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(Survka -Sentinel.
One copy, c.ne year. $6 00
One copy, six month*. 2 50
One copy, three month*. 1 25
IJy Carrier, per month. 50
Resolution Relative to Cuba and
Mr. Newlands’ Attitude
Respecting It.
A Washington dispatch says:
Representative Newlands of Nevada,
of the Ways and Means Committee, who
was the author of the resolution annexing
Hawaii, to-day introduced a joint reso
lution inviting the republic of Cuba to
become a part of tbe United States, first
as a territory and then a* a State of the
Union, to be called the State of Cuba;
and also authorizing 25 per cent reduc
tion of duty on the present crop °f Cuban
sugar, in consideration of Cuba’s grant
ing preferential rates to the United States.
The resolution confines the 25 per cent
reduction of duties to the period prior to
January 1, 1903. The provision as to
annexation is a* follows:
“That in the meantime the republic
of Cuba is invited to become a part of tbe
United States of America and her people
to become citizens ol the United States,
with the assurance that Cuba will he en
titled first to a territorial form ol govern
ment under the constitution and laws of
the United States; with a delegate in
Congress to represent her people, and
that ultimate statehood will be granted,
when, in the judgment of Congress, it is
advisable to admit Cuba, including such
other West Indian Islands belonging to
the United States as may be deemed ad
visable, as a single State in the Union,
to he called the State of Cuba.”
Mr. Newlands, in explanation of his
resolution, said: "All those who have
appeared to voice Cuba's needs and re
quirements have indicated that an invi
tation to Cuba of annexation would be
accepted. Annexation by force would
not be justified, ft must he accomplished,
if at all, by the free act of the Cuban peo
ple. At present there is no machinery in
Cuba by which the popular will can be
tested, but the Cuban constitution hss
been adopted. The Cuban Congress will
meet in February, a Cuban government
will fie organized, and the f nited Slates
will then leave the government ami con
trol of the islands to its people. Cuba
then will be in a position to exprt-ss her
will, and it is only necessary to tide over
the present emergency by a temporary
measure, such ss 1 have introduced, re
ducing the duty on Cuban sugar one
fourth for one year and inviting Cuba to
become a part of the United States under
a territorial form of government, under
the constitution, her people to becitiz ns,
not subjects, with the assurance that ul
timate statehood will tie granted.
"Hr coining into our political union
Cuba will secure immediately tbe highest
degree of freedom and with it a large mar
ket for varied products Those products
will not threaten our sugar industry so
seriously as they would under reciprocal
trade arrangements, for the reason that
the restricted labor laws of this country
will apply and will raise the cost of pro
duction to such an extent as to prevent
over-stimulation of her industries, while
her supplies will be bought in the high
protected markets of this country instead
of the cheap markets of the world. I
much prefer political union, for that in
volves the best kind of commercial union
that can be established between the two
“Such an annexation is entirely in line
with the traditional policy of the country.
When the time for statehood comes,
Cuba, Porto Kico and other West In
dian islands in our possession cm be in
corporated into the Union as one State,
thus doing away with the danger of over
representation in the Senate.”
Walker Lake Bulletin.
Major Dennis, editor of the Keno Jour
nal, gave Emma Nevada a compliment
ary notice the other day, but he spoiled
the effect of courtesy by telling us that
Emma is about 40 years old.
Virginia Report.
All of the food supplies, except beef for
the construction camps on the line of the
Central Pacific railroad, are purchased in
Sari Francisco and Los Angeles and de
livered free of freight charges by the
Southern Pacific Company. This stmts
out Nevada merchants from competition,
us they caiiuot compete with California
prices of food products. The action of
the Southern Pacific Company in thus
depriving merchants of this State from
deriving any profits from the presence of
from 5,000 to 6,000 laborers, through the
free transportation of supplies from Cal
ifornia, is a rank act of injustice.
The Josie mine at Kly, White Pine
county, is reported to have l>een sold to
New Yorkers for $0,000.
Attorney Thomas Wren of Keno has
been engaged to settle up the estate of
the late Harry Tonkin of Virginia City.
Lyon county’s tax rate for this year is
$1.80 on each $100 valuation. One dollar
of this is for county and the balance for
The Tonopah Bonanza has a new of
fice in course of construction, and some
new machinery on the way from San
Francisco to add to its plant.
Itev. Father Butler of Austin has gone
toTonopali to remain permanently. R^v.
F'ather Sheehan of Salt Lake City will
fill his place in the Austin Catholic
A wide ledge carrying gold, silver anil
lead in paying quantities, is re|>orted to
have been lately discovered near Sa
dorus district, ten miles north of Gol
conda, Nev.
Bishop Wittaker, formerly of Nevada,
has been in poor health in the Fast for
some time ami on the advice of his phy
sician has gone to Coronado for the Win
Bathing facilities have been provided
by the grading contractors along the Cen
tral Pacific, and the man who neglects
to bathe and keep himself clean is dis
charged. No one is allowed to use pro
fane language while at the dining tables.
A contract has been let for the recon
struction of the Riverside mill recently
burned at Keno. The mill will have a
capacity of 125 barrels of flour per day,
and in addition to the main building
there will be a steel elevator with a ca
pacity of three million pounds of grain.
In his weekly letter to the Tonopah
Bonanza from Carson, under date of
February 20, Alf Poten has the follow
The great smallpox scare at Reno has
somewhat abated, but its evil effects re
main. There were less than a dozen
cases, all of a mild form like vorioloid, or
as the newspapers called it. “Manila
itch.” Those quarantined at the jiest
house are having a good time at the pnb
lic expense, and go out prospecting, or
rabbit bunting, as they see tit. But the
Board of Health pronounce it rank small
pox, demanding wholesale vaccination,
so the doctors are just arbitrarily jabbing
the virus into everybody they can lay
hands on at a dollar a head, whether they
like it or not.
The arrival of Hon. A. C. Cleveland in
town day liefore yesterday stirred up the
Senatorial question considerably, a* Cleve
is supposed to be on it like a hay steer.
H-» is looking ten years younger, and in
coi lition to put up a first-class scrap,
political or otherwise. Jones is quies
cent, and Newlands is working, hut it
can’t be denied that the gentleman from
White Pine is looked upon with much
popular favor for the U. S. Senatorship,
if he will have it. Republicans say he
must run, must come into the fight and
win out sure. But somebody else may
come in before long to be the standard
bearer of Republican victory.
The citizens of Reno pause in scratch
ing their Manila itch long enough to stir
up their grand project of a big street fair
next Fourth of July. They have the va
ious committees already appointed, and
are going to have a Midway Plaisanee and
other arrangements that will discount
Carson’s brilliant success on the last
Fourth. They started in early and will
run it for all it is worth, itch or no itch.
Nil ver Ores of Ureal Value.
A Helena, Montana, dispatch of Feb
ruary 20 says: Tfie United Smelting
A Refining Company’s smelter at Fast
Helena has received a shipment of silver
ore which is believed to be the richest
ever made in the State. The ore assays
♦8,000 to the ton, and is approximately
one-quarter silver. The shipment is
made from a mine at Niehart. The strike
is said to be phenomenal, great quanti
ties of the ore being found, and almost
maleable enough to cut with a knife.
I Soft \
You can mate* your har- ,
ness (1.1 sort hi a gtova
unii ns tounli ua wire by
using Hill KKA liar,
nesa Oil. You can
leugtben Us life—make ll
last twice as lung aa It
ordinarily would.
Harness Oil
make* a poor looking har
ness like new. Made of
pure, heavy bodied oil, es
pecially prepared to with
stand the weather.
Bold everywhere
In cans—ail sizes.
A big stationery honse in New York
announces tbat it sold bnt six diaries
dnring the last holiday season. The
diary habit is disappearing for people
have no time these days to keep tab on
themselves, so busy are they in keep
ing records of others.
NO. 882.
Cabs on Cm, Nevada, February 18, 1909. (
Notice is hereby given that i. ernest
Scbendel, whose postoffice address is Morey,
Nye county, 8ta»e of Nevada, a&ent and attorney
In fact for the estate of Isaac and Simon Bern
hclmer, has this day filed his application for a
patent for three thousand (3,000) linear feet of the
Air Shaft and Point of Rocks mines, veins, or
mineral deposits, bearing gold, silver, lead and
other precious metals, with surface ground six
hundred (600) feet in width, situated in the Morey
Mining District, County of Nye, State of Nevada,
and designated by the field notes sud official plat
on file in this office as U 8 8 No 1.965 and 1,966,
being described as follows to wit:
Survey No. 19115 and ?1966.
Beginning at Cor No 1. Identical with the NE
Cor of the location, a nine post, 4 inches square
by 5 feet long, eet l)$feet in the ground with
mound of rorke scribed U S 8 No 1,966 Poet No 1,
whence U B Mineral Monument bears N 72 deg E
754 feet; thence B 8 deg E. whence the Air Shaft and
notice bears 8 82 deg W 200 feet intersects N side
line of D 8 8 No 37 Bsystate, whence post No 4
bears 8 80)$ deg W 300 feet to pine poet 4 inches
square and 5 feet long eet 1)$ feet in the ground
with mound of rocks scribed U 8 8 No 1,965, post
No 2; thence M 82 deg W intersect W end line of
D 8 8 No 37 Baystste to pine post 4 inches square
by 4} feet long set 1 )$ feet In the ground with
mound of rocks scribed U88 No 1,965, post No 3;
thence N 8 deg W to ploe poet 4 Inches square by
4 )$ feet long set 1 )$ feet in the ground with mound
of roeks scribed U 6 8 No 1,965, post No 4, whence
mouth of tunnel N 46 deg E 98 feet course of tun
nel 8 18 deg W 150 feet; thence N 82 deg E to place
of beginning.
Beginning at Pott No 4, whence mouth of tun
nel bears 8 66H deg W 100 feet course of tunnel
8 47)4 deg W 150 feet U 8 Monument bears N 79
deg £ 2,255 feet; thence 8 H2 deg W to pine post 4
inches square by 4)4 feet long set 1)4 feet in the
ground with mound of roots scribed U 8 8 No
1,905, post No 5; thence 8 8 deg K, whence Vf end
line location m nument bears 8 85 deg W 31 feet
to pine post 4 inches square by 4)4 feet long set
1)4 feet in the ground with mound of rocks
scribed USB No 1,905, post No 0; thence N 81 deg
E to Cor No 3. common to Air Shaft and Point of
Hocks Lodes; thence N 8 deg W to place of begin
ning, containing
Air Shaft......^.20.66 acres.
Point of Rocks...20 60 acres.
41.32 acres.
Ares in conflict with U 8 8 No 37, Lot
A Bayst&te and excluded.... 1.79 acres.
Remaining...........39.53 a?res.
Beginning at Cor No 4 of said survey, thence N
80)4 deg E. thence 8 8 deg E. thence 8 82 deg W,
thence N 9)4 deg W to place of beginning, con
taining 1.79 100 acres Courses expressed from
the true meridian with a variation of 17 deg E.
The location of this mine Air Bhaft the nearest is
U 88 No 37 Baystate on the SE end.
The location of the Air Bhaft mine Is recorded in
the records of Nye county in the Recorder’s office
in Book “E" of mining locations at page 100.
The location of the Point of Rocks mine is re
corded in the re«cords of Nve county, in ths Re
corder's office in Book "B" of mining locations at
page 193.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of the said Air Shaft and Point of Rocks
mines or surface ground are required to file their
adverse claims with the Register of the United
States Land Office, at Carson City, Ormsby county.
Mate of Nevada, during the sixty days’ period of
publication, or they will be barred in virtue of
the provisions of the Statute.
O. H GALLUP. Register
It is hereby ordered, that the above and fore
going no'ice be published in the Sentinel, a
weekly newspaper printed and published at the
town of Eureka. County of Eureka, and State of
Nevada, for the full period of ten il0> weeks
O. H. GALLUP, Register.
hate of first publication, March 1, 1902.
Beatific Lodge No. 7, K. of P..
Meets every Tuesday evening at its Caatle
Hall in the Smith & Rickard Building at 7
o’clock, from October 1 to March 31, and at
7:30 o’clock from April 1 to September 30.
All Brother Knighta in good standing are
fraternally invited to attend.
S. Reynolds, C. C.
Attest: Gko. A. Bartlett, K. of R. & S.
St. John’s Chapter No. 5.
The stated Convocations of St. John’s
Chapter, No. 5, R. A, M., will be held at
Masonic Hall on the Saturday next succeeding
ths pale of the moon in each month.
Thomas Dixon, II. P.
J. H. Jury, Secretary.
Sifter Party State Central Committee.
The Silver Party State Central Committee
is hereby called to meet at Keno, Nevada, on<
Saturday, March 8, 1902, at 1 o'clock p. M. A
full attendance is earnestly requested.
W. J. Wkstebpield, Chairman.
Nate Roff, Secretary. f8-td
Diamond Rebekah Lodge No. 8,
Meets Second and Fourth Monday even
ings of each month at 7.
Miss Hannah Williams, N. G.
Miss Mabie Wittenberg, Secretary.
Eureka Lodge No. 22,1.0.0. F.,
Meets every Wednesday evening at F. &
A. M. and I. O. O. F. Hall at 7 o’clock from
October 1 to March 31, and at 7'30 o’clock
from April 1 to September 30.
All sojourning brothers are cordially in
vited to visit.
L. J. Ivey, N. G.
John Gregovich, Secretary.
Eureka Lodge No. 16, F. & A. M.
The stated communication of Eureka Lodge
No. 16, E. & A. M., wi>l be held at Masonic
Hall on the Saturday of or before the full of
the moon in each month.
Robt. A. Laird, W. M.
11. McCharles, Secretary.
Alpha Lodge No. 1, A. 0. D. I.,
Meets Second and Fourth Friday evenings in
each month in Pythian Hall.
A. Hintze, M. W.
I. C. C. Whitmore, Recorder.
Attorney at law. ornrs-iN
the Smith-MckarU Building, Eureka, Ne
On and After Sot. 1,1901,
For Fasaonfors, Kails, Bx
press and Freight,
(Pacific Standard Time),
Leave Eureka at.1.00 p. il.
Arrive at Palisade at.600 P. M.
Connecting with West-bound train on Cen
tral Pacific at 8:35 P. M., arriving San Fran
cisco 4:25 p. m. following day. Also con
nects with East-bound train at 6:20 P. M.,
arriving at Ogden 5:45 a. M. and Salt Lake
City 8:20 a. H. following morning.
Leave Palisade at.700 a. M.
Arrive at Eureka at.1201 p. M.
Stage for Ely leaves Eureka 1:30 P. M.,
arriving at Ely 8 a. m. following day.
To make close connection passengers for
Eureka and Ely from the West should take
train leaving San Francisco at 8 a. M., and
from the East should take train leaving
Ogden at 10:15 a. m. any day, except Sat
Tybo, Ely,
And all points South, by teams, with eare
and dispatch, and at lowest rates. Cor
respondence solicited.
The Company has recently
built stock corrals at Diamond
(12 miles from Eureka), Alpha,
Hay Banch and Palisade, and
is now prepared to handle
horses, cattle and sheep to and
from all points reached by rail
road in the country. Instead
of driving it will pay stockmen
to transport by rail. Water at
all points. Track scales now
being put in at Palisade for the
weighing of cattle. Bates most
reasonable and quoted upon
G. D. ABBOTT. Supt.
Palisade, Nevada.
Physician and Surgeon
Department of Buffalo University, Mem
ber of the Chicago Medical Society, Hon
orary Member of the Sacramento Society
for Medical Improvement.
Special attention given to Surgery and
Office and residence—Brown Hotel, Eu
reka, Nevada.
Office Hours—2 to 4 P. M.
trators an<l assigns of the estate of 0. 0.
Wallace, deceased, and to Mrs. C. C. Wallses,
sod W. D. Tobey and John Forbes:
You see hereby notified that 1 have expended
one hundred dollars in labor and improve
ments upon each of the following mines and
mining claims, to wit: The Standard No. 1
and the Standard No 2, sltunte on Adams Hill,
Eureka Mining Dial ict, Eureka county, Stats
of Nevada, aa will appear by c rtiflcvt* Iliad
in the ottlce of tba County Recorder of aaid
county, in order to hold said mines and pram
laes under the provisions of Section 2324. Re
vised Statutes of tbs United States, being tbs
amounts required to bold the seme for the
year ending December 31,1901. And if within
90 days from the service of this notice by pub
lication yon and aach of you fall or refuse te
contribute your proportions of snob expendi
ture aa co-owners your interests In said claims
will become the property of the subscriber.
Dated January 2,1902.
Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada.
DIRECTORS:—Daniel Meyer of San Francisco; Henry
Anderson, A. G. Fletcher, J. N. Evans, G. F. Turrittin,
Moritz Scheeline and P. L. Flannigan of Reno.
Subscribed Capital - - - $300,000.
Paid Up Capital, - - - - $150,000.
Undivided Profits - - - $120,000.
Aosonnte o( Bank*, Corporation, and Individual, received on f.vorabl. term.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Bop and aall exchange an all the principal eltisa of the United Stetea, Canada, Xurope
Aala and Africa.
Mean*. Sehaallna and Oabnrn an Baaidaat Aganta for tw.nty-.lght Firelnenren.eCompanlee
the total aaaota of whleh are t317.MO.CSl.
Safa Depoeit Boxea for rant, prloea (wording to eixe, varying from S3 to til per annum.
OEO. r. TORRITTIN... Preaidant
MORITZ SOHBZUHB .„..Vica Praaldant
A. Q. RAYORAFT..Caahl.t
IS Your Property Insured?
If not, Do You Think You Can Afford
to Carry the Risk Yourself?
Represents in Eureka Eleven of the
Largest, Oldest, and Soundest Fire
Insurance Companies Doing Business
in the United States, as follows:
Commercial Union, of England,
Fireman’s Fund, of California,
Hartford, of Connecticut,
Hambcrg-Bremen, of Germany,
London & Lancashire, of England,
Norwich Union, of England,
Palatine, of England,
Queen, of England,
Scottish Union & National, of Eng.
Western Assurance Co., of Canada,
Liverpool, London & Globe, of England.
Better Come in and See What a Policy Will Cost for
a Year or Longer,
Don’t Wait Until a Fire 8weepa Your Property Away.
Then It Will Be Everlastingly Too Late.
—~~—~ r-p-pq—pp>
A modern hostlery with a
complete and efficient service
in every department Table
constantly supplied with the
best the market affords.
Oily Fire-Proof Hotel in Eastern Nevada. A First
Glass Bar in Connection. Booms
Single or En Suite.
Main Street, - - Eureka Nevada
Court Bouse Block, Bureka.
.... DIALER IN ....
Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Window Glass.
Full and Complete Fancy and Gilt Dinner and Tea Seta, contain
ing from 56 to 134 piecea, at from $8 to $25.
Carpets, Mn ttiii|f, Crockery, Glaosware & Lamps
Full line of Tin and Granite Kitchen Ware.
Orders from the oountry promptly attended to.
Undertaking in All Its Branches^
. AMD.
Always on
Lemon and Cream Sodas,
Sarsaparilla, Champagne Cider,
Birch Beer, Klondike Fizz,
Orange Cider, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla and Iron,
Loganberry Soda, Etc.
Pine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Connected with the Saloon it .reading Room, where the latent daily and weekly
newspapers, magazine* and other periodicals can always he
found. A liberal share of patronage is respectfully solicited.
US' Orders filled the same day as received,
F. J. BROSSEMER. : : Proprietor

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