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Baily Appeal.
25 Cents Per Wee
Five cents per copy
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British Operating On Vast Front
Northwest of Cambrai--Sweeping
Their Way Through
I By United Press
LONDON. Sept. 27. The
of the canal dn Nord. Hundreds of
British prisoners were taken. Generals Bvng's
Franco-Americans Capture Guns and
Turn Them On Enemy
Berlin Paoers Ask That He
Courtmartialed On Charges of
High Treason
opened an attack at 5:20 this morning aml Heme's armies and the Canadians!
over a wide troiu south ot tne ensce
river and General Haig reported that
their progress was satisfactory. The
British advanced their line last night
in the region of Arleux.
Bv United Tres j German working , parties, while the
are participating. At 7:55 the British " i ankee miantry swept in, capturing tne
were advaiWng on Bourlon spur, four ARMY. Sept. 27 Great numbers of prisoners. Operations were shrouded
miles w est of Camhrai, where the Ger-j prisoners and guns and their mount- hv a heavy mist.
' ... . t . ..... t
mans are surrendering m great droves. ; ings were captured in the American
Tanks reached Flesquieres, five miles sweep in the Argnnne region yesterday I
Working On 13 mile Front
tl?v United Tiess)
FRANCE. Sept. 27. The British
southwest of Camhrai, at 8 :30. the in
fantry pouring in liehind.
Allied Cavalry Advancing
!Bv United Press
attacking in the direction of Camhrai LONDON, Sept. 27. Allied cavalry
and smashing their way forward on a is believed to have reached the plain
thirteen-mile front, pentrating more : jut south of I'skub. according to unof
than three miles at some points. They ; ticial dispatches from Salonika, and
crossed a stripp of the Hindenburg line Serbian infantry is probably now with
seven miles wide, including five miles in ten or fifteen miles from Uskub.
and today and the captured guns were i PARIS
turned on the Boches. The retiring ; hav
Have Taken 16,000
IBv United Press
IBy United Fress -
LONDON, Sept. 27. Bulgarian
Premier Malinoff has proposed an
armistice, it is officially learned
through Copenhagen. Berlin learned
that the dispatch stated that MalinofTs
proposal was not supported by King
Ferdinand and other members of the
1 cabinet, and it has caused dissatisfac-
regard the proposal as a part of the
Teuton peace maneuvers, there is also
a strong conviction that Malinoff is
acting "on the square."
Sept. 27. Franco-Americans jli(in thrtlUjhimt tne c,n,ntry. A
Indications are that the Germans in- j stated on authoritative information. I
e taken more than lo.oou prisoners . movement airainst the nronosal has
enemy is setting nre to mrmrtion dumps. : in tne namagne-Argonne drive, it is ...... ,i :,, c, ,-,., Qtl,i ctmn.. ni,.-Knn s lias
a standhold in Aire j The Americans have captured Charpen
the Aisne and the , trv. two miles north of Varonne, ac-
tended to make
vallev between
Meuse. American airplanes "strafed" j cording to battle front dispatches
been taken to support the Bulgarian
News That s Dp to the n
..-tBZ, uri,cd,Pressl -, 'forces acted under secret orders. None
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. Senator , , . , ,
... , ... ! 1 v of the ships were damaged.
Weeks ot Massachusetts todav intro-, ,. . .. 0. . -T . ,
, . ,. - ., Draft Lottery Starts at Noon Monday
duced a resolution asking that a mil-! Bv United Press
lion dollars be appropriated to tight the WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. General
epidemic of Spanish influenza. j Crowder today announced that Ameri-
i r:j's frreritest dm ft lottfrv will stnrt
Kecent Kiots Most Venous ( ,
next Mondav at noon.
luv uniien i ressj
BERNE, Sept. 27. Dispatches in
dicate that the recent riots in Bals
burg, Austria, are most sf rioiis, and in
dicate that machine guns have been
posted in Cathedral Square. The dam
age done by the rioters is estimated at
several million crowns.
IFranoo-ftniGnGaDS .
An autopsy was held yesterday on
the remains of Captain W. j. McCahe.
who died on the operating table of a
hospital in mat city yesterday morn- i
Take Number of Villages and
Over 7,000 Huns
Malinoff Guilty of Treason?
Bv United Fress
AMSTERDAM. Sept. 27.-gGermany
intends to solentnly protest Premier
Malinoff" s proposal, according to a Ber
lin dispatch. German newspapers de-
Advance Is 75 Miles
I5v United Tressl
LONDON. Spet. 27. The Allies" ad
vance in Macedonia has reached a total
depth of seventy-live miles on a straight
line. The roads are crammed with
wagons and material the Bulgarians
have abandoned. A great numler of
prisoners and enormous booty have
been taken in fighting in front of 'eb s.
The Allies have also taken Begcsb-batz
Government Believes OtfeT Sincere
P.v United Press
WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. The
state department has received official
mand the immediate courtmartial of j information that Bulgaria- has offered
Malinoff on the grounds of high treas-jan armistice. This government has
on. It is believed his offer is due to reasons to believe the offer is sincere.
Germany's refusal to reinforce the j
Bulgars in Macedonia. Confirmed In London
Bv United Press
t I LONDON. Sept. 27. The Bulgarian
Austria Rushing Reenforcements . . , .
IBv United Tress j armistice proposal report has been olli-
WASHINGTOX. Sept. 27. Austria cially confirmed.
rushing recnforsemetus to the Bul
gars. according to diplomatic advices
received here.
(Bv United Press
PARIS. Sept. 27. The
armies of
Chili Seizes German Ships
Bv United Press
SANTIAGO, Chili. Sept. 27. The
Chilean government forces seized four,
and probably five, interned German
merchant steamers. It was announced
that this step was taken as a "preven
tative measure." The government
(Bv United Press
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. Follow
ing is the list of casualties issued to
day :
Morning Report
Killed in action 87
Missing in action 63
Wounded severely 73
Died from wounds 57
Died from aeroplane accident 1
Died of accident and other causes.... 8
Died of disease ?
Wounded, degree undetermined 3
Total . ;. 304
Afternoon Report
Killed in action 84
Missing in action 63
Wounded severely .., 73
Died of disease 9
Died from accident and other causes 4
Died of wounds 62
Wounded slightly 5
The led the fact i Generals Gouraud, Barthelet and
Pershing have attained their first ob
jectives, and are quickly pushing for
ward in the region of Champagne.
Are Smashing On
Bv United Press
PARIS, Sept. 27. The
that McCabe's kidneys and heart were
in bad condition.
Through a search of his desk in the
office of the adjutant general it was dis
covered that he had a brother, James
F. McCahe, in Philadelphia, and two
sisters. Mrs. William O'Learv and 'Mrs.
,r r, , rr . , . , TvT A TfF. TT RTRRTCST !
v. i. vini, in ueiroii. Alien. 1 nev " - -
have been communicated with, but no PARADE EVER IN CARSON
reply has yet been received to the tele- i
grains. The funeral arrangements will
depend on the answers to the wires.
P-inl-jin f,'Po1,. ,,-nc -j niti'i i
American offensie in the region of A-r-
gonne was resumed this morning. The
Allies arc smashing on and more than !
7.0X) prisoners are reported captured
by the war office. The villages of Ta- !
sure, Rouvrey, Ripont, Oervon, Melzi- I
court and Cernay-en-Dormois were
captured yesterday. The weather is 1
bad. ' !
Allies Capture Important City
By United Press
LONDON. Sept. 27. The Allies
IS10 Surprise In Washington -
Bv United Pressl poiun t mi . i.u.Ka..c.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. The re- ing. it is officially announced in the
ports through German channels that Salonika report. St. Roumitza is ten
Bulgaria has asked an armistice was miles north of the border. The Greeks
received without surprise here. While -and BxiiiJi forces. have crossed Belash-
1 there is a tendency bv some officials to j itzs mountains on a wide front.
Judge Edward Dute Visits Carson
In the Interest of His Candidacy
ban-, N. V.. and 45 years of age. His
body is now at one of the undertaking
establishments awaiting final funeral
A tew days ago a Chinaman. 50 years
old and employed as a cook in a
home in this city, and a bu.om colored
lass, aged 20, living in Reno, appeared
at the office of County Clerk Morton
and asked the issuance of a marriage
But because of the laws of the state
prohibiting the marriage of negroes ta
whites or yellows the parties were de
nied the document sought and tearfully
wended their way back to their re
spective homes.
)ti all the fronts in the war section
j the Allies are smashing their way for-
ward, iomnrrow we start a drive tor
the Fourth Liberty Loan in every city,
and hamlet in this broad land of ours.
In Carson it has been planned to
have a big parade the biggest, if pos-!
sible. in the history of Carson and a !
patriotic meeting following.
The parade will start at 6:45, sharp;
private i frrnniS near the V. and T. depot.
All are urged to join 111 tnis demon
stration. If you are too feeble to walk,
some neighbor will give you a lift in
his auto. Bring out your flags and do
your bit toward arousing public enthu
siasm. The Red Cross laHies are asked to
wear their aprons and caps and march
in a body. The Boy Scouts and Camp
Fire Girls will he there; the Home
Guards also. The Indian hand has
promised to be present and the Carson
Drum Corps and if possible the Carson
band this latter has given so many
members to the service that it is hard
Governor Boyle left at noon today
for Reno to attend a committee meeting
of the men interested in the gold prop
osition soon to be presented to congress, for it to assemble for a parade.
It ain't the guns, nor armament.
Nor funds that they can pay.
But the close co-operation
That makes tiieni win the day.
It ain't the individuals
Nor the army as a whole,
But the evcrlastin team work
Ov every bloomin' soul.
Rudyard Kipling.
Miss Erma Kason will act as God
dess of Liberty, attended by Little Jean
Cavell as Red Cross nurse, and Master
Spradling as Uncle Sam. Their auto
will have a military and Red Cross
The mothers of the soldier hoys
nearly fifty strong will be there in
autos provided by the committee. To
the names published yesterday should
lie added those of Mesdames C. R. Lew
is, F.van David. Charles Smith, C. H.
Grover, F. N. Fletcher and Clara Slade.
After the parade a short patriotic
program will be given at the federal
Turn out everybody and be on time.
Judge Edward A. Ducker of Hum
boldt county, candidate for justice of
the supreme court came to Carson yes-
j Judge Ducker's rc-thction to the of
i fice of district judge ;:iid the i-ndorse-!
mi'iit h li;is ri'i-eivf d inli-.itf tli.it lie
111 "-vi.,.lf, n.. ,Ii;is made tie ottice uoii-nartisan ill
u 'ii-partisan
few days in the interests of his candi- Sj,jrjt as it nov is by law.
dacy. He is ossessed of a clear judicial
Judge Ducker is one of the best Imij.j an,l temperament and sustains an
known and highly regarded jurists of j unblemished reputation,
this state and has had a long and hon- j j n;s clection, which his friends and
orable career in public life. He w as j Sl,pp0rters 'regard as certain, the high
born in California and came to Ne- j tsl tri,unal in the state will l e !ioi;..r-
vada in 18S7. locating in llumDoidt c,j ,y ,js presence.
count y.wherc he has resided ever since.
He was elected district attorney of
that county in 1904 and held the office
for three successive terms, being re
elected to the office for the second term
1 without opposition. He was elected to
'the office of district judge of that dis
trict in 1910 and was re-elected to that
office in 1914 without opposition. He is
the present district judge of Humboldt
The adjutant general's office in this
city has received instruction from
Washington authorizing the cancella
tion of the enti ainnient to Camp Lewis,
scheduled for October 7th. No future
date was set.
The cancellation was made because
county, comprising the Sixth judicial ; of the prevalence of Spanish influenza
district. ! throughout the country. Seventy-five
The attorneys of his county, without i men were slated to leave Nevada on the
regard to jiolitical affiliation, have en-I original date.
dorsed his candidacy for the supreme
bench bv a resolution signed bv them
and published in the newspapers of that jlate war news as the AppeaL
No paper received in Carson has as

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