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ALLEN C. BRAGG, Editor and M|(i
Enter* I at the Wlnnemucca posteffloe
ea second elasa matter.
Issued by
The WiiflenmcM poblijliiqg Cd
Corner Bridge and Fourth Street*.
All remittance* and buslnea* communi
cations should Invariably b# addressed
Wlnnemucca Publishing Co., W inne
mucca, Nevada
On* year, by mal:.
Six months, by mall. 3.00
Three months, by tna'l. l-»
Carrier in Wlnnemucca, per nionih .
The Congregational ministers of (. h.
cago voted the other day, with practi
cal unanim.ty against a reso.ution ex
pressing the hope that no discussion ol
the “tainted money" issue will be en
couraged or permitted.
This was the right, wise anil sour il
action to take on the resolution.
Honest and earnest discussion of any
moral issue cannot be harmful, nor, in
the long run, productive of d.scord and
division. Discussion reveals differences,
it is true, but nothing is ever gaineu
by suppression of opinions and the c. y

ing of harmony where it does not ac
tually exist. It is fair and tolerant and
candid discussion which, in fact, tends
to harmony through solutions of prob
lems in accordance with the best judg
ment of the majority. Discussion may
not dissipate a.l differences of opin on,
but the settlement of a question in the
light of the fullest and most searching
consideration of its pros and cons leav* s
no personal grievances and no rankling
wounds where both or all sides accept
locally in edvance the dec sion of the
The rejection by the Congregationa.
Board of lieso.utlons relating to the
tainted money controversy would noi
end it. It wou.d be continued outs.de,
and with more vigor and animation
than before. Kxisting divisions wou d
be accentuated and deepened, with con
sequences that might prove really harm
ful to the permanent we.faie of the
It has been nobly said that no ques
tion is ever settled until it is settlid
right—except by acc dent—un.ess it ha.-,
been thorough.y and honest.y discussed
and light has been thrown upon it from
o c/iliru puHnnal imlni • f irluie «<4
cussion is in truth the right preserva
tive of all olher rights, the e sentia.
condition of the progress of truth and
reason and Justice.
The following Associated I’ress d s
patch would seem tq indicate that the
“tainted money” question is sett ed so
far as the American Board of M.ssinns
is concerned. Most peop.e had settled
it the same way long ago:
“By a vote of 46 to 10 the American
Board of Commissioners for Foreign
Missions, sitting at Seattle, went on
record as being opposed to a further
discussion of tainted money' in any * f
its phases.
"Tnis vote was not taken, however, |
until the question had been threshed
out in all its sides, and the leading
Congregationalists of America had
voiced their sentiments on the subject, j
“Dr. Washington Gladden, the leader
of the minority, precipitated the discus
sion by the Introduction of a resolution
to the effect that the officers of the
m i
Board should neither invite nor solicit
donations to its funds from persons
whose gains are generally believed to
huve been made by methods morally
indefensible or socially injlrious.
Fifty Years the Standard
| *]>R.*
A Cream of Tartar Sawder
U?de Fr^ frane*
Ws Mm
*Dr. Gladden, who left the platform
at the close of the debate, was ov« r
whelmed with congratulations upon the j
address made by him and the position
he had taken."
» .- ■
No man is independent of a.l other
men; no man can work for hitn.-e.f
a.one. Ev ry action, every stroke ot
work, every word, affects his lellow
mortals in some degree. Humanity (.Ik,
bees in one great hive) is bound togeth
er in a common brotherhood whose link.
cannot be dissolved by individual choice
it appears tnat the story of the
South Dakota man. who tinged himse f
through remorse because he permitted
an innocent man to de on the gallows
for a crime he himseif comm tted was
entirely un.rue. Still everybody wnl
concede that if there had been such a
man he should have hanged himself.
When the quantity of food taken is
too large or the quality too rich, sour
stomach is likely to follow, and espe
cially so If the digestion has oeen w -ak
ene# by constipation. Eat s ow>y and
not too free.y of eas.ly digest'd fo il.
Masticate the food thoroughly Let li\e
iiouis e apse between meals, and when
you fee. a fuhne. s and weight in lha re
gion of the stomach after easing, take
Chamber.am s Stomach and Diver Tab
lets and the sour stomach may be a*'old- 1
ed. For sale by the Euglo Drug and \
Jewelry Co.
The Southern Colton Association has
estab.ished a minim.m of 11 cents < n
the cotton crop.
ABSCESSES, with few exceptions, are
indicative of cons'Ipat.on or dobidtjr.
W. if. Harrison, Cleveand. Miss.,
writes, Aug. J5, 1902: ‘T want to say a
word of praise for Ba.lard s Snow Dim
ment. I stepped on a nail, which caused
the cords In my leg to contract and an
abscess to rise in my knee, and the doc
tor told me that I would have a stiff
so one uay i weni 10 J. v . l.orus
drug store (who Is now In Denver, Colo.)
He recommended a bottle of Snow L.nl
mer.t; 1 got a 50c size and it cured my
leg. It Is the best liniment in the
world.” Sold by the Eagle Drug and
Jewelry Co.
Every part of the mucous mem' r'.n©,
the rose, throat, ears, head and lings,
etc., are subjected to disease and bdt nt
from neglected co.ds. Ballard s .tore
hcund Syrup is a pleasant and effective
W. Akendrlck, Valley alllls, Tex.,
writes; ”1 have used Bat.aids Hore
hound Syrup for coughs and throat trou- i
blea; it is a pieasant and most effective 1
remedy.” ;
Sold by the Eagle Drug and Jewsiry
Finding health is like finding money—
so think those who are sick. When you
have a cough, cold, sore throat or chest
irritation, better act promptly like W. I j
C. Barber, of Sandy Level, Va. He 1
says: “I had a terrible chest trouble, i
caused by smoke and coal dust or* my i
lungs; but, after finding no relief in j
other remedies, I was cured by Dr. j
Kings New Discovery for Consumption, j
Coughs and Colds.” Greatest sale of any I
cough or lung medicine In the world. !
At the Eugle Drug and Jewelry Co.’s j
drug store; iOc and *1.00; guaranteed, j
Trial bottle free. i
as mercury will surely destroy ths ssnse
of smell and completely derange ths
whoe system when entering It through
the nlucous surfaces. Such articles
should never be used except oa prescrlp

tlons from reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do Is ten fold to tho
good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O,. contains
no tx^rcury, and Is taken Internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of ths system. In buying Hal ■
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genu
ine. It is taken inteinally and made In
To edo, oh u, by F. J. Cheney Alt Co.
Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists. Price, 75c per bot
Take Hall s Family Pills for constipa
Pres'dent Castro of Venezuela has
ordered the expulsion from the coun
try of M. Brun, manager of the French
Cable Company.
Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft
;,ow of In alth and a pure comp exion
mike all women beautiful. Take a small
lose of tb rbine after each meal; it will
prevent c■ nsttpation and help digest
a hat you have eaten. Mrs. Wm. U.
Stroud, Midlothian, Tex., writes, May Jt.
“We have used Herbine in our famuy
for eight years and found it the best
medicine we ever used for constipation,
bi.ious fever and malaria.
Sold by the Eag.e Drug and Jewelry
In the riots at Libau, Russia Poland,
ten persons were killed and fifty wound
and bee ten. in a labor riot, until covered
with S' les, a Chicago streetcar conduc
tor app ied Buckien's Arnica Salve, and
was soon ound and well.. “1 use it In
my family.'’ writes Q. J. Welch, of T•
konsha, Mich., “and find It perfect."
S’mply great for cuts and burns. Ony
25c at the Eag e Drug and Jewelry Co. s
drug store.
He may well think he has got oil
cheap, who, after having contracted con
stipation or indigestion, is still ab e to
perfectly restore his health. Nothing
will do this but Dr. King s New B fe
Pills. A quick, pleasant and certain
cure for headache, constipation, etc. 25c
at the Eagle Drug and Jewelry Co. s
drug store; guaranteed.
The number of yellow fever cases at
New Orleans has reached 2,000.
S. A. Read Cisco. Tex., writes, Maicn
11, 1901: "My wrist was sprained so bad
ly by a fall that It was useless; and ar
cer u.-ing several remedies that failed to
give relief, used Ballard's Snow Lini
ment, and was cured. I earnestly ree
ominend it to any one suffering from
sprains.’’ Sold by the Eagle Drug and
Jewelry Co.
Notice to Water Consumers
PROHIBITED—On account of the ex
treme scarcity of water.
While the Company does not object to
your keeping your aldewa ka wet, they
must insiBt that thla order be atrlotiy
obeyed, and any one violating this rule
will have their water rate raised with
out notice.
S-4-tf By W. L. AKIN, Supt.
^ ^lABLE X rrnA|!
Prompt Returns an Sample*
MaK m Express. y\
Gold and J$’./er Assay .. 11.00 ,
Copper, ... $1.00 <
Lead . $1.00
► Carson. Nevadc <{
Cagle 7)rug 6c Jewelry
Is now located in the BELL BUILD
ING ready for business witli a full stock
of drugs, sundries and Jewelry. We
are now prepared to put up prescriptions
of all kinds.
The jewelry repair department is now
complete, all watch and jewelry repair
work will receive prompt attention \
Remember we are in
77hn teoll F •' "
.^OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00*1-+000000000000000000000000+
| The “Palace” j
2 Wliete nice cool, refreshing iteer
6 is always on tap.
9 The “Real Stuff” in Wines,
2 Liquors ami Cigars.
0 Biliard Table Our cli b room ia
2 For Pastime. always up-to-date
6 P. B. ROBERTS, Prop.
fooooooooooo OOOOOOOO OOOOO^ *1-00 oo oooo o oo ooooo oooooooo +
I Sacramento, California. 3
f! Nuvur without a big supply of keg uni* oett.u4 tiaar Prompt irary ta |
3 any part of tbs *»lty. Outside order- r*cei*s ImmudtMe attsntU*. ■ ,
That. Fit.
I personally request young gentlemen
who appreciate smartly designed Peg Top
Trousers—to ask my representative for
trouseis bearing my mark
F rom the way my Trousers fit you
will say that they are born not made
' • 1 ' 4 1 |
1 X
Imperial , Model and Peg Top Trouser* ^
bear my mark—you will find them labeled on
inside of waistband, just ask
E. Reinhart & Co.
T W 1 l- OR
Hutu Mnae ic Jrdar. Cleanh.*,
fiCMl'ih «ml h<>pairing for Uotb U/iNNE'Ulller ■
l^aola* 4-ntleman. Win ^b.HUCCA
Ai '* i if Aitaratlona Mada
to ftlng. NEVADA*

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