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Carson Is a Golden Lkk In tlie LMcofc ffiglhwa
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No. 101
if to Iw Vote
m m y aim
Johnson Managers Not Satisfied
With Results of Primary
(By United Press
NEW YORK, April 29. Following a
conference of Johnson leaders today it
was announced a recount of votes in the
New Jersey primary will le demanded
by the managers of Senator Johnson's
campaign. The recount was decided
upon following the report by many poli
ticians and residents of New Jersey that
Johnson had been counted out. With
eighty precincts to be heard from Gen
eral Wood was leading Johnson for the
state's presidential preference vote by
602. Angus McSween, Johnson's east
ern campaign manager, declared that a
recount would be demanded in Camden,
Morris, Essex and Gloucester counties.
InliyilllivJli villi I
General Samaniego Declares He Will
Stay With Carranza
IBv United Press
MEXICO CITY, April 29. It has
been officially announced that General
Samaniego, one of General Calles lead
ers and in command of a detachment in
the region of Pulptto Pass, has desert-
ed and adhered to the Carranza govern- j
ment. '
idency, have agreed to withdraw in the
interest of a peaceful settlement of the
present disturbed condition of the
Nevada Receives Roast
From Eastern Weekly
"America," a weekly paper published
in New York City, waxes exceeding
wroth over the Mary Piekford case. In
an editorial boil over entitled "Cellu
loid Love," the editor runs the gamut
of villification and ridicule. Here is his
"When the state of Nevada under
takes to investigate a divorce and sub
sequent attempt at remarriage, it is
plain that there is something rotten in
the state of Nevada. For of all the
pest-holes that are making this country
a scandal in the eyes of civilized na
tions, Nevada is the most open and the
most disgusting. South Carolina grants
no divorces, whatever be the cause al
leged. New York has, in theory, a rig
orous procedure. But Nevada severs
collusion, fraud, and bigamy; they may
find the alleged culprit more pure than
the driven snow. But the decent, self
respecting man who occasionally takes
his family to the neighborhood moving
picture theater need not remain alto
gether silent in face of this public scan
dal. He may even deem himself called
upon to make his disapprobation felt in
a very practical manner. Had this pair
engaged in systematic shop-lifting, their
value to the film producer would be pre
cisely nothing. Had they plotted to set
fire to an orphan asylum, their names
would be in execration. But they have
done neither of these things. They have
only sought the guarantee of a law
which tends to destroy the sancity of
the marriage bond, and that respect for
Candidates Withdraw
By United Press!
MEXICO CITY, April 29. The news
papers El Universal and Excelsior said
that both Ignacio Eonillas, ex-ambassador
to the United States, and Gen
eral Gonzales, candidates for the pres-
Report Jiminez Captured
By United Press
SAN ANTONIO, April 29. Reports
received here claim that Mexican reb
els have captured Jiminez, an important
railway center, and San Dernando De
presas, lbtli in the state of Tamaulpas.
Colonel Cavazos, whose defection from
Carranza was reported several days ago,
is said to have headed 'the force captur
ing Jiminez.
wit! Feral
to Ciiii tw
Primaries and Conventions to Cut
Big Figures In Situation
the marriage tie in return for a legal I marriage as distinguished from polyg
residence, more or less fictitious, of a j
few weeks, a more, rather than a less,
fictitious reason, and a decidedly un
fictitious fee. Nevada is free to do all
this if she wishes. Nothing can change
her, except a higher sense, almost ap
proaching the elemental, of morality.
But no decent person is forced to take
advantage of this public incitement to
immorality. No decent person will.
"Two individuals, stars of the flick
ering screen, have of late caused the
state of Nevada, lowly as is its moral
standard, to begin an investigation. No
one is called on to assign final doom to
these individuals, or to anticipate the
.findings in the case. They may indicate
cot a
Vice-President of A. F. of L. Attacked
Kansas Court Law
amy, without winch civilization is im
possible. "The favor or disapprobation which
they will now receive will register the
moral health of the American people
who in former days gladly contributed
to the enlargement of their bank ac
counts. Perhaps history will repeat it
self. There was a popular film star
who, a few years ago, threw off the
mother of his children to engage with
another love. He no longer flickers on
a thousand reels, but amuses a small
section of a stock company in a western
town. Even from a financial stand
point which such creatures can envision,
successive polygamy did not pay."
By United Tress
ATLANTIC CITY, April 29. Mat
thew Woll. vice-president of the Ameri
can Federation of Lalor, was forced to
discontinue his speech before the Unit-
and the cries of delegates. He was de
livering an attack on the Kansas com
pulsory arbitration court when shouts of
"No, no, we want Governor Allen" forc
ed him to sit down. Allen," father of
ed States Chamber of Commerce con- j the Kansas court law, was on the same
vention today because of the hissing j platform with Woll.
By United Press
NEW YORK, April 29. With the
smoke of Tuesday's primaries still hov
ering over the battlegrounds, obscuring
the result in New Jersey, eastern Re
publican divisions were moving on to
new sectors where the preconvention
campaign will be renewed next week.
The Republicans .will hold a primary
in Maryland, a state convention in Mis
souri on Wednesday, and a state con
vention in Colorado Thursday. The
Democrats hold a primary in Califor
nia, a state convention in Kentucky
Tuesday and state conventions in Con
necticut and Rhode Island Thursday.
The principal contests will be staged
n the Republican primaries of Califor
nia and Indiana.- The candidacy of
Hoover will be put to its most severe
test in California. Both he and John
son are bidding for "favorite son"
dorsement there.
Arkansas for Lowden
By United Press
LITTLE ROCK, April 29. The state
Republican convention decided today
that the Arkansas delegation to the
Chicago convention will go uninstruct
ed. Indications, however, are that a
majority favor Governor Lowden.
Wood 672 Votes Ahead
TBv United Press
NEW YORK, April 29. With fifty
three precincts missing late today Gen
eral Wood was leading in New Jersey
by 672 votes. Wood's vote was 51.822;
Johnson's 51,150.
reus Ms Hp to the Minute
tBy United Press .
LONDON, April 29 A Moscow
wireless dispatch received today stated
that Polish troops were advancing
against Russian Bolshevik forces in
Volhynia and Podolia and sent out air
craft which bombed the important city
of KiefT, killing ten and wounding four
teen persons.
found guilty of .the murder of Rose
White of Vallejo, who died following
Jan illegal operation.
Eastern Primaries
The following election report was re-
jceived at 4:30 yesterday, too late to be
published in the news of the day :
Clare Dickson, Editor
. Spirit of C. H. S.
At last after a spring nap Carson
High has awakened athletically with a
startled expression. Everyone and
everything in the school seems to have
suddenly come to life and all are full
of pep.. Why, yesterdty, it would have
done a person good just to look upon
the lot back of the Harrington home.
That lot was literally covered with live
ly boys and girls, each doing some ath
letic stunt; some playing tennis, others
vaulting,' still others throwing disks,
running rtces, javelin throwing, any and
everything which helps to develop the
muscles and make them strong. Talk
about the proper spirit! When it
comes to that, Carson High is right
He is working this week on his school
work and expects to continue his studies
in Truckee. He will then still be con
sidered a member of the Senior class
and will be back to Carson for Com
mencement Week.
Senior Play
The Seniors are now being kept very
busy studying their parts for the play,
since they have chosen the one desired.
Every member of the cast has received
his or her part and each is industrious
ly studying it. Due to the absence of
the coach, Mr. Richards, there will be
little rehearsing this week. But next
week and the weeks before school is out
there will be a great deal of rehearsing,
and it is hoped that with the proper
spirit and earnest study the play will
be a great success.
New Jersey for Wood ,
Bv United Press
NEW YORK. April 29. Wood's east
ern headquarters claimed twenty-six of
New Jersey's delegates on basis of in
complete returns. According to this es
timate Wood would receive twenty-two
of the twenty-four district delegates,
two of the delegates at large pledged to
him and two other delegates at large,
who announced they would support the
winner of preferential vote. Johnson's
headquarters announced that with 100
precincts missing General Wood was
leading by 200 votes in New Jersey.
Off for Truckee -"
C H. S., and -especially the Senior
class, received a sad blow a few days
ago when it was announced that Dwight
Edwards would be forced to leave High
as be had been transferred to Truckee
by the Standard Oil company. His po
sition in that town will be an advance
over the one he is holding with that
company in this city.
A Treat In Hand
It is reported about the school that
Dr. Wedge in the employ of the U. S.
government will give a talk in Assem
bly on Friday next. As there was no
Assembly last Friday, due to other af
fairs, the students are earnestly look-
Do Yon Ml
That any person who served in the
active military or naval forces of the
United States on and after April 6,
1917, and who made application for in
surance prior to April 12, 1918, or with
in 120 days after entry into the active
service, is eligible?
That in addition, if any person while
in' the active service between April 6,
1917 and November 11, 1918, became,
totally and permanently disabled, or
died, prior to February 12, 1918. or
within 120 days after entry into the
service, and for any reason no applica
tion was made for insurance, the law
grants insurance payable during such
disability to the insured, or in case of
death to his widow during widowhood,
or to his child or children, or to his
mother, or to his father, if and while
they survive, in monthly installments
jof $25.00 each, over a period of 240
i months?
Also in case of a person applying for
Five Killed In Head-on Collision
MANKATO, Minn., April 29. Five
men were killed today near Lamberton,
Minn., in a head-on collision between
two Northwestern railroad passenger
trains. The dead include the conduc
tor, engineer, fireman and two passen
gers. Several other passengers were injured.
Has Narrow Call
By United Press
SAN FRANCISCO, April 29. Fire
on board the shipping board vessel
West Cape in the bay here threatened
its destruction today. Fire tugs sent
to the rescue of the vessel had difficulty
in preventing the fire from spreading
to 7,500 tons of case fuel oil which the
ship was carrying.
Several Police Wounded
tBy United Press
DUBLIN, April 29. A sergeant and
several constables were wounded when
the police barracks at Rush, fourteen
miles northeast of here, were attacked
bv armed men.
"Sky Now Clear"
B United Press)
LONDON, April 29. Lloyd George
told the house of commons today that a
"grave misunderstanding had existed
between the Allies before the San Remo
conference, but the sky is now clear."
Harding Leading In Ohio
By United Press
COLUMBUS, Ohio. April 29. Hard- j
ing is leading by 12,000 votes, with 500 j
nrprincts misaitur Tiirinson's hradouar- !
ters claim 15,000 "written in" votes in j insurance prior to November 11, 1918,
Cthin HnnvPr reived about 10 000 in-i nd more than 120 days after entry in
complete. It is indicated that 38 of 40
Ten Years to Life
SAN FRANCISCO, April 29. Dr.
Frank Thomas, the 72 years old physi
cian, convicted last week of second de ! of a pinch quite a few more seats can
The new Carson City theater, com
pletely renovated and painted and made
into one of the coziest little play houses
in the west, will be thrown open to the
public Saturday evening with one of the
latest products of the screen, it was an
nounced today by the manager, J. F.
With opera chairs arranged on an ele
vated floor the house will have a stat
ing capacity of nearly 300, and in case
of Ohio's 48 delegates would be in
structed for Harding. All the Demo
crats elected are instructed for Govern
or Cox.
gates headed by Senator Borah were
ing forward to Dr. Wedge's arrival here i chosen this afternoon. Probably four
the service, where a policy was issued
and premiums were paid thereon, the
insurance is granted?
Finally, those persons who died or
became permanently and totally dis
abled after induction by the local draft
Division In Idaho t board but before being accepted and
TBy United Press ! enrolled for active service and who had
BOISE, Idaho, April 29. Eight dele- j not applied for insurance, shall be
granted insurance payable during total
and permanent disability, and in case of
gree murder, was today sentenced to a
term of from ten years to life. He was
Dan Sullivan, George McCracken and
E. C. Scracht returned last evening
from Fallon, for which place they left
early yesterday morning by auto.
The gentlemen visited the field, six
teen miles from the town, where the big
oil discovery was reported last Monday
and they state that reports sent out have
not been exaggerated to any extent. The
oil is there and it only now remains to
determine in what quantities.
Fallon is fairly aglow with excite
ment and hundreds of strangers are ar
riving every day to learn the extent of
the discovery and to get in on "ground
floor" propositions.
be accommodated.
In fixing up the place Mr. Stouzall
thas kept the public's convenience m
view and has made every provision lor
their comfort. The machine room has
been made especially large, and lined
with iron sheeting all danger from fire
has been removed. Fred Frtsbie, v ho
has had a great deal of experience with
picture machines, will be the operator
in charge.
- oo
i will be instructed for General Wood.
, Hard On Lesjuine! !
Yes, we know it is a great temptation
to have anything in the line of amuse
ment (especially a real good vaudeville
such as was presented here Tuesday
night by the Greater Carson Club) right
A train of five special cars pulled out
from the V. and T. depot this morning
for Reno, the passengers all enroute to
the big circus that is showing there to
day. Many Carson valley points were
in the same town and not go. Tuesday i r,epresemed the traveJers and among
Iuiem was a large numuer oi xnaians.
Many also went from this city by auto.
death, in 240 monthly installments of
$25.00 each' .
If any person applied for insurance
after induction by the local draft board
but before being accepted and enrolled
for active service, such application shall
be deemed to be valid.
" The bureau having this in charge was
Continued on Page 4
The much talked of leap year party
to be given by the ladies of the Sage
brush auxiliary will take place tomor
row evening at Leisure Hour hall, be
ginning at 8:30 o'clock.
The ladies ask that each and every
member consider this notice a personal
invitation and to come provided with
forks and spoons.
Tickets at the door ior ladies. Gen
tlemen free.
Maps have been issued by the San
Francisco offices of the Western Army
department showing the route through .
California and Nevada that has ln
selected for the army transport service.
And. strange as it may appear, the route
selected is over the Overland trail.
Plncerville, Carson, Fallon and Ely
have all been left out, but standing out
in bold face type along the route are the
names of the towns of Auburn, Reno,
Winnemucca, Elko and so on to Salt
Lake City.
How the selection of this route,
which, by no means is the best across
Nevada, was accomplished is yet a rid
dle, but to all intents and purposes it
has been done. It suggests, however,
that some of the Lincoln Highway
1 authorities have been asleep at the post.

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