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NOVEMBER 28, 1918
Charles S. Walker, late
is been filed for pro
strict Court.
orneyE. C. Plummer
•sday from a trip to
ie had been called on
mo went out to the
dace in Newark Valley
expects to be engaged
ork there for several
>ipe came into Eureka
)m Newark Valley en
>me at San Francisco
s visit with her daugh
personal property of
Jaul Ferrari in Pine
jey was appraised last Wednesday
Frank Winzell, Joe Bailey and
m McLeod, the appraisers ap
nted to act in the matter.
[letter received in Eureka yester
from W. 0. Ferguson of western
reka County stated that the con
ion of his son, Ralph, reported
jously ill last week with an attack
influenza, is now much improved
Ithat he is now thought to be out
II danger.
(artin Etchemendy and Martin
thquet returned Wednesday from
o where they both were recently
1 up with attacks of illness. The
mer was attacked with rheuma
in while the latter went through
iege of influenza.
1. E. Kimball of the Eureka Land
Stock Company came over from
;o Wednesday to look over com
ly affairs in this county. He states
lowing to the condition of his
rtner’s wife, Mrs. Isadore Sara,
tyhave gone to California in hope
it Mrs. Sara’s health may be bene
Hiss Lizzie Bonetti of Eureka on
arsday of this week purchased the
C. McTerney home opposite the
reka Con. works. The property
Isold just as it stood—completely
nished, only personal effects being
loved. This is conceded to be
! of the best kept up home
idences in Eureka,
lis reported that news reached
itin this week of the death in ac
lof Fred Whitburn in France on
ober 8. The deceased was for
rly County Clerk of Lander Coun
and visited here several times
bin the past few years when the
bfro.ii that city came over fco Eu
a to play baseball.
Hiss Mary Fraser and her brothers,
II and Alex, returned home
nrsday from lone, Lander County,
ere they have been employed
telast April. The mining company
ire is arranging to close down for
e Winter, and as the influenza
is fast approaching from all sides,
ey decided to strike for home.
Death of Former Eureka Resident
Mrs. Annie McBride of Eureka re
ived the news this week of the
ath of her niece, Mrs. Annie Mc
irmick-Walsh last Monday at her
roe in Virginia City, Nevada, fol
ding an attack of influenza. De
ased was a native of Gold Hill,
M 31 years, and was a woman who
is highly esteemed. She leaves be
ta her husband and infant son, a
ther and mother, Mr. and Mrs.
toiel McCormick, and three sis
Death of John Hamlyn
Among recent influenza deaths re
nted is that of John Hamlyn, who
ed-at Hill Top, Lander County, af
r four days’ illness. His widow,
rmerly Miss Charlotte Allen, was
granddaughter of the late Mrs.
% Loucks, and was born and
“sed in Eureka County. Theinter
ent was at Cortez.
Tobe Daniels, a well known ranch
'ind stockman of eastern Lander
aunty, is reported to have died at
branch this week following an at
^ of influenza.
Senator Lodge has introduced a
solution in the Senate providing
j81 all dealers handling German
r(roods must display signs stating
sell German goods.
Subscriptions and Pledges Still
Coming In On Every Mail
Eureka County did not go “over
the top” as quickly on this drive as
she has done on other war move
ments, and it is probably due to the
fact that personal solicitation has
been practically abandoned, owing
to the fear of spreading sickness.
The appeal to the citizens by mail and
through the Sentinel has met with a
gratifying response, but not enough
has been raised to meet the quota.
Up to Friday noon, $923 has been
collected or pledged and our quota is
$1570. The time for us to raise the
money has been extended and every
one who has not already sent a sub
scription is asked to do so as quickly
as possible.
The Victory Boys have pledged
more than double their quota; and
the Victory Girls have gone even
higher, owing to the fact that there
are more girls eligible to member
The names of subscribers will be
published each week until the entire
amount has been subscribed or raised,
and if your name does not appear
upon the list, please notify the Com
mittee at once so that it can be as
certained whether the name was
accidentally omitted, or whether
your subscription has not reached
the office.
Remember there is over $600 STILL
TO BE RAISED. Do your part.
Up to Friday noon, contributions
to the War Fund, since the last issue
of the Sentinel, have been received
from the following:
Mrs Eugene Johnson Eugene Johnson
George H Carter Mrs Emil Baumann
Emil Baumann Mr and Mrs C Battin
Mr and Mrs F Walti Antone Ferraro
Frances J Romano Frank Romano, Jr
Mrs F Romano Jr D E Nostrosa
Eureka Kopp Bertha Hawkins
Will Hawkins Luola Hawkins
Catherine Hawkins Emma Hawkins
Sara Plummer Amos Plummer
Ro.v T Plummer C C Maggini
Mrs C 1! Maggini Penota Maggini
Mrs C Walker & Chil Fred B Crofut
Andrew D Crofut Jr Mrs A T) Crofut
Andrew D Crofut Emma E Dibble
A C Dibble Maude E Handley
Walter Handley Isaac T Handley
Ads Handley J B Rice
T H Jones Win Hammond
Dsn Downey Irwin Keefe
J H Keefe Mrs J H Keefe
John Haddow Agnes Morrison
Dsn B Rand J E Sexton
F A Delaney J H Fine
airs J H Fine Dan Morrison
Clorinda Uhalde Gaston Ghalde
Martin Mahoney Mrs Fred Bartine
Fred Bartine Mary Venturino
Ethel Kautz W J Harris
Mr and Mrs Garletti Antone Merialdo
Mrs Wm Gibson Mrs J Rattazzi
E A Skillman Etta Skillman
James Rattazzi Phil Paroni
Frank McBride Della McBride
Mr and Mrs JR mano Tracev Hoegh
Bani a Hoegh A H Johnson
Rose Curto Ferinda Curto
Clay Simms Mr and Mrs C H Hjul
Mrs W R Reynolds Dolores Reynolds
Leota Reynolds Billie Reynolds
Lloyd Reynolds Bernard Damele
Peter Damele M Pierretti
Mrs M Pierretti Mrs B Damele
Mrs J Damele Mr* Mrs R McCharles
Stanley Fine and family
N. P. Morgan. County Executive
of the Victory Boys has pledged nine
new members, each pledged to earn
and give the sum of $5.00; they are
Raymond Pastorino, Bryan Porch,
Nolan Reynolds. Eldridge Porch,
Thomas Eccles, Geo. E. Vannoy, Les
lie V. Battin, Aureglio Palma, and
Edgar L. Plummer.
Miss Merialdo reports the follow
ing Victory Girls, each pledged to
earn and give five dollars:
Mary Boston Carrie Gibellini
Margaret Laird Estella Minoletti
Mabel Moore Annie Pratt
Jean Davis Bessie Hunter
Annie Depaoli Nevada Whitmore
Julia Hildebrand Isabel Merialdo
Velma Reynolds Pearl McNaughton
Marian Damele Tina Damele
Pauline Hjul Yula Reynolds
Kate Tambini Annie Harvey
Dorothy Goss Annie Porch
Berenyce Moore Maude Harris
Olotilde Biale Estella Rogantiui
Fanny Gibson Addie Merialdo
Elsie Hooper Rosalie Davis
Marie Harris Vida Kitchen
Pietrina Damele Margaret Kitchen
Triplet Liberty Boya
The wife of John Laxague. the
well known Lander County rancher
and sheepman, presented her hus
band with three new Liberty Day
sons at Austin on November 11,1918
Big Tractor and County Grader Put
Old Pritchard Grade in Condition
That Will Permit Travel Over It Dur
ing Moat Winter Montba
The Board of County Commission
ers this week completed a new piece
of roadwork badly needed on the
Pinto summit which will eliminate
what has been in the past one of the
worst pieces of Winter road in this
section of the country.
Beginning at the top of the sum
mit and going south, using the old
Pritchard grade, the new road fol
lows the high ground and the sunny
side of the hill for about two miles,
coming into the old' road about half
a mile above the Evans place; follow
ing that and detouring again for
about three-quarters of a mile at the
Evans place, and then taking the
road out here again on to the old
grade and up on to high ground.
The Commissioners are also having
the old Pritchard grade repaired on
the Eureka side of Pinto summit, and
with these two pieces of new road
construction, Pinto summit will be
passable to traffic practically the year
This work was done with Russell
& Minoletti’s tractor and the county
grader and the record time in which
the work was completed proves the
efficiency of these machines.
Talks Before Women’s Civic
League At Reno of Educa
tional Results of Cam
“We feel that we waged a victor
ious campaign,” said Miss Anne Mar
tin in discussing her candidacy for the
U. S. Senate at a meeting of the Neva
da Women’sCivic League held at State
headquarters in Reno last Tuesday.
“We are fighting to establish the
right of women to direct participa
tion in government,” Miss Martin
continued. “To do this an educa
tional campaign was necessary. We
have carried such a campaign into
every precinct of the State.
“Three other candidates were in
the field, all supported by party or
ganizations. Although I was handi
capped because I ran as an Indepen
dent without any party organization
back of me and was the first woman
senatorial candidate, I succeeded in
winning a vote of nearly five thous
and of th* twentv-five thousand cast
Nearly one-fifth of the voters of the
State put aside prejudice and party
affiliations and voted for me. I ran
ahead of my Republican opponent
backed by the full power of his party
organization in White Pine and Clark
Counties and was just one vote be
hind him in Churchill County.
“The results we secured are most
encouraging and lay a splendid foun
dation for victory later on.”—Advt.
Red Cross News
The secretary of the Eureka Red
Cross Chapter wishes to announce
that the special labels for sending
Christmas cartons by those who have
not received any labels from the boys
overseas, have been received here,
and upon applying at the Assessor’s
office those who wish to send a car
ton who have not received a label
may now obtain both.
Those sending cartons to the boys
overseas will kindly leave them at
the Assessor’s office, not latter than
November 28, or the morning of
November 29.__
Mew Eureka Member! of Local Board
Carson City, Nov. 20.-W. H. Rus
sell and I. H. Rogers have been ap
pointed members of the Local Draft
Board of Eureka County, replacing
W. R. Reynolds and James Mackey,
according to word received to-day
by Adjt. Gen. Sullivan from Provost
Marshal Gen. Crowder. The ap
pointment of Russell and Rogers was
made on the recommendation of
Governoi Boyle. Reno Gazette.
Thanksgiving dinners will be ser
ved at Mrs. N. J. Brossemer’s from
5 to 6:30 o’clock.—Advt.
County Health Officer Makes It
Plain That Desperate Chanees
Are Being Taken Here Through
Lack of Proper Restrictions
Being Observed
While new cases of influenza
are reported from all nearby sections
of this portion of the State, Eureka
has thus far escaped without a case.
Word has been received that those
attacked with the disease in the north
end of the county, with the exception
of George Shultes whose death at
Beowawe was reported Wednesday,
are now on the way to recovery.
Two section hands were taken down
with the disease at Palisade the first
of the week, but no other new cases
in the county have been reported.
The cases in the vicinity of Tonkin
are doing nicely.
From Hamilton where nearly the
whole community were afflicted, only
one death has occurred and all are
reported as fast recovering.
The last Reveille announced twelve
cases in Austin, but no fatalities.
At Ely, McGill, Ruth and Kimber
ley the disease has reached an alarm
ing condition, several hundred are
said to be afflicted, with the physi
cians and nurses unable to handle
the situation. It has been necessary
to turn the school houses at Ely and
Ruth into hospitals, and various kinds
of conveyances have had to be used
in burying the dead.
At Tonopah, when the disease was
thought to be in check, numerous
new cases appeared and of a more
violent nature, and a large number
in that section are now ill.
At the weekly meeting of the
Eureka County Council of Defense
held Thursday evening the influenza
situation in general was taken up
and discussed. Dr. Brennen, the
County Health Officer, stated that in
view of the fact that people of Eu
reka were again congregating in sa
loons and at other places and paying
no attention to the restriction against
thus assembling, he believed the ban
should be removed from all, and
that those attending the schools and
moving pictures would be little less
exposed than they are now under
existing conditions. He emphatical
ly declared, however, his warning of
precaution regarding means of pre
vention must be heeded if the dis
ease is kept out of Eureka, and that
the people could not afford to be
careless and take a chance with the
grave outlook.
The joint board of trustees of the
of the Eureka schools held a meeting
yesterday afternoon and, notwith
standing the Health Officer’s permis
sion to re-open the schools, believed
they voiced the sentiment of the par
ents and people in deciding to keep
the schools closed for at least an
The management of the Eureka
Theatre informs the Sentinel that
it is undecided yet as to when the
theatre will be re-opened and the
moving picture shows resumed.
Subscribe for the Sentinel-$3 per
Age 46 Y ears-Assets $3,500,000.00
F. E. HUMPHREY. ..President Commercial Savings
F. M. ROWLAND. Vice-Pres. Trust Loan
J. R.YAN NAGELL.Vice*Pres. Investment Insurance
G. H. TAYLOR.Cashier Exohange Bonding
F. STADTMULLER. Asst. Cash. Foreign Brokerage
O. W. MAPES.Asst. Cash. Escrow Transfer;
RUDOLPH HERZ Collection Safe Deposit
We Welcome Your Business We Offer You,Every Facility
Large and Small Known to Modern Banking
Popular Young Man of Beowawe Called
in Prime of Life By Influenza
News was received in Eureka Wed
nesday of the death of George Wen
ban Shultes at Beowawe, Eureka
County, following an attack of in
fluenza. He and his wife were both
attacked with the disease, and early
last week Mrs. Peter Breen, Mrs.
Shultes’ mother, was summoned
there from the Raine ranch in Pine
Valley where she had been called
from her home in Eureka by the ill
ness of her son-in-law, Robert Raine.
Mr. Shultes was then reported criti
cally ill, and he continued to fail un
til the end.
The deceased was a son of Mr. and
Mrs. George D. Shultes, pioneer and
respected residents of Eureka County,
and for years had been in the em
ploy of the Beowawe Mercantile
Besides his widow, formerly Miss
Mamie Breen of Eureka, and his
father and mother, he leaves a broth
er, Roy, and sister, Miss Margaret.
He was a native of Bethlehem, New
York, and aged 30 years, 5 months
and 12 days.
Filed in the Office of the Recorder
Of Eureka County Up to
November 22, 1918
The following notices of intention
to hold mining claims have been filed
in the Recorder’s office during the
On the Beehive, Hueliy, Tunnel,
Nob Hill, Inca, Indus and Crucible
mines in Eureka mining district by
C. E. Morse.
On the Snowbound and Blaine
mines in unknown mining district by
Pete Carletti and G. A. Fletcher.
On the Willow Creek and Lost
mines in Antelope mining district by
Pete Carletti.
On the King mine in Safford min
ing district by E. B. Siri.
On the Jumbo, JumboNo. 1, North
Star, North Star No. 1, North Exten
siori, Copper Blossom and Grand View
mines in Safford mining district by
J. W. Ebert and C. W. Pratt.
On the Copper King, Copper King
No 1, Gray Eagle, Gold Chest, Gold
Chest Nos. 1 and 2 mines in Safford
mining district by J. W. Ebert.
On the Mt. Hope Fraction in Mt.
Hope mining district by Fred Bar
On the Lone Pine, Fraser & Mileno
and Oregonian mines in Eureka min
ing district by Edgar Sadler, agent.
Old Time Resident Succumbs to Influenza
Mrs. Mary Fulton and son, Lyman, .
returned home by Monday’s train
from Butte, Montana, where they
were summoned by the death of the
former’s brother, John A. McPhail.
The deceased has been a resident of
Butte for the past 33 years, going
there from Eureka, Nevada. He
was a hoisting engineer at the mines
and remained in that calling with
few intermissions until stricken with

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