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25 Cents Per Weefc
("3 -!-. :s "5 f.i ;a !"-3 ti -t i
iwlik is BliiiSire il Ca Hi
Bep nandos nw (nifl lies I Cfirt
British and Belgians New In Move
ment to Drive Kaiser's Hordes
Out of Devastated Belgium
fHv l.nit-d Press
LONDON, Sept. 28. The British in
Camhrai have taken more than 10.000
prisoners and 200 guns. General Haig
reported. The second British army has
commenced operations in Flanders in
conjunction with the Belgian army and
Camhrai has heen laid open to capture.
The Canadians have passed Hayne
court, five miles northwest of Camhrai.
and reached the Douai-Camhrai road.
The British have captured Epinoy. a
mile and a half north of Haynecourt.
and after a two mile advance took
Oisy le Verger.
Yanks Helping British
fBv United Press
FRANCE. Sept. 28. The Americans !
co-operating with the British, began j
an attack at 5 this morning, opening :
what will probably be their most im-!
jxrtant contribution to the British
ef- ;
to Ms Up
fRv United Press
MURPHYSBORO. 111., Sept. 28. !
Flight charred bodies have been taken
from a coal mine at Royalton. follow- j
ing an explosion at 4 o'clock this morn- j
ing. Rescuers are using every effort
to reach the thirteen other trapped
Appropriation to Fight Epidemic
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28. The
The funeral services over the remains
of the late Captain William J. McCabe
will he held at the Catholic church at
Reno tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
From the undertaking parlors where
it now lies the body will be escorted
to the church by the cadets of the
training camp at the University, tinder
the command of Lieutenant Colonel
Ryan, commandant. Members of the
Spanish War Veterans, to which or
ganization the deceased had long been
attached, will also act as an escort, and
it is expected also that the F. O. Iv.
will participate.
The ceremonies will he both of a
military and religious character.
In the evening, attended by a proper
escort, the body will be taken to the
train and expressed hy the Southern
Pacific to McCabe's old home at Al
bany. N. V.. for final interment.
Especially in Carson will the death
of Captain McCabe he felt. He was a
jovial, whole-souled fellow, ever reac
to offer his services whenever demand
ed hy duty or occasion. He was popu
lar throughout the state and his pass
ing will he keenly regretted. To his
sorrowing relatives the sympathy of the
whole commonwealth is extended.
On the third page of the Appeal to
Iay appears the first of the advertise-
ri h M a fa rSi
I JPfeeaUetfance to
which it stands; one Nation
tice for all.
Pi i
f a g s i 3 i s Its
'3 P-l
I forts so far. They face the Hindenhurg
I line on a wide sector and are protect
; ing General Byng's extreme right im
j proved positions hy an advance of 1,000
30,000 Have Been taken
IBv I'niteit Press
PARIS, Sept. 28. The total of pris
oners taken hy the Allies on the west
front in the last three days numbers
more than 30.01)0, it is stated unofficial
ly. Belgians and British Advancing
(By United Pressl i
LONDON. Sept. 28 The average j
advance of the Belgians and
P.ritish j
in Flanders has been between two jmhI
three miles, it is learned authoritatively,
The attack was delivered on a fifteen
mile front between Ypres and Dixm.nie.
The Allies have taken possession of
Poel Capelle.
to the Me
house today voted for an appropriation
of $1,000,000 to fight the epidemic of
Spanish influenza.
Physicians to Formulate Plans
Bv United Press
CHICAGO. Sept. 28 Two hundred
physicians meet in this city tomorrow
to formulate plans to combat the edi
demic of Spanish influenza.
ments authorized by the government.
calling attention to the fact that thc
Fourth Liberty Loan is now on.
Contained in the ad is an autograph
letter of President Wilson, the only one
which will be published during the
campaign and it presents only as the
president can present the urgency ot
the loan and the demands which com
pel its success.
Look the ad and letter over carefully
and then proceed to hunt tip the com
mittee that is soliciting in your dis
trict and put your name down for one
or more bonds.
Remember that every bond you buy
means the shortening of the war just
that much, and every minute saved
means the saving of life. And what is
$o0 or $100 compared to the life of an
American soldier bov.
The Fourth Loan will bear 4', ' ner
cent interest and will run for twenty
years. maturing Octolx-r 15, 1938. un-
i less the government should exercise its
! vnl. ... -..A .1. 1 1 , r
Km. iu leueeiu me ixmus on or netore
October 15, 1933. .
The bonds will be issued in denomin
ations of $50. $100, $500 and $1,000 and
will be sold on either cash or install
ment payments, the latter requiring 10
per cent to be paid at time of subscrip
tion ; 20 per cent November 21st; 20 per
cent December 19th; 20 per cent Jan
uary 16th. and 30 per cent January
my Flag, and the Republic for '
indivisible, with libertv anrl i,,c. fa
, j j
'i !NL !S5 r5 r
Parliament Ratifies Action Taken
by Premier Malinoff
IBv United Press
t(Ji h. rl.At ih.N, ept. za "l nereis
is no reason to give up the game in j
Bulgaria." declared German Foreign ;
Minister yon Hintze in an aildress to a '
committee ot
to dispatches.
.t u.. r. I
! Parliament Approves
I United Pres-.l !
i THE HAGUE. Sept. 28. The Bui-j
1 i
I garian parliament has approved Pre-
nuei .wauiioiis i equeM lor an ai this- :
and delegates are enroute to the !
frontier, according
to dispatches re- J
ceived here.
Beginning of the End
TBv United Press
AMSTERDAM. Sept. 28. Austria is
reported as taking steps to withdraw
her forces from Albania, owing to the
menace of the flank, the result of the
Allied drive in Macedonia.
Serbs Continue Flanking Movement
IBv United Pressl
LONDON. Sept. 2& The Serbians
continue their flanking movement east
ward. They have passed Kochane and
(are now at xaaovisnte, tnirteen miles
! north of Strumitza, it is officially an
nounced from the Serbian war oftice.
w mm ef
Tito Predfcted'
General March States Defection of
Bulgaria Due to Entrance of Amer
icans Into War
Bv United Press
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28. The
American concentration on the west
front is directly responsible for the Bul
garian defection. General March told
i the newspaper men this morning. He
! PointeJ m,t that (ierma' was unable
" . it 1 ii i.i i
to neip ner any ana tne oowntati ot
Turkey and re-entrance of Rumania
intQ the war are foreseen by March as
imminent possibilities if a separate
peace be made with Bulgaria. Last
IT'S RAINING IN BELGIUM! presses and trunks; Carson must sup
SEND CLOTHES YOU'VE SAVED I ply a ton of shoes, warm clothing and
bedding to be shipped next week.
Have you heen saving old clothes
for a rainy day? Well, this is the
rainy day you have heen waiting for.
Literally in Carson ; figuratively in
Monday is the last day of the Belgian
clothing drive. You cannot misuse
Sunday hy searching out clothing for
those whose very lives are dependent
upon being protected against the rig
ors of a Belgian winter. Take the time
tomorrow and overhaul the clothes-
1 j P3! S F'S 4 ?t Si S
j They are also pushing north toward
Terms Already Submitted j
.cih. to. -iiic .uics
terms have already heen sent to Sofia.
i it was learned this afternoon and
cll,,le thc . aeuat.on ot all territory
outside ot Bulgaria as preliminary to
anv agreement and a complete rupture
with Germany. Austria and Turkey and I
ueun uioz.ii ion m me Dingcii lait aim.
Demonstrations Against King j
Bv United Pressl i
j ZURICH. Sept. 28. Demonstrations J
j against the king ami favorable to Ma-
Jlinoff are occurring at Sofia daily, ac-j
i cording to dispatches. Berlin dis-
! patches indicate that Ferdinand may j
! resort to military dictatorship.
Italians Take Important Town
IBv United Press
LONDON. Sept. 28. The Italians in
Macedonia have captured Krushevo,
eighteen miles west of Prilip.
Report Hertling Resigned
Bv United Press
THE HAGUE, Sept. 28. There is
an unconfirmed report that von Hert
ling has resigned.
week, he said, the war situation was
"continuously good," and today, he
said, "it is continuously better." Gen
eral March said the Americans had
taken 8.000 prisoners in their drive and
the French 7.000. The Yanks are be
yond the Hindenhurg line and n w
facing the Kricmhild line. Colonel
Stewart, in command of the Americans j
at Archangel, he said, is acting under
General Poole, the British commander-in-chief.
If you neglect this and find, later, i
garments that might be doing their)
meed of charity to the needy, how will
you feel?
Send every available garment. Don't
stop to mend.
Mrs. M. J. Sullivan returned on the
express this morning from a brief visit
to the riverside citv.
No paper received in Carson has as
fa fi i
hate war news as the Appeal.
ri. 1
H l
Fas -a
As Result of Rains In Champagne
Region Roads Are Bogs, But the
Boys Go Right On
(Bv United Pressl
PARIS. Sept. 28. The Franco
American push in the Champagne- Ar
goiinc region continues. Heavy rains
and shell fire have turned the roads
into almost impassible hogs, and the
Yankee field artillery is bravely strug-
to keep pace with the infantry.
11 - 1 1 1 .1 1
!' Americans have broken through
the sul
idiary defenses behind the Hin- j
line between Dannevoux and j
Eel is
on a
Fontaine, northwest of Verdun, i
front of ten miles. They captur- !
ed scores
t miles ot railways. i
Z . I
Resumed This Morning .
IBv United Press !' 1 I"ouer idkeu nau paeu o.joo. ami
PARIS. Sept. 28. The attack in j more than 100 guns were captured.
Parade Postponed
The Liberty Loan parade and patri- !
otic meeting, scheduled for this evening, I
has been postponed for one week, on j
account of the rain. J
October 5th is the day designated j
by the national powers that be as
a tlay to be set apart for Woman's Com-i
mittee Liberty Loan parades and dem-
onstratioiis. The meeting for tonight
The War Conference called by the
United States government last week in
Washington directed the directors of
the various states to bring this mes
sage to the boys and girls and their
parents concerning the serious situa
tion winch taces us in regani to edu
Due to the pressure of the war the
attendance in many secondary schools
has fallen off in some cases. 75 per
cent, either because of enlistment or
entrance into industrial or commercial
The government views this condition
with alarm and it has been found that
in F'rance. the nation, if the war ends
today, has been put ten years behind in
the education and training of its youth..
Fjigland is already making plans for
six days' school and continuation
schools for the boys in industries in
order that thev may make up for the
drain upon education. It is a serious
loss to a nation to lose its educated
and trained young men, and it is a
great loss to the individual not to have
this education and training which will
be more indispensible than it ever was
before the war. Speaking for the gov
ernment I do urge, wherever it is not
compatible with the war program that
every boy and girl and their parents
consider it their patriotic duty to re
ceive all the education possible.
-mi- - "1.1 t" f.1
I It the hoy is over IB tne uesire oi me
government is that he shall remain in
school until his number is called. Then
if he be a graduate of a high school, to
apply to the University of Nevada for
entrance into the students' training
camps ; or if he is not a graduate of a
j hi8h school, to apply to the local draft
hoard for enlistment in the industrial
unit at the University of Nevada.
Every hoy is asked hy the government
to put full time in the school and dur
ing vacationtime under the direction of
No. 222
l ?1 M fl M M 1 5
Champagne was resumed at 5:30 this
morning, the war office announced. The
French are also attacking between Ail-
j ette and the Aisne. and making prog
ress northeast of Saucy. In this re
i gion the French captured buiy, Aiy
and now occupy Somme-Py. They have
j passed north of Fontaine en Dormois.
Yanks Took. Four Towns
rRv United Pressl
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28. The
American first army captured four
towns northwest of Verdun Friday.
General Pershing reported the number
. . . , , , ,
had been planned before this was
known. Now that the weather has in
terfered with the originally date, Octo
ber 5th will be used.
Mrs. E. D. Boyle, chairman of the
Ormsbv County Woman's Liberty Loan
committee, asks that all arrangements
remain the same for the parade and
j program next Saturday.
(ilv United TressJ
WASHINGTON. Sept. 28. Follow
ing is the list of casualties issued to
day :
Morning Report
j Killed in action 55
i Missing in action 10
1 Wounded severely 82
Died of wounds 27
J Died of accident and other caucs... 4
I Died of disease 13
! Prisoners 3
Total 194
Afternoon Report
Killed in action 49
Missing in action 10
Wounded severely 92
Died from wounds 27
uieu irom aeroplane accnient i
! Died from accident and other causes 4
1 Died of disease 10
Coming October 6th
Sunday, October 6th. Oliver Wayne
Stewart of the Flying Squadron, will
visit Carson and speak at a mass meet
ing to be held at 3 o'cliK'k in the after-
Announcement of the place will
be made later. Mr. Stewart spoke in
this city a couple of years ago. and
people who heard him will be glad of
another opportunity to listen to him.
o .
Robert Cole, state lalor commission
er, returned last night from the south
ern part of the state, w here he had heen
called to attend to some matters in
connection wuii ins oince.
the Boys' Working Reserve in some
useful work, either on the ranch r in
the industries. Any hoy who has not
joined the Working Reserve is ask
ed to enroll at once with the principal
of his school.
Five cents per copy

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