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25 Cents Per Week
Five cents per copy
No. 94
Ann IiU?A
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Buried by British With Military
Honors English Troops, Haig
Reports, Are Holding Their Own
Along Western Front
(By United Press
LONDON, April 22. General Haig
reported the British "improved their
positions" last night at Villers, Breton-
Neux Albert and Roubecq and suc
cessfully raided south and north of
Lens. The British repulsed a strong
German local attack at Mesnil. Baron
von Richtofen, leader of "Richtofen's
circus, Germany's greatest aviator,
was killed Sunday on the Somme front.
The British gave him a full military
Fighting Continues
(By United Press
LONDON, April 22. Front corres
pondents reported there was local fight
ing last night north of Albert and it
continues this morning. The British
lost one post, but gained elsewhere.
Paris reports the French repulsed Ger
man surprises east of Rheims, east of
the Avre and took prisoners at Thennes.
There is artillerying at numerous
Bombardment Renewed
By United Press
LONDON, April 22. British front
dispatches report that the bombard
ment of Ameins has been heavily re
newed. Three additional hits were
made on the Amiens cathedral.
lit n
Of this Number Nearly 3,000,000
. Have Been Disposed of On the
West Front Many Lost In Colon
ial Fights
sum CHi :
110 maw in
By United Press
PARIS, April 22. German military
writers estimate that German losses on
the west front from August, 1914, to
August, 1917, at 2.604,961 ; and prison
ers taken on the east front in the same
period 1.484,550. It is estimated that
killed and prisoners taken on both
fronts from August, 1917, to January
31, 1918, number .367,450. Adding the
colonial and naval casualties to those
dead from wounds and illness make a
j grand total for the war of 5,000,000.
Senate Discusses
the Mooney Case
Members Have Not High Opinion
of Dynamite Conspirator
Not So Great, However, as Ger
mans, General Pershing Reports-
Huns' Casualties Placed at 500
So Far as Known There Were Four
Fatalities Fifty Buildings Are
Destroyed In Hemet and San
By United Press
LOS ANGELES, April 22. Four are
known to be dead in yesterday's earth
quake, which ruined Hemet and San
Jacinto. Of the dead one was killed at
Santa Monica, one at Los Angeles from
heart failure and two unidentified
whose ltodies were removed from a
magnesite mine near Hemet. Home
guards are policing Hemet and San
Jacinto, both of which are without
light, gas or water. San Jacinto peo
pie declare that1 when the quake began
a flame shot from Mount San Jacinto,
an extinct volcano. Had the temblor
occurred on a week day the tumbling
roofs of business buildings would have
killed scores. The San Jacinto and
Hemet buildings destroyed total fifty.
By United Press
WASHINGTON, April 22 Senator
Poindcxter of Washington, citing the
Thomas Mooney case of San Francisco,
illustrated it as an 'arrogant and tyran
nical movement to blackmail the gover
mcnt" and precipitated a lively discus
sion of the Mooney case in the senate,
in which Borah, Thomas and Johnson
of California participated. Poindex-
ter attempted to force Johnson to ex
press an opinion but Johnson main
tained he had none. He declared he
believed Mooney "capable of commit
ting such a crime as was charged, but
the fact remained that Oxman's word
convicted him and Oxman was later re
pudiated." Eoindexter, answering Bor
ah's question, declared - the evidence
was sufficient to convict ithout Ox-man.
By United Tress
WASHINGTON, April 22. The war
department today announced that ten
Americans had been killed in action,
five were dead from wounds, four from
disease, one from accident and two
from other causes. Forty-two were
slightly wounded and seven severely
wounded. Major S. E. Boiling, prev
iously missing, is now listed as killed.
General Pershing reported that Ameri
cans in the Seichprey fighting suffered
the heaviest casualties to date, but in
flicted 500 casualties on the Germans.
The American losses had not been
checked, but are known to have been
less than the German.
Trustees M for Bij
The Board of City Trustees met in
formally Saturday evening and follow
ing the Appeal's suggestion, took up the
matter of a monster celebration for Car
son. City and the surrounding territory
for Friday, April 26th, Liberty Day.
The board will meet this evening and
formulate plans for and appoint com
mittees to make of the day and evening
one never to be forgotten in the history
of the town.
It is quite probable that the celebra
tion will take shape in a day of sports,
a parade, public speaking and a fitting
send-off to Art Raycraft, Harvey Payne
and .John Carey, who entrain in the
evening for the training camp.
' The Carson band, the band and bat
talion from the Indian school and sev
eral outside attractions of note will be
ill evidence all day.
, It may be that a tretnedous outdoor
hall on Carson's paved thoroughfare
may wind up the .day's festivities. ,
Of coarse every office and place of
business will ' be expected to remain
He teral
President's Liberty
Day Proclamation
closed during the entire day and booths
for the selling of Liberty bonds will be
establishedalong the sidewalks.
The trustees intend to make it the big
gest, most enthusiastic day of loyalty
and open heartendness Carson has ever
Clarence Sadler will be called by the
Ormsby county local board to entrain
for Fort McDowell, Cal., on May 10th.
Sadler 4ias been trying for a commis
sion as an aviator at the Signal Corps
Aviation school, Gerstner Field, Lake
Charles, Louisiana, but failed to qual-
Papers Filed
Richard Busteed, Robert Puetz and
George Hallock, all of Las Vegas, have
filed with the secretary of state incor
poration papers of the Original Las
Vegas Manganese company, with a cap
ital stock of $1,000,000 and headquar
ters at Las Vegas.
Lots of Money
Bonar Law Places This Year's Ne
cessities at Twelve Billions
LONDON, April 22. Chancellor of
Exchequer Bonar Law today introduc
ed a budget in the house of commons
estimating British expenditures the
coming year ' at 12,750,000,000 against
12,015,000,000 last year. He said Ger-
many"s daily war expenditures were
$31,250,000 daily, "almost the same as
ours." The German war debt is $40,
000,000,000. It was announced there
would be an increase in letter postage
to 3 cents.
By United Press
WASHINGTON, April 22. Presi
dent Wilson today nominated Joseph
McEachon of Reno for United States
marshal for Nevada.
n enemy who has grossly abused the
power ot organized government ana
who seeks to dominate the world by the
might of the sword, challenges the
rights of America and the liberty and
life of all the free nations of the earth.
Our brave sons are facing the fire of
battle in defense of the honor and rights
of America and the liberty of nations.
To sustain them -and to assist our gal
lant associates in the wir, a generous
and patriotic people have been called
upon to subscribe to the third Liberty
Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson,
president of the United States of Amer
ica, do appoint Friday, the 26th day of
April, 1918. as Liberty Day. On the
afternoon of that day I request the peo
ple of the United States to assemble in
of America to fight for peace, the per
manent peace of justice.
For the purpose of participating in
Liberty Day . celebrations, all employes
of the Federal government throughout
the country whose services can be spar
ed may be excused at 12 o"clock noon, j
Friday, the 26th day of April.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed.
Done in the District of Columbia, this
18th day of April, in the year of our
Lord, 1918, and of the independence of
the United States of America the 142d.
ri?y United Press
OAKLAND, April 22. The school
board today dismissed Christain Ben
nock, Fred Schraidt, Herman Stein
blum and the Misses Elsie Mehlmann
and Minnie Hosea as high school
teachers for alleged disloyalty.
daring the Chamberlain bill providing
court martial for disloyalists as un
constitutional and would put the Unit
ed States "on a level with the people
whom we are fighting.
Tonopah Weekly Output
The Tonopah Belmont sent to the
mill 2,301 tons, Tonopah Mining 3,550
tons, Tonopah Extension 2,422 tons,
Mm RntW 583 tnnt. Went End 973 tons.
, J , " 7
tneir resepciive communities ana noer- MacNamara 535, tons Montana 220
ally pledge anew their financial support Cash Boy tong misceiianeous
To Boost Their Sale
Br United Press
WASHINGTON. April 22. Treas
ury officials urge a systematic canvass
of every corner of the nation to boost
Liberty Loan sales over the minimum
J T,l . . 1 1 AZS. CQE
Would Be Unconstitutional . ' -"
m- t-;,.j ti Seattle reported 4o,uuu individual suh-
WASHINGTON, April 22. The pres- scribers, comparet with 21,000 on the
ident has written Senator Overman de-1 second loan.
At today's meeting of the Nevada In
dustrial commission Mrs. Freda Wol
verton was awarded compensation in
the sum of $36 per month until her
death or remarriage. Her husband was
killed on March 30th at Wonder while
in the employ of the Nevada Wonder
Mining company. She filed the requir
ed proof of relationship and dependency
The governor's office was in receipt
of the pleasing intelligence today that
the house committees on mines and
mining and banks and banking had fav
orably reported the Pittman silver bill.
This means that the measure, which
promisees "one dollar silver" and means
so much for the white metal producing
states, will be brought on the floor of
promptly and the award was made the house in very few days and the
within two days after the proof was re-ibI,, Passed.
ceived and three weeks alter the acci-
demonstrations should be held in every
city, town and hamlet throughout the
land under the general direction of the
secretary of the treasury and the imme
diate direction of the Liberty Loan com
mittee organized by the Federal Re
serve banks. Let the Nation's response
to the third. Liberty Loan express in
unmistakable terms the determination
45 tons, making the total production for
the week 16,651 tons, the estimated
value-being $181,067. This valuation is
calculated on the gross milling value of
the ore. .
:- . oo
Mrs. Harry Millard, Jr., after a visit
of a few days with relatives in this city,
returned to her Reno home on last
evening's train.
dent. . ;
Awards in the amount of $530.13 were
made in a number of minor claims.
On April 19th Richard Hibbard was
awarded compensation of $2,362.10 for
total loss of function of his left hand.
Hibbard was a miner at Mason and last
August a platform on which he was j
working collapsed and his left little
finger, was torn off. Complications en-
Episcopal Tea Postponed
The ladies of the Episcopal church
will postpone for a month the tea which
was to have been given the coming
Thursday afternoon. This action is
taken so as not to interfere with the
production of "The Kaiser" .at the
Grand Thursday afternoon and evening.
sued and the function of the hand was

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