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City Daily Appeal.
25 Cents Per Wee
Five cents per copy
No. 241
F Ullnvn
Pa i ft M i ft: fa a "i h 5: 4 f.a Pa N ft N Sift Pi N IU Is ! N !5 h N S ft ft !fi & ft a 1 H
P-s Pa fa fa fa ft p ft P ft ft ft
toil Note is -MM
t Capital
Now Being Decoded, But Diffi
culty for Some Reason Is Found
In Deciphering It
l It y United Press)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. The Swiss
legation has received the official text
of the German note and it is now being
With the French
Working South to Form Junction In Flanders Are Nearing Valen
ciennes-Huns Throwing In New
Troops to Head Off Yanks
Ry United Press The British have also reached Escaut i
LONDON. Oct. 22. General Haig j (Scheldt) river, on a five mile front!
r u :.i :i : .1. ,i t. : ti... i t - i ... i
members said thev had not passed the uimsu u.e uu., a mm no.u. o. iuiIU.. i nr, d.dUi a.K.m. i
1 ! ..r 'r : .1. , r : ... :i i. ... . l. . 1- . i t ...
reichstag yet few laliorites and) louriuu, me unmans in mat legion a nine oeiween uie e.seaut anu is n
radicals'consider'it a .rreat advance to- i havin hcen lriven from the rcl wood its. The Germans have abandoned all
By United Press
LONDON, Oct. 22. 3 p.
-The !
gians have crossed the Schupdonek
canal on a fifteen-mile front.
wards peace.
Not Satisfactory to France
H'.y United Press
PARIS. Oct. 22. "The German reply
near Froyennes. The British have now j their coast defense guns. It is annottnc
reached the west bank of the Escaillon, j ed the French have advanced within a
live miles southwest of Valenciennes, j mile of Crecy-sttr-Serre from the south.
Foch Will Dictate Military Terms
WASHINGTON. (,-t 22 C.Prman ! ' v"s " satisfaction i France," a high
. . , , . , government otticial declared todav. It;
must come to military terms with Gen- . '
is possible i resilient Wilson will not;
eral Foch. is the outstanding feature
of the developments soon to follow the
receipt of Germany's reply. The next
step appears to be Foch's announce
ment of terms on which he would con
sider an armistice. It is believed in mil
itary circles that Foch's minimum terms
will include
reply, but if he does France .is confident
of his decision." he stated.
Austria Will Soon Reply
Hv United Press
PARIS. Oct. 22. The Austro-Hun-arian
government will soon reply to
llied occupation of Metz. 1 I 'resident Wilson, inasmuch as he did
Strassbtirg and Coblenz. American sen- not answer the question concerning the
t intent, however, is an unconditional ! possibility of peace negotiations, a
surrender as the only basis for negotiations.
Does Not Suit the British
If!y United Press
LONDON. Oct. 22. A majority of
parliament members are hostile to
Germany's reply, regarding it as an at
tempt to split the Allies. Referring to
constitutional changes in Germany,
semi-official Vienna dispatch declared.
r T7V n
u mi in n ii iin mi in u eiii mi ii ii mi mi ii
We'll Bet They Won't
Hv United Press
FRANCE. Oct. 22 The Germans con
tinue to .strengthen their forces oppos-
French operating in the north w ith the j
British second army in F'landers ad- j
vanced on a wide front this morning,
making excellent progress, front dis-
I iaieue u i"i u u. l.uiiiti n h'u slcii- . .
ed. the British had practically sur- j Mt.USt. region. A captured order de
rounded Tournai and were within less clared that that region was the most
j ULlll at IIIIIC 11 tilt 1H. H 1IIH. , Willie Lilt 1 llttl I' I Vlil IlldllV llllillcll 1 1 iTIlieill 3
Allies at the gates ot Audenarde were land the enemy intends to hold despite
within live miles of Ghent. The Bel- cost.
WHAT ALLIES HAVE DONE j armies was slow, but now the Huns
IN PAST THREE MONTHS are retreating faster and faster toward
their frontier.
It is but two or three days over three , Xow, three months later the Ger
tnonths since the Allies began their j man armies are demoralized and re
counter offensive. ! treating. The Hun is changed from a
One glance at the war map will show blatant victor to a winner for peace.
Delay In Delivery of Note
F!y United Pressl
WASHINGTON. Oct. 22. 3 p. in.
The delay in the delivery of the official
German text has given rise to the be
lief that there has been some difficulty
in decoding, and perhaps it is a differ
ent text than the Nauen wireless note, j
Making Desperate Effort to
the Argonne Massif
News mars Op to the Me
I It v United Press
PARIS, Oct. 22. Artillery fighting
is increasing along the whole front I
; from the Wovre region into the Lor-j 'o prevent the flanking of Argonne
j raine. Brisullen is burning fiercely :. massif on the north. Genera. De Gout
j likewise Cleryle Petit to the north. The j te's' army is reported as advancing
'battle in the Vouziers region has been I swiftly in Belgium.
i renewed with redoubled violence, tin
There never has been another so com
plete revulsion of form in the history
'f the world.
General Foch's masterful strategy and
the American . reinforcements have
turned the tide. The end is coming
nearer every hour.
IRy United Tress
1 fighting with the Allied forces, the rest
REDDING, Oct. 22. Mm Moody, j ,t.1? non-combatants.
aged 22, last year captain of the Uni
versity of California trackmen, died at
Mare Island this morning of pneumonia,
following influenza.
j Chicago Oversubscribed $40,000,000
j (Hy United Press
j CHICAGO, Oct. 22. This city over
j subscribed its Fourth Liberty Loan
j quota by more than $40,000,000.
Revolution In Bulgaria
lliy United Press
COPENHAGEN, Oct. 22. Accord
ing to a Vienna dispatch there is a rev
olution on in Bulgaria. There is fight- j There is but little change in the in
Ing in the streets of Sofia between the fluenza situation in this city, according
soldier and laborers and .3,000 are re
ported killed.
Lost 2 Officers and 99 Privates
My United Press
WASHINGTON. Oct. 22. The war
department announced today ' that two
officers and ninety-nine privates were
lost September 30th when the United
States steamer. Ticonderoga was submarined.
500,000 Italians In France
By United Press
WASHINGTON. .Oct. 22. It. has
been disclosed by the Italian minister of
war that there are nearly 500.000 Ital
ians in France of which 250,000 are
Iy United Press
WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. Follow
ing is the list of casulaties issued to
day :
Killed in action :....144
Missing in action 116
Wounded severely 372
Wounded slightly 45
Died of accident and other causes .... 6
Died of wounds 48
Wounded, degree undetermined 322
Died of disease , 54
Prisoners 21
. Total 1,128
Among the names given is that of
Jesse E. Sepulveda of Reno, New,
wounded, degree undetermined.
to the health officers and only a couple
of well-defined cases have been report
ed the past twenty-four hours.
There are many people ailing from
colds and touches of the grip, and have
gone to their beds, but as yet they have
developed no symptoms of influenza.
Among those reported ill. but believed
to be suffering merely from colds art
Miss Jack Hoopes, Mrs. Ed Miller.
Orel Peters Dr k'rebs Mrs Ed Walk- ! lot.
er and Mrs. W. D. Alexander. All are
receiving careful medical attendance.
At the hospital there are many pa
tients from outlying districts, but all
are said to be on the mend.
01 ILL m 0HN lllHNOOuU
you what has happened since that time, j
Ninety-three days have passed and the
whole complexion of world events has
! On July 15th the Germans began
! their last grand offensive and penetrat
! ed south of the Marne river in a new
"double-action drive designed to! uo
spread in two directions toward Paris j HOPES SOON TO BE ON HER WAY
to the westward, and to cut off Rheims
to the eastward. ' Miss Brenetta Donlin. who some time
American troops, French soldiers and j since volunteered for Red Cross ser
Italians were opposing them, the Yank-j vice overseas, has been notified to ap
ices at the very apex of their smash to- ply tor her passport and will leave lor
wards Paris, the French at the nose of ! a" Francisco the com. g Thursday.
: their drive to cut off Rheims and the j Before the applicant's appointment is
i Italians at and near Rheims itself. 1 formally made all requirements must
A break through meant that Paris I ' t-t, one of them being the receiving
would be placed under intense bom
I bardment, the great Rheims salient
would be flattened and the Huns would
be another step toward the goal of vic-
; tory.
! First, the Americans drove the enemy
; back across the Marne. The French
! gave ground slightly and then reacted.
Iliy United Press-
:ants and half the people are wearing ( The Italians didn't budge.
rm:i7p mads lit mrmv stores anil if
1 -.1 i. : l t . i ' ' -
1. 1 1 a i mi in.aiu litis cir n cu it pu i ; r ltl
- , . r -, nces everyone is compelled
tnat mere were cases ot innuenza
up to noon and twenty-one dead are re
corded. At a meeting of police judges
this morning it was agreed to pass a
Then General Foch assembled a new
ot a passport. I here is no doubt but
that Miss Donlin will receive her pass
port at once and in all probability will
depart in a very sdiort time for overseas
For nearly four years Miss Donlin
has been chief stenographer in Judge
McCarran's office, and is in every way
competent to fill any office which may
be assigned her in the Red Cross ser-
army in a single night. From all points vice.
of the compass he drew it. On the
morning of July 18th he struck the ex-
three months' jail sentence on any one
found guilty of expectorating on the
sidewalks. F'veryone has been barred
from the courtrooms and the state em
ployment bureau is occupying a vacant
Paper cups are used in restaur-
to wear
masks and courts are being held in the
open air. Judge Sullivan caught a se
vere cold and has been forced to stay , posed right flank of the German crown
at home. prince, w ith Yankee soldiers leading
! the assault. Victory came immediately.
j The Huns were beaten and their re-
j treat began. The enemy lost 200.000 1
getting out of the "Marne pocket" in J
'36,500 Cases In California
Itv United Press
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 22. The state's
total of Spanish influenza cases has
reached 36.500 cases.
Knowing of Miss Dunlin's intense
desire to do her bit in the greatest
war of all the ages, her friends are re
joicing with her, but she will be great
ly missed by a large circle of friends
both in Carson and Reno.
NEW REGULATIONS ; American cheese to olie person at one
i 8 Serve sugar in a bowl or give anv-
body more than a teaspoonful at one
I meal.
wliii-b b.' brul been tr:oed hv Foeh
, . . . , . ,, . Ao word lias vet i.n neanl troin
ami woven uy MUnie.
Then, while the Germans were weak- j I;ort Logan regarding the shipping of
ening their other fronts to send succor j the remains of Karl Cham, the young
to the beaten crown prince, the Allies j Carsotiite who died at that post lat
launched blow after blow along the en- J Friday night.
tire line of battle from the North Sea A number of telegrams of inquiry
Ry United Press
With the improved climatic Condi- taurants and diningrooms throughout 9fse more than two )ounds of sug-j tbe Yosges mountains. Wherever at- have been sent to the authorities by the
lions the medical fraternity of the city j the country are now under the strictest ! ninety mcab served tack was unexpected bv the foe. there Chartz family, but no response of am
is hopeful that the worst is over.
Attached to the local train from Reno
this afternoon was the private car of
W. R. Scott, federal manager of the
Southern Pacific. Mr. Scott, with
members of his force was aboard, and
it is stated he comes to Carson to talk
with the State Railroad commissioners
regarding passenger train schedules,
though a phone message to this office
from Reno said that it was on matters
of great import to Nevada. '
Commissioner J. F. Shaughnessy and
other state officers met Mr. Scott at the
depot on his arrival.
Latest telegraph and local news in
the Appeal.
food-saving regulations.
Simultaneously the United States
food administration announced
) Burn anv food ! t struck and buret! in till a Hole was kind lias arrived, so all are in the dark
! IlDisnlav food where it mnv rot t punched. - ! as to when the remains will arrive.
tIlat!or deteriorate in duality ' The famous Hindcnburg line has been
these regulations will be enforced to j 12 Serve double cream, or cream de ' smashed and the Huns forced to re
; luxe
the letter.
F'ollowing is the summary of new
rules :
Restaurants must not : j
1 Serve bread or other bakery prod- ' Mrs. Castle, chairman of the Carson
ucts which docs not contain at least i City Red Cross chapter, wishes it an-
20 per cent flour substitute. - I nouncc( tilat nnau.,-ial for Red Cross
2 Serve bread or toast as garnishing i . . . . ,
or under meat.
3 Put bread on the table until after
the first course is served.
4. Serve more than one kind of meat
to one patron.
5 Serve bacon as a garnisher.
6 Serve more than one-half ounce
of butter to one person at one meal.
7 Serve more than one-half ounce of
treat to second and third lines. The
impregnable Wotan switch was taken
Camp Logan, it is stated, is one of
the most grievously stricken x.sts in
the Union, and from reort is almost a
charnal house. At the time it was
It is not advisable for people to con- j
j from the enemy; Chemin des Dames struck by the plague 750 men were train-
has been given up; Lens and Lille the ! ing there and of this number 150 have
great coal centers have been evacuated; ; died up to date.
Cambria, St. Quentin and many other ; oo
pivotal points for the Germans have! NURSES, ATTENTION!
! been given up.
Thousands of acres of land have been
i t r i. ii . .u. ...... i..
gregate at this time, but if anyone de- j rcc.ai.nea .,o, u.c iu..s, Krahuitc mir5l.s or otherwise-register
sire to get work to do at home there1of l"ers hn tak"G cas at once so that it may how many and
The National Bureau of Nursing de
sires that all women who will nurse
will be some one at the assembly cham
ber in the capitol building tomorrow
afternoon from 3 to 5 to give out work
to be taken home.
Latest news in the Appeal.
ualty lists of the Germans have grow
fearfully larger day by day and thous- !
ands of guns and great heaps of am
muniations in dumps have fallen into
the hands of the Allies.
At first the progress of the Allied
who are available to call upon.
Please call at Kitzmeyer's drug store
and register at once.
Read the Appeal for all the war

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