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From Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune
When the Germans had retreated
to the Vesle river, between Soissons
and Rheims, and occupied strong po
sitions on the north bank, it would
have been quite the normal thing if
General Foch had begun a flank attack
on an extension of the Vesle line,
-either west of Soissons or east of
Rheims. As a matter of fact, he did
force the fighting near Rheims, but
it was only a demonstration. The
most natural place to strike a heavy
blow was between Soissons and Ribe
court, south of Noyon. The Germans
probably looked for the drive in this
region and prepared to meet it.
But General Foch, although he re
alized the importance of success along
the Ribecourt-Soissons line, carried
out two offensives after the Marne
victory before hitting on the front of
Soissons-Ribecourt. That action was
reserved for last week, and by the
time the allied generalissimo was
ready to commence it the enemy’s
preparation in this region must have
In the Second Judicial District Court of the
State of Nevada, in and for the County of
Ogden A Dockhsm, plaintiff. Vs. Cortez Min
ing and Reduction Company, a corporation.
By virtue of an execution issued out of the
Second Judicial District Court of the State of
Nevada, in and for the County of Washoe,
dated the 10th day of June, A. D., 1918, in a
certain action wherein Odgen A. Duckham as
plaintiff recovered judgment in the Second
Judicial District Court of the State of Neva
da, in and for the County of Washoe, against
the Cortez Mining and Reduction Company,
a corporation, for the sum of twelve hundred
nud twelve dollars and eighty-three cents
($1212.83), in 11. S. gold coin, damages, with
interest on $1212.83 at the rute of seven per
cent per annum till paid, together with costs
and disbursements amounting to the sum of
$121.28, as appears to us of record, I have
levied upon the following described personal
property situated at Mill Canyon, in the
County of Eureka, State of Nevada, to-wit:
On frame building 18x72, known as board
ing house, equipped with the following arti
cles: Five large tables, 6 large benches, 1
large range with two water heaters, 1 small
cook stove, 1 heating stove, 2 double iron bed
steads, 1 spring couch, 5 chairs, 1 large dish
pan, 1 washtub, 1 bake pan, 2 lanterns, lcane
writing dealt, 1 bricabrack case, 1 eight-day
cluck, 2 lamps with brackets.
One frame building 70x15 of six rooms,
known as bunk house, equipped with the fol
lowing articles: Three tables, 8 chairs, 2
three-quarter iron bedsteads with mattresses
and springs 1 heater, 17 spring cots, 17 mat
tresses lor cots, 8 screen doors, 4 fry pans, 4
stew pans, 2 lamps, 8 water buckets, 2 dish
pans, 20 dinner plates, 4 platters, 2 sugar
bowls, 3 vegetable platters, 0 cups and sauc
ers, 3 pie plates, 12 knives and forks, 1 granite
vegetable dish, 1 syrup pitcher.
One stone building 80x20, known as the
store room, with the following articles: Four
teen mattresses, 11 spring cots, 1 heater, 1
coal oil heater, 10 dinner plates, 12 pie plates,
7 soup plates, 7 small vegetable dishes, 1 gravy
dish, 2 vinegar bottles, 3 large meat platters,
2 tables, 50 ore sacks, 1 coal oil receiver ca
pacity 50 gallons, 3 brooms, 1 platform scales,
1 standard store scales, 1 paper holder, 1 claw
hammer, 1 roll building paper, 200 feet £
Manila rope, 4 gallon measures, 1 quart meas
ure. 4 bottles liquid veneer, 500 corks more or
less, 3 large scoops, 3 bundles 8x14 canvas
sampling sacks, 3 large coffee pots, 20 gallons
boiled oil, 5 gallons corn syrup, 2 large fry
pans, 1 large stone jar, 1 large meat screen, 2
meat saws, 1 cleaver, 3 butcher knives, 1 box
heating stove, 1 large heater, 1 canvas wagon
Bheet, 3 large platters, 4 small pitchers, 16
saucers, 25 small plates, 17 dinner plates, 4
large granite stew kettles, 3 washboards.
One building 30x30, known as office, equipp
ed with the following articles: One large of
fice desk, 1 small desk, 1 large folding bed
complete with springs and mattress. 2 water
pitchers, 1 silver tray, 2 double beds complete
with springs and mattresses, 1 set of assay
scales, 1 round table, 2 heaters, 1 bookcase, 1
dresser, 3 three-quarter iron bedsteads with
mattresses and springs, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1
surveyor’s transit, 2 lamps, 7 fourteen-inch
files, 1 drill hammer, 1 Smith Premier type
writer, 1 lot of assorted drugs.
One fiame building 30x12 equipped with the
following articles: One small range, 1 large
table, 1 frame building 14x24.
une irame Duuding L2xlb, known as assay
office, equipped with the following articles:
One small assay furnace, 1 small assay rock
crusher, 90 small cupels, 20 pounds bone ash,
10 pounds lead, 20 pounds litharges, 3 assay
moulds, 1 adze, 2 auto jacks, 2 pipe cutters, 1
platform scales, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 pulp scales.
150 feet two-inch cotton hose, 2 hammers.
One Alco 3J ton truck with self-dumping
ore body, 2 ore bins, 1400 feet 1J cable, 1400
feet j) wire cable, 4 automatic dump buckets,
1 Blake rock crusher 8x12, one 4x6 pebble
mill, 1 gas engine 75 h. p. Columbus, 1 plat
form scales, 2 one-ton ore care, 66 feet T rails,
1 Fairbanks-Moise gas engine 60 h. p., 1
Kami eight drill air compressor, 1 air receiver,
2000 feet T rails, 3 ore car, 1 large anvil, 1
wheelbarrow, 1 small hoisting drum, 3u0 feet
i inch cable, 6 single hammers, 6 shovels, lb
picks, 1 double hammer, 3 blacksmith ham
mers, 50 pounds J drill steel, half-mile of fl
inch water pipe, 50 tons scrap iron.
All of the above described personal prop
erty being situate at Mill Canyon, in the
County of Eureka, State of Nevada.
Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the
26th day of August, 1918, at 2 o’clock p. m.
of that day at Mill Canyon, in the county of
Eureka, State of Nevada, I will sell all right,
title and interest of said Cortez Mining and
Reduction Company, a corporation, in and to
the above described property at public auc
tion, for cash, to the highest bidder, to satis
fy said execution and all costs necessary in
carrying said execution into effect.
Dated at Eureka, Nevada, this 15th day
of August, 1918.
The above sale is hereby postponed to Tues
day, September 10, 1918, at the same hour and
place as mentioned above.
Sheriff of Eureka County, Nevada.
been seriously disarranged as a result
of the Franco-British drive against
the west side of the Picardy salient,
which took the allied armies to aline
beginning at Albert, running south
east to Chaulnes, thence to a point
west of Lassigny, turnihg southeast
to Ribecourt.
In the engagement of the last week
the French have captured Lassigny
and have driven a deep wedge to the
north, with its base on the line Ribe
court-Soissons. In the fighting the
French have taken about 12,000
prisoners and more than 200 guns.
They have placed Noyon in a pocket
and have outflanked the enemy posi
tions along the Vesle river.
While these operations were m
progress the British, who had been
held up temporarily in their drive
south of Albert, launched an offen
sive north of that place last Wednes
day along a front of about ten miles.
They advanced in the general direc
tion of Bapaume, which was their
main objective in the first battle of
the Somme during July, 1916. At
that time thev fought from July un
til November bebore they reached
their objective. In the fighting of
the last three days they have ad
vanced three or four miles and now
are within a mile and a quarter of
Bapaume. On the second day of the
offensive they struck at Albert it
self and captured it. Then they ex
tended their operations on both their
right and left flanks, attacking from
from a point near Arras on the north,
as far as Lihons on the south, a front
of more than twenty miles.
The first day’s attack began with
out artillery preparation, in a mist.
Hundreds of big and little tanks
swept through the German defenses,
mopping up machine gun positions
and cutting off many units from re
treat. in a few hours the British
Had captured several thousand pris
oners. The success of the first day
was repeated on the second. Although
the penetration of the enemy’s heav
ily fortified position was not deep, it
was sufficient to destroy or capture
many of the main points of resistance
in this region. The loss of the Al
bert pivot was a serious blow to the
In this region are a number of the
strongest positions held by the Ger
mans in 1916. Fully aware of the sit
uation, General Rawlinson and Byng
did not directly attack in the direc
tion of Thiepval and Bray. Their
principal efforts were on the flanks
of.these fortresses, which fell yester
The Germans have counter-attacked
frequently in the last few days, in
an effort to wear out the attackers
and to hold positions which are the
mainstay of the German right flank
in the Picardy salient. Once these
positions are lost, the Huns must go
back beyond Bapaume and Perrone
to the Hindenburg line. Already Ba
paume is outflanked to the north,
where the British have taken Ervillers
and are near St. Leger.
Since July 15 the Allies have taken
about 110,000 prisoners, and of these
about 40,000 have been captured in
the last week. Although no accurate
count of light and heavy cannon cap
tured has been made public, the re
ports made from day to day would
indicate that the Allies had taken be
tween 1300 and 1500.
In the Lys salient, which was formed
by the German drive this spring to
ward the channel ports, the enemy
has been retiring bit by bit for sev
eral weeks. At some points he has
fallen back more than three miles.
At the junction of the new line with
the old southwest of Kemmel hill, the
Germans lost Dranoutre ridge. They
are reported to have recaptured this
During the week the Germans raid
ed the American positions along the
Vesle, in order to ascertain, no doubt,
whether General Foch was preparing
a drive from that direction. In Lor
raine the Americans wiped out a
sharp salient apexing into their lines
when they captured the town of Fra
pelle, inflicting heavy losses on the
The Bolsheviki threw off the mask
and declared war on the United
States. The pro-German government
maintains its troops with the aid of
Germany. Its armies are officered
by Germans and its ranks are filled
with released German prisoners. In
addition, thousands of ignorant Rus
sian working men are fighting the
battles of the kaiser. A large force
of the Bolsheviki operating in the
Usuri river region, north of Vladi
vostok, compelled the Czecho-Slo
vaks, who were said to have been aid
ed by the recently landed Japanese
and British, to retire. Evidently the
Japanese have not yet taken the field
in large numbers, although several
contingents of them have arrived at
Vladivostok, as have American, Brit
ish and French contingents also.
The Siberian situation remains ob
scure. Every day reports of victor
ies come from both sides. The
Czecho-Slovaks appear to be in con
trol of the trans-Siberian railway at
practically all important points be
tween the Russian border and the
Pacific ocean.
Strong, metal-clasped Manila Envel
opes suitable for sending ore samples and
small machinery parts through the mails,
or sale at the Sentinel office.
Legal blanks for sale at the Sentinel
Choice Groceries and Provisions
Hardware and Ammunition
Vegetables and Fruit Received Every Week by Express
Complete Lines of Tinware, Agateware,
Graniteware and Cooking Utensils
J. B, BIALE; Manager,
**‘8ole agent in Eureka for the Giant Powder Co. Comolidated.-**
®®RS« P■ KOPP, Proprietor
Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, Vegetables
No Percentage. No Dividends. No Delp To Pa>.
The Customer Gets The Profit.
W Orders Taken and Goods Delivered in Eureka
North Main Street : : Eureka, Nevada
Primary Election Mice
Notice is hereby giren that on the first
Tuesday, the 3rd day of September next, party
primaries of the Republican and Democrat
parties will be held in Eureka County, Ne
vada, for the nomination of party candidates
of said parties for the following offices:
United States Senate.
Representative in Congress.
State Controller.
The polls will open at 8 a. m. and continue
open until 6 p. m. the same day.
R. McCH ARLES, County Clerk.
First publication August 10, 1918
Last publication August 31, 1918.
Attorney at Law
Office in Courthouse
Eureka .... Nevada
Attorney at Law
Office in Courthouse
Eureka .... Nevada
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Enreka, Nevada
Office, Hjul Building, Opposite Brown
Periodical Trips To Enreka
Beatific Lodge No. 7, K. of F.
Meets every Tuesday evening at its Oastle
Hall on North Main street, at 7 o’clock
from October 1 to Maroh 31, and at 7:30
o’clook from April 1 to September 30.
All Brother Knights in good standing are
fraternally invited to attend.
J. B. Vbntorjno, 0. C.
Attest: D. E. Nostrosa K. of R. & 9.
Water Notice
Notice of Application for Permission to Ap
propriate the Public Waters of the
State of Nevada
Application No. 5100.
Notice is hereby given that on the 10th day
of June, 1918, in accordance with Section 59,
Chapter 140, of the Statutes of 1913, one
Morris Isaac, of Tonkin, County of Eureka,
and State of Nevada, made application to the
State Engineer of Nevada for permission to
appropriate the public waters of the State of
Nevada. Such appropriation is to be made
from Grouse Spring, at a point which bears
N. 26 deg. 16 min. E., 19800 feet from the N.
E. Corner of T. 24 N., R. 48 E., M. D. B. &
M. , unsurveyed land, by means of a small dam
and reservoir, and four tenths cubic foot per
second is to be conveyed to portions of NE4
mW4S?LNW,4' WSEi, Sec. 17, T. 25
N. , R. 49E., M. D. B. & M., unsurveyed
land, by means of ditches, and there used for
irrigation and domestic purposes, from April
until October of each year. Water not to be
returned to stream.
Signed: SEYMOURCASE, State Engineer.
Gate of first publication Aug. 3, 1918.
Date of last publication Aug. 31, 1918.
Notice To Wa' Consumers
All patrons of the Eureka Water Works are
requested not to let water for irrigation pur
poses run after 7:30 p. m. Water allowed to
run after this hour will necessitate the shut
ting ofif of service, and a charge will be made
for turning the water on again.
_M. M. FLETCHER Superinlendent.
I have been commissioned a Notary Public
in and for Eureka County, Nevada, and will
promptly attend to all Notary business of
fered. Office in Sentinel building. Eureka.
Notice of Sale Under
Decree of Foreclosm
of Washoe
S. T. Davie Plaintiff, Ve. Cortez Mini
and Redaction Company, and the Reno T8
tional Bank, Defendants. no “*•
Under and by virtue of an order of sale .nj
deoree of f orolosure issued out of the Second i
dicial District of Nevada, in and for the Connhi
of Washoe, on the lltb day of June 1918
the above entitled action, wherein S 'f ij “
is, plaintiff, obtained a judgment and dew
against the Cortez Mining and ReduS
Company, and the Reno National Bank d.
fendants, on the 11 day of June, 1918 J.tZ
the propery hereinafter desciibed, and the T
terest of the defendants therein for the criB.i
pal sum of two thousand one hundred inli
sixty two dollars and ninety one <Z
($2,162.91) together with 8 per cent inters*
thereon from date of this judgment
$321.52, with 7 per cent interest thereon fZ
the date of this judgment, and the sum 0f
$248.44, attorneys fees, and the sum of 813 40
oosts, and that the same be paid in a>old coin
of the United States, or so much thereof as th,
proceeds will pay of the same, which said de
cree was on the llth day of June, a. d 1910’
docketed in the offioe of the Clerk of the uiii
Court, I, James Mackey, the Sheriff of Kn
reka County, Nevada, am commanded to sell
all those certain mining claims and water
rights situated in Mill Canyou, in the Count*
of Eureka, io the State of Nevada, and
bounded and particularly described as follows
to-wit: 1
Valley View, Oneonton, Glittering Galore
Tom Gillam, Cavalier, and London, laid
claims being situated about thirty miles in ,
southerly direction from Beowawc, Nevada
together with all water and water right!
owned by said Cortez Mining and Reductioi
Company, together with all tenements, heredi
taments and appurtenances thereunto belong,
Notice is hereby given that on Monday
September the 9th, 1918, at the hour of 12
o’clock noon of said day, at the front door of
the Court House of the County of Eureki
State of Nevada, I will in obedience to said
order of sale and decree of foreclosure, sell the
above enumerated and described property, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to satis,
fv said judgment, with interest and costs, to
the highest and best bidder for cash, in la*,
ful money of the United States of America,
Dated at Eureka, Nevada, this loth day of
August 1918.
Sheriff of the County of Eureka, State of
First publication Aug. 17, 1918.
Last publication September 7, 1918.
Fishing and Hunting Mti
Notice is hereby given that all persons ii
Kureka County are warned against killing
game or fishing out of season, or fishing m
hunting in Kureka County without a licemt
The new Fish and Game law makes it tie
duty of the Deputy County h ish and Ham
Warden to enforce and cause the prosecuting
of any violation of the Act, and as such offi
cer 1 give public notice that no favoritismwiU
oe shown.
Deputy Fish and Game Warden of Eurek.
Kureka, Nevada, May 12, 1917.
Notice To the Public
Complaints have been made to this office
and to the Hoard of County Counnissiouen
against the permission and existence of cer
tain nuisances within the town of Eureka,
and particularly on the ditch on Spring and
Huel streets, and owing to the danger to hesllk
thereby, the prevalence of disease at present
and the necessity of cleanliness as a preven
tive therefor, and at the request of the Coun
ty Commissioners—
Notice is hereby given that the dumping or
throwing of garbage, rubnish, tin cans, etc.,
into, at or near tire ditch on Huel and Sprint
streets, within the limits of the town of Eu
reka, is, under the laws of the Stete of Neva
da, a public nuisance, and punishable ae a
misdemeanor; and that any further offense of
this kind will subject the person or persona It
offending to prosecution, and to the payment
of all costs and damages caused by such nett
including the costs of removing or abating
such nuisance.
Sheriff of Eureka County, Nevada
Dated at Eureka, Nevada, this 11th day of
January, 1918.
Muzzle Your Dog
Notice is hereby given that after
Monday, December 10, 1917, all dogs
running at large in Eureka County
without muzzles on that will prevent
them from biting any person, will be
killed without further notice.
This action is taken at this time be
cause of the known existence of
rabies in this seotion, the head of»
dog examined by the Nevada Univer
sity this week having been pro
nounced rabid.
Sheriff of Eureka County, Nevada
| Enreka, Nevada, December 3, lM
Notioe ia hereby given that the caiee on 9
proceeds of the minee of Eureka County t
;he quarter ending June 30, 1313,
low due and payable to me at my office in
■ek* and the law in regard to the samewui
itnotly enforoed. W. J. HOOPEK, j
Assessor of Enreka County, Nerw*
- 2
General Draying
Having purchased the draying hu«i
ness in Eureka of R. A. Laird, I
now prepared to do all kinds of haulwj
at reasonable rates. Wood, Coal »D
Hay for sale in large or small quanti
ties, delivered in any part of Eureka.
Leave orders at Eureka Garage.

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