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J. B. Gallagher went to Reno on
business Monday.
FOR SALE — A lot of No. 1 good
furniture cheap. J.R.Conser, Mason.
,M i*£ Evelyn Hayes is in Smith Val
ley this week assisting with the work
Of the Girls Clubs.
Miss Della Polli was down from the
ranch on Wednesday attending to
bu .-mess lor the estate.
Word has been received that Dr.
Leavitt had started for France. Not
to Berlin now, Doc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Kaufman of this
city are enjoying their visit to Port
land. Ore.
C. C. Tidd was in town Wednesday
nnnouncing that he is very dry. In
cidentally he is willing to go dry.
Dr. G. A. Knox and Mrs. Knox are
"visiting jhe doctor’s sister, Mrs. I. 11.
Thompson, in Eureka, California.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Morgan and
Mrs. Leo. Osborn were in from the
East Walker Thursday of this week.
Carpenters are at work remodeling I
the old Dobbins house which was vis- j
ited by a disastrous lire a few months !
Fred Hoteling left his position at
M ound House and went to Eureka, i
Nevada, as manager for the Light &
Power Co. there.
N. H. Van Alstine, of the Yerington
Drug Co., left for a two weeks vaca
tion in California on Saturday, lie
will join Mrs. Van and the babies.
Rev. Oco. Clark and Miss Clark, of
Schurz were vi-iting and shopping in
town Friday. The second crop of hay
at the reservation is in bloom and
most of the grain is ripe.
W. F. Powers, of the I.yon County
Bank force returned from his vaca- |
tion Saturday night. Uncle Sam won’t 1
take them so old and homely as j
Will. ,
Tasker L. Oddie spent Tuesday and i
Wednesday here interviewing the vot
ers in the interest of hi- candidacy for 1
the republican nomination tor govern
Mrs. Tom Doud and son. Duane,
will leave Sunday for their new home
in San Francisco, v isiting friends and
relatives enroute at Ktnpire; Virginia
and Reno,
Mrs. Lizzie Itironymous an<J daugltt
trs; ldelle, Inazelle ami Loa left last
Saturday for a vacation at the coast.
They will -pend the time in Oakland
where they will he close to Carlton.
Voters who want to choose their
candidates it the primary election
must register before August 13th. So
far the registration in this city ha
been very light, so light as to cause
considerable uneasiness.
Tuesday evening while Mrs. Ilcl
mick was cleaning some clothes in a
tub of gasoline in the backyard, one
Allen, who was sitting near carelessly
threw down a lighted match, igniting
the whole mass. Mrs. 11 elmick's
hands were badly burned and one -nit
of clothes belonging to A. S. Phipps
was completely destroyed.
Storage Battery and Electrical
Free Inspection for your Starting
and Lighting Battery.
Full equipment for repairing any
make of Storage Battery. Troubles
in Starting and Lighting Systems
quickly located and repaired at fair
Three canning team from the Boys
and Girls -Clubs of Lyon County are
speeding up in their preparations for
the try out soon to be held here for
the championship of Lyon County.
The winning team will try for the !
state championship at Reno the last
week in August 'ml the winning state
team will have the honor of trying for
the interstate championship at the
Tncet which will he held in Spokane
Wash, the tirst week of September.
Each team must can one pint of
peaches it lt d one pint of bean» and
tell exactly how it is done. I be tell
ing is one of the big points in the con
test. A team consist- of three girls
and all of the expenses will be paid
for the teams when they go out to
Smith YTallcy has two teams in the
preliminary, the Misses Alice and Ag
nes Tidd. ".Merle Wilkerson. Henriet
ta Sayre, Cecilia Gander and Cecilia
Carney. The Yerington team will be
three out of this four: Mary Cox. \ era
Snyder, l.oraiite Ros- anti Ruby Mc
Daniel, the tinal choice being not
yet made.
A. Pappas, business man of Wabus
ka, w as a Yerington visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. J. L. Davidson returned Sat
urday from an extended visit in Cal
Mrs. J. F. McKay " ill return tomor
row from her vacation on the coast.
Will Mdarkey has been promoted
from second lieutenant to first, accord
ing to the latest tidings.
To Buy
Hart Schaffner & ]V[arx Clothes
$35.00 Suits Special $29.50
32.50 “ “ 27.50
30.00 “ “ 25.00
27.50 Suits Special 22.00
25.00 “ “ 21.15
The Big Store
Men’s Felt Hats
The latest Creation; a fit and a
style for you.
$3.50 and up. m
This is the weather. We have the
comfortable headgear.
$2.75 and up. x
The latent colors and shades. A
shade for every complexion.
35 cants and up.
All weights, styles and prices.
Warm weather means B. V. D’s.
Men’s Shirts
,The latest stripes, dots and figures,
Negligee, Sport and Golf. Just the
thing for Summer wear.
The Busy Store
Wust sugar allowances will be
.it of TWO FOUNDS ot
sugar per person, instead ot three
pounds as heretofore. This applies
to all families, households, boarding
houses, private hoarding houses, ho
tels and restaurants. , .
Your Record of Sugar Sales should
have been received and put into use
by you some time between July la
•md 20. During the period repre-ent
ed by this hook—July 15 to September
Lt_ you will please sell to no one
' more than his allowance of 1 1-2 lbs
for the hitter part fo July, and _ lbs
for all of August. Jn other words,
vour sales Record for July lath to
POUNDS sold for each person in the
family or household.
The 25 pound purchase of ‘Ugar for
canning and preserving is still allowed
hut sugar so purchased must he strict
]y for canning and preserving and
the surplus must lie returned at the
end of the sea-on. Where more than
25 pound purchase is made, the groc
er shall first satisfy himself that the
purchaser has put up fruit with sug
ar previously obtained, and that the
istigar i- being used for no other pur
This ruling is applicable to every
one in the United States. is~inadc nec
essary by urgent military necessity,
shortage of sugar and ships, and sub
marine sinkings pi sugar carriers.
Nevada Douglas Director Moore
writes trom Ludwig, July 6th.
"I believe there never was a time
when the opinion seemed so universal
that we have splendid properties m
the four Nevada-Douglas mines. The
West in Nevada is developing in
splendid shape. New ore has been
found, designated as the East < Ire
Kody,entirely separate from the West
Ore Body, opened up when we bought
the property. The ore exposed on
the lower levels i- comparatively high
gride, approximately RO per cent be
ing primary mineral.
• | ;>m also optimistic a-, to the pos
sibilities in the Casting Copper and
the occurrence of high grade sulphidts
on the 800 foot level giving splendid
promise for the Ludwig at depth."
Times aud Daily Call $5
a year.
DAY OLD CHIX — Barred Rocks;
Red Orpingtons; Ancoras; Minorca*;
Leghorns; and Breeding Cockerels.
ENOCH CREWS — Seabnght, Cal.
FOR SALE — One 3-room House,
Furnished, One 5-room House, Fur
nished, Lot HO by 70 feet.
One Overland Car, 1915 Model, m
good shape, cheap.
See V.S.Graffam, Masorv, Nevada.
Wanted- Local agent for fa-test sell- j
i„g patriotic novelty on market. Nells
at sight. Make $5 to $10 day Write mi
'mediately for protected territory or
str 1 SI lor -ample prepaid.
American Novelty Co. 1514 Ninth Av.
Seattle. Washington.
Governor and Bankers were called to
1 consult on October Loan.
\ conference was held in San l1 ran
cisco Wednesday, when the bankers
' state officials of Nevada met those
l aving the management of the next
Liberty Loan. .
i It appears th-U Nevada is called up
on for a pro-rata out of proportion to
it-, population. I lie few w ho can ai
furd to subscribe have done -o w illing
ly. Tile purpose of tfie meeting i- to
get the ipiota for Nevada trimmed in
proportion to its resources.
By th* figures of the bank examiner
it is found that w hile banking is on a
staple basis the deposit funds,in real
coin are being rapidly depleted, the
bond- taking their place. In order to
regulate this the showing i- to be
I presented.
It is further proposed by the Nev
ada committee to urge tt|Mui the pow
< rs that there must be something gi\
| en ut i♦turn. New industries will
' hair to be provided if the govern
ment expects the steady outpour of
nioin v I'p to the present there ha
hern no reciprocal niovenuyit on the
part of the government to replace
by. itnhi'try the depletion of real
money from the bank reserves li
industries are added the -late can go
the limit in subscriptions, hut there
must either be more money circu
late.! for industrial pursuits <>r the
. pi Ota of the loans will liaie to be
■ lit to tit. •
An Army corps is 60,<KX) men.
Ail infantry division is 19,<XXl men.
An infantry brigade is 7,(XXI men"
A regiment of infantry is 2.6IH) men
A battalion is 1 .(XX) men.
A company is 250 men.
A platoon is sixty men.
A corporal's squad is eleven men
A bring squad is twenty men.
A supply train has 23K men.
A machine gun battalion lias 26b
An engineer', regiment lias ],008
An ambulance company lias 66 men
The Adjutant General has received
orders to entrain 100 men from this
state. The men will entrain between
the 5th and 10th of August. While
the elections have not been made
by the local boards, the-county quo
tas will be as follows:
Churchill. 4; Clark, 5: Douglas, 2;
Elko. 14: Esmeralda. 4; Eureka, 2.
Humboldt. 9: Dander, 1, Lyrtn, 7.
Lincoln, 4; Mineral. 2: N'ye, 7,
Ornisby, 2: Storey. 2: Washoe. 2(1:
W hite Pine. 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo h West will
leave for Lae Tahoe for their vaca
tion on \ugust 10 They will he the
guests of Mr. ami Mrs. J. P. Perazzo.
at Lakeside.
Farm Bureau
A County Farm Bureau is
an institution for the develop
ment of a county program of
work in agriculture and home
economics, and for cooperat
ing with State and Federal
agencies in the develop
ment of profitable farm man
agement and efficient and
wholesome home and com
munity life, for man, woman,
and child. It is organized
agricultural fcemocracy, by
means of which farmers and
their families express them
selves concerning all mat
ters relating to the advance
ment of agricultural, home,
and community life.
I The Thrift Car |
O. K. in Every Respect I
You cannot get complete satis- I
faction from a car of less satis- I
factory appearance,performance, I
comfort, service or price. I
■ Model 90 has a powerful, fuel- J
saving motor; narrow turning I Ipi
4 radius; rear cantilever springs; 1 f| I
9 lOtT-inch wheelbase; 31x4 tires, I If I
1 non-skid rear. Auto-Lite start- ■III I
| ing and lighting and vacuum fuel ■III I
| * Comfort, S«nrie« and Prio$ # 1111
U* JW *0*1 *• Timing Cm. Wje—/. <,. ». ToUto-fric mkUtt to -»-TIr-- -

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