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"Daily A
25 Cents Per VVeeY
ff 3 r,i j '1 3 l frs
Dispatches From
Indicate Town
Miai Mm
ft) to Fiffl
cupied This Morning
lliy United Press
LONDON. Oct. 2. The Germans
have been driven from Crevecoux and
Humilly and the British occupy the
high ground cast of those places, Gen
eral Haig reported today. Sequehart,
five miles northeast of St. Quentin and
I'reselles have also been captured. The
British successfully attacked the cen
ter of the German defensive system
from Foiisomme to Bea-.ircvoir and
cleared the enemy from Xorth Jon
court. The British ienetrated to a
maximum depth of about two miles on
a front of twenty miles.
Have Passed St. Quentin
I!v United l'ress
FRAXCF. Oct. 2. The Allies have
broken the supporting trench system
behind the Hindenburg defenses known
as the Beaurevoir line and captured the : LONDON. Oct. 2.4:35 p. m. Be
villages of Beaurevoir and Brancour, tween the Ycsle and the Aisne. where
the latter being eight miles northeast j the French are pushing northward and
of St. Quentin. The French pushed encircling the St. Gohain massif, addi-
eastward and above St. Quentin. there-
hy forcing its evacuation. 15reakmg-i 1 lie buttle m the Argonne region is
the Beaurevoir line would meance the j fluctuating and the Americans are said
enemy's line of retreat from the Oise ; to have been ejected from Excrmont.
STWs Up to the Minute
Ilty United l'ress
ly ferocious storm hit here last night.
Practically all communications were
wrecked. Three northbound Southern
Pacific passenger trains are being held
here with little prospect of getting
awav soon
Xine landslides and two
washouts are reported. During the
night 4.04 inches of rain fell, continu-
ing this morning. Lightning struck a
two-storv hotel at 3 o'clock this morn-
ing. completely destroying the build-
iiiL uni u imuum.il liui
By United Press
WASHINGTON, Oct. L Following
is the list of casualties issued today :
Morning Report
Killed in action 94
Missing in action 31
Wounded severely 345
Died from wounds 38 j
Died from aeroplane accident 1 i
Died from accident and other causes 7 j
Died of disease 12 i
Wounded, degree undetermined lj
Prisoners 4
T'13' 533
Afternoon Report
Killed in action 93
Missing in action 43
Wounded severely 348
Died of disease 21
Died of accident and other causes.... 6
Died of wounds v 38
Wounded slightly 5
Prisoners 4
Total 557
Marine Corps Casualties
Killed in action 7
Died of wounds 2
Wounded severely 17
Wounded slightly 1
Missing in action 1
mm 99
j? "a 'l
Front to London
Was Partially Oc
valley to the St. Gohain massif,
were forced to withdraw.
if he
Have Left St. Quentin In Rear
UK- United l'ress
PARIS. Oct. 2. 4 p. m. There is vio
lent lighting north and south of St.'
(Juentin. The French have passed above
the canal tunnel at le Trenquoy and )
are progressing eastward, attacking
Oinissy. a mile and a half northeast of
St. Quentin.
Cambrai Partially Occupied
l!v United l'ress
I.OXDON, Oct. 2. 4:10 p. m. Cam
brai was partially occupied this morn
ing. battle front dispatches stater
city is believed to have fallen.
weather is bad and igorous enemy j
counter attacks are slow ing up. Ang'o- j
Belgians are advancing in Flanders. !
French Pushing Northward
tional German prisoners were captured.'
n and jts contents
The occupants
were uninjured.
British Flag Hoisted at Ebstaff
lllv United Pres
LONDON. Oct. 2. According to
Copenhagen dispatches the British flag
has been hoi, ted at F.bstaff harbor.
! Spitzhergen Islands, and German
! houses and the wireless station have
' 'een destroyed,
j ,. "
1 1 v I niter! J'ressJ
LOXDOX. Oct. 2. Damascas was
occupied bv the British at 6 o'clock
yesterday morning, it has been official-
ly announced in the Palestine communi
que. It was previously reported that
the Turkish commander at Damascus
asked the British for terms of surrend
er. The way is now practically open
to march on Aleppo, 200 miles north.
Karl Chartz. one of Carson's best
known young men, who has been taken
by the government into limited service.
leaves tonight for Fort Logan, Colo.,
where he will be trained for the posi-
tion he w ill be assigned to. lust what
,his duties will be Mr. Chartz does not
j know, but with true Xevada patriotism
j he is prepared to go anvwhere and do
his bit.
As has been the case with all the
other boys who have left Carson Karl
will be given a "send off" at the depot
this evening, the local military com
pany acting as a guard of honor.
Louis Schneider, who formerly resid
ed here, but who registered in Church
ill county and was later transferred to
Carson, will also entrain this evening
from this city.
Governor and Mrs. Boyle returned
last evening from a brief visit to Reno
and today the governor is attending the
session of the Tax commission.
No paper received in Carson has as
late war news as the Appeal.
3 f" ?1 -'J
SdsmU Toflay
Such Is Brief Announcement From
lliy United Tress
SOFIA. Oct. 2. The Bulgarian war
office announced September 30th that
'"in conformity with the armistice war
operations were suspended today."
Bulgaria Disbanding Army
lllv I'nited l'ress
PARIS. Oct. 2. It is learned from
authoritative sources that Bulgaria has
started disbanding her armv.
rms i in
and ammunition are being handed over
to the Allies
taking charge
and F.ntente troops
of the railwavs.
Important Conference In Vienna
(l!v United Press
WASHINGTON". Oct. 2. Cunts
Tioza. Andrassy and Apponyi have
The I IK'l'n summoned to lenna iy tne em
The I lH'ror f,,r an important conference re-
Maitq Thnn Iflino lAinir
nun nidii vm vvoy
Yanks Work Clever Scheme In Get
ting Over 'Impassable' Entanglements
1 15 y United Press
OF YERDUX. Oct. 2.-The Americans J Il0ri,(usly sU.ep on tlu. castern sidt ,,ut free-men above the age of 17 and un
are in the depths of Argonne forest and , oss abrupt and longer on the west. ' ler that of 50 of sufficient stature and
shoving forw ard. ,They encountered ' The ravines follow each other in cease- j ability of body to discharge all the
barbed w ire entanglements in the tall 'css succession along the backbone for j ices of a private soldier to be free
grass which were impassable until I a,'"lt twenty-rive miks. This terrain j trom lameness or other bodily infirm
chicken wire w as thrown over it and ! has in ha,lds "f Germans ". that may render them mcapable to
formed a bridge. There are evidences 1 f"r 11 tinlt" al,d tht'' ,lave a SH,,,:i,n ta,l-,Rl,cs ot a Caml.
the enemv is preparing to retire. The j stri-'s ,,f st' ,nafi"ns "lh tl,l , f'u are m,t u a";
,iin,-ln,w tl. fin,,,. v,l...
patrols have already penetrated Mon -
rrd.-ni i. o.ul
Xote The ground of the Argonne
forest resembles a backbone and ribs
on one side shortened to halt their
length, the backbone running north and
1 Mrs. F.nunet D. Boyle yesterday re-
"Toby's Comedians," who opened a ceived a cablegram from her brother,
three nights' engagement at the C. and J Lowe McClure, stating that he had re
C. theater last night were granted with i ceived his commission as lieutenant
a good-sized audience. i colonel.
The play they offered was "The Girl ! In a letter received a few days ago
of the Flying X." and was well pre-! he stated that he hoped to take part in
sented by a company of capable actors the big offensive, and in all probability
and actresses. The specialties between 1 he. with his regiment the 6lst Infan-
jthe acts and the quartette were well j
j received. 1
I Tonight they will present "Little!
Johnny Jones," a four-act race track known in this city and Reno and all
comedy, with new vaudeville special- his friends will rejoice in his advance
ties. This is one of the best shows that ! ment.
has visited Carson Citv in several
! months.
All members of the Home Guards
are requested to meet in front of the
state capitol building at 5:45 this even
i mg to escort Karl Chartz and Louis
Schneider to the depot, where they will
entrain for army service. A full at-
tendance is desired.
Pa a ?s
a S1 fP3
War Office
lating to Austria's situation, according
to official cables received here.
Reitterate Wilson's Demands
j Hv United Press
I WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. Serbia and
Greece have announced their peace de
j mauds on Bulgaria as: Reparation of
jail damages in occupied territory;
abandonment ot plans lor domination
the Balkans; guarantees that the
Greeks living in Bulgarian territory
shall not be exterminated.
Ptnlrrsrc DotrninlT Hnmo .
llty United Press j
LOXDOX. Oct. 2. The Serbian war!
office announces that Serbian
entered Kamanovo. twelve miles north
east of Uskub. last Monday. Bulbars
are returning to Bulgaria.
! south.
The ribs represent a series of
and ravines which are almost
hillside and constructed aiuiroaclies ot
1st. me lined trenches. Barbed wire has
j ,,wn ssly woven among the trees.
Hundreds upon Hundreds ot miles ot
j w ire having been strung in the past
j two years. Through it have grown
weeds and grasses more than three feet
high, making it all the
more serious
I through concealment.
try are somewhere along the battle
line in eastern France.
Lieuteant Colonel McClure is well-
! n"
A special meeting of the members of
the Leisure Hour club is called for 7:15
this evening at Leisure Hour hall.
As business of importance is to be
- I discussed a full attendance is request-
j ed. Kindlv note the hour, as it is nec-
essary to meet before this evening's
Chautauqua entertainment.
ui luiiiiiu d wi
Si r.4 h ?s
fro i a
w u
Civil Population
port Current
St. Quentin as
tlfy United Press
PARIS. Oct. 2. General Bertholot's
army has made additional progress
west of Rheims and completed the con
quest of the St. Thierry plateau, the
war office announced. At St. (Juentin
the Germans continue to hold the south'
banks of the canal. Premier Clcmen-
cean announced that tne termans set
H TC lO M. L'UOUlll as U1C irCHCl! CI1-
. i . . ' .1. T 1-
tercd. Xo change in the Champagne
region is reported.
Washington Directed Enlistment of
Men Between Ages of 17 and 50
NEW YORK, Oct. 2. An interest- ' shall be entitled to one hundred acres
ing letter which recently came int
possession of P. F. Madigan of
citv shows that the Father of
this !
Country had no hesitation about in-j
eluding able-bodied men and boys in .
the American army, making the age t" j
service trom 1 to M. I lie letter, winch
is dated January 12. 1777, is addressed
to Henry Jackson, and says:
"You are hereby authorized to enlist
in any of the I'nited States of America
all such able-bodied free men as are
willing and able to enlist into the ser
vice and pay of the L'nited States in the
character of a soldier being wthin the
descriptions and upon the conditions
hereafter annxed :
"Firstly You are to enlist none but
1111 J"" "l l"c King oi
Teai nrnam. nor any ,,ersou ot d.s-
affected or suspicious characters w ith
' r-i
"Thirdly You are to enlist them dur
ing the war with Great Britain or for
three years, unless sooner discharged
hy proper authority.
"Fourthly Every soldier tnlisted as
soon as may be to be engaged before
a peace officer, judge advocate or some
of his deputies agreeable to the section
ot the articles ot war, every person so
engaged to be musU.'ed before the mus
ter master general or some of his deli
mits if they are within a reasonable
distance, if not, before some major gen
eral brigadier or colonel comhianding
a brigade, a surgeon to be present. All
the charge and expense for every sol- j Hattie Laura Eason. At 8 o'clock last
dier enlisted that does not pass muster j evening the couple were united in mar
fur defects pointed out in these instate- I riage at the home of the bride's sister,
tions. shall be paid by the officer that Mrs. Murray, in Reno The ceremony
engaged them. J was a double one. Mrs. Murray becom-
Km are Herein- authorized and em-
i powered to give as a reward and prom- I
ise in behalf of the public, as an en
couragement to every non-commissioned
officer and soldier that shall enlist,
over and above the pay and provisions
already allowed that they shall receive
a lounty of $20 and a suit of clothes,
the clothes to be given annually as long
as they continue in the service and at
the end of the war, or term of three
years, every private and non-commis-
sioned officer that shall complete his
service agreeable to his engagement
Xo. 225
n i (a M 1 ft Si Si M
) OS
Moving Out -Re
That Huns Fired
French Moved In
Interesting Developments Coming
lliy United Press
LOXDOX. Oct. 2. With the cap
ture of St. Quentin an enemy retreat on
a fairly large scale is contemplated.
Military authorities hint of an impend
ing '"interesting development."
Getting Out of Lille
PARIS, Oct. 2. The city of Lille is
being evacuated by the civilian popula
tion. It is being seriously menaced by
the British advance on Cambria and
the Belgian advance in Flanders.
of land. Those that die or are killed
in the service, their legal representa
tives are to be entitled to the same.
"As a further encouragement vmi are
hereby authorized to promise that all
that are unfortunately maimed in the
service and rendered incapable of get-
tins? a support, shall receive half pay
during their natural lives agreeable to
the resolve of congress in that case
made and provided. I am sir with con
sideration and esteem. Your obedient
and humble servant,
"G F.O. W A S H I X GTOX ."
Parents and Teachers
The Parents' and Teachers associa
tion will hold an important meeting al
assembly hall, in the high school
building, tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.
All members are urgently requested to
be present.
Last evening Miss Mildred Elnora
F.vans. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wal
lace Evans, and George Leslie Hesse
were united in the holy bonds of matri
mony by Rev. J. L. Collins of the Meth
odist church.
To the many friends of the contract
ing parties the marriage came as a sur
prise, but nevertheless all join in wish
ing them a pleasant journey o'er the
matrimonial sea.
They will make their home in Car
son. Mr. Hesse being employed at the
". and T. shops.
Yesterday afternoon a marriage ti-
cense was
issued liv Count v C lerk
Morton to Charles I
K ul i son and Mrs.
ing tne wite ot Mr. Kevs.
Mr. ami Mrs. Rulison are well known
in this city, the latter having been as
sistant matron at the. Orphans' Home
for several years, and the former con
nected with the V. and T. as superin
tendent of the shops, and has taken an
active part in the upbuilding of the
best interests of the community.
The best wishes of their large circle
of friends are extended to them.
They departed last evening for a
I trip to Southern California and on their
return will make their home in this city.
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