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Dr. W. T. McLain, optical specialist,
is prepared to correct all errors of ic
fraction, which his fifteen years prac
tice in this line with perfect success, en
ables him to guarantee all work.
Optical Soecialist
Office at store of Mrs. C. V. Friend.
Mrs. C. W. Friend offers to the Car
son public a fine selection oi jewelry at
prices to suit the times.
Edison phonographs and records con-
stantly on hand, and a cordial we' come fairies she had seen. He wore a dark
to those who wish to hear them. . j green coat and his trousers were the
People and notes of Interest
That supper on Friday evening! Oh,
banker Jensen or oaranervine wasj
an auto visitor to this city today.
District Attorney Brockliss of Doug
las county, was a Carson visitor today.
Miss Beatrice McClaskey of Berkeley
is a guest at the Dorsey Noteware
A little pasteboard card for a dollar
admits you to the biggest time you ever
had on Friday evening.
If you are out Friday evening at the
dance you can sleep Sunday after
Jay Cletnmins, prominent stock and
business man of Reno, was a visitor in
the capital city today.
Mrs. Chris Dangberg of Carson val
ley is serious ill at her home and very
little hope is held out for her recovery
C. C. Cottrell, highway engineer, who
arrived in eKno yesterday from attend
ance at the Auburn, Calif., conference,
left later in the day forthe eastern part
of the state to look after road condi
tions. Fred and John Dangberg of Minden
autoed to this city yesterday. They
were accompanied by Miss Irene But
ler of Los Angeles who is visiting the
Dangbergs, and showed her the many
points of interest in this section.
George Clack and E. A. Argcnsinger,
mining men respectively of Reno and
Sacramento, spent yesterday in Carson
and visited the mining section north of
town. They are interested in claims in
that locality and are preparing to do
some extensive work.
Governor Boyle arrived in Reno last
evening from Tonopah and later left
for San Francisco to fill an engagement
with Colonel Jacklin of the Nevada
Consolidated in regard to White Pine
labor matters. Incidentally the govern
or will meet and hear the president, who
arrived in the city today.
Buying the best groceries;
Selling the best groceries ;
Selling at lowest prices Consist -
eiit with honest dealing That is
what I am doing in groceries.
etc., a!3o, at lowest cash prices.
Ed. J. Walsh
Carson City. Nevada
Efficient Service by Mail.
'.'his wonder-working nature cure
approaches the miraculous in dis
eases of men, women and children.
We can tell your trouble without
asking a question
H. R. S. Consol, D. C, Assistant
Reno, Nevada, 129 N. Virginia St.
Carson City, 402 N. Carson St.
The Stones the
IWritten for the United States School Garden Army, Department of the Interior
"Hello.' he said.
Dolly looked up, for the voice seem
ed to come from a place near the top of
her head. He was sitting on the fence.
He was the largest of all the Dcwdrop
! same color. His vest was the lovlicst
tf'r' w
Dolly thought it a very handsome suit
I don't live in your garden," he said;
"but the fairies have told me so much
about you that I thought I would pay
! you a little call this morning.
"I'm very glad you did," said Dolly.
She was noticing that his face was al
most as pink as his vest.
"Well, I think it is a fine thing for
little girls and boys to have gardens,
and as you seem to want to know all
about the things that grow in your gar-
den I thought perhaps I could tell -you
a few things." j
"Oh, I wish you would. But I don't ;
even know your name, uiu you say j
that you don't grow in our garden?!
Why don't you?"
"No ; I grow on the other side of the i
fence. You see, your garden is a very '
nice garden, but you have hardly enough J
ground to raise my plants. . We take a 1
..t .,1 r,f rm W e have heen rail-!
a r.-HvT Wt V-now whv. Thev sav !
we don't get along well with other i
plants except our own family. Well, wc '
are pretty big. Of course, we have' to .
have plenty of room because some of us ;
weigh more than a good-sized baby." 1 j
"I can't think what you can be," said
Dolly, much puzzled.
"Just look over the fence and see if
you know me," said the fairy with the i
pink vest. J
Dolly carefully put her foot upon the
crossniece at the bottom of the board
fence and peeped over. The ground on t
that side of the fence was covered with
big vines that seemed to grow in many I
directions. The leaves were big and j
rather open looking, as though they had
been cut into fancy patterns with a pair '
of scissors. - '
In among the leaves she saw a lot of
large, green objects shaped like eggs,
onlv ever so much burger.
"Oh, I know!", she cried. "You are
the fairy of the watermelon vine."
Constitution Day to
The anniversary of the signing of the
United States constitution will be ob
served in the assembly, hall of the pub
lic school at 8 o'clock this evening. Sev
eral short addresses will be made by
the justices of the Supreme Court and
of the United States District Court.
Judge J. A. Sanders will speak on
"The Right of Private Property" ;
Judge E. S. Farrington will take as his
subject "The Constitutional Rights of
a Law-breaker," and Judge Ben W.
Coleman will deliver a short address on
"The Difference Between Constitutional
and Statute Law."
1 Tlje reception given last evening at
Leisure Hour hall by the Parents and
Teachers' association to the teachers of
the Carson City schools was a most en
joyable affair.
Rev. Mook was mas&x of ceremonies
and started the affair of with a "zip"
before the program was rendered. The
latter consisted of a solo by Cyril Col
lins ; recitation by Mrs. Knippenburg,
song by quartette made up of Messrs.
Kennett, Collins, Hunting and Roy, and
a solo by Mrs. Slingerland.
After the program ice cream and cake
were served and before the good rights
were said a motion was put, seconded
and carried that in a few weeks the
teachers receive the towns' people.
Mrs. Bessie Miller, for many years a
resident of Fishlake valley, where she
is interested in large land holdings, was
1 m Carson tndav. Shp
by Mrs. Margaret Chiatovich and John
Chiatovich of Fishlake, C D. Crane, an
oil expert of Southern California, and ! .
O. I. Sailers.
. Much of the land Mrs. Miller is in
terested in is regarded as virgin oil
land and the lady has recently organiz
ed a company which will shortly begin
operations with a vi'w of oil develop
ment. Th- land is in the northern end of
Fishlake valley and about eight miles
from CoaJdale, in Esmeralda county.
Miss May Kenney returned yesterday
from an auto trip with friends. She
spent ' two days at Lake Tahoe, then go
ing to San Francisco, from which
point she visited different coast points
of interest
the fairy with the
pink vest. . Now you sec why you
haevn't any of my family on this side
of the fence. You couldn't raise water
melons except in a big place. Pump
kins, too they have to have a great
deal of room to run about.
"Do pumpkins run?" cried Dolly.
"Do they run?" 1 should say why,
Oh. but the mice pulled it." said
Dolly, wisely. "It didn't run by itself."
"Anyway, pumpkins do run at least
the vines do and so do watermelons.
You see, we grow so fast that many of
our family are well, you might say 're
moved' while they are quite young."
"You don't mean killed?" said Dolly,
quite shocked. .
"I wouldn't go so far as to say that,"
said the fairy, "but We know that very
few of our plants are allowed to live to
grow up. We like a warm climate toest
an( 11 takes quite a long time to grow,
although we do grow so fast. The
r"" - - "-v
that ripen early. Farther south they
raise those big, sweet ones that you like
so much in the middle of the summer,
Our seeds must be planted in hills quite
a long distance apart to give us room to
spread out. Some of us are a solid dark
green and some of us have stripes of
different shades ot green. Do you knowi:.
that one kind is called the Georgia
Rattlesnake because it is striped like
that ?"
"I think that is a horrid name for a
prety nice fruL like a watermelon." said
Oh, v. e don t mind, because we
know tha: pccr-le like us whatever we
may be cr.lled. All the melon family is
popular. I am sure you like musk-
melons. And then the cucumber is a
distant relative of ours ,too you like
girls do."
pickles, 1 know all little
"I think I like all your family," said
Dolly. "But I am sure I like your own
brothers and sisters best of all. It does
seem dreadful to eat your friends.
though, doesn't it?"
"Not a r.ll not at all.
That's what
we grow f r. Well,
good-by. Look!
lover your terce once
tn a Uiue and
'watch us grow.'"
i To be criti::ucil
Be Observed Tonight
There will be several songs by the
grades and high school, and a special
feature of the program will be the pre
sentation to individual membtrs of the
Boy Scouts organization medals won
for. selling Liberty bonds in the Victory
Loan campaign. Justice Coleman will
present the medals.
Thp nro!rsms arrancpd for tonight
r n - - i
has been done under the auspices of the ' '
National Security League; and is a part
of the great campaign being carried cn
throughout the 'United States in order
. . 1 . i i r - ti , j , i...
. . .
"j)iuiai iuig tllc liicu .luu s
tut ion.
The governor's office was in receipt
today of telegraphic appeal for aid frorta f
the mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas, one;
of the gulf towns, which has heen al-j
most, wiped out i?f existence hy last
Sunday's tornado and tidal wave.
The telegram in addition to giving an
estimate of the loss of life, states that
$10,000,000 property damage was done
and many people were out of food and
shelter. . '
The appeal will proh&Wy he turned
over to the local Red Cross chapter and
the mattertof furnishing aid will he left
in its hands.
Case Postponed
The case of C E. Roberts versus the;
Second Judicial district and the Schee-
linc .Banking company, a mandamus ;
matter, which was to have been heard
in. the Supreme court today, has been !
j postponed until next Monday
William OXeary, chief deputy in the
state controller's office, "s off on his
vacation and hy way of diversion is do
ing development work on some mining
claims he owns in the heart of the Corn
stock district and the sale of which,
his many friends hope, will some day
land him in the millionaire class.
The Red Cross, meeting at Reno Fri
day night at which a number' of Carson
merrtberg of the order were to be pres
ent and which was to be addressed by
Mrs. H. A, Kluegel, a prominent Red
Cross official of the Western division,
will not be held until a later date.
This information was conveyed in a
v.. wr t-
...v-Sx. - - -i
ing from J. M. Fulton,
This Is What Mrs. Campbell Says of
Tanlac Suffered Six; Tears
"Of all the medicines and treatments
Lhave taken during the past six years,
.Tanlac. is the only thing that has done
rhe- any good at all,", said Mrs. Sadie
Campbell, who lives at 1353 Geary
street, San Francisco, Calif.,' the other
"I had suffered so much from stom
ach trouble," continued Mrs. Campbell,
"that I was in a very weak, run down
condition. When I began taking Tan
lac, I had such little strength and en-1
ergy about me that the least exertion
would almost prostrate me. Everytime
I ate anything I would have bad spells
of indigestion, and what I ate would
sour and cause gas to form which made
me miserable for hours afterwards, I
had a dull headache nearly all the time.
My liver didn't seem to act well, either,
and I suffered a. lot from billiousness,
and would often get so dizzy that I
could hardly' stand on my feet. My
nerves weretin bad condition, too, and
I hardly ever got a good night's sleep.
"Then I ''- heard about Tanlac, and
thought I would give it a trial, and it
certainly proved to be a godsend to me.
1 have only taken three bottles so far,
but I feel like a different person al
together. Why, I have actually gained
eight pounds already, and feel so well
and strong that I can easily do all my
housework, and .get about as well as I
ever did in my life. My appetite is
good, and-wnat I eat agrees with me
1 r i t t r
.-' &
digestion or sour stomach any more.
My nerves seem to be in perfect condi
tion, and I sleep soundly for eight or
ten hours every night. I think Tanlac
is the best medicine on earth, and I am
so happy over what it has done for me
that I just talk it to everybody I meet."
Tanlac is sold in Carson City bv
Charles L. Kitzmeyer.
- DO
The Mineral service btation, agents
for the Chalmers auto, has sold a ma
chine of that make to Fred Cook, pros
perous farmer of Gtnoa.
lne service station nas been running
a Chalmers ad exclusively in the Ap
peal for some time, and falling under
the observation of Mr. Cook he read it,
hied himself to the station's headquar
ters, tatkea wun Manager uray, and
came away the possessor of ore of the
best machines fn the market.
It pays to advertise.
The State Board of Assessors is still
busy working on land values and this
subject may be up for consideration for
several days yet.
An idea of the good work the board is
doing in this matter may be had by a
perusal of the article on the subjec!
published elsewhere in today's issue. It
is a little bit lengthy, but worth while
reading. It contains facts and figures
and indicates that heretofore the bie
anded interests have been getting off
I pretty
! A couple on each anniversary
j Found
a new little face in the nursery.
Till at last there were ten.
To provide for, and then
Poor Papa got careless and curseory !
Cleveland, O., Plain Dealer.
Daily Health Talks
People get sick because they go away
from Nature, and the only way to get
well is to go back. Something grows out
of the ground in the form of vegetation
to cure almost every ill. Some of these
vegetable growths are understood by
man, and some are not. Animals, it
j would seem, know what to do when
' they are sick better than men and
women. Observers have noted that a
tek--bowf.;dK or cat will etop vating
! iooa ana sees out some vegetable
. growth in the field or yard, which, when
: Found and eaten, often restores appetite
and health. Haven t you seen these
animals do this very thing yourself ?
Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., long
since found the herbs and foots pro
vided by Mature to overcome constipa
tion, and he had these vegetables col
lected and made tip of May apple, leaves
of Aloe, root of Jalap, into little white
sugar-coated pills, that he called Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. You tnaet
understand that when your iutectine
are stopped np, poisons and decaye
matter are imprisoned in your systen
and these are curried by the bk
throughout your body. Thus do
your head ache, ycu get dizzy, y
can't sleep, your skin may break ui
your appetite declines, you gtt ''
and despondent. As a matter i
you may get sick ail over. Dm.'
see bow useless all this Enfferiiig
All that is often needed is a few
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which
has placed in all drug stores for y-
convenience and health. Try then?
au means. iiev are probably the vt
thing you need "right now.
I TheGreasingProblem
Pay a visit to our garage and let us
demonstrate the
Simple and practical. A time and
money saver. It is now standard equip
ment on White motor cars and trucks
. the best recommendation we can give.
No device ever put on the market has
so conclusively demonstrated its use
fulness to the motorist as the ESTA
lays on the road and in the work shop
are entirely eliminated by its use, to
say nothing of the measured efficiency
obtained from the motor and the sav
ing of fuel and annoyance. The prin
ciple is as old as the hills, but no mas
ter mind has, previous to this time,
been able to put into practice an effi
cient article. Many makeshifts have
been discarded, many more will appear,
but none will accomplish the results
Red Arrow Garage and Auto Company I
T. L. Hawkins, Sec'y-Treas.
I Have Your Suit
500 Samples to Pick From
Let us take your measurement at once so you can get the best
and larger assortment to pick from
Prices 25 to 65
Full Line Ready Made Suits In All Patterns
25 to 37.50
Everything in men's wear for fall being received daily
LINE OF BOYS' SIZES, 7 to 15, at $12.50
Joseph Smyth
n Ordinance.. Establishing. Concrete
Sidewalk Districts, Compelling Lay
ing of Concrete Sidewalks and Other
Matters Properly Connected There
with. The Board of Trustees of Carson
City do ordain :
Section 1. Certain concrete sidewalk
districts, as" hereinafter set forth and
defined, are hereby established within
.he city limits of Carson City, Ormsby
;ounty, Nevada.
Sec. 2. Concrete Sidewalk District
Xo. 1 shall embrace all sidewalks on
he west side of Carson street between
Georgia street on the north and Wash
ngton street on the south.
Sec. 3. Concrete Sidewalk District
So. 2 shall embrace all sidewalks on
;he north and south sides of King, Mus
ter, Proctor and Telegraph streets, be
tween Carson street on the east and
Minnesota street on the west.
No 3 shall-embrace all sidewalks on the
north side of Musser street and the
north and south sides of Proctor, Tele
graph, Spear and Robinson streets, be
tween Carson street on the west and
Plaza street on the east.
Sec. 5. All owners of lots, pieces or
parcels of lots, improved or unimprov
ed, abutting on sidewalks as established;
"y Concrete Sidewalk District No. 1, '
Concrete Sidewalk District No. 2, or
Concrete Sidewalk District No. 3, shall, '
on or betore ine 1st aay ot ueceniber,
1919, lay down in accordance with the
plans and specifications on file in the
office of the City Clerk of Carsou City,
and shall thereafter keep in good re
pair, a good and substantial concrete
sidewalk abutting their said property
in said district or districts; provided,
however, that nothing herein contained
shall be so construed as to compel any j
said property owner to expend for any
said sidewalk any sum of money in ex
cess of 30 per cent of the assessed value
A such property, as the same shall ap
pear from the last annual assessment
roll thereof made for state and county!
taxation purposes; and provided fur
ther, that the owner of any property
abutting any sidewalk within the above
specified district or districts, who has
ilready a good and substantial concrete
sidewalk in front of his, her, or their
H R4 M h
! lis ;
I anal if
Geo. A. Cole, President
Made to Order
property, and who shall keep the same
in good repair, shall be deemed to have
complied with the provisions of this
Sec. 6, If any owner of any lot or
lots, or any piece or parcel thereof,
within the limits defined by this ordi
nance, shall fail to lay down, or keep
in good repair, a concrete sidewalk
abutting his, her, or their property as in
this ordinance provided for and within
the time herein specified, the Board of
Trustees of said Carson City may cause
said concrete sidewalk to be laid in con
formity with the provisions of this ordi
nance, or may cause the necessary re
pairs to be made thereto without delay,
and the necessary expenses of so doing
shall be and become a lien upon the
property upon which said sidewalk
abuts, and the same shall be recovered
by an action against said property and
the owner or owners thereof, in any
court of competent jurisdiction.
Tassed and approved this 6th dav cf
' September, 1919.
"A T yx r w - s-i w
Carson City.
Attest: This 6th day of September.
By J. W. LEGATE, Deputy.
Date of first publication, Sept. 8, 1919.
When the body begins to stiffen
and movement becomes painful it
is usually an indication that tha
kidneys are out of order. Keep
these organs healthy by takine
The world's standard remedy for lddny,
livar, bladder and uric acid troubles.
Famous since 1696. Tak regularly and
keep in food health. In three sizes, all
druggists. Guaranteed aa represented.
, GoU M4al m every has

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