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City Daily Appeal.
V1. uv.
25 Cents Per Week
Five cents per copy
No. 94
IRy United Tress
WASHINGTON, April 24. Lieuten
ant General B. T. M. Bridges, a mem
ber of the British War commission, was
interviewed today and endorsed con
scription as the only means for Ameri
ca to hasten peace. He declared Eng
land's early attempts to raise a volun
teer army a supreme blunder. The
British commissioners met at 11 this
morning and discussed their program.
They begin their meetings with the
I American officials tomorrow.
With Local Owners of Pipe Lines
at .Many Points Company is Per
petuating a Monopoly and Its
Dissolution Under Sherman Anti
Trust Law is Asked for
Reservoir Which Furnishes Water
to Escondido Attacked Probably
by "Alien Enemies"-Only Spill
way Was Damaged, But Consi
derable Amount of Water Lost
By United Press
WASHINGTON, April 24. The
state department has announced that
the French commission coming to the
war conferences has arrived safely, hut
the place of arrival has not been an
nounced as yet in Washington. The
commission includes ex-Premier Vivi
ani and General Joffre.
In Washington Tomorrow
By United Tress
WASHINGTON, April 24. It is an
nounced the French commission will
reach Washington tomorrow.
SAN DIFGO, April 24. Farmers re
siding near Kscondido dam, thirty-five
miles north of San Diego, at midnight,
heard a blast and rushing to the scene
found an attempt had been made to dy
namite the dam. The spillway was
damaged, but the dam was intact. Con
siderable water was lost. Posses are
seeking the dynamiters. The dam sup
plied water to Escondido.
By United Pres
WASHINGTON, April 24. The
General Trade commission has report
ed to the senate that the gasoline in
vestigation blames the Standard Oil for
high prices and finds that the Standard
dominates a majority of the marketing
territories without competition. The
Standard Oil subsidiaries, due to com
munity ownership and stock combina
tion in pipe lines with other branches
of the industry, are perpetuating a mon
opoly. The gasoline is also of deterior
ated (uulity and the commission recom
mends legislation abolishing common
ownership and suggests that the corpor
ations be dissolved under the Sherman
law and a segregation of pipe line own
ership and other branches in the petro
leum industry be made and an estab
lishment of gasoline standards be provided.
Carson to Have Record-Breaking
Celebration and Loyalty Parade
Are we going to have a Loyalty par
ade in Carson? Well, we should say
so. One of the biggest and grandest
affairs that was ever attempted in the
city. The large and enthusiastic meet
ing, composed of some of the best citi
zens of Carson, men and women, held
at the county court house last evening
settled that question in a way that spell
nothing but success. It is not going to
be confined to Carson people alone, but
arrangements are to be made for spec
ial trains so that Virginia City, Silver
City, Mindcn, Gardnerville, Dayton and
Reno can be represented, all the school
children will take part in the parade
carrying the American flag and red,
white and blue parasols, and organiza
tions of every kind are to be invited to
The offices in the state capitol will
be closed for at least half of the day
and most of the business houses will
bar their doors for a few hours in or
der that employer and employe may
take part.
The nucleus of all the committees has
been named and the members are all
workers in tlihe cause of LOYALTY
There will be no Fourth of July cele
bration held in Carson this year, so it
is understood, the Loyalty parade be
ing intended to take its dace and the
people of Carson can and will show
their spirit by making this one grand
Judge K. S. Farrington was selected
as chairman of the meeting last even
ing. Business was disposed of quickly
and there was no lagging or quibbling.
George Anderson was made secretary.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Bray suggested that the parade take
place on a school day in preference to
a Saturday, so that the school children
could take part under the direction of
the teachers.
Chairman Farrington then announced
the Executive committee as follows1
Governor Emmet D. Boyle, State
Controller George Cole, Deputy Attor
ncy General E. T. Patrick, Edmund
James, Mrs. M. H. Crisler, Mrs. C. L.
Deady, Mayor George Gillson, Prof. W.
By United Press
president today signed the
24. The
war bond
First Issue Subscribed
Bv United Press
WASHINGTON. April 24. Incom
plete returns indicate that the first $200,
(XK).(XX) treasury war certificates have
already been 100 per cent over subscrib
ed. The Federal Reserve banks were
rdcred to discontinue subscriptions.
To Regulate Exports
By United Press
WASHINGTON. April 24. Secre
tary Red field has asked the House In
terstate Commerce committee to report
favorably on the Adamson bill empow
ering the president to regulate exports.
Was an American Diver
WASHINGTON, April 24. Secre
tary Redfield told the House Commerce
committee today that the submarine re
ported off Nantucket several days ago
proved to be an American.
enn thf h Man in
w W 1 1
Marines Want to Be First
By United Press
WASHINGTON. April 24. General
George Rarnett told the House Navy
committee today that the Marine corps
insists on the right to be the first
American troops to enter the European
Must Give Up Arms
By United Press
SAN FRANCISCO, April 24. The
president's "alien enemy" proclamation
became effective today. The possession
of arms and ammunition by enemy
aliens unless registered, the display of
an enemy flag and desecration of the
American flag are grounds for arrest.
J. Hunting and W. J. Maxwell.
The Executive committee immediate
ly met and selected the following sub
committees :
Finance Committee Ed Mallcy, Ed
Walker and T. I). Van Devort.
Arrangements George A. Cole. Mrs. j
D. W. Quill, W. E. Wallace, Mrs. Har
ry Millard, M. J. Sullivan, Joe Stern.
A. G. Meyers and Mrs. Arnold Millard.
Publicity and Printing George M.
Anderson. T. D. Van Devort and A. B.
( irav.
Music Mrs. M. H. Crisler. W. P.
Harrington and J. P. Royce.
Invitations E. T. Patrick, Edmund
James and C. F. Cults.
Program E. D. Vanderlieth, W. J.
Hunting and W. U. Mackey.
Decoration Miss Clara Crisler, W.
E. Wallace, Tom Kearney. Miss Lizzie
Sanger and Mrs. William Van Heuit.
Reception Committee Mrs. C. L.
Deady and T. L. Hawkins.
Transportation Sam Bigelow, W. J.
Maxwell and Mayor Gillson.
A committee consisting of Mayor
George Gillson, Edmund James and E.
T. Patrick was named to confer with
the state officials and set a date for the
parade, so that it would not conflict
with like celebrations in other cities of
the state.
Before the meeting adjourned S. J.
Rogers, register of the United States
land office, offered the following resolu
tion which was unanimously adopted
and later transmitted by wire to Sena
tors Newlands, Pittman and Congress
man Roberts :
"Resolved, That our representatives
in congress be urged to support the se
lective draft provisions for army legis
lation now before congress."
The meeting adjourned until Wed
nesday evening at 8 o'clock, at which
time all committees are expected to
make a report.
By United Press
SAN DIEGO, April 24. With his
throat cut and his money gone J. H.
Harden, vice president of the First Na
tional bank at Hokville, was found in
his berth in the Santa Fe train arriv
ing today from Los Angeles. He has a
fighting chance for recovery. It is be
lieved it was an attempt at murder.
nounced he was opposed to conscrip
tion. LaFolIette introduced a senate
amendment to the conscription bill giv
ing a wide range of exemptions, includ
ing those who "are conscientiously op
posed to war."
Norwegian Steamer Sunk
By United Press
CHRISTIANIA. April 24. Advices
received here say the Norwegian steam
er Peive Skjold was submarined. The
crew was saved.
Favors Spy Bill
By United Press
WASHINGTON, April 24. The
House Judiciary committee this after
noon authorized Chairman Webb to re
port out the general spy bill.
To Guaranty Adequate Returns
Bv United Press
WASHINGTON, April 24. Food ex
perts before the Senate Agricultur com
mittee urged the settling of a minimum
price for farm produce and guarantee
ing famers adequate returns as ;
means of averting food shortage. It is
declared that farmers, fearing an over
production and low prices, hesitate to
plant an increased acreage.
Nothing Seems Able to Stop Pro
gress of British and French-
Capture Several More Towns
and Reach St. Quentin Canal
English Score Defeat of Turks
LONDON. April 24 It is announced
the British have made substantial prog
ress east of Monchv le Preux-Reux and
south of the Bapaume-Cambria road
and have reached St. Quentin canal.
East of Epehy they captured Villers,
Plouich and Beaucamp. They have also
defeated the Turks, capturing Salary
station and taking sixteen locomotives,
224 railway wagons and two barges of
munitions. At Landen the French have
repulsed violent German attacks.
Men Were Within Their Rights
in Asking for an Increased Wage
Subscribed $5,000,000 to Loan
By United Press
NEW YORK, April 24. Following
the announcement of the dividend by
United States Steel, it was announced
the company would subscribe $5.1XX).0(X)
to the government war loan.
Edward Perry Rankin of the United
States bureau of fisheries was a depar
ture for Minden and that vicinity this
morning on official business.
Declares Extra Dividend
By United Press
NEW lORK. April 24. United
States Steel today declared an extra 3
per cent dividend on common stock in
addition to the regular quarterly divi
dend on common and preferred. The
net earnings for the quarter ending
March 31st were over $113,000,000, as
compared with $105,(XX),000 for the prev
ious quarter and $60,000,000 for the
same quarter in 1916.
Salary Question
to Be Voted On
George H. Meyers filed yesterday
with the citv clerk a petition demand
ing that the city trustees publish a no
tice and call for an election by the qual
ified electors of the city on the question
of approval or rejection of ordinance
No. 143, being an ordinance to fix the
salaries of the city trustees of Carson
City for the year 1917, in accordance
with an act passed by the last legisla
ture. The list of names to the petition it
is claimed represents 10 per cent of the
voters of the citv.
The men working on the roads for
the county who struck yesterday morn
ing for an increase of wages from $3
to $3.50 per day, met last evening with
County Commissioners Wiley and
Daugherty, Larson the other member
of the board, being absent, and talked
the matter over.
The discussion brought out the fact
that the matter of wages was covered
by statute, section 6 of the Revised
Laws of the state being as follows:
"Compensation to other than road in-
spector shall lie not to execeu ior a
day's work on public roads by one man,
or not to exceed $6 by one man and a
span ot two drait animais. ami i..-o
additional for each additional span.
The person so compensated shall, with
out additional charge, furnish such
tools, implements, vehicles and other
necessary equipment as may be neces
sary to his work."
amended, but that does not apply to
the wage per day, only to the hours.
It would appear then that the men
were entirely within their rights when
they asked for the increase and the
County Commissioners should grant
the demands made. It occurs to the
Appeal that in matters of so much mo
ment and of so much importance to the
wage earner that the County Commis
sioners would consult the district at
torney and ask for his opinion when
matters of this kind come before them.
LaFolIette Wants Some Excused
3y United Press
WASHINGTON, April 24. Oppon
ents of conscription today led in the
house and senate conscription bill de
bate. Speaker Clark in the house an-
Arrives Safely In City
Word was received in Carson today
from Mrs. Maish in San Francisco that
Art Maish stood th trip well and was
in Lane's hospital of that city. Two
specialists are in attendance, but it will
be three or four days before the nature
of his case can be determined.
Statute Has Bee Amended
A search of the new laws passed at
the last session of the legislature re
veals the fact that the Board of County
Commissioners were wrong in assum-
g that they could not pay road men
Has Eye for Pretty Girl
By United Press
NEW YORK, April 24. With his
eye still open for a pretty girl, Chaun
cey M. Depew celebrated his 83d birth
day yesterday. Pretty girls, regular
habits and a serene mind help keep men
voting he declares.
the increased wage they asked.
On page 393 of the advance sheets of
the laws passed, chapter 205, the fol
lowing will be found:
"An Act to amend sections 6 and 7 of
an act entitled, 'An Act to create the
office of road inspector, to provide for
work on public roads, and to limit the
compensation therefor,' approved Feb
ruary 27, 1917.
"The people of the state of Nevada.
represented in senate and assembly, do ;
enact as follows :
"Section 1. Section 6 of the above
entitled act is hereby amended so as to
read as follows :
"Section 6. Compensation to others
than road inspector shall not be to ex
ceed the current wage rate for days'
work for the district in which such
work is performed, and not to exceed
the current price for one man and a
span of draft animals and the current
price for each additional span. The
person so compensated shall, without
additional charge, furnish such tools,
implements, vehicles, and other neces
sary equipment, as may be necessary to
his work." Section 7 has also been
Mac Murray as
"The Big Sister"
Tonight the feature attraction at the
Grand will be the Broadway favorite.
Mae Murray, in a popular drama of
York life. "The Big Sister," a thrilling
slice from the life of the East Sid'
New York. Before going into motion
pictures Miss Murray was a famous
dancer, but tangoing on Broadway is
one thing and enacting a dramatic role
in motion pictures is quite a different,
proposition, but when one is as versa
tile as Mae Murray such matters are
really all in the course of a life time.
Miss Murray, having proven a tremend
ous success on the screen, is now being
starred by the Famous Players in the
Paramount picture.
Another pleasing Paramount comedy
will also be screened, entitled, "He Got
There After All," featuring the peer
less Victor Moore.
Appointed Special Deputy
William Knight, former deputy Unit
ed States marshal, has been appointed
a special deputy to act during the com
ing session of the Federal grand jury
and term of court. Deputy Knight left
on last night's train for Reno and Fal
lon on official business.
Changes at Capitol
It is reported that Miss Olieline
Souchereau will be appointed stenog
rapher in the attorney general's office
and that Mrs. Harvey Edwards, now
acting in that capacity, will accept a
like position under State Engineer
Scrugham when he assumes the duties
of the office.
No. 95
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