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Gity Daily Appeal
VnlIV. - 25 Cents Per Week CARSON CITV XEVADA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1917 Five cents per copy . No. 130
.A i A i A . . . , " ' " " - i ... -
I A Splendid Opportunity to Save and to Invest I
1 ....!.!.. j i -r ... " '
In iisking you to buy a Liberty
nit lit does not ask you to spend your money. It offers you a splen
did opportunity to s;ive and to invest.
The efl'eet of the successful subscription of the Liberty Loan,
and the hup contemplated Vurchas's hy tlie government and our
Allies in this country, will create a situation where every man and
British Seaplanes
Down Six
Ity I'nited Press
LONDON. June 6. The admiralty
lias aiiii..tiiicel British seaplanes down
ed six C.irman tirplanes which raided
England yesterday. They entirely de
stroyed two and maybe three others. In
Such Action Is Likely to Follow
Present Revolution Republic Ap
parently Lost and Monarchy Will
Be Established
IHy I'nited l'ress
TOKIO, June 6. Dr. William Wil
loughby, the Chinese republic's Ameri
can constitutional adviser, has predict
ed to the I'nited P ress that a division
of China into two nations is likely to
follow the revolution. Tlie monarchial
forces are apparently triumphant. The
Il'.y I'nited Tress
CHICAGO, June 6. Flour rose $1 a
barrel today, selling at $15 wholesale.
Cyclone Hits Battle Creek
llv United Press
RATTLECREEK, Mich, June 6. A
cyclone struck this city shortly after 1
o'clock this afternoon, and cut a swath
two Mocks wide through the center of
the city, injuring several and doing
Hie Prince Chap; V.L.S.E.
Tomorrow Nit at Grand
For the first time in the history of
motion pictures four great movie stars
will appear together in one feature film,
namely, "The Prince Chap," a Sclig
Red Seal-V. I,. S. E. play of unusual
merit. The shirs are Mary Charleston,
Marshall Neilan, George Fawcett and
P.essie F.ytoii. Mr. Neilan and George
Fawcett and Miss Eyton were recently
seen in important character parts in the
spectacular drama, "The Crisis."
"The Prince Chap" was written by
Edward IYple and is adapted from the
world-famous stage drama of the same
name. Many of the scenes were taken
in old England. Others were filmed in
New York City, Chicago and in Cali
fornia. The preliminary Athletic Number,
featuring world's champions in action.
A program that is highly commended.
On Trial for Murder
Illy I'nited Press
DOWNIE V1LLE, Cal., June 6.-D. J.
McDonnell is on trial here this week
for the murder of Charles Cosker at
Holland's Flat, this county, February
16, 1916. McDonnell was convicted at
his first trial and served ten months of
an tight-year sentence for manslaught
er before he secured a new trial under
order of the appellate court.
V. II. Simmons, member of the Rail
road and Public Service commissions,
was an arrival from Reno this morning.
P.oiul. the Tinted States mwrn
addition two home defense guards were
downed. There were eighteen in the
raiding squadron. The raid's casualties
amounted to twelve killed and thirty
six injured. The material damage was
"republic is practically lost," Willough
by declared, and "we look for turmoil
of long duration when militarism be
comes constitutional. If through a
compromise a new government is es
tablished in North China, chaos will
slill continue, since the secession of the
southern provinces will be most likely."
thousands of dollars in property dam
age. The Michigan Carton company
was the heaviest sufferer. Many houses
and hams were overturned.
Oregon Estimate 75,000
Hv I'nited Press
PORTLAND, June 6. Adjutant Cen
tral George W hite estimates that Ore-,
gon registered 75,XX'. The returns of
only three counties are complete.
Will Urate His
94tii Birthday Tomorrow
Tomorrow, June 7th, William Spence
of this city celebrates his 94th birthday.
Mr. Spence has been a respected resi
dent of this county since the early sev
enties , having long been connected w ith
the Virginia and Truckec railway as
head carpenter and is by trade an ex
pert piano and cabinet maker.
Mrs. Alice Kitzmcycr"" Mrs. Harvey
F.d wards and Miss Dorothy Cameron of
Carson City and Mrs. Evans of San
Francisco are grandchildren of the old
To the pioneer the Appeal, with many
others, wishes to extend felicitations.
Small Delinquent List
County Clerk Morton reports that the
Ormsby county tax roll has been pretty
well paid up and there will 1e few de
linquents on the list. Outside property
owners have been a little slow, but their
remittances are coming in in every
Tonopah Boys Enlisting
Seven Tonopah boys have enlisted in
some branch of tlie United States ser
vice since June 1st and four more have
expressed their intention to do so.
159 Registrations In Storey
Word was received at Adjutant Gen
eral Sullivan's office this morning that
Storey county's complete registration
showed 159 names recorded.
every woman, who is capable of working, is going to have more
work than they ever had before in their lives and at good pay.
The great selling campaign now being carried on to sell Lib
erty bonds will stimulate more thrift and more saving by the Amer
ican people. The result will be that you, who now buy Liberty
i.onds irom your current savings,
Sub Was First Sighted at 7,000
Yards and Permitted to Come
Within Safe Distance When Well
Directed Shot Shoots Her Out
of Water
Iltv I'nited Press
WASHINGTON, June 0. The state
department has announced officially
that an American armed merchantman,
whose name is withheld, fought an hour
and a half battle with a German sub
marine. The steamer's twenty-fith shot
hit and apparently sank the diver. The
announcement says the submarine was
sighted 7.000 yards distant. It carried
forward aft guns and flew no flag. The
steamer hoisted the stars and stripes
and waited for ten minutes for the div
er to approach, and when the range was
satisfactory the steamer fired, the diver
answering. The steamer kept at slow
speed, allowing the diver to come into
II'v I'nited Press
WASHINGTON, June 6. Prelimin
ary estimates indicate that yesterday's
registration exceeded the census
bureau's estimates or expectations. Al
ready well founded approximations in
dicate that Connecticut, Massachusets,
Minnesota, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio sur
passed their quota. There are many in
stances of the impossibility of com
pleting the registration yesterday and
they were continued today. The pro
vost marshal general announced he
wouhl pursue a liberal policy for a few
days and those who had not registered
:;nd who will appear before the registra
tion boards, voluntarily for registration,
w ill not be arrested. This morning the
lists of registered men were posted at
all registration booths and will be used
to find slackers. The returns arc slow
and cannot be completed for several
days. The appointment of exemption
lioards will be the next step and the
drafts will be made in a few weeks.
But Little Disorder
WASHINGTON, June 6. More than
10,000,000 young Americans enrolled
themselves yesterday for war service.
Registration day with but a few weeks
of preparation, saw the first military
census ever taken in the United States
completed without a single untoward
event of consequence.
The manhood of the nation obeyed
the president's call and volunteered in
mass, setting at naught all the schemes
and plottings of German sympathizers
and the few cranks who have agitated
against registration. It remains but to
select the men who are to go to the
A typical message received was that
from Idaho:
"Registration will be 100 per cent."
it said. "Spontaneous and without mur
mur or incident."
The situation was so clear and the
response so ready that governors of 46
of the 48 states had sent similar as
surances long before registration had
will nnd you are acquiring the
close range. The diver came within
2,3(X) yards, after firing thirty-five
shells. The steamer's last shot hit the
diver and raised it clear out of the
water. It stood stern tip for a few sec
onds, plunged downward and did not
reappear. The steamer was not damag
ed. It has been definitely established
the vessel was not the Mongolia, re
ported in a diver fiht yesterday. The
state department, believing the Ger
mans are seeking vengeance on the
Mongolia as the result of her attack on
submarines, are withholding, the name
of this vessel in order to prevnt revenge
on her.
closed and the fit her two were close on
their heels.
A feature of the registration was the
refusal of hundreds of thousands of
men to make any reply to the question:
"Do you claim exemption?" Even men
who reported they had dependent fami
lies; men w ith obvious physical disabili
ties and those whose occupations are
certain to keep them at home, declined
to make such a claim. Apparently they
liave entered fully into the very spirit
of the law. They are content to leave
the question vi exemption to the ex
emption boards.
Halt of Nevada's Ratio
to Bond Sale Secured
The successful disposition of Ne
vada's quota fif the Liberty Loan bonds,
to the amount of $2,500,000, has been
virtually assured, in the opinion of 1 1.
A. Lemmon, who is directing the bond
sales in Reno, with the new subscrip
tions totalling more than $S5,000 in the
cityvof Reno yesterday, and with large
sales in outlying districts.
This with Carson's subscription of
$106,000, Tonopah's estimated at $350 -000.
Goldfield at $100,000, Clark county,
not less than $100,000, Nevada Consol
idated of Ely at $500,000, brings the
known total up to $1,241,000, one-half
of the amount the government expects
from Nevada, and the canvass has just
Find Ore In Old Shaft
A considerable quantity of low-grade
ore, assaying around $7 per ton in gold
and copper, has been exposed at a depth
of 300 feet in development work that is
being conducted from the old Von Pol
enz lease shaft, near the northern ex
tremity of the Silver Pick property.
Material that has the appearance of rich
ore has been found in the main work
ings, at a depth of 1,100 feet. Goldfield
saving habit, and you need have no fear that your income will le
curtailed during this period.
The increase in savings deposits in all the belligerent nations
during the war is complete proof of the above.
Stockholm Views
Socialist Riots
IHy I'nited Press
STOCKHOLM, June 6.-Tcn thous
and Socialists and laborers rioted in
the Royal Square Tuesday when the
premier refused to recognize the So
Of the 1,500,000 Men Who Have
Been Stationed On Western Front
Only Small Part Has Been Held
In Reserve
Hv I'nited Press
6. Germany has only twenty-one divi
sions or 315?000 men which have not
been flung on to the fighting line. Of
107 or over 1,500,000 men engaged
against the French and British offen
sive their losses have averaged from
2,000 to 3,000 per division according to
French headquarters figures. It is es
timated Germany has 2,340.000 on the
All Turn Out to
Big Itting Tonight
Let all who can turn out to the big
Red Cross rally at the Grand this even
ing. The Carson band will play patriotic
music, Governor Boyle will speak of
the aims, work and organization of the
Red Cross; Senator Morehouse of
Reno, the silver-tongued orator of the
state, will be there and make an ad
dress, and Hon. Sam Relford, fine of
the most earnest and able speakers in
Nevada, will give the audience some
thing to think about. Mr. Bel ford has
given a son to the service of the I'nited
States and he will speak as one who
kni ivs.
At the close of the meeting a vote will
be taken for fifteen to form an execu
tive committee.
2,000 Register In Washoe
Basing an estimate on the returns
from thirteen of the thirty precincts of
Washoe county, the registration for the
military draft law yesterday totalled
something over 2,f00 for the county and
1,100 for the city of Reno. Throughout
the day the registration proceeded in a
quiet, orderly manner w ith no report of
anti-draft demonstrations or disorder
to mar the quietness and seriousness of
the occasion. The city hall, with 325
registrations, reported the largest num
ber, but every precinct reported from 5
to 10 per cent increase over the esti
mated number.
Carson Creamery Meeting.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Carson Creamery is called for next
Tuesday, June 12th, at Armory hall.
This will be the first annual meeting
since the inception of the enterprise and
a full attendance is desired.
Ely Eagles Receive Flag
On Monday last the local order of
Eagles received by express a regulation
United States silk flag, 52x66 niches,
hand embroidered, and with staff and
fringe. The flag cost $69.75 at the fac
tory. Ely Record.
cialist Leader Draining in the upper
house. They hurled stones and guards
were summoned to quell the disturb
ance. Using sabers they wounded quite
a number.
west front, which indicates Germany's
tremendous efforts to resist the present
British Renew Offensive
ISy I'nited Pressl
LONDON, J une 6. Progressing west
of Loos tin the western slope of Green
land Hill the British have renewed their
offensive on the western front, General
Ilaig reports.
Carson Subscribes for
$106,000 Uberty Bonds
H. C. Clapp, cashier of the Carson
Valley bank, has announced that yes
terday's subscriptions at the bank to
the Liberty Loan amounted to $106,000.
This did not include $10,000 that had
already been subscribed by the bank.
The bank force completed all the de
tails necessary in the purchase of the
bonds before the close of the mails last
night and forwarded the results to the
Reserve bank at San Francisco. Many
application blanks for the loan are
still out in Carson and before the time
of closing the lists arrives June 15th
many thousands more in subscriptions
may be expected. It is the opinion of
the bank officers that Carson's contri
bution will reach $130,000.
Hindoo inn soon to
Be Opened to Public
The M'nden Inn is almost ready to
receive guests. In fact, breakfast will
be served in the grill room Thursday
morning and everything will be in read
iness for the opening on Mondav, June
The large diningroom with its waxed
hardwood floor, many windows and
complete china and silver service will
lie an ideal spot for motorists to refresh
the inner man.
The furnishings of the rooms are all
up to date and artistic and it is safe to
say there is not a city on the coast with
an inn to surpass the one just completed
at Mi mien.
Registration Returns Coming In
In addition to the registration re
turns from Storey county, reported in
another column, Adjutant General Sul
livan announced further returns this af
ternoon as follows: Douglas county,
303; White Pine, 2,800; Lincoln, 360.
The Appeal for the latest news.

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