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City Daily Appeal
25 Cents Per Weefc
Five cents per copy
. No. 236
Mend IB toilif Is. Rol l opiate
M M ft l?t fca ?4 !4 M n H fa !ti Si 1 P n M n M M - SftNSiliSiSfiSiasasftmFsSih Si' P
lies Mff traiy -to tept Hane Appliis
Toward Ik So I tori's Xoiiii tellers teply
Bruges, Submarine
jective-Yesterday's Bag In Flan-
der's Was 12,000
Ry United
Oct. 16.-
PARIS. Oct. 16. The Americans
have captured St. Jnvin heights and ad
vanced northward from them. Two
hundred and forty Germans were im
prisoned. The Yanks are battering the
St. Georges region and shilling Buzan
cy. Airplanes bomhed Stenay and Dun-
sur-Meuse and
mopped up.
Grand Pre has been
fieian Bunk Has listed With Sate
or Bonds: Will You Stand tor It?
Nevada is behind 40 per cent in its
subscription to Liberty bonds and but
three days remain in which to make
good. And it must be done, or the
state will he charged with its first
failure in any call that has ever been
made upon it.
No doubt peace talk and German
propaganda have been responsible for
the inanition so far, but neither one
should be given any consideration, for
the way things look today, peace is as
far off as it was a number of months
ago. And besides, we are not ready for
peace and should not be until the hoys
over there give the signal. When they
have accomplished what they have
started to do to the Hun will be time
to talk peace, and until that time ar
rives we must put up the money to
keep them going. All talk th?l they,
the soldiers, should buy bonds for their
own maintenance should be given no
consideration whatever. It is imperti
nent to even suggest such a thing.
Regarding peace propaganda, ti: fal
lowing telegram was received yester
day by Dr. Lee of the County Council
of Defense from Hal Lemmon and it
tells without frills or romance where
that "stuff" comes from. People should
read Mr. Lemmon's wire and then re
read it: then go down in their pockets
and buy another bond. His telegram is
as follows :
"Dr. S. L. Lee, Carson, Nev. :
"There must be no weakening of the
war spirit in Nevada. It would be in
tolerable if the peace quest ions should
in any way become effective German
propaganda. They are intended by
Germany for just that. You will re
member that during the convention held
here last month I was able to tell you
authoritatively in advance that this
peace drive was coming. The change
in chancellors was predicted and every
step thus far taken; also that in the last
extremity to deceive us the kaiser
(By United Press!
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16. Follow
ing is the list of casualties issued to
day :
Killed in action .....Ill)
Missing in action 69
Wounded severely 364
Died of wounds ...... C2
Died of accident and other causes ... 5
Died of disease 5?
Died of aeroplane accident 1
U-,.,.1..,I i
..........v.i. iivnc uuueiei milieu ij
Wounded slightly 1
Base, Their Ob
Making for the Coast
LONDON. Oct. 16. The Allies have
thrust a wedge across the road between
Coutrai and Bruges, thereby severing
another communication to the sub
marine bases. French cavalry has pass
ed Lichtervelde and Thourout and is
advancing toward Bruges and the sea.
The Allies in Flanders in Tuesday's
fighting took 12.000 prisoners and from
200 to 300 guns, the Express declared.
would abdicate. This information was
transmitted to me by the government
and therefore it is inconceivable that
the government will be deceived in any
degree whatever. Therefore, our part
is to see that it avails Germany noth
ing. Have no fears for the future. The
Uir.'.ed States will stand firm with
England and France, who will never
for one instant cease killing Germans
until they are whipped to a standstill.
At Democratic headquarters tonight
in the Circe building a Democratic club
will be organized, and it is desired that
a large and representativee crowd be
It is hardly necessary to state that
the purpose of the organization is to
further the cause of the Democratic
innrtv in the nresent ramnion nnrl heln
i - j........ .. u. . . .. ......
elect a full ticket.
Ormsby county has gone over the top
in the purchase of Liberty bonds, there
by indicating its patriotism and prov
ing its support of the administration at
Washington in its efforts to win the
war. Let it now form a big strong
club which can be depended on to help
the fight of Senator Henderson and
Charley Evans, the Democratic candi
date for congress.
We know where both stand on war
policies and President Wilson needs
For some time past the Appeal has
been urging Carson people to do their
"bit" toward the support of the father
less children of France. -
Last evening the local order of Eagles
voted to adopt two French orphans.
It is hoped that other lodges and so
cieties will do the same. These child
ren have lost their fathers in the war
for democracy and they must have help
from America to enable them to grow
up strong, intelligent citizens of France.
Oct. 16. French civilians behind the
German lines first learned of America's
entrance into the war when they saw
, sugar. Hundreds of the civilians, who
have been librated in the last few days,
said tbev Iriwu; -tirn tlinv c... .
- aaw SUK"
j i
lat America was in the war, because
j only Americans had sugar.
j The Germans kept them in ignorance
: 0f what America was doing.
Report Again Revived That Kaiser
Has Abdicated
(By United Press
LONDON, Oct. 16 According to an
Exchange Telegraph dispatch from
Amsterdam it is reported from Berlin
that Germany has accepted all of Wil
son's conditions, providing the interests
of the German people arc safeguarded.
United Press
16. The French
I'.AKIS. Oct. !(. lite i-rencli are
driving forward and against vital parts
of the German left flank, north of Laon
and in the Champagne region. The en
emy is being pushed into the difficult
Ardennes country. The French are
progressing toward Monteornet, Yer-
IHy United Press j
MlLWAl'KF.E, Oct. 16. This city ;
has oversubscribed its Liberty Loan j
rnnitn hv $ & X) (X K ) a rr- irrli n cr to ram- I
paign figures.
More Than 600 Bodies Found
Ky United Press
Dl'LUTH. Oct. 16. Officials have a
strong suspicion that the forest fires
were of incendiary origin, it is stated.
More than 600 bodies have already been
Submit Deficiency Bill to House
By United Press
WASHINGTON, Oct. Hi. The larg
est deficiency bill more than $6,000,-
000,000 was submitted in the house to- j district, is burning. The fire started at
day. More than $100,000,000 goes to the j n tll;s morning and soon assumed large
navy and more than $6,000,000,000 to proportions. It is the oldest hotel in
the army. j Oakland. The report that two children
Liberty Loanblficials Optimistic i wtrc traiJ(1 ',n th tof "has not
Ry x itej press j been confirmed. The hotel was com-
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16. Liberty I pletely destroyed. Three hundred peo-
Loan officials are optimistic today. ' pie were forced into the street.
u nen ?enator Henderson ana k.
Evans. Democratic candidate for con-
gress, were in Carson yesterday, Harry j vacla as a vlloe js slin sny 4) r)t.r cont
Coogan, secretary of the Democratic! f , . , . r i -i
' . . . tot its quota in the purchase of Libert v
Countv Central committee, produced a
petition and asked the gentlemen to
1j i IrmcKir Aiin1 f 'c T i1t-rr 1i vikI
Cl VI I l' . V7I III3I' H'Ufin WI'VllV ovini i
ntn Thw nr.mntl,- ntrml wrt onrl'i1"1' llle State,
, , "r it.- i !
put their names down tor a substantial;
sum. I
Now. this fact is not stated to make
political capital. Merely a suggestion j
that the Republican candidates for sen- j
ator and congressman do likewise. Nor
are any other candidates. Democratic or
Republican, barred. The petitions are j
oen to all. !
CHICAGO. Oct. 16. The
"cooties did very well until the
doughboys got to Europe. As they
have changed many other things, in
cluding some of the kaiser's ideas of
world domination, however, the dough
boys now have altered the appellation
commonly given the small animals
which frequently become the soldier's
companion in the trenches.
According to letters received from
Chicago soldiers, "seam squirrels" and
pants rabbits have supplanted coot
ies" in the vrnacular of the battle front
The report is believed to be approxi
mately correct. The Nieuws Rotter
dam che Coitrant publishes a telegram
from Hamburg saying that Germany
has capitulated and that there is a per
sistent revival of the reports that the
kaiser has abdicated.
vinc, the latter being twenty-three
miles north of Laon, fifteen miles from
the Belgian border and ten miles from
the fortress Hirson on the edge of the
wooded Ardennes region. This drive
is believed to be an effort of General
Foch to cut off the German retreat from
Belgium and throw them into the Ar-
! dennes where the roads are few.
The handicap of peace talk and inrlu-
cnza is lH.ing gradually overcome and
lncrc is a collntrv-wfde stimulation in
the drive.
Steamer Hit by Collier
(By United Press
The British steamer Port Phillip, now
in the transport service, was sunk to
day tiff this port, when hit by a collier.
; Twenty members of the crew were res
! cued and none were lost.
Oldest Hotel In Oakland
By United Press
OAKLAND. Oct. 16. The Hotel
Metropole. in the center of the shopping
i - - .
j While it is to be regretted that Ne
. . . . . . I
Bonds, it is gratifying to note that
Ormsby countv. the seat of government
the state, has oversubscribed its
quota SLiO.OOO hv approximately $10,-
1 s it .
0000 and there are good prospects that
. .....'
tlR' over-plus will reach
The countv committees are still
working and there are a number of
I small purchasers yet to be brought into
I the iold and there are also one or two
! large institutions to be "touched."
This morning Dr. Lee, chairman of
the County Council of Defense, an
nounced that $160,000 could be safely
relied upon.
Following his announcement that the
j county's quota had been subscribed the
State Council of Defense was notified,
and this morning the following splen
did telegram was received from Hal
Lemmon :
"Ormsby county is the first county
in the state to have its quota in bank.
Others have reported over, but the
banks' statements do not show the fact.
Heartiest" congratulations to you and
all members of your committee and the
j people of Ormsby county. We have
always been able to count on you."
Dr. Lee, as chairman of the Ormsby
Note, German Papers State, Has
Dashed All
the Ground
IHy United Press
AMSTERDAM. Oct. 16. The meet
ing of the German reichstag has been
postponed indefinitely, a Berlin dis
patch states.
French Applaud Reply
IHy United Press
PARIS. Oct. 16. The Wilson reply
is universally applauded in France and
some newspapers printed both the
French and English version of the note,
in order that there could be no misinterpretation.
Will Not Object to Max i 'er and minister of war. according to
Hy United Press i Constantinople advices. Tewik is a
COPENHAGEN. Oct. l(i. Reichstag j pro-German and Izzet is a peace ad
Socialists have resolved not to object ; vocate.
United Press
Oct. 16. The
Northern Oil piers are burning fiercely
this morning, despite all efforts of ma
rine and land fire apparatus and a
downpour of rain. The fire started at
11 last night. The minimum loss is es
timated at $2.000.XK). The cause has
not been determined. Tw;o Japanese
liners were trapped by burning oil on
the waters of the bay and forced to re
main within 100 feet of the blaze, but it
is believed they are safe. The flames
leaped hundreds of feet in the air.
Last evening Chris Smith and George
dishing entrained for Reno, where thev
! .1f ill., tr-i i n nfv i"itmi 'it- tliii liii
II Ml VIlLVI llll. II aillllll V A 1 I I J ' Cll 1111. 1. Ill
versity of Nevada.
Richard Smith, who has been assign
ed to the Vancouver barracks, was also
an outgoing passenger.
The Home Guard and Custer Relief
Corps marched through the rain to the
depot to wish the three boys Godspeed.
111 With Grippe
Mrs. E. S. La Tourette and the twins
are confined to their home with the
grip. Little Jean and Glenn have
reached the turning point in the dis-
ease and are reported to be consider-I
ablv better today. i
The funeral of the late V. B. Cross
will take place from St. Thresa's Cath
olic church Thursday at 2 p. m.
Friends and acquaintances are cor
dially invited to attend.
County Council of Defense, asks the
Appeal to express his and the council's
thanks for the splendid work done by
the Woman's Liberty Loan Committee
of Ormsby county and the Boy Scouts.
Boy Scouts Active
At the weekly Scout meeting last ! qualified for a first grade certificate in
evening the Boy Scouts turned in over! for a first grade certificate in the pub
$5,700 in pledges and expect to gath- ! the public schools of Nevada.
er in $800 or $1,000 today. In all they
are in hopes to go over the $10,000
The boys are working hard and when
they approach you for altond, if you can j
possibly do so. subscribe for another
bond, even if it is only a baby bond. j
Let's show our appreciation of the I
Scouts winning the presidential silk
flag by helping them over the top again,
At the meeting held Monday evening
in the Circe building undr the auspices
of the Woman's Liberty Loan Commit
tee, the Jwiys gathered in several sub
scriptions after Lieutenant Dagger fin
ished his forceful talk.
Hopes of Peace to
to Maximillian as chancellor, according
to Berlin dispatches.
Their Hopes Dashed
COPENHAGEN. Oct. lo. German
newspapers declare that Wilson's note
has dashed the hopes of peace which
the first reply raised. Some say that
the president's language was excited as
a result of conferences with the Allies.
Turkish Ministry Resigns
COPENHAGEN. Oct. lo. The Tew
fik ministry in Turkey has resigned and
Izzet Pasha has been named grand viz-
By United Press
MOINES. Oct. 16.-
thousand lowans have the influenza, ac
cording to official reports. Cases in
the last twenty-four hours amount to
more than 0.000.
5,000 New Cases
NEW YORK. Oct. 16. Influenza is
on the increase, more than 5,01 X) cases
being reported today. The ttal number
of cases since September 18th is more
than 48.000. with more than 2.000
deaths. Five hundred pneumonia cases
have been reported.
1,600 Cases In Frisco
hundred and twenty cases of influenza
were reiKirted to the health department
today, making a total of 1.660. No steps
have yet been taken to close the thea
ters and sc1km1s.
300 Deaths in Chicago
CHICAGO. Oct. 16. Two thousand
cases of influenza have been reported
in the last twenty-four hours, and .00
Mrs. Madge Raycraft. the subject of
this sketch, scarcely needs an introduc-
uon to tne people ot parson, oeing a
native of Ormsby county and having
' spent most of her life in our midst. She
I is a graduate of the Carsun high school.
I and a former teacher in the public
j schools of Nevada, specializing in art,
j elocution and other branches.
J Having a taste tor journalism, she
i has contributed many articles to the
j newspapers of Nevada. California and
I a'1 Lake
Mrs. Rax craft is not only
an artist of some note in oil. but with
the pen, and is considered one of the
finest scribes on the coast, if not else-
! where. The present summer she has
Mrs. Raycraft is well fitted by edu
cation and ability to fill the iositioii
to which she aspires. As an Ormsby
county woman she is desirous of being
the first woman to fill an Ormsby
county office.
j At the meeting of the Democratic
'club tonight Governor Boyle will make
' an address.
John F. Kunz. chairman of the Dem
ocratic State Central committee, will
be present and also make a talk.
Let everybody come and hear some
good argument.

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