil
ver-lead ore baa been made by Henry
Steady, after many years of hard work,
in the Ne Plus Ultra mine, owned by
Richard Willis, D. 0. McDonald and
J. C. Cupid, and is situated in Swansea
Canyon. It is an elegant showing.
There has been quite a hopeful feeling
generally, prevailing in Hamilton, that
the old town which witnessed during
1868, ’60 and'70 the livliest times ever
seen in Eastern Nevada, if not on the
Coast, will again forge to the front.
Never for years has the prospect
looked so well as now; but owing to
the low price of silver and lead very
little work is now being prosecuted in
White Pine Mining District.
Other than California miners have
found fame and fortune in South Afri
can gold fields. P. J. Triggs, a Mon
tana miner, has made half a million in
lucky investments’, H. A. McMillan
and M. Sullivan, of Anaconda, Mon
tana, have responsible positions; V.
M. Clements, formerly of Wardner,
Idaho, is general manager of the Gold
Fields Mining Company, and manages
to exist on a salary of $30,000 a year.
Stranger—You are the only gentle
man in the room.
Gueet—In what way, sir?
Stranger—When I tripped in the
dance and went sprawling on the floor,
tearing my (air partner’s dress, you
were the only one in the room who
did not laugh.
Guest—The lady is my wile and I
paid (or the dress.—London Tit-Bits.
On account oi the mail service being
so slow between Pioche and DeLamar,
the business men of Pioche are making
arrangements for a special mail service
which will bring mail matter through
in ten hours. Over the regular mail
route it takes two days.
Austin people are petitioning that a
semi-weekly mail route be established
between Austin and Cortez via Grass
Valley, and that a postoffice also be
established at the Spencer ranch and
that Sarah E. Spencer be appointed
The Minnie Williams murder case
i will next be tried. The prosecution
is ready to proceed, but the defense
' wifi ask for a continuance of two
months. It is said Durraut’s defense
In the Williams, as in the Lamont trial,
will be an alibi.
When tbs Cblll Mists of tbe Morn
Hang like a pall over the surface of the
earth, It will be well for yon before ven
turing into the raw vaporous air, charged,
perhaps, with the eeeds of malaria or prov
ooative of rhenmatlo twinges, to take a
wlneglaaafnl of Hoetetter's Stomach Bit
ters, and thus shield yonreelf from atmoa
pherio inflnenoee threatening to health.
If yon happen to get anowed, sleeted, or
rained npon, me the tame preventive, and
avoid the rheumatism or a dangerous oold.
The agreeable warmth infosed into the
olronlalion by this genial stomachio, its
Invigorating and regulating properties
oommend it to all appreciative of the faot
that prevention is better than onre. Use
the Bitten for dyspepsia, biliousness,
nervousness and kidney trouble, ilok head
ache and debility.
Clairvoyant examinations Free.
Oar method of diagnosing dlteaeea oom*
blnea the benefits of thirty years of study
and praotioal experience with the lateet
and beat that progressive eolenoe oan fur
nish, aided by those wonderful intuitive
peroeptions whioh lie at the base of all trne
knowledge. We will give your ease tpeolal
examination, and will tend you a fall diag
nosis free of expense. Address Du. E. F.
BrTTXRriiLD. Syracuse, N. T. Enoloee
look of hair with name and age. *
Poatoflloe Book, stationery and
Variety Store.
We have Just reoelved a full assortment
of fine etatlonery, base balls, marbles, tops;
fresh garden seeds constantly on band;
feather dusters, playing oards, tooth pioks,
toilet paper; a fin* assortment of pens,
inks, albums, torap books, perfumery, bird
oagee, all kinds of sobool books and sehool
supplies, blank books, memorandum
books, and all kinds of tablets; a oomplet*
assortment of outlery, pipes, oigarettes,
fine smoking and ohtwing tobacco of all
the leading brands. Fin* olgars a
specialty- A full line of toys, dolls, and
everything else pertaining to a firat-olasa
variety store. Everything sold at the
lowest prioes. W. J. Smith,
• Proprietor.
• t treat of D. Nathan in the oopartner
•hip heretofore existing between said H. Kind
and D. Nathan, under the firm name and style
of D. Nathan k Co., Including all debts owing
to said firm and all claims said firm have
against third parties, and all of the stock in
trade and personal property of said firm. Said
partnership U dissolved by mutual consent of
the parties. All parties haviog claims against
the firm of D. Nathan k Co. will be paid by II.
Kind, and all parties owing the said Aim will
make payment to said 11. Kind.
Eureka, Nevsda, Sept. 36, 1895.
The firm of D. Nathan k C<x having been dis
solved, the business will htreafter be con
ducted by the undersigned. Thankful for past
favors I hope to merit a continuance of the
same **. j
Sunk., N.T»d». 8«p». !*#• •*»
The Mott Important Sectiona of the
Act Given in Brief Form.
The Violation of Many of Ite Frorlaloni
Punlahable by Imprlaonmont In the
State'a Friaon.
Following 1« a synopsis of the "Aot to
Promote tbs Parity of Elections," ap
proved Maroh 10, 1899, Statutes of Ne
vada, pages 93 to 108 inclusive.
Section 1 of the aot providee that at the
time of filing a oertifioete of nomination
the persons signing it shall also file with
it the names of five persons to aot as a
oommittee to reoeivs and expend all 1
moneys furnished or expended to promote
the election of tbs candidate or candidates
named in the oertifieate except the limited
amount that a candidate is permitted un
der the law to spend in his own behalf.
It further provides that a similar oom
mittee appointed for that purpose shall
have the exclusive ouetody of all moneys
raised for the benefit of the "political
party, organized assemblage or body of
oandidatee represented by the oommittee
and shall disburse the same under the di
rection of the euperior authority to wbiob
it ie subject if there be any."
Section 2 provides that all committees
appointed under the provisions of seotion
1 shall within twenty-one days after the
official canvass of the election returns file
an Itemized statement verified by each
member of the oommittee, showing all
moneys received for election purposes with
the name of each contributor and an item
ized statement of all moneys expended
andtbe names of the persons to whom they
were paid and the purposes for whioh they
were paid.
It further provides that this statement
shall be filed in the office that the certifi
cates of nominatiods are filed in and shall
be open to publlo Inspection.
Seotion 3 providee that every candidate
within fifteen days after election shall file
an itemized statement, verified as follows :
State of Nevada, County of-, is.
I (name), having been a candidate for
the offioe of-at the eleotion held in
-on the-day of-, 18-, do
•olemnly swear that the foregoing state*
ment'is a fall sod trne account of all
moneys expended by me or in my behalf in
•aid election, and that except a* herein
Mated, I have not, nor to the beat of my
knowledge and belief, has any person,
clnb, sooiety or association, on my behalf,
directly or indirectly made any payment
or given, promised or offered any reward,
office, or employment, or valuable consid
eration, or incurred any liability, on ac
count of, or in respect of the conduot or
management of the said eleotion, except
such moneys as may have been paid to or
expended by the committee selected as pre
scribed by the aot of the Legislature ol
this State [approved March 16, 1885],
And I furthermore solemnly swear that,
except as aforesaid, no money, security, or
equivalent for money has to my knowledge
or belief been paid, advaneed, given or de
posited by any one, to or in the hands of
myself, or any other person, for the pur
pose of defraying any expenses inourred
on my behalf, or In aid of my eleotion, or
on aeoounl of or in respect of the conduot
or management of the said eleotion. And
I further solemnly swear that I will not at
any future time, make, or be a parly to
the making or giving of any payment, re
ward, offioe, employment or valuable con
sideration for the put pose of defraying
any snob expenses as last mentioned, or
provide or be a party to the providing of
any money, security of equivalent for
money for the purpose of defraying any
snob expenses.
Seotion 4 provides that a candidate neg
lecting to make the statement required
by section 3, or who makes a false state
ment if eleoted, shall tobteit hisottice,
It is further provided that no oertifloate
of eleollon shall be issued to him and no
official bond shall be aooepted from him.
Seotion 5 provides that no money shall
be paid for election purposes by a candi
date or a oommlttee either before or after
eloolion exoept for public meetings, print
ing, advertising, oircnlating specimen bal
lots, band bills and other equally legiti
mate expensee; tbe expenditures not to
exoeed *100 it made by a candidate or *600
if mads by a oommlttee.
Numerous otber provisions are contained
in this seotion limiting tbe amount that
may be expended by a candidate or in bis
Seotion 8 provides that no money shall
be paid or expense incurred by any person
for election purposes exoept by a candi
date or oommittee seleoted under seotion
1 or tbe superior authority to wblob tbe
committee is subject.
It further provides that money expended
mutt be paid out of tbe funds in tbe
bands of a oommittee or by a candidate.
It further provides that any contract made
in violation of the aot shall be absolutely
Section 11 provides that no candi
date shall pay, lend or contribute any
money or other valuable thing for the
purpose of shielding any person who has
been guilty of a crime against the elec
tive franchise or for services rendered in
scouring tbe nomination of tbe candidate
exoept to pay the legal expense of a pri
mary election or tbe expense of oiroulating
a nominating petition for signatures, or
pay, lend or contribute any money or offer
to do it to seoure tbe withdrawal of a can
didate or for any purpose in contravention
of tbe provisions of this aot, or expend
more money than he is authorized to ex
pend by this aot, or to refuse or neglect to
file the statement required by this act.
It fortber provides that the candidate
wbo violates tbe provisions of this act
shall be oriminally liable, and if an offioer
be shall forfeit bit offioe, and it not an
offioer but elected be shall forfeit his offioe.
Section 13 provides that any citizen may
oontest tbe right of any one to an office.
Section 17 provides that any person con
victed of a felony noder any of the pro
visions of this aot shall be deprived of tbe
right to vote.
Seotion 18 prescribes tbe dnties of Dis
trict Attorneys under the provisions of this
aot and for tbe employment of assistant
Section 19 makes it unlawful for any
person to pay, lend or contribute any
money to any voter or to any otber per
son to induce a voter to vote or refrain
from voting or to vote or refrain from
voting for any partioular person or on ao
oount of any voter having voted or re
frained from voting for any particular
person, or to give, offer or promise any
offioe, plaoe or employment or promise to
procure tbe same to induoe any voter to
vote or refrain from voting, or to vote or
refrain from voting for a particular per
son or to attempt to influence the vote of
any voter by intimating that his present
or future employment it dependent upon
tbe eleotion of a particular persoo, or to
make any gift, loan, promise, offer, pro
ouremenl or agreement to, for or with any
person in order to indnoe such persoo to
proonre or endeavor to procnre the eleo
tion of any person or to pay or canes to
be paid any money or otber valuable thing
with tbe intent that it shall be used in
bribers or to repay money need in bribery,
or to pay or cause to be paid any money
I to or tor the use of any person in oonaid
•ration of being nominated or indorsed aa
a candidate of any convention, organized
aaaembly or other body claiming to repre
sent a political parly or in ooneideratlon
of any person withdrawing as a candidate.
It further provide* that any person vio
lating any of the provisions of this sec
tion ah all he punishable by imprisonment
io the State's prison.
Section 20 makes it ualawfal for any
person to receive or contract to receive
any money, gill, loan or other valoablo
thing, office, place or employment for him
self or any other person for voting or
agreeing to vote or tor coning or agreeing
to com* to the poll* or from refraining
or agreeing to refrain from voting fog
any particular person or to receive any
money or other valuable thing during eg
after aa election either for bimsslf or any
other person for voting or having refrained
from voting for any particular person or
on account of himself or any other person
having come to or remained away from the
poll* or on account of having induced a
person to vote or refrain from voting tor
any particular person, or to receive any
money or other valuable thing on account
of himself or any other person having
voted to secure the election or Indorse
ment of any person sc the nominee or can
didate of any convention, organised
aeeembly of delegate* or other body rep
reeentlog or claiming toreprecent a politi
cal parly or principle or any club, aociety
or association or for having aided in secur
ing the selection or indorsement of any
person aa a nominee or candidate.
It forther provides that any person vio
lating any of th* provisions of this sec
tion shall be punishable by imprisonment
In the State’s prison.
Section 24 provides that any person who
gives or offers a bribe to any member o<
any legislative body, caucus, political con
vention, committee, or at a primary elec
tion or political gathering for the purpose
of influencing th* person to whom the
bribe Is offered to be more favorable to
on* oandidate than another, and any mem
ber of either of said bodies who receive*
or offer* to receive a bribe shall bo pun
ishable by imprieonment in th* State's
Section 29 provides that any person vio
lating the mors Important provielons of
this act may be compelled to tastily against
Section 36 prohibit* employers from
using threats, intimidation or any other
improper means to influeno* the vole* of
hi* employs*. This section applies to cor
porations as well aa individual*. The vio
lation of any of its numerous provisions
is made a misdemeanor, and its violation
by a corporation works a forfsitur* of it*
This is only a synopsis of the moat im
portant sections of th* sot. It contains a
great number of other provisions. It cov
ers thirteen pages of the Statutes and pub
lished lo full would oeonpy seven columns
of the Bestisel.
Sheriff's Sale.
la tbe Third Judicial District Caurf
•r ilia State of Nevada, la sad
far Eureka Coauty.
B. 8ADLXB, Defendant.
By virtue of an execution issued
out of the District Court of the Third
Judicial District of the State of Nevada, la
and for Eureka county, on the 14th day of Oc
tober, A. D. 1895, and to me directed and deliv
ered for a judgment rendered In tali Court on
the 5th (’ey of July A. D. 1899, iu favor of
Adam Stuhlfoot, plaintiff, and against B. Sad
ler, defendaat, for ths sum of one thousand
nina hundred and twenty-eight dollars and
twenty-ona cents (fl.928 21), In lawfnl money of
the United Statea, with Interest thereon st ths
rate of seven (7) per cent per annum In liks
lawful money from said dais until paid, to
gether with twenty-alx dollars and ninety cents
(928 90), cost and disbursement st ths data of
said judgmant, I have on this, ths Id day of
November, A. D. 1896, levied upon and taken
in execution all of tha right, title and Interast
of the said defendant, R. Sadler, in and to the
follow!Lg real estate property, to wit:
Those certain lots, places and parcels of laud,
situated, lying and being la ths town and
county of Eureka, State of Nevada, and partic
ularly described as follows, to wit: Lot No.
IS. in block No. 87; also, lots Nos. 1. 9. 8. 4, in
block No. 94; also, north fifteen (If) feat, lot
No. 8. In bloek No. 38; also, lots Nos. 1.1, 8,4.
5. 6,7, 8,9, In block 75; also, lot No. 19. la
block No. 40; also, one-third (1-8) Interest in
lots Nos. 8 and 4, in bloek 98, as par official
map of tha town of Eureka, together with all
and singular the tenements, hereditaments sad
appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any
wise appertaining. Also, all of ths right, title
and inter**! of ths said defendant, R. Sadler,
In and to that certain property lying sad being
situated on South Ruby HU), and partlonlar)y
described as follows, to wit: A frame bouse,
formerly owned and known as ths Fitapatrick
house, and also a frame house formerly owned
and known as the Griffin house, and now occu
pied by Mrs. Bryant, I have also by virtue of said
execution levied upon the following described
personal propertyfbelonging to the defendant,
to wit:
Four (4) freight wagons and nine (9) wood or
charooal wagons. And public notice is hereby
given that a portion of the above described
personal property will be sold at public auction
upon the premiaes where situated, between
O'Neil and Nob Hill Avenues, on Monday, No
vembsr 11, A. D. 1885, at the hour of 1 o'clock
v. u., and a portion of said property where sit
uated in block No. 19, opposite and southeast
of the Eureka Conaolidated Company's fur
naces at 2 o’clock r. u. of said day. and that on
Saturday, the 28d dey of November, A. D. 1896,
1 Between the hours of 9 o'clock a. M. and 6
o'clock r. m., to wit: at 12 o'olock m. of said
day, at ths front door of the Courthouse, la the
town of Eureka, county and State aforesaid,
I will sell at public auction all of the right,
title and interest of the said defendant, R,
Sadler, in and to the above described real prop
erty, to the highest end beat biddar, for caah in
hand, or so much thereof ae may be neoeeeary
to satisfy plaintiff's judgmsnt and all accru
ing cost.
A. Q. CLARKE, Shsrlff.
By J. 0. Ravill. Deputy Sheriff.
Dated at Eureka, Nevada. November 2. A. D.
Thomas Wrkm, At y for PI.
Soltntlflo AmHcu
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