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The Carson City Daily Appeal
Editor and Manager
Entered as Matter of the Second Class at the Postoffice at Carson City, Nevada,
anaer Act ot congress ot March 3, 1H7V
One year by Carrier
One year by Mail
the state. Let s make this the cleanest, brightest and most progres
sive vear in our history. t
Today, not tomorrow, is the time to begin.
Carson City Daily Appeal is the real live advertising medium of this section
as evidenced by its carrying a larger amount of advertising than any paper it
the city.
1 To promote independent, non-partisan and constructive in
quiry concerning the revenues and expenditures of the government;
2 To advocate the adoption of a national budget system where
by national expenses are systematically estimated and balanced
and revenue planned accordingly -
3 To make it the duty of thv president to submit and to as
sume responsibility for a budget;)
. m 1 i a i 1 ,1 Al, 4?
4 ro develop Duagei proceui re ana oiuer sit-p xur more re
sponsible government.
"Joshua commanded the sun to stand still in order that he
might fight the battles of the Lord, and the sun obeyed. Will Hays,
the chairman of the Republican National Committee, has command
ed this congress to stand still for the purpose of political expediency,
and it has obeyed."
This was the assertion made on the floor of the house by Rep
resentative Robert L. Doughton in attacking the failure of the Re
publican majority to aid the farmer to feed the world by carrying
out the rural good roads program initiated by recent Democratic
congresses. "
Mr. Doughton pointed out the "vital connection between good
roads and farming and the still more vital connection between farm
ing and the high' cost of living," and denounced a "penny-wise and
pound-foolish- economy bound to work great injury to the entire
country," asserting that "what we need to do is to encourage and
stimulate and not discourage those engaged in the most important
of all pursuits, that of raising food for our own people and the
hungry nations of the world.
He pointed out that the Democratic sixty-third congress in
augurated a comprehensive good roads program providing federal
aid for states that agreed to stand a proportionate share of eon
struction, and that the last congress, also Democratic, had increased
the total to the extent of $275,000,000 being available during the
period of 1917-21. ly contrast he asserted that the present Repub
lican congress has done nothing, and in addition has held up a bill
directing the Avar department to turn over to the highway authori
ties of the various states road making material, machinery, etc
"It would be interesting to know why this legislation has been
so long delayed," said Mr. Doughton. "Is it possible that it is be
ing strangled for political expediency, or has the Republican nation
al chairman given orders that it musf be killed by long delay! If
this kind of tactics is to be continued by a Republican congress, then
Mr. Hays will need to offer more than $10,000 for some one who can
write a satisfactory platform, and need to appoint a larger advisory
committee than that already appointed, containing 171 members.
You need not be deceived, the people will not be mocked.
"The farmers of the country know what party has given them
substantial relief by the enactment of .numerous pieces of legisla
tion and so forth, bringing more favorable conditions to those en
gaged in agriculture. But when they ask relief or help in any way
of this congress they are confronted with the response that every
thing most be subordinated to 'economy.' When the people ask
bread they are given a stone.
"Political expediency is the governing policy of this congress
and has been since the day it first assembled. Instead of consider
ing first the needs of all the people, the needs of the Republican
party in the coming campaign are given the right of way.
"As the matter now stands the last appropriation for carrying
on the work of road building expires at the end of the fiscal year
1 1921, and the department of agriculture and the bureau of roads do
1 not know whether to go ahead with plans for the future. If this
I congress intends to continue the splendid work now in progress it
j should by appropriate legislation extend the present road, building
plan, or one similar, for a period of at least three years so the burr au
j of roads can go ahead with its work.
The New York Herald gets i"s place in the Sun. Manchester
' .
Colonel Bryan's bee conduct' 'itself surprisingly like a hornet.
Columbia Record.
This would be a pretty goo rime for Havana to take a census.
Portland Oregonian. -t
Hoover says he is not a candidate. But has he retreived his
hat ? Baltimore- American.
The income-tax collector seems to be ..our most successful fortune-teller.
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Europe will recover much quicker if
bills to Uncle Sam. Baltimore American.
it will stop sending the
Some price-fixers get their idea of "fair" from the weather bu
reau. Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger.
After the second week of June it ought to be possible to get
a bargain in hats from the assortment that will be kicked out of
the presidential nomination ring. Louisville Times.
respect is our
of staple and fancy
. . Groceries .
Quality of the highest
and prices unexcelled.
A. G. Meyers
Despite his illness it is now generally admitted that President
Wilson's memory with reference to the Fiume settlement was a
trifle better than that of Lloyd George and the French premier.
la the District Court of the First Judi
cial District of the State of Nevada
la and for the County of Onnsby.
MAYME T. LITTLE, Plaintiff,
The State of Nevada Sends Greetings
to James frrank Little, Defendant:
You are hereby summoned to appear
within ten davs after the service upon
you of this summons, if served in said
county, or within twenty days if serv-
d out of said countv, but within the
district in which the action is brought,
and in all other cases within forty days
(exclusive of the day of service), and
defend the above entitled action, or
judgment will be taken against you by
default, according to the prayer of said
Mr. Lansing's successor in the department of state is a forceful
personality, "progressive in his tendencies and judging from his
past not apt to work well in harness.
lie has had no special training for the technical side of his com
ing work, and for some time to come must lean hard on his subordi
nates. Ills past experience has been of a kind to fit him for recon
struction within the department, work much needed, but not made
any easier by congressional parsimony.
Secretary Colby will take office at a time peculiarly critical in
national history and grave in its international aspects. He also will
be handicapped by having to follow a man for whom just now there
is general sympathy owing to the manner of his going from the de
Washington should welcome Secretary . Colby to his high post
with full appreciation of his past able service in other civic fields,
and with a hope that he may rise to meet the future adequately,
He has been suddenly summoned to duties that he seems to realize
are such as he never faced before. A sense of. fair play character
istic of the American people will assert his right to a chance to
make good. Washington Herald.
Thirty-three states have 'ratified the woman suffrage amend
ment, and thirty-six are needed.
The matter came before the house of delegates of West Virginia
yesterday, and as that state is favorably disposed, the amendment is
expected to pass both houses early this week.
Sentiment is favorable in the state of Washington, and strong
hope is entertained of favorable action in Vermont, Connecticut,
Delaware and North Carolina. Tennessee, which has granted wom
an's suffrage in presidential and municipal elections, is prohibited
by its constitution from acting on the amendment for another year.
The states that have rejected the" amendment, or which the suf
fragists regard as hopeless, are Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, South
Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida.
The Greater Carson Club and the El Dorado County Chafnber
of Commerce should unite in the mtusion ot new life in the See Lake
Tahoe First Association.
There is no merit in the contention that there is no road at
present across the state of Nevada to enable westbound tourists to
reach the shore of the lake with any degree of comfort, because the
Lincoln Highway is open to summer travel and $425,000 is avail
able for its improvement the present year.
A comprehensive advertising campaign for this route should be
undertaken without further delay. :PIacerville Mountain Democra.
A stranger judges a town mainly by its appearance.
If it is clean, sanitary and inviting he carries the good word
afar. But if it is dingy, and ill-kept, he carries tin bad record to
even greater distances. -
As the capital city of the state we should hnve a reputation
second to none. This summer thousands of tourist will pass through
this city on their way to and from the coast. Thy will not only
pass judgment upon us, but upon the state as well.
Let's all pitch in and make this city the most attractive spot in
The said action is brought to obtain --
' solving the bonds of matrimony exist-
ing between tne piamtin ana aeienaam,
upon the grounds of extreme cruelty
and failure to provide, all of which
more fully appears from the complaint
now on file in the office of the clerk of
the above entitled court, and to which
you are hereby specifically referred.
Dated this i6th day of February, A.
D. 1920.
Clerk of the District Court of the First
Judicial District of the State of Ne-!
vada, in and for the County of Orms- T
V. E. BALDV, Attorney for Plaintiff. !
A Reminder
Washoe Indian Basket
or a
i Fine Navaio Blanket
will be appreciated more than any other gift
Date of first publication Feb. 17, 1920-Gw
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Imported and Domestic Cigars -Pipes, Smoking
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Everything for the Smoker
of Taste Pure'Goods ant' Courteous Treatment
of Public
Not being primarily concerned in "profits first" the mu
nicipal plants often make lower rates to large users, thus en
couraging the development of new industries or increasing the
capacity of old ones.
The freer use of water, light and heat in municipal plants,
for wading pools, swimming pools, gymnasiums, skating ponds,
fountains and park purposes, places the city in a position to
outdistance its less fortunate competitor in the. race for com
merdal .npremwy.
lis is the season of the year to overhaul your car
We guarantee satisfaction
Meets it fru teg in foe coldest of rate
Ford 0ra9 ttiem m W4
Cars Ve guarantee our work.
; ; Red Arrow Garage and Auto Company
PHONE 1.5.1
X Geo. A. Cole, President T. L. Hawkias, Sec-Treas.
6 3
H. J. Vaughan
6 3
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i rotA
-. tiLfl1ftV-(Wn ii.i -
Two Uses at Once
from Single Sockets
Two-Way Plugs can he scrrcrad into
your electric li&ht sockets, giving two
outlets in place of one. Use both outlets
for light, or one for light and the other
for heat or power.
Wonderfully convenient for ironing,
toasting, percolating coffee, operating
sewing machine or connecting ny appli
ance without removing the light. Every
home needs three or more.
3 for 35?, 12 each
-. Sold by
Frank E. Meder

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